Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts

    Volume LXIX

    Officers of the Society

    Donald R. Friary, President

    Daniel R. Coquillette, Vice-President

    Celeste Walker, Vice-President

    Robert J. Allison, Vice-President

    Leslie A. Morris, Recording Secretary

    Martha J. McNamara, Corresponding Secretary

    William Perkins, Treasurer

    Committee of Publications

    Pauline R. Maier, Chair

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Donald R. Friary

    Christopher M. Jedrey

    Kenneth P. Minkema

    Conrad Edick Wright

    Editor of Publications

    John W. Tyler

    The Correspondence of

    John Cotton Junior

    The Correspondence of

    John Cotton Junior

    edited by

    Sheila McIntyre & Len Travers

    Boston: The Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 2009

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    Joanna, Carolyn, and Michael: patient spouses.

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    ISBN 978-0-9794662-2-9

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