The Reading Church Records


The Names of ye Brethren & Sisters of ye Church at Reading


From its first Gathering 1648 the 29 Sept. 1648. &c.


Leift: Marshall & ‘s wife: dismissd frõ Lyn

Francis Smith. Mrs Green

Tho Marshall Carpenter.

Willm Cowdry & his wife

Eliz: Hooper

John Pearson & his wife

Lidia Lakin

Bro. Dunton

Eliz: Wily

Tho Kendall & his wife

Eliz: Hart

Tho Parker & his wife

Zech Fitch & his wife

dismissed frõ Lyn

George Davis

Will Eaton & his wife

dismissed frõ Watertown

William Hooper

John Batchelr & his wife

dismissed frõ Dedham

Mary Swaine

Joan Marshall

Will Martin

Tho: Hartshorn & his wife

Jonas Eaton & his wife


Edward Taylor & his wife

Tho Bancroft

Sister Martin

Judith Pool

_____ _____ _____

Abigail Damon

In May 1648 Mr Henry Green first Pastor of this Church dyed. after whom they Called to Supply his roome. Samuel Haugh who came hither Novemb 3 1648. & was Ordeyn’d

Pastor here March 26: 1650.

Leift: Smith & his wife before some of ye former

Since his joyning to this Church which was ye Sabbath before his Ordination was added to this Church Sarah Haugh his wife.

Samuel: Walker & his wife.

Lydia Dastin

Alice Clark

By dismission he frõ Boston & she from Charlestown

John Brocke called by ye Church [to]2 officiate amongst them after mr Sam: Ha[ugh] decease at Boston, & dismissed to them fr[õ] Dedham church, was Joyned to them the Lords day before ye Ordination, & Nov. 13:[6]2 hee was Ordained, & ye day after he was married to Mrs Sarah Haugh a widdow indeed.


The Names of ye Brethrin & Sisters

yt were joyned since his office work.

25 (10) 62 Jonathan Poole

16 (4) 66

Sister Cowdry

Goodman Wellman

dismissed from Lyn.

& his wife

Elizabeth Parker

Nath. Cowdry

Sister Bancroft

& his wife

22 (9) 69

dismissed from Dedham

Nath. Coutler

Brother Damon

dismissed from Dedham

Hanna Lilly

Hanna Packer

John Eaton &

Mary Goodwin

his wife

Abraham Briant

Tho. Clarke

Mary Hodgman

Mary Eaton

Mary Briant

Mary Parker

Martha Parker

6 (2) 63 Sister Hartshorne

Elizabeth Brown

by letters from Ipswich.

Mary Burnap.

Nich. Browne

Sister Nichols

& his wife

dismissed from Ipsw[ich]3

24 (4) 63 dismissed from Lyn:

Ester Dix

Hanna Cowdry

Mary Swaine Juniore

vide p. 204

Goodwife Cutler

John Batcheller Junr

& his wife

Saml Walker being Under some offence for high & ill Language given to ye Pastor: about ye year 1652 gave satisfaction to ye church privately met at ye Pastors house by acknowledging his Evill therin.



Eliz. Hart being under offence in ye year 1653 for Inner sinfullnesse in not Late harbouring travelers that were in danger of yr Lives yrby at lest some of ym: for Diverse offensive words spoken to ym concerning Some of ye Church & town. for some Grosse suspicions of falshood: was before the church brought to Give satisfaction; who Extended much charity toward hir in taking yt for Satisfaction wch came frõ hir though far short of what they Judged needfull.


George Davis publickly to ye church only acknowledged some offensive speech


spoken by him to Tho Clark.


Feb: 1655

Eliz. Hart was Again brought before ye church first

in private for Sundry offences as namely (1) for Contempt

of Authority (2) for Evill surmising & falsely accusing

some of the bretheren. (3) for Boasting sinfully of yt wh

is Evill: yt all ye wit ye church had could not keep hir

out nor beigin [to] cast hir out. [(4)] that she never had

ye worst of it before Minister or church with many

other things wch were then testified agt her: as Saying

yt she burnt ye warrant to teach old fooles more wit.

To these things at first she began to Answer with

shew of much hotienesse & Generally confessing her

proud high spirit, & much Hypocrisye, &c but

running to particulars she yn So Excused &

teased as that gave no Satisfaction at all: So

she was referred to A more publick hearing yt

in Case she came not of more freely she should

then be Admonished.

being so called forth in publick ye next Lds day save one

(for ye next was Sacramt Day from wch she was Suspended)

upon hope of better Satisfaction: She did give very small

signs of true repentance so as that upon propounding yt

to ye church for their apprhensions one or two Exprssed

themselves Content to Sit down but others thought ymselves

unsatisfied & some desired to deferre till another

time: & yt being very late we concluded with

Prayer &c without fully Understanding ye churches mind

But next Lds day she was again called forth &

shewing Little signs of Repentance she was Admoni

shed: After wch she being again called forth on

Another Sabbath about three weeks after: she gave

Such Satisfaction as ye church Sat down upon.


_________ _________________

Feb 6: 1658. George Davis being brought before

ye Church for an Offensive libell by him made

and published by Singing it in Verse did very

freely & plainly acknowledge his great Sin

therin & Lamted much yt he had yrin dishonord

God given offence to his bretheren and opened ye

mouths of any ill affected: Wch gave very good

Satisfaction to ye church.5

The Octob. 26: 1659 At A Publick Church

meeting appoynted ye Lds day before (though we

were constrayned to meet at my house bec: of

work being done at ye meeting house) George

Davis was Convened before the church and yr

was Layd to his chardge


1) that having unto ye Pastor threatened that (yt

he would not Call Sister Clark & Kendall

to answer Some offences he had to chardge ym

With: wch ye Pastor Conceived was not yet ripe

for his Cognizance by Xts rules) he then would

present ym both for Liars & have ym Recorded

So in Court: and then Bring the Courts Records

agt ym in Church: Having thus Sayd to ye

Pastor and his Wife, he afterward being questi

oned why he would So Say or doe by divers

he denied it Saying he intended no Such thing

& it never came into his heart or thought: &

this he then denyed to Tho. Clark and his wife

Willm Cowdrey & his wife. Tho. Kendall. Jonas

Eaton Zech Fitch. To this Lye thus punctually

proved: he owned what he had Sayd to ye Pas

tor & his Wife but Sayd he could not Remem

ber yt he Sayd So to Bro: Cowdrey and his Wife

in way of doing all of it. and So of ye rest profes

sing his Conscience did not accuse him of an intended

Lye in it.

2) That being dealt with by Tho. Kendall Jonas

Eaton & Zech Fitch for departing from ye

Sacramt bec: of offence he had taken at Sister


and yet did not endeavour to remove the offence

before ye Sacramt: He replyed No It was not

for any thing that he was offended agt Sister

Kendall but Some trouble upon his own Spirit

that he went from ye Sacramt. So as yt he

left them as Satisfyed with his answer: but af

terward it came to be known that he went

away in bitternesse agt hir: wch was plain

from Some bitter words Spoken agt hir unto

ye Pastor and his wife by George Davis wch

ye Pastor bringing Bro. Cowdrey wth him did deal

more privately wth Georg Davis for. this was

charged on him as A Second Lye: to wch also

he answered yt he did not intend So to Leave

ym in ye dark he thought they could not

but understand that yr was offence taken

by him at Sister Kendall: but wthall his intent

was to hint to them that it was chiefly the

distemp. of his own Spirit upon yt offence taken yt

made him look at himself as unfit and therefore

did dept. But it too plainly appears

that it was rather his disdeigning to speake with

hir, than Some of his own unfitnesse that made

him to dept.


3) that he was heard to Sing Some pt of A

filthy song: and to scoff at those yt took

offence at it. to wch he answered yt it might

be possible he did Sing Some of it. but had Sayd before

that he never could Sing one verse of it. wch being

now alledged agt him. Viz: how could yt be true

yt he never could Sing one verse of it and

yet yt now he confesseth to have Sung Some of it

He answered he knew not how much a Verse was

Except it was so much as made ye Tune once.

but he Judged himself for this confessing ye Evill

of it. Wch Confession did in yt Satisfie

many of ye church for this last offence: but

wth respect to ye former two Especially con

sidering he had been taken in two untruths

formerly he was wth consent of ye church

Layd under A formall admonition; & yr

by pro tempore Suspended from ye Lds

Table &c.


______ ______ ______

Geo: Davis Feb 9: 1659 Appeared before ye church assem

bled at ye Pastors house and by his acknowledgemt ptly

in words & ptly in writing he So far Judged himself

for what was Layd to his charge as yt ye church accepted

of Satisfaction & tooke of ye Censure &c.

______ ________ ________ ______________________

January 14. 1661. Lidia Dastin Appeared before ye church

at A publique church meeting (appointed ye Lds day before)

though at ye Pastors house not for privacie, but for

conveniencie in regard of ye weather. And being there

required to owne the Confession wch She had formerly

made concerning hir offence and wch was then tendred

in writing, She did own ye Same, and although not

with yt freedom and willingnesse as was to be desired

yet So as ye church pt by Expression & ye rest by Si

lence manifested their acceptance of hir Satisfaction


Now ye offences chardged upon hir was (1) that she

Reported concerning J. P. M. C. J. D. B. G. yt

on ye Lds day after their coming out of ye meeting

house they laughed and jeered at ye minister yt

then had been dispencing ye word to them.

whereas afterward upon Examination it could not appear

that they did laugh at ye Minister but as they Sayd at

A Senseless Jest put forth by S G: concerning one who

at ye meeting broke wind:


6666 ( . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . beagles opened) now she seeing

& hearing them laugh, and another telling hir yt

they laughed at ye Minister (as she then pty affirmeth she

hearing those words Spoken by them in or about ye time of

yr laughing (So much for that or this) wch being the words

ye Minister concluded wthall as she Sayth was ye occasion of

hir Jealousy and report. The Second (2) thing layd

to hir was that when she was dealt with by ye

young men for blemishing yr names, she denyed yt

she had particularly named any of them: at least any

but one. whereas the testimonyes Say she did name

diverse of them. to this hir answer was that she

doth not yet rem̄ber yt she named any in particular

her self: but yt they were named she remembers but

whether by hir self or no she remembers not. wch

occasioned her denyall yet nevertheless she condem

ned hir self for hir Sinfull rashnesse therein &c.7

Mathew Edwards desiring his Condition

to be propounded to ye Church, whiles

hee stood propounded, testimony Came in

against him to charge him with ye guilt

22 (11) 62. of a Scandal, hee being desired to humble

himselfe & regaine Gods honour &c hee

went to ye parties & made a Confessiõ

to their Satisfaction, which being testi=

fyed to the church hee was admitted

(& committed to God) according to ye Judgmt

of Charity.


George Davis having been some time in

ye guilt of wanton words & carriage to

Mary Morrell, which being made knowne

to Br Cowdrey Senr & Br Kendall, they

came to ye Elder & inquired darkly of such

a case George Davis came & seconded them

he desired to acknowledge his fault in

publick, the Elder having heard the accusation

& his defense but not without some Confession

gave way to his desire: after his Confession

ye Brethren dissatisfyed a day of humiliation

appointed for ye church & his sinne more

applied to him but his satisfaction offered

was Judged to be too short, & an Ad=

monition was aggreed on to be sollemnly

applied & bee left with God to humble

him for his Sinne and so waiting a time

upon God in ye use of ye Censure, the

Lord did helpe him to repent of it &

bewayled his greate hardnes of heart, &

lying under the guilt of it 18 months,

hee justifyed God in afflicting him for it,

& aggravated his sinne, & justifyed the

Censure & offering to Satisfy the church

they accepted of it, & his Censure tooke off

with a Signall testimony of forgiveness,

but not before hee gave Satisfaction

to Jeremy Swaine for words specifyed as

8 (6) 63. appeareth ye 8th (6) 63.

Nicholas Browne having given ye Towne

offense yt is ye Selectmen, by inserting three

or four words into a grant of a piece of

meadow without their privity, for the

explaining of it, & having dealt with him for it, his honest

12 (3) 63 Confession was sent to ye Church of Lyn

whereof hee was a member. they waighing

it, sent that hee should publikly acknowledge

his error &c: which being attended, the con=

gregation tooke satisfaction, & upon Letters

of dismission afterwards hee & his wife

were admitted (with their children) into ye Church.


Joan Marshall having spoken some offensive

words against Sister Bancroft, & they dealing

with her to give them satisfaction, she stay=

ing at ye Lords Supper, two of ye Brethrin

riseing upp, & attested that she had not attended

to give Satisfaction, she was required to forbear

Com̄union with us at that time, she gave some

offensive words before she went out; but God

helped her afterwards to Come upp to ye rule

& to make her acknowledgement before

the Church, & was againe received into our hearts.

John Bachellor Junr having lien some

time in ye guilt of ye Sinne of

wantonesse making an attempt upon Mary Hodgman but

she resisted him; hee afterwards Joyned

to ye church & held Com̄union with us

but God left him to offer some dalliance wt

one maid Servant of his after another,

which being blazd abroad, he confest his

guilt of Mary Hodgmans accusations for ye

substance of it, hee confessed ye guilt of

Sarah Hoopers accusation for ye Substance

of it, but hee denied ye substance of

G. Duttons daughters accusation of him;

The Church seriously Considering of the

Case of our Brother Bachellor, they

they thought it might be good to

lay him under an Admonition, which was

20 (4) 69 with their Consent attended; & the Sinne

with ye aggravations of it was publikly

charged on his Conscience, & not long, ere

hee came, & confest somthing of the

accusation, yt hee formerly denyed to

be true, & saw his Snare to deny the

whole, because hee could owne but a part,

but after a time, God Sett home his

great Sinne to his heart, & hee Carried

the burden of it, & after several ad=

dresses on his part, Justifying God & the

church, presenting Certaine papers of

his humiliation for so great a sinne,

& flying to Christ for his great mercy,

the Church were by little & little

enclined to take off his Censure, and

renew their charity to him, as one yt

obtained mercy of the Lord.

Vide p. 22


Ester Dix an Adult member of

ye Church of Christ in Ipswich she

owning the Covenant, had her

Children Baptised, her habitation being

removed to us, by letters of dismissiõ

shee & her children were recom̄ended

to our Church. 30 (8) 1665. & were

accordingly owned of us, as ours in ye Lord

& her Child thereupon was Baptised.

The minds of the Brethrin being fixed

as to ye practice of childrens duty

to owne ye Covenant in order to

their Childrens Baptisme themselves

not in full Communion.


(1) It was propounded in a Church meeting

Whither Confederate visible be

lievers in particular Churches and

their Infant seed whose next parents

one or both are in Covenant are

acknowledged according to Scripture to

be ye approved members of ye visible

Church of Christ?

(2) Whither the Infant seed of ye Church

(being members of the same church

with their parents) when they are

Adult or growne upp, they are per=

sonally under the watch discipline

& goverment of that Church?

(3) Whither Adult members of the

Church who were admitted in their

minority, although they are not

therfore to be admitted to full com=

munion, because they are & Continue

members, without such further qua=

lifications as the word of God re=

quireth thereunto; yet nevertheless

they understanding the doctrine of

Faith & publikly professing their

assent thereunto: not scandalous

in life & solemnely Owning the

Covenant before ye Church wherein

they give up themselves & their

Children to ye Lord, & Subject them selves to ye Goverment of Christ in the Church, their Children are to be Baptised?

The propositions were voted, & passed

on ye Affirmative part

The Brethrin consented thereto —

— by their Silence —

& afterwards by their usual signe

nemine Contradicente.

wherefore the Names of their

Adult children were desired and given that according to their number a place of Meeting for their Awakening might be Appoynted.


The Meeting attended the most of

ye Adult children of ye Church

were instructed referring to the

duty of Owning ye Covenant, &

Exhorted, comforted & charged as

the case of any of ym required

& told them yt after such a time

for their serious Consideration

they had liberty to come to ye

Elder to be Examined & giving

him Encouragement there were

severall of them propounded to

ye Church & then to ye Congrega=

tion & nothing scandalous objected

within a fourtnight were

owned, in order to yr Childrens Baptism.

The Names of ye Children of

ye Church yt were Owned at

severall publike meetings as


13 (11) 1670.

John Browne

Eliz. Haugh

David Bachelor

Sarai Haugh

Thomas Bancroft

Marie Pierson

Hananiah Parker

Martha Parker

John Pierson

Sarai Eaton

3 (12) 70.

Benjamin Fitts

Rebecca Bowtall

John Parker

Eliz. Bancroft

Josias Browne

Sarai Kendall

Cornelius Browne

Eliz. Wellman

Edward Browne

Nath. Park

Abraham Wellm

Isaac Wellm

Joseph Browne

24 (12) 70.

Joseph Davis

Mary Briant

Samuell ffitts

Abigail Damon

John Eaton Junr

Mary Hooper

John Hartshorne

vid: p. 19

(2) It was propounded in a Church

meeting upon occasion.

Whither Such Church members

who either by Death or some

other Extraordinary providence

have been inevitably hindred

from publik acting as others,

yet have given the Church

cause in the Judgment of

charity to looke at them

as so qualifyed, & such as had

they been called thereunto

would have so acted, their

children are to be baptised.


The proposition voted & passt

on ye Affirmative pt.

Tho. Parker Junr. who seemes

to be inevitably hindred by

the afflicting hande of God

upon him from publick owne

ing of ye Covenant his ac

quayntance with God in Christ

& desires after him not

withstanding being testifyd

by ye Elder Brother Jonas

Eaton & Brother Damon

was owned & his children Baptised.

14 (2) 71


Jeremy Swayne

Mary Swayne

Tho. Hartshorne

Hanna Bowtall

John Wiley

9 (6) 72

Daniel Eaton

Mary Eaton

Jonas Eaton

Lydia Wiley

Joseph Eaton

21 (1) 73

Joseph Fitts

Benjamin Smith

Samuell Lamson

John Nichols

Mary Haugh

Elizabeth Davis

Sarai Poole

Abigael Kendal

Mary Nichols

Sarai Dixe

Susan Wiley

Mary Dixe

Mary Lamson

Mary Haugh

14 (5) 76

Ruth Hooper

Sarah Wiley

18 (6) 76

Timothy Wiley

Susan Kendal

Elizabeth Clarke

Susan Davis

20 (8) 76

Mary Everite

Tabatha Kendal

9 (1) 77

Jonathan Parker

John Bancroft

vide p. 23.

Hanna Davis Joyned & Baptized


John Townsend

Abigael Gold

Samuel Lamson

Mary Harndell

vide. p. 21 &c

George Tomson

Rebecca Bowtall

Thomas Parker Junr

Elizabeth Haugh

Henry Merrow

Sarah Haugh

John Eaton Junr

Deborah Parker

Sarah Bancroft

Thomas Bancroft

Abigael Rogers

Sarah Thomson

Mary Swayne

Seabred Taylor

Dorcas Eaton

Joseph Laurance

Sarah Dunton

John Browne

Mary Browne

Benjamin Fitts

Hanna Boyton

alias Burnap

Hananiah Parker

though she liveth

at Newbury yet

Nathaniel Goodin

her earnest desires

were granted & she

John Pierson

was Joyned to this

Church and had com=

Abigael Nichols

munion in ye Seals

of the covenant ^ &

Elizabeth Wiley

^ ye 12 (10) 1680.

carried Letters of

Susan Goodwin

dismission to Rowly


Rebecca Eaton

Hanna Eaton vid p. 21

George Tomson being in dying case

desired that hee might have favour

to Joyne ye Church tho hee

having small hopes to come himselfe to Gods

Ordinances yet hoping & desireing Gods

Covenant grace for his posterity

his earnest desires were taken notice

of by the pastor with some Brin

for a testimony & his case was

propounded & hee admitted to Church

fellowshipp (tho absent in body) &

his Children were Baptized.


31 (1) 82.

James Bowtall

Elizabeth Fittch.

9 (5) 82.

Mr John Wenborne joyned with us

in Ch. fellowshipp & yet at his request by

Letters Recom̄ended to ye care of ye Church

of Christ in Yorke=Eastward, or otherwise.

14 (4) 83

Tabitha pierson

Mary Taylor

Mary Lamson

Mary Burnap

Sarah Hartshorne

Sarah Townsend

Joseph Browne

Eliz. Arnold

Sarai Wesson

John Parker

Jo: Bancroft

Mary Dam̄on

11 (9) 83

Capt. Swaine

Bethiah Parker

mary Nichols

Tho. Nichols

mary polly

Joanna Gowing

vide p. 26

Brother Briant having spoken

passionately in a Towne meeting

some Brin offended notwithstanding

some acknowledgment made they

cast it into the church disorderly

& unseasonably but after a debate

about it consent was given that

hee must be helped by writeing

his acknowledgment being read

before the Townsmen on a Lectur

day satisfaction was given & taken.


Brother Nat. Cutler having greived

some brethrin in prosecuting a

Complaint yt hee made against Br

Pike a member of Charlstowne

Church that hee might be bound

to ye peace for breaking his head

they being both in a quarrilling passion

about a few cocks of hay, the said

brethrin laying hold of the case as

within their reach & giving serious

warnings they perswaded to be first

reconciled in private. Brother pike

being first in acknowledgment they

professed & endeavoured reconciliation

but after a time Br pike according

to advice made an Essay 3 times by word

& writeing to satisfy the Congregation.

Br Cutler (ye day yt hee had a dead Corps

at home) with others were putt to Silence.

20 (2) 77


Benjamin Hartshorn

Thomas Nichols

John Dixe

5 (7) 77

Joseph Hartshorne

Mary Colson

17 (11) 77

Joanne Nichols

Mary Poole

05 (2) 78

Francis Smith

Elizabeth Winborne

21 (4) 78

Rebecca Hooper

Elizabeth Eaton

25 (12) 79/80

Joshua Eaton

Jonathan Eaton

6 (4) 80

Mary Davis alias widdow Grover

after Just Satisfaction given, was owned

of the Church & her children Baptized

Joseph Eaton after Just Satisfaction

given was ye 19 (7) 80 owned of ye Church

& carried letters of Dismission to the

Church in Beverlie.

24 (10) 80

Rebecca Eaton

Mary Thomson

11 (1) 81

Elizabeth Browne

Hanna Browne

14 (6) 81

Raham Bancroft     Sam. Dixe

Timothy Hartshorne

vid. p. 25

The Church having had Some time of perusing

the Booke Called the platforme of Discipline, & it

being distinctly read in their hearing, & they

approved of it for the substance of it to be

according to the word of God, their vote being

called for, it passed on the Affirmative 9 (11) 79 &

no man Contradicted, thanks be to the Lord.


The Church being asked whither they owned that

Silent vote they made formerly Concerning the weake

that say they can’t speake their Experience of grace

before many (according to ye platforme) at one meeting

two Brethrin at another seaven Brethrin owned it

25 (2) 80. The rest (at least) would have some Brethrin

Joyned with ye Elders to heare & Judge & represent the

Brotherhood; whither the season Calls for it, or ye person

must Speake before sufficient witnesses for ye Churches

safety & the persons admonition to learne ye feare of God.

Mary Davis having broken the seaventh Com=

mand of God before her marriage had a true

sense of her Sinne & the dishonour yt Comes

to the gospell thereby & did bewayle it before

the Church, so as they did at length accept of

her repentance, & it being published to the

Congregation, & she desired to own the

Covenant, after she stood a time propounded

she was freely acknowledged the 6 (4) 80

to stand as an approved ^ member of the Church

Capable of ye previledges to her belonging.

Just satisfaction to the Church, hee

bewayld it in ye publick, & gave others

warning of the Sinne ye 23 (3) 80. & was

received into ye hearts of good people

13 (11) 81


James Nicholes

Nathaniel Cowdry

Thomas Dammon

Joseph Dammon

3 (1) 82

Samuel Cowdry

Joseph Burnap

John Wesson

John Woodward

The Church consented that Jo. Wesson

though a member of the Church in Salem

yet hee might take the Covenant heere.

The Church were willing that John

Woodward (being under Brother Jo. Brownes

education, (& his parents pious in O: England

should take hold of the Covenant heere.

