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    College Book No. 1.2

    Baccalaureorum Præsentatio.3

    Supplicat Reverentiis vestris A. B. ut quadriennium ab admissione completum quo ordinarias Lectiones4 audiverit unà cum disputationibus declamationi[bus] cæterisque exercitiis per statuta Collegii requisitis, (licet non omnino secundum formam statuti) sufficiat ei ad primum gradum in Artibus suscipiendum.

    Magistrorum præsentatio in Anglia.

    Supplicat reverentijs vestris N. N. ut novem termini completi post finalem eju[s] determinationem, in quibus ordinarias lectiones audiverit (licèt non omnino secundum formam statuti) unà cum omnibus oppositionibus, responsionibus, Declamationibus cæterisque exercitijs p[er] statuta regia requis[iti]s, sufficiant ei ad incipiendum in Artibus.



    An Account6 of the Glasse taken of Christopher Grant of Watter-Towne, March 5 164¾.

    Inprimis, In the Hall & Schoole 112f



    Itē, In the Library 35f



    Itē. In the Kitchen 18f



    The Chamber over ye Schoole



    Item In the Lanthorne 12f



    Itē in the Turret 18f Staire Case 8f



    Alcocks7 Studdy & Stowes 7f–½



    Dns Alins8 Studdy & Welds 7f–½



    Dns Saltonstals9 Studdy 5f–½



    Stowes10 Chamber 6f–0–0–011



    Dns Saltonstalls Chamber 17f



    Dns Bellingams14 Chamber 10f



    Dns Buckleyes15 Chamber 31f



    Winthrops Studdy 1f–0–¼



    Mr Parish16 his Studdy 4f½



    Mr Harris his Chāber 6f017



    Mr President 31f–0–½



    Bradfords Princes Starres18 & Cottons Studdyes 11f



    Hall Studdy 1f–½



    Mending glas at severall times 8f


    ad yt was forgot 25f¾


    370f of glas in all: Summe Total is feet 370–¾


    At 10d ꝑ foot ye Summe Totall in Value is all things accouted




    Whereof discharged by the Countrye 5ƚƚ




    In Glasse & other wayes by19 the Præsident




    Payd by Mr Weld for H. Dunster to Cofer Grant






    Accot of the Colledg Elemosynary Revenew as to the respective donees it hath bin issued so far as hath come to knowledge of L. H. & by his notes to mr D. pr

    Mr Webbs gift.

    Mr Jer: Shephard to ffe


    Nathƚƚ Gookin his successor frō him to ffehrij 13


    Mr Nath. Higinsō to the Com̄encemt 1673


    Nath Gookin abt23 ffebrij 26 had a note for his to Novr 13: 1673.


    The Scholarships

    Sr Thacher to the Com̄encemt 1673



    The ffellowes have had




    Off the Præsidts Salary frō Octor to Decr 10. 1672 paid ꝑ the Treasurer

    Mr Brown



    Mr Richardson


    Mr Oakes


    Mrs Nowell


    By mr Glovers gift 5lb ꝑ annū to ffebrij 9th: 1672 3 years then due




    Mr Brown



    Mr Richardson


    Mrs Nowell


    ffrom the fferry



    Sir Bulkleys Study.25


    ƚƚ s d



    For plankes

    0–16– 0

    This Study let to Sir Ames


    To ye joyner


    December 164526


    For hinges, lock & nayles,




    For Glasse




    For dawbing ye walles



    ƚᵬ s d



    2– 4– 2



    Ye Charges of ye chamber belonging yereto



    ꝑ me Johannem


    Bulkleyū Novem:17.




    The expenses on Thomas Paris his study27



    This study Let to John Beardon ye 29th of ye 8th 164428










    Masons work






    Joyners work






    Table & jim̄ews



    Lock & more gemmows









    The glass



    3–04– 8


    Thomas Parrish


    Sr Brewsters Study.29


    ƚᵬ s d



    ffor 200 foot of pine boards

    0–12– 0

    1645 November: 1. This study let to Abraham Walver.


    ffor 8 dayes worke & an halfe

    0–14– 8



    ffor halfe a dayes worke to ye mason & somewt more

    0– 1– 0



    ffor 3 foot of glasse

    0– 2– 6



    ffor small gimmalls

    0– 0– 7



    ffor greater hinges

    0– 2– 6



    ffor30 nayles, locke & key

    0– 5–1031




    Sum̄a Totalis

    1–19– 1



    ye Charges of ye chamber

    0–13– 4


    2–12– 5


    Sir Downings Study32


    lb s d



    ffor boards 272 ffoote

    0–16– 3–ob. ꝗ]

    Let to Mr Danforth by ye Colledge


    Ten dayes & ½ worke at 22d a day

    0–19– 3



    ffor ye Smithes worke

    0– 6–11



    ffor Glasse

    0– 2– 1



    ffor Nayles, locke & key

    0– 3




    Sum̄a Totalis

    2– 7– 6–ob. ꝗ]



    The charges of ye chamber

    0–13– 4




    Samuell Wintrops study33




    In all Particulars

    2– 0–0

    November ye first34 1645. let to Sr Stow.

