Admissions to Church Membership, 1786–1956

Votes of Church, 1786–1840

Book III

[1]   At a Meeting of the First Church in Boston, June 4, 1786 A.D.422

I. Voted unanimously, that it is our opinion, that all, who acknowledge the divine authority of the gospel, ought (if they would be consistent) to observe its positive institutions.

II. Voted unanimously, that we remove every obstacle, which may prevent those who worship, from communing with us; and that we impose no other terms of communion than such as are found in the word of God, or may be clearly inferred from it.

III. Voted unanimously that all who believe in Jesus Christ; profess this belief; and sustain a good moral character, have a right to commune at the Lord’s Table: it appearing from sacred authority, that nothing more was required of the primative candidates for communion.

IV. Voted unanimously that when any person, qualified according to the preceding Vote, shall desire stated communion, nothing more shall be required than subscription to the declaration of Faith to which we have set our hands; that this may be done in private, provided the Church be informed that such candidate has made application [2] and his actual subscription be announced the first time he shall present himself to communion.

V. When any person, qualified, in a judgment of charity, to commune with us, but discouraged by scruples in his own mind, shall offer a child for baptism, Voted unanimously, that nothing further be required, than subscription to our common declaration of faith, assenting however to this additional article, that he will educate his child in the faith and practice of that religion to which he has solemnly set his hand.

Attest John Clarke Minister of Said Church.

[3]   Declaration of Faith Subscribed by the Members of the First Church of Christ in Boston

I. We, whose names are underwritten, declare our Faith in the one only living and true God.

II. We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, that he was sanctified of the Father, and sent into the world, that he might “redeem us from all iniquity; and purify to himself a peculiar people zealous of good works.”

III. We believe in that gospel, which was ratified by the death and resurrection of its author; and solemnly promise to make it the only rule of our faith and practice.

United by the ties of One Lord, one common Faith, and one Baptism, we promise to live in Christian love; to watch over each other as members of the same body; to counsel and assist, whenever there shall be occasion; to be faithful to our master, and faithful to each other, waiting in joyful hope of an eternal happy intercourse in the heavenly world.

[4]   Signed Males (transferred)423

  • Charles Chauncy
  • John Clarke
  • Jonathan Williams
  • James Thwing
  • Jacob Williams
  • Thomas Cushing
  • Samuel Warden
  • Jer: Green
  • Nathaniel Thayer
  • John Gray
  • John Crosley
  • Joseph Lowden
  • Samuel Partridge
  • Timothy White
  • Israel Loring
  • Daniel Thwing
  • Ichabod Jones
  • John Newell
  • John Greenleaf
  • [William Clough]424
  • N. W. Appleton
  • David Tilden
  • James Pearson
  • Ebenezer Battelle
  • William Morrill
  • Matthew James
  • Nathaniel Thayer
  • James Morrill
  • Robert Rand
  • [5]   Signed Females (transferred)
  • Sarah Adams
  • Esther Clarke
  • Sarah Williams
  • Martha Thwing
  • Martha Thwing425
  • Mary Williams
  • Margaret Williams
  • Deborah Cushing
  • Ruth Thwing
  • Sarah Green
  • Abigail Gray
  • Elizabeth Crosley
  • Rebecca Lowden
  • Abigail Browne
  • Sarah Green
  • Elizabeth Blanchard
  • Elizabeth Blanchard426
  • Martha Leverette
  • Mary Greenleaf
  • Katharine Greenleaf
  • Eunice Greenleaf
  • Elizabeth Hinchman
  • Ruth Arsonneau
  • Mary Loring
  • Catharine Gray
  • Ruth Thayer
  • Lydia Ash
  • Hannah Stevens
  • Sarah Griffith
  • Sarah McMair

Letter of Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse to the Reverend William Emerson reporting an anonymous gift to provide for the vaccination of one hundred members of the congregation, March 28, 1811

[6]   Signed Males

  • Timothy Lyman
  • Ezekiel Price
  • Cornelius Thayer
  • Osias Moore
  • Benjamin Johnson
  • Nathaniel Fellows
  • Samuel Thwing junior
  • Abraham Bishop
  • John Clinton427
  • Daniel Wild
  • Obadiah Thayer Junior
  • Cornelius Fellowes
  • Samuel Bulfinch
  • Joseph Warren Jenkins
  • William Hilliard
  • Enoch Huse
  • Daniel Denison Rogers
  • Abijah Cheever
  • William Emerson
  • Edward Blake Junior
  • James Thwing
  • Jacob Copeland
  • [7]   Signed Females (transferred)
  • Suviah Thayer
  • Anna Archbald
  • Sarah Appleton
  • Sally Heming
  • Sarah Barrell
  • Rebecca428 Parrott
  • Joanna Tilden
  • Abigail Pearson
  • Sarah Berkes (Connexion dissolved February 1825)
  • Anna Battelle
  • Mary Newell
  • Elizabeth Morrill
  • Sarah Tilden
  • Sarah Durant
  • Hannah Danniels
  • Sarah Bradlee
  • Martha Williams
  • Hannah Williams
  • Jenet Frasier
  • Mindwell Sumner
  • Mary Morrill
  • Mary Browne
  • Hannah Smith
  • Hannah Austin
  • Joanna Otis
  • Elizabeth Bradlee
  • Ruth Price
  • [8]   Signed Males
  • Jonathan L. Austin
  • Nathaniel Appleton
  • William Lankester
  • James H. Foster. Died Dec. 10, 1862 (89)
  • Andrew E. Thayer
  • Obadiah Huse
  • Dudley Richardson
  • Moses Barnard (suspended August 1825)
  • David Francis, June 1809
  • Samuel Bradford
  • Nathaniel Goddard. Died in 1853
  • Gamaliel Bradford
  • Henry H. Tuckerman
  • William Smith
  • Minott Thayer, May 1, 1812
  • Samuel Floyd, May 1, 1812
  • Peter Chardon Brooks, March 3, 1813. Died in 1849
  • John Lovejoy Abbott, July 4, 1813
  • Joseph Woodward, Jan. 2, 1814. (Relation transferred 1822)
  • Ephraim H. Farrar, Feb. 6, 1814
  • [9]   Signed Females (transferred)
  • Rachel Emmons
  • Martha Tilden, transferred
  • Mary Tilden
  • Rachel Bradford
  • Rebecca Lamb
  • Rebecca Smith429
  • [Lucy Morse]430
  • Mary Blanchard
  • Elisabeth Blanchard
  • Susanna Witherton
  • Jane Salmon
  • Rebecca Thwing
  • Ann Williams
  • Anna Dashwood
  • Sarah Wild
  • Elizabeth Thayer
  • Mary Morrill
  • Ann Voase
  • Sarah Tilden
  • Hannah Barrell
  • Sarah Williams
  • Martha Homans
  • Sarah Homans
  • Myra Eliot
  • Hannah Wells
  • [10]   Males


  • Joseph S. Buckingham, March 6. (Dismissed at his own request Feb. 11, 1821)
  • George Blanchard, June 5
  • William Furness, June 5
  • Stephen Babcock, Aug. 7


  • Edward Reynold, March 5. (1848)
  • N. L. Frothingham, March 5
  • Ephraim L. Frothingham, April 2
  • Sarah Wheelwright, May 4 (See Females)
  • Edward Reynolds Jr., May 5
  • P. Frothingham, May 30. (1826)
  • John Boies, June 30


  • Isaac Hall, Feb. 3
  • William Hill, Feb. 25
  • Lewis G. Pray, Feb. 25
  • James Phillips, March 3
  • Daniel L. Gibbens, April 5
  • Eldad Brown, April 6. (1837)
  • Peter Allen, Nov. 2
  • N. H. Furness Jr., Nov. 8


  • Thomas T. Robinson, Jan. 31
  • [11]   Females
  • Eliza Bradford
  • Eliza Hastings
  • Abigail Jenkins
  • Sarah Blake
  • Charlotte Otis
  • Betsey Woodbury
  • Ruth Emerson
  • Martha Thwing
  • Jannett Thwing
  • Rebeckah Bridge
  • Abigail Rogers
  • Mary Morse
  • Susanna Thayer Soper
  • Mary H. Bliss
  • Sarah Tilden
  • Hannah Stevenson
  • Anna Jones
  • Harriet Downes
  • Clarissa Downes
  • Nancy Battelle
  • Louisa Battelle
  • Mary Roberts
  • Rebecca Roberts
  • Elizabeth Foster
  • [12]   Mary Sargent Allen (See p. 16.)
  • Males


  • Ephraim Hall, April 1


  • William Emerson, May 31
  • R. Waldo Emerson, May 31
  • James G. Barnard, Sept. 7


  • George W. Smith, April 1
  • Samuel M. Thayer, July 30


  • Daniel Messinger, Jan. 5. (1846)
  • Ebenezer Claflen, Jan. 5. (1831)


  • Supply C. Thwing, May
  • Elsey F. Thwing
  • William Bentley Fowle, Sept. 4
  • Maria Antoinette Fowle, Sept. 4
  • Charlotte Lovell Gibson, Oct. 2 (connexion transferred August 1834)
  • Hannah Elisabeth Stevenson, Dec. 1
  • Margaret Stevenson, Dec. 2


  • Winifred Tupper Wheelwright, Feb.
  • Elizabeth Gardner Wheelwright, Feb.
  • [13]   Females
  • Rachel Thayer
  • Mary Patch
  • Grace Hill
  • Susan Sturgis
  • Sarah Paine
  • Jane Austin
  • Elizabeth Tilden
  • Mary Appleton
  • Sarah Hurd
  • Patty Metcalf
  • Rebecca Bridge
  • Susan Powell Warren
  • Sarah Battelle
  • Ann Furness
  • Hannah Brown
  • Nancy Roberts
  • Elizabeth Williams
  • Abigail Joy
  • Nancy Holmes (transferred connexion May 5, 1815)
  • Abigail Park
  • Margaret Corbett
  • Elisabeth Cade
  • Priscilla Phillips
  • [14]   1823
  • Elizabeth Anna Foster, May 31
  • Sarah H. Jenks, Aug. 3
  • Elisabeth Richardson, Dec. 5. (1844)


