New England Regional Fellowship Consortium

    THE NEW ENGLAND REGIONAL FELLOWSHIP CONSORTIUM, a collaboration of over 30 archives, libraries, and historical societies, awards stipends of $5000 annually to support research at participating institutions. THE COLONIAL SOCIETY OF MASSACHUSETTS underwrites a NERFC Fellowship each year for research at these institutions on the history of New England before the American Revolution. Each NERFC itinerary must:

    • be a minimum of eight weeks
    • include at least three different member institutions, and
    • include at least two weeks at each of these institutions

    Further information about applications to the New England Regional Fellowship Consortium can be found at

    Winners of the Annual Colonial Society of Massachusetts NERFC Fellowship

    2002-2003 Sally E. Hadden, Florida State University

    2003-2004 John Wood Sweet, University of North Carolina

    2004-2005 Heather Miyano Kopelson, University of Iowa

    2005-2006 Wendy Warren, Yale University

    2006-2007 Nian-sheng Huang, California State University Channel Islands

    2007-2008 James Roberts, Johns Hopkins University

    2008-2009 Strother Roberts, Northwestern University

    2009-2010 Eileen Botting, University of Notre Dame

    2010-2011 Christopher Pastore, University of New Hampshire

    2011-2012 Lisa Brooks, Harvard University

    2012-2013 John Dixon, Harvard University

    2013-2014 Steven Pitt, University of Pittsburgh

    2014-2015 Amy Ellison, Boston University

    2015-2016 Cynthia Bouton, Texas A & M University

    2016-2017 Mary Draper, University of Virginia

    2017-2018 Hannah Anderson, University of Pennsylvania

    2018-2019 Andrew Rutledge, University of Michigan

    2019-2020 Jared Lucky, Yale University

    2020-2021 Charlotte Carrington-Farmer, Roger Williams University

    2022-2023 Edward Andrews, Providence College

    2023-2024 Lucy Smith, University of Michigan