    It. ye Chamber






    Mr Richard Harrise Chamber35

    Sieled wth Cedar round about:·


    For ye Chimny half costs wth Tho. Paris wc amounts to


    Boarding round about wth all appurtenances of workm̄āship nailes &c


    Glasse & Casmēts

    0– 6–08

    More July 18. 49. board 107foot–lest36


    More board to John Weld 93f


    Item 100 foot of Wiƚƚm Trench37


    Item 300 8d Nailes


    Glass mending


    Joiners work by sd Weld


    A form & table


    A key 8d & smal nayles 3d





    Sir Brewsters study.38



    For two hundred foote of pine Boards


    For eight dayes worke & an halfe


    For halfe a dayes work to the mason and some what upward


    For three foote of glasse


    For small gimmalls


    For greater hinges


    For Nayles & other appurtenances from the Iron Monger


    For a Locke & key


    Summa Totalis




    The Studies of Hiest East Chamber.


    Sir Bellinghams Study

    This study left by Sr Bellingham wth Sampson Eiton. & after to; Will Stoughton.



    Sir Downings Study.40


    ƚƚ s d

    Boards 272 foote at 6s ye hunderd


    041– – ob. ꝗ

    Tenne dayes ½ worke of a man and halfe at 22 pence a day

    042– –


    s đ

    For the Smithes Worke




    sh. đ

    For Glasse



    Six penny Nayles 200





    For Locke & key



    The Library Chambers Studies.43

    John Brockes Study.44




    300 foot of board

    0–18– 0


    Carpenters worke

    0–19– 4


    Nayles, locke & hinges

    0– 7–11



    0– 1– 2


    ƚƚ s d

    Sum̄a Totalis45


    2– 6–5

    Josiah Winslow his Study46

    All ye Appurtenances of his study

    2–10– 0

    Let to Jonathan Michil April 1646 vetā47

    All ye Appurtenances of Chāber &c

    00–18– 0


    3–08– 0


    John Newton or George Stirk his Study.48

    Board 297½ foot


    Let to George Stirk 1644 wth out charging him wth ye Cabin49

    Nayles & Joynts

    00– 2– 2

    Spring Lock

    00– 3–00


    00– 2–00


    To ye Joyner in all



    for Masons work

    00– 3– 6


    02–04– 5


    Cabin wth sir Allins for wc ye Coll: payd Mr Allin



    John Allin his Studdy50




    Boards 226 foot

    00–13– 6–2

    Let to Nath. Whyte 1644.51

    Nayles & Joynts

    00– 5– 8–2



    00– 1– 3–0


    A Lock

    00– 2– 6–052


    Carpenters Work:

    1– 1– 3–253


    Masons Work

    00– 3– 0–0


    2– 7–03–2


    Item for a ꝑt of a Cambin belonging to the same Study



    Itē in one 8th Share of ye Chamber



    3– 6– 5–3



    March 1. 1659.54

    Concluded by the Corporation first that old Mary bee yet connived at to bee in the Colledge wth a charge to take heed to doe her worke undertakē & to give content to the Colledge & students

    Concluded by the Corporation: that the stranger motioned by Mr Norton is is not thought fit for the discharge of the butlers place, in regard that so many schollars stand in need of such an helpe.


    The Hiest West Chamber.55

    A note of the Expences of John Weld about his study & bed.


    ƚ s d


    For 200 inch56 of boards

    0–16–0– ob.


    For ye workmanship

    1– 2–0–57


    For halfe inch boards

    0– 2–0–


    For nayles

    0– 4–6– ob.