  • Elizabeth Joy, Jan. 1
  • Henrietta May Goddard, Feb. 1
  • Rebecca Beaman, Feb. 1 (connexion transferred June 1825)
  • Mary R. Gibbens, July 3
  • Mary Hickling, Aug. 28
  • Ann Holden, Sept. 3
  • Lucy Holden, Sept. 3


  • Mary Storer Goddard, Dec. 30


  • Louisa Cathrine Smith Foster, Jan. 1
  • Mary Smith Foster, Jan. 1
  • Rebecca Tilden Phillips, Feb. 28
  • Sarah Phillips, March 31
  • Martha Stinson Phillips, March 31 (Mrs. Lewis—1850)
  • Harriet P. Homer, June 30
  • Elizabeth Gibbens, Sept. 2


  • Susana Messinger, Jan. 5
  • Hannah Thayer, June 3
  • Mary Alline, Nov. 28. (1848)
  • Hannah Alline, Nov. 28 (See p. 12)
  • [15]   Females
  • Abigail Roe Blanchard
  • Susanna Barnard
  • Susanna Richardson
  • Susanna Boylston Richardson
  • Mary Francis, June 1809
  • Mary Chapman
  • Elizabeth Storer Smith
  • Anna Phillips
  • Harriet Clarke
  • Sally Huse
  • Betsey Hale Huse
  • Lucy Hill Huse
  • Ann Bradford
  • Katharine Barton Bradford
  • Lucy Bradford
  • Lucy Haynes (connexion dissolved April 1824)
  • Lydia Sanger
  • Lucretia Goddard
  • Sarah A. Bradford
  • Ruth Lyman Tuckerman
  • Joanna Howard (connexion transferred to the Twelfth Church December 1840)
  • [16]   1816
  • Mary Gray, Nov. 25
  • Fanny Gray, Nov. 25 (connexion transferred)
  • Mary Sargent Allen, Nov. 25 (See P. 12)


  • Rachel Bradlee Tilden, May 29 (1850)
  • Sarah Bradlee Pollock, May 29
  • Sarah Homer, Aug. 1
  • Susan Gibson, Oct. 30
  • Mary Elwell, Dec. 6
  • Nancy Haynes, Dec. 6 (certificate of dismission granted January 14, 1825)
  • Ann Gorham Brooks, Dec. 20


  • Fanny Otis, Oct. 30
  • Sarah Russell, Oct. 30


  • Eliza L. Henshaw, July 30
  • Charlotte Gray Brooks, July 30
  • Hannah Joy, Nov. 7


  • Lucretia D. Goddard
  • Hannah Call
  • Helen M. Paine, Nov. 30
  • Sarah C. Paine, Nov. 30 (Mrs. Aylwyn, 1848)
  • Adeline E. Reynolds, Dec. 1


  • Hannah Matilda Bradlee
  • Mary Otis Pilsbury, June 1


  • Kezia Sawyer, Feb. 1 (See p. 14)
  • [17]   1823
  • Mary Parker Tilden
  • Judith C. Huntington


  • Hannah Smith, Feb. 2
  • Nancy Floyd, May 1


  • Elizabeth Morrill, Feb. 5
  • Ann Brooks, March 3. (1830)
  • Hannah Glover, April 4. (1845)
  • Anna Curtis, July 2
  • Susannah Robbins, Oct. 12


  • Nancy Benjamin, Jan. 2


  • Betsey Bellows, Jan.
  • Louisa Bellows, Feb. 4
  • Ruth Thwing, March 6
  • Melinda Buckingham, March 6. (1846)
  • Ann Archbald, April 3
  • Sarah Archbald, April 3
  • Catharine Moore, May 1
  • Charlotte Moore, May 1
  • Mehitable Otis, June 5
  • Ruth Beals, July 3
  • Sally Paine, Aug. 7
  • Mary Paine, Aug. 7
  • Maria A. Paine
  • Lucretia Paine
  • Mary Rice, Dec. 4 (Relation transferred)
  • [18]   1815
  • Polly Robinson, Feb. 5
  • Nabby Joy, April 2
  • Susan Mitchell Hall, April 2
  • Ann Bradlee, April 2
  • Joanna Frothingham, April 2
  • P. L. Frothingham, April 2
  • Mary Gibbens, May 4
  • Sarah Wheelwright, May 4 (See May 4, 1815. Males, p. 10)
  • Elizabeth Frazier, May 27
  • Sarah Hayward, May 30
  • Sophia Frothingham, June 4
  • Eliza Lincoln, June 28
  • Jane T. Reynolds, June 30
  • Fanny M. Reynolds, June 30
  • Sarah Boies, June 30
  • Joanna Frothingham, July 1
  • Ruthy Webber, Aug. 5
  • Pamela Brown, Oct. 5. (1850)
  • Deborah Wheeler, Nov. 10


  • Eunice Durant, Feb. 27 (relation transferred February 1823)
  • Mary Pilsberry, July 2
  • Sally Allen, Nov. 2 (See preceding page)

[19]   This Covenant dispensed with by a unanimous vote of the Church July 6, 1828, as recorded at the end of the Signatures.

Declaration431 of Faith Subscribed by those who Request Baptism for their Children

I. We, whose names are underwritten, declare our Faith in the one only living and true God.

II. We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, that he was sanctified of the Father, and sent into the world, that he might redeem us from all iniquity; and purify to himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

III. We believe in that gospel, which was ratified by the death and resurrection of its author; and promise to make it the only rule of our faith and practice.

And we solemnly engage to educate our children in the faith and practice of that religion, to which we set our hand.


  • Benjamin Austin junior
  • Edward Read
  • David Tyler
  • Samuel Torrey.
  • James Dawson
  • Eliakim Morse
  • Seer Kimbal
  • Robert Williams Junior
  • Edward Curtis
  • Peter Branch
  • [20]
  • John Brown
  • Thomas Rogers
  • David Smith Marston
  • Mary432 Cunningham
  • Samuel Thayer
  • David West
  • Benjamin Homer
  • Jonathan Williams
  • Edmund Wright
  • Lemuel Ludden
  • George Cade
  • Abijah Cheever
  • Joseph Harris
  • Michael Bird
  • Samuel Tucke
  • Gamaliel Bradford Junior
  • James Phillips
  • P. C. Brooks
  • [Thomas Redman]
  • [Mary Green]
  • [Samuel Bradlee 2d]433
  • John W. Blanchard
  • Samuel Miller Thayer
  • Phillis Ward
  • Venus Watson
  • James Thwing
    • Elisabeth Linnaken

    • adults
    • Rachel Linnaken
    • Martha Linnaken
  • [21]
  • William Wesson
  • Samuel Wheelwright
  • Eliza Bradford
  • Sarah Bradford Hickling
  • Charlotte Hickling
  • Joseph Barrell Junior
  • John G. Doubleday
  • Elisha Woods
  • William Stevenson
  • Edward Carnes
  • Allan Pollock
  • David W. Bradlee
  • Benjamin Burt Hooton
  • Joshua Loring
  • Edward Blake Junior
  • William Hickling
  • Charles Paine
  • John West
  • Obadiah Wright
  • [22]
  • Asa Bullard
  • Asa Page
  • John Hancock Abbot
  • Sally Loring
  • Robert Little
  • Benajah Brigham
  • Daniel Henry
  • Sarah Henry
  • Harry Smith
  • Catherine Waters
  • John Q. Adams
  • Josiah Bradlee
  • James A. Allen
  • Daniel Sargent junior
  • Hannah Roberts
  • Francis Noble
  • David S. Eaton
  • John McLeod
  • John C. Warren
  • Hannah Gleason
  • Orange Gleason
  • [23]
  • Jacob Wendell
  • Robert Morris
  • Abijah Pitcher
  • Achsah Benjamin
  • Caleb Hayward
  • George Frost Junior
  • Nathaniel Sturgis
  • Susannah Robins her mark +
  • Nehemiah Parsons
  • Hugh Mackenzie
  • Alexander Gray
  • Jacob Rogers
  • Henry Paine
  • Nathaniel Wendell
  • Ebenezer Hall 3d
  • Jonathan Heywood
  • Penuel B. Rogers
  • James Whittemore
  • Joseph S. Buckingham
  • Susanna Keys
  • [24]
  • Rachel Upshall
  • Moses Barnard
  • Benjamin Robbins
  • John Bumstead
  • Jonathan Howard
  • Mary Newell
  • Asa Richardson
  • Hugh Morrison by W. E[merson]
  • David Francis
  • James Fillis
  • John Homans
  • James Mackenzie
  • Isaac Hall
  • William Hayden
  • Thomas Farmer
  • Francis Gray
  • William W. Clapp
  • John Ballard Junior
  • Daniel L. Gibbens
  • Mary Gibbens
  • Enoch Bartlett
  • [25]
  • Abel Baker
  • Sarah Baker
  • John Rayner
  • Elisabeth Rayner
  • Charles W. Black
  • Mary Sanger
  • Catharin Sanger
  • Windsor Fay
  • Henry Ayling
  • William Homer
  • Levi Bliss
  • William Keith
  • Ebenezer Osgood Fifield
  • Archibald Young
  • William Goodwin
  • William Tucker


  • Jan. 5 Jonas Prouty
  • Dec. 12 Joseph P. Bradlee
  • Ann Brooks
  • [26]


  • May 19 John May
  • June 2 Henry Cutter
  • Nov. 6 Robert Elwell


  • Feb. 17 Joseph F. Bordman
  • March 14 John Morse
  • July 19 Peter Allen
  • Dec. 1 John Lilley


  • April 20 James Allen
  • Sept. 18 N. H. Furness
  • Nov. 16 E. T. F. Richardson
  • Nov. 29 Lydia Lyman


  • May 12 Jackson Neal by N. L. Frothingham
  • Sept. 19 Isaac Danforth
  • Sept. 19 Benjamin B. Appleton
  • Nov. 9 Charles Bowker
  • 1818 John Bowman
  • May 3 Benjamin C. Phillips
  • Aug. 1 Samuel L. Abbot
  • Aug. 31 Joseph Otis
  • Sept. 26 Jacob Wendall
  • [27]
  • Sept. 27 Benjamin Huntington


  • March 21 Sam Henshaw
  • June 6 Thomas West
  • Sept. 20 Matthew M. Hunt


  • Feb. 18 Ephraim Hall


  • January George M. Gibbens
  • Jan. 26 Isaac Otis
  • July 15 Georg L. Cade
  • Sept. 29 Alfred Curtis


  • May 3 Edward Everett
  • May 19 James Sharp
  • Aug. 30 Eben Chadwick
  • Oct. 18 William P. Winchester
  • Oct. 19 John Hooper


  • April 3 Joel Fay
  • June 13 Otis Fairbankes
  • Aug. 22 Charles Cole Jr.
  • Nov. 28 Benjamin Apthorp Gould

[28]   Boston, July 6, 1828.

