The Suffolk Harmony


2. Lay down your Crooks, and quit your Flocks,

To Bethlehem repair;

And let your wand’ring Steps be squar’d

By yonder shining Star.

Seek not in Courts or Palaces,

Nor Royal Curtains draw;

But search the Stable, see your God

Extended on the Straw.

3. Then learn from hence, ye rural Swains,

The Meekness of your God,

Who left the boundless Realms of Joy,

To Ransom you with Blood.

The Master of the Inn refus’d

A more commodius Place;

Ungenerous Soul of savage Mould,

And destitute of Grace.

4. Exult ye Oxen, low for Joy,

Ye Tenants of the Stall,

Pay your Obeisance; on your Knees

Unanimously fall.

The Royal Guest you entertain

Is not of common Birth,

But second to the Great I Am;

The God of Heav’n and Earth.

5. Then suddenly a Heav’nly Host

Around the Shepherds throng,

Exulting in the threefold God

And thus address their Song.

To God the Father, Christ the Son,

And Holy Ghost ador’d;

The First and Last, the Last and First,

Eternal Praise afford.

Anthem: Union

Behold How Good and Joyful

Brattle Square

2. “Worthy the Lamb that dy’d,” they cry,

“To be exalted thus”:

“Worthy the Lamb,” our Lips reply,

“For he was slain for us.”

3. Jesus is worthy to receive

Honour and Pow’r Divine;

And Blessings more than we can give,

Be, Lord, for ever thine.

4. Let all who dwell above the Sky,

And Air, and Earth, and Seas,

Conspire to lift thy Glories high,

And speak thine endless Praise.

5. The whole Creation join in one,

To bless the sacred Name

Of Him who sits upon the Throne,

And to adore the Lamb.


2. The Soul that’s fill’d with Virtue’s Light,

Shines brightest in Affliction’s Night:

To pity the Distress’d inclin’d,

As well as just to all Mankind.

His lib’ral Favours he extends,

To some he gives, to others lends;

Yet what his Charity impairs,

He saves by Prudence in Affairs.

3. Beset with threatning Dangers round,

Unmov’d shall he maintain his Ground:

The sweet Remembrance of the Just

Shall flourish when he sleeps in Dust.

Ill Tidings never can surprise

His Heart that, fix’d, on God relies:

On Safety’s Rock he sits, and sees

The Shipwreck of his Enemies.

4. His Hands, while they his Alms bestow’d,

His Glory’s future Harvest sow’d,

Whence he shall reap Wealth, Fame, Renown,

A temp’ral and eternal Crown.

The Wicked shall his Triumph see,

And gnash their Teeth in Agony;

While their unrighteous Hopes decay,

And vanish with themselves away.


2. As cheerfully as ’tis by those

Who dwell with Thee on high;

Lord, let thy Bounty Day by Day

Our daily Food supply;

3. As we forgive our Enemies,

Thy Pardon, Lord, we crave;

Into Temptation lead us not,

But us from Evil save.

4. For Kingdom, Pow’r, and Glory all

Belong, O Lord, to Thee;

Thine from Eternity they were,

And Thine shall ever be.



2. Why does the King approach our Land?

Comes he with Thunder in his Hand,

The Merit of our Crimes?

Shepherds be glad, he comes with Peace,

Not Wrath, but universal Grace,

To bless ev’n distant Climes.

3. See Heav’n’s great Heir, a Woman’s Son!

Behold a Manger is his Throne!

Nay, see him born to die.

Yours is the Guilt, but his the Pain;

His are the Sorrows, yours the Gain,

Then let his Praise be high.

4. Come mighty King the Grace enhance,

A Stable was thy Palace once,

Dwell in these Hearts of ours:

Teach us to praise the Father’s Love

Till blest, transported, fir’d above,

We sing with Nobler Pow’rs.

Brattle Street

2. Sweet is the Day of sacred Rest,

No mortal Cares shall seize my Breast;

O may my Heart in Tune be found,

Like David’s Harp, of solemn Sound!

