Index of Facsimiles

The Continental Harmony, title page, page 2

Frontispiece, Connection, page 2


Anthem: Hark! Hark! Hear You Not, 172

Anthem: I Am Come Into My Garden, 112

Anthem: I Charge You, 232

Anthem: I Will Love Thee, 194

Anthem: Mourn, Mourn, 216

Anthem: O Praise God, 144

Anthem: O Thou To Whom All Creatures Bow, 156

Anthem: Sing Praises, 102

Anthem: The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God, 256

Anthem: We Have Heard With Our Ears, 126

Broad Cove, 190

Creation, 66

Egypt, 82

Revelation, 86

Washington-Street, 90

West-Sudbury, 60

Facsimiles in Volume IV were made from a copy in the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts