VOLUME X, now issued, contains the Transactions of the Society at twelve Stated Meetings, from December, 1904, to November, 1906, both included, in continuation of Volume VIII. Volume IX was assigned to the Collections and contains a Check-List of Boston Newspapers, 1704–1780.

    The papers in Volume X cover the usual variety of subjects. Among the more important communications are those on the Rebellion of 1766 in Harvard College, the Origin of the Porcellian Club, the Witchcraft Episode in Massachusetts, the Protest against the Incorporation of Boston in 1714, the Beginnings of Stock Speculation, and one entitled Was the Government of the Massachusetts Bay a Theocracy? The interest of many readers, however, will naturally centre in the proceedings of the Stated Meeting in January, 1906, which was dedicated to a commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Birth of Franklin.

    The volume also contains tributes to the memory of James Coolidge Carter and James Mills Peirce; and Memoirs of Samuel Wells, by Charles Montraville Green, of Sigournet Butler, by Lindsay Swift, and of Robert Charles Winthrop, Jr., by Henry Herbert Edes.

    The Illustrations are unusual in number and interest, especially those relating to Franklin and his family and to the long-lost Massachusetts Election Sermon of 1669 by John Davenport, which is wholly reproduced in facsimile, accompanied by the best engraving yet made of Davenport’s portrait at New Haven. The Committee gratefully acknowledges the Society’s indebtedness to several public officials for permission to reproduce precious originals in their custody, and to many friends for similar courtesies and also for the gift of plates, namely: to the Trustees of the Boston Public Library, the Secretaries of the American Philosophical Society, the Corporation of Yale University, the City Registrar of Boston, the Minister and Deacons of the Old South Church, Boston, the Wardens and Vestry of Christ Church, Philadelphia, Dr. Edward Andem Whiston, Mr. William James Campbell of Philadelphia, Mrs. Sterling Smith of Brooklyn, New York, Mrs. Charles Theodore Carruth, Mr. Charles Butler Brooks, Mr. Francis Henry Lee, Mr. Francis Randall Appleton, and Mr. Henry Herbert Edes; and to the families of James Coolidge Carter, Robert Charles Winthrop, Jr., Samuel Wells, and Sigourney Butler, for the gift of portrait plates to accompany Memoirs or tributes which appear in this book.

    The Committee also gratefully acknowledges the continuance of the generous interest of our associate Mr. Frederick Lewis Gay, frequently manifested, in providing at his own charge some of the most interesting and valuable illustrations which have appeared in the Society’s Publications.

    Volumes II, IV, and IX are assigned to the Collections. Volume IX will be published shortly, Volume IV is well advanced, and Volume II is in preparation.

    For the Committee of Publication,

    John Noble,


    Boston, 26 April, 1907.