3. My Heart shall triumph in my Lord,

And bless his Works, and bless his Word:

Thy Works of Grace, how bright they shine!

How deep thy Counsels! How divine!

4. Fools never raise their Thoughts so high;

Like Brutes they live, like Brutes they die;

Like Grass they flourish, ’till thy Breath

Blast them in everlasting Death.

5. But I shall share a glorious Part,

When Grace hath well refin’d my Heart,

And fresh Supplies of Joy are shed,

Like holy Oil, to cheer my Head.

6. Sin, (my worst Enemy before)

Shall vex my Eyes and Ears no more:

My inward Foes shall all be slain,

Nor Satan break my Peace again.

7. Then shall I see, and hear, and know,

All I desir’d or wish’d below;

And ev’ry Pow’r find sweet Employ

In that eternal World of Joy.

Wheeler’s Point

2. But soon, in unaccustom’d Mirth,

We did our Voice employ,

And sung our great Creator’s Praise

In thankful Hymns of Joy.

3. Our Heathen Foes repining stood,

Yet were compell’d to own,

That great and wond’rous was the Work

Our God for us had done.

4. ’Twas great, say they, ’twas wond’rous great,

Much more should we confess;

The Lord has done great Things, whereof

We reap the glad Success.

5. To us bring back the Remnant, Lord,

Or Isr’el’s captive Bands,

More welcome than refreshing Show’rs

To parch’d and thirsty Lands.

6. That we, whose Work commenc’d in Tears,

May see our Labours thrive,

’Till finish’d with Success, to make

Our drooping Hearts revive.

7. Tho’ he desponds that sows his Grain,

Yet doubtless he shall come

To bind his full-ear’d Sheaves, and bring

The joyful Harvest home.



2. I have foolishly abus’d

My Saviour’s bleeding Love;

All thy Gifts, my God, misus’d,

When by Temptation drove:

Justly I deserv’d to be

Forsaken by my Lord and God;

Yet shall Justice plead for me,

For whom thou shedst thy Blood.

3. Thy blest Smiles, my gracious Lord,

Shall cheer my drooping Heart;

I’m instructed in thy Word,

That thou unchanging art:

Draw me to the Depth profound

Of all thy Sorrows, Blood and Sweat,

Passing on, thro’ ev’ry Wound,

Unto thy Mercy-Seat:

4. There, reclining on thy Breast,

Th’eternal Sabbath find;

Proving in thee perfect Rest

To my poor lab’ring Mind;

Waiting ’till my Lord I see,

And be like him for ever pure,

At the heav’nly Jubilee,

This Bliss to me is sure.


2. “The humble Soul my Words revive;

I bid the mourning Sinner live;

Heal all the broken Hearts I find,

And ease the Sorrows of the Mind.

“When I contend against their Sin,

I make them know how vile they’ve been;

But should my Wrath for ever smoke,

Their Souls would sink beneath my Stroke.”


Lift Up Your Eyes



2. When all beheld,

With Wonder fill’d,

The glorious Grace

Sparkle in Jesu’s Face;

We, Worms, as wholly blind

In Mind,

Could not discern

What did concern

Our Hearts alone,

That Orb in which we shone.

3. But God would show,

To us below,

His Grace and Choice,

Whilst we in Heart rejoice;

And this reveal’d by Blood,

When God

Became a Man;

And then began

In Love to cure

Our Nature, blind, impure.

4. The Work was great,

It made him sweat,

Blood-Rivers flow’d,

He groan’d and cry’d aloud;

Whilst Sorrows rent his Heart

With Smart


The Pains of Hell,

Infernal Wrath,

Incompass’d him in Death.

5. With many Tears,

And unknown Fears,

Heart-breaking Sighs,

Infinite Agonies,

Wounds, Blood, and Bruises fresh

His Flesh

All over fill;

In Anguish, still,

He yields his Breath

To the accursed Death.

6. Fail Nature’s Laws;

The Sun withdraws;

With dreadful Crack,

The Rocks asunder break;

Convulsed Creation shakes,

Earth quakes;

All old Things die,


Pass’d over all

That liv’d by Adam’s Fall.

7. Hence came the Hour,

When God, with Pow’r

Rais’d from the Dead

The Members, and the Head:

In that one perfect Man,

The Plan

Of Grace we see,

When Christ and we

Were nam’d in one,

The Father’s only Son.

8. His Joy fulfill’d

In ev’ry Child:

We, in that Grace,

Behold the Father’s Face:

In that exalted Man,

We can

For ever view,

That Love, so true,

Which did us raise

To never-ceasing Praise.


2. Above the highest Heavens far,

Earth’s lower Parts now risen are;

When God, who put our Nature on,

Ascended, the triumphant Man,

Where Thrones, Dominions, Pow’rs, and Angels fall

Before his Face, as filling all in all.

3. Pre-eminence to Jesus giv’n,

To fill all Things in Earth and Heav’n:

The Dispensation now is come,

When God has gather’d all Things home;

All Things in Love are gather’d into one,

Where Heav’n and Earth make one beloved Son.

4. Now Jesus fills all Things, we know;

All Things above, and all below;

That he fills all Things, we are sure,

Hence all Things now to us are pure:

In Faith’s Idea no Vacuum we find,

For he fills all, as God’s eternal Mind.

5. Nothing but Jesus now we view;

Old Things are lost, and all Things new:

He fills our Heart, our Eye, our Ear,

And nought but Jesus doth appear.

holy Mystery! Here ends our Want,

Our Griefs, our Sorrows, Troubles, and Complaint.


2. Free from all Consciousness of Sin,

We live where none can enter in;

This when in Heart believed;

Our Conscience answers towards God,

As free from Sin, thro’ Jesu’s Blood,

Nor can we be deceived:

For he

And we,

In one Body,

White and ruddy,

Are compleated:

In the Father’s Glory seated.

3. Salvation now in us is wrought;

Nor is there one uneasy Thought,

By which our Peace is spoiled:

Baptiz’d into the Saviour’s Name,

Our Conscience answers to the Lamb,

Who ne’er can be defiled.

Now blest

We rest

From what vexes

And perplexes;

We are fully

In and as is Jesus holy.


2. Deep Floods of everlasting Wrath, and Grace,

Strove which should deluge Man in Jesu’s Face,

Whilst bleeding Love, hung pleading on his Brow

For Peace, and Pardon, to the Church below.

3. The Floods of Grace, now with tremendous Swell,

Drowns all our Sin, and Curse, and Fear of Hell,

Whilst from our bleeding God we still derive

Our Peace, and in his Wounds we’ll ever live.

4. On us distils his Merits, Blood, and Grace;

His wounded Form we’ll yet by Faith embrace;

It’s here! We positively cry, my God,

And tremblingly with Joy we praise his Blood.

5. We in his Body our Election see,

He with himself hath made us Children free;

Our elder Brother, (O the friendly Name!)

Is God Almighty, yet the slaughter’d Lamb.

6. Praise, endless Praise to thee, O Christ, be giv’n;

Praise, endless Praise to thee, thou King of Heav’n:

Ere long thy Praise shall be our whole Employ,

When thou, O Lamb, shalt perfect all in Joy.


2. There in that deep Wound, I view in thy Side,

I see my Election,

And all my Perfection;

Beholding the Glory of thy Blood-bought Bride,

Amongst the dear Number who in thee confide.

3. Now I can behold thee, Love, bleeding for me!

I bow to none other

But thee, my dear Lover,

With Wonder I view thee on the bloody Tree,

And hear thee, Lamb, crying, ’Tis finish’d for thee:

4. That Moment I prov’d the Grace of thy Name,

Where all Things I wanted

Unto me was granted;

Yea, mine is thy Fulness that’s always the same,

That still I might praise thee, thou meek slaughter’d Lamb.

West Boston

2. We were laden once with Sin,

But the Lamb hath made us clean;

We, who once in Darkness lay,

Now behold eternal Day.

Strangers once and far from God,

Now brought Home by Jesu’s Blood,

Shining in our Wedding-Dress,

In our Lord, our Righteousness.