7 (2) 82

William Hooper

Hanna Hooper

Elizabeth Hooper

23 (2) 82

Sarah Tomson alias Upton

19 (6) 83

Susannah Deverix —

— alias Hartshorne

7 (8) 83

Nathaniel Cutler

Hanna Pike

Sarai Cutler

3 (6) 84

Lydia Burnap

Sarai Bancroft

Mary Briant

Martha Eaton

7 (7) 84

John Parker

Thomas Burnap

Jeremy Swayne

James Bowtal

Hanna Sternes Accepted into love 31 (6) 84

vid p. 29

Ralph Dix

Elizabeth Eaton


James pike Senr dismissed from Charlstowne

Josiah Browne

Cornelius Browne

Thomas Taylor Junr

Mary Mackentir accepted & Baptized

Deliverance Belflower Baptised accepted

Sarah Bates

vide p. 22

22 (8) 1684

This Church, in Conscience of

the Lords Exceeding care over

us that wee might bring forth

fruits meet for amendment

of Life. Considering how much

wee are Concerned in the holy

warnings given us referring to

ye Platforme of Discipline,

with ye Confession of Faith; &

the Childrens Interest in ye

Covenant, the Lawes for a

Reformation, & the Lawes for

Sanctification of ye Sabbath

the Synods urging us by some

discovery of the provoaking Evills

with Certaine Expedients to

further a Reformation, & yt a

Sollemne renewing of the

Covenant to be, (in Cases like

to ours) not displeasing to God

Wee, being conscious of our

breaking of the tables of ye

Covenant by multiplied Moral

transgressions, with frequent

slighting of the new Testamt

of our Lord and Saviour, with

the most sacred seales of it:

wee do in the feare of God

with selfe condemnings, upon

this day of publick humilia-

tion, wee do, (from ye least

to ye greatest) attend to the

Reading of ye Covenant

& testify our Avouching of

the Lord to be ours &

our childrens forever;

trusting to ye merrits of

Christ, & ye exceeding

riches of Gods grace that

he will Remember his

Covenant made with us

& establish it, & give us all

hearts to feare him & keep

all his Commands allways

for our Everlasting good

for Evermore Amen.


This done, in Conscience of Gods

good will Commended both by the

man of God Moses, Deut. Chap. 26 & 20

Exod. 19 & 20 & Nehemiah Chap. 9 & 10th

for our direction incouragement

& Admonition & ye Rebukes of our Lord.


Abraham Wellman

Sarah Wellman

Isaac Wellman

Hanna Wellman

3 (11) 1684

A Church-Order voted, con-

cerning ye Communicants pay

for ye Lords table Annually, ye

yeare beginneth March 1st 1684/5.

That every one yt have not com-

municated at that time or quarter

hee or she shall pay nothing, &

such as have Communicated a-

bove halfe a yeare they shall

pay but for ye halfe yeare,

yt is ye proportion of Eighteene

pence in silver for a yeare, to

be privately paid to the Deacon,

within the season thereof.

John Bowtall

Rebeccah Nichols

Daniell Eaton

Mary Eaton

John Wesson Junior

vid. p. 30

22 (12) 84


John Lilly

Samuell Lilly

William Eaton

John Eaton

Cornelius Browne

John Browne

Elizabeth Parker

Mary Burnap

19 (21) 85

David Hartshorne

John Bachellor

Ebenezer Bancroft

Matthew Edwards

12 (7) 86

Thomas Bowtall

Joseph Davis

17 (11) 86

Mary Poole

Mary Bancroft

Mary Parker

Elizabeth Browne

Sarai Browne

Sarai Bachellor

Lydia Cutler

Mary Cowdry

Brigett Fitch

Judith Mason

20 (12) 86

John Parker

Samuell Poole

Henrie Bachellor

William Eaton

Samuell Parker

George Tomson

Dugliss Tomson

Thomas Parker

William Cowdry

John Tomson

John Bowtall

Samuell Parker

Benjamin Swayne

Eliz. fflint.

7 (6) 87

Susan Lawrence

Martha Browne

Mary Eaton


Francis Hutcherson

Joshua Eaton


Mary Burnap

Elizabeth Bancroft

Sarah Browne

Richard Harnden

John Nichols

Mary Wesson

Dorcas Gould

Brother Seabred Taylor for some

misdemenour was privately instructed &

warned of the Church, but upon his

sense of God therein, was reconciled and

unanimously taken into favour againe.

Edward Marshall

Marie Smith

Abigael Briggs

Sarah Browne

Nathaniel Parker

James Nicholes

John Burnap

Samuel Damon

David Hartshorne

Jonas Eaton

Elizabeth Felch

Hanna pike

Jonathan Eaton

Timothy Hartshorne

Rebecca Hartshorne

Martha Hartshorne

Thomas Dammon

Lucian Dammon

Mary Taylor

Elizabeth Cowdry

Sarai Cutler

Sarah wesson

Jane lilly

Cornelius Browne

Henry Bellflour

William Arnold Bap:

& accepted.

Susanna Hooper

Mary Cutler

Thomas Barnap

Jeremiah Swayne


John Browne

William Robins

William Eaton

Nathaniel Gowing

Margaret pike

Mary Burnap

Mary Burt Baptized & Confirmed

Joseph Hartshorne

John Eaton Junir

John Woodward

Sarah Woodward

John Parker Junir

Nathaniel Cowdry Junir

James Bowtall Junir

Matthew Edwards

Samuell Smith

Rebeccah Dutton

Benjamin Hartshorn

Elizabeth Hartshorn

Marie Poole

[. . .]9

And Sett them in Joynt againe that have

been through Infirmity overtaken in any

fault amongst us.


(4) Wee will not in ye Congregation be

forward to shew our gifts or parts in

Speaking, nor be ready to disgrace our

Brethrin or discover their faylings, but

attend an orderly Call before wee putt

forth our selves, doing nothing to the

offense of ye Church, but in all things

endeavouring our owne & our Brethrins

edification, & trust God.

(5) Wee further bind our selves in ye strength

of christ to labour how wee may ad-

vance the Gospell, & how wee may

advance the Kingdome of Christ, & how

wee may winne & gayne those yt

are without, & how we may settle

grace & peace among our selves, &

seeke as much as in us lieth the

peace of all the Churches, seeking

ye helpe & Counsell & direction of

other Churches if neede be, not

putting any Stumbling block before

any, but labouring to abstayne from

all Appearance of evill.

Wee do hereby promise to behave &

demeane our selves obediently in all

lawfull things to those that God

hath placed over us in ye Church or

Commonwealth. Knowing that its

our duty not to greive them, but to

Encourage them in their places & in

the Administration of their Charge

that God has committed to them.

(7) Wee resolve in ye same Strength

to approve our selves in our particular

Callings, shuning Idlenes not sloathful

in business, knowing that Idlenes is

ye bane of any Society &c: neither

will we deale hardly or oppressingly

with any wherein wee are the Lords

Stewards, Promising to our best

abillities to Teach our Children

good Knowledge of the Lord that

they may also Learne to serve &

feare him with us, that it may

goe well with them & with us

for ever.


memorand. That those words in the tenth

Line, that is to say, With our Seede

18 (11) 1670 after us in their Generations

were inserted with the consent

of ye Brethren.

Daniel Gould10


Daniel Gould Jun

Samuell Spr^ague

Ebenezer Knight

Ebenezer Parker

Thomas Cutler

David Gould

Epherem Lehelly Larrbee

Abraham Gould

Jacob How

Edward bucknam

Joseph Bryant

Jonathan Griffin

Thomas Burnap11

Jeremiah Swaine

John Brown


William Robins

William Eaton

Nathaniel Gowing

Margaret Pike

Mary Burnap

Joseph Hartshorne

John Eaton Junr

John Woodward

Sarah Woodward

John Parker Junr

Nathaniel Cowdry Junr

James Boutel Junr

Mathew Edwards

Samuel Smith

Rebecca Dutton

Benjamin Hartshorn

Elizabeth Hartshorn

Mary Pool

Mary ^Senr Burt Baptized & Confirmed

2d. 11m. 1687

Voted in the Affirmative that a blame less

person, who by His personall Act professing

his, or Her assent publickly Unto the Christian

faith according to the word of God, Contained in

the Holy Scriptures, & His beleif in God ye father in

Jesus Christ His onely Son, and in His holy Spirit, to

bring him to God, & by renouncing sin, the world,

& Satan, & solemnly taking the Covenant, Accord

ing to the 5th proposition, in the Synod book 6212

as an Expedient for the Church seed to Receive

baptisme for their Children, the which in

Ecclesiasticall Charitable reputation may Evi-

dence His Right & fittness to be baptised himself

& His Children.

8d. 11m. 1687

Richard Temple baptised

Job Lane baptised

Edward Polley baptised & Confirmed

John Tonie Baptised13

June 18. 1688. The Revd Mr John Brocke de


July 1. 1688. J. Pierpont being Invited, preach

ed first at Reading.

Sept. 10. 1688. J. P. was invited to preach engadge in the

work of the ministry in Reading.

June 26. 1689. J. Pierpont was Ordained

Pastor of the Church of Reading.


Persons received in

to ye Church. An. Dom.



July. 7. 1689.

Mercy Hutchenson owned ye Covenant

July 14.

Han̄ah Stearns

and was Baptised.

Mercy Hutchenson.

Aug. 4.

Mary Fish own’d ye Cov: & was Baptised.

Aug. 11.

Eliz. Coudrey

Aug. 25.

Mary &

Burt own’d ye Cov: & wr Baptised.

Han̄ah Duntlin.


Dec. 10.

John Boutel, Abiah Briant, & Jonathan

Sept. 8.

Shubl Stearns

Tompson, Owned the Covent.

Mary Fish.

Febr. 9.

Mary Swain, Eliz. Fitch, Eliz. Goodwin,

Oct. 27.

Andr. Phillips

Eliz. Frothingham, Sar. Bennet, Sar: Townsend

Saml Pool.

Abig. Weston, Abig. Lilly, Jos. Fitch

Sarah Davis.

Saml Weston, Tho. Rist, Reub. Lilly,

John Torie, a black.

owned the Covenant.

Dec. 29.

Willm Eaton

And -

Anna Fitch, Mary Hay, John Swain

Saml Lilly.

Saml Swain, Josiah Hodgman, owned the

Feb. 23.

Eliz. Waltham

Covent & were Baptised.

Sarah Burnet.

Liddea Dix.

_ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __


1690. June 24.

Isaac Southwick

owned ye Cov:


Tho. Stimson - -

& wr Baptis’d.


Timothy Willy.

July. Eliz. Cutler, Deliver: Hobs, Mary Jones; Baptisd.

Job Lane.

Aug. 17.

Hannah Boutel, Sarah Parker,


Jun. 8.

Jos. Dutton

Liddea Kendal. Sarah Streeter,

the Cov.

Liddea Cutler.

Tho. Briant. Saml Dunton.

Ruth. Dunton.

Nov. 23.

John Swain. Tho. Pool.

owned ye

July 6.

Steph. Fish.

Tho. Bancroft. John Goodwin.


Jos. Burnap.

Josh. Davis. - - - - - - - -

David Fox.

NB: Febr. 15. Deacon Fitch ordained.

Mary Burt. Junr

Oct. 5.

Sarah Upton.

Benjamin Swain.

Eben: Bancroft.

Nov. 2.

Thankf. Parker.


Liddea Burnap.

Jan. 11.

Martha Gold.




May 31.

M. Colson publickly Admonish’d for Fornication.

July 27.

Jonath. Pool.

Jun. 7.

Ab. Lilly publickly admonished for Fornication.

Ruth Briant.


Hannah Brown,

Eliz. Pool.

Mehit. Bancroft

Febr. 7.

Phil. Makentire

Rebec. Dunton.

Grace Eaton.

Susan Hartshorn


Sarah Hartshorn.

Eben: Emerson.

Eben. Parker.

Nathan Batchelder.

Nicol. Brown.

Saml Frothingham.

Tho. Davis.

Nath. Warren.

Owned ye Covnt.

Car. ovr 33

brought ovr 3315




Apr. Tab. Pond own’d ye Covent.

Persons received into

the Church.


Miriam Merry

Abig. Rogers

Own’d ye Covenant.


Abig. Gold.

Adam Hart

March 13.

John Cole, Senr.


John Dickerman.

John Upton

own’d ye Cov: and

were Baptised

Rebec. Hamlet.

John Cole

July 22.

Eliz. Newel.

July 21. Benjam.

Larrabee, Baptised.

Sarah Dickermam


Mary Fitch.

Sarah Boutel.

Eliz. Arnold.


the Co


John Dickerman.

Dorcas Burnap.

Hen: Frothingham.

Bethiah Burnap.

Tho. Boutel.

Ana Davis.

Mary Tounsend.

Benj: Burnap.

John Boutel.

Nath. Goodwin.

Kendal Parker.

Joh. Nickols.

Saml Batchelder.

Willm. Briant.

Willm Sawyer.

Abrah. Briant.

Aug. 14.

Elizab. Pierpont.

Oct. 16.

John Pool.

Mary Jones.

Jan. 1.

Mary Eaton.

Eliz. Boutel.




Sarah &


Hartshorn, own’d ye Covenant.


March. 26.

Ruth Eaton.


Deb. Parker.

Mary Parker.

own’d ye Covent.

Oct. 9.

Mary Swain

Mary Merrow.

Deb: Merrow

Sarah Bancroft.


Jos. Damon manifesting Repentance of a Sin he had

Ana Briant.

comited, was accepted.

Eliz. Broun.

Sarah Parker.

Eliz. Russel.

Francis Nurse.

own’d ye Covent.

Sarah Gowing.

Sarah Nurse.

Mary Broun.

Han̄ah Lilly.




Marg. Leeman.

Hephsib. Swain.

John Nickols.

July 1.

John Goodwin.

John Tounsend.

James Pierson.

Tho. Grover.

Thom. Bancroft.

Saml. Broun.

Jos. Carter.

Henery Wilson

July 15.

Mary Pool

Ephraim Broun.

Owned the Covenant.

Ruth Smith.

Josiah Broun

Saml Lambson.

Stephen Johnson


Abig. Boutel.

Mathew Grover, Owned the Covent.

Marg: Leeman



Mary Colson & Abig. Lilly manifesting


Repentance of their Sins were accepted.

Apr. 21.

Bridget Pool.


Joa^nna Jefferds ownd the Covenant.

Abig. Bancroft.

July 7.

Steph. Johns. Admonished for Scandalous Sins

Henery Loomis.

afterwards manifesting Repentence was Loosed.

Jan. 21.




Mary Bancroft.

Tabit. Pierson.

Mary Everit.

Mary Streeter.

Rebec. Eaton.

Mary Lambson.

Rebec. Pierse.

Owned the Covenant.

Feb. 16.

Han̄ah Endicut, Baptised.




Mary Broun.

Tabitha Boutel.

Mehit. Tounsend.

Eliz. Edwards

owned the Covenant.


Carry ovr 66

Brought ovr 66.




Persons received

into the Church.


Mr Jn. Perkins.

Richard Nickols.

John Willey.


Nathanl Parker.

Kendal Briant.

Jonath Bancroft.

June 4.

Marg. Swain.

Saml Damon.

Jonath. Parker.

Owned ye Covent

Peter Hinkson


Sarah Swain.

Susan̄a Goodwin.

Rebec. Arnold.

Stephen Wesson.

Eliz. Eaton.

Joanna Lambson.

Owned ye Covent

Aug. 21.

Eliz. Upham

William Sawyer & Abig. Lilly were admonished

Sarah Bates.

publickly for Fornication.

Sept. 19.

Eliz. Russel

Mary Merrow, & Ana Holden, owned ye Covent.

Han̄ah Eaton.

Sept. 5.

Sarah Hayes, Sarah Grover, Eliz. Grover wr Baptised.

Nov. 28. Anna Fitch.


Sarah Hayes.

Rebec. Bates.

Feb. 27.

Willm. Russel.





Tho. Grov. was admonished for Scandalous evils.

June 26.

Tho. Briant.

Jan. 22.

Confessing his sins he was loosed and accepted.

Aug. 21.

Mrs An: Em̄erson.

June 26.

Jonathan Parker. John Makentire.

Oct. 7.

Sarah Prat.

Edward Broun. Mary Boutel.

Rebecca Upton.

Eliz. Boutel. Owned the Covenant.

Jan. 1.

Joh. Boutel.

Sept. 18.

M. Salmon was publickly admonished

Sarah Boutel.

for the Sin of Drunkenness.

Feb. 26.

John Dix.

Samuel Hart & Sarah Hart, owned the Covent.




Apr. 30.

Sarah Roberts, owned ye Covent & was Baptisd.

March. 12.

Mary Giggles.

July 2.

Deborah Hopkins was Baptised.

Tho. Pool.

Febr. 5.

Tho. Nickols, & John Bancroft, own’d ye Covent.

Apr. 2.

John Going.


Rebec. Nickols. Hannah Elsely, Barbara Elsely,

Ellenor Larrabe.

and Han̄ah Streeter, owned the covent.

- 9.

John Prat.

Oct. 15.

Mrs Reb. Brown.

Deborah Hopkins.

Dec. 24.

Mary Briant.

Mary Batchelder.

Rebec. Davis.

Feb. 4.

Tabitha Goodwin.

Grace Boutel.

Abig. Upham.

Eliz. Hastings.

_______________ _____



March. 31. Wm. Sawyr. manifesting Repentance, was ac-




John Parker.

July 28.

Hannah Can̄ady owned the Covent and was bap-

Elizab. Parker.

tised, with her Children. David Cannady also owned

May 12.

8 sp. Feltch.16

the Covent and was baptised.

Hannah Green.

Aug. 18.

John Ingersol, owned the Covent & was baptised.

June 9.

Dorcas Walden.

Sept. Mary Rich ownd ye Covent. // Abig. Boutel, owned ye Cove

July 7.

Rebec. Parker.

nant, and was baptised. Novemb. Han. Bates own’d the Covenant.

Sept. 1.

Mary Bancroft.

Decemb. 1. Mary Salmon was cast out of the Church for

Mehitab: Parker.

continuing in the Sin of Drunkeness, after publick admo


Han̄ah Can̄ady.


Nov: 3.

Deliver: Parker.

Decemb. 22.

Eliz. Burnap.


Carry over 109.

Brought over 109.




Received into the Church,

April. 13.

Mary Roberts, Ann Roberts, Eliz. Roberts,


Owned the Covenant, and were Baptised.

May 11.

Tabitha Boutel.

May 18.

Mary Damon,

Abigail Parker,

Han: Eaton,

Nicol: Brown.

Sarah Eaton,

Bethiah Parker,

Mary Nickols,

July 13.

Susanna Roberts.

Tabitha Briant,

Thomas Nickols,

Kendal Boutel.

Aug. 10.

Rebec. Pool.

— 25.

Raham Bancroft, James Nickols, Willm Arnold.

- 17.

Priscilla Smith.

Joseph Eaton, Owned the Covenant.

Nov. 2.

Mrs Flint.

June 22.

John Pierson,

Joshua Eaton,

John Foster,

Rebec. Brown.

Joseph Underwood, Owned ye Covenant.

Jan. 11.

Samuel Damon, Junr

- David Hartshorn, and Rebecka his wife were dis-

John Bancroft, Junr

missed to the Church in Norwich.

Sarah Ebbons, Lucy Daman, Dorcas Gold, owned ye Covenant.




Eliz Swain, Mary Harvard, and Mehet. Gold,

March. 1.

Nathaniel Parker,

Owned the Covenant.

Jonathan Parker.


May 31.

Eliz. Boutel.

Samuel Merrow having been guilty of frau-

June, 7.

Mr Peter Em̄erson

dulent dealing and lyeing, the Church sent to

June 28.

Hephs. Pierson.

him to Come to them on May 3. but he came not.

Tabitha Burnap.

May 17. The Church sent for him again, but

Sarah Swain.

he came not. It was then voted by the Church

Mary Parker.

yt he should be admonished for his sins. July 26.

Hannah Sterns.

He was sent for, came, and was admonished.

Aug. 30.

Sarah Broun.

May 31

Judith Bancroft, & Eliz. Eaton, owned ye Covent.

Joseph Hastings.


Eliz. Parker, Martha Emmons. Kendal Goodwin.

Oct. 4. Mary Feltch.

Timothy Willey,

Owned the Covenant.

Nov. 1.

Sarah Tounsend.

Sept. 13.

Rebec Pierson,

Owned tehe Convenant.

Febr. 28.

John Pierson, Junr


Abig. Wellman

Oct. 11.

Hannah Brown, - Nov. 8. Sarah Welman, Own’d Covt.

Nov. 15.

Abig. Ebbons Own’d the Covent & was baptised.


Saml Walton, John Smith

Own’d ye Convenant.

Isaac Smith. Nath. Evens

The last of these was Baptised.


Annis Gowing owned the Covenant.

Febr. 7.

Jonath. Barret, Abig. Barret, Daniel Gold,

own’d ye Covenant. The first of these was Baptis’d.




Apr. 25.

Mrs Jenkinson, owned the Covenant.

Apr. 18.

Sarah Pike.

May. 9.

Mary Jefferds own’d the Covenant.

James Pierson.

Aug. 1.

John Wesson, Tho. Eaton, Ebenezar Daman,

Daniel Snow.

Jonath. Eaton, Eben: Taylor, Own’d ye Covent.

John Tounsend.

Octob. 3.

Marg. Bates, owned the Covenant.

May. 30.

Sarah Bancroft.

Nov. 14.

Ruth Taylor owned the Covenant.

Deborah Temple.

Jan. 2.

Bethyah Williams, own’d Covent and

Thomas Wesson.

was Baptized.

Aug. 1.

Eliz. Cutler.


Susanna Parker, Abigail Daman,

Oct. 24.

Eliz. Wellman.

Sarah Boutell, Susana Boutel,

Dorcas Burnap, & Han̄ah Merry, own’d Covent.

Febr. 20.

Mary Broun.

Febr. 6.

Hannah White, own’d the Covent.

- 20.

Rebecca Hinkson, own’d Covent, and was baptis’d


Carry ovr 142.

Brought ovr 142.




Persons received in-

to the Church.

Apr. 30.

Cather. Smith, & Mary Walton, Own’d ye Covent.

An. Dom. 1704.


May 7.

Naomi Grover, was baptised

— 28.

Anna Foster, & Sarah Foster, were baptised.

March 19.

Anne Roberts.

July 16.

Mary Cann, owned the Publickly manifested Repen-

Apr. 9.

Dorcas Sawyer.

tance of a Sin she had formerly com̄ited, and owned the

Sarah Foster.


May 7.

Jonath. Bennet.

July 30.

Abig. Eaton own’d the Covenant.

Abigail Bennet.

Aug. 1.

Mary Green, (formerly Parker) Dismiss-

June 4.

Tho. Upham.

ed to the Church in Woburn. And

- 25.

Anne Holdin.

Mary Polly, Dismissed to the Church at

July 30.

Martha Parker.

Colchester, in Connect:

Sept. 3.

Mrs Jenkinson.

Aug. 20.

Mary Batchelder, Mary Arnold,

Tabitha Brooks.

Mary Fish, Sarah Fish, & Sarah Daniels,

Oct. 15.

Ruth Tayler.

own’d the Covenant.

Dec. 17.

Richard Bolcher.



Joseph Hartshorn, & Sarah his wife

March. 11.

were Dismissed to the Church in Dedham.

Abigail Garey.

Aug. 12.

Judith Nichols, Sarah Lampson & Phi-

Apr. 15.

Eliz: Batcheldor,

neas Upham, junr. Owned the Covenant.

John Walker.

Sept. 2.

Benjamin Willey, Joseph Daman,

Aug. 19.

Sarah Gold.

Timothy Goodwin, & Ebenezer Nickols, Owned

Sept. 16.

Eliz. Briant.

the Covenant.

Eliz. Makentire.

Octob. 7.

Kendal Pierson, & John Bates, owned

Oct. 26.

Rebec: Pierson

the Covenant.

Mary Nickols.

Nov. 4.

Eben: Daman, Abraham Wesson, Benjam:

Dec: 2.

Tabitha Briant.

Johnson, & James Nickols, own’d the Covenant.

Abig: Eaton.

Nov. 25.

Tim. Hartshorn, Junr Own’d the Covenant.

Joan̄a Lambson.

Miriam Ashfield, was baptised.

Decr. 9.

Judith Bancroft.

Jan. 13.

Susanna Pierson, Mary Boutel, Dorcas Eaton,

Eliz. Eaton.

and Phebe Eaton, Owned the Covenant.

Febr. 10.

John Smith,

Eliz. Smith,

Abig: Hawkins.

John Nickols, junr.



March 31. Eliz: Bacheldor, Eliz: Bancroft,

March. 10.

