Guidelines for New Proposals


    Proposals submitted to the Publications Committee of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts for documentary editions should include:

    A statement explaining the scope and content of the project

    • Explain the importance of publishing these documents and provide a brief description of the collection or a biographical sketch if the collection focuses on an individual.
    • Describe the subject areas, correspondents (if any), and time frame of the manuscripts.
    • Describe the manuscripts and the number of letters or pages of material involved.
    • Include where the manuscripts are located and/or if correspondence needs to be collected from various archival holdings. Please address whether or not you anticipate any difficulty in securing permission to publish from each repository or private owner.

    Statement of Editorial Method

    • State if it is to be an all-inclusive or selective publication and include a statement on selection standards if needed.
    • Note previous publication, in whole or in part.
    • Comment on how the printed records will be organized.
    • Describe transcription methods and textual policy (i.e., how the editor will treat spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc.).
    • Please note that the CSM generally adheres to the standards of the Association for Documentary Editing and its Model Editions Program
    • Provide a list of any supplementary material that may be included.


    • Choose samples that illustrate the character of the manuscripts and the textual policies of the editor.
    • Provide copies of the sample manuscripts, transcriptions, and annotation.
    • Please provide a rough estimate of the number and type of illustrations you might be using

    Estimated completion date for the project

    Please provide a CV of all participants involved in the project, emphasizing their previous editorial experience, and a list of previous publications by the participants