The Psalm-Singer’s Amusement


As this Book is not designed for Learners, I thought it not essential to write an Introduction; but would refer the young Beginner, to my former Publication, entitled, “The Singing Masters Assistant,” which I have lately reprinted.

NB. This Work is a Part of the Book of Anthems, which I have so LONG promised; my Reasons for not publishing the whole in one Volumn [sic], must be obvious to all who consider the present extravagant Price of Copper-Plate & Paper;—the Copper in special is so scarce, that I don’t think it possible, to procure enough to contain the Whole, at any Price; besides if I was able to publish the Whole, but few would become Purchasers, & I believe, that the most will be of my Opinion, when I inform them, the Book could not be afforded for less than Ten Dollars. However, I hope that notwithstanding the present Difficulties, I shall shortly be able to publish the Remainder at a much lower Price.


2. Here’s Love and Grief beyond Degree,

The Lord of Glory dies for Men!

But lo, what sudden Joys I see!

Jesus the Dead revives again.

The rising God forsakes the Tomb,

Up to his Father’s Court he flies;

Cherubic Legions guard him Home,

And shout him welcome to the Skies!

3. Break off your Tears, ye Saints, and tell

How high our Great Deliv’rer reigns;

Sing how he spoil’d the Hosts of Hell,

And led the Monster Death in Chains.

Say, “Live for ever, wondrous King!

Born to redeem, and strong to save!

Then ask the Monster, Where’s thy Sting?

And where’s thy Vict’ry, boasting Grave?”


2. “I was his chief Delight,

His Everlasting Son,

Before the first of all his Works,

Creation, was begun.

3. “Before the flying Clouds,

Before the solid Land,

Before the Fields, before the Floods,

I dwelt at his right Hand.

4. “When he adorn’d the Skies,

And built them, I was there,

To order when the Sun should rise,

And marshal ev’ry Star.

5. “When he pour’d out the Sea,

And spread the flowing Deep;

I gave the Flood a firm Decree,

In its own Bounds to keep.

6. “Upon the empty Air

The Earth was balanc’d well;

With Joy I saw the Mansion, where

The Sons of Men should dwell.

7. “My busy Thoughts at first

On their Salvation ran,

Ere Sin was born, or Adam’s Dust

Was fashion’d to a Man.

8. “Then come, receive my Grace,

Ye Children, and be wise;

Happy the Man who keeps my Ways;

The Man that shuns them dies.”




Thou, O God, Art Praised


The Beauty of Israel


2. Which of the bright Caelestial Throng,

With Love so warm and Heart so strong,

Dares Languish on a Cross?

Who can leave Liberty for Chains,

Abandon Extasy for Pains,

What Angel-fortitude sustains,

Th’inestimable Loss.

3. He said, and Death-like Silence Reign’d,

Deep was their Awe; the radiant Band

The mighty Task declin’d.

At length Heav’n’s Prince the Silence broke,

And Ardent, thus, the Sire bespoke.

None but thy Son can ward the Stroke;

Then let the Task be mine.

4. Mine, be the feeble Infant-State;

Mine, in return for Love, be Hate;

A Manger be my Throne.

Pain, when thy Glory calls is Bliss,

When Man’s in Danger Torture’s Peace,

Shame Praise, a Paradise th’Abyss:

Then yield thy darling Son.

5. Th’Almighty Radiance smil’d Assent,

Loud was the Shout that Aether rent,

All Heav’n was in amaze.

Go my Lov’d Image, said the Sire,

Be born in Anguish to expire;

Earth, triumph; Angels, strike the Lyre

To Everlasting Praise.


Blessed Is He That Considereth the Poor


And I Saw a Mighty Angel

Emanuel for Christmas

2. Tho’ Adam the First in Rebellion was found,

Forbidden to tarry on hallowed Ground;

Yet Adam the Second appears to retrieve,

The Loss you sustain’d by the Devil and Eve.

Then Shepherds be tranquil, this Instant arise,

Go visit your Saviour and see where he lies.

3. A Token I leave you whereby you may find,

This heavenly Stranger, this Friend to Mankind;

A Manger’s his Cradle, a Stall his Abode;

The Oxen are near him and blow on your God.

Then Shepherds be humble, be meek and lie low

For Jesus your Saviour’s abundantly so.

4. This wonderous Story scarce cool’d on the Ear,

When Thousands of Angels in Glory appear;

They join in the Concert and this was the Theme

“All Glory to God and good Will towards Men.”

Then Shepherds strike in, join your Voice to the Choir

And catch a few Sparks of Celestial Fire.

5. “Hosanna!” The Angels in Extacy cry,

“Hosanna!” The wondering Shepherds reply;

Salvation, Redemption are centered in one,

All Glory to God for the Birth of his Son.

Then Shepherds adieu, we commend you to God

Go visit the Son in his humble Abode.

6. To Bethlehem City the Shepherds repair’d,

For full Confirmation of what they had heard;

They enter’d the Stable with Aspect so mild,

And there they beheld both the Mother and Child.

Then make Proclamation, divulge it abroad,

That Gentle and Simple may hear of the Lord.



2. Thy shining Grace can cheer

This Dungeon where I dwell;

’Tis Paradise when thou art here;

If thou depart, ’tis Hell.

3. The Smilings of thy Face,

How amiable they are!

’Tis Heaven to rest in thine Embrace;

And no where else but there.

4. To thee, and thee alone,

The Angels owe their Bliss;

They sit around thy gracious Throne,

And dwell where Jesus is.

5. Not all the Harps above

Can make a heav’nly Place,

If God his Residence remove,

Or but conceal his Face.

6. Nor Earth, nor all the Sky,

Can one Delight afford;

No, not a Drop of real Joy,

Without thy Presence, Lord.

7. Thou are the Sea of Love,

Where all my Pleasures roll:

The Circle where my Passions move,

And Centre of my Soul.

8. To thee my Spirits fly,

With infinite Desire:

And yet, how far from thee I lie,

Dear Jesus, raise me high’r.

Anthem: Euroclydon

They That Go Down to the Sea


2. Great God! Is this our certain Doom?

And are we still secure!

Still walking downwards to our Tomb,

And yet prepare no more!

Grant us the Pow’rs of quick’ning Grace,

To fit our Souls to fly;

Then when we drop this dying Flesh,

We’ll rise above the Sky.


2. But, O! The Wisdom and the Grace,

That join with Vengeance now!

He dies to save our guilty Race;

And yet he rises too.

A Person so divine was he,

Who yielded to be slain,

That he could give his Soul away,

And take his Life again.


Who Is This That Cometh from Edom

Modern Music

N.B. After the Audience are seated and the Performers have taken the pitch slyly from the Leader the Song begins.


2. ’Tis he adorn’d my naked Soul,

And made Salvation mine;

Upon a poor, polluted Worm,

He makes his Graces shine.

3. And lest the Shadow of a Spot

Should on my Soul be found,

He took the Robe the Saviour wrought,

And cast it all around.

4. How far the heavenly Robe exceeds

What earthly Princes wear!

These Ornaments, how bright they shine!

How white the Garments are!

5. The Spirit wrought my Faith and Love,

And Hope, and ev’ry Grace;

But Jesus spent his Life, to work

The Robe of Righteousness.

6. Strangely, my Soul, art thou array’d

By the great sacred Three!

In sweetest Harmony of Praise

Let all thy Powers agree.


Anthem: Consonance

Down Steers the Bass


Let Ev’ry Mortal Ear Attend

Anthem: The Dying Christian To His Soul

Vital Spark of Heav’nly Flame