Barbara Elseley.

Hephsibah Brown, & Eliz: Jefferds, own’d ye Covenant.

Mary Batcheldor.

Apr. 28.

Sarah Lewis, entred into Covenant & was Baptised.

Apr. 14.

William Briant.

June 16.

Mary Pierson, Eliz: Willey, Esther Daman,

May 5.

Bethiah Parker.

and Tabitha Burnap, Own’d the Covenant.

Eliz. Grover.

July 14.

Hannah Wellman, Own’d ye Covent.

Sarah Eaton.

- 28.

Mary Jenkins & Martha Chadwick, entred into Co-

June 2:

Eliz. Lambson.

venant and were baptised.

Aug. 30.

Mary Brown, (wid.)

Mary Nickols.

Rebec: Briant.

Jos: Underwood.

Sept. 22.

Susan̄a Parker.

Oct. 20.


Sarah Batcheldor.

Hannah Batcheldor.

Eliz: Cutler.


Carry over 187.

Brought ovr 187


Receiv’d into ye Church.

Oct. 20.

Phebe Brown.

Han̄ah White.

Jonathan Eaton.

Dec. 15.

Nathan: Goodwin

Ebenezer Em̄erson.

Jan. 26.

Kendal Goodwin.



Apr: 4.

Phebe Rise.

May. 23.

John Layton, own’d the Covanant.

May. 25.

Kendal Parker.

June, 8.

Mary Gold, own’d the Covenant.

July. 20.

Tho: Taylor.

- 22.

Eliz: Dix, owned the Covenant.

Aug. 24.

Mary Taylor.

July. 6.

Joseph Parker, Eben: Parker, &

Sept. 21.

Mrs. Sarah Hart.

Timothy Manning, Own’d ye Covenant.

Nov. 23.

Martha Makentire.

Oct. 26.

Saml. Lewis, Entred into Covenant, &

Dec. 7.

Susanna Broun

was Baptised.


Hannah Garey.

Jan. 4.

Jane Belcher, & Mary Grover,

Jan. 4.

own’d the Covenant.

NB. Dec. 31.

Tho: Boutel, was chosen Dea-


____________ ___________ ___________

____________ ____________

1708 May 23:

Eliz. Harndel, was Baptised.

March. 21.

Saml. Holdin.

June. 12.

Mary Eaton own’d the Covenant.

Thomas Nickols, junr.

Sept. 5.

John Lambson, Thomas Burnap,

June 27.

Joseph Daman.

Mercy Daman, & Sarah Burnap,

July 25.

Ruth Parker.

own’d the Covenant.

Samuel Parker, (Lyn)

NB. Sept. 12.

Thomas Boutel was

Aug. 8.

Susana Pierson.

ordained a Deacon of ye Church.

Judith Nickols.

Oct. 3.

Tho. Eaton, (Lyn) own’d the Covenant.

Sept. 12.

Abigail Nickols.

Nov. 7.

Rachel Atwol, Baptised.

Oct. 18.

Sarah Wellman.

Dec. 26.

Mary Stimson, entred into Cove-

nant and was Baptised.

________ ___________ __________ ___________

___________ __________


Apr. 17.

Mary Jenkins.

Apr. 3.

Mary Knight, own’d the Covenant.

——— 17.

Rebekah Miller, own’d the Covenant.


Eliz. Boutel and Susan̄a Pond, own’d

the Covenant.


The Reverend Mr. Jonathan

Total facit. 210

Pierpont Departed this Life


on ye 2 June 1709.—— —— —– ——19


Apr. 22nd R: Brown upon invitation given, first


preached at Reading.

& accepted ye call yr given him to ye pastoral office in

yt Church about ye 12th of Septembr, & ws admited in

to ys Chh ye Sabbath before his ordination.

R: Brown ws ordained pastor of ys Church June 25th 1712.


John Burnap and his wife both admited membrs of ys Church

1712 July 6th

^ upon yr Request to ys Church, wr orderly dismist

& recom̄ended to ye Church of Christ at Windham.

Persons yt have owned ye

Persons Received into


Church fellowship

since I ws ordained — viz:


Augt 10th. John Merrow Junr.


July 20 Shubael Stearns.

Augt 24 Samuell Stearns (Lyn)

Aug 24th Samll Ste

Sept: 28

Elizabeth Boutel.

Augt 24th Mary wife of Jo: Eaton

Novr 16

Joshua Felt.

Sept: 28

Kendal Pearson & Lydia his

wife (Lyn)

Deacon Thomas Bancroft Stone, Wakefield, Mass. Cemetery. Courtesy First Church of Wakefield, Mass.

Rev. Jonathan Pierpont Stone, Wakefield, Mass. Cemetery. Courtesy First Church of Wakefield, Mass.

Novr: 23d

John Slaughter.

Dorcas Gold Brown

Decr: 28th

Sarah Jeffords. &

Nath: Stone

Mary Eaton (Lyn)

Elizabeth Bancroft &

Jany 4th.

Mary Libbey (Lyn)

Mary Briant.

Feby 15th

John Roby

Novr: 23.

Timothy Hartshorn junr

Jonathan Gowing.

Joshua Felt.

Elisabeth Nickols.

& Sarah Felt.



Decr: 28

Joseph Eaton

March 8th

Caleb Taylor

Esther Gowing

Thomas Parker

Jany 24th

Matthew Grover &

Thomas Wesson

Mercy Damon.

Joseph Arnold.

Hannah Bates.


A record of Such as have own’d

A record of Such as


ye Covenant. - - -

are received in ye Church.


Elizabeth Cowdrey &


May 24

Elizabeth Damon.

Feb: 8th.

Samuell Dix.

June 14

Thomas Green (Maldon)

Timothy Goodwin

Augt 2.

Mary Eburn (Lyn)

James Smith

Sept 13

Abigail daughtr of Ens: Parker.

Mary wife of Samll Brown.

Sarah daughtr of Abra: Bri: Junr

Eliz: wife of Tim: Goodwin.

Hannah Daman


Abigail Wright.

March 8th

Nathaniel Batchelder.

Octo: 11.

Benjamin Damon

Abiel Goodwin.

Obediah Parker

May 24th

Lamuel Lewis and

John Lilley.

Sarah Lewis his wife, &


24 John fish &

Lucy ye wife of K: Boutel.

Mary ye wife of Jno Fish.

May 31

Caleb Taylor.

Feb 7th

Tabitha Goodwin

July 12.

Wm Batchelder.



Augt 16

Thomas Green (Mauldon)


May 9th

Susanna Cowdrey

Augt 30th

Eliza: wife of Nath:

July 25

Issabell Hays &


Parker Junr.

Joannah Phillips

Sept 13th

Ephraim Chandler.

Janry 16.

Abigail Hodgman.

Octobr 11th

Hannah Eaton.


Nov: 8th

Samuell Leman &


Thomas Parker.

April 24th

Thomas Hutchinson &

Elizabeth his wife

Novr 15

Hepsibah Brown.

Mary Slaughter



Sarah Slaughter. (Lyn)

April 4th

John Batchelder.

May 8.

John Dickerman.

June 27th

Jonathan Nickols.

Augt 15th

John Stearns.

Naomi Grover

Mary Boutell.

A Record of Such as have own’d

A Record of Such as are [42]

ye Covenant.

recieved into ye Church


1715 June 15

Martha Williams

Sept 12th

Anna Brown

July 31

Jonathan Hibbard

Sept 26

Ens: Jonathan Parker.

Ruth Fish &

Janr 19th

Eliz: wife to Jonath: Nikols

Sarah Grover (of Charl:T:)


Ap: 17th


Susannah Harndel.

Augt 14

Abigail Hadly wife

May. 1.

Samuel Bancroft.

of Anthony Hadley. &

May 22.

Martha (wife of Nath: Gowing)

Mary Holden.

Jun: 5th

Mary Eaton.

Sept: 11th

Hannah daughtr of Henry

June 15th

Timothy Baldwin senr

Green of Charlestown &

Tho: Cutler junr of Charlest: End

Sarah Bancroft ye wife of S: B:

own’d ye Covenant.

June 28

D: Nath Larenie (dismist from ye


chh of Groton) ws recd to or Com̄)

May 6th:

Samll Foster ownd ye

July 17th

Mary wife of Zac: Howard

Cove: & ws baptized.

Eliz: Harndell

May 27th

Martha Hartshorn ownd ye Covent.

Augt 17th

Ebenezar Parker

1718 Augt 24th

Jonathan Gawing

Anna ye wife of Eben:

Joanna Goold.

Knight of Charlstown End

Sept 18th

Joseph Parker.

ownd ye Covenant.

Novr 13th

Samll Hart.



April 29th

Benjamin Burnap.

Benjamin Bigsby &

Martha Bigsby his wife.

Timothy Maning & his wife

Susanna Maning.

Ruth Upham of Charlst: End.

May 13th

Kendal Boutell.

John Wiley.

Samuell Lambson

Benjamin Daman

Thomas Upham Junr

Dorkas ye wife of John Wiley

Mercy ye wife of Benj: Daman


Those yt have ownd ye Covet:

A Record of yos who are [44]

received into ye Church.


May 27

Isaac Smith. & his wife

Mary Smith his

Ann Nickols.

Abigail Taylor.


Elizabeth Upham.

June 10th

Elizabeth ye wife of Eben:

June 10th

Kendal Briant.

Daman Senr.

Raham Bancroft of Reading

Susanna Daman.

June 24th

John Layton.

July 8th.

Mercy Fish

July 15th

John Bates

Abigail Roberts

Mary Cole wife of Jno Cole

Elizabeth Taylor.

Sarah ye wife of Step: Wesson Junr.

July 15th

Hannah daughtr of Jno Eaton

Mary ye wife of Nath: Goodwin.

Sarah Furbush

Sept 2nd:

Elizabeth Taylor

Octobr 28th

Sarah Goold of C:T: End.

Sarah Furbush.


Octobr: 7th

Abigail Aburn

Novr 11th

Mary Wesson.

Feb. 10th

Esther Pool.

Dorkas Burnap.


June 16th

Tabitha Brown.

Feb: 2nd.

Thomas Cutler (Charlstown)


& Hannah Green of Malden.

March 23d

Ebenezer Nicols

Feb: 9th

Mehetable Daman

July 21

Mr Jonathan Pierpont

Hannah Wesson

Augt 18th

Thomas Nicols Junr

Sarah Briant.

Novr 3d

Sarah Hawks (Lynn)

Janry 5th

Joannah Phillips.

Feb: 9th

Mary Phillips (Charlest=End.)

& Lydia Bancroft dismist from21 New

bury West Chh: to us.


Carry ovr 96

Those yt have owned ye Cove:

A record of Such as are [46]

recd into full Communion.



March 2nd

Judeth wife of Jno Goold

March 30th

Jonathan Pool Junr

junr of Charlstown End.

May 11th

Joel Jenkins.

Sept 14th

John Brown 3d



Mr. Nathaniel Henchman

Augt 24.

Anna ye wife

Edward Brown

of Ebenezer Knight ownd

Benjamin Pool

ye Covenant.

Sarah wife of Danll Goold Senr.



Sarah, wife to Edwd Brown



Hannah Hay.

Sarah Nicols.

Elizabeth Parker.



Hannah Walton



Mary Fish.

Ruth Fish.



Lydia Eaton &

Anna Knight (Charlst:)



Daniell Goold Senr.



Ebenezer Knight

Daniel Goold junr.





Elizabeth Baldwin



Tho: Burt senr aged 79 yrs.


William flint &

Abigail his wife



Naomi Holding.



Mary Eaton aged 77

Sarah Prat.



Mary wife of Jno Fish.


Ann ye wife of Ensign

Jonathan Parker.

Mary Flint.


brout ovr persons recd to Comn: 124 [48]

Those yt have

A record of yos yt are recd: into

ownd ye Covenant.

full Communion


Augt 9th

Rebecca Prat.

Sept 20th

Bethiah wife to Benj: Pool

Novr 8

Mary ye wife of Tho: Rich:



May 22

Judeth Goold of Charls:T. End

June 12

Phoebe Nichols.

Augt 14

Mehetable Briant.

Sept 11

Ann Merrow.


Elizabeth Pool

Ruth Boutel.

Mary Burnap

Rebecca Burnap.

Octobr 19

Anna Emerson


Elizabeth Cowdry.

Susanna Cowdry.


John Merrow Junr.

Tabitha Goodwin

Mary Boutell

Mary Goodwin

Judeth Pool

Tabitha Boutell.

Novr 27th

Susanna Tounsend

Abigail Roberts.

Janry 1.

William Hay & Abigail

his wife added to ys Chh.

by yr dismission from ye

first chh: in Marblehead

to us, Signify’d by Letter

to us Signd by yr Pastor,

& by ye unanimous vote

of ys Chh: receiving ym

under or watch & care, & to

or Com̄union.


The Covenant of ye ^first Chh in Reading, being in a loose

papr, wc is liable to be Shatterd & lost, & I thinking

it might be a Service to ye Chh to have it inserted

in ys book for its bettr Security, did Janry 1. 1720

ask ye Chh leave to record it here, wc

they agreed unto by a silential vote. And

accordingly I have faithfully recorded it on

ye following leaf. - Rd Brown.

A coppy of ye covenant made at ye Gathering of ye first


chh: in Reading, ^in New England, about ye yr 1644.



We whose names are undr written, do Covenant wth ye Ld &

one with an other, & do Solemnly bind ors before ye Ld

and his people, yt we will, thrû ye help of Christ strengthening of

us, walk aftr ye Ld in all his ways, according as he has

traced them out to us in his word of grace & truth. &

1. We Avouch ye Ld to be or God, & give our selves (wth

our seed aftr us in their Generations) to be his people,

in ye truth & Sincerity of or hearts.

2. We give up our-selves to ye Ld Jesus Christ, to be ruled

& guided by him in ye mattrs of his worship, & in our whole

conversation, Acknowledging him not only or alone Sa

-viour, but also or King to reign & rule ovr us, & our

Prophet and Teacher by his word & Spirit, forsakeing

all othr Teachers & doctrines wc he has not Com̄anded: &

we wholly disclaim or own Righ: in po^int of Justifica

tion, & look at it as a menstruous Cloath; & do cleave

unto him for Righteousness & life, grace, & glory.

3. We do farther promise by ye help of Christ to walk

with our brethren & Sisters of ye Congregation, in

ye Spirit of brotherly love, watching over them &

careing for them; Avoiding all Jelousies, Suspitious

backbiteings, censurings, quarrelings, & Secret riseings

of heart against them; forgiving & forbareing, &

yet Seasonably admonishing & restoreing them by

a Spirit of meekness; And Sett them in Joynt again

that have been thrû infirmity overtaken in any

fault among us.

4. We will not in ye Congregation be forward to Shew our

gifts or parts in Speaking, nor be ready to disgrace our

brethren or discover yr failings, but attend an orderly call be

-fore we put forth our selves, doing nothing to ye the

offence of ye Church, but in all things ende

-avouring our own & our brethrens edification

& trust in God.


5. We farther bind our selves in the Strength of Christ

to labour how we may advance the gospel, and how

we may advance the Kingdome of Christ, & how we

may winn & gain them yt are without, and how

we may Settle grace and peace among our selves,

and Seek as much as in us lieth the peace of all

the Churches; Seeking the help, & counsel & direction

of other Churches if need be, not puting any Stumbling

-block before any, but labouring to abstain from

all appearance of evill.

6. We do hereby promise to behave and demean our-

selves obediently in all lawfull things to those yt

God hath placed over us in ye Church and Com̄on

-wealth: Knowing yt its our duty not to grieve

them, but to incourage them in their places, and in

ye administration of yr Charge yt God hath

committed to them.

7. We resolve in ye Same Strength to approve ourselves

in our particular callings, Shuning idleness, not Sloth

-full in buisness, knowing yt idleness is ye bane of

any Society &c: Neither will we deal hardly or

oppressingly with any wrin we are the Lords

Stewards: Promising to our best abillities to

teach our Children the good knowledge of the

Lord, yt they may also learn to Serve & fear

him with us, yt it may go well with them &

with us forever.



A List of The Names of ye brethren & Sistrs Now belonging

to ye first Chh: in Reading, taken this 3d day of

January Anno 1720/21. here followeth.

A Chatelogue of ye brethren & Sisters, in full Com̄union

in ye Ch first Chh of Reading, here under followeth.22

1 S. Richard Brown pastor, Mary ye wife of Jno Fish.


& Martha his wife.

Joseph Eaton &

2 D. Thomas Boutell &

Mary his wife.

Abigail his wife.

Samuell Lilley &

3 D. Thomas Nichols &

Hannah his wife.

Rebecca his wife.

Jeremiah Sweayn &

Joel Jenkins

Sarah his wife

John Tounsend. &

John Merrow Junr.

Sarah his wife.

Deliverance wife of Jno merrow senr.

Thomas Bancroft &

Ann ye wife of Jno merrow Junr.

Mary his wife.

Nathaniell Parkr: Junr

Lydia Bancroft.

Eliz: his wife.

Sarah Bancroft, Widdow.

Widdow Sarah Briant

Samuell Bancroft &

Nathaniell Stow.

Sarah his wife.

Sarah Briant.

Raham Bancroft &

Mehetabell Briant

Abigail his wife.

James Nichols

Stephen Wesson &

Sarah Nichols

Sarah his wife.

Joseph Burnap.

Phebe Rice.

& his wife.

Joseph Daman &

Thomas Pool &

Mary his wife.

Rebecca his wife.

Kendal Goodwin &

Nathaniel Parker senr.

Mary his wife.

and his wife.

Hannah Wesson.

Samuell Daman &

Mary Feltch.

his wife.

Mary Wesson Widdow.

Widow Grace Boutell.

Joanna Wesson.

Tabitha Boutell.

John Parker &

Samuel Lambson &

Eliz: his wife.

Eliz: his wife.

Widdow Parker

Jonathan Parker &

Deborah Temple

Barbary his wife.

John Boutel &

Joanna Nichols.

Sarah his wife.

Jonathan Nichols &

Sarah Foster.

Phebe his wife.

Abigail Nichols.

Nathaniell Batchelder

Joseph Parker &

& Hannah his wife.

Eliz: his wife.

Timothy Hartshorn senr

and his wife.

Timothy Hartshorn Junr

Eben: Emerson.

& Mary his wife.

40 42.

Eliz: ye wife of Steph: Parker.

Thomas Wesson.


Goodwife Roberts.

Benjamin Pool.

Dorkas Brown.

Widdow Jeagles.

Abigail Roberts.

Thomas Nichols.

Sarah Pool.

& Mary his wife.

John Woodward

Capt Jonathan Pool

and his wife.

& Bridget his wife.

Petr Emerson &

Timothy Wiley Senr

Anna his wife &

& his wife.

Anna yr daughtr.

John Wiley

Mary Burt.

& his wife.

John Prat.

Mary Wiley.

& his wife. &

John Smith

Sarah Prat yr daughtr.

& his wife.

Widdow Brown

James Smith & Abigail his wife

John Batchelder:

Dea: Francis Smith.

and his wife.

Isaac Smith

widdow Batchelder.

& his wife

Ebenezer Nichols

Timothy Goodwin

and his wife.

& his wife.

John Dix

Mrs Pierpont

& his wife.

Mr Jonathan Pierpont.

Lt Sweayn

Wm Briant &

and his wife.

Rebecca his wife.

Ruth Boutell.

Benja: Burnap

Lt Hananiah Parker

& Eliza: his wife

& his wife.

Mary Hodgman

Ebenezer Parker

Kendal Boutell

& his wife.

& Lucy his wife.

Susanna Touns End

Mary Boutell

Susanna Brown

Dea: Jno Goodwin

Anna Brown

& his wife.

Edward Brown

Tabitha Goodwin

and his wife.

Mary Goodwin

John Brown.

Wm Hay &

& his wife.

Abigail his wife

Mary wife to Samll Brown

Rebecca Davis widdow.

Sergt Tho: Burnap.

John Nichols Senr

& his wife.

& his wife.

Mary Burnap &

John Nichols Junr

Rebecca Burnap.

Dorkas Briant, widdow

Jonathan Pool

Kendal Briant

& Esther his wife.

& his wife.

Tabitha Briant

43. 43.

Thomas Damon

Joshua Felt


& his wife.

Jos & his mothr.

Mary Eaton.

Sarah Hawks.

Lydia Eaton.


Jonathan Eaton


& his wife.

membrs of or Chh: in or

Lt Kendal Parker

Mauldon Neighbourhood. viz

& his wife.

Thomas Upham

Widdow Taylor

& his wife.

Widow Brown

Eliz: Upham

Widow Cowdry.

ye wife of Richrd Upham

Tabitha Cowdry

Thomas Green &

Susanna Cowdry

his wife.

Elisabeth Cowdry.

ye wife of James Taylor

Mary Fish


Ruth Fish




Membrs of ys Chh: in or Charlstown


neighbourhood. viz.



Widdow Goold.



Daniel Goold Senr.


All yes belong to Reading

& his wife


Danll Goold Junr

Membrs of ys Chh: belonging

and his wife.

to Lyn: End not yet dismist from23

Mary Phillips.

us are yes following viz:

ye wife of James Hay.


D: Laurance & his wife.

Lt Jno Pool &

Ebenezer Knight

Mary his wife.

& his wife

Judeth Pool.

John Houlden

Sarah Bates.

and his wife

Kendall Pierson

Naomi Holden.

& Lydia his wife

Thomas Gary’s wife.

Rebecca Williams.

Widow Belcher.

Samll Hart.

Joanna Lawrance

Sarah Hart.

Mercy Parker.

Shubael Stearns

Judeth Goold.

Hannah Walton.

ye wife of Jno Goold Junr

William Russel of S: Village

Timothy Bauldwin

& Elizabeth his wife.

& his wife.

William Batchelder.

Mrs Hay.

Goody Welman.

Hannah Hay

Isaac Welman & his

Mrs Abigail Gary

his wife.

goody Cutler.







In all ye Total is.


persons yt ownd ye Covenant

prsons received to full Com̄u:


nion since I came.





Dec: 15

Sarah Hull ownd ye

Feb: 12

Abraham Smith &

Cove: & ws baptized.

Elizabeth Smith, his wife.


March 26.

Susannah Hartshorn.

Ap: 3d

Elizabeth Gary

May 14

Nath: Cowdry & his wife.

Mehetabel Cowdry.

June 4

Elizabeth Nichols &

Anna Emerson

Elizabeth Emerson.


Margaret Allin.

July 16

Ivory Upham

Hannah Burnap:


Rebecca Bucknam (charlest:)

Octo: 29

Rebecca Prat &

Rebecca Batchelder.

Decr: 10

Abigail Briant.

Janry 21

John Sweayn

Tho: Cutler Junr

John Touns End Junr



March 4th

Ebenezer Daman &

Dorcas Daman his wife.

Ap: 1

Heph=zibah Woodward.

Jun: 3

Sarah Boutell.

July 8th

Mary Goodwin &

Eliz: Parker.

Octo: 21

Stephen Wesson 3d

Sarah Welman.

Janry 19

Tabitha Brown



March 10th

Ruth Boutel wife of T: Boutel


Richrd Nicols.

June 16

Joannah Wal Prat Prat.

Those yt have ownd ye

Those yt are received



to full Comunion.


Decm: 31: 1724

brout ovr — 177

Eliza: Gary wife

Augt. 4th

Elizabeth Prat. &

to John Gary of

Susannah Upham.

Charlst: End.


Mary Sweayn.

Augt. 7th. 1726.

Octob: 1

Joseph Wesson.

Mary ye wife of

Novr 17

Joannah Wesson.

Jo Walton ownd ye

Decm. 1.

Isaac Welman

Covenant & ws baptizd.

Mary Welman


Ephraim Wesson


Brown Emerson



Mar: 1.

Thomas Eaton


James Wesson

Elias Smith

Apll 5th

John Parker Junr. &

Sarah Parker his wife

May 17th

Stephen Wesson Junr

June 7th

Thomas Wiley.

July 5th

Sarah Evins.

Augt. 23d

Joseph Bancroft

Sept. 19th

Benjamin Brown

Novr: 8th.

Ruth Bancroft.



Mar: 7.

Timothy Pratt.

Ap: 11

Elizabeth Gary wife

to Jo Gary.

Ap: 18.

Abigail ye wife of

Samuell Nichols dis

mist from25 Wenham &

recievd to or watch & Com



Prsons received


into full Comunion


brought ovr 199.


