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The Bird

2. Behold, the Wicked bend their Bow,

And ready fix their Dart,

Lurking in Ambush, to destroy

The Man of upright Heart.

3. When once the firm Assurance fails,

Which public Faith imparts,

’Tis time for Innocence to fly

From such deceitful Arts.

4. The Lord hath both a Temple here,

And righteous Throne above;

Where he surveys the Sons of Men,

And how their Counsels move.

5. If God, the Righteous, whom he loves,

For Trial does correct;

What must the Sons of Violence,

Whom he abhors, expect?

6. Snares, Fire, and Brimstone, on their Heads

Shall in one Tempest show’r;

This dreadful Mixture his Revenge

Into their Cup shall pour.

7. The righteous Lord will righteous Deeds

With signal Favour grace;

And to the upright Man disclose

The Brightness of his Face.


2. Oh, how his purple Streams did flow!

His Blood on Man he did bestow;

With Hands and Feet nail’d to the Wood

And pierced Side ran down with Blood.

3. What Wisdom can conceive or know,

What Tongue or Pen can truly show

The vast Dimensions of his Love

Or show his Pow’r in Heav’n above?

4. To God be Praise and Worship done,

For giving us his only Son;

Let’s tune our Souls, and him adore

in Hallelujahs evermore.

The Lark


2. Hymns of Praises let us sing, Hallelujah,

Unto Christ our heavenly King, Hallelujah,

Who endur’d the Cross and Grave, Hallelujah,

Sinners to redeem and save, Hallelujah.

3. But the Pain that he endured, Hallelujah,

Our Salvation has procured, Hallelujah,

Now above the Sky he’s King, Hallelujah,

Where the Angels ever sing, Hallelujah.


Except the Lord Build the House

An Anthem For Easter [1787], p. 1

Added Section to An Anthem For Easter from Jacob French, Harmony of Harmony (Northampton, 1802), p. 134


The Lord Is Ris’n Indeed


O Clap Your Hands

Anthem: Peace

God Is the King