Comprehensive Index of First Lines


A Virgin unspotted the Prophet foretold II:52

Adore and tremble, for our God I:250

Ah! lovely appearance of Death II:44

All is hush, the Battle’s o’er III:196

All over lovely is my Lord and God III:190

All you who make the Lord your Choice III:200

Almighty God, eternal King I:290

Almighty God whose boundless Sway I:311

Almighty Ruler of the Skies I:104

And I saw a mighty Angel III:46

And must this Body die II:126

Arise, and hail the sacred Day IV:230

As pants the Hart for cooling Streams I:185

As Shepherds in Jewry were guarding their Sheep III:59

As the Hart panteth I:138

Awake my Heart, arise my Tongue III:105

Awake my Soul awake I:118; II:37

Awake my Soul! Awake my eyes II:69

Awake our Souls, away our Fears I:158

Begin my Tongue some heav’nly Theme IV:78

Behold how good and joyful III:141

Behold the Glories of the Lamb I:94; III:360; IV:274

Behold the Splendor, hear the Shout III:157, 286

Behold what wond’rous Grace I:204, 226; III:281

Bless’d is the Man, supremely bless’d I:271

Blessed is he that considereth the Poor I:340; III:35

Blest be the everlasting God I:82, 222

Bright King of Glory, dreadful God I:100; II:92

By the Rivers of Watertown we sat down and wept II:136

Canaan promis’d is before III:210

Children of the heav’nly King II:193

Christ from the Dead is rais’d, and made I:220

Come hither all ye weary Souls I:324

Come let us join our chearful Songs I:326; II:210; III:148

Come let us sing unto the Lord II:50

Come now my Soul, my Heart, my Tongue III:332

Come, see the Wonders of our God IV:83

Come ye Lovers of the Lamb III:194

David, the King, was grieved and moved II:108

Death may dissolve my Body now I:224

Death, O! the awful Sound I:209; II:83

Death with his Warrant in his Hand II:78

Death, with his Warrent in his Hand I:333

Deep in our Hearts let us record II:274

Defend me, Lord, from Shame I:214

Down steers the Bass with grave majestic Air III:113

Except the Lord build the House III:236

Father of Mercies II:165

From all that dwell below the Skies II:159

From lowest Depths of Woe I:86, 244

Glorious Jesus! Glorious Jesus III:168

God bless our gracious King I:75

God in the great Assembly stands I:260

God is our Refuge in Distress I:164

God is the King III:257

Great God, how frail a Thing is Man IV:94

Great is the Lord God I:153

Great is the Lord our God II:256

Greatly belov’d, of God approv’d III:183

Hail! Sacred Music hail! IV:296

Happy the Man whose tender Care II:213

Hark! from the Tombs a doleful Sound I:114; III:80

Hark! Hark! Hear you not III:322; IV:173

Have Mercy, Lord, on me I:116

He dies! He dies! the heavenly Lover dies III:5

He reigns; the Lord the Saviour reigns I:180

Hear, hear, O Heav’ns IV:47

Hear my Prayer, O Lord I:293

Hear my Pray’r, O Lord my God II:118

Help, Lord, for good and godly Men III:344

Here is a Song which doth belong IV:61

He’s come, let ev’ry Knee be bent II:98

How beauteous are their Feet I:44, 232

How charmingly sounds II:332

How glorious is our heav’nly King I:243; II:133; III:280

How good and pleasant must it be I:66

How long, O Lord, shall I complain II:294

How long wilt thou forget me, Lord I:98

How many. Lord, of late are grown I:208

How pleasant ’tis to see II:156

How pleas’d and blest was II:154

How rich are thy Provisions, Lord I:306

How shall a lost Sinner in Pain III:296

How short and hasty are our Lives II:166

How short and hasty is our Life I:162

How vast must their Advantage be I:256; II:80; IV:292

I am come into my Garden IV:113

I am the Rose of Sharon II:216

I charge you, O ye Daughters of Jerusalem IV:233

I heard a great Voice II:175

I love the Lord II:194

I will love thee IV:195

I’ll praise my Maker with my Breath III:358

In deep Distress I oft have cry’d I:78

In God the Lord I put my Trust III:342

In thine own Ways, O God of Love I:46

In vain the wealthy Mortals toil I:70; II:42

In vain we lavish out our Lives II:180; III:298

Indulgent God, with pitying Eyes I:281

Infinite Grief! Amazing Woe III:347

Is any afflicted, let him Pray II:128