June 6:

Elizabeth Goold wife

of Benj. Goold. Charls:

Feb: 27th

Ruth Lambson. She

N. B.

makes up. 201.



Mar: 13th

Benjamin Parker

Jonathan Woodward

Do. 27th.

John Daman.

James Townsend.

May. 1.

Nathaniell Emerson

Hepsibah Emerson.

Ebenezer Wesson

Do 22nd

Do. 22nd

Benjamin Smith

Elizabeth Smith his W.

Sarah Wesson.

Augt. 7th

Timothy Wesson &

Abigail his wife

Sept: 18th

John Walton &

Mary his wife &

Abigail Smith.


Mrs Deborah Brintnall

Octob: 9th

Benjamin Wesson

Unice Wesson.


Hannah Nichols, w: to T: Nich.

Decm. 18th

Lidia ye wife of Nath: Eaton.

Jan: 15th

Eben: Nichols junr &

Susanna his wife.

Feb: 26.

Nathaniell Eaton.


Carry ovr 224

Those yt ownd ye Covenant.

Prsons recd. to full Com̄union.




Brought ovr     224.

Mar: 26th.

Elizabeth Merrow.

May 7th

Isaac Wesson

Decm: 10th

Timothy Pool & his wife

Decm: 10th.

Sarah Sawyer.

Elizabeth Pool.

Eliza: Stimpson


James Brown.

Eliza: Batchelder


Benjamin Southerick.

Hannah Batchelder

Samuel Salter.


Rd Upham dismist

Josiah Walton.

from Mauldon &

John Pratt:

recd. here.

Mary Nichols.

Do. 28th.

Thomas Burnap &

at a chh meetg

Sarah Burnap.

yes 27 recd

Joseph Bryant &

Sarah Bryant

Anna Pierpoint

Lucy Emerson

Jane Emerson

Eliza: Batchelder

Rebec: Boutell

Dorkas Boutell.

Josiah Brown

Samuell Pratt.

Phineas Parker

Eliza. Towns End.

Mary Parker

Hannah Boutell

Bethiah Burnap.

Abraham Goold. &

Mary Goold.

William Cowdry

Mary Cowdry.

Jonathan Temple


Carry over 252

persons yt ownd ye Cove:

Persons reciev’d into ye Church




Brought over 252.


Decm: 31.

David Green.

Decm: 28.

John Temple

John Nichols.

Tabitha Townsend

Sarah Parker

Elizabeth Wesson

Tabitha Cowdry

Elizabeth Lambson

Mary Cowdry

Kendall Bryant.

Dorkas Damon

Jan: 18th.

John Poole.

Anna Bryant.

John Eaton

@ a chh

Jan: 7th.

Mary Parker


Thomas Bancroft junr

yes 16 wr

Rebecca Parker


Nathaniell Goodwin.

ye Chh

Sarah Wesson

mett @

John Batt.

ye Pastrs

Rebecca Cowdry


Abigail Nichols


Susanna Brown

of ye Extrem

Sarah Bates.


Symond Stow.

Hannah Walton


Ruth Joy.

Joannah Jeffords

James Nichols 3d.

Rebecca Davise

Joanna Nichols

David Green.

Anna Burnap

Edward Bucknam

William Batt.

James Nichols junr.


Abigail Gowing

Elizabeth Hartshorn

Mary Lambson

Rebecca Mellandi.

Isaac Burnap

Phebe Temple

Sarah Parker


Ruth Smith

Carry over 273

Susanna Jeffords

Ebenezer Foster

Mary Hawks

Mary Brown



& Susanna


Persons yt ownd ye Cove:


Persons admit: to Com:


Brought over 273.


Jan: 28.

Mary Hawks

Mar: 14.

Mary Holden.

Jonathan Lilley

Sarah Parker.

John Burnap

Martha Townsend

Sarah Pool.

Mary Stimpson

Mary Smith

Dorkas Brown

Sarah Smith

Samuell Batchelder

Rebecca Bryant

Ebenezer Parson

Elizabeth Goodwin

Jonathan Griffin

Feb: 11th:

John Bryant

Sarah Griffin

Martha Burnap

Elizabeth Burnap

Elizab: Smith

Mary Lilley.

Abigail Goold.

Thomas Sweayn

Mary Adams.

David Goold.


Eliz: wife of Davd. Goold

Elizab: Goold.

Priscilla a negro of

Elizabeth Merrow

Justice B: Pools

Daniell Nichols.


Susanna Brown

Mar: 3d.

Mary Bancroft

Ann Taylor

Jabez Temple

Joanna Nichols

Nath: Parker 3d.

Eben. Parker of R:

Thomas Rice.

Hannah Parker.

Joseph Daman.


William Bryant


Samuell Brown

Thomas Nichols.

Samuell Bancroft.

Ap: 21

Benj: Swain &

Elizabeth Brown

Sarah Swi^an his wife.

Susannah Goold

Sarah Wesson.

Abigail Damon.


Benjamin Wiley

James Nichols 3d.


Carry over — 301


Persons yt owned


persons recieved

the Covenant.

to full Com̄union.

Brout over     301


June 2nd.

Wm Johnson ownd ye

May 19

Timothy Nickols.

Cove: & ws Baptized.

June 2nd

Hannah Cutler

Sept: 1.

Sarah May.

Rebecca Boutel

Phebe Gary.

July 7th

Mary Williams.

Hannah Charnock

John Burnap.

Mary Gary


Hannah wife of Tho. Cutler

Priscillah Griffin.

Mary wife to Tho: Green

Hannah Tompson of Woburn

Novr. 17

Hannah Grover:

Sarah Parker &

Mary Nickols

Octo: 27th

Mehetable Nichols

Mar: 2nd.

Unice Green.

Novr: 17

Samll. Lambson junr.

Apl: 20th.

Abigail ye wife of

Jan: 5.

Abigail Brown

of Lyn

Tho: Gary Junr of Stonh:

Joannah Crocker

May 11th.

Phebe ye wife of Noah

Eliz: Richardson. of Woburn




Augt. 10th.

Annah Swain &


Hepzibah Swain.

Mar: 2

Thomas Gary

Jonathan Dix

June 8th

Eben: Felch

Lydia Felch


Ephraim Brown

Augt. 24

Elizabeth Smith

Ruth Smith

Octo: 26th

Abigail Parker.

Elizabeth Pool.

Mary Lambson

Feb: 1:

Simon Stow

Samuell Salter


Carry over - 328


Persons yt have


Brought over Persons


ownd ye Covenant.

recd. to Com̄union. 328.

Feb: 8th.

Elizabeth Green.

Feb: 22nd

Martha Brown


Sarah Parker

July 5th

Elizabeth Lambert



Janrt. 24th.

Mary Wiley.


____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Mar: 8th.

Benje Hartshorn

The26 Reverend Mr


Jabez Temple

Richard Brown Depart=

Mary Adams

=ed this Life on ye 20

Joanna Cowdry

October 1732 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

May 3d.

Unice Pool.


Augt 29.

Elizabeth Hinkson

James Brown




Mar: 25.

Benjamin Chaplin

May 16.

Rebecca Pool. recd

by dismiss: from27 L. End.

June 13.

Joseph Eaton Junr.

Augt 29.

Elizab: his wife

by dismission from28 Lynn.

Feb: 6.

Hannah Swain.

Dorothy Merrow



Margarett All

Wm Glenne

Mary Glenne

Augt. 13th

James Parker








William Hobby was Invited to preach at Reading Decr 17: 1732

to ye Pastoral Office May 1st: 1733

Which Invitation he Accepted on ye Latter

End of June next following & was Ordaind

Pastor of ye first Church in Reading Sepr 5th: 1733

The Churches whose Assistance was Asked were ye following Ten

The O North to wch he belonged, ye New North, ye N Brick these in

Boston, ye Church of Cambridge, ye Church of Malden, ye Church of

Lynn, ye Church of Lynn End ye Church of Woburn ye Church

of Stoneham ye Second Church in Reading - -

The Service of ye Day was Carryed on in ye following Manner

Mr Emerson of Malden began wth Prayer, Mr Appleton of

Cambridge preach’d from those words in 2d Timo 2d Ch 21v — After

which Mr Wellstead of Boston prayed Mr Webb of Boston

Gave the Charge, and Mr Putnam of Reading ye right hand

of Fellowship — the Psalm propos’d & a Blessing given by

ye Ordained, May he Obtain Mercy from ye Ld & be found faithfull.

Persons who have Own’d ye Covenant

Persons recd to full Communion


Since the Ordination of Mr Wm Hobby.


Octo 21st:

Mary Wiley

Decr 9th:

Ruth Upham


Phoeby Eaton

Jany: 13th:

Mary Mansfeild

Mary Walton

Feby: 10th:

Samll Wesson

Wm Bancroft


Noah Eaton

March 24

Anna Parker


May 5th:

John Smith Deacn:

Sepr 22d

John Wesson

Thomas Temple

Novr 17th:

Samll Bancroft Junr

Decr: 8th:

Isaac Burnap


Robt Thompson

Abigail his wife.

Jany: 5th

Susannah Foster

Sarah Emerson

Elisabeth Wesson

Feby: 23d

Abigail Bacheller


March 23d

Hannah Parker

Apll 20th.

Ruth Bryant

May 4th:

Daniel Emerson

Jonas Eaton

Mary Cowdry

Lydia Parker


1735. Persons yt have Own’d ye Covenant.

Persons Recd: to full Communion



Brôt over


June 1st:

Martha Upham

Ruth Upham

June 29th

Joseph Dammon Junr

July 27th

Mary Eaton

Augt 3d

James Townsend & Eliza: his

wife dismist from Wilmington.

Octo: 19th: Chester Negro Servt: of

Octo: 19t

Joseph Underwood

Deacon Boutell ownd ye Covt:

Robt: Laith

and was baptis’d.

Novr 2d:

Jeremiah Sweyn Junr

- 16th:

Henry Merrow

Abigail his wife

Jona Parker Junr


March 14th Primus Negro

March 28

James Goodwin

Servt: of Mr Joseph Dammon

Jona: Nicoll

Ownd ye Covt & was baptizd.

Josh: Parker

Apl: 4th:

Eliza: Dammon

May 2d

Ruth Nicolls

Mary Nicolls

David Bancroft

Thos: Burnap

May 30th Ruth Bancroft wife to

June 13th

Ruth Bancroft wife [of] Raham

Mr: Raham Bancroft Own’d ye

July 4th

Martha Parker

Covt: and was Baptis’d

Augt 1st:

John Boutell Junr

Anna Parker

Sepr 19th

Ann Hutchinson

Mary Nicolls

Octo: 10th:

Timo: Burnap

Dorcas Gold

Decr 5th:

Nath: Brown


Jona: Eaton

Sarah Parker


1737. Persons yt have Own’d ye Covenant.

Recd: to full Communion


brôt forward     3

bro’t forward


Feby: 13th Timothy Bryant and

Jany: 16th:

Jeremy Bryant

Susanna his wife then Ownd ye Covt:

Feby: 13th

Timo: Wiley

John Nicolls



March 6th:

Wm Johnson

Jona: Forster

Isaac Smith

Mehitebel Parker


Edmund Bancroft

Apl: 3d:

Richd: Temple

Joseph Boutell

Eliza: Johnson

Eliza: Bisco

Abigail Walton

Anna Smith.

May 15: Reuben Horton Ownd ye Covt:

May 1st:

Rebecca Barrett

& was baptis’d.


Eliza: Smith

Katherine Smith

Primus, Negro man.

June 26

Nathll Bancroft

July 3d:

Jonathan Boutell &

Eliza: his Wife

Augt: 7th:

Ruth Burnap

- 21st:

Jeremy Brown

Anna his wife

Nathll: Bacheller

Mary Sweetser

Sepr 11th:

John Woodward Junr.

Lydia Mansfield

Octo: 9th:

Mary Vinten

Feby: 26 Wm: Green & Eliza: his wife


Mary Bryant

Ownd ye Covt: & were Baptis’d

Decr 11th:

Joshua Bancroft

Jany: 29

Eason Dix



Samll. Nicols

March 19th

Rose a Negro Servt of Benja:

March 19

Sarah Pool

Brown Ownd ye Covt: & was Baptisd.

Apl 2d

John Walton Junr.

May 7th:

Jotham Walton

Eliza: Green Junr



Persons yt have Own’d ye Covt:

Receivd to full Communion


bro’t forward     9

bro’t forward


June 11th:

James Negro Servt: of Timo: Nicolls

May 21st:

William Green

Ownd ye

Covt: & was baptisd.

Eliza: his wife

June 19th:

Ebenr Merrow Own’d ye Covt

June 27th:

Sarah Goodwin

& was baptis’d.

July 23d

Ebenr Merrow

Augt: 6th:

Sarah ye wife of Samll. Evans

Augt: 6th:

Eunice Parke

Own’d ye Covt. & was baptisd.

Sepr 3d:

Eliza: Nicolls

Octo: 29

Meriah Negro Servt: to

Octo: 8:

Jacob Walton

Mrs: Stow Ownd ye Covt

Susannah Green

& Was baptisd.




March 4th:

Thos: Richardson

Apl: 15

Sarah Bancroft

Ownd ye Covt: & was Baptisd.

Anna Nicolls

May 13

George Negro Servt: of

- 29

Susannah Burnap

Mr Peter Emerson Own’d

May 30th:

Chester Negro Servt:

ye Covt: & was baptisd

- 27

Lois Green

June 10th:

Samuel Felch

Jacob Smith

July 1st:

James Abbott

Augt: 5th:

Hannah Dammon

- 20th:

Hephzibah Brown

Sepr: 9th:

Rebecca Temple

Octo: 14

Mary Walton dismist

from Newbury.

Feby: 10th:

Joseph Coggins &

Mary his Wife

Abigail Prat from Woburn

- 24th

Samll: Pool


March 16

Jacob Barrett

Apl: 13

Phebe Smith

- 20th:

Mary Goodwin

by Dismissn from29 Lyn End.

- 27

Edwd: Dammon

John Nicolls

June 8th:

Andrew Beard Own’d ye

May 25

Edward Merrow

Covt: & was Baptisd.

June 29th

Richard Upham

Augt: 3d:

Sarah Emerson dismist

from30 1st: Chh: in Salisbury.

Sepr 7th:

Martha Richardson

- 14th:

Natha: Appleton

Novr 2

John Goodwin Tertius

Eunice Walton

Decr. 14th:

John Sweyn

Jany: 4th

Eliza: Upham

- 18th

Abigail Bryant

1741 Apl 26 Phebe Wardwell



Persons yt have Own’d ye Covt.

Recd: to full Communion [80]


brot forward     16

brot forward     132

May 24th

Braviter Grey

James Bryant

Susannah Bryant

Katharine Emerson

Abigail Hay

June 21st:

David Green

Joseph Parker

Hephizibah Bryant

Augt: 9th

Sarah Gold


Peter Wait

Phebe Nicolls

Octo: 25th:

London Negro Servt: to

Sepr: 13th:

Mahitabel Dammon

Capt Eaton Own’d ye Covt & was

Octo: 25:

Ebenezr Hopkinson


Novr 1st.

Pompey Negro Servt: to

Mrs David Green


Mary Boutell Dismist

from Lyn End.


Amos Upham of Maldon

Dorcas Prat


Richd Nicolls &

Mary his Wife

Novr: 22d:

Titus Negro Servt: to Thos:

Jacob Bancroft

Green Own’d ye Covt: & was bapd:


Tabitha Cowdry

Decr 20

Nehemiah Williams

Jany: 17th:

James Emerson

Sarah Smith

Eliza Parker


March 7th

James Wesson &

Esther his wife


Mary Farrow

- 15

Moses Bancroft

- 21.

Abigail Smith.

May 9th

Hephzibah Nicolls

George Negro Servt. to Mr Emerson


Abigail Nicolls.

June 6th:

Zachary Nicolls

Mary Richardson

- 20th

David Bacheller

July 4th:

Rebecca Nicolls

London Ser: [to] Capt. Eaton

Titus Servt. [to] Tho Green

Augt 22d

Jabez Dammon

Hephzibah Smith


Persons yt have Ownd Covt

Brot forward     173     [82]

brot forward     18

Sept. 12th:

Samll: Evans apprehended to be drawing [to]


Abigail Evans

his End Desird to dy in Covt. wth: Gd: accordingly

Jany: 16


Abigail Hartshorn

Accordingly having given notice of it to ye Chh.

Apl: 3d

Peter Neg: Sert. to Capt Pool Lyn End

I administred ye Covt. & Bapt: ye Seal of it

May 15.

Lydia Evans.

to him.

July 17th:

Joseph Wait.


Jeremiah Smith

May 15th

Hannah Evans Own’d ye Covt.

Sepr: 18

Mary Wiley

& was baptis’d

Octo: 9th

Susannah Dammon


Joseph Upham &

Eliza. his Wife

Priscilla Negro Servt: to

Mrs Gary


Sarah Wife to Jona: Temple

Dismissd Wilmington


May 20

Joanna Prat

June 3d:

Eliza. Newell

Sepr 2d:

Sarah Wesson

Octo 14

Joseph Swain

Benja. Forster

Jeremiah Bancroft

Hephzibah Nicolls

Decr. 16

Samll Wessen Junr

Sarah his Wife

Jany: 20th:

James Woodward


June 2d

Mary Hartshorn



Abigail Holden

March 17th:

Meriah Negro Servt to Deacon

Margaret Farrow

Parker Ownd ye Covt & was baptisd,

Sepr: 15th:

Hannah Gold

wth: her Children.

Feby: 2d

Abigail Smith


Sepr: 20th:

Mr. Nathll. Evans

Octo 11th

Lydia Nicols by dismissn

from Stoneham

Jany: 3d:

Eliza Prat

Thos: Parker


May 1st:

Priscilla Smith

Octo 6th

Jacob Upham

Rebeccah Upham

Persons Recd into full Communn


brot forward 207


Zerviah Upton Dismist

from Windham

Jona. Pierson dismist

from Lyn End

Jany: 14

Lydia Gold

Feby: 11th:

Mary Wife of Mos. Bancroft

- 25

Samll. Smith


Novr: 18th:

Rebecca Pool

James an Adult Negro

Decr. 23

Jacob Parker

Abigl: his Wife

John Vinton

Josiah Walton

dismist from Lynn End

1 Decr: 1751

Joshua Nicolls

Decr. 15

John Sparhawk

Jany: 12

Mary Wife to Eb: Smith


Mary Wife of Nath. Wiley

dismist from Andover

July 19: Hephziba Wife to Joshua

Nicolls dismist 2d: Ch Reading

Augt: 9th:

Susannah Hartshorn

Lydia Sweyn

Sepr: 17

Jona: Parker

Ruth his Wife

Octo 8:

Bethiah Boutell


Ruth Temple

Novr 19

Lydia Boutell

1753 Feby 18

Mary Wife Timo: Smith

March 18

James Wiley

Hannah Wife to

Benja Brown Senr


Persons Recd: to full Comunion     [86]

bro’t forward


March 25

Meriah Neg. Servt. to

Deacon Parker

Apl. 1.

John Prat


James Bancroft

Phebe Emerson

- 22

Eliza: Wait

May 13

Lydia Williams

Augt: 19th

John Mead

Sepr 9

Eliza Forster dismist

from31 2d Chh in32 Woburn

Decr. 2:

Lydia Hawks Lyn End

Feby: 3.

Joseph Gold Danl.33


March 17

Joseph Gold Son Abm

June 23

Mr. Willm Gold

Augt: 11

Eliza Larrabee

Sepr 15

Eunice Eaton Lynn End

Feby 23

Hannah Bancroft


June 29

Mary Wesson

Augt 24

Mary Hervey

Novr 16

Widow Esther Coy

Sarah Townsend

Decr 21

Abigail Forster

Anna Prat


Jany 11

Lucy Dammon


Apr: 25

Ephm. Parker

Jacob Townsend

Sarah Bryant

Mary Parker

Recd. to full Comunion 259     [88]

Hepzibah Wife of Wm Melendy

Tabitha Wife [of] James Hartshorn

Augt. 15

Martha Wife [of] Maonn34 Smith


Mary Richardson

Octo 17

Eliza Eaton


Apl 23

Sarah Dammon

May 21

Hannah Wife to Wm Pool

- 28

Rebecca Parker

July 2d

Sarah Wife to Caleb Bancroft.

- 16

Eunice Boutell

- 30

Joseph Bancroft &

Elliza his Wife.

Decr. 31

Martha Melandy.


July 22

Eliza Wife [of] Samll. Pool

Augt: 5

Eliza Wiley Dismist from ye

1st Chh in Malden



Sarah Bancroft

June 21

Jacob Emerson

July 12

Margaret Negro

- 19

Martha Willson

Augt. 2

Joseph Brown

Sept 13

Eben: Gold

Octo 11

Jemy Bancroft

Novr 1

Sarah Nicolls

- 15

Caleb Bancroft

Eliza Emerson Wife [of] James


Peter Emerson

May 1.

Margaret Walton

July 4

Mary Emerson

Augt 22

Lois Wife to James Eaton

Sept 19

Timo Prat Junr

Tabitha his wife.


Persons Recd: to full Communn     [90]

brot forward     290

Octo 17

Hannah Simons

Novr 28

Abigail Hartshorn

Hephzibah Parker

Anne Merrow


March 20

Abigl: Nicolls

Hannah Emerson

Martha Emerson

Mary Nicolls

May 1:

Bethiah Wife Jn Nicolls

Mehitabel Nicolls

- 22

Eliza Wife Wm Green Junr

Hannah Wife [of] Jn Temple Senr.

Augt 28

John Rogers


Hannah Parker

Mehitabel Nicolls

Oct. 14:

Eliza Eaton

Ruth Boutell



Timothy Nichols and his wife Dismised to the Chh in


Persons Recd Into full Communion after ye Decease

of our Revd Pastor Mr William Hobby

October 13: 1765

Daniel Gould

Hannah Swain wife Swain [of] Jacob

Abigal Roggers

the wife of John Roggers

August 10 1766

Hannah ye wife of Joshua

Bancroft & Elizabeth

Abigal Eaton

Persons Receved Into full Communion


october the 12th

1766 Charity Eaton

November 2

John Bacheller Junr

Nathanel Cowdry

his wife Sarah Cowdry

December 14 1766:

Sarah Woolley ye wife

of Nathan Wolley

May 31 1767

Sarah Eaton Wife of Eaton Lille ^

Elisabeth Townsend wife of

Jacob Townsend

August 16th 1767

Hannah ye Wife of Thomas

Symonds Junr

Sept 27 1767: Lydia Boutttel ye wife of Thomas

Bouttel Junr Dismised from this chh: to ye chh: of

Christ in Amherst.

Decemr 7 1767: Joseph cogin and

wife Dismist to the Church of Christ

in willmington.

august 17: 1768 John Roggers & wife Dismised to

the 3d chh: in Ipswich & Recommended

August 18: 1769 Amos Upham and Lois his wife

Dismised And Recommended to the first Church

of Christ in Maldon


Nathen Person

march: 19: 1769 Kaziah ye wife of Calab: Parker

Sepr 24: 1769: John Emerson ^Junr & Catharine his wife

October 1 1769: John Meeds Dismised: to Hisbrough

Sutervat36     18

The Revnd Mr Hobby died in the Year

of Christ 1765 on ye 18th of June

Aged 58.37


Church Meetings and yr acts.




At a Legal Meeting of ye Church in Reading

Novemr 13th 1712:

Lt John Pearson (Lynn) & Capt Thomas Nichols were

chosen to ye office of Deacons in this church.

Janr 18 1712

The Church being stayd aftr aftr ye publick

worship ws Ended did, at ye Request of Anna Barret

now of ^Charlestown Mauldon, formerly Bryant of Reading & a

member of ys Church, by vote, readily dismiss ye sd

Anna Barret To ye watch, fellowship & comunion

of ye Church in Mauldon.

Feb: 16th

John Roby & hannah his wife ha wo in time past

wr guilty of ye Sin of fornication, did now humble

them selves and confessing yr Sin, takeing Shame

and blame to ym: selves, wr accepted into favour in

ys church.



Samll Brown now of Boxford his desire ws

dismist from ye watch of ys to yt of ye Church at Bradford.


April 4th

Then John Walker and his wife formerly

Inhabitants of ys Town & admited membrs of ys

church, now being by God’s38 providence, wc bounds

out all or habitations, removed to West town

and for39 more yr conveniency desireing to be

dismist to ye Church yr, accordingly wr dismist

by vote of ys Church from40 us to ye watch & fellowship

of ye Church yr.

