Part Four

Vestry Book belonging to

The Kings Chapel in Boston

Decem 5. 1740

Ending March 30. 1753

Votes of the Vestry of the Kings Chapel

                              December 1740

 At a Meeting of the Minister Church Wardens & Vestry of Kings Chapel

       at ye Sun Tavern on Friday December 5 Anno Dom: 1740


Mr Charles Apthorp

The Rev.d Mr Roger Price Minister

Dr Silvestir Gardner

James Gordon &

Ch Wardens

Jonathan Pue Esqr

Wm Shirley Esqr

Cap Edwd Tynge

Mr Eliakim Hutchinson

Dr. John Cutler

Coll:o Estes Hatch

Mr James Smith

Jn.o Read Esqr

Dr Jno Gibbins

Wm Lambert Esqr

Unanimously Agreed That a Second letter be drawn be drawn up & Sent to

his Lordship the Bishop of London (to be signed by the Minister

Church Wardens & Vestry) Praying his Lordship to hasten the

appointing & Sending us An Assistant in ye. room of ye Revd M.r

Davenport & confirming our former recomendation of the Revd

Mr. Stephen Roe to that place And the Church Wardens are

desired to draw up & Prepare the Said letter to be forwarded to

his L.dShip by the Next Ship for London And the Rev.d Mr

Rog.r Price Promised to write a letter to his L.dShip (to be

inclosd open in ours) signifying his refusal of the Said

Assistant, or Lecturers Place

Agreed also that ye Voluntary Subscription for raising a Sum sufficient

to defray the Charges of the current Year be promoted & the Present

thereof be written on a large Paper & Presented to all the Proprieters

of Pews & other members of the Chapel for them to Subscribe what

Sum they thought Proper It was likewise agreed by a

majority that ye Sum Should be presented to his Excellency

the Governour


James Gordon Warden



Collo Estes Hatch &

offerd to wait on his Excellency wt


Dr Jno Cutler

the Said Subscription


The Ch.r Wardens



Mr Eliakm Hutchinson


Capt Ed Tyng &

offerd to goe ab.t amongst the


Mr James Smith

& others wt ye Subscription

Coppy of the Letter to his LdShip the Bishop of London

whom According to ye direction of ye Vestry, Signd by the Minister,

Church Wardens & Vestry

                                Boston  Decem.r 8. 1740

May it please Your LdShip

                    Having lately received advice from Mr

Sandford of his delivery of our Letter to Your L.dShip requesting

Your LdShip to appoint a new Lecturer of Kings Chapel

in ye room of the Rev:d M.r Davenport now Minister of Trinity

Church; & that upon our request Your L.dShip was pleas’d to

discover an inclination to appoint ye Rev.d Mr Stephen Rowe

of S:o Carolina if ye Revd. Mr Comisary Price had not wrote

to Your LdShip desireing that he might succed M.r Davenport

in that Lecture; Wee here make our most dutifull Acknowledgemt

to your L:dShip for your Goodness to us in so far hearkening

to our request; And as M.r. Comisary has upon further

consideration declin’d being Lecturer of ye Kings Chapel,

of he informs Your L.dShip in his inclosed letter, wee begg

leave to renew our request to Your LdShip for the appointment

of a new Lecturer, and that it may be in favour of Mr Rowe

having still ye Same oppinion of him wee expres’d in our

former letter to Your L.dShip, and being Perswaded that his

removal to Boston will not only be much to ye Satisfaction

of the Congregation of ye. Kings Chapel, but also have a tendency

by Gods Blessing to promote y.e wellfare & increase of ye Church

in this place, which wee Shall ever earnestly endeavour & seek:

:after. Wee have desired M.r Comisary Price to express his

concurrence wt us in this Letter to Your L.dShip by signing the Same

wch he has accordingly done and remain

                    Your LdShips most Dutifull & most Obed.t

                              Sons & Servants

                                     Rogr Price Com.ry

Jas Gordon


Wm Shirley

& all ye Vestry Men



                                             Boston March 26. 1741

 At a Meeting of the Minister Ch.r Wardens & Vestry of Kings Chapel

  at ye house of Mr Andr Hallyburton


Mr Saml Wentworth

The Revd M.r Rogr Price Minister

Mr James Smith

James Gordon  Chr Warden

Capt Edwd Tynge

Wm Lamber Esq.r

Collo Estes Hatch

Jona Pue Esqr


Charles Paxton Esq.r

Voted     That y.e Severall Gentlemen that returnd the monny the

           money to Dr Silvester Gardner being Thirty Pounds (voted

           to be returnd to him by ye Congregation at Easter last) for the

           Pew N:o 39 have Credit according to ye respective Sums each

          Paid     as So much Contribution Paid by them least year

N.B. the Sums were as follows


Wm Speakman


Dr Jno Cutler



Chas Paxton


Jno Read Esqr



Thos Pearson


Dr Geo Stuart



Thos Aston


Rowld Houghton



Jno Jekyll Esqr


Luke Vardy



Thos Green







At ye Annual Meeting of ye Congregation of Kings Chapel in S.d Chapel

March 30. 1741      On Easter Monday

Voted.      That ye Church Wardens take an Acct of ye Defficencys of ye Severall

           Proprietors of Pews. &c in their Contributions for ye Year last & call in

           the money due to ye Chapel from them & the Subscribers this Week

           in order to Pay of the Debt of the Chapel this Week before the last

           Years Accts are closed by the Church Wardens & to return the names

           & numbers of the Pews of those that are delinquent & refractory to the

           Vestry or Congregation at their Next Meeting

Voted     That wee now Proceed to Choose Twenty Vestry=Men for this Year

            Seven of  whom Shall be a Quorum to Act upon any occasion

           The Names of ye Said Twenty Vestry Men Unanimously & Separately

Voted     – are as follows on ye other Side  after

Voted That ye Church Wardens for this Year be

Wm Shirley Esqr.


Mr Saml.  Wentworth

  Easter Money Mar: 30. 1741

 The Names of ye Vestry Men Chosen & Voted as On ye Other Side

M.r Eliakim Hutchinson

James Gordon

Mr Thos Pearson

Peter Fanneuil Esqr.

Henry Franklyn Esq.r

Jno Read Esq.r

M.r John Box336

M.r Charles Apthorp

Mr Rob.t Lightfoot

Geo Craddock Esq.r

Charles Paxton Esq.r

Francis Brinley Esq.r

Mr Thos Perkins

Estes Hatch Esq.r

Dr John Gibbins

Mr Thos Hawding

Dr John Cutler

Capt Edwd Tynge

M.r Wm Bowen

Mr James Smith

           The Church Officers for this Year Voted

               unanimously & Seperatly

Powers Merret ---- Clark with the Same Sallery as last Year £50 per an.

Stephen De blois ---- Organis wt ye Same Sallery as last Year £50

Wm Ruleau ---- Sexton wt ye Same Salery as last Year Viz: 12/ per Week

Stephen Ruleau

Assistant to ye Sexton wt y.e Same Salery as last Yr £5


& to keep boys & Negroes in good Order in time of Divine Service

           The Auditors of ye late Church Wardens Accts for last Year



Mr Charles Apthorp


Geo Craddock Esq.r


Mr James Smith



Easter Monday April 18th: 1742

 At a Meeting of the Congregation in Kings Chapel

Voted     that the Church Wardens for the

Ensuing Year be Sam:l Wentworth

Eli:a Hutchinson Esqr

Voted,      That the Number of the Vestry Men for the

           Ensuing Year consist of fifteen & no more

           and that          of wch be a Quorum and here

           followes the Names of the Gentlemen chose

           to Serve as Vestry men as they they were

           Severally voted Viz

His Excellency      Willm Shirley Governour

  • Fra.s Brinley Esqr
  • Doctr John Gibbins
  • George Cradock Esqr
  • Chas: Paxton Esqr
  • John Read Esqr
  • Mr Charles Apthorp
  • Peter Faneuil Esq
  • Collo Estes Hatch
  • Mr Jas Gorden
  • Mr James Smith
  • Mr Tho.s Hawding
  • Mr James Forbes337
  • Cap Ed: Tyng
  • Sylv.r Gardner

Voted     That Powers Mariot Serve as Clerk

           for the Year Ensuing for £50 old Ten:r

           That Stephen Deblois Serve as organist

           for the Year Ensuing for £50 old Tenr

          That William Ruleau serve as Sexton

           for the ensuing Year for 12/ per Week old Ten.r

Voted That George Cradock Esqr

Audit ye Church War=

Mr Chas Apthorp

dens accots for ye Year

Mr Jas Smith


Voted     That M.r Ch: Paxton Mr Gordon & the Church:

           Wardens be a Committee to inquire into the

           State of the Church to find out the deficient

           Proprietors for the two last years, to get

           their Arrears & further Subscriptions for

           the Currant Year

Voted,      That the disposal of Pews and other

           Matters relating thereto, be left with

           the Church Wardens & Vestry to do as

           they think proper


At a Meeting of the Minister Church Wardens

 and Vestry of Kings Chappell at the House

 of Mr James Wethred in Boston ye July 1742


Mr Thos Hawding

The Revd Mr Roger Price

Mr Jas Gorden

Saml Wentworth


Mr Ja.s Forbes

Elia: Hutchinson Esq


Capt Ed. Tyng

Mr Jas Smith

Geo. Cradock Esq


Chas: Paxton Esq

Voted,      That Pew N:o 34 formerly belonging to John

           Jekyll Esq decd. be sold (his Widow & family being

           moved into Maryland & no Contribution paid for

           Several years) And that 35 £ old tenour be the

           Value Sett ont with a Weekly contribution of

           4/ Old tenour And Such Additional assess:

           ments as Shall here after be taxed by Ch. Wardens

           and Vestry for the Support of the Church

Voted,      That Pew N.o 7 formerly Doct.r Creeses dec:d be

          Sold, and that 30 £ old tenr be ye Apprisment of

Sold to Jas Gordon

           it with a Weekly Contribution of 4/ old tenour

           and Such further assessment as Shall hereafter

           be thought necessary by the Church Wardens and

           Vestry for the Support of the Church

Voted     That Pew N.o 74 formerly M.r Procters338 be sold, and

           that 30 £ old tenour be the Price of it With a Weekly

           Contribution of 4/ old tenour, and Such further

           Assessments as Shall hereafter be layd out, by

           the Church Wardens & Vestry for the Service of the


Voted     That the Church Wardens Acquaint Green

          (Wid.o of Nathl Green) that his pew in Kings Chapell

           N 54 greatly in Arrears & to demand the Same of

           her, allso to know if She’l ingage to pay 2/

           old tenour per Week Contribution agreable to an

           assessmt this Day layd out by the Vestry, and

           On her refusal to Sell Said Pew for 20 £

           old tenour

Voted     That the Pew in the Gallery latly owned by

           Mr John Merrit N98 be Sold for £25 old ten.r with

          Such a to the Injunction of 2/6 per Week and

           Sold to Sarah Points

Such further tax as Shall hereafter be thought necessary to

be Payd on it by the Vestry for the Service of the Church

Voted,      That Pew N.o 28 be sold, lately owned by Mr

           Richd Hunt decd, unless his Heir will appear to pay

           the Arrears due ont and ingage for the Payment

           of 2/6 per Week old ten.r for time to come, assessed by

           the Vestry and Such further taxes as Shall be here

           after Tho’t Necessary and that to be layd on it for the Service

           of the Church and that £25 old Ten.r be ye price of


Voted     that Pew N.o 12 be disposed of in Same manner as

     Sold to Mr  Royal Houghton the forgoing respecting not only Arrears but           Price and future Obligations

 At a Meeting of the Minister Church Wardens & Vestry

of Kings Chappell at the House of Mr Saml Wetherhead

in Boston the 19. of July 1742


                           The Revd Mr Commisary Price

George Cradock Esq

Sam:ll Wentworth Chur.h Warden

Mr Charles Apthorp

Capt Edwd Tyng

Fra.s Brinley Esq

Dr John Gibbins

Cha.s Paxton Esq

D.r Syl: Gardner

Mr James Gorden

Collo Estes Hatch


Mr Tho.s Hawding

After a Debate on the Commissarys Leaving his Church &

Attending his Excellency The Governr to the Eastward in his

intended Interview with The Indians on his Excellencys Invitation

The Question was put Whether the Vestry then Mett

Consented to Mr Commissary Prices attending the

Governr to the Eastward & Passed in the Negative

Voted     That Mr Brinley Mr Cradock & Mr Apthorp with the

           Church Wardens wait on his Excellency Govr Shirley

           to Acquaint him with the proceedings of ye Vestry

           so far as it related the Commissary attending him

           to the Eastward

Voted     That the Revd Mr Roe has the Consent of the Vestry

           to attend his Excellency as Chappling in his Eastern Voy.e

           provided his Excellency should please to ask him

 At a Meeting of the Minister Church Wardens &

Vestry at the House of Mr Wetherhead in Boston

the 22.d of July. 1742


Saml Wentworth

Ch: Wardens

Eliak Hutchinson

Mr James Gorden

Cap Jas Forbes

Jno Read Esq

Doctr Gardner

Collo Estes Hatch

Geo Cradock Esq

Chas: Paxton Esqr

After debating on the vote that passd ye 19th Ins.t relating

Mr Commissary Prices Attending the Govr to the Eastward,

The Question was put Whether the Vestry would recon=

sider Said Vote, it pass’d in the Affirmative Nem.

Contra:               Then Another Question was put

Whether the Vestry consented to ye rev.d Mr Prices attending

his Excellency Govr Shirley to the Eastward notwithstanding

the Vote yt passd ye 19th In.t on yt Head and it passd in

                      the Affirmative


Voted     That John Read Esq Geo Cradock Esq. with the

           Ch: Wardens Wait on the Govr to acquaint his

           Excellency that ye Vestry has reconsidered their Vote

           of the Ins.t relating the Commissarys attending him

           to the Easterd and Voted him their Consent to

           Accept of his Excellencys Invitation

July 18,      Deliv’d Possession of Pew N.o 34 lately Mr Jekylls

            To his Excellency Govr Shirley for his family to Sett in

            for which he returns to the Church his pew 96 in

            the Front Gallery, & pays into ye hands of ye Church

            Wardens for ye use of the Church ten pounds old ten.r

            and oblige himself to pay four Shillings per week Contribu:

            :tion Old Ten.r and Such further assessments as Shall

            be adjudged necessary by the Ch: Wardens & Vestry for ye

            Support of the Church

            Del.d Possession of Pew N.o 7, in Kings Chappell

            lately occupied & held by Doctr Creese decd to Mr

            James Gorden for which he has returned to the

            Church his Pew N.o 67 and pays into ye hands of

            the Church Warden for ye use of the Church five Pounds

            Likewise obliges himself to pay a Weekly Contribution

            of four old Ten.r and Such further Rates as Shall

            hereafter be laid on it by the Ch. Wardens & Vestry for ye

            support of the Church

            Del.d Possession of Pew N.o 67 lately Mr Gordens to

            M.r Saml Maltby for Which he is to pay into ye Ch: Wardens

            hands for ye use of the Church Twenty five pounds old

            Ten.r & three Shill Pr Week Contrib: old Ten.r also ob:

            lige himself to pay Such further rates as Shall be layd

            on Sd pew by the Ch. Ward: & Vestry for ye support of the Church

            hereafter Octo:r 21. 1742 Recd of Mr Maltby by ye above from

            S. Wentworth

                                             Jan.y 10. 1742

Recd of Gov.r Shirley ten pounds old Ten:r which with the

Pew in the Gallery he formerly had but now returned by

his Excellency to the Church again is in full for ye pew voted

him by the Vestry formerly Mr Jekylls dec:d

Sold M.r William Youins half of the pew in the Gallery N119 formerly

occupied by M.r Rhodes decd: and Recd of Mr Youins

At Same time Seven pounds 10/ old Ten.r in full for

Said half pew, he likewise Obliges himself to pay a

weekly contribution of one Shill & Six pence for the

Same, with Such additionall Taxes and Rates as

Shall hereafter be layd on Sd half pew for the Sup:

:port of Kings Chapell by the Church Wardens

& Vestry: and hold by title on these Terms

Conformable to a Vote of the Vestry of the 5th April last

I have sold the Pew N.o 74 formerly M.r Proctors for

Kings Chappell to Mr Tho.s Pearson for thirty

pounds and accordingly rec:d in part thereof from

Sd Pearson Twenty Pounds old ten:r he is to pay

a Weekly contribution of four Shillings old tenr

and such further Taxes and future assessments as

Shall be laid on Sd Pew by the Ch: Wardens &

Vestry & to hold his Title on no Other Terms. This

done ye 10th Jan.y 1742



Easter Monday April 1743

At a Meeting of the Congregation in the Kings Chapple

Voted Church Wardens for the

Em . Hutchinson &

year ensuing

Mr. Cha: Apthorp

Voted     That the Number of Vestry Men be but Fifteen

           five of shall be a Quorum and their Names

          are as follows

His Excell:cy the

M.r James Smith

Tho.s Lechmere Esq.r

Chas Paxton Esqr

Fran.s Brinley Esq.r

M.r John Gibbins

Job Lewis Esqr

M.r Edw.d Tyng

Henry Frankland Esq.r

M.r James Gordon

George Cradock Esq.r

M.r James Forbes

Estes Hatch Esq.r

Mr Wm. Speakman

M.r Sam.ll Wentworth

Voted     Church Officers as follows


Stephen Deblois Organist & his Salary £50 anm: Old tenr

Powers Mariot Clerk & his Salary £50 anm: Old tenr

W:m Ruleau Sexton & his Salary 12/ week old tenr

Voted     That M.r Cradock M.r Apthorpe & M.r Smith be

           Auditors to the late Church Wardens Acc.ts

Voted     That all affairs relating to Pews for the Year ensuing

           Shall be settled by ye Church Wardens & Vestry

Voted     That the Church Wardens shall not give any Proprietor

           of Pew Credit for any Sum or Sums of money put into

           the Box unless his Name be properly fixt to it

           that it may be certain who the Donor is, Neither

           shall any Proprietor be allow’d to have paid any

           thing towards the support of his Pew unless he

           complys with the above prescribed method

           or some other as satisfactory to the Church Wardens

At a Meeting of the Church Wardens and Vestry of the Kings

Chapple at the House of M.r And.w Hallyburton Aug:st 5. 1743


E.m Hutchinson

Church Wardens

M.r Smith

M.r Cha.s Apthorp

M.r Paxton


Mr Gordon


Capt Forbes


M.r Wentworth

Voted     That Pew No 23  formerly belong:g to M.r Lazarus Hubbard be

           Sold N.B. it was Sold to Timo Winship &     Matthews each One half

Voted     That the Title of M.r Johnson to the Pew N.o 25 be enquired

           into and if it be not paid for to be Sold

Voted     That ½ the Pew N.o 29 formerly belonging to Mr Casper be sold

Voted     That the Pew 31 formerly belonging to Mr Pearson but now

           relinquished by him be Sold

Voted     that the Pew N.o 39 formerly belonging to the Rev.d Mr Checkly

           but now relinquish’d by him be Sold          Sold to Jas Monk

Voted     that the Pew N.o 45 Formerly belonging to M.r Jno Barnet

           but now Relinquish’d by his Heirs be Sold     Sold to Hen Loyd

Voted     That the Pew N.o 54 formerly belonging to M.r Nathll Green

           be Sold            Sold to Powers Marriot

Voted     That the Pew N:o 73 formerly belonging to M.r Peter Luce

           be Sold                N.B. Sold to Jno Greaton

Voted     That ½ of the Pew N.o 95 Formerly belonging to M.r Geo:e Tilley

           be sold                    Easter Mond: 1742 Not Yet Sold

Voted     That the Pew N.o 98 Formerly belonging to M.r Jno Merret

           be sold he having Relinquinsh’d his Property to it  Sold to Mr Pointz

Voted     That ½ the Pew N.o 108 formerly belonging to M.r Frazier

           be Sold

Voted     That ½ the pew No. 109 formerly belonging to M.r David Evans

           be Sold

Voted     That the Pew N.o 102 formerly belonging to

be Sold

Sold One half to Jno Deacon Apr: 7. 1740


& One half to Robt Jackson Apr: 18. 1747

At a meeting of the Congregation in the Kings

Chapple on Sunday the Feby 1743 On M.r Comissry

Price acquainting them that he was desirous of

going to England to make a Visit to his Relations

and settle his own Private Affairs. It was Voted

That M.r Read M.r Cradock & M.r Gordon with

the present Church Wardens Should be a Comittee

to Consider how far & on what terms Mr Comissry

Prices Request might be granted consistent with the

well being & maintenance of the privilege of the said

Chapple & make their Report to the Congregation

at their next meeting

At a Meeting of the Congregation in the Kings

Chapple on Sunday the Feb:y Inst.t ye before nam’d

Committee presented the following proposals

In pursuance of the foregoing Vote on Sunday ye

5th of this Inst:t We the Committee for the said Church pro:

-pose that upon the first assurance M.r Commissary can

give us of a Clergy man provided in his Stead & ready to

embarke for this place he may depart on his intended Visit

 That we shall weekly pay his vicar’s dues accord:

ing to his appointment out of his standing Salary and ye

rest of his Salary to his Order here

 That we are Content that he Continue in England

upon his Visit a twelve month from his first Arrival there

and no longer with out special occasion signified to and

allow’d by the Church

 And lastly in Case he shall not incline to return

to us again within the time here in limited or such further

time as may hereafter be allow’d by the Congregation that

then the Church shall be declar’d & deem’d Vacant and may

immediately proceed to the Choice of a Minister

 These things we propose and (on Mr Commissarys

agreeing thereto with the Congregation or such Person or Persons

as they shall see meet to appoint for that purpose) we think

may be safely comply’d with, leaving it to his own discre:

tion when to go wishing him a safe & prosperous Voyage

 The foregoing proposals being Read to the Congre:

 :gation they

Voted     That Mr Commissarys Request should be

           granted on the Terms therein Mention’d & that

           the Gentlemen of the Committee are desir’d in behalf

           of the Church to settle an Agreement with Mr

           Commissary agreeable to their Report



      Easter Monday March 26 1744

At a meeting of the Congregation in the Kings Chapple

Voted Mr Apthorp

Church Wardens

Mr Cradock

Voted     That the Number of Vestry Men be thirteen as follows

          & six be a Quorum

           His Excellency the Gov.r

           E.m Hutchinson

           John Read Esqr

           Fra.s Brinley Esqr.

           Thomas Leechmere Esqr

           M.r James Gorden

           M.r James Forbes

           Estes Hatch Esqr

           Mr Thomas Hawden

           Job Lewis Esqr

           M.r John Gibbins

           M.r William Speakman

           M.r Henry Lloyd

Voted     That Mr Stephen Deblois be organist for the ensuing year & that

           his Salary continue at Fifty pounds a year

Voted     that Mr Powers Mariott be Clerk for the year ensuing & his Salary

           continue at Fifty pounds a year

Voted     That Mr William Ruleau be Sexton for the ensuing year &

           his Salary continue at 12/ a week

Voted     That M.r Smith M.r Gordon & Capt Forbes be to the late

            Church Wardens Accots

Voted     That all Affairs Relating to Pews for the year ensuing be settled

           by Church Wardens and Vestry

Voted     That the present Church Wardens with M.r Read E:m Hutchinson

          & Mr Gorden be a Comittee to Assess the pews agreeable to

           the proposalls made by the late Church Wardens the cheif

           part of the proprietors subscribed to

Voted     That Mr Commissary Prices Salary be paid agreeable to the

           Exchange settled by this Government



     Easter Monday April 15 1745

 At a Meeting of the Congregation in Kings Chappell

George Cradock Esqr

Church Wardens

Willm Shirley Esq.r Jun.r

Voted     That the Number of Vestry Men be Fifteen as follows

          & Five be a Quorum

          His Excellency the Govern:r

          Charles Apthorp

          Fra: Brinley Esqr

          John Read Esqr

          E.m Hutchinson Esq.r

          Job Lewis Esq.r

          M.r James Gorden

          M.r James Forbes

          Tho:s Leechmere Esqr

          M.r Henry Lloyd

          M.r John Gibbins

          M.r James Smith

          M.r Cha.s Paxton

                    Capt. Edw.d Tyng

          Estes Hatch Esq

Voted     M:r Stephen Deblois be Organist for the year ensuing

          & that his Salary Continue at Fifty Pounds a Year

Voted     That M.r Tho.s Hase be Clerk for the year ensuing & his Salary

           be at Fifty pounds a year

Voted     That M.r William Rulleau be Sexton for the ensuing year

          & his Salary be at Twenty Shillings Week

Voted     That Job Lewis Esq.r Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.r & M.r James

           Gorden be to the late Church Wardens Accots

Voted     That what is deficient of the Exchange in M.r Prices Salary

           during M.r Sam.l Wentworths Churchwardenship be Settled

           by the present Church Wardens

Voted     That M:r Comissary Prices Salary be paid Agreeable to the

           Exchange settled by this Government

Voted     That all affairs Relating to Pews for the year ensuing be

           settled by Church Wardens & Vestry



          Easter Monday ye March 1746

     At a Meeting of the Congregation in Kings Chappel

Voted M.r James Gordon

Church Wardens

M.r John Box

Voted That the N.o of Vestry Men be Fifteen as follows & Five be a Quorum

      His Excellency The Governor

      George Cradock Esq.r

      Eliakim Hutchinson  Esq.r

      M:r Charles Apthorp

      Capt:n James Forbes

      Coll:o Estes Hatch

      M:r Will:m Speakman

                Charles Paxton Esq.r

      M:r Thomas Hawding339

      Fra:s Brinley Esq.r

      M.r James Smith

      Thomas Lechmere Esq.r

      Jonathan Pue Esq.r

      Job Lewis Esqr

      Henry Frankland Esqr

Mr Stephen Deblois gave ye Church 3 months warning to

provide an Organist in his room

Voted     That M.r Thomas Hase be Clark For ye Year ensuing

           & his Salary be £50 per Ann.

Voted     That Mr William Ruleau be Sexton for ye Year ensuing

           & his Salary be £50

Voted     That M:r Comissary Price’s Sallary be paid agreeable

           to the Exch.a settld by this Government

Voted     That all affairs relating to Pews For ye Year ensuing

           be settld by Church Wardens & Vestry

Voted     That Job Lewis Esq.r M.r Charles Apthorp & M.r James

           Gordon be Auditors to ye late Church Wardens Accts


Mem:o April 5 1746 The Exch:a as it is Settled by the Governmt

wt Great Brittain is 500 per C.t at wch Exch:a the Reverd Mr Roger

Price his Yearly Salary being £110 Sterling Amos to Old Tenr=  £600

Ann: is =£12.13.10 Week Accounting 52 Weeks to y.e Year

wch Weekly Allowance is to Continue till ye Governmt altors the Excha

& then it is to be Computed Accordingly  But as there is 55 Sundays

in ye following Year from Easter to Easter  (ye least Inclusive) It is exactly £12 Old Ten.r

Week to make up Mr Prices Salery unless ye Exch.a is Alterd by the Govermt [illegible]

 At a Meeting of the Church Wardens & Vestry of Kings Chapel

 At ye Royal Exchange Tavern in Boston On Friday June 20 1746


Geo Craddock Esq.r

James Gordon &

Ch: Wardens


Jona Pue Esq.r

Jno Box


Eliak: Hutchinson Esq.r


Mr Charles Apthorp


M.r Tho:s Hawding


Capt. James Forbes

Voted     That Mr Stephen Deblois have Twenty Pounds Old Ten.r in Addition

           to his Salery to Make it Seventy Pounds for this Year

Voted     that the Pews (in the Kings Chapel) of those persons that have not

           paid the full of their Contribution to the Satisfaction of the Church

=Wardens for the two Years last past according to the last Assessment

Are forfeited According to the Rules & Votes of this Church of

the Church Wardens may Give them One more Notice & if they doe

not then then Pay their Arrears of Contribution Shall & may

dispose of all or Any of the Said Pews As Occasion offers


At a Meeting of the Congregation of the Church called Kings=

Chapel on Thursday November 27. 1746 Appointed for a

General Thanksgiveing after Morning Servis in Said Chapel

The Rever.d Mr Roger Price rector of Said Chapel Signified to

the Congregation his Intention of Goeing to England & quitting

the Rector Ship & Cure of Said Church by reading his letter to the

Congregation & then delivering the Same to James Gordon the first

Warden of which here follows a true Copy

                         To the Congregation of Kings Chapel

 Having an intention of Goeing to England in the Mermaid

Man of War which will Sail About four months hence I take the

first opportunity to Acquaint you with it. that you may procure a

Minister in my Stead, to whom I am at my time ready to

resign: for the Success of whose labours in Your Servis, I shall

never cease to Pray.  And hope that all Good offices may Still

continue between my Congregation of Kings Chapel And

their Affectionate & unworthy Minister &c

Boston New Eng:d Novr 21. 1746          Signed Roger Price

Testes James Gordon first Church Warden

Then the Congregation proceeded & Voted

The two Church Wardens



Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.r



Geo Craddock Esq.r &



Francis Brinley Esqr


To be a Comittee to Consider of a fitt Person in holly Orders well Quallfied

of unblameable life & conversation & to recomend him as Such to the Congre=

=gation to be Appointed Rector of the Kings Chappel in the room of

the Rever:d & worthy M.r Roger Price, who has determined to leave us

The Said Comittee mett the Same day in ye Evening At ye Royl Excha

Tavern and haveing fully considered it Were Unanimously of

Opinion that y:e Rever.d M:r Henry Caner Minister of the Church

in Fairfield Connecticut is the most proper Person to discharge the

Duty of that Cure w:ch is Submitted to A Vote of the Congregation

Also Orderd that the Propietors of the Pews be Severally Notified

to Meet at ye Chapel on Saturday next at three O’Clock PM

to receive the report of the Comittee &c

Saturday Novem:r 29. 1746 the Propietors being duly warned

to Meet as Affors.d at 3 oClock, the Bell rang - And there being

but few of the Said Propietors that Attended.   It was agreed

to Adjourn the Said Meeting till next day being Sunday

after evening Servis of the Clerk was Orderd to Notifie all

the Propietors after Morning Prayers  -       Accordingly

Sunday November 30 1746 The Proprietors of Kings Chapel

being Assembled at the time & Place Appointed, The first

Warden after Acquainting them with the Occasion of this

Meeting did read the forgoeing letter from the Rever.d Mr Comisary

Price to the Congregation as Also the report of the Comittee from

the entrys in the Church Book

Then the Question was Put; Whether wee should choose a Minister to

Succed the Rev:d M.r Comisary Price from Amongst the Clergy in holy

Orders in New Engl.d or write to his Lordsh.p our Diocesan

& other ffriends in Old Engl.d - to procure us a Minister from them Questions being Put to Vote it was carried by a great Majority

that wee Should choose A Minister from Amongst the Clergy in

New Engld    After which the Propietors Proceeded to the Choice

of a Minister to Suceed the Said Rev.d M.r Price in the Rectory or

Cure of the Kings Chapell by an hand Vote     And

the Rever.d M.r Henry Caner a Minister of the Church of Engl.d

at Fairfield in Connecticut was chosen to Suceed the Said Rev.d

Mr Price in ye Said Rectory or Cure by a great Majority

Then ye Said Propietors Voted

the two Church Wardens with

Eliakim Hutchinson


Francis Brinley

Esqrs be

Geo: Craddock


a Comittee to Acquaint the Rever.d M.r Henry Caner of the Choice they

had made of him As their Minister to Suceed the Said Rever.d M.r

Price in His Rectory or Cure of Kings Chapell & with the Same

Sallery &c

      Here following is a Copy of the Letter the Comtee

Affors.d Wrote & Sent to the Rev.d M.r Henry Caner

      Reverd Sir                      Boston Decem.r 4. 1746

                 The inclosed is a Copy of the Votes of the

Congregation of the Kings Chapple in Boston (relateing

to the choice of a Minister in the Stead of the Rever.d M.r

Comisary Price who has resigned) by wch you’ll perceive

that wee are Appointed to give you an Invitation to the

Rectory of that Chapple, which wee now doe wt great

Pleasure Assureing You Sir that our report was verry

Acceptable to the Congregation and to y.e Governour in

particular who much approved of our determinations

And wee doubt not from Your known Merrit & the

Unanimity there is Amongst us, that wee may be extreme

happy under Your Cure

           Wee are likewise desired to Acquaint You the

Sallery is One hundred & Ten Pounds a Year Lawfull Money

of Great Brittain payable Weekly in equal Payments

in Bills of this Province, and the Publick Servis of the Church

is equally performd by the Rector & his Assistant, And the Perquisites

(which are considerable) are the Rectors due.

       Wee Shall be Glad of the favour of a line or two from

You at the return of this Express. Being in great Esteem

& Respect &c &c

James Gordon



Jno Box



Eliakim Hutchinson


Geo Craddock


NB Coll.o Brinley being Out of Town did not Sign

Sunday December 21. 1746 the Comittee afforsaid Received

a Letter from the Rever.d Mr Henry Caner (without a date)

in Answer to their forgoeing of which here follows a true Copy

To Mess:rs

James Gordon &



John Box


To Eliakim Hutchinson


Francis Brinley



Geo Craddock


     Comittee of the Congregation of Kings Chappel in Boston

Gentlemn I received Your very oblidging letter of the 4 of instant

December together with an inclosd Coppy of the Votes of

the Congregation of Kings Chapell in Boston relateing to

the choice of a Minister.     I have, as the Short time

would allow, maturely weighed the kind Proposals containd

in Your Said Letter and am oblidged with much

Gratitude to acknowledge the honnour you are pleased

to doe me            I Should with much Pleasure

offer my Servis upon this Occasion, did I not consider

the Importance of the Post, & the difficulty of discharging

it with suitable Prudence; to the Honour of God &

the benefit of the Souls concernd: For w:ch reason &

to the End that the Intrest of Religion amongst You

might be more Probably advanced. I could sincerely

wish the choice had fallen upon One of a Character

& Capacity to which I have no pretensions

however as the conduct of this affair has the Aspect of a

Providential Appointment destitute of any Motion

and distant from any thought of mine till the Present

Notification       I think Proper to acquaint you that

the little Servis I am capable of contributing to the

Intrest of Religion and the Church of Christ among

you shall not be wanting whensoever I am called

upon; or whenever the Rev.d Comisary is pleasd

to resign            I ask but time to make Suitable

Provision for a verry Affectionate People, the leaving of

whom would otherwise give me much Uneasiness

Let my Compliments be Acceptable to every Gentleman

concernd & particularly my Duty waits upon his Excellency

the Governour to whom I am much Oblidgd for his kind


                                   I am with much respect


A True Coppy attested by

Your most Obedient &

James Gordon Ch: Warden

most humble Servant


Henry Caner

Monday December 22. 1746 The Propietors of

Kings Chapel being called & Mett at ye Chapel the Letter

of the Comittee of Curr:t to the Rev.d Mr Henry Caner with his

Answer thereto forgoeing being read they

Voted     that ye Affors:d Comittee Should write a Letter to the Rever.d Mr

           Henry Caner Signifuing to him their desire of his coming to

           Boston about the Midle of March Next to officiate in the

           Duty & Cure of Kings Chapel  here follows a duplicate

          of Said Letter

To M.r Henry Caner In Fairfield           Boston Dec:r 30: 1746

Rev:d Sir Wee are favoured with Yours by the return of the Express wee recd: the 21 Curr.t & the next day wee communicated it to

