The Continental Harmony Music


O Praise the Lord of Heaven


Hear, Hear, O Heav’ns


2. Jesus, the God of Might and Love,

New moulds our Limbs of cumb’rous Clay;

Quick as Seraphic-Flames we move,

Active and young, and Fair as they.

3. Our airy Feet with unknown Flight,

Swift as the Motions of Desire,

Runs up the Hills, of heav’nly Light,

And leave the welt’ring World in Fire.


2. From torturing Pains to endless Joys

On fiery Wheels they rode,

And strangely wash’d their Raiment white

In Jesus’ dying Blood.

3. Now they approach a spotless God,

And bow before his Throne;

Their warbling Harps and sacred Songs

Adore the Holy One.

4. The unveil’d Glories of his Face

Among his Saints reside,

While the rich Treasure of his Grace

Sees all their Wants supply’d.

5. Tormenting Thirst shall leave their Souls,

And Hunger flee as fast;

The Fruit of Life’s immortal Tree

Shall be their sweet Repast.

6. The Lamb shall lead his heav’nly Flock

Where living Fountains rise,

And Love divine shall wipe away

The Sorrows of their Eyes.


2. No human Pow’r can stop the Hour

In which the Mortal dies;

A Caesar may be great to-day,

But Death will close his Eyes.

Though many strive and do arrive

To Riches and Renown,

Enjoying Health, and swim in Wealth,

Yet Death will bring them down.

3. The wanton Youth, who hates the Truth,

And chants the Organ sound,

Grim Death will try, and he must die,

And with the Dead be found.

Though Beauty grace the comely face

With rosy, white and red,

A dying Fall will spoil it all,

And Absolom is dead.

4. For some require the best Attire,

Appearing fine and fair,

Yet Death will come into the Room,

And strip them naked there.

The Princes high and Beggars die,

And mingle with the Dust,

The rich and brave, the negro Slave,

The wicked and the just.

5. Come let us hark, and now remark

The Mortal’s dying Day;

Behold how Death doth stop the Breath,

And change the Flesh to Clay.

His helpless Hands now feel the Bands

That cruel Death doth tye;

The vital Heat hath left its Seat,

And he begins to die.

6. Now at the Heart, that little Part,

The Force of Nature hangs,

But Heart and all its Powers fall

A Prey to dying Pangs.

The Pains of Death now stop the Breath,

The human Frame doth fall,

With bitter Cries in Ruin lies,

An awful Sight to all.

7. And when the Sound doth echo round,

The living Mortals must

Prepare a Bed to lodge the Dead,

And cover it with Dust.

Here in this Place the human Face

Deep in oblivion Lies,

Till Christ on high shall rend the Sky,

And bid the Dead to rise.

8. But though we die our Spirits fly

Beyond the lofty Poles;

Why do we dwell upon the Shell,

And let alone the Souls?

The Body must waste in the Dust,

But Spirits shall remain

In perfect Rest or be distrest

As long as God shall reign.


2. Behold, a God descends and dies,

To save my Soul from gaping Hell!

How the black Gulph, where Satan lies,

Yawn’d to receive me when I fell!

3. How Justice frown’d, and Vengeance stood

To drive me down to endless Pain!

But the great Son propos’d his Blood,

And heav’nly Wrath grew mild again.

4. Infinite Lover, gracious Lord!

To thee be endless Honors giv’n:

Thy wond’rous Name shall be ador’d,

Round the wide Earth and wider Heav’n.


St. John’s

2. “No Works, nor Duties, of your own,

Can for the smallest Sin atone;

The Robes which Nature may provide,

Will not your least Pollution hide.

3. “The softest Couch which Nature knows,

Can give the Conscience no repose:

Look to my Right’ousness, and live;

Comfort and Peace are mine to give.

4. “Ye Sons of Pride, who kindle Coals

With your own Hands to warm your Souls,

Walk in the Light of your own Fire,

Enjoy the Sparks which you desire.

5. “This is your Portion at my Hands;

Hell waits you with her iron Bands;

Ye shall lie down in Sorrow there,

In Death, in Darkness, and Despair.”


2. When in the sultry Glebe I faint,

Or on the thirsty Mountains pant,

To fertile Vales and dewy Meads

My weary wandering Steps he leads,

Where peaceful Rivers, soft and slow,

Amid the verdant Landscapes flow.

