The Religious Society of Friends, Dartmouth Meeting, has diligently documented their religious life for over 250 years. This large body of work might have been lost to history if not for the dedicated group of volunteers who brought these records into the digital age for research and preservation.

The following members of the Project Management Team (in alphabetical order) were responsible for digitizing records, fund raising, process design, developing transcription guidelines, implementation of the project, and quality assurance: Sally M. Aldrich, Robert E. Harding, Richard W. Gifford, Andrea L. Marcovici, Marian J. Ryall, and Daniel H. Socha.

Editors D. Jordan Berson, Steven Fitzroy, Kenneth Howland, Judith Lund, Andrea Marcovici, Tyler Pelletier, Diane Pereira, Barbara Silvia, Rebecca Smith, Susan Socha, and Emma Sylvia were responsible for reviewing and editing the transcriptions as they were received from the vendors Digital Divide Data and GoTranscript. Their work was critical in producing an exact match in order to insure that the transcriptions did not deviate from the handwritten records.

This work could not have happened without the generous donations of our benefactors: Dartmouth Friends of the Elderly, Dartmouth Friends Monthly Meeting – Smiths Neck, Ruth Ekstrom, Marland Family, Christopher McKeon, New England Yearly Meeting – Obadiah Brown Benevolent Fund, Kathy and Don Plant, Stat Southcoast, and Nancy Sutton.

Many guides, facilitators and consultants have aided our efforts along the way. This list will, without doubt, be incomplete, but must include our Colonial Society of Massachusetts, as well as its editor and gracious guide in this publishing project John Tyler. John’s unfailing patience and thoughtful suggestions have facilitated our efforts from start to finish. DHAS board member and former Smith Neck Meeting pastor, the Rev. Pamela Cole and long time DHAS member, Burney Gifford have provided key insights and communications connections within the Quaker network, which have greatly facilitated our work. Likewise, Andy Grannell, former Allen’s Neck Monthly Meeting pastor, now active in Portland, Maine, Quaker circles was instrumental in aiding our navigation of the various organizations of the Society of Friends. Very early in the life of the project a ZOOM meeting with Robert Cox (now deceased) Executive Director of University of Massachusetts Amherst’s, Special Collections & University Archives, which houses many original record books of the monthly meetings that make up the New England Yearly Meeting, was helpful and aided much of our early decision-making.

Also, we are grateful to the many different individuals within the NEYM organization who have answered our questions, helped us with communicating to the wider world of New England Friends and, in general, been totally supportive of our efforts.

Last but not least, to all the Board Members of DHAS and all of our members and friends who have been our constant source of support and encouragement over these long days of work on this substantial project, for all the ways you have contributed to the welfare of our little non-profit and its big ambitions—we are sincerely and deeply appreciative.