    For hinges

    0– 3–9–


    For glasse

    0– 0–4–


    For a lock

    0– 2–0–


    For dawbing ye sides

    0– 4–6–


    ƚƚ s d



    2–15–1– ob–

    Expences for Sr Alcocks Study58


    ƚ s d


    ffor Boards to Goodm. Stow



    ffor John Tailours worke



    ffor a locke



    200 of 8d nailes



    100 of 4d nailes



    50 6d nailes



    for Hinges



    for window-hookes



    for Glasse



    for halfe a dayes worke more



    for plaistring ye Study





    ffor Sr Alcocks Bed roome60 wch was to him alone


    ƚ s d


    4 dayes worke of J. Tailour









    2 paire of Hinges






    Masons worke





    ffor ye whiteing, lathing, Doore-boards

    & workmanship of ye chamber

    three bushels of Mault to Richard

    ye Mason61

    The income of Sr Alcockes Study & Bed-roome for one only to have, abating for repaire of ye chamber ye mault is

    ƚ s d




    Samuel Stow his studyes account & bed together63


    ƚƚ s d



    for board 231 foot




    15 foote more

    00– 1–0



    for worke

    01– 1–3



    for Locks, boult & hinges

    00– 4–3



    for glasse

    00– 1–6



    for Nayles

    0– 2–2


    The midle west Chamber64


    ƚƚ s d



    2– 5–2

    Sr Saltonstalls study.65

    ƚƚ s d



    227 foot of board


    Let to Sr Alcock.


    for Joyners worke

    0–19– 3



    for Table plancks

    0– 1– 0



    for hinges, locke, & Nailes

    0– 8– 0



    for glasse

    0– 1– 4



    Greene say & Nailes

    0– 2– 0



    2– 6– 5


    ƚƚ s d




    0– 3–0







    Joyners worke

    0– 6–0



    ffor ye hearth

    0– 1–0


    ƚƚ s d



    1– 2–0


    Totall of both67

    3– 8–5




    John Brockes Studyes Account.69


    ƚƚ s d


    300 foot of board

    0–18– 0


    for Carpenters worke

    0–19– 4


    for Nayles

    0– 1–11


    for lock & hinges

    0– 6– 0


    for glasse

    0– 1– 2

    Item for ꝑt of ye table, & Cabin

    0– 3– 7


    ƚƚ s d


    2–10– 071



    Bradfords Study.73


    ƚƚ s d


    for board

    0–13– 9– ꝗ


    For worke

    0–17–10– ob.


    for Nayles

    0– 2– 5– ꝗ


    for Gim̄ews

    0– 3– 6–


    ƚƚ s d




    the right to a Cabin in ye great chāber




    Starr his Study.76


    s d


    For board

    13– 9


    for worke



    for Nayles lock & hinges

    8– 5


    ƚƚ s d



    2– 0– 0

    Augst 22d 167378

    A Corporation meeting being before warned only Mr Oakes79 Mr Richards and L H prsent nothing done because no more present only agreed another shoul[d] be warned agt Augst 26. 1673.

    Aug 26 1673

    Another meeting of Mr Oakes Shephard Richard[s] & L H (mr Brown prst but sd he had yesterday layd down his place as he solemnly & freely did t[o] L H) but voted they would doe nothing untill yt Mr Richardson was present who was now a journey to Conecticut.80

    At a Corporation Meeting at Cambridge 27. 10o. 75.81


    • mr President
    • mr
    • Shephard
    • Gookins
    • Richards82

    Mr Daniel Russel chosen to be fellow & to be presented to the Overseers for See P. 5483