3. Though in a bare and rugged Way,

Through devious lonely Wilds I stray;

His Bounty shall my Pains beguile;

The barren Wilderness shall smile

With lively Greens and Herbage crown’d,

And Streams shall murmur all around.

4. Though in the Paths of Death I tread,

With gloomy Horrours overspread,

My steadfast Heart shall fear no ill,

For thou, O Lord, art with me still;

Thy friendly Crook shall give me aid,

And guide me through the dismal Shade.



2. Proclaim Salvation, from the Lord,

For wretched dying Men;

His Hand has writ the sacred Word

With an immortal Pen.

Engrav’d, as in eternal Brass,

The mighty Promise shines;

Nor can the Pow’rs of Darkness ’rase

Those everlasting Lines.

3. He, who can dash whole Worlds to Death,

And make them when he please;

But speaks—and that Almighty Breath

Fulfils his great Decrees.

His very Word of Grace is strong

As that which built the Skies;

The Voice, which rolls the Stars along,

Speaks all the Promises.

4. Oh, might I hear thy heav’nly Tongue

But whisper—thou art mine!

Those gentle Words should raise my Song

To Notes almost divine.

How would my leaping Heart rejoice,

And think my Heav’n secure!

I’d trust the all-creating Voice,

And Faith desires no more.


2. Life is the Hour that God has giv’n,

To ’scape from Hell, and fly to Heav’n;

The Day of Grace, and Mortals may

Secure the Blessings of the Day.

3. The Living know that they must die,

But all the Dead forgotten lie;

Their Mem’ry and their Sense is gone,

Alike unkowing and unknown.

4. Their Hatred and their Love is lost;

Their Envy buried in the Dust;

They have no Share in all that’s done

Beneath the Circuit of the Sun.

5. Then what my Thoughts design to do,

My Hands, with all your Might pursue,

Since no Device nor Work is found,

Nor Faith, nor Hope, beneath the Ground.

6. There are no Acts of Pardon past

In the cold Grave, to which we haste:

But Darkness, Death, and long Despair,

Reign in eternal Silence there.


2. He made the ebbing Channel dry

While Isr’el pass’d the Flood;

There did the Church begin their Joy,

And Triumph in their God.

3. He rules by his resistless Might:

What rebel Mortals dare

Provoke th’ Eternal to the Fight,

And tempt that dreadful War?

4. O bless our God, and never cease!

Ye Saints, fulfil his Praise;

He keeps our Life, maintains our Peace,

And guides our doubtful Ways.

5. Lord, thou hast prov’d our suff’ring Souls,

To make our Graces shine;

So Silver bears the burning Coals,

The Metal to refine.

6. Thro’ wat’ry Deeps and fiery Ways,

We march at thy Command,

Led to possess the promis’d Place,

By thy unerring Hand.


2. Not the most perfect Rules they gave

Could shew one Sin forgiv’n;

Nor lead a Step beyond the Grave;

But thine conduct to Heav’n.

3. I’ve seen the End of what we call

Perfection here below;

How short the Pow’rs of Nature fall,

And can no further go!

4. Yet Men would fain be just with God,

By Works their Hands have wrought;

But thy Commands, exceeding broad,

Extend to ev’ry Thought.

5. In vain we boast Perfection here,

While Sin defiles our Frame;

And sinks our Virtues down so far,

They scarce deserve the Name.

6. Our Faith, and Love, and ev’ry Grace

Fall far below thy Word;

But perfect Truth and Right’ousness

Dwell only with the Lord.


2. God on his thirsty Zion’s Hill

Some Mercy-drops has thrown;

And solemn Oaths have bound his Love

To show’r Salvation down.

3. Why do we then indulge our Fears,

Suspicions, and Complaints?

Is he a God? And shall his Grace

Grow weary of his Saints?

4. Can a kind Woman e’er forget

The infant in her Womb?

And, ’mongst a thousand tender Thoughts,

Her Suckling have no Room?

5. “Yet,” saith the lord, “should Nature change,

And Mothers Monsters prove,

Zion still dwells upon the Heart

Of everlasting Love.

6. “Deep on the Palms of both my Hands,

I have engrav’d her Name:

My Hands shall raise her ruin’d Walls,

And build her broken Frame.”


St. Enoch

2. The Lord has through th’astonish’d World

Display’d his saving Might,

And made his righteous Acts appear

In all the Heathen’s Sight.

3. Of Isr’el’s House his Love and Truth

Have ever mindful been;

Wide Earth’s remotest Parts the Pow’r

Of Isr’el’s God has seen.