The Subscriber, differing widely in opinion from his brethren in the vote on the opposite page; hereby expresses his sincere regret that such a vote should become necessary in the records of the First Church.

(signed) James Morrill Senior deacon of the church.

[29]   July 6, 1828.

At a meeting of the brethren, communicants of the First Church, called by the pastor for the special purpose of considering the expediency of dispensing with the foregoing convenant, held in the church on Lord’s day afternoon, July 6th 1828.

Present, D. Messinger, J. Phillips, D. Francis, N. Goddard, I. Hall, D. L. Gibbons, S. C. Thwing, G. W. Smith, S. Floyd, P. Allen, E. Clafflin.

Deacon Foster in the chair, it was unanimously voted, That the baptismal covenant of this church, commonly called the half-way covenant, be hereafter dispensed with.

A true copy,

attest N. L. Frothingham.

[30]   January 19, 1829.

A meeting of the communicants, who are also proprietors, of the First Church, convened this afternoon. The meeting was called at the request of the deacons of the church. There were present The Pastor, Deacon Morrill, Deacon Foster, and of the brethren Edward Reynolds, Daniel Messinger, D. L. Gibbens, S. Floyd and S. C. Thwing.

The following resolutions were offered by Deacon Foster:

Whereas, at the annual meeting of the First Church Society, held on July 31, 1827, a vote was passed, and a Committee chosen, to dispose of a part of the land lying on the south side of the meeting house, and whereas, at a meeting of the Society on November 20, 1827, and at the last annual meeting, the Society confirmed said vote, and approved of the sale of a lot of land to Mr. G. F. Thayer, [31] and voted that a deed of the same be made to said Thayer, and that the deacons of the church be requested to execute said deed;

Now therefore

1. Voted That this church do approve of the doings of the Society, and of selling said lot of land to said G. F. Thayer,—also,

2. Voted That the deacons of this church be requested, and they are hereby requested, to sign a deed of said land to said Thayer, for and in behalf of this church.

3. Voted That the deacons be authorized, after executing said deed, to deliver the same to the Society’s Committee for selling the land.

These resolutions were passed, though not without considerable opposition to the first of them, on the ground that the communicants of the church have nothing to do, either with approving or disapproving of the doings of the Society.

N. L. Frothingham.

[32]   May 14, 1833.

A meeting of the brethren of the First Church was held this day at 8 o’clock at the house of the pastor. This being the first meeting of the communicants, held since the death of Deacon James Morrill, it was

Voted That this church remembers with respect and sensibility the character of its late venerable deacon, and the services which he so faithfully rendered to it, during a long series of years.

That it sympathises with the widow and family of its departed friend, joins with them in grateful acknowledgment of the divine goodness vouchsafed to him in the comforts of his sickness and the peacefulness of his end; and commends them to the consolations of that Christian faith, in which he lived usefully and died full of hope.

That a copy of the foregoing resolutions be transmitted to Mrs. Morrill, by the hands of the Pastor.

[33]   The church proceeded to the choice of a deacon, and elected unanimously brother William B. Fowle. On his declining to accept the office, a new ballot was cast, and brother Isaac Hall was unanimously chosen.

Voted with one consent, to discontinue the collection for the poor of the Communion Service.

Voted that this church will hereafter hold an annual meeting, at the hands of the pastor, on the anniversary of its first gathering in 1630; to wit, on the evening of each twenty seventh of August.


N. L. F.

May 20, 1833.

A meeting of the brethren was convened by the pastor, who gave notice that our brother Isaac Hall declined serving in the office of deacon. Brother Samuel H. Babcock was then unanimously elected; and after an interesting conversation on the state and usages and interests of the church, the meeting was dissolved.

N. L. F.

[34]   August 27, 1833.

The church met at the house of the pastor this evening; according to the resolution of May 14. Notice was given that brother S. H. Babcock was unwilling to be elected to the office of deacon. On the motion of br. D. L. Gibbens, the following vote was adopted:

Voted that the deacon of this church be requested to furnish for the use of the members a statement of all its pecuniary resources, embracing the amount of the several funds belonging, to, or in any way connected with this church or any of its members; or in trust or at the disposal of any of its officers; together with the origin of the said funds, and the conditions upon which any of them were accumulated; and the annual amount dispensed in charity, or otherwise, the number of recipients, and what proportion of these were members of the church or worshippers with the Society:

And that the deacon be further requested to furnish for the same purpose a complete schedule of the Communion Service, with the names of the donors of such pieces of plate as were presented to the church, with all such other particulars, as may be interesting to the members of the church.

[35]   Whereupon the subject was referred to a Committee, consisting of the pastor, Deacon Foster and brother Charles C. Paine, with instructions to report as early as convenient. N. L. F.

February 24, 1834.

The church met this evening at the house of the pastor, when the following report was unanimously accepted.

The Committee appointed to make a report of the funds belonging to the Church, and of the Communion Table furniture with a description of the same, have attended to that duty and report:

That they find no record of the church funds since October 1806. At that time the record states the Fund for the poor generally


Fund for the Ministry


Fund for Pious uses




It appears by the accounts, that, on January 1, 1796 Interest was first received on $800, 3 percent stock, on a Legacy of Suviah Thayer to the poor of the Church and Society. Suviah Thayer also left $1132.90 in 3 percent stock to the Deacons in trust, the interest to be paid to William Thayer, a non compos mentis, during his life, and at his death, the interest to be given to the poor of the Church and Society.

William Thayer died, and the interest on that sum [36] is first credited, December 1821. July 2, 1815: a legacy was received, left by Mrs. Abigail Gray of £50 sterling the interest to be given to the poor of the Church.

The amount of the Funds at the present time, is,


Fund for the poor generally



Fund for the Ministry



Fund for Pious Uses



which sum is invested in State Bank stock;


viz: 76 shares at $60



and First Church Society note





The Committee offer the following as a correct Inventory and Description of the Plate belonging to First Church: viz.

1. A silver basin for Baptisms; with a coat of arms434 engraved on the rim, and I. Hurd stamped in the centre, weight, 2703. 5 dwt.

2. A Flaggon, with a coat of arms engraved in front, and an inscription underneath, “The Gift of the Honorable William Dummer Esq. to the First Church in Boston, 1726.” 56 oz. 8 dwt.

3. A similar Flaggon, with the inscription within an ornamented oval, “The Gift of Deacon Thomas Waite435 to the First Church of Christ in Boston, May 15, 1775.” 59 oz. 5 dwt.


4. A tall embossed cup, with engraving and figures in relief, and this inscription written round the rim, “The Gift of Governor John Winthrop to the 1st Church in Boston,” weight, 16 oz. 1 dwt. no date.

5. Three ornamented cups, lettered on the sides, “The Gift of Elder Joseph Bridgham to the first church in Boston, 1708.” weight of the whole, 34 oz. 5 dwt.

6. A similar cup, with the inscription on the side, “The Gift of James Everill436 to the First Church in Boston, 1705.” 10 oz. 6 dwt.

7. Another similar cup, with these letters engraved on the bottom, “Ex dono A.D.437 Se Test MI.A.438 10 oz. 6 dwt.

8. A plain cup, with this inscription, “The Gift of a Friend R * H.”439 These letters B)T(C also are faintly visible. Date 1661, written on the bottom. 12 oz. 8 dwt.

9. A similar cup with the same faint letters; inscribed, “The Gift of a Freinde T * C.”440 12 oz. 19 dwt.

10. A massy enchased cup, with the same letters B)T(C impressed upon a polished oval in front; and an inscription above; “The Gift of a Freind I * H.”441 22 oz. 16 dwt.

11. Three large plain cups, inscribed, “The Gift of John Oxenbridg.” 48 oz. 14 dwt.

12. A pair of cups, engraved on one side with a coat of arms, and on the other with this inscription in an ornamented cartouche, “The Gift of Mrs Lydia Hancock to the First Church of Christ in Boston, Sept. 4. 1773.” 26 oz. 11 dwt.


13. A plain cup, inscribed, “The Gift of J.S.”442 11 oz.

14. Another plain cup, inscribed WFP.443 12 oz. 5 dwt.

15. A tall, slender cup, plain, with the letters dotted A)H(E.444 10 oz.

16. A small cup, lettered in front G.HH.445 and under the bottom R.FE.446 7 oz. 11 dwt.

17. A pair of Tankards, lettered, “The Gift of Samuell More447 to the first church in Boston”; the smaller marked on the handle B.WS.448 1717. 52 oz. 1 dwt.

18. Another Tankard, a cartouche in front like No. 12, with the Inscription, “The Gift of Nathanael Balston Esq. to the first church of Christ in Boston 1773.” On the handle are the initials NBH.449 22 oz. 6 dwt.

19. Another Tankard, with this inscription in an ornamented cartouche, “The Gift of Madam Eliz: Welsteed to the First Church of Christ in Boston, 1752”; with the initials on the handle W.WE.450 22 oz. 12 dwt.

20. A pair of cans, with a coat of arms engraved on the front, and underneath the Inscription, “The Gift of Deacon Jonathan Williams to the first Church of Christ in Boston, at his decease March 27, 1737.” 28 oz. 9 dwt.


21. A can inscribed “the Gift of John Forland451 to the first Church of Christ in Boston, for the use of the table, 1717.” 11 oz. 11 dwt.