Jehovah! ’Tis a glorious Word III:290

Jesus Christ is ris’n to Day III:234

Jesus, the Saviour, from above III:186

Jesus, thy Name we praise III:206

Join all the glorious Names IV:124

Joy to the World; the Lord is come II:282; III:301

Let all the heathen Writers join II:320; IV:87

Let Angels above and Saints here below I:329

Let diff’ring Nations join II:172

Let ev’ry mortal Ear attend II:264, 284; III:120

Let horrid Jargon split the Air II:264

Let mortal Tongues attempt to sing I:90; II:62

Let the old Heathens tune their Song IV:64

Let others boast how strong they be III:284

Let Sinners take their Course II:304

Let the shrill Trumpet’s warlike Voice II:286; III:12

Let Tyrants shake their iron Rod I:321; II:72

Let Whig and Tory all subside I:317

Life is the Time to serve the Lord I:170; IV:80

Lift up your Eyes III:177

Lift up your Heads, eternal Gates III:293

Like Sheep we went astray II:306

Lo! he cometh, countless Trumpets IV:214

Look up and see th’unwearied Sun III:232

Lord, hear my Cry, regard my Pray’r I:258

Lord, hear the Voice of my Complaint I:58, 172; II:90

Lord, how secure and blest are they II:292

Lord, in the Morning thou shalt hear II:148

Lord, let thy Servant now depart I:252

Lord of the Worlds above II:168

Lord, what a feeble Piece II:310

Lord, when thou did’st ascend on high II:227

Lord, who’s the happy Man, that may I:322

Loud Hallelujahs to the Lord III:304

Majestic God, our Muse inspire IV:76

Majestic God, when I descry II:178

Majestyck God, when I descry I:154

Man has a Soul of vast Desires III:330, 354

Methinks I see a Heav’nly host II:40; III:138

Methinks I see my Saviour dear II:319; III:317; IV:187

Mercy and Judgment are my Song II:280

Mourn, mourn, Pharaoh and Ahab IV:217

Mourn, mourn, ye Saints as if you see II:298; III:228

My Beloved! hast away II:170

My Flesh shall slumber in the Ground III:62, 333

My Friends, I am going IV:245

My God, how many are my Fears II:290

My God, my gracious God, to Thee I:76

My God, my Life, my Love I:246; II:86, 328; III:67

My God, my Portion, and my Love III:356

My God, what inward grief I feel II:324

My Redeemer, let me be III:170

My Saviour and my King I:217; II:100

My Saviour, my Almighty Friend I:160

My Soul, how lovely is the Place III:348

My Soul, thy great Creator praise II:154

My Thoughts on awful Subjects roll II:152

Naked as from the Earth we came III:282

No more, my God, I boast no more I:156

Not all the Pow’r on Earth II:182

Not to condemn the Sons of Men I:254

Not to our Names, thou only just and true II:111

Now shall my Head be lifted high III:14

Now shall my inward Joys arise I:88; II:46; IV:91

Now to the Lord that makes us know I:274

Now to the Pow’r of God supreme I:177

O all ye Nations, praise the Lord II:334

O all ye People, clap your Hands I:84

O clap your Hands and shout for Joy I:188; III:252

O for a Shout of sacred Joy III:314

O God, my God, I early seek III:352

O God, my Heart is fixed IV:264

O God, thou hast been displeased IV:206

O God, we praise Thee and confess I:234

O! How doth God our Souls surprise III:188

O Lord, I am not proud of Heart I:245

O Lord, our Fathers oft have told IV:251

O Lord, to my Relief draw near I:112

O Love! What a Secret to Mortals thou art III:212

O praise God IV:145

O praise the Lord and thou my Soul I:272

O praise the Lord of Heaven IV:39

O praise the Lord with one Consent I:248; II:200

O praise ye the Lord II:162

O render Thanks to God above I:51

O Thou to whom all Creatures bow IV:157

On Thee, who dwell’st above the Skies I:102

Once more, my Soul, the rising Day IV:98

Our Father, who in Heaven art I:228; III:152, 288, 308

Praise the Lord, O my Soul III:336

Praise the Lord; ’tis good to raise II:326

Rejoice, the Lord is King II:116

Rejoice, ye Righteous, in the Lord III:334

Rejoice, ye shining Worlds on high IV:141

Remember, Lord, our mortal State II:314

Return, O God of Love, return II:312

Salvation! Oh the joyful Sound IV:122

Samuel the Priest gave up the Ghost III:214

Sanctify a fast IV:278

See what a living Stone I:278

Shall the vile Race of Flesh and Blood I:110