    Prince his Study.85


    ƚƚ s d


    For board

    0–13– 9–


    for worke

    0–17–10– ob


    for Nayles

    0– 2– 5– ꝗ


    for gim̄ews

    0– 3– 6–0


    ƚƚ s d ꝗ



    1–17– 6–386

    The studdies in Harvard College with their Incom̄s & quarterly Rents87

      Incom̄e Qters rent
      li s d s


    Imprimis The Senior fellow’s studdy in ye great chamber

    05 –00–00–0

    00 – 2–06




    in ye corner west off ye buttery Incom̄ 488–0–0 Quart

    0489–00– 0–0

    00 –9002–00–0


    His sizers studdy over ye porch off that Chamber

    01 –10– 0–0

    00 –00–09–0


    In The lower East chamber ye studdy by ye Haƚƚ

    03 –00– 0–0

    00 –01–06–0


    The middle studdy next therto

    03 –00– 0–0

    00 –01–06–0


    The norther-most studdy in ye same row

    03 –00– 0–0

    00 –01–06–0


    The corner studdy over against it

    03 –00– 0–0

    00 –01–06–0


    The low Chamber westward off this betwix it, & ye Turret

    03 –10– 0–0

    00 –01–09–0


    The studdy with ye fire in it over this little chamber

    03 –04– 8–0

    00 –01–08–0


    The little studdy next to it East-ward

    01 –00–00–0

    00 –00–06–0


    In ye East middle-chamber ye Souther-most studdy

    02 –17–06–0

    00 –01–06–0


    The middle study

    02 –12–05–0

    00 –01–04–0


    The Norther-most study in ye same row

    03 –00–10–0

    00 –01–06–0


    The corner study over against it

    02 –13–04–0

    00 –01–04–0


    In ye highest East Chamber, ye Southermost study

    03 –00–00–0



    The middlemost study

    02 –10–00–0

    00 –01–03–0


    The norther-most study

    02 –10– 0–0

    00 –01–03–0


    In ye turret, ye South-East study

    02 –00– 0–0



    The North-East studdy

    02 –00– 0–0



    The North-west study

    02 –00– 0–0



    The South-west study

    02 –00– 0–0

    00 –01–00–0


    In ye Great Chamber next ye library, the East study next ye Library

    02 –10– 0–0



    The west study in the Corner


    00 –01–09–0


    The west study wth ye fire


    00 –01–08–0


    The middle west study

    02 –13–09–0

    00 –01–04–0


    In ye middle chamber over ye kitchins The souther-most study

    02 –10–00–0

    00 –01–03–0


    The middle study

    03 –08–05–0

    00 –01–09–0


    The norther-most study

    02 –10–00–0

    00 –01–03–0


    The corner study over agst it

    02 –10–00–0

    00 –01–03–0


    The study in ye chamber East off this over ye Larder

    02 –10–00–0

    00 –01–03–0


    In ye highest Chamber over ye kitchin ye study wth ye fire


    00 –01–08–0


    The middlemost study

    03 –01–03–0



    The corner study next to it

    02 –10–00–0

    00 –01–03–0


    The lowest study in the turret


    00 –01–06–0


    94 –11 – 8




    At the meeting of the Governours of Harvard Colledge, held in the Colledge-Hall this 27 of 10th—1643.103

    It is ordered that,

    1. The Accounts of Mr Harvards Gift are to be finished, & Mr Pelhā, Mr Nowell, Mr Hibbons,104 Mr Sym̄s, Mr Wilson are chosen to105 finish it, yt an acquittance may be given Mr Allin. And its agreed yt if they find things cleare in the fullfilling the will of the dead they are to desire the Governour of ye Colledge his hand to it as a full determination & acquittance.

    2. Mr Pelhā is elected Treasurer of the Colledge by the joynt vote of the Governours of the Colledge.

    3. It is ordered that there shall be a Colledge seale in forme following106

    4. A coppy of Mr Adams & Mr Coalsons letter to Mr Eaton

    Mr Eaton,

    After or love remembred to you whereas we understood by your former letter that the monny wch was appoynted heretofore for publique uses was not all yet disposed of, we therefore for our parts, desire that wt is yet remayning, may be expended wholly about the building of the New Colledge at Cambridge, in N. England, wch we understand is now erecting. So we rest your loveing ffriends

    Thomas Adams

    Christopher Coalson

    26 March 1640.

    This money was wholy put into the hands of my brother Nath:

    Eaton Aug. 9. 1647.107

    P. Theoph: Eaton.108

    Governors’ Meeting of December 27, 1643

    College Book I

    Engraved for The Colonial Society of Massachusetts

    5. ffor the 10ƚƚ ꝑ Annū in respect of the Lady Moulsons gift of 100ƚƚ, its deferred for 2 Reasons. first because we have not the monny. And 2dly we cannot give any thing out of Country Treasury, till a Generall Court. had we the monny in hand we would prsently effect it.

    6. It is ordered that 2 Batchelours shall be chosen for the prsent helpe of the prsident, to read to the Junior pupills as the prsident shall see fitt, & be allowed out of the Colleadge Treasury 4ƚƚ ꝑ Annū to each of the[m] for their paines.

    Sr Bulkly, & Sr Downing are appoynted for that service to continue for this yeare.



    Mr Samuel. Sheppards. Account.

    1639 Received Inprimis Cambr rate


    of ye ferry


    of Mr Sparrawk & Mr Gourdon111


    Mr Wilowby


    1641 Mr Angier Corne at 4s bushell


    1639 Watertown rate


    Mr Norton


    In clapboards


    In work of Jo. Friend


    Of Mr Nowell


    Of Mr Peeters & Mr Weld




    Mr Allen payd by Mr Sedgw ye ꝑƚrs can̄ot bee ꝑduced




    Disbursed for ye Coƚƚ as follows.

