VOLUME XIV, now completed, contains the Transactions of the Society at eleven meetings, from April, 1911, to February, 1913, both included, in continuation of Volume XIII.

    The Committee gratefully acknowledges the Society’s indebtedness to several institutions, and to friends and members of this Society, for permission to reproduce documents in their possession, for the gift of plates, or for other courtesies, namely: to Mr. Ezra Henry Baker, Mr. Samuel Chester Clough, Mr. James Donovan, Mr. Henry Herbert Edes, Mr. John Whittemore Farwell, Mr. Francis Apthorp Foster, Mr. Frederick Lewis Gay, Mr. George Lyman Kittredge, the family of Mr. Francis Henry Lincoln, Mrs. John Holmes Morison, Mr. Harrison Gray Otis, the family of Mr. William Taggard Piper, Mr. Barrett Wendell, the British Museum, the Harvard College Library, the Library Company of Philadelphia, and the Massachusetts Historical Society.

    For the Committee of Publication,

    Henry Lefavour,


    Boston, 1 May, 1913