December Meeting, 1950

    A STATED Meeting of the Society was held at the Club of Odd Volumes, No. 77 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, on Thursday, 28 December 1950, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the President, Augustus Peabody Loring, Jr., in the chair.

    The records of the Annual Meeting in November were read and approved.

    Mr. John Phillips Coolidge, of Cambridge, Mr. Bertram Kimball Little, of Brookline, Mr. David Britton Little, of Concord, Mr. David Pingree Wheatland, of Cambridge, and Mr. Stephen Wheatland, of Brookline, were elected Resident Members and Mr. Bernhard Knollenberg, of Chester, Connecticut, was elected a Corresponding Member of the Society.

    Mr. Robert Peabody Bellows read a paper entitled: “Whither Away? The Search for the Frame of the First King’s Chapel,” in which he made an ingenious demonstration by arguments from chronology, structural comparison and measurements that the frame of the original King’s Chapel in Boston might have been used in the construction of St. John’s Church, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.