William Bingham’s Maine Lands 1790–1820

Principal Manuscript Sources

Most of the documents printed in these volumes have been taken from one or another of four manuscript collections. These four collections, with the abbreviations which will be used in the text to designate them, are as follows:

Collection Abbreviation

BARING PAPERS. This is a microfilm collection originally made by the Public Record Office in London from papers in the archives of the banking house of Baring Brothers. There is a print of this collection in the Library of Congress, together with a calendar of the papers.


BINGHAM PAPERS. These papers cover most of the business activities of William Bingham during his lifetime and include as well the records of the Bingham Estate during the nineteenth century. They are now at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, where they were recently placed on deposit by the Bingham Trustees.


COBB PAPERS. These are the papers of General David Cobb, bequeathed to the Colonial Society of Massachusetts by his great-grandson George Nixon Black. They are now on deposit at the Massachusetts Historical Society.


KNOX PAPERS. This well-known collection of the papers of General Henry Knox is the property of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and has been for some years on deposit at the Massachusetts Historical Society.