22. Two massy Tumblers, enchased in the same style as No. 10, with the same letters BTC;452 one of them bearing the date 1659 under the initials. 13 oz. 12 dwt.

23. A Vase, figured with birds and flowers, bearing on the bottom the initials RSE.453 10 oz. 14 dwt.

24. Three plain Vases, with the initials O.TC.454 38 oz. 1 dwt.

25. Two spoons, with the same initials. 2 oz. 18 dwt.

26. Four Dishes, with the inscriptions round their rims, “Given by Suviah Thayer,455 in testimony of her respect for the First Church of Christ in Boston, A.D. 1796.” 96 oz. 15 dwt.

The whole being forty pieces, and weighing Six Hundred and Seventy Two Ounces,” and Nineteen Pennyweights.456

Two silver cups were put upon the Communion Table, as the gift of Mrs. Joshua Davis May 1, 1861. They are marked “D”.457

(Signed) N. L. Frothingham

James H. Foster

Charles C. Paine.

The meeting was then dissolved.

N. L. F.

[40]   Sunday, September 27, 1840.

The communicants of the Church remained after the morning service, to consider the following communication from the church in Hollis St. viz.

To the First Church in Boston, under the pastoral care of Rev. N. L. Frothingham, D.D.

Christian brethren,

The proprietors of Hollis Street Meeting House, having, by their special Committee, preferred articles or grounds of complaint against Rev. John Pierpont, the pastor of Hollis St. Church and Society, to be submitted to a mutual ecclesiastical council, as reasons for a dissolution of his pastoral relation; and the said pastor having agreed with the said proprietors, that the following churches in Boston; namely,

  • The First Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. N. L. Frothingham D.D.
  • The Second Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. Chandler Robbins.
  • The Brattle Street Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. S. K. Lothrop.
  • The New North Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. Francis Parkman D.D.
  • The New South Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. Alexander Young.
  • The Federal St. Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. William E. Channing D.D. and E. S. Gannett.
  • The West Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. Charles Lowell D.D. and Rev. Cyrus A. Bartol.
  • The King’s Chapel, under the pastoral care of Rev. F. W. P. Greenwood D.D.
  • The Bulfinch St. Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. F. T. Gray.
  • The Twelfth Congregational Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. Samuel Barrett D.D.
  • The Purchase St. Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. George Ripley.
  • The South Congregational Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. Mellish I. Motte.
  • The Pitts St. Chapel, under the pastoral care of Rev. R. C. Waterston.
  • The Suffolk St. Chapel, under the pastoral care of Rev. J. T. Sargent.

[41]   Each church to be represented by its pastor and one delegate, shall be invited to constitute the Council, to deliberate and decide thereupon; and the said agreement between the said proprietors and the pastor, having been communicated to the church with a request that it would issue its letters missive, in the usual form, for the convocation of the said churches, as a mutual ecclesiastical Council, and the church having voted so to do; Therefore, The Hollis Street Church does hereby respectfully request you by your pastor and a delegate, to sit in council, with the other churches above named, to deliberate upon said articles or grounds of complaint against the pastor of Hollis St. Church and Society, and the various specific allegations therein set forth; and to decide whether or not they are well founded; and, if so, whether or not they furnish good cause for removing him from his pastoral office.

The Council will convene at the Meeting House in Hollis Street, on Tuesday, the 13th day of October next, at 10 o’clock, A.M.


Samuel May

Committee of Hollis St. Church


Henry Bass


Andrew C. Dorr


John Pierpont, Pastor.

Boston, September 21, 1840.

[42]   After considering the above, it was unanimously Voted that a letter should be addressed in reply, to the following purport.

The First Church to the Church in Hollis St.

Christian brethren,

We have received from you an invitation, bearing date of September 21, to join an ecclesiastical Council, which, it is proposed to assemble on the 13th of October next, in order to “deliberate upon certain articles or grounds of complaint against the pastor of Hollis St. Church and Society.” The result, at which you wish to arrive, is this: that the said Council shall decide “whether or not the charges are well founded,” and “whether or not they furnish good cause of removing him from his pastoral office,” in case they are sustained.

If the object of the proposed council were, to endeavour to make peace in a distracted church, or to offer advice in an unhappy emergency, or even to pronounce an absolute decision upon a question of Christian expediency, we should not feel authorized to decline our part of the responsibility, however unpleasant and delicate might be the task. We should certainly not excuse ourselves from a disagreeable duty, it being ascertained really to be a duty, [43] from the love of our ease or the fear of obloquy. But the present case does not appear to us to have such a claim. While your request invites us to the most unwelcome of tasks, and the certainty of reproach, our duty seems to us, as those who have the peace and prosperity of our churches much at heart, to be in another direction.

You ask us to sit in judgment on the conduct of your minister, to say guilty or not guilty to accusations brought against him, and to declare whether there be cause enough therein for deposing him from his pastoral office.

We fear that this is asking of us too much; we doubt if we should be justified in giving we cannot foresee how much time, to the investigation of we know not what nor how many charges, when the very terms of your invitation imply, that, though the charges were well grounded, there would still remain a further question, whether or not they would be cause for removing him from his place; and we therefore respectfully decline giving our attendance according to your request.

On behalf of the Church,

N. L. Frothingham Pastor.

September 27, 1840.

[44]   The following letter was soon afterwards received.

To the Christian Church in Boston under the pastoral care of the Rev. N. L. Frothingham, D.D.

Christian Brethren,

The Committee of the Proprietors of Hollis Street Meeting House, received on the 28th of September from the Hollis Street Church, a copy of certain letters missive, issued by said Church under date of September 21 and addressed to your Church.

The Society of Hollis Street Meeting House have not requested or authorized the church to issue such letters. The Society proposed to their Pastor to join them in an application to the Church to issue Letters Missive “in the usual form” to convene “a mutual Ecclesiastical Council to consider the question of dissolution of his connexion with said Society.” Their Pastor declined joining in this application, and the Society has neither made nor assented to any other. Understanding that several of the Churches called to the Council by the above-named Letters have declined, and others are about to decline attending, on account of the peculiar form of those letters, so that the Council, if convened, will not consist of those originally agreed upon, the Committee have thought proper to inform you that the Society will not be parties to any proceedings by the others, should they convene under [45] letters issued without authority from them.

Very Respectfully,

Joshua Crane

Committee of the Proprietors of Hollis Street Meeting House.

John D. Williams

Daniel Weld

Richard Child

William W. Clapp

Timothy Tileston

Ruel Baker

Warren White

Boston, October 3, 1840.

Whereupon it was Voted That the foregoing Letter be placed upon the files of the First Church.

N. L. Frothingham.

These Records of the First Church are carried forward to a distinct volume in folio, opened by the pastor, January 1, 1841.

N. L. F.


  • 1927
  • April 10
  • Olivia H. Armington
  • Helen V. Lothair
  • A. Martha Reddish
  • C. Rose Single
  • William Single
  • Carl R. Allen
  • Myles Standish
  • Louise M. Standish
  • Ralph Bradley
  • 1928
  • Alice G. Cobb
  • Mabel Crawford
  • 1929
  • F. S. Earle
  • 1936
  • March 29
  • Mary Hyde Buckingham
  • 1939
  • Jan. 22
  • Ima L. Steinert
  • Jan. 22
  • Helen L. Newman
  • Oct. 15
  • Sarah P. Harden
  • 1948
  • Nov. 14
  • Mabel Rogers Lenk
  • Nov. 14
  • Gilbert L. Colpitts
  • Dec. 26
  • Howland Shaw Warren
  • Dec. 26
  • Margaret Turner Warren
  • 1950
  • April 2
  • Ruth Putnam Mitchell
  • 1956
  • March 27
  • Eleanor Cabot Bradley




April 10

Deborah Rugg


Annie Endicott Nourse


Henry Haeberle


Audrey Haeberle


Arthur L. Stanek


Rosamond Dean Snow


Valeria A. Knapp


Katherine M. Mohr


Kenneth K. Harms


Margaret L. Howlett


Catherine Van S. Swift


Wauneta Lupfer


Milton J. Lupfer


Susan M. Jackson


James H. Jackson


Constant Freeman Minns Wendell



April 2


James Lessells


Gladys Lessells


Gwendoline M. Jackson


Mary D. Hayward


Louise S. Holloway


Frederick C. Klinck


Robert W. MacWilliams


Beth MacWilliams


Arthur H. Vickerson


Susan Pressey Moulton

[48]–[132]   [Blank]

[133]   Baptisms 1794

  • January 5
  • Edward, son of Peter Chardon and Anne Brooks
  • January 19
  • Charles Augustus, son of Abijah and Elizabeth Cheever
  • March 9
  • Elizabeth Paine, daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Homer
  • Dalton, son of John and Abigail Blanchard
  • —, son of David and Sarah Tyler
  • March 25
  • George, son of Joseph and Jane Woodward
  • April 6
  • Hannah, daughter of Enoch Huse
  • Ann Boylstone, daughter of John and Sarah Williams
  • Catherine, daughter of Martin and Sarah Burkis.

[134]   [Blank]

[135]   A Declaration of Faith, Subscribed by Members of the First Church

1st. We, whose names are underwritten, declare our faith in the one only living and true God.

2nd. We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, that he was sanctified of the Father and sent into the world, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and “purify to himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.”

3rd. We believe in that gospel, which was ratified by the death and resurrection of its author, and solemnly promise to make it the only rule of our faith and practice.

[136]   United by the ties of one Lord, one common faith and one baptism, we promise to live in Christian love, to watch over each other as members of the same body; to counsel and assist whenever there shall be occasion; to be faithful to our Master, and faithful to each other, waiting in joyful hope of an eternal, happy intercourse in the heavenly world.