4. Let therefore Earth’s Inhabitants

Their Chearful Voices raise,

And all with universal Joy

Resound their Maker’s Praise.

5. With Harp and Hymns soft Melody

Into the Consort bring.

The Trumpet and shrill Cornet’s Sound

Before th’Almighty King.

6. Let the loud Ocean roar her Joy,

With all the Seas contain;

The Earth and her Inhabitants

Join Consort with the Main.

7. With Joy let Riv’lets swell to Streams,

To spreading Torrents they;

And echoing Vales, from Hill to Hill,

Redoubled Shouts convey;

8. To welcome down the World’s great Judge,

Who does with Justice come,

And, with impartial Equity,

Both to reward and doom.

Morning Hymn

2. Night unto Night his Name repeats,

The Day renews the Sound,

Wide as the Heav’n on which he sits

To turn the Seasons round.

3. ’Tis he supports my mortal Frame,

My Tongue shall speak his Praise;

My Sins would rouze his Wrath to Flame—

And yet his Wrath delays!

4. On a poor Worm thy Pow’r might tread,

And I could ne’er withstand;

Thy Justice might have crush’d me dead,

But Mercy held thine Hand.

5. A thousand wretched Souls are fled

Since the last setting Sun,

And yet thou length’nest out my Thread.

And yet my Moments run.

6. Dear God, let all my Hours be thine

While I enjoy the Light;

Then shall my Sun in Smiles decline,

And bring a pleasing Night.


2. For Christ shall rend the Skies

And bring the Man he chose,

Exceeding fair, beyond compare,

Appearing like a Rose.

The Resurrection Day

Shall crown the Saints with Joy,

When Christ shall come to fetch them Home

And all their Griefs destroy.

3. The glorious Lamp of Day

Shall pass a few more Rounds,

Before the Just shall leave the Dust,

And wear the golden Crowns.

How will they sing for Joy,

When they in Beauty rise!

Their Songs around the Planets sound,

As they ascend the Skies.

4. The Saints’ eternal Rest

Doth on this Day begin,

Now they shall be for ever free

From all Remains of Sin.

Eternal Joy indeed

With them is now begun,

They walk in white, and shine more bright

Than the meridian Sun.

5. Behold them on the Hill

Of perfect Rest above,

They all do share a Mansion there,

In God’s eternal Love.

Before the blessed Lamb

Their Songs shall ever sound

The Angels join, and all combine

To spread their Anthems round.

6. On Zion’s holy Mount

They find sufficient Room,

And dwelling there they all appear

For ever in the Bloom.

But have I quite forgot

The poor rebellious Worm,

His great Surprize when he shall rise,

And feel the Heavens burn?

7. Though now he quiet lies,

Where none can hurt or wound,

How will he quake when Christ shall make

His dreadful Trumpet sound!

Behold the Sinners rise

With loathsome Bodies bare,

The poison Snakes among the Brakes

Appear and look more fair.

8. But Christ will send them down,

Where cruel Devils roar,

And there in Hell the Wretches dwell,

And cry for evermore.

Come now, my Soul, beware,

And make thy Calling sure,

Sustain the Loss of Sin and Dross,

And gain the gradual Cure,

9. That at the Day of Doom,

When all the Dead shall rise,

I may ascend with Christ, my Friend,

Beyond the lofty Skies,

And view his Glory there.

And be for ever blest,

While Ages roll, to grant the Soul

A long and perfect Rest.


Sing Praises to the Lord


2. Forbid it, mighty God!

Nor let it e’er be said,

That we, whose Sins are crucify’d,

Should raise them from the Dead.

3. We will be Slaves no more,

Since Christ has made us free,

Has nail’d our Tyrants to the Cross,

And bought our Liberty.


I Am Come into My Garden


2. God ruleth on high,

Almighty to save,

And still he is nigh,

His Presence we have.

The great Congregation

His Triumph shall sing,

Ascribing Salvation

To Jesus our King.

3. Salvation to God,

Who sits on the Throne;

Let all cry aloud

And honour the Son.

Our Jesus’s Praises

The Angels proclaim,

Fall down on their Faces

And worship the Lamb.

4. Then let us adore

And give him his Right,

All Glory and Pow’r.

And Wisdom and Might;

All Honour and Blessing,

With Angels above;

And Thanks never ceasing,

And infinite Love.


