Annual Meeting

    November, 1935

    THE Annual Meeting of the Society was held at the Algonquin Club, No. 217 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, on Thursday, November 21, 1935, at a quarter after seven o’clock in the evening, the President, Samuel Eliot Morison, in the chair.

    With the consent of those present, the reading of the records of the last Stated Meeting was omitted.

    The Corresponding Secretary reported the death, on November 2, 1935, of Clarence Winthrop Bowen, a Corresponding Member.

    The Corresponding Secretary reported the receipt of letters from Mr. Lawrence Counselman Wroth accepting Corresponding Membership in the Society, and from Mr. Zoltán Haraszti accepting Associate Membership.

    Mr. Richard Mott Gummere, of Cambridge, was elected a Resident Member of the Society.

    The Council recommended for adoption by the Society the following amendment to the By-laws:

    Chapter I, Art. 1, to be amended to read as follows: “The Corporate Seal shall be an escutcheon: azure, a cross (from the arms of the Plymouth Colony) and in the canton a naked savage holding a bow and an arrow, as in the early seals of die Colony of the Massachusetts Bay, all gold, surrounded by a circular band bearing the legend, The Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 1892.”

    This amendment was unanimously adopted by the Society.

    The Annual Report of the Council was read by Mr. Robert Walcott.

    Report of the Council

    DURING the year the Society held three stated meetings: on December 20, 1934, at the house of Mr. Augustus P. Loring, Jr., when Mr. George P. Anderson spoke on “Secret Entries in John Rowe’s Diary,” Mr. Albert H. Hall read a paper on “The Revolution of 1634,” and Mr. B. Loring Young spoke on his ancestor, the Massachusetts historian Alexander Young, and on William Hubbard, copies of whose works he presented to the Society; on February 28, 1935, at the house of Mr. Francis R. Hart, when Mr. Perry Miller spoke on “The Background of Early New England Thought,” and the Reverend Henry W. Foote read a paper entitled “Was Jeremiah Dummer a Painter of Portraits?”; and on April 25 at the house of Mr. Kenneth G. T. Webster, when Mr. Arthur H. Buffinton read a paper on “The Massachusetts Experiment of 1630,” and the President spoke on “The Commonplace Book of Seaborn Cotton.”

    Since the last Annual Meeting the following members have been elected:


    • Raymond Walker Stanley
    • Reginald Fitz, M.D.
    • Frank Wilson Cheney Hersey


    • John Stewart Bryan


    • Wilfred James Doyle
    • John Chester Miller
    • Zoltán Haraszti


    • George Macaulay Trevelyan
    • Hon. William Cushing Wait
    • Sir Charles Harding Firth
    • James Bryant Conant

    We have lost by death during the year five members:

    Frank Brewer Bemis, Resident, 1923, died March 10, 1935. Well known as a connoisseur of china and silver and as a collector of the rarities of English literature from the time of the earliest printed books to the latter part of the nineteenth century. He was much interested in the Society and was regular in his attendance at meetings.

    Charles Evans, Corresponding, 1926, died February 8, 1935. He was born in Boston in 1850 and was educated in its public schools. He did not attend college but was an assistant in the Boston Athenæum before becoming librarian successively of the public libraries of Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Omaha. He classified the Newberry Library of Chicago and organized the Virginia Library of the McCormick Theological Seminary of Chicago. He was secretary and librarian of the Chicago Historical Society and was the author of American Bibliography, intended to be a chronological dictionary of all books, pamphlets, and periodical publications printed in the United States from 1639 to 1820.1026

    Clarence Winthrop Bowen, Corresponding, 1905, died November 2, 1935. He was born in Woodstock, Connecticut, in 1852, was graduated from Yale College in 1873, and took his doctorate there in history in 1882. He was one of the founders of the American Historical Association (1884) and served as its treasurer for over thirty years. He was president of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and vice-president of the American Antiquarian Society and of the Connecticut Historical Society. In early life a newspaper correspondent, Mr. Bowen was able to write history that was readily readable. This is true even of his large-and elaborate history of Woodstock, Connecticut. He was instrumental in arranging many historical celebrations, as for example the Columbian Quatercentenary of 1892, preparing the way ten years in advance by interviews and articles when he was correspondent for the Independent in Europe. He also organized the centennial celebration of the inauguration of Washington as the first president of the United States, and edited the sumptuous volumes that are a permanent and valuable memorial of that occasion. A hospitable gentleman of the old school, he was helpful to all worthy historical enterprises.