The Propietors, who unanimously expres’d a great satisfaction

in Your Acceptance of ye Cure of Kings Chapel not in ye least

doubting but you will to the best of Your capacity discharge the

duty of it to the honour of God & the benefit of the Souls concerned

And wee will on Our part faithfully fulfil our engagem.t in

punctually Paying what wee have Promisd Wee Observe

that You desire time to make Suitable Provition for Your

Affectionate People we hope May be done by the middle

of March will fully compleat the four Months M.r Comisary

Mentions in his Letter of Resignation  (of You have a Copy) &

and at time he will be oblidged to goe on board ye Mermaid

therefor by a Vote of the Propietors wee are desired to Acquaint You

with it & entreat You to be here rather before then exceed that



Here follows a Copy of the Rev.d Mr Henry Caners Letter in Answer

to the foregoing                         Fairfield Jan:r 16. 1746

          To James Gordon & Jn.o Box Wardens &

          to Eliak:m Hutchinson & Frans.s Brinley & Geo Craddock

Comitte of ye Congreg.t of Kings Chappel in Boston

 Gent:m: Your favour of ye 30 Dec.r I duely received am Oblidged to

the Propietors of Kings Chappel for their Kind Acceptance of my Offers

to Serve them. I pray God the like Union & Harmony may ever Submit

between us, when I shall be employed in the actual discharge of that Servis,

An honest diligence & endeavour to be usefull is all that I dare Promise

As to Your offer of reward I have that confidence in your honour as to

Suppose it a Proper Provition: its what indeed I am not or Judge of, being

ignorant of the necessary expense of the Place. My Rule in affairs of this

Nature is that of the Apostle that They who Preach the Gospel should live of

the Gospel; & I must confess I never Yet found the People who were not

willing to comply with it, & I will not so much Suspect either my own

faithfullness on the One hand or the honour of the Propietors on ye other, as to

imagin there will ever be room for the least misunderstanding on this

head       With regard to the time the Propietors have Pitched upon for my

Attendance  I beg leave to Observe that being distant an exact punctuality

may possibly be impracticable I shall however labour to conduct upon

that head in Such a manner as to Give no reasonable Ground of measuring

The exact time of the Mermaids Sailing will doubtless be better known

a while hence & being Notified of it I Shall take Special care that the

Church be not left Vacant In the mean time if the Rev.d M.r Comisary

Should tarry a little longer then at first Proposed I conclude in that case

the Propietors would excuse a Small delay Some vacancy will

unavoidably happen in ye Church at Fairfield & a General regard to ye

intrest of Religion will direct us to make that Vacancy as little as

possible But I determine nothing peremptorily, Only leave it to time

to discover what will be most Prudent In y.e mean while & Allways, I am

Gent Your Most Obed.t h Servt H: Caner

                                   King Chapel February 25. 1746

Upon Reading the forgoeing letter from y.e Rev:d M:r Henry Caner

to the Propietors of Kings Chapel They

Voted     that y.e Comittee affors.d Shall Write An Answer to y.e Said Rev.d

           M.r Caner requesting him to be here by the 25 of March next, or in

           all Said Moneth at furtherst

Wch Letter the Said Comittee drew up & Sent Accordingly

N .B.      the Church Wardens had no Opportunity of Entring a Coppy of the Said

           Letter, an Oportunity offering to forward it the Moment it was finishd &



At a Meeting of ye Vestry of Kings Chapel at ye Royal Excha

Tavern On Wednesday April 8. 1747   Present

Estes Hatch

James Gordon &

Ch: Wardens

Jona Pue

John Box

Mr Tho.s Hawding

Geo Cradock


Capt James Forbes

Charles Paxton

Voted     That ye Propietors of Pews be Notifid Tomorrow to Meet at y.e

           Chapel to morrow after Evening Prayers in y.e Afternoon to Consider

           of ye Rate of Exch.a ye Rev.d M.r Comisary Price’s Salery of £110 Ster:

           is to be Sett at for ye Year Past & to Agree & Settle ye Same wt him

Voted     the Pew No 30 - late Kentons to Roger Hardcastle

Voted     That all the Pews of those Propietors that are behind & in Arrears as to

           the Payment of their Contribution according to the Assessment of each

           Pew be Sold by the Church Wardens, without respect to Persons, As Soon

           as Purchasers be Sent letters in Order to raise Money to Pay of the Debts

           of the Church

At a Meeting of the Congregation or Propietors of Kings Chapel

on Thursday Apr 9. 1747 at ye Said Chapel

Voted     the Rev.d Mr Comisary Price’s Salery for the Year 1746

           of £110 be computed at ye Rate of Seven hundred PerCent &

           Paid him in Old Ten.r at that Rate from Easter Mar 31. 1746

           to Easter Next Apr: 19. 1747 N.B. Pd him £880 O.T. per Rec:t sub ye End                of this Book

Voted     the following Gentlemen be a Comittee for the Propietors of Kings

           Chappel to Continue till Easter Next to transact all Affairs relating to

           the Church As to raising Moneys to Make Good deficencys

           Collecting & taking Acco:t of the Library, Church Plate, ffurniture

          & Apurtenances & inducting & Receiving the Rev:d M.r Caner

           as Minister of the Chapel &c                 Viz


The Church Wardens


Geo Cradock Esq.r


D:r. Jno Gibbins


Dr Silvester Gardiner


Mr James Smith


Mr Charles Apthorp

The Rever:d M.r Henry Caner came to Town on ffriday Evening & the

Next Morning April 11. 1747 About Eleven O’Clock in y.e forenoon

he was conucted to the Kings Chapel in Boston by the Rev:d Mr Comisary

Price, the Church Wardens & others of the Comitte Appointed As Above

Who all went Out of the Church,   the Church Wardens at the door delivering

the Key of the Church to the Rever:d M.r Caner who locking himself in the

Church, Tolled the Bell & then Unlocked the Door, receiveing the Church War:

:dens & Comittee &c into the Church again, who wished him joy upon

his haveing Possesion of the Church



Easter Monday April 20. 1747. At a Meeting of the

Minister & Propietors of Kings Chapel

Voted     That no Person be Chosen a Warden of this Church but of those

           that are Communicants

Voted     That the Choice of Church Wardens & Vestry Men  & other Matters

           of Consequence relating to this Church for the future be determined

           by Written Votes Only

Voted     That Every Pew in the Church the Propietor or Proprietors whereof                haveing Paid Contribution Agreeable to the Assesment have On Single

           Vote & no More

Voted     That the Church Wardens Wait upon the Rev.d M.r Brockwell

           this Week & Acquaint him it is the desire of the Propietors of this

           Church that he will Preach in the Morning on Sundays

Voted James Gordon &

be, & are continued Wardens for this Year

John Box

Voted     There be fifteen Vestry Men Chosen for this Year, a Majority of

           them to be a Quorum were each Singly

Voted Viz

his Excllency the Governour

Charles Paxton Esqr

M.r Charles Apthorp

Capt Edward Tynge

Geo Cradock Esqr.

M.r James Smith

Henry Frankland Esq.r

Thos Letchmore Esq.r

D.r Jn.o Gibbins

Job Lewis Esqr.

D.r Silvester Gardner

Jona Pue Esq.r

Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.r

Capt James Forbes

Estes Hatch Esq.r

Voted     That the Sale & Forfeiture of Pews, & other Prudentials of the Church

           are left to the Church Wardens & Vestry for this Year


That Thomas Hase be Clerk for this Year wt the former


Salery of fifty Pounds Old Tenr

Voted Seperatly

Mr Stephen Deblois be Organist Salery as last Year


Stephen Ruleau Sexton Sallery as last Year


Mr. Charles Apthorp



Mr Geo Craddock

be Auditors of last Years Accts


Doctor Jn.o Gibbins


At a Meeting of the Minister Church Wardens & Vestry

duely Warned at the Exchange Tavern On Twesday Aprill  28. 1747



The Rever.d Mr Henry Caner Minister

Doct.r Silvester Gardner

James Gordon &


Capt Edw.d Tynge

John Box

Job Lewis Esq.r

Mr Charles Apthorp

Dr Jno Gibbins

Henry  Frankland Esqr.

Mr James Smith

Capt James Forbes

Voted     That as Mr John Southack hath Absented Absented himself from

           the Chapel for many Years last Past & Paid no Contribution

           for the Pew N:o 63 (Possesd by his Father Cap.t Cyprian Southack)

           to the Satisfaction of the Church Wardens   The Church Wardens

           Acquaint him & demand the Arrears of Contribution for Said Pew

           And if he does not Pay the Same or make it Appear that he has

           paid it the Pew will be disposed of According to the Rules & Votes

           of the Church

 At a Meeting of the Minister Church Wardens & Vestry of Kings

Chapel on Thursday June 4.1747   Present

Charles Paxton Esq.r

The Revd Mr Henry Caner Minister

Dr Silvester Gardner

James Gordon & Jno Box  Wardens

Coll.o Estes Hatch

Henry Frankland Esq.r

Geo Craddock Esqr

Capt Edwd Tynge

Cap.t James Forbes

Mr Charles Apthorp

The Vestry haveing taken into Consideration the Great Charge & Trouble the Rev:d

M.r Henry Caner our Minister has been at in removeing his ffamily & ffurniture

&c from Fairfield here, & Settling them in this Place were Unanimously of

of Opinion that the Congregation Ought to Make a Collection in Order

to reimburse him                              Therefore

Voted     That ye Said Collection be Made On Trinity Sunday Next in the

           Affternoon & it is earnestly recomended to ye Congregation of wch they

           are to be Notfied on Sunday Next both before & Affternoon

           Which Collection being Made Accordingly, it Amounted to, As Gatherd at

           at the Chapel On Trinity Sunday One hundred & Sixty Seven Pounds 6/ 1d

           dd by the Church Wardens to ye Rev.d Mr Caner Old Ten.r

A letter Directed to Mr James Gordon to be communicated to ye Minister Wardens

& Vestry of Kings Chapel Boston of wch here follows a Copy

Gentlemen & Brethren

                      The propietors of the Pews in Trinity Church haveing

Chosen M.r Wm Hooper of this Town for their Minister, they presented him

to their Diocessan the L.d B.p of London for Holy Orders giveing Testimonials

that he had Lived in this Town a number of Years & that he had been a Person

of good life & conversation, of Repute & good Creditt here—but to our

great Surprise wee are informd that a Caveat hath been made to

his Ordination by representing him to his L.d Ship as Person of whom

Common Fame doth Say he is Neither of Good Principals nor Morals.

Wee therefore begg of You Gentlem.n as Brethren together wt us & of the

Same Town to Signifie whether this Gentleman hath not been of a

fair Character, or to Give Such other representations of him as Ye may

think just that Such insinuations may not affect his reputation

nor frustrate the designs of Our Church wch are in haveing a Useful

Minister that may not only promote our Own good, but be instrumental

in ye General benefit of the Church of Engl.d amongst us. We begg

You candidly to consider this affair & Act with, & for us Brethren will be thankfully acknowledgd by the Church that wee have the

honour to represent. We are Gentlem:n

                                   Your most humble Servts

Boston June 4. 1747

Jos: Dowse

Wardens of Trinity Ch:

W.m Price

Which letter being twice Reced, the Vestry Concurrd in An Answer by delivering to them the following

Letter to the Lord Bishop of London to be Signd by the Wardens & Vestry a Copy

whereof here follows

 May it Please Your Lordship

          Our Brethren of Trinity Church being under verry great

difficultys by reason of M.r W:m Hoopers Ordination being put off

on Acct, as wee hear, by some representations made of him to Your

L.dShip as a Person whom common Fame reports to be of bad

Morals, And haveing desired us to Acquaint Y.r L.dship with M.r

Hoopers Character, So far as wee are Able, Since his first Settlement

at New Boston to his departure last Fall, Wee the Church Wardens

& Vestry of Kings Chapel Doe Solemnly Declare that wee

That wee know not of any Immoralitys he has been charged with

Since he has been a Dissenting Teacher in this Town, but he has

maintaned a Verry fair Character here, and from his constantly

takeing his turn with the rest of the Teachers in this Town, in

the Weekly Lectures & the great Love & Esteem People had for

him till he left them, must be of Opinion that he is a

Gentleman of good Moralls.

Signd by the Church Wardens & Vestry & dd: to the Ch: Wardens of

Trinity Church In Boston on June 5 1747 by James Gordon Warden

Voted     that ye Rev.d Mr Comisary Prices Demand (for some Allowance from

           Our Church Since the Term of his Resignation expired On Acct of the

           Mermaid Man of Warr’s not Sailing for Engl.d So Soon as expected:)

           Be laid before the Congregation

                                                  July 13. 1747

Conform to the Vote of the Vestry April 28. 1747 The Wardens have

waited On Mr Jn.o Southack Acquainting him wt the tenour of S.d Vote & frequently

demanded the Arrears of Contribution for ye Pew N.o 63 but he Still

Neglects & refuses to Pay the Same, nor does he make it Appear he has

Paid it, or any part thereof  Since his Fathers decease, Neither has

he Attended the Publick Worship at ye Chaple And Since Cap.t Edw.d

Tynge has (besides his right to Sitt in Said Pew) Paid the full Contribution

or Assesmt: of the Whole Pew, for Some Years last Past & Also did relinquish

& Give up to the Church his One half of the Pew No 13. In Consideration

of these, & as he has been a benefactor to the Church Therefore

Granted him the whole of Said Pew, On Condition of his Paying

Three pounds New Ten:r per Annum by Weekly Monethly or Quarterly

Contribution or Such further Assesm.t as may be laid On the Same &c

As One half of the Pew N:o 95 in the Gallery belongs to the Church

& the other half to Cap:t       Doubt     Placed Eleanr Temple

in Said Pew where She is to Sitt till ye Said One half is Sold, She Paying

two Shillings Old Ten.r  per Week & Putting her Name to the Money

Mem:o Pursuant to a Vote of the Congregation of Kings

Chapel On Easter Monday last The Ch: Wardens waited

On the Rev.d M.r Brockwell the Wendsay following, to Acquaint

him it was the desire of the Congregation that he would Preach

On Sundays in the Morning at the Chapel: but before they

could deliver the Message he told them he knew what they

came for that he had been previously acquainted therewith

by One of the Vestry=men, who he Said had treated him ill

& to whom he had declared his determination he would

Stand to, & give no other Answer  The Wardens replied

They were Sorry any Gentleman of the Church should treat

him ill or Anticipate them who were Only delegated by the

Congregation to deliver that Message they purposd to doe

in the most civil & respectfull Manner & to Shew him the

reason of the request was not unprecedented but had been

occasionally Granted At times before both by the Rector &

Assistant And further that they thought he neither treated the

Congregation or Vestry fairly first in accepting, or takeing any

notice of a Message from the Church deliverd by Any Single

Person without being first well Assured he had Authority from

them to deliver it. And next in ascribeing the ill treatment

or difference w.t that Person to the Vestry who had no hand in it

& utterly disavowed it     The Wardens not Obtaining An

answer called a Vestry Meeting to Acquaint them as affors.d

& being Mett & Considering that Mr Brockwell being appointed

by his Lordship the Bishop of London Lecturer Afternoon=

=Preacher & his insisting On that Duty & being Unwilling to

interfere with his Lordship’s Appointment Unanimously

Dropt the question

 Sunday Nov:r 1: 1747 After Morning Divine Servis

The Rev.d Mr Brockwell Acquainted the Sen:r Church Wardn

of Kings Chapel that he had received a Letter from his

Lordship the Bishop of London the Contents whereof

regarded the Chaple, desired the Warden to call a Vestry

that it might be Comunicated to them. Accordingly the

Sd Warden Orderd the Clerk the Same day to Notifie the

Vestry from the Desk to Meet at the Chapel the Thursday

following being the 5 of Nov.r after Morning Servis

      Thursday Novr 5 after Morning Servis being

the time Appointed for ye Vestry to Meet at the Chapel

Present The Rev.d M.r Caner Rector, the Church Wardens (but

not a Quorum of the Vestry) the Rev:d M.r Brockwell

deliverd to ye Sen:r Warden a Letter from his Lordship the

B.p of London dated July last directed to him the S:d

Mr Brockwell Afternoon Lecturer or Preacher of Kings Chapel

w:ch Letter w:t the Consent of all then Present was Read by the

Sd Warden. Then the Warden askd M.r Brockwell if he would

lett him take a Coppy of S:d Letter, he refusd, but Said the

Letter Should be forth Comeing & Produced at a Meeting of a full

Vestry  The Gentlemen of the Vestry then told him that it

Seemd to them (by the purport of the Bishops Letter to him) that

Both Mr Caner & the Vestry had been falsly & injuriously repre:

=sented to his Lordship the B.p As assuming an Authority

Over the Assistant or Lecturer in Oposition to his Lordships Appoint

=ment or directions, therefore Prayed him to let them have a Copy

of the Letter he wrote to his Lordship, Occasiond the Bishop

to Write the Said Letter, to he Answerd he would give the

S.d Copies at a Meeting of a full Vestry. Wch was then Agreed to

be called & Meet at the Light house Tavern in King street on

Friday the Instant at 6 O’Clock in ye Evening

      N, B, before the Meeting of the Vestry the Church Wardens waited

      on the Rev:d Mr Brockwell to Ask him for the Copies of the Affors.d

      two letters he had Promis’d to Deliver at a full Vestry Meeting:

      but he refusd to deliver the S.d Copies telling them he would be

      at the Vestry Meeting himself

 At a Meeting of the Vestry of Kings Chapel at ye Light=

house Tavern in Boston on Friday Nov.r 6. 1747. at 6 O’Clock in the

Evening      Present


James Gordon &


D.r Silvester Gardner

Jno Box

Charles Paxton Esq.r

Char.s Apthorp Esq.r

M.r James Smith

Job Lewis Esq.r


D.r Jn.o Gibbins

the Revd Mr. Caner being Sick & not Able to Attend

The Rev.d Mr Charles Brockwell340 being Present read a Paragraph of

a letter ( he Said) he wrote to his Lordship the Bishop of

London, So far as Related to us, w.t his Lordships Answer, the Same

that was read at y.e Chapell Yesterday, after the Question

was put by the Senr. Warden, to each of the Gentlemen of the Gent.l

of the Vestry Singly: Whether is it Your opinion that the Reverd M.r

Brockwell be Askd Once More for the Copys of his Letter to his Lordship

the Bishop of London, now read by him to us, & of his L:dships Answer y.r to

They Severally all Answerd Yes  -  except M.r James Smith

Then ye Sen:r Warden Askd the Rev:d Mr Brockwell if he would be Pleasd to

give the Vestry the Coppys as Affors.d he refusd & denyed, w:ch the Warden

was desird to minute in the Vestry Book. The Said Warden then

askd M.r Brockwell; if he denyed the Coppys of Both letters, or if he

would give them a Copy of  Any One of those letters. M.r Brockwell

replied that he did not Absolutely refuse either of them, but

required further time to consider of the Matter, that perhaps

he might comply w.t the request of the Congregation in common

wt their Vote at Easter & then he thought they would have no Occasion

to Ask him for those Copies, with wch Answer  the whole Vestry

were well Pleased & desired the Wardens Not to enter any Minute

in the Book of what Passed in the Vestry at this Meeting till next

meeting & then Adjourned till this day week to Meet at the Sun

Tavern at 5. O’Clock in ye Evening

 At a Meeting of the Vestry of Kings Chapel, by

adjournment at ye Sun Tavern in Boston on ffriday Nov:r 13



Doctr Silvester Gardner

James Gordon &


Job Lewis Esqr.