2. Bury’d in Sorrow, and in Sin,

At Hell’s dark Door we lay;

But we arise, by Grace divine,

To see a heav’nly Day.

3. Salvation! let the Echo fly

The spacious Earth around,

While all the Armies of the Sky

Conspire to raise the Sound.


2. But, O, what gentle Terms,

What condescending Ways,

Doth our Redeemer use

To teach his heav’nly Grace!

Mine Eyes, with Joy

And Wonder, see

What Forms of Love

He bears for me.

3. Array’d in mortal Flesh,

He like an Angel stands,

And holds the Promises

And Pardons in his Hands.

Commission’d from

His Father’s Throne,

To make his Grace

To Mortals known.

4. Great Prophet of my God,

My Tongue would bless thy Name;

By Thee the joyful News

Of our Salvation came;

The joyful News

Of Sins forgiv’n,

Of Hell subdu’d,

And Peace with Heav’n!

5. Be thou my Counsellor,

My Pattern, and my Guide,

And thro’ this desert Land

Still keep me near thy Side.

O let my Feet

Ne’er run astray,

Nor rove, nor seek

The crooked Way!

6. I love my Shepherd’s Voice;

His watchful Eye shall keep

My wand’ring Soul among

The Thousands of his Sheep:

He feeds his Flock,

He calls their Names,

His Bosom bears

The tender Lambs.

7. To this dear Surety’s Hand

Will I commit my Cause;

He answers and fulfills

His Father’s broken Laws.

Behold my Soul

At Freedom set

My Surety paid

The dreadful Debt.

8. Jesus, my great High-Priest,

Offer’d his Blood and dy’d—

My guilty Conscience seeks

No Sacrifice beside.

His pow’rful Blood

Did once atone.

And now it pleads

Before the Throne.

9. My Advocate appears

For my Defence on high;

The Father bows his Ears,

And lays his Thunder by.

Not all which Hell

Or Sin can say

Shall turn his Heart,

His Love away.

10. My dear almighty Lord,

My Conqu’ror, and my King,

Thy Sceptre, and thy Sword,

Thy reigning Grace I sing,

Thine is the Pow’r—

Behold I sit

In willing Bonds

Beneath thy Feet.

11. Now let my Soul arise,

And tread the Tempter down;

My Captain leads me forth

To Conquest and a Crown.

A feeble Saint

Shall win the day,

Tho’ Death and Hell

Obstruct the Way.

12. Should all the Hosts of Death,

And Pow’rs of Hell unknown,

Put their most dreadful Forms

Of Rage and Mischief on;

I shall be safe—

For Christ displays

Superior Pow’r

And guardian Grace.


We Have Heard with Our Ears


2. Ye heav’nly Gates, your Leaves display

To make the Lord the Saviour way:

Laden with Spoils of Earth and Hell

The Conqu’ror comes with God to dwell.

3. Rais’d from the Dead he goes before;

He opens Heav’n’s eternal Door,

To give his Saints a blest Abode,

Near their Redeemer and their God.

Anthem: Universal Praise

O Praise God


O Thou to Whom All Creatures Bow


Hark! Hark! Hear You Not

St. Thomas

Broad Cove

2. The present Moments just appear,

Then slide away in Haste;

That we can never say—they’re here;

But only say—they’re past.

3. Our Life is ever on the Wing,

And Death is ever nigh;

The Moment when our Lives begin,

We all begin to die.

4. Yet, mighty God! our fleeting Days

Thy lasting Favors share;

Yet, with the Bounties of thy Grace,

Thou load’st the rolling Year.

5. Tis sov’reign Mercy finds us Food,

And we are cloath’d with Love:

While Grace stands pointing out the Road,

Which leads our Souls above.

6. His Goodness runs an endless Round—

All Mercy to the Lord:

His Mercy never knows a Bound—

And be his Name ador’d.

7. Thus we begin the lasting Song;

And when we close our Eyes,

Let Ages down thy Praise prolong,

’Till Time and Nature dies.

Anthem: Deliverance

I Will Love Thee

Anthem: Variety, without Method

O God, Thou Hast Been Displeased


2. Now his Merits by the Harpers,

Thro’ th’eternal Deeps resounds!

Now resplendent shine his Nail-prints,

Every Eye shall see his Wounds!

They who pierced him,

Shall at his Appearing wail.

3. Every Island, Sea, and Mountain,

Heaven and Earth shall flee away!