    Mony disburst by Mr Eaton 12–10–0


    And to Finch Eliot & winters, & Symonds ye carpēter & goodman Harding as appears


    2 For work & materialls for ye Coƚƚ all I r̄ēc̄: of ye ferry


    3 Mr Sparrawk to ye wrkmen as appears


    Mr Willowby payd ye wrkmen in cōm̄odities as appeares


    4 Lost by paying out ye Corne rec̄. At 4s ye busħ & payd out at two shillings eight pence little at 3s and some at 2s–6d In ye whole my ould account is but lost 09–8–9113 I doubt it was more & payd


    5 Payd for Carting & other businesses & materialls for ye Coƚƚ: as appears in ꝑƚrs


    6 Payd for John friend by Mr Norton 3ƚi–10–0 to other workmen 3ƚi–12–8– in all


    Mr Nowell payd for lime


    Mr Dunster discoūted wth Joh. Friend




    payd Cap: Gibbons


    Mr storer for John friend


    To Mr Ford for Jo: Friend


    To Thomas ye smith


    To Nash for Meat to ye workm̄ē




    Mr Russell for John Friend


    For Rich ye Plaisterrer


    For ye Com̄ōdities ye wrkmen had of him


    To steeven for clensing ye house


    To Mr Sparawk


    To Brickmakers


    To Goodman Goff


    To Goodman Grean114 for hair


    To Joh. Stedman


    To Mr Eldred for shooes115






    Due to Him by this account 14–11–8116

    Received a goat 30s– of ꝑte of Watertown rate wc died) writ on ye other syd of ye sayd paꝑ as follows.

    Payd Mr Weld for Rich Harrington a Plaisterer


    Payd him in Corne


    Putt off watertown rate lost


    In Another collum thus. A horse & charges to lin


    To salem twice


    At Boston & charlestown



    [     ] in the [     ] in Mr [     ]ouse, [     ]y were [     ] the Præsident & ffellowes.

    Mr Bennets study,

    6s 6d a quarter.

    Graves119 his chamber & study

    Mr Oakes120 & his brother chamber & studyes

    Mr whiting & Mr Hookers121 chamber & studyes, valued at

    Mr Shepheards122 chamber studies

    5s by the quarter.

    The great Chamber studyes in Mr Goffes house

    The lowest Chamber studyes on the East ꝑt of the old house

    The two fire studyes in ye old house valued alike at

    The kitchin Chamber studies

    4s by the quarter.

    The long chamber studyes, except the fire study, wth ye study at ye staires of ye foote of the Turret.

    The chamber & study over Mr Oakes chamber in Mr Goffes house,

    The least study a loft in yt wch was the schoolehouse valued at

    The Turret studyes

    2s 6d by the quar.

    The lowest chamber studyes west wthin Mr Goffes house,

    The Garret studyes in Mr Goffes house.

    The two lesser studyes over Mr Shepheards chamber in the old Colledge

    The two highest studyes in the chamber over the kitchin valued at123



    The Magistrates of the Colony of Plimouth 1672125

    Mr Tho Prince at


    John Alden at


    Thos Hinkly






    Constant Southworth treasr


    [     ] o Winslow


    Bacon in


    Townes of sd Colony The Ministers 1672.























    Benefactors to the first ffont of Letters for printing in Cambridge.

    Their names collected ꝑ L H 1674.

    • Major
    • Thomas Clark.
    • Capt.
    • James Oliver.
    • Capt
    • Allen.
    • Capt
    • Lake.
    • Mr
    • Stoddard.
    • ffreake.
    • Hues.


    Mr Ting ye Treasurer for ye Country given in ye following accoūt126

    Month 3d 16 day


    The Country debtor to ye Coƚƚ. for Mr Harvards estate lent to it:


    Item for insufficient pay made to Mr Sam: Shepheard wc hee abates ye Coƚƚedge


    Itē. for wt ever is due to ye Coƚƚ. of yt wc was sent by Mr Weld & Mr Peeter


    Itē by ye Countries gift by court act held at Boston. 8th of ye 7. 1636.127 See register. pag. 131128


    The country hath payd ye Coƚƚedge as followeth.