Shall we go on to sin I:62, 267; IV:109

Shall Wisdom cry aloud II:272; III:9

Shepherds rejoice, lift up your Eyes I:120; III:312

Shew pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive II:330

Since I have plac’d my Trust in God III:225

Sing Praises to the Lord IV:103

Sing the Triumphs of your conq’ring Head III:198

Sing to the Lord a new made Song IV:96

Sing to the Lord Jehovah’s Name II:94

Sing ye merrily, sing ye merrily II:184

Sleep! downy Sleep! come close my Eyes II:302, 337

Speak, O ye Judges of the Earth I:238

Stoop down, my Thoughts, that use to rise II:57

Sweet is the work, my God, my King III:161

Teach me the Measure of my Days IV:276

Th’eternal speaks III:32

That Man is blest who stands in awe I:268; III:150

The Beauty of Israel is slain III:24

The God of glory sends his Summons forth II:122; III:325

The Heavens declare the Glory of God IV:257

The Heav’ns declare thy Glory, Lord I:42; II:300

The Lord almighty is a God I:174

The Lord descended from above I:191; II:203

The Lord himself, the mighty Lord I:314

The Lord, how wond’rous are his Ways II:288

The Lord is King I:124

The Lord is ris’n indeed III:245

The Lord my Pasture shall prepare IV:74

The States, O Lord, with Songs of Praise II:244

Thee will I laud, my God and King I:167

Thee will I love, O Lord my Strength II:316

There is a Land of pure Delight III:180

They that go down to the Sea III:71

Think, mighty God, on feeble Man II:322

Those glorious Minds, how bright they shine III:220; IV:58

Thou art my blest Portion III:192

Thou, O God, art praised III:17

Thou whom my Soul admires above I:68; II:150; III:278

Though Beauty grace the comely Face III:328

Through all the changing Scenes of Life I:335

Thus far the Lord has led me on II:296

Thus saith the first, the great Command I:72

Thus saith the high and lofty One I:56, 303; III:173

Thus saith the Ruler of the Skies III:82

Thy Mercy, Lord, to me extend I:236

Time! what an empty Vapor ’tis I:284; II:60; IV:191

To bless thy chosen Race I:80, 262; II:64

To God, in whom I trust I:54

To God, the mighty Lord I:182; II:54

To God the Father, God the Son III:109

To God the only Wise I:210, 264

To God with mournful Voice I:206

To Him that chose us first I:286

To spend one sacred Day IV:228

To Thee I made my Cry I:332

To Thee, my God and Saviour, I I:240

To Thee the tuneful Anthem soars I:40

To thine almighty Arm we owe I:288; IV:254

’Twas on that dark, that doleful Night I:64; II:48

Vital Spark of heav’nly Flame III:130

Wake ev’ry Breath, and ev’ry String IL:39

Was not the Day II:231

We are met for a Concert of modern Invention III:97

We celebrate the Praise to Day III:204

We have heard with our Ears IV:127

We love thee, Lord, and we adore II:278

What Beauties divine III:208

What if the Saint must die IV:100

When I my various Blessings see I:330; II:66

When I survey the wond’rous Cross I:230

When I with pleasing Wonder stand II:276; IV:67

When Jesus wept, a falling Tear II:102

When Jesus wept, the falling Tear I:203

When Sion’s God her Sons recall’d III:165

When the fierce North Wind with his airy Forces I:355; II:105

When the Lord turn’d again the Captivity of Zion IV:239

When we, our weary’d Limbs to rest I:276; II:84

Whence do our mournful Tho’ts arise I:96

Where are the Mourners, saith the Lord IV:72

While Shepherds watch’d their Flocks by Night I:92; II:207

With earnest longings of the mind II:258

Who has believed thy Word I:218

Who is this fair One in Distress I:308

Who is this that cometh from Edom III:84

Who shall the Lord’s Elect condemn I:282

Why do we mourn departing Friends III:318

With Glory clad, with strength array’d I:304

With one Consent let all the Earth I:107

Ye boundless Realms of Joy I:60, 212; II:114

Ye Nations round the Earth rejoice III:351

Ye People all, with one Accord III:320

Ye Princes that in Might excell I:48

Ye Saints and Servants of the Lord I:312; II:308

Ye Servants of God II:88; IV:120

Ye slumb’ring Saints, a heav’nly Host IV:55

Ye that delight to serve the Lord I:178; II:75

Ye Tribes of Adam join IV:226