All who hate him must, ashamed.

Hear the Trump proclaim his Day:

Come to Judgment!

Stand before the Son of Man!

4. All who love him view his Glory,

Shining in his bruised Face:

His dear Person on the Rainbow,

Now his People’s Heads shall raise:

Happy Mourners!

Now on Clouds He comes! He comes!

5. Now Redemption, long expected,

See, in solemn Pomp appear:

All his People, once despised,

Now shall meet him in the Air:


Now the promised Kingdom’s come!

6. View him smiling, now determined

Every Evil to destroy!

All the Nations now shall sing him

Songs of everlasting Joy!

O come quickly!

Hallelujah! come Lord, come!


Mourn, Mourn

East Sudbury

2. Thou Sun, with dazzling Rays,

And Moon, that rul’st the Night,

Shine to your Maker’s Praise,

With Stars of twinkling Light.

His Pow’r declare,

Ye Floods on high,

And Clouds that fly

In empty air.

3. The shining Worlds above

In glorious Order stand,

Or in swift Courses move,

By his supreme Command.

He spake the Word,

And all their Frame,

From Nothing came,

To praise the Lord.

4. He mov’d their mighty Wheels

In unknown Ages past,

And each his Word fulfills

While Time and Nature last.

In diff’rent Ways

His Works proclaim

His wond’rous Name,

And speak his Praise.

5. Let all the earth-born Race,

And Monsters of the Deep,

The Fish which cleave the Seas,

Or in their Bosom sleep,

From Sea and Shore

Their Tribute pay,

And still display

Their Maker’s Pow’r.

6. Ye Vapours, Hail and Snow,

Praise ye th’almighty Lord,

And stormy Winds which blow

To execute his Word:

When Lightnings shine

Or Thunders roar,

Let Earth adore

His Hand divine.

7. Ye Mountains near the Skies,

With lofty Cedars there,

And Trees of humbler Size,

Which Fruit in Plenty bear,

Beasts, wild and tame,

Birds, Flies, and Worms,

In various Forms

Exalt his Name.

8. Ye Kings and Judges fear

The Lord, the sov’reign King;

And while you rule us here,

His heav’nly Honors sing:

Nor let the Dream

Of Pow’r and State

Make you forget

His Pow’r supreme.

9. Virgins and Youth engage

To sound his Praise divine,

While Infancy and Age

Their feebler Voices join.

Wide as he reigns

His Name be sung

By ev’ry Tongue

In endless Strains.

10. Let all the Nations fear

The God who rules above;

He brings his People near

And makes them taste his Love:

While Earth and Sky

Attempt his Praise,

His Saints shall raise

His Honors high.


2. God is our Sun and Shield,

Our Light and our Defence;

With Gifts his Hands are fill’d,

We draw our Blessings thence:

He shall bestow

On Jacob’s Race

Peculiar Grace

And Glory too.

3. The Lord his People loves;

His Hand no Good withholds

From those his Heart approves,

From pure and pious Souls:

Thrice happy he,

O God of Hosts,

Whose Spirit trusts

Alone in thee.


2. If Angels, on that blessed Morn

The Saviour of the World was born,

Pour’d forth seraphic Songs:

Much more should we, of human Race,

Adore the Wonders of His Grace,

To whom the Grace belongs.

3. How wonderful!—How vast His Love!

Who left the shining Realms above,

Those happy Seats of Rest:

How much for lost Mankind he bore,

Their Peace and Pardon to restore,

Can never be express’d.

4. Whilst we adore His boundless Grace,

And pious Mirth, and Joy takes Place

Of Sorrow, Grief, and Pain:

Give Glory to our God on High,

And, that among the gen’ral Joy,

Peace and Goodwill to Men.


I Charge You, O Ye Daughters


When the Lord Turn’d Again

Anthem: The Dying Christian’s Last Farewell

My Friends, I Am Going


Suitable to be sung on the Anniversary of our Forefathers’ landing in New England, Nov. 20th. Anno Domini 1620.

2. For not their Courage, nor their Sword,

To them Possession gave;

Nor Strength, that, from unequal Force,

Their fainting Troops could save;

But thy Right-hand, and pow’rful Arm,

Whose Succour they implor’d;

Thy Presence with the chosen Race,

Who Thy great Name ador’d.

3. As Thee their God our Fathers own’d,

Thou art our Sov’reign King;

O! therefore, as Thou didst to them,

To us Deliv’rance bring!