3. Poor, and low, we once did lie,

Full of Wants, and sore oppress’d;

Jesus now hath rais’d us high,

All our Grievances redress’d.

Deeply sinking once in Hell,

Without Hope, and without God;

Now our Tongues can greatly tell,

We are sav’d by Jesu’s Blood.

4. Freely, we are sav’d by Grace,

Heart and Hand we this embrace;

This below fill ev’ry Tongue;

This above is all the Song.

Praises still to Christ we sing,

Christ, our Prophet, Priest, and King;

Th’living Waters in us flow,

Glory is begun below.


2. See, a Gleam of Light appears!

Combats now my Hope and Fears;

Now the heav’nly Glory’s come;

O! who starts from yonder Tomb,

Cover’d all with Blood,

Pale and wounded? ’Tis my God!

’Tis the Man who conqu’ring fell,

Dying vanquish’d Death and Hell!

3. Heav’nly Lawrels crown his Head!

Sin, and Hell, and Death are dead;

The old Serpent’s Head is broke;

Heav’n by Violence is took.

Hail! thou conqu’ring Heart;

Thou my new Creation art:

Hail! my Flesh, and Bone, and Blood;

Hail! myself, redeem’d to God.

4. I in him, and he in me,

Perfect one in Mystery;

With him, where, and as he is,

Fully enter’d into Bliss:

There shall I abide,

In my Nature purify’d:

Here I enter perfect Rest;

Th’Father’s Praise, his King and Priest.


2. Long he struggled with confused

Noise, and Garments roll’d in Blood,

’Till destroying Sin, and Hell, and

Death, he rescu’d Man to God:

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Glory, Glory, Lord, be thine.

3. Most triumphant, greatly glorious,

He from Death and Hell arose;

In him all his Church, victorious,

Triumph’d o’er her dreadful Foes:

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Glory, Glory, Lord, be thine.

4. High ascending ’midst angelic

Songs, and Sounds of Trumpets loud,

In eternal Triumph leading

All the Captives of his Blood:

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Glory, Glory, Lord, be thine.

5. Far above the highest Heaven

Thus he gloriously ascends,

Where the Honours to him given,

Ev’ry Thought of Man transcends:

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Glory, Glory, Lord, be thine.

6. There, exalted, live and reign, whilst

We admire thy Wounds and Blood,

Till we see thee come again, in

All the Pomp and Pow’r of God:

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Glory, Glory, Lord, be thine.


2. Lightnings, with horrid Glare were seen,

Tremendous Thunders roar’d between;

Darkness, with Flames incircled round:

The Trump of God, its awful Sound,

Louder, and louder rent the Air,

And smote their Hearts with deep Despair.

3. The trembling Multitude, they heard

All that the Voice of Words declar’d;

The Darkness, Fire, and Smoke they saw,

The dreadful Pomp of Moses’ Law,

Who, whilst the Mountain’s base did shake,

Most terribly did fear and quake.

4. I am the Lord, thy God, says he;

Nor shalt thou worship ought but me:

Nor to thyself shalt thou e’er make

An Image, nor the Likeness take

Of ought in Heav’n, or Earth below,

With Rev’rence unto it to bow.

5. Thou shalt not take my Name in vain,

Lest thou incur the guilty Stain:

Remember keep the Sabbath-Day,

Thou shalt not work, nor idly play:

To Parents thou shalt Honour give,

If in the Land thou long wouldst live.

6. Murder, never shalt thou do it:

Nor vile Adultery commit:

Thou shalt not steal: (my Statutes hear)

Nor Witness falsely shalt thou bear:

Thou shalt not covet, lusting in

What is thy Neighbour’s; this is Sin.

7. Nor only keep from Sin thine Hands;

A Word, Desire, or Look offends;

A Moment’s Lust, the smallest Flaw

So fully breaks my holy Law,

Tho’ it be but in Heart conceiv’d,

As ne’er by thee can be retriev’d.