Reading Church Records Book, MS p. [A1] of “Church Meetings and yr Acts.” Courtesy First Church of Wakefield, Mass.

June 12 1714.

The Church being Stayed after ye pub: worship


was Ended.

Then Sarah ye wife of James Pike, and

Elizabeth ye wife [of] John Lampson upon yr

request wr dismist from41 us to ye watch and

fellowship of ye Church of Weston.


Then Hannah Bates (yt ws) ws her request

dismist to ye from us to ye watch and fellow-

ship of ye Church at Mansfield.

Novr 14 1714

The Church being Stayed aftr ye Publick worship

ws Ended, Then Mary Jones, (now Streetr) wo had been

formerly admonished for42 ye Sin of fornication, manifesting re

-pentance and desireing forgivness, ws recieved and released.

She also desireing a dismission to ye Church Attleburrah ws

accordingly dismissed.


Mrs Hannah ye wife of Mr John Bancroft of (Lyn) being

at her request dismist from ye Church at Maldon to this

church, ws by a vote of ys church recieved to our com̄u:



At a Legal Meeting of ye Church, April 12th: 1715

It was voted that for ye year next ensuing every com̄uni=

cant Should pay 2s for ye Support of ye ordinance of ye

Lords Supper.



May 22

Elizabeth Jeffords alias Hinckson ws publickly

admonished for ye Sin of fornication, and manifesting

repentance ws forgiven and recieved again into charity.

June 28th 1715 Decn

Lawrence being his desire dismist

orderly from ye Church of Groton was by a vote

of ys Church recd into our Com̄union.

Sept 16

1716 ye Church being Stayed.


Judith Parker & Thomas Parker and Hepsibah his wife

being removed from43 us to Marblehead & desireing a dismission

from us to ye first church yr, wr accordingly dismist by a

vote of ys chh: to ye watch, fellowship and comunion of ye sd

chh: yr.

Novr 11th


John Dickerman & his wife being removed to

Milton & desireing a Dismission from44 ys Chh to ye chh yr

ys chh’s mind being asked, did readily comply to yr

desire and by a vote dismiss ym to ye watch and com̄union

of ye Chh of Milton.

Octobr 20th


Aftr ye Publick worship ws Ended. The Chh

ws Stayed, And ye Desires of Josoph Hastings

& Elizabeth his wife to be dismist to ye Chh

@ Weston; as also ye desires of Benjamin

Bigsby & Martha his wife for dismission from45 us

to ye Chh @ Killinsley46 wr Signifyd to this Chh

wo did readily Comply to yr respective desires &

by yr Vote dismist ym aftr yr desires, to ye watch

& com̄union of yos chhs respectively.

Octobr 27th


The Church being Stayd aftr ye publick

worship ws Ended.

Samuell Smith yt is Removed to Mansfield

desireing ys Chh to Dismiss him to ye Chh yr

ys Church did accordingly by yr vote dismiss


Octobr 19th

The Church being Stayed, Aftr publick


worship ws ended, The Priscilla ye wife

of ye sd Samll Smith desireing to be dis-

mist from us to ye chh of Mansfield, ye chh did

accordingly by yr vote dismiss her.

Augt 16 1719

Then Sarah How manifesting repentanc


of her Sin ws recd: to favour.

Decm: 13th 1719

Then Thomas Cutler and his wife manifesting

repentance for47 ye Sin of fornication, wr recd to or

charity & watch again.


March 27th 1720

ye Desires of Jno Pearson,

John Tounsend,48

March 27 1720

The Chh: being Stayed aftr ye publick


worship ws over. The Desires of Some of or Lyn

Neighbours (yt belonged to ys chh) for a dismission or[der]

to yr being a chh by yms yr, ws Signifyd to ys Chh, and A

vote asked and yr desires wr granted, but by a Slendr

vote. ^in ye affirmative, & not one in ye negative. yr names wr Jno Pearson, John Tounsend,

Samuell Parker, William Eaton, James Pearson,

John Going, John Bancroft, Nath: Going, Jno Bancroft Junr,

Jonathan Going. ten in all.

April 5th 1720 I recd: a lettr from or Lyn Neigh=

bours, directed to or Chh, requesting or help to

ordain Mr Sparhawk yr on ye 13th instant, &

April 10th. I Stayed ye Chh aftr ye public worship ws

ended, and read ye sd Lettr to ym. and Signifyd

my unwillingness to go, with ye reasons for it.

upon wc Lt Parker Stood up & sd he thout it not

best to Send, & so sd Capt Burnap, and no word ws

sd by any one for sending, upon wc I proposed

to ye Chh yt if yy wr not for Sending now I would

take yr Silence for consent, & no man sd a word.

Haveing receivd a petition dated May 24th 1720


Signed by Thomas Briant, John Eaton, Thomas Taylor

Jonathan Parker, Samll. Dix, Samll. Lewis, Caleb Taylor,

Thomas Nickols Wm Flint, Benjamin Damon Samll. Leman

& Thomas Burt. all membrs in full Com̄union wth

this Chh; for a Dismission from49 us to in ordr to yr being

embodyed into a Chh: state yr in or North precinct

This yr desire ws Layd before ^ye Church this 5th day of June

and ye Church did by a Clear vote dismiss ym ac

-cording to yr request.

Sept 4th 1720 Timothy Maning desiring ye

Chh to dismiss him in ordr to his Embodying with

the Chh yt is to be Gatherd at Sutton, ye Chh

did at his request by yr vote dismiss him.

Janry 1. 1720 Elizabeth Sybley alias Boutel alias

Sybley & Susanna Maning @ yr Request by

Timothy Maning preferd to me, R: B: wo carryd

ys yr request to or Chh wr dismist by a vote of ys

Chh: to ye watch & comunion of ye Chh of X in Sutton.

Feb: Mary Eaton dismist from50 us to Medford.


We whose names are undr written

At a Legal meeting of ye Church May 25. 1721

The chh Cove: ws read. &

Capt Pool, Capt Burnap, Lt Pool, D: Nath: Lawrance,

Mr Smith, Ens: Goodwin & Ens: Bancroft wr chosen

to look ovr ye DDs accts of ye Contributions made

for ye poor in Several yrs past & make re-

port to ye Chh:

They reported yt ye accts wr clear & yt wt mony had

been laid out ws done done prudently & noth: but wt

ws needf: & yt Should they declare how, they

believed all wd be Satisfyd. wth wc answr ye chh

apprd well pleasd.

Voted yt each membr pay 2s pr head toward ye

Support of ye ordinance of ye Lds Suppr for ys

yr ensuing - wc begins July next. But evr aftr

of formerly on ye first of March annually

Voted, yt ye Chh accept ye all ye Deacons

accts & are Satisfyd with yr faithfulness, and

acquit ym from51 all wrin they have been concernd

in provideing for ye Lords Table before ys day

& for all ye othr mannagement of contributions.


June 4th 1721. Matthew Grovr being removed from us to

Coventree,52 & Desireing a dismission for himselfe &

wife from53 us to ym. The Chh: voted yr dismission accd:

to yr reqt, & to recom̄end ym as Such wm we cand give

Testimony for.

August 2nd Recieving a Lettr from Several


persons in Woster in ye name of ye rest of

ym yt are agrieved at ye Settlement of

Mr Andrew Gardener yr, wrin they request

ye presence & help of or Chh by its Elder & messengrs or

messengr, togethr with yos of

diverse othr Chhs sent too, on yt occasion

wo are all desird to Conveen in Counsel att on yt occasion,

on ye 16th currant.

Accordingly, Augt 6th I Stayd ye Chh,

aftr ye publick worship ws done, read

yr Lettrs, & proposd yr request, & yt if ys Chh

would Send, & wr free yt Chap C Capt Burnap

Should go with me, they Should manifest it

by holding up yr hands, wc many, did nemi-

-ne Contradicente.


Sept: 17th:

1721. This day John Brown Junr (wo has

been guilty of ye Sin of fornication) acknow

-ledging his Sin & manifesting Repentance

ws received to favour again.

Feb: 19th.

1721/2 Thomas Nichols ws ordaind Deacon

of the first church in Reading.

I haveing received a Lettr from ye agrieved


party @ Woster Dated April 18. 1722. I Comu

to be Com̄unicated to or Chh, wrin prsuant to ye

advice of ye Counsel yt last mett yr, yy request

or presence & advice, accordingly May 13, 1722

I read yr Lettr to ys Chh & desird ym to Signify yr minds

Capt Pool, Deacon Boutell, Lt Wm Briant & Lt

Parker Spake to oppose or Sending, Capt Pool

urged ye length of ye way, Lt Briant affirmd, ye

Counsel yt ws last yr unanimously agreed, yt

Mr Gardener’s call & Settlemt to & in Woster ws

right, & yrupon advised ye dissenting party to

fall in, & yn Lt Kendal Parker objected yt

but one party sent & yrfore he thout it ws

not best for54 us to send, bec: both did not Joyn

wr upon I calld for ye vote of ye Chh, & but

few hands wr held up for55 it, & yrf I desird ye

negative, & it seemd to me yt upon wt Lt

Parker sd more voted against it yn for it

wrf: I refuse to goe not.


At a Legal meeting of ye first Chh: in Reading

May 28. 1722. ye End to Chuse a deacon.

Deacon Nichols, James Nicols & Lt Sweayn

being necessarily absent Sent yr votes Some

discourse yr ws about allowing ym. it ws put

to vote & voted in ye affirmative by all ye

brethren present, except mr Wily, L. Bryant

& Lt Parker Kendal Parker.



Brother Francis Smith & Brother John Goodwin

wr chosen to ye office of Deacons in ys Chh.

ANNO 1722

There haveing been Sad confusions wc I often


observed for Several years past, (& did often in

ye publick ^mention wth trouble Observe & pray might be reform’d) in or

Singing, Some wr above othrs Some before othrs &

and all ys, as I apprehended for want of going more

together wc I urged to no purpose: & undrs yt yr ws a

Rule I Lookt on it, & concieveing ye Knowl: & keeping

to yet rule would prevent ys Confusion in yt pt of ye

publick worship; I promoted learning to Sing to yt End,

Several publick Lectrs wr had to promote it, ye

1 preacht by my Selfe, ye 2nd by mr Symes, ye 3d

by mr Fisk56 wr much ws sd to incourage it, & in

each of wc yy Sang 4 time Exact by ye rule,

no man opposing a School ws set up, mãy both

men & women Learnt. Some indeed wr not so

clear in it, (as by mistake) concieving it popery,

but at lenght having been incouraged urged by Several

as by all ye Deacons, Capt Pool & Capt Burnap,

Ensign Bancroft, Sergt Thomas Pool, & Lt Bryant

(wo mett wth ym @ ye School) yt learnt, ye first night yy

began Sang wth ym, wisht ym success, 4 of his family attend

ed ye Schools, he Learnt hims: Sang by rule in his

family, diverse months togethr, & as I observed

often Sang by rule in the family publick, & [(] as

I hear, Set ye tune by rule 3 times in ye

publick one day, wn I was sick.) Lt Kendal Parker,

& urged by some to bring it into ye assembly & Espe

cially by D: Boutel ye Eldest Deacon, diverse

times. ------- Novr 8th being Thanksgiving day aftr

ye publick worship ws ovr I proposd it to ye ^church & Congre

gation to Sing by rule, & by wt I had heard not ex-

pecting any opposition, I sd That if they wr all

willing I would take yr Silence for Consent, &

No man answerd one word, but all wr Silent &


went away.


Whereas Several persons of this Parish did some yrs past

Subscribe to give Something annually, for five years towd ye Sup

^-port of ye Revd mr Daniel Putnum calld to be ministr in or North

precinct, & Some of yos men are dead, & othrs of ym removed

out of Town, wrby considerable yt ws subscribed is be

-hind, & sd mr Putnum at present (as is sd) is in great

Strats; Some considerable men of the parish Signifying

this to me, desird I would move to ys congregation for

a contribution to make up wt ws wanting of ye

Subscription by reason of ye defunct & removed

as aforesd; Accordingly Decm: 2. 1722. Aftr ye publick

worship ws Ended, I signify’d yr desire to ye Congreg^ation

& yt if yy wr free to Contribute for57 ye End aforesd yy

would Speedily let me know yr minds herein, yt I might

appoint ye time for sd Contribution; And accordingly

ye Select men, Deacons & Diverse othrs came & told

me it ws a good thing wc they desird might proceed;

yrfore Decm: 9th I appointed ye next Sabbath

for yt contribution to be on; And Decm: 16th: 1722

This parish contributed to ye End aforesd, & ye

contribution amounts to 5ll -17s -0.

Joseph Underwood & his wife being removed


from us to Chelmsford, he Speaking to me to Sig

-nify to ys Chh yr desire of dismission from us

to ye Chh yr; Accordingly

Feb: 24th 1722 aftr ye publick worship ws

ovr, I proposd yr desire to ys Chh: and calld for a vote

by wc yr desire of dismission to ye watch and

fellowship of ye Chh @ Chelmsford ws complyed


Octobr 27th 1723 This Day Susannah Harndell

ye new wife of Joseph Kendal of Woburn

haveing been gilty of ye Sin of fornication,

acknowledging her Sin, ws recd to charity.



Susannah ye wife of Thomas Hartshorn

ws at her repeated request, dismist

f^rom us to ye Chh in ye North precinct


Wm Russel & his wife now of Salem

village haveing Signified to me

yr desire of dismission from58 ys first

Chh in Reading to ye Chh in Salem

village, accordingly yr desire ws proposd

Novr 29th. 1724 to this chh, and by

vote consented unto.


Jan: 10th. Or Congregation contributed

£9 — 3 — 0 towards redee^ming Blanchard


Jan: 14.

I deliverd sd Contribution to sd

Blanchard for ye End abovesd &

took his receipt.     R. B.

Jan: 17th.

This day I Enformd ye Chh of


Ephraim Chandlers fall into ye Sin

of fornication, & he making confes

-sion of his s ye Chh. manifested

yr acceptance, & by yr vote recievd

him again to yr Charity.


This Day Brother John Leighton &

his wife desired a dismission from

to ye Chh of Lexinton & ys Chh

granted it by yr vote.

Jan: 31.

Samuell Damon ws (@ his) request

dismist from us to ye watch & Com̄union

of ye Chh at woburn.


Decm: 12th: ye Chh being Stayed. Thomas Nichols

& Eliz: his wife yt had been dismist from60 us

to ye Chh in ye North precinct, being

returnd to live with us & @ yr desire recd

lettrs of Dismission from61 ym to us, ys Day I

read ye lettr to or Chh, wo yrupon by yr

vote recd. ym to or fellowship & watch



April 24th. ----------- This day ------------

Brother Francis Smith & John Goodwin wr

both ordaind Deacons of ye first Chh in

Reading by ye consent & vote of ye Chh

------------------- pr me Rd. Brown Pastor.

July 13th. 1726. This day ws observed ^to God by ys Chh &


Congregation, as a Day of Solemn fasting &

prayr, for ys Chh, & ye Riseing generation, & ys

Chh ys day solemnly recognized & renued yr

Covenant wth God, both for yms & yr Seed.


Sept 18th. Susanna Cowdry alias Burrell

des being removed from us to Boston

& desiring to be dismist from62 us to ye New

north Chh, yr, ys, Chh by yr vote complyd

to her request.     R. B.


Octobr 9th. Thomas Upham desireing a dismissi

-on, from us to ye Chh in Weston (wr he

is removed) ys Chh voted his dismission

accd: to his request, this day.

R. B.


Decm: 18th. John Stearnes being removed to Toland

in ye Province of Conneticut, & desireing

a dismission from us to ye Chh yr, his desire

ws this day Signifyd to ys Chh, wc voted his

dismission & recom̄endation according to his


R. B.


Sept. 24th. Sarah Nichols ye now wife

of Joseph Barnap Junr, ws at her request

dismist to ye Chh in ye North Precinct.


Dec: 28. At a church meeting for takeing in 27 prsons


yt Stood propounded for full Communion.63

I proposed to ye Chh Ephraim Chandlers desire of being

Dismist from us & by us recommended to ye watch

& fellowship of ye 2nd Chh in Chelmsford. & it ws

readily voted by ye Chh, nemine Contradicente.

Jan: 7th. ye Chh being Stayd @ Evening here I Signifyd to

ye chh yt prcieving Some of or peop: wr uneasie @

B ye Benj: Chaplin, Tho: Gowing, & Benj: Gowing;

Abigail Brown, & Joanna Crockers Joyning to or

chh to wc yy have been pro^pounded bec: yy are

in difference @ Lyn End, not yet healed & yt D: P:

has been with me, & Signifyd So much, & so Lt Pearson

& D: Bancroft; & yt if yy had made up yr Differ: wth

mr Sparhawk & wr @ peace yr, yy wr free yy

Should Joyn here. and farthr yt I had bec: of

wt opposition ws laid in ye way (as above sd)

desird ym ^to desist @ present till we had more

light in yt mattr. Farther I told ye Chh yt

Martha Townsend of Lyn-End and Abigail Gowing &

M desird admission into full com̄union here, & yt

Abigail Gowing desird Baptisme here, & mary

ye Daughter of John Hawks desird Baptisme

& yt I could not undrs by ym, (yt is) ye 2 former yt yy

wr any way Engaged in yr quarrels, but desird

to come here now bec: yr ws So much difference

yr, & I desird again and again yt if any one

of ye Chh wr not free to comply wth yr desires

yy would Speak & declare it; & Some sd they

thout ye mattr clear, & yr needed no more to be

sd & B: Jo: Parker Speaking @ my request, sd, he

thout it ye Churches duty ^to allow yr requests. & no

man contradicting it, I dismist ye Chh.


Jan: 14th. After ye publick worship ws Ended.


I Signifyd to ye Chh yt Severall persons Stood propound

ed for64 ye full Com̄union, and bec: ye days wr Short & yrfore it

could not well bee done on a Sab: Even: I desired yt ye Chh

would meet for ordr to proceed yr admission into church fellow

-ship on thursday next at 1 a Clock & if yt day proved Stormy

yn ye next day @ one of ye Clock in ye aftr noon.


Jan. 18. It proved clear but a very Cold day, I waited

till past one and a Clock and no prson apprd at ye meeting

house, @ 3/4 past one I got ready to go yr, and going into

ye Kitching (with my cloake on) in ordr to go to ye meeting

house, about 12 of ye brethren wr yr in ye Kitchen,

& prayd ye meeting might be @ here @ my house

bec: of ye Sharpness of ye present cold. I told ym yt prhaps

ye Chh wd expect us @ ye meeting house, & I ws going yr.

yy pleaded ye Cold ws Such yt yy could not well bare it &

desird it might be here; If it wd not be a trouble to

me; I told ym, If ye Chh wr Easy It wd be no trouble to me:

they sd yy bel: ye Chh wd be glad of it. I told ym yt Some

prhaps wd depend on ye Chhs meeting yr. & wd not

know of yr meeting here, however @ yr Earnest re

quest, I desird Ens: Nichols & Jo Merrow to go to ye

meeting house & desire yos yt wr yr, to come here

bec: of ye present cold, & so yy did. & ye Chh here

mett proceeded to Recieve ye Relations of & to

admitt yos to full communion yt Stood propounded

for it. Except 3 yt did not appr & one of ym had not

given me in her relation. ys is write ye more fully

bec: I heare Some that came @ about 3 a Clock

wr unreasonably troubled or angry @ ye Chhs meeting

here. & Samll Lambson ws ye man yt Showd most uneasi

-ness, & denyd ye Legallity of ye meeting. however 16

prsons wr yn & here recd without any objection.


Feb: 18th. haveing recd a lettr directed to or Chh


from Sundry aggrieved of ye Congre[g]ational Chh in Ports

-mouth Rode Iland, requesting or help & advice in.

& undr yr difficulties. I this day read it to ye Chh wo

voted to Send. & Tho: Nichols Junr wth me.

item We went accd: Ap: 1. 1727.


Apl. 19th. I recd a lettr directed to or chh from Some

of ye agrieved in Lynn=End, in ye name of ye rest, accd.

Ap: 21.

Aftr ye publick worship ws Ended. I read it to ye Chh

Jo. Eaton Sam: Lambson, & Jo Merrow Junr opposed it

& Deacon Smith old Ens: Parker, James Nichols Senr

Capt Burnap & Tho: Nichols 3d wr for it. a vote ws

calld for,65 and it ws voted for Sending by a gt Majori

ty. & Capt Parker Lt Bancroft & Samll Lilly wr

voted to go with me yr ^as ws requested by a Silential vote.

Augt. 11th.

Ivory Upham ws dismist from or Chh to yt of

Killinsly by an hand vote of ys Chh.66


June 20. I recd petition written request


haveing recieved a petition Dated June 18. 1729

Signed by Daniel Goold, Daniell Goold Junr,

Ebenezer Knight, David Goold, Ebenezer Parker,

Abraham Goold, Edward Bucknam, Tho: Cutler,

Joseph Bryant & Jonathan Griffin (10 in all)

all of Stonham, but members in full Com̄union

wth ys Chh, for a dismission from67 us in order to

yr Embodying wth Some othrs into a Chh State yr

in Stonham, as Soon as conveniently yy may

This yr desire ws laid before ys Chh, & I desird

yt if any one had any thing to object against it

he wd do So; but no one did, yrfore I desired

yt if ye brethren of ys Chh did comply to yr re

quest, and dismiss ym. & yt yy be dismist from68 or

care & watch as Soon as yy wr Embodied into

a chh yr in Stonham, yt yy wd Shew it by

yr usual Sign wc yy did nemine contradicente.

June 29. 1729.



Jan: 4th. The Chh being Stayed. ye desire of yes

Eleven member of ys chh viz: Anna Holden

Naomi Holden, Eliza: Gary, wife of Benj. Gary

Eliza: wife of Jo Gary, Hannah Gary, Abigaill

Taylor, Mary Souter, Hannah Hay, Judeth Goold

Sarah Goold, & Eliza: Goold, for a dismission

from us to ye chh in Stonham, was gran

-ted, and accordingly yy wr now dismist accd:

to yr request.

May 14th.

1732. This day Ephraim Wesson & his


wife, and John Batt & his wife confessed

yr Sin of fornication to ye Chh & obtained

forgivness & wr recieved to Charity again.

Item this day Samuell Lilly & his wife @ yr

request wr dismist from us to ye Chh in



Abigail Nickols ws @ her desire dismist from

from us to ye Second Chh in Marblehead wrof

Mr Holyoke69 is pastor.70

June 7th 1730.


Jonathan Brown & his wife haveing been guilty

of fornication, in haveing a child to[o] Soon, They both

ownd yr Sins to ye Chh before ye congregation, gave

glory to god, begd forgivness of him & ye Church, thô

he wr only a child of ye Chh by his baptism, but She

had ownd ye Covenant & ye Chh takeing Satisfaction

from yr humble confession restored ym to yr Charity

and allowed ym baptism for yr child, wc ws on ys day

baptized th[e]y being to move to Billerica on next



July 5th. 1730 Margaret Swain alias Ordoway

ws At her request, by ye vote of ys Chh dis-

-mist to ye watch and Communion of yt Chh

in Newbury wrof mr Lowell71 is pastor.


Augt 23. 1730. ye Chh being Stayed after ye

publick worship ws Ended; Mrs Martha Brown

now alias Wigglesworth, ws at her request, by ye

vote of ys Chh dismist to ye watch & Com̄union

of ye 3d Chh in Ipswich.


Sept 27th. 1730. Danniell Nickols & Elizabeth his

now wife, being found guilty of fornication by

haveing a child born to ym in 6 months & two days

they this day aftr Sermon in ye Sabbath Evening

confest yr Sin & guilt to ye Chh before ye Congre

-gation, and begd forgivness of God72 & this chh, & ye

chh yrby f yrupon forgave ym & restored ym to

yr Charity & Com̄union again & to ye priviledge

of Special ordinances, yy being both membrs of ys


The Complaint of Brothr Isaac Smith against Brothr Wm


Bryant Senr. brought to me to be laid bef: ys Chh: is as followeth: viz

To ye Revd. Mr. Brown pastor of ye first Chh in Reading,

Revd. Sr.74



Octor 21.

ye Service of ye Sabbath being Over I stayed ye Church to

Signify to them ye Desires of Stephen Wesson and James

Townsend wth yr wives, all Members in full Communion

wth ye 1st Chh in Reading, to be dismisst from yr Relation

to us in Order to yr Embodying into a Chh at Wilmington

Wch: Desire was Complyed wth Nemine Contradice: A Sabbath

or two before this Time were Dismist Capt. Kendal Pierson wth

his wife to ye Same Church in Wilmington, & Mr Ephraim Good

win to ye Church of Sutton of wch Mr Hall75 is Pastor

Decr 23d.