Thro’ thy victorious Name, our Arms

The proudest Foes shall quell,

And crush them with repeated Strokes

As oft as they rebel.

4. I’ll neither trust my Bow nor Sword,

When I in Fight engage.

But Thee, who hast our Foes subdu’d

And sham’d their spiteful Rage.

To Thee the Triumph we ascribe,

From whom the Conquest came;

In God we will rejoice all Day

And ever bless his Name.


5. But Thou hast cast us off, and now

Most shamefully we yield;

For Thou no more vouchsaf’st to lead

Our Armies to the Field.

Since when, to ev’ry upstart Foe

We turn our Backs in Fight,

And with our Spoil their Malice feast,

Who bear us ancient Spite.

6. To Slaughter doom’d, we fall, like Sheep,

Into their butch’ring Hands;

Or (what’s more wretched yet) survive,

Dispers’d thro’ heathen Lands.

Thy People Thou hast sold for Slaves,

And set their Price so low,

That not thy Treasure by the Sale,

But their Disgrace, may grow;

7. Reproach’d by all the Nations round,

The Heathen’s Bye-word grown,

Whose Scorn of us is both in Speech

And mocking Gestures shown.

Confusion strikes me blind; my Face

In conscious Shame I hide;

While we are scoff’d, and God blasphem’d,

By their licentious Pride.


8. On us this Heap of Woes is fall’n;

All this we have endur’d;

Yet have not, Lord, renounc’d thy Name

Or Faith to Thee abjur’d:

But in thy righteous Paths have kept

Our Hearts and Steps with Care,

Tho’ Thou hast broken all our Strength,

And we almost despair.

9. Could we, forgetting thy great Name,

On other Gods rely,

And not the Searcher of all Hearts

The treach’rous Crime descry?

Thou seest what Suff’rings for thy Sake

We ev’ry Day sustain;

All slaughter’d, or reserv’d like Sheep

Appointed to be slain.

10. Awake, arise; let seeming Sleep

No longer Thee detain;

Nor let us, Lord, who sue to Thee,

For ever sue in vain.

Arise, O Lord, and timely Haste

To our Deliv’rance make:

Redeem us, Lord, if not for ours,

Yet for thy Mercies sake.


2. How have we chas’d them thro’ the Field,

And trod them to the Ground,

While thy Salvation was our Shield,

But they no Shelter found!

In vain to idol Saints they cry;

They perish in their Blood:

Where is a Rock so great, so high,

So pow’rful as our God?

3. The Rock of Isr’el ever lives;

His Name be ever blest;

’Tis his own Arm the Vict’ry gives,

And gives his People Rest.

On Saints, who live as David did,

He pours his Blessings down,

Secures their Priv’lege to their Seed,

And treats them as his own.

Anthem: Sublimity

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God


O God, My Heart Is Fixed

St. Andrew’s

2. Let Elders worship at his Feet,

The Church adore around,

With Vials full of Odours sweet,

And Harps of sweetest Sound.

3. Those are the Prayers of all the Saints,

And these the Hymns they raise;

Jesus is kind to our Complaints,

He loves to hear our Praise.

4. Eternal Father, who shall look

Into thy secret Will?

Who but the Son shall take that Book,

And open ev’ry Seal?

5. He shall fulfil thy great Decrees;

The Son deserves it well;

Lo, in his Hand the sov’reign Keys

Of Heav’n, and Death, and Hell!

6. Now to the Lamb that once was slain,

Be endless Blessings paid;

Salvation, Glory, Joy remain

For ever on thy Head.

7. Thou hast redeem’d our Souls with Blood,

Hast set the Pris’ners free,

Hast made us Kings and Priests to God,

And we shall reign with thee.

8. The Worlds of Nature and of Grace

Are put beneath thy Pow’r;

Then shorten these delaying Days

And bring the promis’d Hour.


2. See the vain Race of Mortals move

Like Shadows o’er the Plain;

They rage and strive, desire and love,

But all their Noise is vain.

Some walk in Honor’s gaudy Show,

Some dig for golden Ore,

They toil for Heirs they know not who,

And straight are seen no more.

3. What could I wish or wait for then

From Creatures, Earth, and Dust?

They make our Expectations vain,

And disappoint our Trust.

Now I forbid my carnal Hope,

My fond Desires recall;

I give my mortal Int’rest up,

And make my God my all.


Sanctify a Fast