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Honorary, 1927, died March 6, 1935. Of his long and honorable career—he died in his ninety-fourth year—it is superfluous to speak. Since the death of Charles W. Eliot he was often referred to as “the leading citizen of the United States.”

    William Cushing Wait, Resident, 1897, Honorary, 1934, died January 28, 1935. He was an honor man in Harvard College and in its Law School, and was the student of the law firm of Elder, Wait and Whitman. His reading was wide and his learning thorough. Especially was he interested in history and education. He had a long and valuable service on the school committee of Medford. He was a friendly person, well liked by the Bar that practised before him while he was a member of the Superior and later of the Supreme Judicial Court of this Commonwealth.

    During the year the Society has issued, through the generosity of one of its members, a further volume of Harvard College Records (Volume XXXI of our Publications), and has continued to contribute to the support of the New England Quarterly. Volume XXVIII of our Publications, continuing the Transactions of the Society, is to appear shortly.

    The Treasurer presented his Annual Report, as follows:

    Report of the Treasurer

    In accordance with the requirements of the By-laws, the Treasurer submits his Annual Report for the year ending November 14, 1935.

    Statement of Assets and Funds, November 14, 1935






    Loan to Principal



    Investments at Book Value:    

    Bonds (Market Value $104,000.00)



    Stocks (Market Value $48,150.00)






    Savings Bank Deposit



    Total Assets








    Total Funds


    Investments as of November 14, 1935

    BONDS Book Value  

    $5,000 Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company General 4’s, 1995



    5,000 Bell Telephone Company of Canada First 5’s, Series B, 1957



    5,000 Canadian Pacific Railway Equipment Trust 5’s, 1944



    5,000 Cedars Rapids Manufacturing and Power Company First 5’s, 1953



    5,000 Central New England Railway Company First 4’s, 1961



    5,000 Central Pacific Railway Company First and Refunding 4’s, 1949



    5,000 Chester Water Service Company First 4½’s, 1958



    5,000 Chicago and Western Indiana Railway Company Consolidated 4’s, 1952



    $5,000 Chicago Junction Railways and Union Stock Yards Company Mortgage and Collateral Trust Refunding 5’s, 1940



    5,000 Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company Refunding and Improvement 4½’s, Series E, 1977



    5,000 Indianapolis Power and Light Company First 5’s, 1957



    5,000 Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway Company First Refunding 6’s, Series A, 1946



    5,000 New England Telephone and Telegraph Company First 5’s, Series A, 1952



    5,000 New York Water Service Company First 5’s, 1951



    5,000, Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company First and Refunding 4’s, Series A, 1961



    5,000, Public Service Company of New Hampshire First and Refunding 4½’s, Series B, 1957



    5,000 Texas Corporation Convertible Debenture 5’s, 1944



    5,000 Texas Electric Service Company First 5’s, 1960



    5,000 Toledo Edison Company First 5’s, 1962



    2,500 United States Cold Storage Company First Mortgage 6’s, 1946



    4,000 United States Cold Storage Company First Mortgage 6’s, 1945



    5,000 Western Union Telegraph Company 5’s, 1960



    5,000 Wickwire Spencer Steel Company Prior Lien Collateral and Refunding 7’s, 1935, Certificate of Deposit



    Total Bonds




    50 shares American Telephone and Telegraph Company



    50 shares Consolidated Gas Company of New York, Common



    100 shares Electric Bond and Share Company Cumulative $6.00 Preferred



    50 shares E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company



    50 shares First National Bank of Boston



    1 share First National Bank of the City of New York



    240 shares General Electric Company, Common



    50 shares Insurance Company of North America



    40 shares Radio Corporation of America, Common



    5 shares Travelers Insurance Company



    50 shares United States Cold Storage Company, 7% Preferred “A”



    50 shares United States Cold Storage Company, Common


    Total Stocks



    First Mortgages on improved property in Greater Boston



    Deposit in Warren Institution for Savings



    Total Investments



    Composition of Funds, November 14, 1935

    Publication Fund, established in 1893 by gift of $100 from Quincy Adams Shaw: composed of sundry small gifts and portions of the Income which were added from year to year. Income only to be used for Publications


    General Fund, established in 1893: composed of Admission Fees and Commutations added to Principal, Gains on Sales of Securities, etc. Income only to be used for Current Expense


    Benjamin Apthorp Gould Memorial Fund, established in 1897 and 1898 by subscriptions in his memory. Income only to be used


    Edward Wheelwright Fund, established in 1900 under his will without restrictions as to use