June 5

Harriot Hinckley Messinger

June 5

Martha Ann Stevenson

July 31

Horatio Dorr

July 31

Amanda M. Stanwood


Noah Doggett


C. Doggett




Charles Cushing Paine




Marian Skinner


Susan O. Brooks




Frances C. Paine


Emmeline Austin




Elizabeth F. Lincoln




Henry W. Torrey


Aug. 2

Mary F. Allen

Aug. 2

Sarah A. Allen




Lucretia Bradlee

March 1837

Harriot Alline

May 1838

Mary Goddard

June 1

Hannah G. Brown

Aug. 2

Thaddeus Mason Harris

Aug. 2

Mary Harris

August 1839

Anna Alleyne Chickering


Elizabeth Adams

Nov. 29

Samuel Bradlee

Nov. 29

Elizabeth Davis Bradlee

Nov. 29

Matilda Williams Bradlee

Jan. 31

Mary C. Morse




Elizabeth Richardson


Abby Lydia Davis


Ann G. Everett


Augusta Dunlap




John Eliot Thayer


Anna Francis Thayer Died in 1849


James B. Richardson


Hannah Reed


Hannah F. Richardson


Moses Everett




April 27

Maria D. Hayden (dismission granted, April, 1843, returned in 1844)

April 27

Joanna Frothingham Lincoln. Died 1850



May 3

Abigail Whitney

June 1

Timothy Eaton

June 1

Mary Fiske Eaton



Jan. 3

Nabby Balch

Jan. 3

Anne Balch

Jan. 5

Sarah S. Benjamin

Jan. 5

John P. Bigelow

Jan. 31

Eloise B. Fowle

Feb. 1

C. F. Adams

Feb. 1

A. B. Adams

April 6

Octavius B. Frothingham

July 31

Eliza Davis Bradlee

July 31

Ellen Matilda Bradlee. Died July 22, 1851

July 31

Sarah F. Prince

July 31

Elizabeth Prince

July 31

Edward F. Weld

July 31

Abigail Ann Weld

July 31

Thomas Gray Jr. Died 1849

July 31

Mary F. Gray

(See Records of the First-Church, pages 14, 15 and 16.)

[139]   Covenant of The First Church

“We, whose names are hereunder written” declare our faith

1st In the One Living and True God;

2nd In the lord Jesus Christ, that he was sanctified of the Father, and sent into the world, that the world through him might be saved; and

3rd In that Gospel, which was confirmed by the death and resurrection of its Author, and which is binding upon us as the only rule of our faith and practice.

Being “united into one Congregation or church, under the Lord Jesus Christ, we do hereby [140] solemnly and religiously promise to walk in all our ways according to the rule of the Gospel, and in all sincere conformity to his holy ordinances, and in mutual love and respect each to other, so near as God shall give us grace.”



Oct. 12

J. G. Hallet


Elizabeth Hallet

Oct. 16

Luther Hamilton


Delia Hamilton

Oct. 17

Charles Brooks


Charlotte A. H. Brooks

Oct. 18

Catharine Appleton

Oct. 20

James T. Hayward


Sarah A. Hayward

Oct. 21

Jesse Chickering

Oct. 22

Ellen M. Buckingham


Joseph Palmer




Feb. 17

Edward Hamilton


Susan Prescott



Aug. 19

Thomas B. Wales. Died June 15, 1853



April 27

Louisa A. Bigelow (1847)

Oct. 4

Pelham W. Warren (1848)



Feb. 16

Edward Reynolds Hall

May 20

Amelia Langdon Harris

July 29

Caroline L. Bradlee

July 29

Caleb D. Bradlee

Dec. 18

Margarette A. Williams




Sarah Isabel Williams




Caroline Danforth Fales




Rufus Ellis


Gertrude L. Ellis


Samuel L. Abbot


Mary Otis Bailey


Susan Francis


Julia B. H. James


Catherine G. Salmon


Louisa M. Goddard


Fanny Curtis


Harriet Louisa Gibbens


Frances Maria Gibbens


March 3

Mary Anne Wales


Ellen Frothingham

July 4

George W. Wales


Maria W. Wales


Charlotte Sewell Hooper


Mila Vose



Jan. 1

Sarah Cushing Paine


Fanny Jackson Paine

Feb. 1

Sarah A. Marsh

March 1

Mary Caroline Tileston


Joseph M. Sherburne


Sarah Augusta Sherburne


Belle Fenno Sherburne

Oct. 6

Susan Ann Buckminster Hayden


Julia Gorham Hayden


Harriet Barker



Jan. 6

William Everett


Hermann J. Warner

March 17

George Bates


March 21

Charles L. Hayward

March 21

Emmeline G. Hayward




Rosanna x Merrifield



Dec. 1

Abby M. Storer


Lucy H. Bradlee



George O. Harris

Feb. 1

Ellen Hathorne Bailey


J. Ellery Piper



Jan. 1

Emily C. Shattuck


George O. Shattuck

Feb. 5

Amelia D. Huntington


Marthaann Knowles


Sarah Woodberry


Elizabeth Woodberry

June 6

James W. Carter (added in compliance with his dying request)


Lucy D. Carter


Mary K. French


Oct. 2

Octavia Gardner Dupee

Oct. 2

Melinda Orr


Melinda Jane Norris


Anne Brooks Frothingham


Matilda C. Abbot



April 12

George Callender

April 12

John Collamore

April 12

Catharine Collamore


D. Waldo Salisbury

April 21

George Fowle

June 3

Felicia H. Hayden


Caroline A. Hayden


Katherine D. Ayers


Mary B. Ayers


Sarah Dodge

Dec. 31

Robert Treat Paine Jr.



Jan. 11

Thomas Austin


Anna P. Austin

Feb. 23

H. B. Rice


Olive G. Rice

Feb. 28

Lizzie D. W. Weld

March 2

Ann Colburn

March 2

Caroline Fowle



Marion C. Dexter


Frances H. Tilden



Feb. 2

Marianne Paine

March 21

Elisa Collamore

March 28

Calvin W. Clark

May 24

Margaret J. Plumer



May 22

Mary L. Eliot



Jan. 4

Prescott Bigelow

March 1

George R. Clarke

April 28

Chas E. Storer


Mariana P. Storer

Dec. 22

Ellen C. Hall



Jan. 2

Frances S. H. Wright



Jan. 1

Elisabeth C. Callender

May 5

Mary T. Phillips

May 5

Helen Collamore


Susan Hammond

May 28, 1865.

At a Meeting of the Male Communicants of First Church held May 28, 1865 it was Voted That the Covenant offered to Communicants for their signatures shall be henceforth that under which the Church was originally gathered, as follows on the next page.

[146]   This Church was gathered August 27, 1630 under the following Covenant:

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in obedience to his holy will and divine ordinance,

We, whose names are hereunder written, being by His most wise and good providence brought together into this part of America, in the bay of Massachusetts; and desirous to unite ourselves into one Congregation or Church, under the Lord Jesus Christ, our head, in such sort as becometh all those whom he hath redeemed and sanctified to himself,—do hereby solemnly and religiously (as in his most holy presence) promise and bind ourselves to walk in all our ways [147] according to the rule of the Gospel, and in all sincere conformity to his holy ordinances, and in mutual love and respect each to other, so near as God shall give us grace.



June 5

Eliza Cunningham Nickerson

June 24

Peter Chardon Brooks



Jan. 1

Frances Harrod Downes

April 5

James W. Brackin

Dec. 22

H. A. Pettee



March 15

Alice S. Wheeler

May 1

Lucia A. Dow


Thomas B. Wales


Jennette M. Wales

Nov. 2

Helen Paine

Nov. 2

Mary Dexter

Nov. 2

Julia L. Jones



Jan. 2

M. Josephine W. Lord

Jan. 3

Octavia G. Dupee


May 16

Louisa G. Fessenden


M. A. Hood

June 8

Ellen A. Hood


Emma L. Hood

Oct. 24

Turner Sargent



March 21

Henry Saltonstall

March 21

Georgiana C. Saltonstall

March 24

Rebecca A. Brackin

March 24

Mary E. Bath

March 25

Elizabeth P. Rogers

March 25

Cynthia M. Beckler

April 3

Andrew T. Hall

March 28

Florence D. Chapman

April 28

James H. Blake

Dec. 31

Anna P. Chandler



Jan. 21

John H. Reed


Sarah P. Reed

Jan. 30

Catherine O. Sumner




Feb. 27

Ruth Silsbee

Feb. 27

Marianne C. D. Silsbee

April 3

Otis Drury


Julia Ann Drury

April 12

N. D. Pickman


Jonathan Ellis

Oct. 29

G. Washington Warren


Georgiana Warren



Feb. 29

Ellen Augusta Turner


Sarah T. Peel



Jan. 4

Thomas Goddard

Jan. 4

Sarah F. Goddard

April 3

Helen E. Wilkins

April 6

Adriana K. Pease


Minnie T. Liebold


Annie J. Hill


Caroline Reuter


Robert Hill


Charlotte Cairnes


April 6

Annie Cairne


Elizabeth Louisa Dorr


Mary E. Brackett


Maggie Albrecht [?]458


Sarah E. Smith


Carrie Doll


Hermina Reinhardt


Elizabeth Reinhardt


Anne E. Bornkessel


Annie M. Welfel


Sophie E. Zeuner


Elvira W. Hibbard


Caroline Fleck


Caroline Foster Mandell


Louise Tomson Paul


Mary Gaffey


Emm L. Behr


Charlotte R. Myers


Sept. 26

Joseph P. Sheafe Jr.