8. Holy and just are God’s Commands;

Woe to the Man who e’er offends

In one small Point, he on him draws

The Curse of all the broken Laws;

All join in one to damn the Wretch,

Who’s guilty of the smallest Breach.

9. In awful Truth hath God declar’d,

The Sinner never can be spar’d;

On his own Head shall be his Blood,

Who trespasses against his God:

The Soul that sinneth, it shall die,

Here and in Hell eternally.

10. Nor can they for their Sin atone;

Their Sacrifices he’ll have none;

Nor will their Pray’rs nor Tears accept,

Because his Laws they have not kept:

Thus for their Sin, e’en for the first,

They’re irrevocably accurs’d.

11. The Law is holy, just, and true,

And what it speaks, it speaks to you

Who to be under it desire,

And eagerly thereby aspire

To everlasting Life and Bliss,

Thro’ Works of your own Righteousness.

12. But if the Gospel-Sound you’ll chuse,

Nor him that speaks from Heav’n refuse,

Prepare to hear the Tidings good,

Proclaim’d to Man by Jesu’s Blood;

Administred with Glory, more

Than Sinai’s Law which went before.

13. No dreadful Thunders roaring here,

Nor blasting Lightnings, causing Fear;

Nor Earthquake, Darkness, Smoak, nor Flame,

Nor dreadful Voice when Jesus came:

But all was glorious, calm, serene,

When God came down to dwell with Men.

14. From Heav’n the flaming Cherubs came,

And sung on Earth, with Tongues of Flame,

Tydings of endless Joy to all

The Sons of Adam, great and small;

How that bless’d Morn was born a Child,

By whom the Law should be fulfill’d.

15. Under the Law, of Woman made,

And, as of all his Church, the Head;

Perfect Obedience unto Blood,

To yield the Law engag’d he stood;

And all its Breaches to repair,

By tasting Death, Hell, and Despair.

16. Divinely born, the wond’rous Child

Was holy, harmless, undefil’d!

The Law he perfectly obey’d,

In Action, Word, nor Thought, e’er stray’d;

But in the Law was his Delight,

By doing Good both Day and Night.

17. He knew no Sin, was free from Guile,

Nor could the Tempter him defile:

One God he serv’d in Righteousness:

Nor bow’d to Creature-Likenesses:

His Name in vain he never took:

Nor holy Sabbath ever broke.

18. Honour to Parents he did give;

Nor ceas’d, whilst he on Earth did live:

Quite free from Murder and Debate,

Nor did his Soul his Brother hate:

His Nature loath’d adult’rous Fire,

Nor ever felt a base Desire.

19. He did not steal with Heart, nor Hand:

Nor, bearing Witness, falsly stand:

No Evil of his Neighbour spake,

Nor coveted with Lust to take

Whatever was his Neighbour’s Right,

’Twas always hateful in his Sight.

20. But God, with all his Heart, he lov’d:

This his whole Life and Practice prov’d:

Next to himself, yea far above

Himself he doth his Neighbour love.

Does unto all Men what he would

That they, in all their Doings, should.

21. The Law, thus pleas’d, demands, at last,

Atonement for the Sin that’s past:

He undertook the Breach to heal,

Our Sin, our Curse, our Hell, to feel:

The full Extent of Punishment,

For all that’s Sin, he underwent.

22. All Chastisements by him were borne,

Wounds, Blood, and Bruises him adorn;

His Nerves all broken; gloomy Fears

Rush on him; Blood, and Sweat, and Tears,

Moist’ning the burning Sacrifice,

Gratefully smoaking to the Skies.

23. Death-Pangs, with all the Pains of Hell,

In dreadful Storms upon him fell:

Nor may the finite Mind conceive;

Nor dare the Infidel believe

What unknown Torments Jesus felt;

What Flames of Soul-devouring Guilt.

24. With unregarded Groans and Cries,

Convulsive Struggles, dying Sighs;

In Character of Sinners lost,

He fainting, yielded up the Ghost:

Death took him Pris’ner, him detain’d,

Whilst the least Charge of Sin remain’d.