After Service, were Dismissed Jonathan Barrett & Rebeccah his

wife to ye Church of Christ in Malden.


March 31st: After Service was Dismissed Mary Brooks (recd into ye Chh

under ye name of Mary Boutell) to ye Chh of Christ in


July 8th

At a Church Meeting assembled at ye Desire of John Wesson & Eliza.

his wife who Demanded Baptism for yr Child she haveing Own’d

ye Covenant in ys Church; a Number of Circumstances Concurring

to prove yr Innocence Nothwithstanding yt Child was born in Six

Months & nine days; it was then voted (ye Persons Concern’d then

Appearing to Assert yr Innocence in a Most Solemn Manner)

yt Baptism be Allowed to the Infant.

at ye Same Time voted that there be an Addition of one Shilling

to ye two Shillings formerly Voted in Order to make Imposed on

Each particular Member in Order to ye making a proper

provision of Elements for ye Lds Table.

Feb. 23d

ye Service of ye Sabbath being finishd, I Stayed ye Chh


who Dismist Mrs Mary Fish, at her Request, to ye Chh of

Christ in Mendam, of wch. ye Revd Mr Dorr is Minister76

Augt 3d


The Service of ye Sabbath being Over I Stayed ye Chh who Recd into yr Communion

James Townsend & Eliza his wife upon ye Recommendation from ye Chh of

Wilmington, to wch. Chh: they had Sometime before been dismist and Recommended.

Nov 2

The Service of Sabbath being over I Signifyd to Chh: ye Desires [of] Mr

Samll Bacheller to be dismist to Chh Christ Third Church of

Christ in Haverhill who Voted his Dismission; I also Signify’d ye

Desires of Sd church in Haverhill, yt we woud by our Elder &

Messengers, Assist in ye Ordination of Mr Samll Bacheller to ye

Pastoral Office in that Church, wch: Desires were Opposd; I then Nominated

Deacon Goodwin Capt Parker Capt Nicolls Capt Bryant Mr Underwood

Mr Nathanll Bacheller as ye Delegates or Messengers, wch ye Chh agreed to.

Novr 30th

The Service of ye Sabbath being over, I Stayed ye Chh & Signifyd

to ym ye Desires of Judith Procter (formerly Recd into ye Chh under ye

Name of Judith Nicolls) to be dismist from her Relation to us, & Recommended

to ye Second Chh of Christ in Woburn, wch was readily granted


Apl: 4th ye Service of ye Sabbath being over I proposd to ye Chh ye

Desires of Eliza Welch to be dismist from us & Recommended to

Dr Colmans Chh @ Boston,77 wch desires were Readily Complyd wth.


A Sabbath or two before ys was Benja: Chaplin at his Request

dismist & Recommended to ye ^Second Chh of Christ in Windham of wch

Mr Samll: Mosely is Pastor.78

June 24th

Upon a Complaint bro’t before me by a Number of ye Brethren

of ye Chh against Brother Eben: Dammon & Kendal Bryant Junr: ye One

of Whom viz Brother Dammon Charging Brother Bryant wth: Drunkeness,

ye Other, Brother Bryant Accusing Brother Dammon of Slander; I Desird

ye Chh to meet on ys: day to Consider of these points of Difference. Accordingly

yy did so When Brother Dammon persisted in Charging his Brother Bryant

wth Drunkeness. Brother Bryant tho he disown’d ye Charge of Habitual

Drunkeness yet Seem’d disposd to Acknowledge that he had been Overtaken

wth ye Sin of Drunkeness: provided it might be tho’t an Unchristian procedure

in any, to Call him a Drunkard upon Such Acknowledgmt: Wherupon the

Church passed a Vote yt: it Shoud be look’d upon as Something Unchristian


& Unjustifiable, to Call Brother Bryant a Drunkard upon his Acknowledgment

Upon wch: Vote, Brother Bryant Acknowledged yt: whereas he had been gui

:lty of ye Sin of Drunkeness by wch: he had Offended ye Chh; he was heartily

Sorry for his Sin & beggd forgiveness of Gd: & his Church. this Acknowledgmt

ye Church lookd upon as Satisfaction, & thereupon Recd: him to yr Charity.

July 4th:

Daniel Dodge & his wife together wth: Mary Adams this day

Confessd ye Sin of Fornication, & were again Received to Charity.


Phebe ye wife of Joseph Rist was ys day dismist from her Relation

to us & Recommended to ye Chh: of Christ at Uxbridge, Nathan Webb Past:

Nov 21.

Isaac Burnap & Wife this day confessd ye Sin of Fornicatn

their Child being born in a little more than six Months after Marriage,

and so were again Received to ye Charity of ye Church.

Decr 5th:

This Day upon yr Desire Timo: Goodwin & Wife were dismist

& Recommended to ye Chh of Christ in Willington in Connecticut

of wch: ye Revd: Mr: Fuller is Pastor.79

- On ys Also was Read a Letter Sign’d Benja: Lynde, Benja Lynde Junr

In ye name of ye Brethren Worshipping in ye Antient place of

worship in Salem; Signifying yr Desires yt: we woud by our

Elder & Messengers Assist in ye Ordinatn of Mr John Sparhawk

to ye Pastoral Care over ym; After this was Read a Letter Signd

Samll Fisk Pastor, Nath Osgood, Timo Pickering &c in ye name

of ye First Chh in Salem; protesting agn our Assistance in Aforesd:

Ordinatn: After a very short Debate ye Chh unanimously Voted

Assistance by ye Elder, Deacon Goodwin, Peter Emerson, & Capt Parker.


Jan 9th

Wm: Williams, Timo: Bryant & Wife this day Acknowledg’d ye

Sin of Fornication, & were agn: Receiv’d to Charity


March 6

The Church being Stayed John Wesson & Wife were at yr Request dismist

& Recom̄ended to ye Chh of X at Willington in Connecticut


Nathll: Cowdry and Mehitabel his wife at their Request

were Dismist their Relation to us, and Recommended

to ye Chh of Christ in East Haddam80

June 12.

Eliza: Boutell formerly Eliza Bacheller was at her request dismist from us


& Recom̄ended to ye Chh of Christ in Sutton


Isaac Wellman & Mary his wife were at their Request dismist from

us & Recom̄ended to ye: Chh of Christ at Norton

at ye Same time Dorcas Dodge were dismist to ye Chh at Dudley

Octo: 2d:

Stephen Wessen & Hannah his wife, Timo: Wessen

and Abigail his wife were at their Desire dismist and

Recommended to ye Chh of Christ in Concord

Octo 4th

This Day at a Meeting of ye Chh Mr: Raham Bancroft

and Mr: Nathll: Stow, were Chosen to ye Office of Deacons.

on ys: day also Ebenezer Parker Junr: upon Complaint laid agst:

him for ye Sin of Drunkeness, and full proof of ye Charge,

was laid under a Solemn Admonition, & Suspension for ye:

Space of Six Months.

Feb. 26

Joseph Eaton Junr & wife were at yr Request dismist & Recom̄ended

to ye Chh in Lyn End.


March 2

Feb. 28

at a Chh Meeting then Voted yt whereas in times past

ye Communion table had been Maintaind by a Rate, it should

the Coming Year be maintain’d by a free Contribution.

Voted Likewise at ye Same Time yt ye Chh wd Speedily proceed

to ye: Choice of two more Deacons. Accord^dingly


May 1st:

At a Church Meeting Capt: Kendal Parker & Capt: Thos:

Nicolls were Chosen to ye: Office of Deacons - at ye Same time

Time Voted yt: ye Suspension formerly Laid on Ebenr Parker Junr

shou’d be Continued for ye Space of three Months longer, he not

having Shewed that hearty Repentance ye Chh wou’d gladly See in him.

May 21st.

Joseph Dammon Junr. & Mary his wife were this Day at their Request

Dismist & Recommended to ye Chh of Christ in Uxbridge whereto yy

had lately Removed.

Augt: 6th.

I Signfy’d to ye: Church ye urgent Desires of Sarah ye: wife of Samll Evans

to be baptis’d in private, her bodily Circumstances Rendring her Uncapable

of Attending upon that Ordinance in Public Drawing, as was Supposed Near

her End; & at ye Same time Signify’d my Intention of Administring

ye: Ordinance According to her Desires. Accordingly About an hour after ye

public Service, I in ye: presence of a Considerable Number of ye Chh. Administred

ye: ordinance to her, She having in ye 1st place Own’d ye Covt a few hours after wch. she Dyed

Octo. 29:

Joseph Eaton was at his Request, dismist, & Recom̄ended to ye


1739 Chh. of Christ in Lyn End.

Sepr Augt: 27th

At a Chh Meeting; Voted upon ye Recomendation of ye

Gene Court to ye Dissenting Chhes thro ye Province; yt there be a

general Contribution ye Next Sabbath Sen’night, to Assist

ye Revd: Mr. Torrey Pastor of a Dissenting Chh at Narraganset81

in Defraying ye Charges of an Action bro’t agst: him by ye

Revd: Dr: McSparren, a Minister of ye Chh of England82

wch: much Affects ye Interest of ye Dissenting Churches

provided at ye Same time, yt Such Money Contributed be found

Necessary, wch, if thro ye Contribution of Other Chhes it be not

Tis then Voted yt: it be Applyed to ye fund for ye propagatn: of ye

Gospel Among ye Dissenters; The Use or Advantage of wch

Money to be Dispos’d of by ye Convention of Dissenting Ministers

at Boston83


At ye Same Time Voted upon ye Request of ye Revd

Mr. Osborn, Pastor of a Chh at Eastham, & Some of ye

Brethren of ye Chh his Adherents; to Joyn wth: a Number of

Other Chhes, Call’d to Sit in Councill upon some Difficultys yt

have Arisen there:84 yt ^Late In Consideratn. of ye long Absence of yr

Pastor from them; & ye great Number of Chhes Sent to, Many of

Whom will in all probability Meet in Council; They Cannot

See ye Necessity of going


At ye Same Time Voted, yt: ye Suspension under Wch:

Mr Ebenr Parker Junr has long laid ^on Acct. of ye Sin of Drunkenness be Continued two

Months longer

Sept. 9th:

Agreable to ye Abovesd Vote ye Congregation Contributed

Sixteen Pounds twelve shillings & ten pence Wch: I Deliverd

to Dr: Colman, for wch: I took his Receipt


Benja Wiley & Wife at their Request were Dismis’t

from ye Chh. in Order to their Embodying wth: a Number

of Other Brethren in a Chh Society in ye Western Part of Lynn

Octo: 14

At ye Request of Wm: Taylor & others of ye Western

Society at Lyn̄ yt we wd Joyn in Councill wth other Chhes

In Embodying ym: as a Distinct Chh, Voted a Compliance

wth yt Request Deacon Parker & Goodwin Sergt Parker

& Capt Bancroft Messengers.


At ye Convening of ye Councill, the Incorporatn of ye Chh. was Con:

cluded upon, but deferr’d to ye Councill for Ordinatn.

Upon the Request of Wm: Taylor & Others, yt ye Chh. wd

Joyn wth: other Chhes in Incorporating a Chh in ye Western


Part of Lyn, & Separating Mr Edwd: Cheever to ye Pastorall Office in it - Voted to Send

Feby: 26th.

At a Chh Meeting Appointed to Consider

Some Matters of Difference Subsisting between Bror

Thos: Eaton & Bror Ebenr Merrow, & Some Articles

of Charge brot by ye former agst: ye Latter: The

Chh Voted ymSelves Dissatisfyd wth: Bror Merrow

on ye Acct. of Lying & Slander: Bror Merrow

Acknowledged his Offences or yt he had great Reason

to believe himself guilty: but ^ye Chh not Seeing those

Marks of hearty Grief & Sincere Repe: yy ^they desird: Voted

his Suspension for Six Weeks, & left a Wd of

Admonition wth: him.


Apl 18

At a Chh: Meeting Appointed to consider farther of ye Affair

of Bror Ebenr Merrow as Above; The Time of his Suspension

being Expired: & he Solemnly protesting his forgetfullness of

ye Sins Crimes laid to his charge: the Chh herupon Recd: him

to yr Charity, upon ye following Confessn: Wheras in

ye long Controversy Subsisting between Bror Eaton &

my Self, I Believe, (upon ye Evidence of Others) I have been

guilty of ye Sin of Lying, & Slander to ye Dishonour of

Gd: & his pple, I am heartily Sorry for it, I beg Pardon

of God & his Chh: hoping my future Conduct & Conversatn

will be more Agreable to ye Gospell of Christ.

Augt 3d:

The Chh being Stayed Rebecca Boutell wife of John Boutell

was at her Request Dismist to ye first Chh in Woburn.

at ye Same Time Sarah Emerson Wife to Mr Brown Emerson

was Recd: into full Communion wth: us, upon ye Recommendat: of

ye Chh Revd: Caleb Cushing Pastor of ye 1st: Chh: in Salisbury

to wch: she belong’d

Ebenezer Phillips a Member of ye Anabaptist Chh

in Boston, presenting a Request to us yt: he might Joyn wth us

at ye Table of ye Lord; ye Chh Considerd his Request &

Unanimously Complyd wth: it

Jany: 7th:

Upon a Complaint brot before me by Severall

of ye Members of ye Chh in Stoneham; as Also

by Bror Thos: Eaton; Agst. Bror. Nath Eaton

a Member of ye Chh In wch Complaint Sd Nathll is Chargd

with ye Sin of Lying I herupon Calld ye Chh together, who after


Prayer to Gd: for Direction, and a Long Debate upon ye Matters of Contro:

:versy at Length Came into ye Following Votes.     First

That it Appears to ye Chh yt: Bror Thos. & Nathll: Eaton After Some

Difference between ym Came to a Covt: or Agreement in wch all Matters of

Difference were to be laid Aside: and a New Amity or friendship was to

begin. - Secdly: yt it Appears to ye: Chh yt Bror Nathll: has Denyd

& persists in Denying yt Ever any Such Contract or Agreement was Made.

Secdly: In Relation to ye Matter of Complaint bro’t by ye Stoneham

Brethren: it Appears to ye Chh yt: Bror Nathll Eatons Conversatn: has

been Utterly Inconsistent wth: ye: Truth Sincerity & Undisguisd Behaviour

of a Christian Herupon ye Meeting was Adjournd to ye

Tuesday preceeding ye Next Sacrement at One o’Clock -

Sabbath preceeding Sd Tuesday I for Special Reasons Adjournd ye Meeting

till Friday - On Friday ye: Chh Met When Bror Nathll

Eaton presented His Acknowledgmt to ye Chh Wch: being Read once

& Again ye Chh Voted ym Selves Satisfyd.

Feby: 11th

There having been Matters of a Scandalous Nature blaz’d about in

Relation to ye Conduct of Mr Joseph Underwood, who was Reported to

have been found Stealing Corn from Brother Noah Eaton; I herupon

Calld ye Chh together to Enquire into ye: Matter; And After prayer to gd for

Direction & Sufficient Debate upon ye premises, I put ye Matter to Vote

“Whether this Chh were Satisfyd or Dissatisfyd wth Bro:r Jos: Underwoods

“Conduct in Relation to a Complaint bro’t agst. him as bearing hard upon

the Eigth Commt: - who Voted Dissatisfyed.


March 2d

I Calld ye Chh together to Consider ye Affair of Mr Underwood

with Whom ye Chh had Voted ymselves Dissatisfyd; When Mr Underwood

presented an humble Acknowledgment to ye Chh wth wch. ye Chh declared yr

Satisfaction & Restored him to yr Charity

Apl: 9th

It being Commonly Reported yt Ebenr Merrow a Member

of ys Chh. had been Convicted of Stealing before Thos: Hubbard

Esqr. & by him Committed to Goal; I wrote to Sd. Hubbard for

Information in ye Affair, I having Receiv’d an Answer from [him] I laid

before ye Chh who upon partic. Examinatn of ye Affair Voted ymSelves

Dissatisfyd wth: Sd: Merrow, & then Suspended him from yr Communion

till they Should See in him a Conversation more becoming ye Gospell of Xt.

May 2d:

Jonathan Nicolls Junr & Wife having been Guilty of Fornication

presented yr Acknowledgment & Confessn: to ye Chh of yr own free will

That they had had Carnal Knoledge of One Another before


Marriage, & having humbled ymSelves before Gd: & his People

The Chh Voted to Accept yr Acknow1edgmt & So yr Charity to ym

Sepr 5th:

Nathll. Cowdry & Mehitabel his wife Dismist to ye Chh

at Sunderland Jabez Temple & Wife Dismist to ye Chh

at Wilmington as also ye Wife of Nathll Townsend


Rebecca Walton Dismist to ye Chh at South hegen.85

Octo: 17th.

Joseph Boutell Dismist to ye Chh at South-hegen.


May 8

This Day Mary Pool formerly Leeman having obtaind

Letters of Dismissn from ye Chh. of York86 was Recd: at her

Request to Our Watch & holy fellowship, as also

Samll Nicolls & Hannah his Wife from a Chh. of Christ

In Willington

June 5th: The Chh being Stayed Braviter Gray was at his Request

dismist & Recomended to ye Chh of X in Billerica

Octo. 23d

The Chh being Stayd I Read to em two Letters wch

I had Recd: to be Communicated ye: one from a Number of

Aggrieved Breth: at ye Chh of Worcester ye other from a

Number of Aggrieved Breth: In ye Chh at Newbury under

ye Pastoral Care of ye Revd. Mr. Tappan; Each Desiring our

Assistance in Councill wth. other Chhes, under yr Distressed

Circumstances. ye: Counsills being Calld to Convene at ye Same

Time we were Unable to Joyn in both; & therefore Voted

yt. we wd: send to Worcester where our Assistance was

first Asked.

Decr: Jany: 1st:

Mr. Ebenr. Parker Senr: haveing Some time past

been grossly guilty of ye Sin of Drunkeness, did

very Early, Offer his Repent: to ye: Chh wch: had ye Appearance

of great Sincerity: However Esteeming ye fruits of Repe:

ye best Evidence of its Sincerity, We deferr’d ye: Acceptation

of his Confessn: for a Considerable Time; In wch. Time having

behaved himself wth: much Humility & Watchfulness We

this Day Receiv’d him to Our Charity again


Apr 8th:

The Chh being Stayed Judith Boutell Wife to

Mr. James Boutell was dismist & Recom̄ended to ye

Chh at LeMinster ——————— Jno: Rogers Pastor

May 13th: The Chh being Stayed Mary Ruth Burt was Dismist

& Recom̄ended to ye Chh at Mendam ——————— Joseph Dorr Pastor

May 17th:

Zechary Nicols & Rebecca his Wife were then Dismist to ye Chh


of X is Sherbourne ——————— Revd: Mr S: Porter Minister

(Forgot to recd in order) yt: A Number of Breth: belonging to ye. 1st Chh: in Newbury

Applying to us for Councill in Matters of Difference Subsisting

between ye Pastor & ymSelves, I Read ye Letters to ye Chh who

thôt it adviseable to send in Councill & Accordingly Voted Benj. Brown

Dr: Hay Brown Emerson to be ye Chhes Messengers in Attendance

on yr. Pastor. The Councill having Met at Time & place

The Revd. Mr. Tappan Pastor of ye Chh in Newbury Under

his Own Hand oblig’d himself to Joyn wth: ye Aggrieved in

Calling a Mutual Councill, upon wch: ye Counc: Dissolv’d. but

Mr. Tappan afterwd: being Unequal to his Engagements ye

Aggriev’d Renewedly Made applican: to us to Joyn in Councill

wth: Other Chhes in Regard of ye. premises; Matters being laid

before ye Chh, yy thôt it necessary to comply wth: ye desire

of ye: Aggrieved & Accordingly Voted to Send; & yt ye former

Messengers go again wth: ye Addition of Ebenr Nicolls Junr.


I then Recd. Letters from ye Pastor & Chh in Grafton

Representing yt. a number of Breth: there were & had for a long

time been Uneasy With yt Part: Chh: but now Desirous yt Matters

of Diff: might be Accomodated yy: had Agreed wth. ye Chh to Ask

Councill: Every of ye Chhes of Sd Councill being Acceptab: to ^& agreed upon by Each party

Accordingly I Read ye Letters to ye Chh who Voted to Send in Councill

& yt Deacon Goodwin Deacon Bancroft be Messengers to

wch. Number I added a third prson. Capt. Bancroft.

NB: Every Person Came in to Receive Councill given. Glory to Gd. peace on Earth.

Novr. 25

James Dix & Wife together wth Kathn: Hutchinson having

been found guilty of ye Sin of Fornicatn. yy. then Sensible of

yt Sin made Humble Confessn. of it before ye Congregation of Gds: pple

& had ye Chhes Charity Voted to ym.



Jacob Barrett dismist to ye Secd: Chh in Lancaster

Sepr 22

Signify’d to Chh yt. I had Recd. Letters from 1st: Chh

In Salem (as yy. Style ymSelves) wishing us to Joyn wth

ym. in ye. Ordination Mr Dudley Leavitt to ye Pastorate

Charge in ye. Room of Mr. Samll. Fisk dismist on Acct

of Some Scandals he was Convicted of; ye Letters being

Read yy. Voted to go by Capt. Parker Capt. Eaton &

Capt. Brown as yr Delegates


Apr 30

James Brown James Goodwin & Wife wth


David Bancroft were then at their Desire

dismist & Recom̄ended to ye Chh of X in Norwich

as also Katharine Conant to ye Chh in Hollis

(Apl. be’g Omitted) A Considerable Number of ye Breth of ye Chh

in Framingham Signifying their Uneasiness at

ye Doctrines deliver’d by yr Pastor87 as bordering

upon ye Arminian Scheme, desird our Assistance

in Fellowship wth. Some Other Chhes by Advising ym

in yr. present Difficultys; but ye Circumstances of

my Family not Allowing Me to go; ye Chh Voted in ye Negate.

May 18th

A Considerable Number of ye Town & Chh in

Framingham having Remonstrated agst: ye Preaching of

ye Pastor of Sd Town & Chh Earnestly & Repeatedly

Desird ye Assistance of Our Chh in Concurrence wth

Other Chhes to Advise ym in yr present Difficultys:

at ye same Time a great Number of ye Chh

of X in Hopkington being Offended at ye Conduct

of yr Pastor & a Number of yr Breth: desird

Our presence in Councill wth Other Chhes. ye Letters

Relating to wch: Difficultys I laid before ye Chh who

tho’t it adviseable to Send Help & assistance & Accordingly

Ebenr Nicolls Junr John Walton & Thos Burnap

were Appointed Delegates.


A Number of ye Breth of ye 2d; Chh in Bradford

having Signifyd yr Uneasiness wth ye Pastor88 on

acct: of false Doct: deliver’d by him as also wth

ye: Chh on Acct of Some Male Administratn. desird

ye Assistc of ye Chh to Joyn in Councill wth Other

Chhes, wch: being Signifyd to Our Chh they Refusd

to grant ye Request of ye Complainants

As also yy Refus’d to Assist a Number of Breth in Dor:


chester Uneasy at ye Conduct of ye Pastor of Chh there

ye Main Reason of Such Refusals - Our being so

frequently Engag’d in ye Affairs of Other Chhes

Augt 26

— Lecture Day — The Chh being Stayed after

Lecture proceeded to ye Choice of two Deacons to

Supply ye. places of Deacon Smith & Nicolls, decd

When Mr Brown Emerson & Jona. Temple were

Chosen by a Majority of Votes.

At ye Same Time, London, a Negro Man belonging

to Bror: Thos. Eaton Confess’d ye Sin of Fornication

& was Suspended till he shd shew good Evidence of an

Evange1ical Humiliatn.

Octo 5th.

