Membership originally was limited to descendants of Massachusetts Bay or Plymouth colonists, but since 1950 membership has been open to all persons interested in colonial Massachusetts. Colonial Society resident members, limited to 200, must live within 60 miles of Boston. Non-resident and honorary members may live at a greater distance. Members are elected to membership by the current members at the Colonial Society's stated meetings.

    To propose a candidate for membership, letters from two current members are required, as well as a curriculum vita of the candidate. The Council of the Society strongly encourages a personal meeting with the candidate and a former or current Council member in order to acquaint the candidate with the history, objectives, and business of the Society. Letters of nomination should be directed to the chair of the Membership Committee: Celeste Walker, 990 Centre St., Boston, MA 02130.

    Members seeking to update their addresses or gain access to the membership directory and by-laws, please follow this link:

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