Jn.o Box

Capt James Forbes

Cap.t Edw.d Tynge

Thomas Letchmere Esq.r

Doctr Jn.o Gibbins

Mr James Smith

The Rev.d M.r Charles Brockwell being also Present The Question

was Askd him; If he had considerd of what he Proposed to the Vestry

at their last meeting he answerd he had wrote a letter to his

Lordship the Bishop of London he Would read to them &

intended to Send per first Opportunity & he thought was

Sufficient to Satisfice them & Still refused to Give them

the Copies of the letters affors.d or to comply wt the request of the

Congregation in their Vote On Easter Monday last, upon wch

some dispute Arose & the Vestry Broke up

          N, B, a few days after this Meeting Some of the Principal

           Gentlemen of the Vestry desired the Sen.r Warden to write a letter to

           the Rev.d Mr Brockwell resigning the request for the Coppys of the

           affors.d Letters hopeing by that means to Obtain An Answer in Writing

           under his hand without Wrangling or disputes in Compliance therewith

the S.d Warden Wrote a letter to the Rev.d Mr Brockwell of which

here following is a Coppy

                              Boston Wednesday Dec.r 9. 1747

Rev.d Sir I am desired by the Gentlemen of the Vestry of Kings

     Chapel to ask You, once more for Copys of the letters You

     wrote by way of Complaint against them to his Lordship the

     Bishop of London & of his Lordships letter to You in

     answer thereto, in Order to Justifie themselves & the Rev.d

     Mr. Caner to his Lordship, as they apprehend (by the

     purport of his Lordships Letter you Allowed to be read

     at the Vestry) that the Vote of the Congregation of

     Kings Chapel on Easter Monday last in regard to their

     request that you would Preach in the Morning on Sundays

     has been misrepresented by You to his Lordship So as to

     excite his Lordships displeasure Against them

     I begg the favour of a direct answer that I may communicate

     the Same to the Vestry this Evening at their Meeting

     I am

To the Rev:d M.r Cha: Brockwell Sir / Your most humble Serv.t

                                 Ja Gordon Ch: Warden

           At a Meeting of the Minister, Church Wardens

& Vestry of Kings Chapel; At the Sun Tavern in Boston

On Wednesday Decem.r 9. 1747


The Rev.d Mr Caner Minister

Cap:t Edw.d Tynge

Ja Gordon &


Charles Paxton Esq.r

Jno Box

Sir Henry Frankland K.t

Doctr Jn:o Gibbins

Doct:r Silvester Gardner

Jonath.a Pew Esq.r

Eliakim Hutchinson Esqr

Job Lewis Esq.r

Geo: Craddock Esqr.

Voted     that ye letter wrote by James Gordon Ch

           Warden to the Rev.d Mr Brockwell at ye request of Some

           of ye Gentlemen of the Vestry of this days date to wch

           he gave no Satisfactory Answer be recorded in y.e Vestry Book

              The Rev.d Mr. Henry Caner Our Minister then

           deliverd a letter from ye Reverd M.r Brockwell to the

           Gentlemen of the Vestry dated this day Signifieing That

           for y.e Sake of Peace in ye Church he would comply wt the

           request of the Congregation (as by their Vote on Easter Mon=

           day last) to Preach at ye Chapel on Sundays in the Morning

           or fore Noon, but there being Some after expressions in Said

           Letter, (in their Opinion) might create misunderstandings

           or disputes, therefor Voted That y.e two Church Wardens

           together w.t Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.r Doe immediatly

           wait On the Rev.d M.r Brockwell wt the Said Letter & desire

           him to give them Another Letter in the Same words, or to

           ye Same Purpose, if he thought fit, only leaving Out the S.d

           After Expressions excepted Against They Accordingly

           went & deliverd the Message & returnd the letter to the Rev.d M.r

           Brockwell, he then Wrote Another Letter & deliverd to them

           a Coppy of wch here follows Viz

                Gentlemen These are to Satisfie You of my

                Complyance with the Request of the Congregation

                in respect to my Preaching in the Morning instead

                of the Afternoon, as Appointed by the Bishop,

                and in this You may See my hearty desire of Peace

                & that I am               Your Most humble Servt

Wednesd. Night Dec.r 11. 1747

To the Gentlem:n of the Kings Chappel      Charles Brockwell

in Vestry Assembled

The next day James Gordon Sen.r Warden rec’d a letter

from the Rev.d M.r Brockwell a Coppy of which here follows

                           Boston Thursday Dec.r 10. 1747

Mr Gordon

          Sir Being yesterday surprisd wt an unexpected

Letter from you at M.r Speakmans, & haveing waited on

you with a verbal Answer, w:ch upon consulting M.r

Caner (at ye ffuneral) I reduced into writeing, & which

was afterward returned to me by Your Self & two others

of Your Vestry for Amendment. Haveing maturely weighed

the whole Affair, I send you this to explain my Self,

& prevent future mistakes

           First as I am in duty bound, I shall abide

by our Diocesians appointment & determination, & look

upon my as the Lecturer or Afternoon Preacher of the

Kings Chappel & absolutly disclaim ye Title of an Assistant

you w:d impose upon me, thereby (as I conjecture) to

substitute me as Curate of the Parish

 2:dly For y.e good of ye Church (as Alledged) & at their

Request, I Shall be contented to wave my Priveledge &

permitt M.r Caner to Preach in y.e Afternoon in my Stead,

But this discretionally only, as he & I from time to time

shall agree between Ourselves, Still reserving to my Self

the Sole Right, According to the Bishops Appointment:

& determination  This Sir I desire You would

communicate to the Vestry as an explaination to that Letter

I was hurried into last night & by this they may depend I will

invariably abide, and it is my resolution (God assisting)

to be as Servisable in my Station as my Slender Attainments will

admitt, to them & theirs. I am Y:r Assured Frd & h Sert

                                         Cha: Brockwell

NB, it was Voted (at the last Vestry Meeting) That

Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.r Dr Jn.o Gibbins & Dr Silvester

Gardner be a Comitte to draw up a Letter to be Approved

of, & Signed by the Vestry & Sent to the R.t Rev:d the L.d Bishop

of London relateing to a letter wrote to his Lordship by the

Rev.d M.r Brockwell & his Lordships Answer  Which letter

was Accordingly drawn up, & laid before the Vestry at their

Meeting On Monday Evening Jan:r 11. 1747/8 at ye Sun Tavern

w:ch they Approved of, & Signd, & deliverd to the Sen.r Warden to

be forwarded w.t a Copy of all the Minutes Votes & letters &c in

this Book relating to this Affair beginning at Page 31

Attested by both Wardens w:ch was done Accordingly the Same

Night & Sent per Cap:t     Bruce for London here follows

a Coppy of the Letter

May it Please your Lordship                    Boston January 1747

            Our Present Address to your L.dship is occaisioned by

your Ldships Letter of last July to ye Revd Mr Brockwell, which

he comunicated to us in a Vestry call’d at his desire for that Purpose

& which we can’t help saying, a little Surpris’d us as we found from some

Passages in it that he must have misrepresented both ye Revd Mr Caner

& ourselves to your Lordship           We wish upon

this Occasion we could have obtained from Mr Brockwell a copy of

your Ldships Letter to him & of his own to your Ldship, which occa:

:sion’d the writeing of it, that we might have been more fully Inform’d

of ye cause of your Ldships displeasure at us & so happy as to have

had it in our power (as much as might be) to Remove it by vindica=

=ting ourselves from the charge he has made against us to your

Ldship; But since he has Chose fitt finally to refuse us a Copy

of either, & only read to us a Paragraph out of what he inform’d

us was a copy of his Ltre to your LdShip, so far as at rela=

=ted to us, & has left us very much in ye Dark as to ye whole of his

charge against us. We hope yr Ldship will make a proper Al:

:lowance for ye disadvantage we lye under in case any part

of his Ltre to you should remain unanswered & humbly beg leave

to lay before yr Ldship a short & full state of ye Case between that

Gentleman & Us in what we conceive to be its just Light. As our

Church is in a great measure supported by a free & voluntary Con

=tribution collected every Sunday in ye afternoon it has been cus=

=tomary for ye Gentleman who esteemed ye best Preacher & most follow’d

by ye People to Preach in that part of ye Day as may easily be made

to appear & as this matter was never before disputed by Mr Brockwell’s

Predecessors, We easily conceive the Incumbent had such a right to

his Pulpit as to Preach either in ye forenoon or afternoon as should

be Judg’d most for ye advantage of ye Church & accordingly the

Congregation on their Anniversary meeting on Easter-Monday

last, takeing into consideration ye Circumstances of ye Church while

on many accounts are very Indifferent, & being fully Perswaded

that Mr Caners preaching in ye after-noon would be greatly for

its Benefit, appointed the Church Wardens to wait upon Mr Brock

=well & acquaint him with their request that he would Preach

in ye fore-noon, but before the Church Wardens had time to wait

on him, one of ye principal Members of ye Congregation & a par=

=ticular Acquaintance of Mr Brockwells, & meeting him imediately

afterwards, inform’d of ye Congregations desire & purely as a friend

(as he informs us) used his endeavours to perswade him to a Complyance

what Particular discourse pass’d between that Gentlem: & Mr Brockwell

We cant pretend to Say, But the Church Wardens soon after going to

let him know ye desire of ye Church were prevented by his telling them

he knew what they came for, & had been Previously acquainted there-

with by one of ye Vestry who he said had used him Ill & to whom he

had declared his Determination & would stand to that & give no other

answer.          Upon this some Gentleman very desirous of Peace

& to prevent all manner of misunderstandings; discoursed with Mr

Brockwell on ye affair & who then gave Encouragement to hope that he

would gratifie the Congregation’s desire & said ye best way wo’d be

to leave ye Matter to Mr Caner & himself not doubting but they sho’d

make all easy: & at another he declared that if Mr Caner had mentioned

ye thing to him, he should very readily have come into it. This my Lord

occasion’d ye Congregation to put ye matter upon that Issue & to desire

Mr Caner to talk with Mr Brockwell upon it, who at ye request of ye

Congregation, & upon Mr Brockwells own proposal was induced to do it

not having before in ye least concern’d himself with it

And thus my Lord we were in hopes that this matter had been Adjus=

=ted to Mr Brockwells own satisfaction as he soon after constantly

Preached in ye fore-noon without any sign of disgust or uneasiness

or giveing any cause that he was at ye same time makeing com-

=plaint against us, much less that he was makeing an Injurious

representation of Mr Caners conduct in ye affair; which Mr Caner

was brought into by entirely through Mr Brockwells own propo-

sal.          And now my Lord we beg leave to Assure you that

if we had in ye least apprehended that our Proceedings would

have been looked upon as an Infringem:t on your Lordships Ap=

=pointm:t of ye Assistant Ministers  We Sho’d have made our humble

Application for your Lordships order & directions in ye matter

Instead of makeing the request we did to Mr Brockwell & as we

would industriously avoid every thing that may Incurr your

Ldships displeasure & erase all Impressions that may have been

made to our hurt; We humbly Address  your Ldship for an ex=

=plicit account of ye Duty of the Assistant (& as it appears he

has been always call’d by severall of Bishop Compton Ltres

& in our ‘till very lately, or afternoon Preacher or Lecturer that

we may conduct ourselves accordingly being fully Satisfied from

the great Opinion we have of yr Lordship’s Paternal goodness yt

your Lordship will have a most tender regard for our Infant

Church planted here in the midst of disaftected Separatists & not

suffer matters of an Indifferent nature, in ye least to Obstruct her

Welfare & Prosperity.     As to what he would Insinuate

to your Ldship in order to represent us as contentious people

that he liv’d in perfect Harmony with ye People of his former Churchs

at Scittuate & Salem; We shall forbear to trouble yr Ldship

with anything that may Glance upon his Conduct towards

them any further than to say that the Case is very different

from what he would have yr Ldship believe it to be     As We

think that ye Minutes of ye proceedings in this Affair enter’d in

our Books may farther Contribute to Shew it to your Ldship

in its true Colaur. We have inclosed a Copy of them. We are wth

                                   great Respect yr LdShips

                                   Most dutif: & Obedt & humbl


H: Caner Ministr

George Craddock.

J.s Forbes

J Gordon &


Eliak:m Hutchinson

Jno Gibbins

J Box

Job Lewis

Edw.d Tyng

Henry Frankland

Silv:tr Gardiner

Jon:a Pue

Chas Apthorp

 Whereas a Subscription was Sometime ago begun

by his Excelency Wm Shirley Esq.r Sir Henry Frankland, Peter

Fanneuil Esq.r & others for rebuilding Kings Chapel in Boston

& Whereas the S.d Peter Fanneuil Esq.r then chosen Treasurer or

or Receiver to ye S:d Subcribers Soon after died & nothing further

has been Since done in the Affair

                Wee the Subscribers upon a Representation

that y.e S.d Chapel is now much more gone to decay & not worth

the Charge of repairs, out of regard to the honour of God, & the more

decent provition for his Publick Worship, & for Confirming &

further Promoting the Said Subscription heretofore begun

Doe hereby Severally Promise & Oblidge Our Selves Our heirs & to Pay at or before the last day of Septem.r

next ensueing ye date hereof in Quarterly Payments into

Charles Apthorp Esq.r hereby Appointed Treasurer to us the

Subscribers, or to ye Treasurer or Treasurers that may be hereafter

chosen by the majority of Sd Subscribers towards Rebuilding the

S.d Chapel the Several Sums annexed to our respective Names

And Wee doe hereby also further Promise invite all well

disposed Charitable Persons to Join this Subscription of Ours

shall be made Known to join wt us in the Good Work

above mentiond Done at Boston Sept:r 30. 1747

Subscribed NE Currency Old Ten.r Sterling

Charles Apthorp


W:m Shirley


James Gordon


Henry Frankland


John Box


Eliakim Hutchinson


James Forbes


Tho.s Lechmere


William Lambert


James Smith


Thomas Hawding


Silvester Gardiner


John Gibbins


Charles Paxton


Jonathan Pew


Charles Knowles




Wm Vassall



Henry Vassall341



Old Tenour


Sterling money


Brought forward


John Cutler


Francis Brinley


Joanna Brooker


Edwd Ellis


Saml Wentworth


Henry Johnson


Mary Jackson


Joseph Royall


Barlo Trecothick


John Salmon


Thos Inches


Geo Craddock


Powers Marriot


Jno Greaton


Jn.o Lindal


Henry Lindel


Tho.s Pearson


Jonas Leonard


Martin Brimmer


James Jarvis


Henrietta Maria Caine


Ambrose Vincent


Henry Lloyd


Shrimpton Hutchinson342


Jn.o Wheatley


Sarah Trecothick343


Wm Hull


Peter Roe


Gilbert Debloise344


Lewes Deblois345


Thos Hase


Thos Bennet


Allice Quick


Tim.o Winship


Gilbt Warner


Antho Davis


James Hill


Jane Wendell


Geo Arthur


Thos Cole


Wm Spikeman


Jno Deacon


Robt. Auchmooty


W:m Bowen


Geo Featherston


Anna Houghton Cash pd


by the Rev.d Mr Caner


Saml Wentworth


Henry Barnes


Sarah Mach Neal W:do


Isaac Royall Esqr346


Isaac Doubt


Estes Hatch


W:m Hall


Hugh Hall347


Abig.l Hallyburton


Andrew Johonnet


Thos Keighley


Thos Langford


W:m Read


W:m Tailor


John Williams


Thos White


Joseph Halsey


N. B. a Comittee being Chosen & Appointed to Solicit & Collect further Subscript

=ions & to Manage & Direct all Affairs Relating to the Rebuilding the Chapel

the Church Wardens can take no further cognizance hereof (as not being of the Comittee)