    To Mr Eaton & Mr Sam. Shepheard by Mr Bellinghā treasurer.


    of Cambr. rate



    To Mr S: Shep: of watertown rate



    To Mr Shepheard frō Edmund Angier of Cambr. Rate




    M̄randū. yt of this 90ƚƚ 12–00 Mr Sam. Sh: abates ye Coƚƚ: 11ƚƚ–08–9. for insufficiency of pay so yt ye Coƚƚ: hath but received by his accoūt frō ye Country 79–3–3.



    Henry Dunster received 9ƚƚ of wc 12s–6d for printing ye laws. for ye Colledge received



    Item of Cambr: rate first and last H. Dunster received



    Itē of yt wc was sent from England by Mr Weld & Mr Peter H. D. received frō Mr Sedgewick 40ƚƚ frō Mr Stoughton 16ƚƚ from ym both of this



    Item ye Country hath payd to Mr Allin of Hingham for 4000 of Boards




    v. p. 42, 43, 4132

    Decemb. 10th 1646.133

    I wholy & fully resigne, grant, sell & make over all that farme of 600. Acres given mee by ye Generall Court lying neere134 Andevir by Merimacke, to ye Colledge at Cambridge for ever,

    By mee Natħ. Ward.

    Acknowledged the day

    & yeare above said before mee

    John Winthrop Goverr

    Recorded ye 22(2) 1647. by William Aspinall, V: Recorder.


    A Copy of Mr Israel Stoughtons Legacy to Harvard Colledge135

    Hereby I doe further give as followeth, Unto Harvard Colledge in Cambridge, I doe give Two hundred acres of Land out of my purchased Lands on the Northeast Side of Naponset, about Mother Brookes that is on the utmost bounds of my ffarm next to Dorchester Town all my grants & purchases on that side being laid together to my ffarme, as the Town hath alwayes ꝑmised mee. So some meadow and some upland about Mother Brookes. may in time be something worth towards the advance of Learning, & one hundred acres more I give to the same use out of my dues on the Blew Hill side ꝑvided the Towne will allow it to lye in due opposition to the former Two hundred. that the River onely may ꝑt them; that is three hundred acres to the use aforesaid, to remayne to the Colledge use forever. The Court to choose one man, and my executors another and they Two a third to lay this out so as it may be most Equal for the good of the Colledg & wth least prejudice to my other Land

    by: William Aspinall Recorder.



    Per integrum Biennium, quo apud Nos pupillari statu commoratus est A. B. Collegij Harvardini Cantabrigiæ in Nov-Angliâ138 Alumnus, Publicas Lectiones, tam Philologicas, quàm Philosophicas audivit; nec non Declamationibus, Disputationibus, cæterisque Exercitijs, pro sui temporis ratione adeo incubuit, ut Nobis certam spem fecerit, ilium suis coætaneis, etiam in alijs Collegijs (si admissus fuerit) non disparem fore. Quaproptèr hoc de illo Testimonium omnibus quorum interesse possit perhibemus Nos quorum Nomina subscripta sunt.


    Per integrum illud tempus, quo apud Nos commoratus est C. D. Collegij Harvardini Cantabrigiae in Novâ-Anglia Alumnus, et in Artibus Liberalibus Baccalaureus, bonarum Literarum studijs vitæ probitatem adjunxit; adèo ut Nobis spem amplam fecerit se in Ecclesiæ, & Reipublicæ commodum victurum. Quaproptèr hoc de illo Testimonium omnibus quorum interesse possit perhibemus Nos quorum Nomina subscripta sunt.


    Per integrum illud Tempus, quo apud Nos commoratus est E. ff. Collegij Harvardini Cantabrigiæ in Novâ-Angliâ Alumnus, & in Artibus liberalibus Magister, bonarum Literarum studijs sedulô incubuit; sinceram veræ fidei professionem inculpatis suæ vitæ moribus exornavit; adèo ut Nobis certam, et amplam spem fecerit se in Ecclesiæ, & Reipublicæ commodum victurum. Quaproptèr hoc de illo Testimonium omnibus quorum interesse possit perhibemus Nos, quorum Nomina subscripta sunt.




    Jan.140 13th 164 6/7 Wheras Major Robert Sedgewick hath given to ye Coƚƚedge for Ever a shop in Boston standing by ye great ordinary in the now possession of Richard Taylor tenant for fifteen years frō ye 26t of March 1646. & five years mor[e] added by Henry Dunster prsident of Harvard Coƚƚedge if ye Sayd Richard shal so long liue These prsents witness yt ye sd Richard accordeth to give ten shillings ye year at two equall payments one on ye 25th of march or wthin ten dayes therof the other on ye 13th of september or wthin ten dayes therof & yt hee ye sd Rich. will leaue in good & sufficient repair ye sd house wth wt soever aᵭᵭons hee shal make therto at ye end of his terme unto Harvard Coƚƚ. ye prsident & fellowes therof witness his hand herto subscribed ye day & year aboue sayd.