March 16

Deborah L. Cutler

March 16

Dora Louise Cutler


Sarah A. Preble


Annie M. Young


Mary Ann Bennet


Emma Schrempf


Eliza F. Cutler


Amelia J. Sargent

June 5

Catharine Hale


Margaret F. King


Mary J. Rogers



June 27

Cornelia A. Mudge



March 7

Carrie Taylor

March 29

Fannie F. Larkin

April 9

Louisa A. Bennet


Louisa Behr


Anne Richner


Elizabeth Dorr


Bertha L. Hammutz


April 9

Emma L. Bernhardt


Rosa Zepfler


Lucilla W. Cutler


Richard F. Wegerdt


Emma Doll


S. M. Francis


Louisa Doll


William Dorr


Thomas W. Daley


Louisa Schiel



May 8

Abby H. Thayer

Feb. 15

Lucy B. Holder

March 18

Edward Clarke Ellis

March 25

Pauline Loebisch


Louisa M. Wilfert


Johanna Jennewein


Eugenie V. Walther


Helen C. Buttinger



Nora Burke


Louisa Bornkessel


Phillipena Zeuner


Carrie Baeumler


Nina Arietta Page


Mary Godfrey


Emilie H. Bernhard


Etta A. Hodgdon


Harriet Morse


Augustus A. Heuser

April 12

W. A. Fry

May 6

Catherine Hill

Nov. 2

Charles In


Jan. 9

William Putnam Kuhn

Jan. 19

Edward L. Adams


Emily M. Adams

June. 5

Henry E. Doering


Andrew L. Boehr


Valentine Freiburger

June 9

T. Mc Olive


June 10

Theresa M. Engel


Emma C. Lehmann


Susan Oedel


Abbie N. Burke


Emma M. Becker


Mathilda Miller


Isabella McAuliff



April 6

Frederick S. Fleck


William H. Roos


Rebecca Milliken


Gertrude A. Drew


Julia E. Drew


Annie Taylor


Hannah Dunn


Mary E. Milliken


Helen Godfrey


Matilda Gimber


Mary Slingol

April 20

Judith B. Osborne


May 11

Sarah Elizabeth Brown


Ada Thankful Brown


Bertha Gertrude Roch



March 21

Fannie T. French

March 21

Fanny S. French


Pauline H. E. Rauscher


Wilhelmina J. Doering


Emily A. Scholl


Margaret R. Angelbeek


Louise Gage Coburn


Mabel Thornton Turner


Annie C. Nostrom


Syble J. Osborne


Eliza J. Godfrey


Helen Walker




March 6

Arthur Blake Ellis


Helen Hartigan


Lena Grasser


Emma Oedel


Katharine J. Linton


Mary Grasser


Hattie P. A. Heimann


Mary E. Müller


Jennie Cumming


Louisa Guething


Annie L. Nagel


Harrietta O. Waite


Fred W. Winkelman


John Hill

April 26

Mary S. Dwight



March 1

Louise Frederick

April 2

Charles Hörlein


John Adams Plannett


John Winkelman


Emma E. Faber


Henrietta Baker


Amelia Karnheim


Ida Appell



Helena J. Schildknecht


Mary Bartholmesz


Emma Baeumler


Maggie Gimber


Emma Stengel


Louis Kolb


Frank Zepfler


Samuel B. Neal


Louisa Chadwick

March 18

Charles H. Reuter


Charles A. Heuser


Adolph Doll


Albert F. Bertram


John Fred Pfau


Sarah A. Crawshaw


Maggie S. Lambrecht


Louisa M. Bauer


Julia M. Traub


Emma H. Coles



Mary E. A. Schwörer


Mary Bachofner


Rosie Holzschuh


Rosa Sterr



April 6

Robert Riedl


Adam Bassing


Amelia Hammutz


Louisa Bassing


Annie Holzschuh


Julia A. Roch


Minnie Bassing


Caroline L. Fein


Sophie Sterr


Lizzie Hill


Mary L. R. Reuter


Rose Lever


Eliza Gimber

May 4

Margaret A. Badger


Henry J. Sweny M.D.


Ethel Davis

May 22

Maria Bowen


Helen E. Bowen




March 29

Ida Prescott Bigelow Eldredge


Henry Schaeff


Lottie C. Bodenschatz


Carrie Webber


Mary Pfau


Louisa Webber


Louisa Becker


Mary Becker


Anna J. Schlicht


Amelia Guething


Sarah H. Doering


Emma Stillberger



April 1

Joseph J. Linton

April 3

Matilda J. Rietzel


Josephine Fertig


Louise W. Heimann


May A. Henage


Mary Hayes


Ida M. Jenkins


W. Knappe


  • Minnie Bernhardt
  • Emma A. Heilemann
  • Frances Erichberg
  • Eugenie Martikke
  • Jemima M. McKee
  • Elsie F. Schroeter
  • A. Lizzie Schneider
  • Paulina Weber
  • Annie Stevens
  • Lewis F. Kilian
  • Henry A. Winkelman
  • Rodreck Cochran
  • Gustave Heuser
  • William R. Cleary
  • Fred T. Heuser
  • Gustavus Bartholmesz
  • William Brenneis
  • Frank F. Hayes
  • Rudolph Martikke
  • Adam Hoffmann
  • Frederic Carl Streek




May 13

Louis G. Schlicht


Charles J. Milliken


Jacob Bernhardt


Louisa Siebert


Minnie F. Riedl


Lena Heuser


Sophie Stevens


Ottilie Siebert


Clementina Murray



April 14

Clara W. Fischer


Anna E. Fischer


Maria Burnside


Pauline Roch (Withdrew March 15, 1921)


Mamie H. Schlicht


Sarah Hill


Julia Schaeff


Claretta H. E. Nason


Margie Durgin


Francena Hodgdon


Mary J. Black


Frieda S. Schmidt


Christina C. Odemueller


Lizzie T. Kirchgassner


April 4

Helen Ellis


Lizzie L. Hayes (2 years before)


Mary Lang (2 years before)


Edward Raithel


Leo Dembinski

June 7

Fred Chandler Jr.



March 30

Augusta Rantoul Endicott

March 30

Alice Hastings


Matilda Lips


Rosa Heerde


Fredrick W. Martikke (Withdrew Feb. 2, 1928)


Joseph Gimber


Edward Bartholmesz


Herrman Schiel


Richard Riedl


Adolf Samsel

April 6

Mabel Sears



March 29

Maggie Cairnes (Jan. 2, 1915, dismissed to Hall Place Methodist Episcopal Church, West Quincy)


A. Theresa Murray


Marian Ellgner


Katie Burnside


Amelia L. Miller


Edith H. Sears


Miriam V. E. Sears


Annie Ellgner



Louise R. Helmboldt


Louisa Kuhn


Lizzie Spiegel


Louise Schwörer


Emma Loeffler


Lillie Jenkins


Lina Schmidt



April 10

Florence Zapp


Annie M. Baecher


Gretchen H. Baecher


Lizzie M. Dold


Annie Heinlein


Annie Hanson


Caroline S. Jenkins (Mathison)


William Bodenbrown


Frank L. Kirchgassner


John N. Gebhardt


John F. Beck


Fred Youdt


Vigo A. Hanson


Mary H. Bodinbrown




April 23

Robert Simpson


Albert C. Faul


Emma A. Richberg


Johanna Plannett



May 6

Annie Engel


Josephine M. Burnside


Lydia E. Heuser


Lizzie Bernhardt


Minnie Dick


Bertha Albrecht


Johanna Zaugg


Rosie Dick


Frieda Werner


Pauline Rieger


Ellen F. Dresser


Louisa F. Baumann


Carrie Weber


Carrie Fuchs


Delia Baecher



April 7

Annie Hoffmann


Alice Koegel (Withdrew June 23, 1924)


Lydia Hanson



Mary Paine Stockemer


Theresa C. Siebert


Hermine J. Koegel


Lena Schneider


Carrie Bornan


Robert Heyder


Otto P. Faul


Otto Kohl


Adolf Gebhardt


Conrad Albrecht


Fred Bartholmesz


Hans L. Zaugg


Albert G. Demling



May 17

Lucia A. Stanek


Bertha M. Siebert


Lucy E. Hanson


Annie M. Engewald


Dora M. Eldredge


Margaret L. Dold


Amelia Gimber


Martha Engewald


Otelia Seth


Minnie Richberg



Estelle Davis Hooley


Louise Ellgner


Elizabeth M. Sandilands


Edward Bemburg


Emil Heuser


David Bates


Frank Fuohs


John Davis Hooley


Louis H. Zaugg


Anna Nagel



April 11

Augusta Ellgner


Elizabeth Stoker


Annie E. Janse


Barbara Albrecht


Bertha L. Baeumler


Annie Ellgner


Annie B. Smith


Emma Schlums


Helen L. Bond


Otto L. Zaugg


Philip F. Bauman




May 21

Matilda Leonard


Lillie Baldner (Withdrew May 20, 1925)


Katy Baumann


Christena Lenz


Emma Lenz


Loulu Sauer


Lillie Galler (Withdrew Dec. 14, 1932)


Bertha Sell


Frieda Schlums


Ella Koegel


Louise Roth


Harry Mayer


Robert Franke




April 8

Louise F. Bolliger


Christina M. Lenz


Jeanie N. Sandiland


Rosa F. Young


Elsa L. Mayer


Christian Schmirbush


William Herman Ellgner


Alexander Martikke


Grace L. Faulkner


Marie Dold


Joseph E. Hodgkins


Ida B. Neff


Jennie Moir


Charlotte M. Richberg




March 31

Bertha Ellgner


Emilia E. Schworer


Emma E. Kelble


Louisa G. Völhn


Esther C. Seth


A. Lauretta M. Groenwald


Lena Young


Josephine Weber


Mary Bowman


Paul Schlums


Arthur P. Porter


Louise E. Kohl




March 23

Kathrine Goeller


William J. Burrows


William Renner


Bertha L. Engel (Withdrew Apr. 1, 1934)


Gertrude E. Sears




April 5

Mary Burrows


Caroline Blasser


Sabina Stanek


Lena E. Duenges


Annie Sell


Mary Ernestine Severin


Irene Leister


Freda Kelble


Mary Willhauk


Margaret Stripp (Withdrew Feb. 26, 1935)


Louise Freck


Lucy Pistor


Leonore Pistor


Alma H. Salzgeber


Bertha Olbrich


Bertha Christmann




March 27

Marie Koch (Berenice)


Cora Spieler (Withdrew Feb. 13, 1928)


Ida Martha


Louise Richberg (Helen)


Clara George Hunter


Magnas Theodore Nelson


Ethel Ingeborg Nelson


Anna Elizabeth Nelson


Julia Rose Zaugg


Bertha M. Meister


John Bauman (Godfrey)