Save what may be Communicated to them by the Said Comittee or As they may be desired

by the Congregation & Vestrys

To Wm Vassal Esqr                         Boston Jan:r 25 1747/8

In Jamaica

      Sir As ye ruinous condition of Kings Chapel in this Town

is very well known to You, who have Generously contributed to ye

rebuilding of it, And as you are not unacquanited wt the inability of

the People to Goe through wt So chargeable a work; wee flatter

our Selves  wt Your further kind Assistance in Applying to such

well disposd Gentlemen of Your Acquaintances in Jamaica

whose Ability Generosity or Charity point them Out as proper

to be Applied to.      A Violent Storm having lately carried

of a large Part of the Roof lays us under a necssity of hasting

the Work w.t all possible expedition.       The Subscriptions

already Obtained Amount to about £1600 Sterling wch to

You at least who well know Our circumstances is an evidence

of the readiness & Zeal of the People in this Affair. Wee have

upon former Occasions particularly at y.e first erecting of

the Chapel experienced the Generosity of the Gentlem.n in the

West Indies Islands & their readyness to Assist their Brethren

in these Parts destitute of the favour of the Goverm.t & many

advantages they enjoy to Promote affairs of this Nature

And it is of Singular Pleasure to us that wee have the opportunity

of making our present Aplication to those Gentlemen thro Your

hands, whose Influence & Interest wee are very Sensible of &

whose knowledge of us & Our Circumstances will Give You all

the Advantages Proper to recomend the Case.     Convinced of

Your readyness to Promote An Affair of this Kind Wee make

no Apology for giveing You this trouble but desire Our hearty

thanks may be Given those Gentlmen who Shall Please to lend

us their Assistance; entirely confideing in You to receive manage

& transmit  to us Any Benefactions of this kind that offer

In y.e mean time heartilly wishing you Success in this & in Your

own Affairs & a speedy Safe Return. Wee take Leave to

Subscribe Our Selves Sir

                                    Your mos Obedt. &c Most hble Servts

Henry Frankland

H Caner Minister

James Smith

James Gordon &

Ch Wardens

James Forbes

Jno Box

Eliakim Hutchinson

Geo Craddock


Jno Gibbins


Charles Apthorp


Silvester Gardner

To all Charitable & well disposd Gentlemen in the Island

of Jamaica Wee the Minister Church Wardens & Vestry of

Kings Chapel in Boston Send Greeting

               The ruinous Condition of the Parish Church

called Kings Chapel in Boston requireing the Said Chappels being

speedilly rebuilt To which purpose the Congregation according to

their Ability has largly contributed, but the Sum falling much short

of Accomplishing the Work; Wee hereby humbly desire the Assist=

=ance of all Such well disposd Gentlemen in ye Island of Jamaica

whose abilitys enable them to Promote So good a work & particul=

=arly beg leave to recomend to them the following or other Such

form of Subscription as they Shall think proper to that end:

In the Mean time heartily Praying for their health & Wellfare

Wee Subscribe Our Selves their Most humble Serv.ts

Subscribed ut Supra

               Wee the Subscribers upon Aplication

made to us from the Minister Ch: Wardens & Vestry of the Parish

Church of Kings Chapel at Boston in New England representing

the Nessesity of Rebuilding the Said Chapel & of their Inability

to Accomplish the Good Work alone.     Willing to encourage

So good a design Doe promise to Pay towards Rebuilding

the Said Chapel unto William Vassal Esqr. appointed by

the Said Minister Ch: Wardens & Vestry Receive of Our

Said Bounty; the Several Sums Annexed to our respective

Names to be by him deliverd to the Said Gentlemen

for the Use above Specified

Done at          Jamaica the                 day of


NB The foregoing were Transmitted to W.m  Vassal Esq:r at

Jamaica per Cap:t Geo Ruggles

The following Letters were sent to London by Mr Will Martin in ye Ship

Samuell & John Mr Will. Blanshard Mr. bound for Hull

May it Please your Lordship                    Boston Janry 29th 1747/8

                    Wee think it our Duty to acquaint your

Lordship that Time & other Accidents & particularly a late Remark

-able Storm have so much impaird Kings Chapel in Boston, that

it is become necessary to Rebuild it. To which purpose ye Congrega-

-tion have chearfully entered upon a Subscription which at present

amounts to Sixteen Thousands Pound New Engd. Currency equall to

so many Hundreds Sterling & is daily increaseing; but as We have no

Expectation of their Ability to compleat the Work of themselves, they

have thought proper to apply to such Friends whose Ability & Virtue

give Hopes of their encourageing a design of this Nature. But as all

probable means in our Power will be found little enough to accomplish

the good Work; We humbly beg leave to ask your Lordships Opinion

of the Propriety of an Application to his Majesty in fav:r of a Church

the first in America & who at the publick Charge erected a very handsome

Pew for his Majesties Gov:r a Church which has heretofore tasted of

the Royal Bounty, & if we may Judge by ye Name, seems in some

measure encouraged to expect it. We are sensible your Lordships

Interest & Influence would be ye greatest Security of Success, if such

an Application were thot’ practicable & proper whether that Assistance

were Ask’d from the Royall Bounty or by Virtue of an Authorita=

-tive Breif.       In hopes of being favourd with your L.dships

Direction & supported by your Interest. We beg leave to Assure

Your Lordship that we are with all Duty & Submission

                                    Yr Lordships Most obedient

                                     & most humble Servants

P.S. Enclos’d with this your

Lordship will Receive Duplicates

of our Former Letter & Papers


 The Right Reverend Father in God

 Edmund Lord Bishop of London

                         Boston New Engd January 1747/8

May it Please your Lordship

                Your Lordships residence for sometime

in these Parts of America, but  especially your Known Zeal &

Liberality in promoting ye Interest of Religion & Learning here,

encourages us to acquaint your Lordship with ye Condition of

Kings Chapel in this Town & to ask your Interest & Assistance

in favour of its being Rebuilt, which by Time & Accidents is now

become necessary. The Congregation have chearfully contributed

according to their Ability, but that is much short of what ye Work

will Require. If a Letter from your Lordship to any Persons

in England who are Piously & charitably disposed, might be thot’

to Procure Assistance to a thing of this kind, We beg leave to hope it

will not be wanting. Mr Thom:s Sandford Merch:t in London is

the Person with whom any thing Advanced in our favour might be

safely lodged in order to be transmitted to us. We beg leave your

Lordships pardon for this freedom & leave to Subscribe ourselves

with all dutifull Regard

                                        Your Lordships most obedient

                                          & most Humble Servants


 The Right Reverend Father in God

 George Lord Bishop of


                              Boston in New Eng.d Januy 29. 1747/8


                          While the united Acclamations of Brittish

Subject have agreed to cellebrate the Success God has given his Majesties

Fleet under your Conduct; Permitt us also at this distance to Assure

you that We hear the News of your Victories with Joy & celebrate them

with Gratitude to Heaven. Particularly we thank God for that

renewal of that Health, so necessary to ye publick Service, & which

We hear was some time since in a Precarious State. If the

many great Affairs in which you are engaged give you leisure to

to attend to that Application of a people at this distance, We humbly

beg leave to lay before you ye ruinous Condition of Kings Chapel in

this Town, which haveing suffered very much from a late Violent

Storm is now become necessary to be rebuilt. Subscriptions are

raiseing to this purpose with all Diligence, a List of which we

have Presum’d to inclose, but as it is impossible for ye Congregation

to raise a Sufficient Sum to Accomplish ye Work. We flattered our

Selves We might take leave to recomend a thing of this Nature to you

whose Abilities enable you to do that which your Prudence and

Generosity dictate. ‘Tis our Necessity which gives us ye confidence

of this Address, & which must also be our excuse for ye particular

freedom of it. Wee only beg leave further to assure you that We

shall heartily Pray for Your Health & Happiness & that We

are with all proper Submission

                              Yr most Obedt & most Humb Serv.ts


 The Honourable S:r Peter Warren

NB  the Above Letter wt a Coppy of the Subscription paper was Addressd & forwarded

At ye Request of the Minister Wardens & Vestry Under Cover of S:r Hen: Frankland Chas: Apthorp Esqr

& Mr Thos Hancock

                               Boston N Engd Jany 29th 1747/8

Mr Thos Sanford


               Our former Experience of your Goodness has

determin’d us to apply to you, not doubting your Interest in the

Affair in which we are at Present engaged, which is that of rebuilding

Kings Chapel in this Town, become necessary by Time & by Injuries

of a late Storm. We have Addressed some friends abroad for As-

sistance as We are not able to Perfect ye Work alone, & have Presum’d

to direct them, if any thing should be Obtain’d, to lodge it with you,

whom we desire to receive it & transmitt it to us. If you should add

your own Interest to ye Advancement of this Design, We should Ac-

-knowledge it as an Addition to ye Many favrs done to Sr Yr Most H: Servts

NB: The foregoing Letters were Sign’d by ye Minister & Vestry

Mr John Caswall                Boston New Engd Jany 1747/8


                    The design of this is to inform you that our

friend your late Uncle Henry Caswall348 did some time agoe

in Company with his Excellency Gov:r Shirley, Sr Henry Frankland

& other ye Heads & Members of Kings Chapel in Boston, did project

to rebuild ye sd Chapel; & to this End fram’d a Subscription which

each of them signd with his own Hand to be paid when Ten Thousand

Pounds this Currency should be Subscribed. But as ye Affair was not pro-

secuted with Vigour by ye Managers, ye sd Sum was not entirely raisd ,

‘till a few Days before Mr Caswall’s Death. The sum of ye Subscriptns

now Amounts to about Fifteen Thousand Pounds, & a much greater is

still wanted. We yr fore beg ye fav:r of your Order to Mr Sherman who

is Administrator upon your Uncles Estate here, to pay ye sd Subscription

(which he thinks himself not impower’d to do without) being Two

Hundred Pound of this Currency, equall at the time of Subscribeing

to about forty Pound Sterling. And if We may promise ourselves

any Addition to the sd Sum from your own Bounty; we shall take

care to Acknowledge it as a very seasonable Instance of your regard

to Religion & ye Prosperity of ye Churches in New England & esteem

it a favour done to

                           Sr your most Hum:le Servts

This & ye foregoing Letters were Signed by ye Minister & Vestry


Henry Caner Minister


James Gordon



John Box


Henry Frankland


Charles Apthorp


Geo Craddock


Jno Gibbins


Eliakim Hutchinson


Jona Pue


Edwd Tyng


Silvestr Gardner


James Forbes


James Smith

Sr                                      Boston January 1747/8

          Wee the Minister Wardens & Vestry of Kings Chapel

in Boston beg leave to return our hearty Thanks for your very Kind

& generous Subscription towards rebuilding our decayed Church, of

which we were acquainted by our very worthy Friend Sr Henry=

Frankland. Your departure from hence so soon after we were Noti=

-fied of this fav:r Prevented us of ye pleasure of waiting upon you and

Paying ye proper Compliments of Gratitude. This was what we

should Particularly have chosen at that critical Juncture as a

Testimony of our dislike of ye Tumultuous Proceedings, which

unaccountably took Place about that Time. Prevented of that

Opportunity We have Pitcht upon this Method of expressing ye Senti=

=ments We entertain of your Virtue & Bounty & to assure You that

as we shall always esteem ourselves bound to Pray for your

Health & Welfare so particularly that all your enterprises for

his Majesties Service & the publick good of our Nation may be

crown’d with Success. We only beg leave farther to assure you that

we are with  all Possible Gratitude


                                         your most Obliged most Obed:t

To The Honble Char:s Knowles Esq:r           & most Hum: Servants

May it Please your Honour                     Boston Janry 29t.h 1747/8

               Kings Chapel in this Town, worn out by Time &

Particularly shattered by a late Storm, is thot’ necessary to be rebuilt;

to which purpose Subscriptions are raiseing both at Home & abroad, it

being impossible the Congregation should do it without Assistance

& as your Honour is a Proprietor of it, & your Family there Accomoda=

=ted with ye Advantages of Divine Worship. We have thought it our Duty

to acquaint you with ye proceedings of the Church (& Accordingly have in=

=closed a List of ye present Subscriptions) & to beg your Assistance in carry=

=ing on ye Good Work. This indeed We promise ourselves from your known

Virtue & Generosity but We shall entirely leave it with you how far & in

what manner to recomend a thing of this Nature to ye Officers & Gentlem:n

of ye Garrison. Assureing ourselves that this Affair will have your Ut=

=most Countenance, we only beg leave to Add our hearty good wishes

for your Health & Prosperity & that we are Your Honrs Most Obedt & Most Hum:



 The Honble Paul Mascarene Esq.r

NB this Ltre & a Copy of ye Subscriptions inclosed, were del.d to ye care of Capt Chs Harris who sail’d in the

Massachusetts Frigate

Sir                                           Boston Febry 3.d 1747/8

            Kings Chapel in Boston, the first Church ever

built in this part of ye World is now, through length of Time, &

sundry Accidents bro’t to such a Ruinous Condition as to occa-

-sion its being Spedily pull’d down. And ye Members thereof,

notwithstanding the generous Subscriptions of his Excellency

our Gov:r & Sr Henry Frankland; with all ye Efforts they can

make here, finding themselves unequall to ye Rebuilding the

same, are constrain’d to seek Assistance from abroad.

 We Therefore ye Minister, Wardens & Vestry of sd Church

takeing Encouragem:t from ye Benefaction of that Brave and

worthy Officer, Admiral Knowles; Presume to make our

address to you not doubting the Veneration you have for

Established Church & the great Success whith which it hath pleased

Almighty God to bless you will be sufficients Motives to render our poor

Church a proper Object of your Charity & thereby give us an Opportu-

-nity of numbering Capt Thos Frankland, as well as Sr Henry amongst

our best Benefactors. We pray for ye Continuance of your good Success

& are with due Regard

                                         Yr most Hum:l Servts


       Capt Tho;s Frankland

NB  D.D. the Above Letter wt the Letter to Mr Knowles, to Sr Henry Frankland

to be forwarded under his Cover



At a Meeting of the Propietors of the Pews in Kings Chapel

On Sunday March 27 1748 After Evening Servis at ye Said

Chapel, being duely Warned from ye Desk ye forgoeing Sunday

& also by Printed Tickets Sent & left at their Several habitations

The Sd Propretors being informd of this Ruinous Conditon of this

Said Chapel & also that there was a considerable Sum Subscribed

towards the Rebuilding  the Same it was

Voted     Nemime contradicente That the Said Chapel Shall be Pulled

           down And Also

Voted     Nemime contradecente That the Said Chapel be Rebuilt


At a Meeting of the Ch: Wardens & Vestry of Kings Chapel in Boston

at Mr. Hallyburtons in Kings Street on Thursday Mar 31 1748


Ja Gordon


Geo Craddock Esq.r

John Box

Jona Pue Esq.r

Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.r

Capt James Forbes

Char.s Apthorp Esq.r

Job Lewis Esq.r

Doct.r Silvester Gardiner


Doct.r John Gibbins

The Church Wardens haveing laid the Acc.ts of the State of the Church before the

Vestry whereby it appears that when each of the Propietors have Paid up the

Arrears of y.e present Assesment of each of their Pews the Whole Sum or

Amount of Said Assesment together with the Transient Money will

fall Short of Defraying the Charge of the Chapel to Easter next about

Two Hundred & fifty four Pounds Old Ten.r Computed to be Seven shillings

per Pound on the Present Assesment each & every Propietor Ought to Pay

before Easter Sunday next: that y.e Wardens may be enabled to Pay of  the

Salleries & discharge the Debts of the Chapel

                                     Boston Aprill 1748


                 Being informd of your design very speedily

for England, ‘Tis with much pleasure we entertain so favourable

an Opportunity of prosecuting the Interest of our New Church

with our Friends at home. The doing of it thro’ your Hands who

have hitherto so heartily appeared in it & so generously contributed

towards it, we imagine will be ye best method to convince our

Friends of the necessity of the thing & of our Inability to accomplish

it without their kind Assistance. The several Letters we

have sent before to Sr Peter Warren & others representing the

decayed & ruinous Condition of Kings Chapel, the heavy

charge of rebuilding it & ye generous Subscriptions that have

here been made towards, tho’far short of what charge will

amount to; will indeed give those Gentlemen some distant No=

=tion of what we are doing, but when ye matter is explain’d &

recomended by you, who have been engaged in ye previous Mea=

=sures that have been taken. We assure ourselves the thing will

Appear in a more favourable Light & more readily determine their

concurring to our Request. Assured of the your readiness to un=

=dertake the thing, We have presumed to inclose a copy of our

Subscriptions, which we apprehend you have sufficient Autho=

=rity to recomend to any Gentlemen generously dispos’d, both

from our present Request & as you are a Member of ye Vestry.

 Heartily Wishing you a safe Voyage, Success in this

& in your own Affairs, We take leave to assure you that

we are with much Esteem & Regard

                               Sr your Assured Friends &

                                        most Hum:le Servts


H: Caner Minister


James Gordon

C: Wardens


Jno Box


George Craddock


Jno Gibbins


Ch:s Apthorp


Silvr Gardiner

To S.r Harry Franklyn

To all charitable & well dispos’d Persons to whom ye inclos’d

Subscription may be presented, the Minister Wardens & Vestry of

Kings Chapel in Boston send Greeting.

                Whereas the Parish Church of Kings Chapel in

Boston is by Time & Accidents gone to decay & is therefore found Neces-

-sary to be Rebuilt. The Congregation have generously according to

their Ability subscribed towards the good Work But the Sum being

much short of what so great a Work will Require, We have presum’d to

Ask & to hereby heartily desire the Assistance of all Charitable & well

disposed Persons to whom our Subscription may be Presented

& particularly that they will be pleased to pay whatever Sums

they shall think proper to Advance to this good Design. To our

very good Friend Sr Henry Frankland, who as he has been a very

Liberal Subscriber towards & is himself a Member of the Vestry of

of sd Chapel, We have presum’d to trouble with the inclosed Sub=

=scription, & to desire him to receive & transmitt to us whatever

may be Advanced in consequence of this our Humble Request, your

favourable reception of which will engage the Prayers & hearty

good Wishes of                     Your Hum:l Servants.