    Richard Taylor.141



    the Lawes143 Liberties & orders of Harvard Colledge144 confirmed by the Overseers &145 president of ye Colledge in the Yeares 1642, 1643, 1644, 1645, & 1646. and published to ye Scholars for ye perpetuall preservation of their welfare & government

    See B. p. 3 19.146

    See ye same B. 3. p. 19 &c147

    1. When any Schollar is able to Read Tully or such like classicall Latine Authour ex tempore, & make and speake true Latin in verse and prose suo (ut aiunt) Marte, and decline perfectly the paradigmes of Nounes and verbes in ye Greeke toungue, then may hee bee admitted into ye Colledge, nor shall any claime admission before such qualifications.

    2. Every one shall consider the mayne End of his life & studyes, to know God & Jesus Christ which is Eternall life Joh. 17. 3.

    3. Seeing, ye Lord giveth wisdome, every one shall seriously by prayer in secret, seeke wisdome of him. prov. 2. 2, 3 &c.

    4. Every one shall so exercise himselfe in reading ye Scriptures twice a day that they bee ready to give an account of their proficiency theerein,148 both in theoreticall observations of Language & Logicke, and in practicall & spirituall truthes as their tutour shall require according to their severall abilities respectively, seeing the Entrance of ye word giveth light &c psal. 119. 130.

    5. In the publike Church149 assembly they shall carefully shunne all gestures that shew any contēpt or150 neglect of Gods ordinances and bee ready to151 give an account to their tutours of their profiting and to use ye helpes of Storing themselves with knowledge, as their tutours shall direct them. & all Sophisters & Bachellors (until themselves make common place shall publiquely repeate Sermons in ye Hall whenever they are called forth152

    6. they shall eschew all prophanation of Gods holy name, attributes, word, ordinances, and times of worship, and study with Reverence & love carefully to reteine God &153 his truth in their minds.

    7. they shall honour as their parents, Magistrates, Elders, tutours & aged persons, by beeing silent in their presence (except they bee called on to answer) not gainesaying, shewing all those laudable expressions of honour & Reverence in their presence, that are in use as bowing before them154 standing uncovered or ye like.

    8. they shall bee slow to speake, & eschew not onely oathes, Lies, & uncertain Rumours, but likewise all Idle, foolish, bitter scoffing, frothy wanton words & offensive gestures.

    9. None shall pragmatically intrude or intermeddle in other mens affaires.

    10. During their Residence, they shall studiously redeeme their time, observe ye generall houres appointed for all ye Scholars, & ye speciall hour for their owne Lecture, & then diligently attend ye Lectures155 without any disturbance by word or gesture: And if of any thing they doubt they shall inquire as156 of their fellowes so157 in case of non-resolution modestly of their tutours.

    11. None shall under any pretence whatsoever frequent the company & society of such men as lead an ungirt & dissolute life.

    Neither shall any without licence of ye overseers of ye Colledge bee of the Artillery or traine-Band.

    Nor shall any without ye Licence of ye Overseers of ye Colledge, his tutours leave, or in his absence ye call of parents or Guardians goe out to another towne.

    12. No Scholar shall buy sell or exchange any thing to ye value of sixe-pence without ye allowance of his parents, guardians, or tutours. And whosoever is found to have sold or bought any such thing without acquainting their tutour or parents, shall forfeit ye value of ye Commodity, besides or158 ye Restoring of it, according to ye discretion of ye president

    13. the Scholars shall never use their Mother-toungue except tha[t] in publike Exercises of oratory or such like, they bee called to make them in English

    14. If any Scholar beeing in health shall bee absent from prayer or Lectures, except in case of urgent necessity or by ye Leave of his tutour, hee shall bee liable to admonition (or such punishment as the president shall thinke meet) if hee offend above once a weeke.

    15. Every Scholar shall bee called by his Sirname onely till hee bee invested with his first degree; except hee bee fellow-commoner or159 a Knights Eldest Sonne or of superiour Nobility.

