appendix i

Music by Billings Published Only by Other Compilers


2. Where is the Shadow of that Rock,

That from the Sun defends thy Flock?

Fain would I feed among thy Sheep,

Among them rest, among them sleep.

3. Why should thy Bride appear like one

That turns aside to Paths unknown?

My constant Feet would never rove,

Would never seek another Love.

4. The Footsteps of thy Flock I see:

Thy sweetest Pastures here they be:

A wond’rous Feast thy Love prepares,

Bought with thy Wounds, and Groans, and Tears.

5. His dearest Flesh he makes my Food,

And bids me drink his richest Blood:

Here to these Hills my Soul will come,

Till my Beloved lead me home.


2. How great his Pow’r is, none can tell,

Nor think how large his Grace;

Not Men below, nor Saints that dwell

On high, before his Face.

3. Not Angels that stand round the Lord

Can search his secret Will;

But they perform his heav’nly Word,

And sing his Praises still.

4. Then let me join this holy Train,

And my first Off’rings bring;

Th’eternal God will not disdain

To hear an Infant sing.

5. My Heart resolves, my Tongue obeys,

And Angels shall rejoice,

To hear their mighty Maker’s Praise

Sound from a feeble Voice.


2. ’Tis no surprising Thing,

That we should be unknown;

The Jewish World knew not their King,

God’s everlasting Son:

3. Nor doth it yet appear

How great we must be made;

But when we see our Saviour here,

We shall be like our Head.

4. A Hope so much divine

May Trials well endure,

May purge our Souls from Sense and Sin

As Christ the Lord is pure.

5. If in my Father’s Love

I share a filial Part,

Send down thy Spirit, like a Dove,

To rest upon my Heart.

6. We would no longer lie

Like Slaves beneath the Throne:

My Faith shall Abba, Father, cry,

And thou the Kindred own.

Hatfield [I]

2. ’Tis God that lifts our Comforts high,

Or sinks them in the Grave;

He gives, and (blessed be his Name!)

He takes but what he gave.

Peace, all our angry Passions then!

Let each rebellious Sigh

Be silent at his sov’reign Will,

And ev’ry Murmur die.

Hatfield [II]

2. Our Life contains a thousand Springs,

And dies if one be gone:

Strange that a Harp of thousand Strings

Should keep in Tune so long.

But ’tis our God supports our Frame,

The God that built us first;

Salvation to th’Almighty Name;

That rear’d us from the Dust.

3. He spoke, and straight our Hearts and Brains

In all their Motions rose;

“Let Blood,” said he, “flow round the Veins!”

And round the Veins it flows.

While we have Breath, or use our Tongues,

Our Maker we’ll adore:

His Spirit moves our heaving Lungs,

Or they would breathe no more.



2. As cheerfully as ’tis by those

Who dwell with Thee on high;

Lord, let thy Bounty Day by Day

Our daily Food supply;

3. As we forgive our Enemies,

Thy Pardon, Lord, we crave;

Into Temptation lead us not,

But us from Evil save.

4. For Kingdom, Pow’r, and Glory all

Belong, O Lord, to Thee;

Thine from Eternity they were,

And Thine shall ever be.


Plymouth New

St. Peter’s

2. Will Mercy itself be so kind

To spare a Backslider like me?

And O, can I possibly find

Such plenteous Redemption in thee?

3. O Jesus, of thee I inquire,

If still thou art able to save,

The Brand to pluck out of the Fire,

And ransom my Soul from the Grave?

4. The Help of thy Spirit restore;

O, show me the life-giving Blood;

And pardon a Sinner once more,

And bring me again unto God.

5. O Jesus, in Pity draw near,

Come quickly to help a lost Soul,

To comfort a Mourner appear,

And make a poor Lazarus whole.

6. The Balm of thy Mercy apply,

Thou seest the sore Anguish I feel;

Save, Lord, or I perish, I die,

O save, or I sink into Hell!

7. I sink, if thou longer delay

Thy pardoning Mercy to show;

Come quickly, and kindly display

The Pow’r of thy Passion below.

8. By all thou hast done for my Sake,

One Drop of thy Blood I implore;

Now, now let it touch me, and make

The Sinner a Sinner no more.

St. Vincent’s

2. Come, and the Lord shall feed our Souls

With more substantial Meat;

With such as Saints in Glory love,

With such as Angels eat.

3. Our God will ev’ry Want supply,

And fill our Hearts with Peace;

He gives by Cov’nant and by Oath

The Riches of his Grace.

4. Come, and he’ll cleanse our spotted Souls,

And wash away our Stains

In the dear Fountain that his Son

Pour’d from his dying Veins.

5. Our Guilt shall vanish all away,

Tho’ black as Hell before;

Our Sin shall sink beneath the Sea,

And shall be found no more.

6. And lest Pollution should o’erspread

Our inward Pow’rs again,

His Spirit shall bedew our Souls,

Like purifying Rain.

7. Our Heart, that flinty stubborn Thing,

That Terrors cannot move,

That fears no Threat’nings of his Wrath,

Shall be dissolv’d by Love.

8. Or he can take the Flint away,

That would not be refin’d,

And, from the Treasures of his Grace,

Bestow a softer Mind.

9. There shall his sacred Spirit dwell,

And deep engrave his Law;

And ev’ry Motion of our Souls

To swift Obedience draw.

10. Thus will he pour Salvation down,

And we shall render Praise;

We the dear People of his Love,

And He our God of Grace.


2. No more let Sins and Sorrows grow,

Nor Thorns infest the Ground;

He comes to make his Blessings flow,

Far as the Curse is found.

He rules the World with Truth and Grace;

And makes the Nations prove

The Glories of his Righteousness,

And Wonders of his Love.


2. Awake, ye Tempests, and his Fame

In Sounds of dreadful Praise declare;

And the sweet Whisper of his Name

Fill ev’ry gentler Breeze of Air.

Let Clouds, and Winds, and Waves agree,

To join their Praise with blazing Fire;

Let the firm Earth, and rolling Sea,

In this eternal Song conspire.

Ye flow’ry Plains, proclaim his Skill;

Vallies lie low before his Eye;

And let his Praise from ev’ry Hill,

Rise tuneful to the neighb’ring Sky.

3. Ye stubborn Oaks, and stately Pines,

Bend your high Branches and adore:

Praise him, ye Beasts, in diff’rent Strains;

The Lamb must bleat, the Lion roar.

Birds, ye must make his Praise your Theme,

Nature demands a Song from you;

While the dumb Fish that cut the Stream,

Leap up, and mean his Praises too.

Mortals, can you refrain your Tongue,

When Nature all around you sings?

Oh for a Shout from Old and Young,

From humble Swains, and lofty Kings!

4. Wide as his vast Dominion lies,

Make the Creator’s Name be known;

Loud as his Thunder shout his Praise,

And sound it lofty as his Throne.

Jehovah! ’Tis a glorious Word!

O may it dwell on ev’ry Tongue!

But Saints, who best have known the Lord,

Are bound to raise the noblest Song.

Speak of the Wonders of that Love

Which Gabriel plays on ev’ry Chord:

From all below, and all above,

Loud Hallelujahs to the Lord!


2. As cheerfully as ’tis by those

Who dwell with Thee on high;

Lord, let thy Bounty Day by Day

Our daily Food supply;

3. As we forgive our Enemies,

Thy Pardon, Lord, we crave;

Into Temptation lead us not,

But us from Evil save.

4. For Kingdom, Pow’r, and Glory, all

Belong, O Lord, to Thee;

Thine from Eternity they were,

And thine shall ever be.