1. Paul Revere house, North Square, Boston, Mass., before restoration.

2. Paul Revere house, North Square, Boston, after restoration.

3. Front facade and south brick end of the Royall house, Medford, Mass., showing outline of earlier building.

4. Garden facade, Royall house.

5. Schematic evolution of the Royall house prepared by John H. Hooper.

6. Frontispiece in the Ionic order. Plate xxiii, William Salmon, Palladio Londinensis (London, 1734).

7. Detail of frontispiece, garden facade of the Royall house.

8. Front facade with later wing, Royall house.

9. Exposed footings of Whaler’s Tavern, Great Island, Wellfleet, Mass.

10. Conjectural structure of Wellfleet Tavern.

11. Wall plaster samples, showing lath impressions. Wellfleet Tavern.

12. Isaac Allerton site, Kingston, Mass.

13. Re-created post-hole house at Plimoth Plantation.

14. James Hall’s plan of Standish site, Duxbury, Mass.

15. Ground plan of John Alden site, Duxbury, Mass.

16. Ground plan of R. M. site, Chiltonville, Mass.

17. Detail of Edward Everett Square, Dorchester, Mass., showing original and present locations of the Blake house.

18. Division map of John Blake and the heirs of Josiah Blake, April 22, 1748, showing the Blake house and barn.

19. Blake house before removal to new site.

20. Blake house after removal to new site and restoration.

21. Detail of the Price-Burgis South East View of Boston, Mass., as revised in 1743, showing Trinity Church.

22. Detail of “paster” with tower of Trinity Church minus spire.

23. Trinity Church. Wood engraving by Abel Bowen.

24. Residence of John Hancock, Boston, Mass.

25. South elevation, Hancock house.

26. North elevation, Hancock house.

27. East elevation, Hancock house.

28. West elevation, Hancock house.

29. Ground plan, Hancock house.

30. Chamber floor plan, Hancock house.

31. Interior details, staircase and window, Hancock house.

32. Hancock house. Detail of fireboard painting of Park Street Church, Boston (c. 1812).

33. Front hall and staircase in the Hancock house.

34. The Washington Room in the Hancock house.

35. West elevation and plan of attic, E. W. Hooper house (1872), 25 Reservoir Street, Cambridge.

36. Plan of ground floor, E. W. Hooper house (1872), 25 Reservoir Street, Cambridge.

37. A. A. Carey house (1882), 28 Fayerweather Street, Cambridge.

38. Plan of A. A. Carey house (1882), 28 Fayerweather Street, Cambridge.

39. Chimney breast (1872), E. W. Hooper house.

40. Chimney breast (1882), A. A. Carey house.

41. Staircase newel post (1882), A. A. Carey house.

42. Bedroom shutters (1882), A. A. Carey house.

43. Old Ship Church Parish House, Hingham, Mass.

44. Massachusetts State Building (1893), Chicago World’s Fair, 1893.

45. Balch house, Beverly, Mass.

46. Stanbury house (The Old Feather Store), Dock Square, Boston, Mass.

47. Cooper-Frost-Austin house, Cambridge, Mass.

48. Fairbanks house, Dedham, Mass.

49. Capen house, Dorchester, before removal to Milton, Mass.

50. Story house, Essex, Mass.

51. White-Ellery house, Gloucester, Mass.

52. Whipple house, Ipswich, Mass.

53. Whipple house, Ipswich, Mass.

54. Peak house, Medfield, Mass.

55. Philip English house, Salem, Mass.

56. Gedney house, Salem, Mass.

57. Parkman house, Salem, Mass.

58. Probate division of Turner estate, Salem, Mass., 1769.

59. Turner house, Salem, Mass.

60. Boardman house, Saugus, Mass.