Edwd: Dammon & Eliza his Wife were then at

their Request dismist from their Relation to ys Chh

in Order to their Embodying into a Chh at Ware=


Novr. 30

Mr. Brown Emerson having Signifyd to me his

Accepte. of ye Chhes Call to ye Office of a Deacon

I manifested my Concurrence wth ye Chh’s Vote &

Invited him to his proper place in Deacons Seat

at ye Same Time Hannah Daggett was Dismist

to Chh at Sutton & Jacob Smith to ye Chh in Hollis


The Chh of Stoneham having Sent Letters Desiring

Our Assistance at ye Ordination of Mr John Carney

Whom they had Chosen for their Pastor, I read the

Letters to ye Chh Who Readily Voted to gratify ye Request

& Sent wth ye Pastor Mr Emerson Deacon Goodwin

Capt Bryant & Deacon Parker

At ye Same Time I had Letters from ye Chh of


Woburn Intreating us to Compassionate their

Melancholly Circumstances89 by Assisting in Councill

wch yy had calld to Sit & Judge upon them, ye Chh Voted

Assistance & Accordingly Sent wth their

Pastor Capt Bancroft & Capt Brown.

1747 July

ye Secd: Chh in Malden having desird our presence

& Assistance in ye Ordination Installation of ye Revd Mr. Cleveland90

I read ye Letters to ye Chh Who Seem’d dispos’d to go till

I Informed ym: yt: I had no Acquaintance wth: ye Gentn

to be Installd & therefore dar’d not in Conscience to

Assist, on Wch: we proceeded no farther.


The Third Chh in Lynn having desird Our presence

& Assistance in some Difficult Matters Relating Chiefly to

ye Pastor of Sd. Chh91 who had been Charg’d wth Very Indecent

Carriage towards his Maid, Mary Burrill, ye Chh

Voted Assistance, & wth: their Pastor Sent Deacon

Parker & Deacon Bancroft.


it Shd: have been Inserted above yt ye Chh of Dorchester

having a Number who had Separated from its Communion

did wth: their Separating Brethn. desire ye Assistance of this

Chh to Sit in Councill wth. Others & advise them in their

Difficultys; ye Chh accordingly Voted to Send, Upon Wch. Deacon

Bancroft was Nominated & Voted to go wth ye Pastor


Lydia Nicolls was Recd: into ye Watch of this Chh by a

Recomendatn from Stonham.

at ye Same Time I Read to Chh Letters Sent from Billerica

desiring Our Assistance in ye Ordinatn of Mr. John Chandler

with wch: ye Chh Comply’d & Chose Capt Bancroft Deacon

Emerson & Mr Samll Pool


Jonn. Eaton Junr having Entred a Complaint agst

Wm Bryant Junr. wth. Respect to Some Slanderous

& Vilifying Expressions Used by Sd. Bryant, I

Appointed a Chh Meeting for ye Consideration of

this Affair ye Chh having Met at Time Appointed & ye


Defendt: pleaded yt: Sd: Eaton had not taken ye private

Steps prescribed by Our Savr: & therefore yt ye Matter

was not Under ye Cognizance of ye Chh. this being debated

it Appeard yt. however Mr. Eatons Behaviour was Agreable

to ye Letter Yet it was by no Means to ye Charitable Design

& End of ye Gospell wch: is to Reclaim an Offender & therefore

Voted yt: Mr. Eatons Conduct be look’d upon by ys. Chh

as Defective in ye Essentials of it, on Wch: it was flung

out & Recomended to ‘em yt ye Matter be privately Accomodated.

at ye Same Time it was Motion’d to ye Chh, yt Inasmuch as

John Dammon a Member of ye Chh had fallen into ye Depths of

Enthusiasm thrô wch: he had Vented ye Most Uncharitable Expresss

not only agst. ye Pastors of ys. Chhs but ye Chh itself, nor only ys Chh but

Indeed ye whole Chh of X, as being Antichristian, & had Withdrawn

from ye preached Word & ye ^public Ordinances; - yt. therefore Something be

done in Charity to ye Offender in Order to Reclaim him hereupon

Voted yt Deacon Parker Deacon Bancroft Deacon Emerson

& Deacon Temple wth. Capt. Brown & Capt. Nicolls be a Committee

of Enquiry into ye Conduct of Brothr Dammon & ye Reasons of it

& Make Report to ye. Pastor of ys. Chh.92 at ye Same

Time it was Motion’d to ye Chh yt: Inasmuch as Brother Ebenr

Parker Junr: having been guilty of ye Sin of Drunkeness had

been long Suspended ye: Communn of ye Chh, & no fruits of Repentn

Appearing, nor he Manifesting a desire to Return to ye fellowship

of ye: Chh; — Whither it be Consider’d Wt. was proper to be done

Hereupon Voted yt. two of ye Deacons wth Mr. Thos Burnap, John

Sweyn, Benjn. Sweyn be a Committee to Inform Bror Parker

yt: Unless a Reformation Appears in him the Chh will proceed to

Excommunicatn in ye Space of three Months In ye Mean

While Sd Committee are Desird particularly to watch over him.

1748 Apl 10

The Second Chh in Ipswich being Offended at ye. Conduct of ye.

First, & having, to no purpose Endeavour’d to compromise &

heal Matters yy: proceeded to Administer Letters of Admonition

wch. not Answering yr. designed End, they proceeded to Send Letters

to Other Chhes, & particularly to ye 1st. Chh in Reading, desiring


them to back or Second ye Admonition; Accordingly I laid

ye Matter before ye Chh, Who considering ye Importance of

ye Case, desird ye Matter might be deferr’d till ye next Lds:

Day: ——— When ye Consideration of ye Matter being

Resum’d ye Chh not Seeing Sufficient Reason to grant ye

Prayer of yt. Petition Voted in ye Negative

At ye Same Time laid before ye Chh a Letter from ye Chh

in Tivertown, who had lately Recd: ye. Gospell built an

House for Public Worship & Settled a Pastor,93 but being

in their Infancy were Weak & therefore desird Assistance in

Order to defray their Charges: ye Chh taking ye. Matter into

Consideratn Voted to grant ye Desire of ye Petition, Accordingly

a Contribution was Appointed to be on ye Next Thursday Sennight

it being fast Day.

Augt. 28

Lds Day Eve Stayed ye Chh. & Read a Letter from Willm: Baldwin

who wth: Other Members of ye Chh of Christ in Narragansett No: 2

were highly Offended wth. their Pastor, Mr. Elisha Marsh & Chh on

Various Accounts, & therefore desird Our advice in Councill wth: many

other Chhes Call’d to sit in New Town The Chh having heard

ye Letters Voted to gratify ye prayers of ye Petition & accordingly

appointed Lieutt. Parker & Capt. Bancroft as their Delegates.

Sep. 18

Lds Day Eve ye Common Service of ye. Sabbh. being Over

I Communicated to ye Chh Letters Sent from ye Chh in Chelsea

desiring Our Assistance in ye Instalment Ordination of Mr. Wm: McClanathan

Wm: they had called to ye Pastoral Office in Sd. Chh. The Chh

Voted to go by their Delegates Deacon Emerson Capt. Eaton

Capt. Nicolls Wth: their Pastor


The Councill Met at Time Appointed, but Much being Objected

agst. Moral Character of Mr McClanhathan ye Councill declined

ye. Installmt. for present & adjourn’d to 3d: Wednesday Decr

next, In Mean Time taking Necessary & prudent Measures to find

out ye. true Character of ye. Gentn. Elected


March Lecture Day after ye Service of ye. Day I Stayed ye Chh,

laid before ym: ye. Case of John Dammon & Wife

who Notwithstanding all Endeavours to Reclaim ‘em, Yet

Continued in yr. Enthusiasticall Notions, & Uncharitible, Censorious


frames, giving out yt ys: Chh & all Other Chhes in ye. Land were but

Baals Chhes & ye. Ministers, but ye Dragons Angels94 wth: Many Other

Expressions of ye. like Nature: after Much Debate upon ye. Case ye Chh

proceeded to Vote yt: yr: Conduct in yse. things, as also in Refusing to

Vote Attend ys. Chh Meeting of Wch: they had been duly Notified, was

Censurable, as Contrary to ye. Word of Gd: & ye Bonds of ye Chh Covenant

& therefore they were forbidden ye Table of ye. Ld: for ye present. Yet

Inasmuch as a Controversy Arose founded on ye: Questn. Whether Mr Dammon

& Wife were not put out of ye possessn of yr own Minds & Much being

offerd to prove yt yy were at least under a Dementia quoadhac95

ye Chh tho’t it not proper Immediately at least to Censure yse prsons

but Voted to Spend Some time in prayer on yr. acct: desiring also

yt. ye. Revd. Mr. Clark of Salem Village, Mr. Putnam of No: Precinct

& Mr. Emerson of Malden Might be Intreated to Assist in Sd

Solemnity. ye Time for Sd. Solemnity to be left wth: ye Pastors

Hereupon Voted yt two of ye. Deacons & Capt. Nicolls be a Committee to

Inform Sd. Dammon & Wife of ye transactions of ye. Chh & Withal

Give ym to know yt. ye. Chh Expect yr. Attendance at ye. Time of

prayer after Wch: ye Meeting was Adjournd for two Months for

further Consideratn

May 12th

being Lecture Day I Stayed ye Chh after Divine Service; & further

Represented to ym: ye. Case of Mr. John Dammon & Wife who still Continued

in yr. former Offences, & Refus’d to attend ye Chh on ye Day of Prayer tho

Set Apart on their Partic: Account, of Wch: they were Duly Notify’d; & Who

also Refus’d to give Account of their Conduct, at this Meeting where they were

Required to give their Attendence: the Chh herupon, taking ye Matter into

Serious Consideration Voted yt. Bror. John Dammon & Wife obstinately

persisting in their Uncharitable Language & Disorderly Behaviour, be

therfore Suspended ye Communion of ye. Chh, till they shall give

Suitable Satisfaction. at ye Same Time Voted yt. an Admonition

be dispensed to John Dammon & Wife & yt Deacon Temple Capt. Eaton

Capt Bancroft & Bror. Ephm. Wesson & Joseph Parker accompany ye Pastor

in Dispensing Sd. Admonition.

At ye Same Time ye Case of Ebenr Parker Junr who had long liv’d

in ye Sin of Drunkeness, & had been Suspended therefor was taken


into Consideration at Wch: Time Sd. Parker Offering a Confession

of his Sin & pretending to be humbled therfor, the Chh so far

accepted his Acknowledgmt: as to Vote a Reprieve from ye Sentence

of Excommmunication, Wch: yy. had formerly Voted to pass wthout

Repentance & Reformation: Sd. Reprieve to continue for ye Space

of One Month & no longer Except there were Apparent Tokens

of Repente. & Amendmt: In ye Mean [time] they who had ye former

Special Watch Over him together wth: Mess Josiah & Jotham

Walton were desird to Continue it.

Lecture Day

Some Considerable Time having passed ye Chh met agn: to Consider

Sepr: 28

ye Case of Ebenr: Parker but he not being present tho Warnd

ye Chh Voted to protract yr. Lenity towards him till ye Next Lecture

Day; when yy: purpos’d to take his Affairs into Consideratn & proceed

agst. him, without Reformatn, Whether present or Absent

Octo 27.

being Lecture Day I Movd to The Chh being Met by Adjournmt

I Movd to ye Chh - Case of Ebenr Parker, who after Some

Debates upon ye propriety or Impropriety of Immediately Considering

Sd Case at Length Voted to adjourn to thursday Seven Night

following & ^sd Parker being Absent yt Deacon Bancroft Deacon Temple Capt. Brown

Deacon Emerson & Bror. Ephm. Wesson be a Committe of ye Chh

to Visit Sd Parker & Solemnly to Urge upon him ye Necessity of

paying due Regards to ye Authority of ye Chh

Thursday Novr 10th: The Chh being Met took into Consideratn ye Case

of Ebenr Parker & Nothing of Importance being Offerd by him in his

Vindicatn. Voted 1st yt. they would Extend their Lenity to him no farther

2dly: That Conduct of Ebenr. Parker by Reason of habitual

Drunkeness aggravated by Many & Awfull Consideratns, partic: by

his Continuance in it for a long Course [of] Time & In Contradictn. to many

Solemn promises & Engagements: is Such as yt. we apprehend him

unworthy of being a Member of Christs Visible Chh, & yt therfore

he be Cut off from it —— Accordingly a few Sabbs. following

he was Excommunicated in face of ye Congregatn


March 11th:

Jacob Bancroft & Wife having been guilty of ye Sin of

Fornicatn, acknowledgd yr Sin were Received to Charity respectively, & had

yr. Child Baptised

April I communicated to ye Chh Letters from a Chh in Eastham

Inviting Our presence & Assistance at ye Installmt. of ye. Revd


Mr. Edwd. Cheever in ye Pastoral Office there, but ye Chh Considering ye

great Distance & yt Their Assistance was not of absolute Necessity declin’d


May 27

Having Recd Letters from ye Chh of Cht: in Northhampton

Signifying ye Great Difficulty they labord of in Respect of difft.

Sentiments Relating to ye. Right to ye Holy Supper, & Intreating Our

Assistance in Removing Sd. Difficu1ty; I Comted ye Letters to ye Chh

who Esteeming ye. Matter of great Importance Voted to Send96

N B: Samll. Bancroft Junr: Chosen Delegate

July 22d

The Chh being Stayed after ye Service of ye Sabba. I Com̄unicated

to them Letters from ye Third Chh in Lynn Desiring Our

Assistance in ye Ordination of Mr: Joseph Roby to ye

Pastoral Office in Sd. Chh: The Chh having Voted yr

Readiness to Assist; Deacon Bancroft, Capt. Brown Capt.

Sweyn Capt. Nicolls & Mr. Samll. Pool Were appointed

Delegates to Accompany ye Pastor


Mr: Joseph Sweyn was dismist & Recomended to ye: Chh

of Christ in Wenham at ye Same Time I Communicated

Letters from ye Chh aforesd. desiring Our Assistance in Seperating Mr.

Sweyn to ye Pastoral Office there ye Chh Voted to Send

Deacon Emerson Capt Brown Capt. Sweyn, Benjn. Sweyn & Mr

John Walton Junr Voted Delegates, & also Mr. Samll. Pool

Near ye Same Time I Communicated to ye: Chh a Letter

from ye Revd Mr. Cleveland Pastor of ye South Chh in Malden

Desiring Our Assistance in Councill about ye Expediency of his

Removal to Hallifax in Chebucta97 to Wch: place he was Earnestly

Invited. The Chh having heard his Letters Voted to Send.

NB: Capt. Brown & Capt. Nicolls Voted Delegates


James Abbott & Sarah his Wife were at their Request dismist

& Recomended to ye Chh of X. at Pennicook

Decr. 9th

Jacob Parker & Abigail his Wife, Children of ye Chh


tho not Members in full Communion, being Convicted in

their Consciences of their breaking ye Seventh Comt. offerd

their Acknowledgmt & were agn. Recd: into Charity according to

their former Standing



Having Recd Letters from a Number of ye Brethn of ye Chh

of Northampton adhering to yr. Late Pastour ye Revd Mr Edwards

Signifying yr. Desires yt. we wd Incorporate ym. & Install

yr. Late Pastor over ym if we Saw meet, or Otherwise give

Such Advice as yr. Circumstances Calld for; having also Recd Letters

from ye Revd: Mr. Edwards, desiring yt. he might have an

Opportunity to lay his Case before a Councill, & have yr advice,

I Read ye Letters to ye Chh who Voted to Send according to ye

Desire of ye. Petitioners N B. Capt: Brown & Samll. Bancroft Junr. Deleg:


Having Recd. Letters from a Number of ye Brethn. of ye

West Chh in Sudbury signifying yr. Uneasiness wth. yr. Pastor

Refusing ym: a Chh Meeting tho often Requested, as also to Joyn in

Councill under yr Difficulties ^& hereupon desiring Our Assistance & Councill. I read ye Letters to ye Chh

as also a Complaint of ye. Grievance of ye. Brethn. Carryed in

to ye Pastor of Sd Chh, Upon Wch: ye Chh Voted to Send

N B: Deacon Emerson & John Temple Delegates


Communicated to Chh Letters Recd: from ye Chh at Linebrook desiring

us to Joyn in Councill to advise ym. in yr: Conduct towards two Brethn

who had Spoken to ye. disadvantage of [the] Moral Character of yr. Pastr

The Chh thinking ye Chh at Linebrook had Sufficient Power to deal

wth. yr. Offending Brethn. Refused to Joyn


I Communicated to ye Chh Letters wch. I Recd: from a Number

of Brethn: belonging to ye. Secd: Chh in Sutton, desiring ye

presence of this Chh wth: Others to advise ym. under long &

pressing Difficu1tys ye Chh after Some debate, Esteemd it

their Duty to Send. Accordingly Deacon Bancroft

Capt. Eaton Capt. Brown & Capt. Nicolls Were Voted

Delegates or Any two of them

Jany: 26

Samll. Nicolls & Wife dismist & Recomded: to a Chh


of Christ in Lebanon98 under Care of Mr. Soln. Williams Pastr


March 22d: Nathll: Bacheller Junr. offered his

Confession of ye Sin of Fornication his Wife having

been deliverd of a Child in abt: five Months after

V^id: ⊕

Marriage, Wch: being Read, he was Recd: to Charity


Stayed ye Chh on ye Lds. Day & Comunicated to ym Letters

from a Number of Aggriev’d Brethn. belonging to ye 2nd

Chh in Sutton Earnestly Intreating ye Presence & Assiste. of ys

Chh in Concurre: wth: Other Chhes Calld to Sit in Council on ye

3d. Tuesday of May Instant. Accordingly ye Chh very generay

Voted to Send N B: Deacon Bancroft & Capt Brown Delegates

⊕ Apl.

Wm: Bryant Junr: having bro’t an Accusatn. agst: his Bror

Noah Eaton, for false & Injurious Speaking of & Wilfull Lying as

also for hard Oppressive dealing; I calld ye Chh: together who after

long Hearing & Debate Voted ym Selves dissatisfied wth: ye Conduct

of Bror: Eaton ^& a Number [of] Points Articled agt. him, & herupon Suspended him till he Shd.

make Proper Satisfactn.

Novr: 26

After ^Public Service of ye Sabba. I Read to ye Chh Letters to ym

Signed Nathan Town & Eunice his Wife Signifying

yt. it had pleased God to Contend wth: ym: by Fire by Wch:

all yr. Substance & provisions were Consumed, & therefore

Desiring ye Charity of ye Chh & Congregatn in this place

to Wch: She formerly belonged Wherupon ye Chh after a few

Moments Debate Unanimously Voted a Contributn:

N Bene She was ye Daughter Of Mrs. Wm. Green

1753 March Mr: James Parker & Wife were at yr.


Dismist from us & Recomended to ye Chh at Southborô

Where they had Removed

Apl. 12th:

Having appointed a Chh. Meeting Some Time before

for ye Choice of a Deacon, ye Chh Accordingly

Met on ys Day, when Capt: Benja. Brown was


Chosen to that Office, at ye First Vote.

at ye Same Time Were dismissed Mrs: Abigail

Hay, now ye Wife of ye Revd: Mr Joseph Emerson

as also Mary Richardson, now Farley, & Recom̄ended

to ye Chh in Groton, under ye Watch of Mr. Emerson Aforsd.

at ye Same Time also Noah Eaton having Acknowledgd

ye Faults for Wch he had been some Time past

Suspended, & Asking fogiveness, was Restored to Charity.

Augt. 24

Being Lecture Day I Communicated to ye Chh ye

Case of Primus Negro Servt. to Mrs. David Green Junr.

who had for a long Time Absented himself

from ye Communion of ye Chh, but He, tho Warnd,

not Appearing, ye Chh Adjournd ye Consideratn

of ye Case till ye Next Chh Meeting

Sepr. 9

Service of ye Sabb; being Over Eliza Fowler was

Recd: into ye Fellowship of ys Chh having been

dismist & Recom̄ended — 2d. Chh in Woburn

Octo 19

Being Lecture Day, ye Chh Met by Adjournmt

to Consider ye Case of Primus Negro Servt. to

Mrs. David Green Junr: Sd: Primus having

offer’d ye Reasons for Absenting himself from

ye Worship & Ordinances of X. ye Chh

Voted ym Selves Unsatisfied wth: his Reasons,

& Suspended him from Chh Fellowship till he

Shd Manifest his Repente.


March 3

John Townsend Junr was then at his Request

Dismist to ye Chh at Wilmington

June 2:

Kendal Bryant was then at his Request

dismissed & Recommended to ye Chh of

Christ in Concord

June 23d

Having a fortnight past Communicated Letters


from a Number of Aggrieved Members of ye

West Chh in Sudbury, desiring Our Help & Advice

in Concurrence wth: Other Chhes, ye Chh who then Adjourn’d yt they

might be better prepard for Action Resumd ye

Consideratn. of this Matter & generally Voted to Send

ye Desird Help: NB Deacon Brown Delegate.

Decr. 22:

One Labary who was taken Captive by ye Indians

last Augt. & Carryed to Canada, having Earnestly

Requested Help of us in Order to his Redemption

I proposd ye Matter to ye Chh & Congregation who

Voted a Contribution ye Next Lords Day

— 29

This Vote was Reverst ys Day on Some Jealousy

& Surmises whether Labarra wd. Ever Obtain ye Money.99

Feby 9

Wife of Kendal Bryant Junr. dismist & Recomended

to ye Chh of Concord.


June 29

After ye Service was Ended I Comted to ye Chh Letters

Sent from ye Revd. Mr. Carnes Desiring us to Join

in Councill wth. other Chhes, in Order to a Regular

Dismission from his Pastoral Relatn. if it Shd. be

Judged Expedient, Accordingly ye Chh Voted to Send

& Deacon Brown being Nominated was Accepted.

NB: ye Councill Met at Time & Place & Wrote a Letter to

ye Chh; but ys being treated wth: Neglect; upon Adjournmt

Voted Mr: Carnes Might lawfully Withdraw from100 his Chh; yet

advised him to patience & forbearance for Some Time.

Novr. 2d

I Communicated Letters from101 Chh. at Lynn End

desiring Our Assistance in ye Ordinatn. of

Mr. Benjn. Adams to ye Pastoral Office there: ye

Chh Accordingly Voted Compliance & wth yr Pastor

Sent Deacons Bancroft Brown & Emerson &

Capt. Sweyn.

Decr 14

Maverick Smith & Wife having been


guilty of Fornicatn before Marriage

Confessed yr Sin humbled ym Selves & Were

Recd to former Charity

at ye Same Time I laid before ye Chh.

& Congregatn ye distressed Circumstances of ye Family of

Benja Dammon a Native of ys Town

& for Many years an Inhabitt. of it Who

Requested Our Charity; Herupon ye Chh

Readily ^Voted a Contributn for him on ye Next Lds Day.



after Divine Service Read Letters Sent

from Woburn Desiring Assistance in ye Ordinatn

of Mr. Josiah Sherman to ye Pastoral

Care of ye 1st: Chh of X there. Voted Affirme

Delegates Deacons Bancroft & Brown Sgt

Nicolls & Capt. Eaton.


Laid before ye Chh ye Desire of

Jona. Smith for a Charitable Contribution

on Acct: yt his House had been Consumed

by fire, with whose Desire ye Chh

Unanimously Concurr’d


Jona. Brown having been guilty of ye

Breach of ye Seventh Comt made Confessn of

his Sin & was Restored to former Charity.

- Meriah Negro Servt to Deacon Parker decd

dismist & Recom̄ended to ye Chh

in Salem under ye Care of Revd Thos. Barnard.

Augt 29

Jona. Bancroft & Wife having been guilty of


ye Breach of ye Seventh Comt. made Confessn

of yr Sin & were Restord to former Charity


June 17: Being Lecture Day, I Stayed ye Chh after Religious

Service to Read a paragraph in ye Will of Deaon

Parker Deceased in wch: be bequathed a Legacy to

ye Chh to be put into ye Hands of ye Deacons &

two Other Members to be Chosen by ye Chh: Accordingly

ye Chh proceeded to ye Choice of ye Brethn. Who

were Capt. John Goodwin & Lt. Samll. Bancroft.


ye Service of ye Sabb: being ended, I stayed ye Chh

& Intimated to ym. yt ye Frowns of Gd: upon ye Land being

Many & gt: Especially in Respect to ye long Drought wth: wch.

we have been Visited & wherby ye Increase of ye Land is

gtly threatned I tho’t it highly proper yt a day

of Fasting shd be Kept, to humble Our Souls before

God & Earnestly Seek his Favours. ye Chh Concurring

wth. me in ye Tho’t, Agreed yt Next Thursday be Kept

as a Day of Solemn Fasting & Humiliation

Novr 23

Mr Joshua Parker was at his Request Dismissed

& Recomended to ye Chh of Christ in Canterbury

under ye Pastoral Care of ye Revd. Mr. Coggeshall.102

Ebenr. Wesson was at his Request dismissed

& Recomended to ye Chh of Christ in Souhegin West

under ye Pastoral Care of ye Revd: Danll Wilkins103


Ap 29

Wm: Pool & Wife having long lain under ye

guilt of ye Sin of Fornicatn Were at length

Convicted in their own Consciences, made


Humble Confessn. of yr Sin & Were Restord to


May 28

Joseph Gold was then at his Request

dismissed & Recomended to ye Chh at Souhegin.

