VOLUME IV, now completed, is the second volume of Collections to be published by the Society. It contains, first, seven papers relating to the Land Bank of 1740, prepared by Mr. Andrew McFarland Davis; secondly, a Bibliography of the Massachusetts House Journals from 1715 to 1776, by Mr. Worthington Chauncey Ford; and thirdly, a Bibliography of the Laws of the Massachusetts Bay from 1641 to 1776, by Messrs. Worthington Chauncey Ford and Albert Matthews. The volume, besides being useful to historical scholars, shows the varied interests and activities of the members of the Society.

Volume X, bringing the Transactions down through November, 1906, will be published in a few weeks; while Volume XI, carrying the Transactions through December, 1907, will be ready for publication towards the end of the year.

For the Committee of Publication,

John Noble,


Boston, 30 April, 1908.