25. His holy Life, his Death and Smart;

Tormented Soul, and broken Heart;

The holy Law more magnify’d

Than if a thousand Worlds had dy’d:

O Love! in him the glorious God,

Redeems his Church with his own Blood.

26. O glorious Truth, with Jesus one!

To all he is, and all that’s done

By him, we’ve an undoubted Right,

There holy in the Father’s Sight:

Mysterious Union! There is known

His Person, Life, and Death our own.

27. Then, O my Soul, no longer fear

Old Sinai’s Thunders; joyful hear

The Voice of Love, the Love of God,

The Voice of Jesu’s richest Blood:

Tho’ thou, poor Soul, hast nought to give,

The Blood of Jesus bids thee live.

28. Live; lo! He gives his all to thee:

Live now from Condemnation free;

Live, since thou hast in Jesus dy’d;

Live, Justice now is satisfy’d:

For ever live, he lives again;

To all he is, urge still thy Claim.

29. O Lamb, whoe’er in thee believes,

The Witness of the Truth receives:

How thou, our Christ, our Joy, our Bliss,

Art the full End for Righteousness,

Of ev’ry Law: (O glorious Grace!)

To guilty Adam’s Sinner-Race.

30. Hail, Saviour of the Body, hail!

O’er all our Foes didst thou prevail;

For ever wear the glorious Wreath

Of Vict’ry over Hell and Death:

We see, with Joy divinely sweet,

All conquer’d at thy bleeding Feet.


2. Let it be told to distant Lands,

How softly wrapp’d in Swadling-Bands,

And in a Manger laid,

Was he, whom we with Joy confess,

The glorious Lord, our Righteousness!

Born of the favour’d Maid.

3. Long did the Saint with Ardour sigh

To see his Day, and thus did cry,

Desire of Nations come:

More bless’d are we, who see and prove

The Fulness of the Father’s Love,

Born from the Virgin’s Womb!

4. The Lord himself hath giv’n the Sign

Of richest Grace, and Love divine,

Promis’d of old to Man;

How that a Virgin should conceive:

The wond’rous Tidings we believe,

And praise her first-born Son.

5. We join with Angel-Hosts to cry,

Glory to God, to God on High;

Peace on rebellious Earth:

To Man Good-will abounds from Heav’n;

The Proof of all is richly giv’n

In this mysterious Birth!

6. What Things are these which Angels say?

A Saviour born! Yea, born to Day,

In David’s native Town:

A Saviour, who is Christ the Lord;

For so declares the heav’nly Word;

Hear, wonder, and bow down!

7. The Wonderful, the holy Child,

The everlasting Father stil’d,

The mighty God art thou;

The Councellor, the Prince of Peace,

Whose glorious Kingdom ne’er shall cease,

Nor Wars, nor Tumults know.

8. The Cloud on our Nativity

Dispels in this thy Mystery,

Thou holy, undefil’d:

Our sinful Nature’s born again

In this thy Birth, without a Stain,

And can no more be spoil’d.


2. When we were lost in Sin,

Unholy and unclean,

Unmeet for God:

Wond’rous Redemption!

Glorious Exemption

Now, and for ever, from Hell, by thy Blood!

3. When thou didst Man become,

Our State thou didst assume,

Thou wast made Sin;

All our Uncleanness,

Spiritual Leanness,

Lust, Pride, and Enmity thou didst take in.

4. Thou wast made Man, with all

His Mis’ries by the Fall;

Faithful to God;

Greatly enduring

All the Out-pouring

Of infinite Punishment, suff’ring to Blood.

5. Humbling thyself to Death,

Thou didst resign thy Breath,

Tortur’d with Pain:

God had declared

Man once ensnared

Surely should die the Death; this was Sin’s Gain.

6. Here was our Sin destroy’d;

Our Enemies annoy’d,

When Jesus dy’d

Sighing, and groaning,

Bleeding, atoning,

Sin was condemned and slain in his Side.

7. When the third Morn was come,

Then didst thou leave the Tomb;

Ceas’d all thy Woes;

Bravely victorious,

Heav’nly glorious,

Openly triumphing over thy Foes.