Done at Boston in New England

Hen: Caner Minister

Aprill ye 12th 1748

James Gordon



Jno Box


Geo Craddock


Jno Gibbins


Char.s Apthorp


Silvester Gardiner

Tuesday in Easter Week April 12. 1748 being the day

appointed for the Proprietors of the Pews in Kings Chapel to Choose

their Church Wardens Vestry Men & Officers. The Said Propietors

being Mett at ye Chapel Present only fifteen Voters


James Gordon &

Be, and are Continued Church Wardens for the


John Box

Year ensueing

Voted     That the Number of Vestry Men for the Year be fiveteen &

           Any five of them be a Quorum: here follows the Names

           of the Gentlemen Chosen Viz By Ballot

M:r Thomas Hawding *


his Excelency Gov.r Shirley


Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.r


Charles Apthorp Esq.r


Doct:r Silvester Gardiner


Sir Henry Frankland


Robert Auchmooty Esq.r *


Francis Brinley Esq.r *


Cap.t Edw.d Tynge


Charles Paxton Esq.r


Geo: Craddock Esq.r

by a New Vote

Capt James Forbes


Doct.r John Gibbins

Mr James Smith



Doct.r John Cutler  *


Voted Seperatly That

Thomas Hase be Clerk


Mr Stephen D’Blois be Organist


W:m Ruleau be Sexton

Voted that

Geo Craddock Esq.r


Job Lewis Esq.r   &

be Auditors of the last Years Accots


Mr James Smith


Voted     That this Meeting be Adjourned to Wendsay the 20 Curr.t to Meet

           at ye Said Chapel after Morning Prayers & that Notification

           there of be given On Sunday Next

At the Meeting of the Propietors Afforsd at the Chapel on Wednesday

April 20. 1748 by Adjournment. It was Proposd to Pay the Rev:d

M.r Henry Caner his Last Years Salary of One hundred & Ten Pounds Sterl.g

at y.e rate of Nine hundred per C.t in New Engl.d Currency Old Ten:r or Ten for One Proposall was Accepted & Agreed to. by the Rev.d Mr Henry Caner our Minister

& Therefor

Voted     Unanimously that ye Rev:d M.r Henry Caners Salerly for y.e Year 1747

      Ending at Easter last be Computed & Paid at 900 per Ct Old Tenour                Exchange

Voted     That M.r Stephen Diblois Shall have Eighty Pounds Old Ten.r Sallery

      as Organist for ye Year ensueing Ending at Easter Next

Voted     that Mr Tho:s Hase Shall have Sixty pounds Old Ten.r Sallery as Clerk

           for ye Year ensueing ending at Easter Next

Voted     That Mr Wm Ruleau Shall have Thirty Shilling per Week as

           Sexton for ye Ensueing Year ending at Easter Next for he is to

           doe all y.e Dutys of Sd Office & call ye Vestrys & Propietors & other Meetings

           of ye Church, he Shall be Orderd without  any further Consideration

Voted     that all & each Propietor of a Pew or Pew or Pews in this Church Shall

           Pay Seven Shillings On ye Pound on all Such Sum or Sums as their Pew or

           Pews Are Assesd or Rated by last Assesment

Copy of a Demand Made by the Wardens of Kings Chapel on Benja

Fanneuil for One third Part of Two hundred Pounds Sterling Subscribed by

Peter Fanneuil Esq.r in his life time towards Rebuilding this Kings Chapel

on whos Estate the Said Benja Fanneuil Adminstred

Whereas Sundry Members of Kings Chapel in Boston

at a Meeting on or About the 2d Nov.r 1741 voluntarily Subscribed

towards the Rebuilding the Said Chapel Amongst whom Peter Fannuil


Esqr Subscribed Two hundred Pounds Sterling, One third Part thereof                as Soon as Ten Thousand Pounds Old Tenour be Subscribed , One                third more Six Months after the Building is began, and ye other third                Six months after ye Second Payment

                          Now Whereas all, or most of

           the Subscribers have made their first Payment above Ten Thousand

           Pounds Old Tenr being Subscribed  Wee the Wardens of S.d Church

           wait upon you M:r Benjamin Faneuil349 as Administrator to

           Your late Brother Peter Faneuil Esq.r dec.d for the first payment

           of his Subscription of Two hundred Pounds Sterling, being Sixty

           Six Pounds thirteen Shillings & four pence Sterling: or Old Tenour

           equivalent     Signed

Boston Dec.r 17. 1748

James Gordon



John Box

The above is a true Copy of a Written Paper

Deliverd to Mr Benj.a Fanneuil in Our Presence

By James Gordon & Jn.o Box Wardens, this 17th

Day of December 1748


Petr Roberts


Jona Greenleaf

Wee the Wardens of Kings Chapel Waited on Mr Benj.a Fanneuil

w.t the Above Wittnesses & Made a Demand in Manner & form of Sixty

Six Pounds thirteen Shillings & four Pence Sterling, or the Equivalent

in Old Ten.r Currency, being the One third Part & first Payment of Two=

hundred Pounds Sterling Subscribed by his Bro.r Peter Faneuil des.d

towards Rebuilding ye Kings Chapel. The demand being made

of him as Administrator to his Said des.d Brothers Estate,

he Answerd: he would not pay this Sum

James Gordon


John Box

At a Meeting of the Minister Church Wardens & Vestry of Kings

Chapel on Thursday February  March 2.d 1748 at ye house of the Rev.d

Mr Henry Caner  Present.

The Rev.d M.r H Caner Minister


James Gordon &



Jno Box


Dr: Jno Gibbins


Chars Paxton Esq.r


Mr Thos Hawding


Dr Silvr Gardiner


Mr James Smith

It was proposd that a Letter of Adress Should be Sent to Our Diocesian

Doctor Tho.s Sherlock Lord Bishop of London upon his Translation

to ye See of London & upon a Draught of a letter being Presented

it was read and Agreed to be Signd by the Minister Church Wardens &

Vestry as follows

May it pleas Your Lordship                    Boston February 27. 1748

                    To recive the Address & Congratulation

of the Minister Wardens & Vestry of Kings Chapel in Boston upon

Your Ldships Translation to the See of London.

We sincerely bless that good Providence of God disposd his Majesty

to appoint, & Your Lordship to accept, a Station of so great conseq

=uence to the intrest of the Church; the Importance of may

reasonably employ Your Lordships great Abbilitys

Remote as we are from the Episcopal Throne, we have yet the

honour of being esteemed a Part of Your Lordships Diocess

in consequence of wee doubt not of shareing your Paternal

care & Benediction. Kings Chapel is the first Church erected in

New Engl:d it has labourd under a Series of opposition, tho

now pretty well & firmly establishd. All the Churches in New Engd

have taken their Rise from its countenance & Support & particularly

two other large Churches in this Town of Boston.

Its priority in point of Time, & the difficultys have attended it from

that circumstance have entitled it to singular honours & Priveledges

An Assistant was procured for it by Bishop Compton, now paid out

of ye Civil List, & a Small Library by the same Intrest

The Rector of it had ye honour to be appointed Commisary by Our

Late Worthy Diocesian & enjoyd other marks of his Favour

And as wee hope by our dutifull Behaviour to merrit Your

Lordships Notice in like Manner so wee begg leave in all

humility to expect it, & in particular Your Lordships Episcopal

Benediction most highly valued by

                 Your Lordships most dutifull & obedient

Will: Shirley. the Gov.r

Serv.ts  Hen: Caner




James Gordon



Jno Box


Eliakm Hutchinson


Char.s Apthorp


Jno Gibbins


James Smith


Silvester Gardiner


Tho.s Hawding


Char.s Paxton


Edw.d Tynge


John Cutler


Geo Craddock

To the Right Rev.d Father in God

Thos Lord Bishop of London



At a Meeting of the Vestry of Kings Chapel at the Exchange Tavern on

Wednesday June 28. 1749        Present  the Revd M.r Caner Minister

Mr Thos Hawding

Ja Gordon


Dr Jno Gibbins

Jno Box

Mr James Smith

Chars Apthorp Esq.r

Mr Powers Marriot

Dr Silvester Gardiner


Mr Barlow Trecothick


Capt James Forbes

As M.r Jos: Carbut refuses to Sit in the Pew N 85 as Voted last Vestry

Meeting As not agreeable to him

Voted     that Mr Joseph Carbut be Seated in the Pew N 121 (reserving

           a Seat therein for Mr      Wat) he Paying three Shillings Old Tenr

Refused every Sunday Contribution or Such further Assesment as the

           Vestry Shall determine toward the Support of the Chapel

Voted     M.r Winslow & his ffamilly (who Sit in S:r Harry Franklands

           Pew) be Seated in the Pew N 80 formerly Bulls he Paying five

           Shillings Old Ten.r per Sunday or Such further Assesment as the Vestry

           Shall determine

Voted     that the Congregation be Notified on Sunday next to Meet at the

           Chapel on the Wednesday following after Morning Prayers in Order

           to Agree on a further Assesment on this Pew, the present Assesment

           being Unequal to the Charges of the Church

Voted     that the Pew N 71 be forfeited & revert to the Church if the Present

           Possesors, being first asked, does not pay up the Arreages of Contribution

           within fourteen days from this time And in that case M.r Wheatley

           who now Sitts there Shall have the refusall of Sitting there he Paying

           the Sd Arrearge & Such Weekly Contribution as Shall be Sett on it

           by the Vestry N.B. M.r Eastwick Pd the Arrearge within the time

           Agreed that Giles Brewer be Seated in the Pew N 121 in the

           Gallery of Kings Chapel he Pay:d four Shillings Old Tenr

           Per Week Contribution So long as he Shall Posses the Same

           or Such further Assesment as the Propieters or Vestry

           Shall Rate the Same, towards defraying the Charge of

           Sd Chapel      NB July 1. 1749 he Signd to this Agreement

The Gentlemen of the Vestry having used all the Means in their Power

w.t the Assistance of the Wardens to collect & Get in the Arrearage of           Contributions due to the Chapel Yet by means of the low Circumstances of Severall of

the Propietors, the Depreciation of the Present Currency & other Accidental

Arrearges there is Still a deficiency of about One hundred & fifty Pounds

Old Ten.r to Ballance the Acc.ts of the Chapel for the Years 1747 & 1748

to raise Sum they have Agreed Upon a Voluntary Subscription is to be handed About & Presented to the Several Propietors of the Pews

& others -- here follows a List of the Subscribers & the Sums Given

in Old Tenr Currency Viz

Charles Apthorp Esqr



Wm Lambert Esq.r


Mr James Smith



Rob.t Auchmooty Esq.r


Dr  John Gibbins



Jonas Leonard


James Gordon



Thos Cole


Dr Silv:r Gardiner



Henry Loyd


Mr John Box



Thos White


Mr Barlow Trecothick



Shrimpton Hutchinson


Mr Tho:s Hawding



Thos Langford


Mr Powers Marriott



Thos Pearson


Capt James Forbes



Stephen Nazaro


Dr Jn.o Cutler



Gilbert Deblois


Mr Thos Gunter



Robert Stone


Mr Tho:s Inches



John Greaton

4 Quick



Saml Wethered

2 Jackson



Wm Bowen


Mrs Speikman



Thos Hase


Cap:t Tyng



Mr Mich Corvain


Mr Henry Laddel



Wm Tailor


Mrs Sarah McNeil



Thos Letchmere Esqr


Geo: Cradock Esqr



Peter Roe & James Dalton


Mr Jn.o Mascarene



Samd Buttler


Mr Jame Boutineau



John Sanburn

Mr Samll Wentworth



Govr Shirley Per E Hutchinsn


Eliak.m Hutchinson Esqr



Esq.r Recd Mar 28. 1751


Jona Pue Esqr


Charles Paxton Esqr


Mr Martin Brimmer


Mr Jn:o Leddel


Mr Geo: Arthur


Mr Hen: Mar: Caine


Mr Gilbt Warner


Mrs Doro: Wharton






     The Above Collection Amounting to £     of wch £158.18.6 is paid

                                                  5. 1

       is Applied as follows Viz

£71.16.10 is carried to the Creditt Side of the Churches Acot 1747 to Ballance that Acot

85.6 is carried to the Credit Side of Do Aco.t 1748 to Ballance that Acot

1.15.8 is carried to the Credit of the Church Acot in July 1749

                          Wednesday Kings Chapel July 5. 1749

The Propietors of the Pews in Kings Chapel being duely Notified

from the Desk on Sunday last as by vote of Vestry of 28 Ulto to meet

& being Mett Accordingly Voted that each Pew in the Chapel

be & is Assesed Fifty Per Cent or Ten Shillings in the Pound more &

Over & above the last Assesment wch each & every Propietor or

Person or Persons Seated in ye Several & respective Pews Are to

Pay for this Year commencing at Easter Sunday last past

& to continue till a further Assesment is Agreed upon or Voted

by the Majority of the Propietors duely warned & Present

The Present Assesment on each comes to Old Tenor Currency Viz

1 Gov.r


32 Thos Hase

£ 6

67 Arthur

£ 9

2 Paxton


33 Wethered


68 Randell &c


3 Hatch


34 Shirley


69 Ledell & Hill


4 Hutchinson


35 Taylor


70 Apthorp


5 Forbes


36 Wroe


71 Halls heirs


6 Frankland


37 Gurrot


72 Vincent


7 Gordon


38 Fanneuils hrs


73 Greaton


8 Bowen


39 Monk


74 Pearson


9 Apthorp


40 Gardner


75 Rogers


10 Speakman


41 Powell &c


76 Welchman


11 Ruggles


42 Gibbins


77 Cowell


12 Houghton


43 Mascarene


78 Phillips heirs


13 Sanderson


44 Trecothick


79 Pollard Seated


14 Wells


45 Loyd


80 Winslow Seated


15 Wharton


46 Lewis   pd


81 Briggs           7.16

16 Read


47 Burns


82 Eyres heirs


17 Jackson


48 Newton



18 Halsey


50 Letchmere


19 Trecothick


51 Oulton



20 Wendall


52 Brinley




21 Johonnet


53 Smith


84 Sherman


22 Gibson


54 Marriot


85 Coxe


23 Winship &c


56 Hawding


86 Leonard


24 Fisher & Davis


57 Colesworthy


87 Quick


25 Johnsons


58 Cutler




26 Bretton


59 Steels hrs


89 Stone & Featherstone


27 Nazaro


60 Auchmooty


90 heirs of Grainger


28 hunts heirs


61 Stewart


91 Box


29 halyburton &c


63 Tynge


92 Seaburn & Graffton


30 hardcastle


65 Craddock


93 Langford &C


31 Mucklemans


66 Warner &c



Pew N


Old T



Pew N Assesmtt Old T   Assesmtt      

95 Mrs Newman &

£ 11.5

109 Keitley &c

£ 7.16


Mrs Saunders

96 Box



97 Pue


111 Liddell Scholars


98 Pointz


112 Govr Servants

99 Apr for Old Women



100 Cole & White


114 Lucas & Harwood


Recd of Mr Harwood


101 Brimmer


115 Wing & Habisham


102 Jackson & Deacon





103 M:cNeal




104 Harvey


118 Seated Mr


at 4/ Per Wk Contrib.t


105 Bennet


119 Youngs &




106 Inches



107 Trecothick


121 Brown Seated


108 Roe





Whole Assesment


Amo to


Pews belonging to ye Chapel Apropriated

  • 49 A Small Seat under the Pulpit
  • 55 The Wardens
  • 62 The Ministers
  • 64 Sea Officers
  • 99  98 Old Women
  • 94 Appropriate for Old Men
  • 96
  • 97

At a Meeting of the Minister Church Wardens & Vestry of

Kings Chapel at ye House of the Rev:d Mr Caner on Thursday

December 14. 1749         Present        the Rev.d M.r H Caner Minister


James Gordon &



Jno. Box


Dr Jno. Gibbins


Geo: Craddock Esq.r


M:r Barlow Trecothick


Capt James Forbes


Mr Powers Marriot

 A Letter wch came by Cap Craigie from his Grace the Lord

Bishop of London (in Answer to Ours of ye 27 Febr: last past)

being comunicated & orderd to be Recorded as follows


To the Rev.d Mr Caner & to the Church Wardens

& Gentlemen of the Vestry of Kings Chapel

at Boston in New England

                               London Sept:r 13. 1749.