Bertha E. A. Künstler


Elsie E. Künstler




April 16

Clara C. Blasser


Emma W. Demling


Emily M. Getz


Helen M. Stanek


Martha A. Schlums


Sophia Bowman


Dorothea Bigelow Marsh


Henrietta W. L. Russert


Florine Louise Galvin


George A. Willhauk




March 24

Irene E. Hunter


Wilhelmina B. Baasner


Elizabeth Christman


Edith Faulkner


Jessica J. Trommer


Frances C. Sheehan


Katherine Bletzer


Alice L. Nilson


Hilda C. Gebhardt


Minnie F. Getz

April 13

Gertrude S. Ellis



April 12

Gertrude E. H. Johnson


Emilie A. Bertsch


Margaret Boyd Moir


Christine M. Ott


May B. Wajstak


Emma G. Engel


George C. Mahan


Carl F. Christmann


George Dold

April 26

Louisa A. Gilbert


Marcellus N. Gilbert




April 4

Fannie Gertrude Dickie


Katherine Louise Burrows


Charlotte Elinore Fratus


Sophie Charlotte Sell


Mabel H. Fratus


Charlotte Margaruite Young

May 9

Eleanor Williams Daggett



April 18

Henry H. Edes

Nov. 5

Mary Elizabeth Bradlee

Nov. 6

Sarah Elizabeth Bradlee


Mary E. Huntington

Nov. 23

Helen P. Ellis


Clara Elizabeth Baumann


Joan Margaret Matilda Christmann


Ferdinand Ullyss Wilhauck


John F. Pfau


Frederick Dold


Samuel May Boardman


Sarah H. Williamson



March 31

Cornelia B. Rodman (June 30, 1924, dismissed to Wellesley Congregational Church)

March 31

Evangeline Wilson Young


Aug. 20

Mary Quincy Thorndike


Mary E. Park


Charles E. Park



March 27

John W. Denny

June 21

William Ellery


Bessie Bell Collar


A. Isabel Winslow


Gertrude F. Townsend



March 2

Caroline C. Burlen


Mary D. Davenport



March 26

Gertrude S. Taber


Florence L. MacKay



April 13

Edith Endicott Stebbins



Jan. 18

Helen W. Stearns

Jan. 18

Mrs. Clarence S. Angell

Jan. 18

Clarence S. Angell



April 11

Celia M. Burdett



June 11

John Hoar Jr.




Nov. 29

Hazel Bell Henry Jewett (Withdrew)



Dec. 30

Walter Atherton


Grace H. Atherton



Dec. 16

Lawrence Shaw Mayo



Oct. 27

Robert A. Ware

Oct. 27

John D. Henry

[178–180]   [Blank]

[181]   November 7, 1909.

At a meeting of the Communicant Members, held Sunday November 7, 1909, it was voted the following Preamble be adopted and prefixed to the Covenant of this Church. As follows:


Confessing ourselves in hearty accord with its spirit of true and earnest endeavor, if not with its definition of theological faith, and cherishing in honor and affection its form as being the original bond of union for our Church, we do affix our names to this Covenant in the belief that its spirit is more than its letter, and with the hope that its prompting unto all good works and holy living may be as potent for us as for those of former times:


In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and in obedience to his holy [182] will and divine ordinance.

We, whose names are hereunder written, being by his most wise and good Providence brought together into this part of America, in the Bay of Massachusetts, and desirous to unite ourselves into one congregation or Church under the Lord Jesus Christ, our Head, in such sort as becometh all those whom he hath redeemed and sanctified to himself, do hereby solemnly and religiously (as in his most holy Presence) promise and bind ourselves to walk in all our ways according to the rule of the gospel, and in all sincere conformity to his holy ordinances, and in mutual love and respect each to other, so near as God shall give us grace.



Anna Emrich

March 20

Lillian Sell


Louise Hurst


Rosa Hauck


Elsie M. Thierauf


Alice P. Hoffmann


Etta M. Greim


Margaret Mahan


Margaret M. Mahan


Angelina Richardson


George T. Cruft

Oct. 28

Marshall B. Fanning


Mary M. Fanning



April 9

Olga E. Bletzer


Rose Wieland (Jan. 2, 1915, dismissed to 1st Cong. Ch. Maiden)


Emily Thierauf


Minnie Lauer


Ethel Crickard


Elizabeth F. Burrows


Lillian S. Duemmling


Ruth Salzgeber


Agnes C. Dickie


Helen C. Bletzer (Dismissed March 23, 1926)


Mabel Adeline Heuser


Lillian H. Robb



Walter C. Blasser


John P. Young


George J. Blasser


Spencer Washington Honey


Lydia J. Dale


Elizabeth L. Tappan


William Stanley Parker


Charles E. Loud


Margaret K. Cummings


Henry Endicott


Arthur W. Moors

Sept. 19

Marion Dudley Endicott

Oct. 15

Adeline L. Sylvester


George B. Sylvester

Nov. 6

Charles Walter Bradlee

Nov. 14

Oscar F. Adams

Nov. 26

Edith H. Sears


Mary D. Bush

Nov. 26

Dawes Eliot Furness


Rebekah T. Furness


Laura Furness



Mary H. Dennie


Rebecca W. Walker



Jan. 4

Charlotte A. Bartol

Jan. 10

Fanny S. Cutler


Mary S. Ames

Jan. 16

Maria D. Hastings

Jan. 16

Maria D. Hastings 2nd


Desdemona M. Künstler


Maud Peterson


Alice Anderson


Ruth Muller


Gertrude Robinson


Jamesina M. Janse


Jessie C. Mahan


Marion Dickie


John J. Thomas


Frances Pickering Thomas


Margaret Cummings

May 8

J. B. Millet


Emily Millet


Elisabeth F. Millet


Huida E. Jacobson (Released March 9, 1924)




March 16

Ella Sell


Ottilia Rauch


Janet G. Schaffer


Erna Bauer


Frieda Emrich



April 5

Beatrice Morrill


Corinne Anderson


Lillian A. Walters


Clara Thierauf


Mary Getz


Anna Hoffman


Margaret Hoffman


Paul Theodore Jacobson (Withdrew May 20, 1925)


Robert J. Haeberle (Dismissed Sept. 28, 1933)


William Pfau



March 28

Mabel Peterson


Lillian Hunter


Bernice Morrill


Dorothy Hasselmann


Emma Wilson


Hilda G. Meister


Jennie B. Stratton


Helen E. Dawson


Elsie P. Wienold


Helen L. Fritsch


Amelia E. Ellgner



Ruth Robinson


Ethel May Muller


Arthur Young


Frank Peterson


Charles Blasser



April 16

Ida M. Howard


Louise A. Webberson


Emma Irene Bletzer (Released Feb. 23, 1921)


Gladys Pauline Leavitt


Emma Helen Wienold


Lily C. E. Burgstahler


Ruth Richwood


Florence E. McLellan


Gertrude Hoering


Elsa Müller


Edith Bassing


Louise Müller


Josef Muller


Herbert Jones


Gustave William Anderson



April 1

Daniel Edmund Schnabel


Madeline Elizebeth Bletzer


Charles Henry Schmitt (Released June 5, 1925)


Lillian Anna Dorothea Young


Henry Haeberle


Irma Dorothea Mueller



Henry S. Anderson (Withdrawn)


Jeanette Wilhelmina Hopkins (Dismissed Nov. 14, 1927)



March 31

Madeleine W. Van Hall


Alice E. Ernst


Lillian C. Reis


Dorothy Haertl


Olga Jacobson (Released March 9, 1924)


Ida Elizabeth Richwood


Francis Duemmling


Alfred Emrich


Arthur E. Mueller


Charles E. Reddish


Paul R. Morrill



April 13

Matilda Alida Meller


Fannie Katherine Mueller


Thora M. Meller


Mabel Lenea Jacobson (Withdrew May 20, 1925)


Laura Kelsey


Dorothy Thorndike

May 18

Mrs. Fred Berg

Dec. 7

Virginia P. Moors


Frederick Lawton




March 28

Mabel M. Janse


Emily M. Heumann


Carolynn Catherine Gebhardt


Mabel Jennie Muller


Caroline C. Burlen

Jan. 3

Elbridge G. Cutler


Harold Edward Jacobson (Withdrew March 9, 1024)



April 9

Caroline Anderson (Withdrawn)


Geraldine E. Silloway

March 20

Theodore Schlosky


Anna Hoering


Margaret Hoering


Emma Schnabel


Irene Schnabel


Henry Young


Ralph Anderson (Withdrawn)


Helene G. Siebeneicher


Martha C. Richter


Walter B. Van Hall


Edwin J. Haertl


Henry T. Ernst


Henry C. Oberlander


William Lambert Barnard




April 9

Arthur Foote


Grace W. Minns



March 25

Theresa Meller


Margaret A. Sorenson


Myrtle M. Miller



Feb. 10

Lucy G. Peabody

April 13

Charles E. Holmquist


George Dauberschmidt


George Rommell



April 5

Edith F. Anderson (Withdrew)


Elsa Dannbauer


Louise Josephine Gonser


Lena Dietrich


Dorothy Hilda Gebhardt


Julia Madaline Grogan


Gertrude Katherine Schnabel


Margaret Louise Scholsky


Janet Marion Sorenson


Arthur Alexander Schnabel

Dec. 13

Annie P. Vinton


Mrs. Charles Sumner Jacobs


Isabel Wesson


Henry F. Armington


Olivia H. Armington

Dec. 20

Elizabeth Curtis



Mrs. David Mason Little


Emma L. Coleman


Susan S. Gray


Marjorie Gray


Harriet G. Lewis


Gertrude B. Ellis


Alice M. Brooks


Edmund S. Brigham


Martha J. Brigham


Minnie R. Bryant


Lillie Collamore Smith


Charles O. Prescott


Mrs. John D. Henry


Mark Harrison Smith


Henry O. Cushman


Isabel Cushman



Jan. 8

Mrs. E. F. Pratt


Fanny Field


Ellen M. Dennie


Mrs. Francis A. Pierce


Helen Graham Moseley


Louise Wilson Wright (Mrs. Merle St. Croix)


Elizabeth Wright, M.D.



Henrietta C. Grammer


Frances Hall


Augustus P. Loring Jr.


