Publications of The Colonial Society of Massachusetts

volume lxx

New England Silver & Silversmithing 1620–1815

edited by

Jeannine Falino & Gerald W. R. Ward


The Colonial Society of Massachusetts

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Officers of the Society

  • Frederick D. Ballou, President
  • Daniel R. Coquillette, Vice President
  • Celeste Walker, Vice President
  • Leslie A. Morris, Recording Secretary
  • Martha J. McNamara, Corresponding Secretary
  • William B. Perkins, Treasurer

Committee of Publications

  • Pauline R. Maier, Chair
  • Robert C. Anderson
  • Frederick D. Ballou
  • Malcolm Freiberg
  • Harley Peirce Holden
  • Christopher M. Jedrey
  • Conrad Edick Wright

Editor of Publications

  • John W. Tyler

Assistant Editor of Publications

  • Anne Decker Cecere

The Riddell family coat of arms illustrated on the title page is engraved on a silver punch bowl made by John Coney (1655/56–1722) of Boston, Massachusetts, ca. 1708–9 (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Theodora Wilbour Fund in memory of Charlotte Beebe Wilbour; 1972.913).

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