Novr. 2d:

The Chh being Call’d to Meet together

on this Day to Make Choice of a Deacon

to Supply ye Place of Good Deacon Bancroft

whom God hath Taken to himself; Made

Choice of Mr. Samll. Bancroft Junr Nephew

to ye: Deceas’d.

Decr. I

Signifyed My Concurrence wth yt

Vote of ye Chh, & Mr. Bancroft having

Accepted his Call Entred into his Office & Seat

Decr. 31

Read to ye Chh Letters Recd from ye

Chh of Christ in Middleton, Desiring

Our Assistance in ye Ordination of

Mr. Elias Smith Chosen to ye Pastoral

Office in Sd. Chh. Voted in ye Affirmative.


Deacon Brown, Ebenr: Nicolls Ebenr: Smith

& Isaac Smith Junr, Delegates.

Jany: 14.

Read Letters from ye Chh in Stoneham desiring

Assistance in ye. Installment of ye Revd

Mr. John Searl over ye Chh. there. Voted Affirme


Deacon Emerson, Deacon Bancroft Capt

John Sweyn & Wm Bryant Delegates


Ap Wm: Bryant & Wife dismissed to ye Chh

in Sudbury ye Pastoral Care of Revd Mr Cook

Augt Wm: Johnson & Wife Dismissed to ye Westerly

Chh in Lynn.


May 17

Read to ye Chh Letters from ye 2d Chh in ye Town

Inviting our Help at ye Ordinatn. of

Mr Stone to yt Pastoral Office. Voted


Deacons Brown & Emerson Coll: Nickols Capt Goodwin & Jona


Eaton Delegates.


Samll Bancroft having been one of ye 2 Trustees

Voted to take Care of ye Legacy left ye Chh by

Deacon Parker; & he being afterwards Chosen

Deacon; Collll Nicolls was Voted to Supply his Place

Novr 22

Rebecca ye Widow of John Dammon Decd

having made Acknowledgt of ye Sin, for wch

she wth her Husband had been long Suspended,

was herupon Recd. into ye Charity of ye Chh

29 Stayed Chh ^& Congregatn after Service & Mention’d ye Applicatn of Mr

Melandys Family for a Contribution, in Consideratn of yr

Needy Circumstances; ye Chh falling in herwith, agreed yt.

ye Next Thursday being Thanksgiving Day, shoud be a

Day therfor.



Stayed ye Chh after divine Service & Read ye

Letters Missive from Marblehead Desiring our

presence & Assistance at ye Ordinatn of Mr

Whitwell as Colleague Pastor wth ye: Revd

Mr Barnard; but being strangers to ye Gentn

his Experiences & Principles Voted not to Send



Read ye Letters Missive from ye Third Chh in

Salem desiring Our Assist: at ye Ordinatn of

Mr Huntington, to ye Work of ye Ministry; but

being Unacquainted wth ye Gentn his Principles,

Morals & Experiences; Voted not to Send.

however afterwards to Send yt we Might Know ym.


Ap. 12

Chh Voted on Fast Day, a Contribution for Thos Hartshorn

brot low by ye Dispensatn of Provid: ye Next Sabb:

July 15.

Then John Boutell Junr & Wife Made humble Confession of ye

Sin of Fornication & were Recd to Charity.104

At a meeting of ye first Church of Christ in


Reading on ye 18th Day of July: 1765 after Seeking to God By Prayer the Church

1. Voted that De Benjamin Brown Should

be moderator for this meeting.

2. That De Brown Emerson Should be ye Church’s

Clerk During the Church’s Pleasure.

3. De Jonathan Temple De Samuel Bancroft

and Ebenr Nichols Esqr weare Chosen a Comtt

to goe to Mr Hobbys and fecth the Church

Books of Record: which Books ware Brought

to the Church: and the Church Covenant was

Read to the Church.

The Church voted to Keep the 15 Day of

August next Insuing as a Day of fasting

and Prayer.

The Church Platform was Read to ye Church

at said Meeting and Left to be Considred



At a meeting of ye first Church of Christ in

Reading on ye 2d Day of September: 1765

after Looking up to God by Prayer.

De Benjamin Brown was Chosen Moderator

for this Meeting.

It was moved to the Church whether the Church

wold Receve Members while we are Destitute

of a Pastor and it Past in ye Affermative

by a General Vote. Then it was,

Voted that the Deacons Should be a Committee


to Examen Persons that Should offer themselves

to the Communion of ye Church and Receve the

Satisfaction that they Shall Give and propound

them to the Church: and that the Persons that

Shall Give Satisfaction to the Committee: Shall

have the Covenant Given to them by Some

ordained Minister: and they Shall Give in their Rela

tions to Sd Committee.

It was then proposed whether the church would

Chouse a Commtt to Draw up a Confession of faith

by the help and assestance of an ordained minister

or Ministers and it past in ye affermative.

Voted that Ebenr Nichols Esqr De Bancroft and Lt John

Temple be a Comtte: for that purpos.

Voted that the Revd Mr Clark and ye Revd Mr Samuel

Stone be ye Ministers to asest Asest ye Committee

in Drawing up a Confession of faith for ye Church.

Voted to adjourn this meeting to this Day four weaks

at two of ye Clock in ye afternoon.

At the adjournment ^above Sd the Committee above said

having by the help of ye Revd Mr Peter

Clark of Danvers Drawn Up a Confession of

faith Did Present it to the Church for thare

acceptance and it was Read to them and accept

ed of them: by a Unanamos Vote.

Voted to accept of ye Platform for a General Rule of Church

Dissapline So Farr as it is agreable to the word of God.

Voted to abid by the Church Covenant.105

Confession of Faith.


1. We do seriously & solemnly profess to

believe in one eternal almighty God

the Father Son & holy Ghost, who

created the World by his Power, &

governs it by his Providence, & is

the Redeemer of the fallen World

by his Son Jesus Christ.

2. We believe the holy Scriptures of the

old & new Testament to be the Word

of God, & adhere to Them as the only

Rule of Faith & Practice, directing Us

in all Matters of divine Worship, & in

Church-Administrations, as well as in

an holy Life & Conversation. 2 Tim: 3: 16. 17.

3. We believe, that our first Parents fell

from that Estate of Integrity Honour &

Happiness in which God at first

created Them, & ^that all Mankind ^fell in Them,

by their Transgression in eating the

Forbidden Fruit; & that thereby They

involved themselves & their Posterity in a

State of Sin & Death;

and that in Consequence hereof, all the


Generations of Adam are born in a State

of corrupted Nature, destitute of original

Righteousness & Purity, & infected with

Sin properly so called so as to become

Children of Wrath by Nature Psa: 51.5.

Rom: 5.19 Eph: 2.3.4. And that God

hath from all Eternity chosen a certain

Number of lapsed or fallen Mankind

to Life & Salvation as the End, & Faith

in Christ & Holiness as the Means Eph: 1.4 2

Thess: 2.13.

4. We believe, that God, in Compassion

to the sinful perishing State of Mankind,

fore-ordained, & in the Fulness of Time

sent his only begotten Son, to be the

Saviour of the World: & that Jesus

Christ the Son of God, became true

& real Man, being made of a Woman,

& in all things like unto his Brethren

Sin only excepted; & at the same Time

in his original Nature God over all

blessed for ever more, being God

& Man in one Person John 1.14

1 Tim: 3.6 Gal: 4.4. Heb: 2:17 Rom: 9.5, 6.

5. That Christ the Son of God having


in Compliance with his Father’s Will

taken on Him the Nature of Man,

hath therein substituted himself to

bear our Sins in his Sacrefice on the

Cross for the Expeation of them, &

humbled himself in his Obedience unto

Death for our Redemption, whereby

he has made a true & perfect

Satisfaction to the Justice of God

for the Sins of Man.

6. That He rose again from the Dead

on the third Day, & ascended into

Heaven as our victorious Redeemer,

& sitteth at the right Hand of God

making Intercession for Us, & having

Power given Him over all Things

in Heaven & on Earth.

7. That he sustains & executes the

Threefold Office of Prophet Priest

& King in his Church.

8. That in the Exercise of his Office as

Redeemer, and of the Fullness of Power

committed to Him; He has published


the Gospel-Covenant: Requiring

Faith & Repentance of sinful Men,

in Order to Pardon & Salvation.

And We must look to be be pardoned

& saved only thro’ the Merits of Christ,

applied by Faith as our only available

Plea before the Justice of God in

Opposition to all Works, not only Those

of the mosaic Law, but all Works of

Righteousness which we are supposed to

have done, or can do, either before

or after Grace received; & the only

solid Ground of the Imputation of the

Righteousness of Christ to Us for our

Justification is our Union to Christ

by Faith, & not Works of Obedience

‘tho’ a lively Faith uniting to Christ

will be ever followed with Works of

Gospel-Obedience. Rom: 3.25. Tit: 3.5.

Phill: 3.9. Rom: 8.1.

9. We believe the holy Spirit is given thro’

the Merit & Intercession of Christ to make

Application of his purchased Redemption to

Men’s Souls;

and that his gracious Influences are


necessary to a Life of Faith & Obedience

& particularly the regenerating & renewing

Power & Grace of the holy Spirit is

necessary to quicken Sinners naturally

dead in Sin, impotent & averse to all

spiritual Good; & to lead them into the

Life of God: And his gracious Aids are

to be sought & depended on by Believers

in all their Acts of the spiritual Life,

whereby They are enabled to persevere

to Perfection. ————

10. That Christ hath instituted a Gospel-

Ministry, & the two Sacrements of

Baptism & the Lord’s Supper as the

outward Means of the Application of

Redemption - to be observed in his Church,

‘till his second Coming. ————

11. We believe another Life after this Life,

& that Christ will come again, & raise

the Dead, & judge the World; & that

We must all appear before the

Judgement-Seat of Christ. ————

12. That at the last Day, the Wicked


shall be adjudg’d to everlasting

Punishments, & the Righteous to Life


The above calvinistic Articles

of Faith We receive as being

agreeable to the Word of God

& the common receiv’d Opinion

of these Churches. ————

on the 30th Day of Sep[t]ember 1765

The above Confession was acepted by the Church

as their own beleafe by a Unanamos Vote

and that it Should be Recorded in the church



At a meeting of the first Church of Christ in Read

ing upon the 18th Day or September 1766

Deacon Benjamin Brown moderator.

Voted That the Church Doth mak choice of Mr John

Lotrop to be the Pastor of this Church Provided

his principals of Religion and meathod of Church

Government agree with this church: then it was Voted to adjoyrn

the meeting to the Voted that the Deacons with Coll

Ni Nichols and Mr John Temple and Mr Nathaniel

Emerson be a Committee to Joyn with the Revd

Mr Joseph Emerson of Malden the Revd Mr Robbe

of Lynn and the Revd Mr Stone to Examen Mr

John Lotropt: with Regard to his principals of

Religon and meathod of Church Goverment and


at the adjournment of Said meeting which was

on the 25th Day of September 1766 the Commtte

above Said made thare Report to the Church and

the Church acepted of the Report of Said Committe

and Renewed thare Choice and

Voted That the Church Doth make choice of Mr

John Lotropt to be the Pastor of this Church.


At a meeting of the first Church in

Reading February the 24: 1767

Mr Jo the Revd Mr Joseph Roby

Chosen moderator.

1 Voted that the Church is greaved that

So many of their Breathen Do not

meet with them at this time

2 Voted that the Church Send an affectionate

message to those Breatheren that have

absented themselves from the meeting

this Day. Particklulerly to those Bre

theren that are Dissatisfied with Mr Latrop

and Desire their Attendance at the adjorn

ment of this meeting

3 that Deacon Emerson Deacon Bancroft

and Mr Timothy Pratt be a Committee

to goe to these Bretheren and Cary ye

message of Church to them.

4 Voted that this meeting be adjourned to


next fry fryday 2 of ye Clock at this p1ace.


At a meeting of the first Church of Christ in

Reading upon the ninteenth Day of November

1767: Dec͠on Benjamin Brown was Chosen


Our Brother Thomas Parker came before the

Church and acknoliged he had been guity of ye

Sin of Intemperence: and Expressed his Sorrow

theirfor: and that he wold Indever a Reforman

for the future: the Church took it Into Considration

and So left it for the Present.

Then after a Considrable ^Debate upon the Dificultys

that are amungst us the Church proposed to Ad

journ the meeting and to Send for the Revd

Mr Stone for our assestence: as Moderator

the Church then Voted to Send to the Revd Mr Stone

to Assest us at the Adjoyrnment of this meeting &

and to be moderator

then Voted to adjoyrn this meeting to the first

munday after the thanksgiving: (viz: the 7th Day

of December next[)]

Voted that all matters of complaint that are

to come before the Church Shall be Exhibited

in wrighting: and a Coppy of the Complaint

Sent to the Person or persons Complained off.

At a meeting of ye first Church of Christ in


Reading on the first Day of Sepember 1768

Deacn Samll Bancroft Chosen moderator.

The Church then Past this Vote following.

That wareas we have for a considrable time

Past Lived in a neglect of the Lords Supper by

means of Some perplexing Circumstances which that have

attended our affairs we Unitedly humble ourselves

before God for our Sinfull neglect & Implore

forgiveness: through the Blood of attonment &

grace for the future to honnor Christ bya carfull

Attendance106 on all his ordinances and our purpos is by ye

Leave of Providence to attend the holy Supper

with all Convenient Speed hoping thare to meet

with Christ and Sit togather as frends and

bretheren forbaring one another and forgiving

one another as God for Christs Sake forgiveth us

At a meeting of the first ^Church in Reading April ye 18: 1769


the Revd Mr Elias Smith was Chosen Moderator

1 it was then Put to Vote whether the Church wold

hear Mr Caleb Prentice four Saboths upon Probation

and it Past in the affermitive 34 yeas 25 nays

2 voted that Brown Emerson Col Nichols John Smith

Josiah Walton & Jonathan Eaton be a Committee to wait

upon Mr Prentice and Lay before him the Votes of ye Church

the meeting was then adjoyrned to ye next munday Com: fortnit

at the adjornment it was put to Vote whether ye Church

Will will at this time Give Mr Caleb: Prentice Libarian

at Cambridg a Call to the work of the ministry in this

Place and it Past in the Affermitive 39 yea: 26 nay


Voted that Brown Emerson Coll: Nichols & Capt Goodwin

be a Comttee to wait upon Mr Prentice and Lay before him

the Votes of ye Church


at a meeting of ye first Church ^of X in Reading on the 7

Day of August 1769: Brown Emerson Moderator


It was Voted Unanomosly that the Church Doth

Renew: their Call of Mr Caleb Prentice ^of Cambridg to be the

Pastor of this Church and Minister of this Parish


Voted that Coll: Nichols Brown Emerson & Capt Goodwin

Shall be a Committee to wait upon Mr Prentice and

Lay before him the Votes of ye Church


1. Pagination begins with p. 4.

2. MS damage at upper right corner; conjectural reading supplied from typescript, p. 2.

3. MS damage to lower right corner; reading supplied from typescript, p. 3.

4. This is the first of several cues in the succeeding pages that directs the reader to members in half-way membership, recorded on odd-numbered pages, and members in full membership, recorded on even-numbered pages.

5. The remainder of MS p. 7, nearly half of the page, is blank.

6. Here follows a parenthetical note in shorthand ending with the written-out words “beagles opened,” in which the scribe apparently recorded the “Senseless Jest.” A beagle, the title of a sheriff’s officer or bailiff, also connotes a noisy, shouting person.

7. The remainder of MS p. 49 (p. 121), nearly half a page, is blank.

8. Reference not completed.

9. There is little doubt that there is a lacunae in the MS, since the document following the church covenant first composed in 1644 takes up in the middle of a third point. That the next two leaves were tipped in is suggested by the fact that they are not paginated. On MS p. 49 (p. 121), the circumstance is explained: Rev. Richard Brown notes that the church covenant was in “a loose paper.” For that reason, he transcribed the full text of the covenant on MS pp. 50-51 (pp. 121-24).

10. The names listed on this page were written in a different hand.

11. Here entries are written in another hand. This list recapitulates that on MS p. 31, with the exception of the very last name, Mary Burt.

12. Propositions Concerning the Subject of Baptism and Consociation of Churches, Collected and Confirmed Out of the Word of God, By a Synod of Elders and Messengers of the Churches in Massachusetts-Colony in New-England . . . (Boston, 1662).

13. Here begin the entries written by Rev. Jonathan Pierpont.

14. Pierpont took up the practice of dividing the page into colums, the left side for recording half-way members and baptisms, and the right for recording full members.

15. The tabulations of church members at the tops and bottoms of MS pp. 33-37 are in the hand of Richard Brown, probably upon his assuming the pastorate in 1712, so that he could have an accurate running total.

16. No first name provided.

17. Illegible deleted entry.

18. No first name provided.

19. This entry was written in a different hand, probably by one of the deacons. Subsequent entries were written by Richard Brown.

20. With the exception of MS pp. 49, 51, and 53, Brown left odd-numbered pages blank beginning at this point. William Hobby continued this practice; the final odd-numbered blank page is p. 81. For the sake of continuity, blank pages will not be noted.

21. Shorthand.

22. Every name has beside it, either preceding or following it, an “X” that was probably made by Richard Brown in compiling and checking his list of members. The notations beside the first three males in the left column are likely to denote Brown as pastor (“S” for “Shepherd”?) and the following two as deacons.

23. This word is in shorthand.

24. Actually, there are 26 listed under Charlestown, bringing the total to 237.

25. This word is in shorthand.

26. This entry is written in a different hand, mostly likely that of a lay officer; entries in William Hobby’s hand begin on the next page, MS p. 71.

27. This word is in shorthand.

28. This word is in shorthand.

29. This word is in shorthand.

30. This word is in shorthand.

31. This word is in shorthand.

32. This word is in shorthand.

33. The last word, apparently written in at a later time, is a conjectural reading, possibly meaning “Joseph Gold’s [son] Daniel” (compare following entry).

34. The Maonites were a tribe that lived in the wilderness of Maon; see I Sam 23:24.

35. Entries in William Hobby’s hand cease at this point; entries through MS p. 92 are in a different hand, probably that of one of the church deacons.

36. I.e. brought over, subtotal.

37. At this point, membership lists for the pastorate of Caleb Prentice commence, but these are omitted. For minutes of church meetings beginning in 1712, one must go to the rear of the book and read backwards.

38. This word in shorthand.

39. This word in shorthand.

40. This word in shorthand.

41. This word in shorthand.

42. This word in shorthand.

43. This word in shorthand.

44. This word in shorthand.

45. This word in shorthand.

46. Killingsley, Conn.

47. This word in shorthand.

48. The remaining two-thirds of the page is blank.

49. This word in shorthand.

50. This word in shorthand.

51. This word in shorthand.

52. Coventry, Conn.

53. This word in shorthand.

54. This word in shorthand.

55. This word in shorthand.

56. Revs. Thomas Symmes of Bradford and Samuel Fiske of Salem First Church.

57. This word in shorthand.

58. This word in shorthand.

59. On Sept. 4, 1724, Thomas Blanchard and Nathan Cross of Dunstable were taken by Indians to Canada. Though Reading contributed towards their ransom, the two apparently worked off most or all of their redemption in one year’s time by building a sawmill for their captors. The fact that the Reading records mention “Blanchard Children” may mean that another, unidentified Blanchard was taken or that Cross was misidentified. Emma Lewis Coleman, New England Captives Carried to Canada Between 1677 and 1760 During the French and Indian Wars (2 vols., Portland, Me.: Southworth Press, 1925; rep. Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1989), II:167-68.

60. This word in shorthand.

61. This word in shorthand.

62. This word in shorthand.

63. On the significance of 1727 earthquake for church membership, see introduction, pp. 45-46.

64. This word in shorthand.

65. This word in shorthand.

65. The remaining half of MS p. 17, and the entirety of p. 18 in this series is blank.

67. This word in shorthand.

68. This word in shorthand.

69. Rev. Edward Holyoke, pastor of Marblehead Second Church, 1716-37, afterwards installed as president of Harvard College.

70. The remaining two-thirds of the page is blank.

71. Rev. John Lowell, pastor of Newbury, 1725-67.

72. This word in shorthand.

73. MS p. 22 of this series is blank.

74. Brown did not finish the entry; William Hobby’s handwriting begins at this point.

75. David Hall, pastor of Sutton, 1728-89.

76. I.e. Mendon, whose pastor from 1716-68 was Rev. Joseph Dorr.

77. Rev. Benjamin Colman of the Brattle Street Church, Boston.

78. Windham, Conn., whose pastor was Rev. Samuel Mosely from 1734-91.

79. Rev. Daniel Fuller, pastor of Willington, Conn., 1728-58.

80. East Haddam, Conn.

81. Rev. Joseph Torrey, pastor of the Congregational Church in South Kingston, R.I., 1732-91.

82. Rev. James McSparren (1709-57), priest at St. Paul’s Church, Narragansett, 1721-57.

83. Otherwise known as the Massachusetts Convention of Congregational Ministers, still in existence today.

84. Rev. Samuel Osborn (1685-1774) had been pastor of the First Church in Eastham, 1718-19, then pastor of the Second Church in Eastham (Orleans), 1719-38. See J.M. Bumsted, “A Caution to Erring Christians: Ecclesiastical Disorder on Cape Cod, 1717 to 1738,” William & Mary Quarterly 28 (1971): 413-38.

85. I.e. Amherst.

86. Then in Massachusetts, now in Maine.

87. The newly settled pastor of Framingham was Matthew Bridge (1721-75); in 1747, a Separatist Church was formed in that town.

88. The pastor of Bradford (a part of Haverhill) from 1726-65 was Joseph Parsons (1702-65).

89. Apparently referring to the departure of some members from the First Church of Woburn to form the Third or Separate Society there, under the ministry of Josiah Cotton (1703-1780), who was installed in July 1747.

90. Rev. Aaron Cleveland (1715-57), pastor of Malden, 1747-50, then converted to the Church of England.

91. Edward Cheever (1717-1794), pastor of Lynn Third Church, or Saugus, 1738-48; and then of Eastham, 1751 until his death.

92. On John Dammon, see introduction, p. 37.

93. Tiverton, R.I.; the pastor of the First Congregational Church from 1746-78 was Othniel Campbell (1696-1778).

94. A conflation of two traditions: Dagon (mentioned in I Sam. 31:10) and his son Baal, a Philistine deity; and Bel and the Dragon (Apocrypha, Dan. 14).

95. Temporary dementia.

96. On Edwards and his dismissal from Northampton, Mass., see introduction, pp. 50-51.

97. Nova Scotia.

98. Lebanon, Conn.

99. I.e. whether the money would actually ever reach Labaree. Peter Labaree was a French Huguenot, a carpenter by trade, who lived in the settlement of Charlestown (No. 4). He was taken captive, along with several others, on Aug. 30, 1754. His Indian captor sold him to the French in Montreal, who demanded 500 livres for his ransom. The ransom was paid, but no opportunity for a trade coming in the meantime, Labaree finally escaped in May 1757. He became a landowner in New Hampshire, married and had a large family, and died in 1803. Coleman, New England Captives Carried to Canada Between 1677 and 1760 During the French and Indian Wars, II: 312-13.

100. This word in shorthand.

101. This word in shorthand.

102. Rev. James Cogswell (1720-1807), pastor of Canterbury, Conn., 1744-71.

103. Rev. Daniel Wilkins (1710-83), pastor of Amherst, 1741-83.

104. Hobby’s entries end at this point. Entries on MS pp. 48-49 and 56-59 are in a different hand, probably that of Benjamin Brown, one of the deacons.

105. The covenant is written in a different hand from that which precedes and follows.

106. This word, including the interlineation, is written in a brighter ink, possibly spelling out an abbreviated form.