    Robert Charles Billings Fund, established in 1903 under his will. Income only to be used for Publications


    Robert Noxon Toppan Fund, established in 1904 by a gift in his memory from his widow. Income only to be used


    Robert Charles Winthrop, Jr., Fund, established in 1905 under his will. Increased by $2,000 in 1924 under will of Elizabeth Winthrop. Income only to be used


    Andrew McFarland Davis Fund, established in 1908 by a gift from him to be added to the permanent publication funds. Income only to be used


    William Watson Fund, established in 1916 under his will without restriction as to use


    George Vasmer Leverett Fund, established in 1920 under his will. Income only to be used for Publications


    Henry H. Edes Bequest, established in 1923 under his will. To accumulate until it reaches the sum of §3,000, when it shall be called the Martha Rebecca Hunt Fund. Income only to be used for special purposes


    Henry H. Edes Memorial Fund, established by sundry subscriptions from 1923 to 1925. To accumulate until it reaches the sum of $10,000. Income only to be used for Publications


    George Nixon Black Fund, established in 1929 under his will without restriction as to use


    Total Funds


    Changes in Principal of Funds

    Total Funds, November 14, 1934



    Add—Additions to General Fund:


    Savings Bank Interest transferred from Income



    Add—Additions to Special Funds:


    Henry H. Edes Memorial Fund



    Henry H. Edes Bequest



    Total Funds, November 14, 1935



    Income Cash Receipts and Disbursements

    Balance, November 14, 1934










    Annual Assessments



    Admission Fees



    Sales of the Society’s Publications






    Total Receipts of Income






    Editor’s Salary



    Services to Editor



    For Publications:


    Volume 28



    Volume 31



    Volume 32



    Volume 33



    New England Quarterly



    Annual Dinner



    Notices and Other Expenses of Meetings



    Accounting Services



    Secretarial Expense



    Stenographic Services



    Storage on Stock



    Fire Insurance



    Rent of Union Safe Deposit Box



    Contribution to Writings on American History



    Shipping Charges



    Collection Charges



    Federal Check Tax



    Accrued Interest on Securities Purchased



    Interest on Henry H. Edes Memorial Fund added to Principal



    Total Disbursements of Income



    Balance of Income Cash, November 14, 1935



    Principal Cash Receipts and Disbursements

    Loan to Principal, November 14, 1934



    Transferred from Income to Principal:    

    Henry H. Edes Memorial Fund, Income



    Interest on Warren Institution for Savings Account



    Interest on Provident Institution for Savings Account



    Withdrawal from Provident Institution for Savings Account



    Total Receipts of Principal






    $2,000 Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company General 4’s, 1995



    Interest on Warren Institution for Savings Account, added to Principal



    Interest on Provident Institution for Savings Account, added to Principal



    Total Disbursements of Principal



    Loan to Principal, November 14, 1935



    James M. Hunnewell, Treasurer

    Report of the Auditing Committee

    The undersigned, a Committee appointed to examine the accounts of the Treasurer for the year which ended November 14, 1935, have attended to their duty by employing Messrs. Stewart, Watts and Bollong, Public Accountants and Auditors, who have made an audit of the accounts and examined the securities on deposit in Box 1052–E in the Union Safe Deposit Vaults.

    We herewith submit their report, which has been examined and accepted by the Committee.

    Matt B. Jones

    Henry L. Shattuck

    Raymond W. Stanley

    Auditing Committee

    The several reports were accepted and referred to the Committee of Publication.

    On behalf of the committee appointed to nominate officers for the ensuing year the following list was presented; and a ballot having been taken, these gentlemen were unanimously elected:

    • President Samuel Eliot Morison
    • Vice-Presidents Hon. Arthur Prentice Rugg
    • Chester Noyes Greenough
    • Recording Secretary Augustus Peabody Loring, Jr.
    • Corresponding Secretary Hon. Robert Walcott
    • Treasurer James Melville Hunnewell
    • Registrar Robert Dickson Weston
    • Member of the Council for Three Tears Reginald Fitz, M.D.

    After the meeting was dissolved, dinner was served. The guests of the Society were Professor Henry J. Cadbury, Mr. William E. Dorman, Mr. Richard W. Hale, Mr. Francis R. Parks, the Reverend Anthony R. Parshley, the Reverend John E. Sexton, Mr. Charles H. Taylor, and Professor Harry A. Wolfson.

    After the dinner President James Bryant Conant addressed the Society and its guests.