Rosamond B. Loring


F. Rockwood Hall



Feb. 24

Oliver S. Chapman

March 28

Elizabeth V. Van Hall


March 28

Gertrude Ganser


Erdine Winifred Van Hall


Alice Grogan


Theresa Single


Helen Single


Dorothy Single


Florence Gebhardt

April 7

Mary Ethel Hunneman


Rebecca Dodd


Nathaniel W. Ladd

April 12

Mabel D. Post


Mrs. Thomas Wilson

April 20

Elizabeth L. Clark

April 23

Charles J. White

April 25

Theodora B. Jones


Eliot N. Jones


Constance B. Williston


Raymond Fred Hill

May 2

Madeleine P. Wetherbee


Eliza A. Thomas


Laura Norcross Marrs


Mrs. Kingsmill Marrs

May 4

Emily H. Bush

May 24

Ellen Day Hale




Jan. 13

Anne Morton Smith

[April 10

Olivia H. Armington


A. Martha Reddish


Helen V. Lothair


C. Rose Single


William Single


Carl R. Allen


Myles Standish


Louise M. Standish


Ralph Bradley

These names were signed by mistake in the front of the book. Transferred per instructions from Dr. Park—H.W.S.459]



Jan. 8

Frank L. Locke


Florence H. Potter


Charles Sedgwick Rackemann

March 18

Isaac S. Whiting


Isabel Whiting

April 26

Gertrude C. Dean


Paul Dudley Dean

Dec. 30

William C. Crawford


Alice Ranney Allen


Elizabeth L. Clark (Signed before)


Alice Foster Peirce




May 23

Caroline Hastings Burgess

Oct. 20

Ruth Richards Sewall


Weston F. Sewall


Mrs. Robert S. Gorham

Nov. 24

Alice M. Gardner

Dec. 15

Anne P. Emery



March 9

Mildred P. Whiting


John K. Whiting



Jan. 11

Laura Huxtable Porter (Withdrawn)


Ethel L. Reddish


L. Guy Dennett

April 13

Ellen Hemenway Taintor


Rebecca Pickering Thomas


Yann de Pierrefeu


Loring D. Collier


Lucretia Towne Gartell

April 29

Elizabeth T. Wandell

May 11

Elizabeth H. Flint

Dec. 28

Elizabeth Briggs

March 19

Francis Gilman Collier

April 19

H. Ross Stevenson

Nov. 19

Helen Wheeler

Dec. 27

Marion B. Dibblee


Valborg L. Waller


Dec. 27

Rosalie Y. Abbot


Charles H. Goodwin


Elizabeth Cabot Church


Helen Manchester Church



Jan. 10

Maud E. Appleton


Charlotte Peirce


Elsie D. Wildes


Maurice H. Wildes


Mrs. Frederick H. Mills


Charles S. Parker


Mary E. Park

Jan. 17

Eliot Putnam Emerson (Withdrawn)

Feb. 19

Mary Elizabeth French

Feb. 22

Frank M. Booth

March 20

Robert G. Adams (Withdrawn)


Wilhelmina Woodbury


Sylvia Pratt


George A. Dexter


Winifred Cline


Elizabeth J. Sherman



Nov. 2

William Stickney Hall

Dec. 10

Clara P. Ames



March 25

Josephine Shaw


Helen Rae Caswell


Sophie B. Westcott


Bertha J. Piper


David W. Hawksworth



David D. Henry


Elmore H. Coe


William A. H. Butler


Mabel A. Fitz

June 3

Mrs. Lindsay Austin de Volt

Oct. 28

Alice G. Grozier

Nov. 11

Katharine E. Peirce



Jan. 6

Atherton Noyes


Margaret D. Noyes

Jan. 11

Harriet Stevens Smith

Jan. 14

Eliza L. Leland

Feb. 17

Anne Bradstreet Stedman

April 21

Cara Bates Conklin


Nellie Marston Bacheller

Nov. 24

Mildred Russell Howland

Dec. 22

Myra C. Hole



Feb. 8

Mary Louise Foster

April 19

Evelyn L. Murdock

May 10

Conrad Wesselhoeft


Frances G. Wesselhoeft


William Wesselhoeft


Conrad Wesselhoeft Jr.


Frances Wesselhoeft


Harriet Betty Boas


Dorothy Wilson

May 24

Edith Batchelor Sprague

Nov. 29

Artiss de Volt




Jan. 31

George Newton Proctor


Emma Bowden Proctor

March 21

Phyllis Henry


Richard Henry


Marion E. Trippier


James Trippier Jr.


Frances R. Snow


John N. Hamilton


Benjamin Palmer Dean (Withdrawn)


Michael J. Travato


David P. Mohr

April 4

Mary A. Foster


Lindsey K. Foster


Mary P. MacGray


Caroline Stetson Allen


Mary F. Stratton

June 13

Marion Dall


Helen Woodruff Tatlock



April 10

Russell G. Fessenden


Eliza S. Leland


Antoine B. Saunders


Florence G. A. Saunders

May 8

Suzanne E. Abbot


Alice Paine Hedge



Feb. 12

Chester F. Pero (Withdrawn)


Linnie S. Pero (Withdrawn)


April 2

Warren William Mohr


June Louise Reddish

July 18

Mrs. Charles E. St. John

Nov. 19

Elizabeth Smith Chapman (Withdrawn)



Nov. 24

Maud Appleton Hartwell



Jan. 19

Bertha Reed Coffman

Feb. 9

Amelia Muir Baldwin

May 11

John J. Meister


John Christian Hansen


Lillian M. Haeberle



April 23

Annie S. Forsaith


Marian B. Forsaith

May 10

Dorothy Critchfield



April 1

Marion H. Thanisch

May 11

James B. Noyes

Oct. 17

Harriet B. Bayley


James C. Bayley Jr.

Dec. 10

Franklin R. Hoar

Dec. 19

Alice G. Mudge (Withdrawn)



Jan. 16

Arthur Hoar


Dorothy B. Hoar

Feb. 20

Caroline S. Winslow

March 9

Gustave Martin

March 21

Frieda W. Crocker



Nov. 10

Ernest C. Crocker




March 26

Robert Wells Haeberle

March 31

Mary Richardson Jones

April 6

Grace Foster Haskins

April 14

Anna Rumrill Hammond

April 23

Carolyn Thanisch

April 28

Robert Washburn

Dec. 25

Gilbert S. Newman


Janet A. Newman

March 31

R. Holbrooke Cheever

June 19

Margaret S. Peirce

Oct. 24

William F. Burdett

Nov. 10

Edith M. Esterbrook



Feb. 23

Alice F. Tilden



March 27

Katharine Wendell Sisson

April 14

Charles B. Rugg


Marjory B. Rugg

April 15

Annie Winsor Allen


Elizabeth Very


Marvin Thomas Christy



Feb. 10

Grace Collier


Hilda G. Blaisdell

March 9

Edith S. Tilden


Leslie M. Ware

March 10

Elizabeth Bryning Smith

March 30

Phyllis Elaine Williams


May 13

Alexander S. Parker


Carolyn C. Howlett

May 25

Lois W. Richardson


George O. Richardson



Jan. 25

Richard D. Pierce

May 9

Sylvia M. Milliken


Eleanor Colpitts

Dec. 3

Henry M. Steel Swift



Jan. 2

E. Charlton Crocker

Jan. 31

Edith M. Ernst


Charles F. Ernst


Edith C. Howie


David H. Howie

Feb. 14

Selma B. Stone

Feb. 27

Hubert W. Townsend

April 7

Lillian Gay

April 28

Marion C. Hill

May 3

Edith Bangs



March 28

Caroline S. Freeman

April 9

Cynthia Rugg


Selma B. Jones



Jan. 26

Patricia Noerdlinger

March 18

John H. Sisson


Mabel Wingate


Barbara B. Sisson


Oriana Wingate


Lilian H. Spry


Velma A. Adams


Bettina R. Hansen



Anne Neville Moses


George H. Moses


Richard McAllister Adams


Dorothy Hall Parkhurst


O. Clifton Marks


Eliot S. McMurrough


Richard W. Spry


Alice Campbell Humphrey


Homer Corliss Humphrey

March 22

Eleanor McMurrough

April 29

Marjorie F. Ritchie


Frederick A. Ritchie



April 6

Edward D. Bement


Mrs. Edward D. Bement


Walter Humphreys


Carrie M. Hall


George N. Proctor 3rd


Jane Sewall


Adelle Rawson


Ruth L. Hunt


Ruth Q. Peters


Marian L. Porter


Satenig M. Sahjian


Phyllis T. Spring


Bernard P. Spring


Phoebe L. Garnost


Kenneth D. Garnost



Rufus N. Stickney


Blanche G. Stickney


Margaret W. Carter


Susan G. Loring

Sept. 22

Jeannette E. Hopkins

Oct. 19

Anne Morrison



March 29

Meta B. Wade


Constance Curtiss


Elizabeth M. Sullivan


Miriam S. Black


Dorothy B. Dickinson


Flora L. E. O’Keefe


Robert Batcheller Rowley


William R. Dickinson


Olive Louise Dingle

Oct. 1

Ann Swain Harley

Nov. 10

Jean H. Pope


Edward B. Pope

Nov. 16

Donald F. Fenn

Dec. 11

Marjorie A. Margolis



April 11

Patricia Coffin Swain


Leslie Anne Robinson


Ambrose Feeley


George S. Richardson


Susan Higginson Nash



Carl A. Levins


Enid Vose


Alton W. Ridley


Joy E. McKinley


S. Justus McKinley


Harriet L. Norris


Ernst A. Meyer


Flavia Claverie Atkins


Griswold Terry Atkins


Irene Harvey


Herbert A. Harvey


Richard S. Hasty

May 6

Elizabeth McP. Booth

June 14

Robert E. Thompson



April 3

Virginia Loring Crowell


Alice Nichols Burrage


Lorna Elwyn Feeley


Marion E. Wells


Edward P. Wells


Alice T. Fuller


Charles W. Fuller


Hilda N. True


Fred L. True Jr.


Athole B. Edwards


Ursele Dawn Peck


Gertrude Hoadley Rogers


Record Haines Rogers



Clayton R. Merritt


Carolyn Bradbury Evans


Ada M. Bixby


Beverly Ann Bigwood


Edith Tileston Hughes


Margaret F. O’Neill


Charlotte Taylor Robbins


Weston A. Stevens

[206–226]   [Remainder of book blank]