     I return you my sincere thanks & acknowledgment for your

kind Congratulation. The best prospect I have of doing any Service

among You to Religion & the Church of England, depend upon the

Assistance I promise my Self from your good disposition & Inclination towards

both.           How able I may be, or what opportunitys

I may have to Serve you depends not on me, but on the great

Master whom both you and I Serve; one thing I trust I may

promise, that I Shall never want the Will to Promote, as far

as in me lies, Your present & future Happiness

I heartilly recomend you to y.e Care & Protection of God, & of

our Blessed Lord & Redeemer Christ Jesus

                              I am


                               Your Aff:t & Obed.t Servt in Christ

                               Tho:s London

   At a meeting of the Minister Church Wardens & Vestry of Kings Chapel

Dec.r 14. 1749 at ye house of the Rev.d Mr Henry Caner


The Rev.d Mr Henry Caner Minister

Mr Barlow Trecothick


James Gordon  &


Capt James Forbes


Jno Box

Mr Powers Marriot


Dr Jn.o Gibbins


Dr Silvester Gardner


Geo Craddock Esqr

Voted     Collo Benja Pollard may, if he & M.r      Winslow Agree,

           take down the Partition between his Pew N 79 & Mr Winslows Pew N

           at his or their Cost Provided they or either of them repair & build up the

           Said Partition Again when required by the Vestry Provided Also that

           they or either them shall engage to Paysuch a Sum or Sums of money As

           Shall be Assesed or Sett upon  the S.d Pews so conjoined dureing the time

           Chappel is Pulled down



Easter Monday                                 April 15. 1750

At a Meeting of the Propietors of Kings Chapel in Boston at

Said Chapel to Choose Wardens Vestry Men & other Church offices

for the Ensueing Year

Voted     that James Gordon & John Box be & are Continued Church

           Wardens for ye ensueing Year

Voted     there be fifteen Vestry Men Chosen for ye Ensueing Year

           & the following Gentlemen were duely elected by Ballot or

           written Votes; as were the Wardens

Thomas Letchmere Esq.r

8 Votes

Governor Shirley

8 Votes

Doctor Jno Gibbins

7   Do

Sr Henry Frankland Bart


Mr Barlow Trecothick

8 Do

Charles Apthorp Esqr


Charles Paxton Esq.r

8 Do

George Craddock Esq.r


Francis Brinley Esq.r

6 Do

Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.r


Mr Powers Marriott

7 Do

Capt James Forbes


Mr James Smith

7 Do

Mr Thomas Hawding


Dr Silvester Gardner      


Dr Silvester Gardiner


Voted     that Thomas Hayes be continued Clerk wt ye Same Sallery as last Year

Voted     that M.r Stephen De Blois be continued Organist for ye Year ensueing

Voted     ye Value of Twenty Pounds Old Ten.r be Added to Mr De Blois’s Salery

           as Organist wch makes it equal to One Hundred Pounds Old Ten.r

Voted     that W:m Ruleau be & is continued Sexton for ye ensueing Year wt the

           Same Sallory  as last Year. Viz y.e Value of Thirty Shillings Old Tenr per


Voted     the Manadgment of ye Pews & Prudential of the Church be left to the

           Church Wardens & Vestry for ye ensueing Year as formerly



Charles Apthorp Esq.r


Voted that

George Craddock Esq.r

be Auditors of ye last Years Aco.ts


& M.r James Smith


 At a Meeting of the Minister Church Wardens & Vestry of King Chapel

 At ye Ministers house on Moneday April 23. 1750


Present  The Revd Mr Henry Caner Minister

S.r Henry Frankland Bar.t

James Gordon &

Mr James Smith

Jno Box Wardens

Mr Barlow Trecothick

Geo Craddock Esq.r

Mr Powers Marriot

Charles Apthorp Esq.r

Dr Silvester Gardiner

Dr Jno Gibbins


The Sen.r Warden laid a State of the Chapel as to the Charge of the Church for the

Year 1749 from Easter Mar 25. 1749 to Easter April 15. 1750               Old Tenr

computeing the whole Charge to Am.o to About ye Sum As ye Year 1748 viz


And that they had Received in Contribution on Sundays in that time


Viz of the Propietors & others regularly Seated in Pews



of Transient Persons




& that there was a Deficiency to be collected from & amongst the Propietors


= 322.12.3

& others Seated in ye Pews to discharge the Debts of ye Chapel for Said Year



And likewise laid before the Vestry an Estimate of the Arrearage due from the

Propietors & others Seated in ye Pews of Said Chapel for ye Said year to Make up the

last Assesment on Said Pews of at Easter Sunday past of £444.10/- O Ten.r

Voted     That One half of Pew No 119. in ye Galery lately Possesed by       Youings

           des.d (provided he has left no Widdow or heirs that will Pay the Arrears                & further engage to Continue the Contribution) be disposd of by the                Wardens, Giveing Mr Palliere, who Posseses the other one half, the                Preference he or they

           Paying the Arrears & engaging for the Contribution

Voted     that the Wardens Shall dispose of, or Place Such Persons as they think                proper in

           the Pew No 113 in ye Gallery in like manner

Voted     that the Wardens dispose of, or Place whom they think proper in One half           of the Pew No 93 in ye Gallery, giveing Mr Langford the Preference he or

           they Paying the Arrears & engaging for the future Contribution

Voted     that the Church Wardens dispose of, or Seat whom think proper, in One

           half of the Pew No 92 in ye Gallery giveing Mr Seaburn the Prefference he

           or they Paying the Arrears & engaging for the future Contribution &c

Voted     that the Wardens Acquaint Mr Henry Barnes & M.r       Wells with

           the Arrearage due for the Pews No 47. & No 14 & if they or either of them

           refuse or delay Paying the Same the Wardens at their discretion May

           dispose of or Seat whom they think Proper in each or either of Said Pews

           at their discretion

     Boston                     April 30. 1750

Memo Seated M.r David Watts in Pew N:o 122 in ye Gallery of

Kings Chapel he having engaged to Pay Ten Shillings & five

Pence Lawful Money of this Province for his Seat in One half

of Said Pew Yearly Commencing at Easter last Past by Weekly

Monethly or Quarterly Contribution       And Seated


At a Meeting of the Vestry of Kings Chapel at the house of the Rev:d M:r

Henry Caner on Thursday June 21. 1750  Present

                                   The Rev.d M.r Caner Minister

Mr James Smith

James Gordon &


Mr Powers Marriot

Jno Box

Dr Silvester Gardiner

Charles Apthorp Esqr


Geo Craddock Esqr


Dr Jno Gibbins

Voted     the Pew No 61 being forfeited for Nonpayment of the Contribution

           for last Year &c be offered to Collo               Wiltshire to be Seated

           there w:t his ffamily reserving a Seat for ye W:do Stewart when She attends

           the Publick Worship there = he Paying the Arrears of Contribution

           that is due from ye Said Pew & Such further Annual Assesment as is, or

           Shall be imposed on it by the Vestry while he is Seated there

Voted     that if Collo     Wiltshire refuses to Pay the Arrearages &c According

           to ye foregoeing Vote that ye Wardens may Offer Said Pew & Seat to Such

           Person or Persons there that will comply w.t y.e Conditions Above

Voted     That ye Pew N.o 48. is forfeited & Reverts to the Church for Non Payment

           of the Contribution last year &c Unless Hibbert Newton Esq.r Pays the

           Arrears of Contribution due from Said Pew within a fourtnight after                Notice given of this Vote

Voted     that the Pew N.o 57 is forfeited & Reverts in like manner to this Church

           for non payment of ye Contribution for last Year unless Cap.t Colesworthy

           Pays the Arrears due for Said Pew within a fortnight after notice is given

           of this Vote

Voted     that ye Pew N:o 85 forfeited &c in like manner for ye Same reason

           unless the W:do Cox Pays the Arrears due for Said Pew within a fortnight

           after Notice is given her of this Vote



Easter Monday                                         April 8. 1751

At the Meeting of the Propietors of Kings Chapel being the

Anniversary Meeting for Choosing Church Officers &c

Voted     unanimously by Said Propietors that

James Gordon &

be & are continued Wardens for the Year

John Box


Voted     that there be fiveteen Vestry Men Chosen for the following

           Year & five of them to be a Quorum & the following

           Gentlemen were Chosen Vestry Men by a ballot or written

           Votes, (as were the Wardens) Viz


Dr Silvester Gardiner


Gov.r Shirley



Mr Thos Hawding



Charles Paxton




Capt James Forbes


Charles Apthorp




Mr James Smith


Eliakim Hutchinson




Mr Powers Marriot


George Craddock Esqr





Mr Barlow Trecothick


S.r Henry Frankland Bar.t



Dr John Gibbins


Francis Brinley




Tho:s Letchmere



Voted     by a hand Vote that Thomas Hase Serve as Clerk for the

           ensueing Year his Salery to be the Same as last Year Viz

           Sixty Pounds Old Ten.r equall to Eight Pounds Lawfull Money

Voted     by a hand Vote That Stephen Deblois Serve as Organist for

           the ensueing Year with the Same Sallery as last Year Viz

           One hundred Pounds Old Ten.r equall to Thirteen Pounds Six

           Shillings & eight pence Lawfull money

Voted     James Hewit Serve as Sexton (upon Probation) for Six

           Moneths to come ending the 8 of October next

Voted     by a hand Vote That the Manadgment of the Pews & other

           Prudentials of the Church for the Year ensueing be left to the

           Church Wardens & Vestry

Voted by hand Vote That

Charles Apthorp

Esq:rs &


George Craddock


be Auditors


Mr James Smith


  of the Church Wardens Accounts for the Precding Year

 At a Meeting of the Vestry of Kings Chapel on Thursday

 April 1751 At the house of the Revd M.r Henry Caner


The Revd M.r Caner Minister


James Gordon &



John Box


Geo Craddock



Charles Apthorp


Dr Jno Gibbins


Mr Thos Hawding


Mr James Smith


Mr Powers Marriot


Voted     the Pew in Kings Chapel N 8, Occupied by the

           late Wm Bowen Des:d & ffamilly being in Debt to the Church

           Twenty three Pounds Eight Shillings of the late Old Ten.r Currency

           Arrears of Contribution is forfeited & Reverts to the Church

Voted     That M.r Henry Liddell350 with his ffamilly be Seated in

           the Pew N 8 he Paying To the Value of Ten Pounds Old

           Ten.r of the Arrears of Contribution due from Said Pew w:t

           the Yearly Assesmt of Contribution as is now or may be

           hereafter Sett upon Said Pew Apr 26 Reced the Ten Pounds of

                                             Mr Liddell

Voted     That ye Pew N:o 14 be offerd to Mr Martin Brimmer

           to be Seated there (Mr Wells being first Asked to Pay the Arrears

           of contribution & refusing to Pay either in Loaf Suggar or Money)

Pd     Mr Brimmer holding his Pew in the Gallery & also Paying

           to ye Value of Six Pounds Old Ten.r late Currency of the Arrears due

           from Said Pew N. 14 with the Yearly Assesment of both Pews

Voted     That M:r  Mr Nathe Rogers351 be Seated in the Pew N 75 (where

           Jno Deacon now Sitts)  he Paying the Arrears of Contribution due

           from Said Pew wt the Yearly Assesmt of Contribution & allowing

           Mr Deacon a Seat for himself in Said Pew

Voted     that M:r         Eastwick be asked Once more by the Wardens for

           the Arrears due to the Church from Pew N: 71 & if he does not

           Pay the Same The Said Pew be Offord to M:r Wheatley to be

           Seated there with his ffamily he Paying the value of Five Pounds

           of ye late Old Ten.r Currency of the Arrears due from Said Pew

          & the Yearly future Assessment thereof. Mr Wheatley Pd the £5

Voted     that Mr Peter Chardon352 be Seated in the Pew N 78,

           Paying the Value of four Pounds of the Late Old Ten.r Currency of the

           Arrears of Contribution due from Said Unless Albert Dennie

           who Sett there last, Pays the whole Arrears     Mr Chardon

           Paying the Yearly Assesment of Said Pew

N B      the Daughter of Tho:s Phillips desd (who had a right in Said Pew)

           to be Seated wt M.r Jn.o Box who offers her, or in the Pew N: 12 as She

           chooses Recd the four Pounds April 26. 1751

                    Accepted the above Pew upon the above

                    mentioned Conditions & paid the Arrears of

                    four pounds old Tenor     Peter Chardon

Copy of James Gordon, Church Warden, his letter to Mark Wentworth353 of Portsmo

in New Hampshire Esq.r                     Boston Apr: 22. 1751

               S.r Inclosd is Thirty two pounds Old Ten.r Bills of Your Province

& belonging to ye Kings Chapel of the Churchs money The Gentlemen of the Vestry haveing a high esteem of Your Affection & Regurd for y.e intrest of the Church, desire me to remitt this money to you, & begg You’ll be so good as to Exchang it (at

the easiest discount) for your own bill on Mr Apthorp in my fav.r as Warden

wch will Oblidge them & Your Most humble Servts            J G      Warden

In Answer to Said Letter Charles Apthorp Esq.r deliverd me Twenty Eight Pounds Old Tenr

Bills of this Province April 29. 1751  in Exch.a For the £32 N Hampshire

Bills remitted to M.r Wentworth     the £4 discount is to be Chargd to the Church

At a Meeting of ye Vestry at ye House of the Rev.d Mr Henry Caner on Thursday

May 16 1751 on Acco.t of ye Sorrowfull News of ye Death of his Royal Highness

Fredrick Prince of Wales.354      Present


The Rev.d Mr Henry Caner   Minister



Mr Powers Marriot

Ja: Gordon and


Mr Tho.s Hawding

Jno Box

Doctr Silvester Gardiner

Geo. Craddock


Doctr Jno. Gibbins

Char.s Apthorp



Eliakim Hutchinson


Voted     that the Pulpit & Desk of Kings Chapel be Put in Mourning at y.e Charge of

           The Church  & that ye Wardens cause ye Same to be done by Wednesday                Morning Next

Voted     that the Church Wardens Wait on the Rev.d M:r Henry Caner & desire                him to Preach a

            =:Sermon at ye Chapel on Wednesday Next Suitable to that Solemnity

Voted     that ye Wardens wait upon his hon.r the Lieut Governr of this Province &                acquaint

           =him w:t the Substance of the Above written Votes

Voted     the ye following Advertisement be Printed in ye Newspapers that come out           on

           =Monday & Tuesday Next & that the Wardens cause the Same to be done

           Advertizement  Upon the Melancholy News of the Death of his Royal

           Highness the late Prince of Wales, The Wardens & Vestry of Kings

           Chapel mett

& Voted that ye same be Solemnised at Kings Chapel on Wednesday ye 22.d

           Instant. Upon which Ocasion the Pulpit will be hung in Black, and a


preached by the Rev.d M.r Caner Suitable to that Solemnity

Divine Servis will begin at 11 oClock

Voted     An Adjournment of the Vestry to Meet Again On Friday Sennight 24th                Curr:t

           at ye Same Place at 6 O’Clock in ye Evening

                                                         May 17. 1751

           Conform to ye foregoing Votes  The Pulpit & Reading Desk & Clerks

     Desk were Coverd wt Black Broad Cloth. The Wardens waited on his

     Honr the L:t Gov.r & Acquainted him that a Sermon was to be Preached at

     the Chapel on Wednesday y.e 22 Curr:t By the Rev.d M:r Caner Suitable to this

     Mournfull Occassion     &c

The Charge of hanging the Pulpit &c as follows Viz

7./4 yds fine Black Broad Cloth at £11. Old Ten.r per yd £79.15. --

7/8 yds Middim D:o            £9          per yd     5.17.6

17 yds of Silk ferret356            d 2/.                 1.14. --

1/3 o:z of Sewing silk          d 30/.                 0.10. --

4 h: of Inx                                         0.9.6  Old Tenr La Mo

£ 88.6.  is = £11.15.5 2/5

At a Meeting of the Vestry of Kings Chapel by Adjournment

at y.e house of ye Rev.d M.r Caner on Friday May 24:th 1751


Capt James Forbes

The Rev:d M:r Canner Minister

Dr John Gibbins

Ja: Gordon & Jn.o Box Wardens

M:r Tho:s Hawding

Geo: Craddock

Dr: Silvester Gardiner

Eliakim Hutchinson


Charles Apthorp

           It was Unaimously Voted That all the Votes in regard to the forfeiture of

           Pews of those that are in Arrears & have not Paid up the full of the


           or Rate of their Respective Pews & Seats to Easter last, be put in Execution

           Unless the Arrearage is Paid to y.e Church Wardens within a fourtnight

           after they are severally Notified the Delinquent Pews are to lockd

           up if they doe not Pay in that time

Voted     that M.r Caine & Spouse may Sitt in Pew N 47 they Paying the

           Assesment of the Pew     NB they Refused to Sitt in Said Pew

Agreed that this Vestry be & is Adjourned to Meet on Wednesday

           Sennight June 12 Next

 A a Meeting of the Minister Wardens & Vestry of Kings Chapel

at ye house of the Rev.d M.r Caner on Wednesday June 26. 1751

                                    The Revd M.r Hen: Caner Minister

Doctr Silvester Gardiner

James Gordon


Mr Powers Marriot

Geo Craddock



Eliakim Hutchinson


Mr James Smith


Dr John Gibbins

Wheareas M:r Halsey who Sitts in Pew N 18 in ye Chapel is in Arrears

& Owes to the Chapel Nineteen Shillings for the Year 1749 & Six

Pounds & 8d Old Ten.r for the Year 1750

And Mr      Green who Sitts in Pew N 81 is in Arrears & Owes to the

Chapel Nineteen Shillings & two Pence of the Contribution for the Year

1749 & Seven Pounds Sixteen Shillings for ye Year 1750. w:ch Pews

revert & become forfeited to the Church for Non payment of the Contribution

According to the Assesment w:ch they Neglect & Refuse to Pay therefore

Voted     that the Church Wardens cause Locks to be put on those Pews

           N 18. & 81. & Lock them up till the Said Arrears is Paid, or the Said Pews

           are otherwise disposd of by the Vestry     Agreed the Vestry to be called

           & Meet this day fourtnight

           Agreed that each of the Gentlemen of ye Vestry Pay into the Church


           hands, Three Pounds Old Ten.r to Pay the Printer for Printing the Rev:d

           M.r Caners Sermon Preached at ye Chapel 22 Ult.o Upon the Melancholly

           News of the Death of his Royal Highness the late Prince of Wales till

           Such time As Some other Method is concerted to raise the Money

Governour Pd


Eliakim Hutchinson Esqr


Dr Gibbins Paid


Dr Gardiner Pd


Mr Smith Pd


Mr Marriot Pd


Capt James Forbes Pd


Chars Apthorp Esqr to be Chargd


Ch: Paxton Esq.r per Mr Hatch Pd






                 Boston June 29. 1751

Mem:o Mrs Colesworthy has Paid the Arrears of Pew N 57 for ye Years

1749. & 1750. & I have given her possesion again & Opend this Pew for her

upon her promise that that the assesment or Rate of the Pew  Shall be

be duely & Punctually Paid for the future

Cap.t Geo Briggs hath Also paid the Arrears of Contribution due

to the Chapell for the Years 1749. & 1750. to Easter last Past & I

have Given him ye Key & Possesion of Pew N 81. & he hath Given his

Promisary Note to Pay twenty Shillings & Nine Pence L.a Money Contribution

Yearly by Weekly Monethly or Quarterly Payments So long as he

Shall posses Said Pew                         James Gordon Warden

Mr Halsey has Also Paid the Arrears of Contribution for the

Pew N 18     to Easter last Past & have Given him ye Key &

Possesion of Said Pew


 A Meeting of ye Vestry of Kings Chapel at ye house of Charles Apthorp Esq.r

 on Friday July 19. 1751  Present        The Revd Henry Caner Minister

Charles Apthorp Esq.r

James Gordon &


Dr Jn.o Gibbins

John Box

Mr Powers Marriot

Eliakim Hutchinson Esqr

V Mr James Hawden357


Geo Craddock Esqr.

