The Notebook of the Reverend John Fiske, 1644–1675

The Children of John and Anne Fiske

Born in New England


John, born the 29th of 6t.

baptized the 2nd of 7t. at Salem by Mr. Peter.

Escaped a great danger at Wenham in passing with the stream under the mill wheel, when the mill was going. Anno 1647, 6th of 3rd., at what time he received (as twere) a new life, not a bone broken &c.


Sarah, born 24th of 5t.

baptized 26th of 5t. at Salem by Mr. Peter.


Moses, born 12 of 2d. at Wenham.

baptized 6th of 4t. at Salem by Mr. Norris.


Anna, born 15th of 11t.

baptized 2d of 1st., 1645, (1st child baptized at Wenham).


Eliezer, born 8th of 12th.

baptized 15th of 12th at Wenham; he deceased 16th of 10th. 49.


The said Anne Fiske, wife to the said John Fiske, having lived with him about 37 years deceased 14th of 12th. at Chelmsford.


Elizabeth Hincksman married to the said John Fiske 1st of 6 mo. at Chelmsford.