8. Lo! Hence our Joys begin,

We see thee, without Sin,

Holy and bright;


Perfect Salvation,

Thy Resurrection for Man brought to Light.

9. ’Twas then the Father spake,

His awful Silence brake,

Thou art my Son,

Holy for ever,

Worthy my Favour,

Only begotten, come sit on my Throne.

10. Hail! Son of Mary, hail!

Our Songs shall never fail

Whilst Grace doth shine:

Deep Adoration

Thy Congregation

Ever shall pay thee, thou Saviour divine.


2. To me it is plain,

When Jesus was slain,

Eternal Redemption he then did obtain.

From Bondage and Chains,

From Sin and Hell-pains,

Redemption of all in one Man he obtains.

3. Baptiz’d into him,

Who did me redeem,

His Person and Glories are my constant Theme.

For all of the Lamb

I rightfully claim,

To rest in his Fulness of Stature I aim.


2. Pharaoh’s Hosts, our Flesh and Sense,

Press hard upon our Rear;

Vainly strive to cause Offense,

Or to make the Spirit fear:

God protects us in his Hand,

Whilst Vengeance on his Foes he throws:

Move we forward to the Land,

Where Milk and Honey flows.

3. Roaring Floods clap Hands aloud,

To drive us back again;

Seas of Trial vastly crowd

T’affright the Sons of Men:

Jesus bids us quiet stand,

Whilst he his great Salvation shows:

Move we forward to the Land,

Where Milk and Honey flows.

4. Seas divide before our Face,

And stand upon an Heap;

Mighty Waters, by his Grace,

Shrink from the fearful Deep:

On we march at his Command,

Nor dread the Power of our Foes:

Move we forward to the Land,

Where Milk and Honey flows.

5. Love, which God to us doth shew,

Strikes the Egyptian dead;

Floods, which give us Passage thro’,

Return upon their Head:

Dead we see them on the Strand,

Nor can they farther us pursue;

We are in Immanuel’s Land,

Where Milk and Honey flow.


2. O Love! How mysterious and boundless art thou!

Thy Date and thy Measure unlimited flow:

This Jesus reveals with Evidence strong;

It gladdens my Heart, and inspires my Song

With Praise to my Saviour, my Lord and my God,

Whose Love is my Glory, as view’d in his Blood.

3. O Love! What a Gath’ring of Souls thou hast made!

All into one Fountain, one Body, one Head;

Where they were preserv’d, thy own, thro’ the Fall,

The Fulness of Jesus, who fills all in all:

Close in her Pavilion, the Darling, the Bride,

Lay hid in her Husband, ’till born from his Side.

4. O Love! What a Bridegroom of Honour and Trust!

The Fulness of Heaven hath married my Dust;

He humbled himself to cleave to his Wife,

In all her Distress and her Sorrows of Life;

With her was he number’d amongst the Unclean,

Nor yet could he loath her, nor Jar come between.

5. O Love! What a Husband thy Care did provide!

Descending in Glory in Search of thy Bride;

Her Substance conceiv’d, thy Body was she

Incarnate in her, and she then was in thee;

In th’Womb of the Virgin, the Twain was made one,

Whence God, our Creator, was born a poor Man.

Anthem: Funeral Anthem

Samuel the Priest


2. From tort’ring Pains to endless Joys

On fiery Wheels they rode,

And strangely wash’d their Raiment white,

In Jesu’s dying Blood.

3. Now they approach a spotless God,

And bow before his Throne;

Their warbling Harps, and sacred Songs,

Adore the Holy One.

4. The unveil’d Glories of his Face

Amongst his Saints reside,

While the rich Treasures of his Grace

See all their Wants supply’d.

5. Tormenting Thirst shall leave their Souls,

And Hunger flee as fast;

The Fruit of Life’s immortal Tree

Shall be their sweet Repast.

6. The Lamb shall lead his heav’nly Flock

Where living Fountains rise,

And Love divine shall wipe away

The Sorrows of their Eyes.