Voted     That Gilbert & Lewis Deblois be Seated in the Pew N. 13 formerly

           the Widdow Sandersons the Key to be deliverd them they Paying for ye                lock &

           Key & the future Assesment of Said Pew by Weekly Monethly or Quarterly

           Contribution & Payments As is or Shall be Sett on Said Pew

Voted     That Mr Wm Vassall be Seated in ye Pew N 48 formerly Hibbert

           Newtons Esq.r, if he will Accept of it, he Paying for ye lock & Key wch is to be

           Deliverd to him & the Assesment by Weekly Monethly or Quarterly                Contributions

           & Payments as is, or Shall be Sett in Said Pew

Agreed the ye Vestry Meet On Monday Next at 12 oClock at Noon at ye Same


A a Meeting of the Minister Wardens & Vestry of Kings Chapel on Monday

July 22d 1751 at Charles Apthorps Esqr


Present  Revd Mr Caner Minister

Dr Jno Gibbins

James Gordon &


Dr Silvester Gardiner

John Box

Mr James Hawden

Geo Craddock

Mr Powers Marriot

Char: Apthorp

Agreed that ye Wardens wardens Acquaint M.r Winslow that Benj.a Pollard Esq.r

refuses to Pay the Contribution for the Pew N.o 79 Any longer than to Easter

last Past & as the Pew N 80, where M.r Winslow is Seated the Partition between

the Said Pews was Allowed to be taken down & both Pews laid into One, & that

if M.r Winslow will engage to Pay the Assesment of Both Pews they may

Stand as they Doe now otherwise he be desired to Make up the Partition

Again as formerly & then Mr Winslow may have his Choses of either

of them

Adjourned to Meet at ye Revd Mr Caners house on Wednesd Sennight at

6 O Clock in ye Evening



At a Meeting of the Vestry of at ye house of the Rev.d Mr Henry

Caner on Wednesday April 18. 1752 at ye request of the

Reverd M.r Caner  Present

The Revd Mr Caner Minister

Mr Thos Hawding

James Gordon &


Geo Craddock Esq.r

Jno Box


Dr Jn.o Gibbins


Thos Letchmere Esq.r


Capt James Forbes


Mr James Smith

The Reverd M.r Caner Acquainted the Gentlemen of the Vestry of his

purpose & the Neceessity of his Goeing Out of Town to Avoid the Danger

of his haveing ye Small Pox if the Church Agreed to his Proposall

& told them that if it was Agreeable to them he had engaged the

Rev.d Mr M.cGilchrist of Salem to Exchange wt him to Officiate

in his Cure & room during his Absence. but that Since he had obtaind

M.r McGilchrists Consent the Rev.d M.r Brockwell had Signified his desire

& Consent to Perform the whole duty of the Chapel (except Visiting the Sick

of ye Small Pox) dureing Mr Caners Absence

The Revd M.r Canner therefore desired the Opinion & Consent of the

Vestry in these Matters

first      Whether they were willing he Should Goe as he Proposed;

           they all declared they were Willing

2dly      Whether they were willing to Accept of the Rev.d M.r Brockwell his

           offer of doeing the whole Duty of the Chapel dureing his Absence

           or whether he must get Mr the Revd Mr McGilchrist to Officiate

           in his room & Stead

           They all Unanimoulsly declared it their Oppinion that the Rev.d

           Mr M.cGilchrist Should Should officiate for, & in ye room of the

           Rever.d Mr Caner dureing his Absence As being more for ye Safety

          & good of the Church as the Rev.d M.r Brockwell has not had the

           Small pox, to his knowledge, nor will Visit ye Sick of that distemper

Easter Monday March 29. 1752 A the Anniversary Meeting

of the Propietors of Kings Chapel at ye Said Chapel

Voted that

James Gordon &

be Continued Church Wardens


John Box

for ye Year Ensueing

Voted     there be Thirteen Vestry Men Chosen, five of them to be a Quorum

           the Names of the Thirteen Chosen & Voted Viz The Governour

Char.s Apthorp Esq.r


Sir Henry Frankland Barrt.

Mr James Smith


Coll.o Paul Mascarene

Capt James Forbes

Vestry Men

Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.r

Dr Silvester Gardiner


Thos Letchmere Esqr

Mr Thos Hawding


Frans Brinley Esqr

Dr Jno Gibbins


Geo Craddock Esq.r

Voted Mr Tho:s Hase Clerk


wt ye Same Sallerys as last


M.r Steph: Deblois Organist


Mr James Hewit Sexton till further Orders

Voted     the Affairs of disposing & Selling the Pews & other Prudentials of the

           Church be left wt ye Church Wardens & Vestry

Voted Messrs Geo Craddock Esqr


Dr Jno Gibbins &

be Auditors of the Church Wardens

M.r James Smith

Accots for ye Preceding Year

At a Meeting of the Gentlemen of the Vestry of Kings Chapel at the

house of the Revd Mr Henry Caner November 10. 1752 The Church

Wardens laid before them An Acct of the Charges of Said Chappel

for Year 1751 to Easter March 29. 1752 and upon Summing

up it Appears there is a Defficiency in the Contribution for that

Year of About two hundry & fifty Pounds. After the Arrears for Sd

Year are Paid Therefore in Order to make up the Said Deficiency

the following Gentlemen Subscribed & Promisd to Pay to the Church

Wardens the Several & Respective Ammoun Sums Opposite to

their Names as follows Viz                                   Old Tenr

M.r Saml Wentworth



Doctr John Gibbins



Mr Henry Ledell



Eliakim Hutchinson Esqr



Mr Robt Auchmooty



Mr Tho:s Hawding



Mr John Wheatley



Mr Powers Marriot



Collo Estes Hatch


Charles Paxton Esq:r



Mr Thos Gunter



Doctr Silvester Gardiner



Thos Letchmere Esq.r


Mr Henry Leddell


Capt. James Forbes


Mr John Powell

Mr. James Smith



Mr Wm Read

Geo: Craddock Esq.r



M.r Gilb.t Deblois



James Gordon



Capt Geo Briggs


John Box



William Tailor


       The Above Sums that are Paid are Carried to the Creditt

       of the Church Accts for ye Year 1751 Amo to £94.10/--



At a Meeing of the Congregation of Kings Chapel On Sunday March

the 18th being Warned to Stay at Sd Chapel after Divine Servis in the

Afternoon to know their mind concerning the fixing On a Place

for performing Divine Servis, after ye Old Chappel is pulled down & whilst

it is Rebuilding     It was proposed by a great majority to Ask

liberty of the Propietors of Trinity Churh for the Use of Said Church

& if Wee Cannot be Accomodated w.t that Church It was unanmously

Voted that it be left with the Church Wardens & Vestry to chose & procure

Any other commodious Place for the Congregation to Meet in for the Perform-

-ance of Divine Worship as usual Untill the Chapel is Rebuilt & fitt

for the Congregation to Meet there

The Congregation likewise Agreed to Pay up the whole of the Assesment of

their Several & Respective Pews with the Arrearages due at & untill Easter

Next & to Pay to the Wardens or Put the Same into the Contribution Boxes

on Sunday next in Order to enable the Wardens to Pay the Debts

of the Chapel & to make Such further Contribution as will make up

the Deficincys of this & the Preceeding Year

Accordingly the Vestry wt Some of the Principal Gentlemen of this

Church Mett on Monday March 19. 1753 A M at the Exch:a Tavern

& Severally Subscribed each a Sum Opposite to their Names towards

Defraying the charge of this Church whilst Rebuilding to be Paid Yearly

wt a Letter to the Minister Wardens & Vestry & other Propietors of Trinity Church

of w:ch here follows a Coppy

                     To the Rev.d M.r Wm Hooper &

                     To Mess:rs Joseph Dowse & Ruffus Green Wardens &

                     To the Gentlemen of the Vestry of Trinity Church in Boston


                 As the Propietors of Kings Chapel have come to a Resolution to

take down the S:d Chapel within a few days, in order to Rebuild the Same. They have

directed us to apply to You, and to begg the liberty for Our Congregation to Assemble in Your Church while Ours is Rebuilding   Wee Aprehend that if One of the Congregations (at Your Election) Should begin the Service Preisely at half an hour after Nine in the Morning & at Two in the Afternoon, the other will have Sufficient time for Performing Divine Worship, without incomoding each other. & especially if the Post Commion Servis were Omitted by both And for the four Winter Moneths (when the Days are Short) wee Shall be content wt One Service a Day   An answer to this request as Speedilly as convenience will Allow will Oblidge Gentlemen Your most humble Servants


H Caner



J Gordon

Boston March 1753

J Box

     At a Meeting of the Vestry of Kings Chapel on Tuesday March 27. 1753

  At ye house of the Revd Mr Henry Caner        Present


the Reverd Mr Caner Minister


James Gordon & Jno Box Wardens

Capt James Forbes

the honbll P. Mascarene Esq.r

Eliakm Hutchinson Esq.r

Doctr John Gibbins

Chars Paxton Esq.r

Doct Silvester Gardiner

Charles Apthorp Esq.r

Mr Powers Marriot

Mr James Smith

Mr Thos Hawding

Geo Craddock Esq.r

Thos Letchmere Esq.r

               A Letter from the Minister & Wardens of Trinity Church in Answer

to Ours of the 19 Currt as follows.     :To the Reverend Mr Henry Caner &

                                   :To Messrs James Gordon & John Box Wardens &

                                   :To the Gentlemen of ye Vestry of the Kings Chapel

                                                  in Boston

     Gentlemen     In the Name, & at the desire, of the Propietors of Trinity Church

wee Acknowledge the honour of the Receipt of Yours, of the 19 instant; And

Acquaint You, that they have unanimously granted you liberty to Assemble

in Said Church when the Chapel shall be taken down

            In order to Accomodate You, they have resolved to alter the time

their usual time of Assembling, & to begin the Servis on Sundays for this en-

-sueing Sumer Season (till the first of October) Precisely at Eleven oClock in

the Morning, & at four in the Evening; & for the other part of the Year, from

the begining of October to the begining of Aprill, they have resolved to Assemble

at 9 a m in the Morning & Three in the Evening

As for the Precise Time of the Assembling of Your Congregation they leave

that to Your Selves provided You Order it so as that there May be at least

One half hour from y:e Ending of Your Servis, to the time they have fixed

for the begining of Ours; that all confusion may be Avoided in Goeing to &

Comeing from Church

            Wee are all Glaid to hear that the Building of the New

Chapel is so far Advanced & heartilly Wish You Success, & that the Work

may be Soon brought to An happy Conclusion       Gentlemen

                                   Your most Obed:t humble Servants

Boston March 26. 1753

W:m Hooper


Joseph Dowse


Ruffus Greene

After Reading & perusing the Above Letter it was

Voted     that Wee Doe Accept of the offer & Grant therein Contained, Also

Voted     that the Rev.d Mr Caner wt the Church Wardens be desired to Write An

           Answer to Said Letter

                         A Coppy of which here follows

To the Rever.d Mr W:m Hooper and

To Messrs Joseph Dowse & Ruffus Green Wardens


               Wee have Yours of 26 instant before us & have here

the Plesasure of returning You the Thanks of our Vestry for the Favour it

contains. As the Chapel is orderd to be taken down next Week. Wee

shall make use of the Liberty You have Allowed us and notifie our Con-

-gregation to Meet at Your Church the Sunday after next; observeing

not to interfere with the hours you have reserved to your selves

Wee are with proper Acknowledgements of your Favour & in behalf of the

Vestry & Congregation


Boston March 28. 1753               Your Oblidged and

                                   Obedient Humble Servants

                                        H: Caner

                                        James Gordon

                                        John Box

 At a Meeting of the Vestry of Kings Chapel at ye Rev.d Mr Caners

on Friday Saturday  March 31. 1753        Present

                                    The Revd M.r H Caner Minister

Voted that ye Revd Mr Caner wt the

J Gordon & Jno Box Wardens

Church Wardens Write a letter to Mr

G: Craddock Esqr

Crosswel desireing the libberty of that

Dr Jno Gibbins




Meetinghouse for Our Congregation on

Dr Silvester Gardiner

Festival & Prayer Days & other Occassions

M.r Powers Marriot

For Performing Divine Servis

Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.r


Charles Paxton

Accordingly wee wrote the following Letter

Revd Sir                               Boston March 30. 1753

 The Chapel in wch Our Congregation used to Assemble for divine Worship

is directed to be taken down Next Week, in order to its being Rebuilt; And the Design of this is to begg the favour of You & the Gentlemen of your Church to give Liberty for Our Congregation to Assemble at Your Meeting house on Wednesdays Fridays or Such other days of the Week whereon wee Usualy have Publick Prayers     Wee should be glaid, if it were Practicable to have the Pleasure of An Answer by Sunday Evening that our Congregation may be Notified the Next day

                         The Complyance of You & your Church with

this Our Request will Oblidge

Revd Sir Your & their

H Caner

The Revd Mr Andr Crosswell

Most humble Servants

J Gordon


J Box

P.S. The Above was designed to have been Sent last Night but was Omitted

List of Proprietors, 1749

 April 20 1749

It appearing that the Pew No. 111 in the Galery

of the Chapel formerly Granted to Mr      Pilot

desd leaving no representative intitled to Sitt

there According to the Rules of the Church

and no Contribution Paid for the Sd Pew

for these two Years last Past, wherefore the

Said Pew Reverts to the Church

Voted That Mr. Lidell’s Schollars Shall

and may be Seated in ye Sd Pew No. 111

he Paying such Yearly Assesment as Shall

be Agreed On.

Voted Unanimously that the following

Seventeen Pews and half Pews Shall revert

to the church and be disposd of or Such

Persons seated in each and every of them

As shall and will Oblige themselves to

Pay the Yearly assessment of them when

demanded by the Wardens Provided each

of the Severall Persons to whom they be-

longed (who are to be duly warnd of this

Vote) doe not Pay the arrears of the Contri

bution due from each and every One of

them to the church Wardens and to

their Satisfaction, within a fourtnight

from this day, viz:

Widdow Morrice Pew N. 21

Mr Matthew, One half of N. 23

The heirs of Jno Johnson desd, N. 25

Mr      Brittoon, N. 26

Hibbert Newton Esqr., N. 48

Capt.      Colesworthy, N.57

Mr Luke Vardy, N. 76

The heirs of Geo. Shores, N. 79

The heirs of Mr Brett, N. 80

The Widdow Cox, N. 85

Mrs Grafton, One half of N. 92

Capt.   Dou      Doubt, ½ of N. 95

Mr.          Williams, N. 113

Lucas & Harwood, N. 114

Heirs of Morgan Evans, N. 115

Mr. Powers

Mr.           Powers, N. 121

Redding & Verrein, N. 122

From the Records      List of Proprietors and

  Occupiers of Seats, July 5, 1749


1 Govr

2 Paxton

37 Girrot

72 Vincent

3 Hatch

38 Fanneuils hrs

73 Greaton

4 Hutchinson

39 Monk

74 Pearson

5 Forbes

40 Gardiner

75 Rogers

6 Frankland

41 Powell etc.

76 Welchman

7 Gordon

42 Gibbins

77 Cowell

8 Bowen

43 Mascarene

78 Phillips heirs

9 Apthorp

44 Trecothick

79 Pollard Seated

10 Speekman

45 Loyd

80 Winslow Seated

11 Ruggles

46 Lewis

81 Briggs

12 Houghton

47 Barns

82 Eyres heirs

13 Sanderson

48 Newton

14 Wells

49 A Small Seat



15 Wharton

under the pulpit

16 Read

50 Letchmere

17 Jackson

51 Oulton

18 Halsey

52 Brinley


19 Trecothick

53 Smith

84 Sherman

20 Wendall

54 Marriot

85 Cox

21 Johonnet

55 The Wardens


86 Leonard

22 Gibson

56 Hawding

87 Quick

23 Winship, etc.

57 Colesworthy


24 Fisher & Davis

58 Cutler

25 Johnsons hrs.

59 Steels hrs.

89 Stone & Featherston

26 Britton

60 Auchmooty

90 Heirs of Granger

27 Na

61 Stewart

91 Box

28 H     heirs

63 Tynge

92 Seaburn & Grafton

29 Halyburton etc.

64 Sea Officers

93 Langford &c.

30 Hardcastle

65 Craddock

94 Appropriate for


Old Men

31 Mucklewa

66 Warner &c.

95 Mrs. Newman


Mrs. Saunders

32 Thos. Huse

67 Arthur

96 Box

33 Wethered

68 Randell &c.

97 Pue

34 Shirley

69 Leddell & Hill

98 Points

35 Taylor

70 Apthorp

99 Apr. for Old Women

36 Wroe

71 Halls heirs

100 Cole & White


101 Brimmer

102 Jackson & Deacon

111 Liddell’s Scholars



103 McNeal

112 Govr Servants

121 Brewer Seated

104 Harvey

113 “     “


105 Barnett

114 Lucas & Harwood

106 Inches

115 Wing & Habersham

107 Trecothick



(Whole Assessment

108 Roe


Amounted to £1268)

109 Kirtley &c.

118 Seated Mrs.


119 [illegible] & Pal

[marbled cover, no folio]