    16. No Scholars160 shall under any pretence of recreation or other cause what-ever (unlesse foreshewed & allowed by ye president or his tutour) bee absent from his studyes or appointed exercises above an houre at Morning-Bever, halfe an houre at afternoone-Bever; an houre and an halfe a at Dinner & so long at Supper.

    17. If any Scholar shall transgresse any of ye Lawes of God or the House out of perversnesse or apparant negligence, after twice admonition hee shall bee liable iff if not adultus to correction, if Adultus his name shall bee given up to ye Overseers of ye Colledg[e] that he may be publikely dealt with a after ye desert of his [fau]lt but in [gros]ser offences such graduall proceeding shall not bee ex[pected].


    18. Every Scholar that on proofe is found able to read ye originall of ye old & New testament into ye Latin toungue, and to Resolve them Logically withall beeing of honest life & conversation and at any publike act hath ye approbation of ye overseers, & Master of ye Colledge may bee invested with his first degree.

    19. Every Scholar that giveth up in writing a Synopsis or summa of Logicke, Naturall & morall Philosophy, Arithmeticke, Geometry; & Astronomy, & is ready to defend his theses or positions, withall Skilled in ye originals as aforesaid & still continues honest and studious, at any publike act after triall hee shall bee capable of ye 2d degree of Master of Arts.

    Orders agreed upon by ye Overseers at a meeting in Harvard Colledge, May: 6th: 1650161

    No Schollar whatever wthout ye fore acquaintance & leave of ye President & his Tutor, or in ye absence of either of them two of ye Senior ffellowes shal bee present at or in any of ye Publike Civil meetings or Concourse of people as Courts of justice, elections, fayres, or162 at military exercise in ye time or howers of ye Colledge exercise Publike or private neither shal any schollar exercise himself in any Military band, unlesse of knowne gravity & of approoved, sober & vertuous conversation & yt wth leave of ye President & his Tutor.

    No schollar shall take Tobacco unlesse permitted by ye President wth ye Consent of their parents or guardians, & on good reason first given by a Physitian & then in a sober & private manner.

    To ye Intent yt no schollar may mispend his time, to ye dishonour of God & the society or ye greif & disappointment of his freinds, but yt that ye yearly progresse & sufficiency of Scollars may bee manifest: Its therefore order’d: that hence forth there shall bee three weeks of visitation yearly foresignifyed publikely by ye Præsident of ye Colledge between ye tenth of June & the Commencement wherein from 9 of ye Clock to 11 in ye forenoone & from one to 3 in the afternoon of ye second & third day of ye week all163 scholars [t]wo years standing & upward shall164 sit in ye Hall to bee examined by all Commers in ye Latine, Greek & Hebrew tongues & in Rhetoricke, Logike & Physicks. & they that th expect to proceed Batchelours that year to bee examined of their sufficiency according to ye Lawes of ye Colledge. & such that expect to proceed masters of Art to exhibit their Synopses165 of Arts required by ye Lawes of ye Colledge. & in Case any of ye Sophisters Questionists or Inceptors faill166 in ye premises required at their hands according to their standings respectively or bee found insufficient for yeir time & standing in ye Judgment of any three of the visitors being overseers of ye Colledge they shall bee deferred to ye following Year but they that are approoved sufficient for their degrees shall proceed; & ye Sophisters publickly approoved shall have their names publikely set up in ye Hall

    Whereas167 by experience wee have found it prejudicial to the ꝑmoting of Learning & good manners in the Colledge to admit such yong Schollars who have been negligent in their studyes & disobedient to their masters in the Schools & so by an evill custome or habit become utterly unfit to improove for their owne ꝑfit according to their freinds expectation the liberty of students in the Colledge: It is therefore ordered by the President & ffellows of Harvard Colledge that no Schollar whatsoever where these bee published shall thenceforth bee admitted from any such Schools unlesse having the Testimony of the Master of the said School of his obedience & submission to all Godly School-discipline & of his studiousnes & diligence at leastwise for one quarter of a year last before his comeing thence, or in case of discontinuance from School then it is expected hee shall bring the testimony of his sober & studious conversation under the hand of a Magistrate, or Elder or two or three competent pious witnesses


    Statuta, Leges, Privilegia & ordinations per Inspectores & Præsidem Collegij Harvardini constitutæ An. Chr. 1642, 1643, 1644, 1645, 1646 et promulgatæ ad Scholarium Salutem & disciplinam perpetuò conservandam.168

    1. Cuicunque fuerit peritia legendi Ciceronem aut quemvis alium ejusmodi classicum authorem ex tempore, & congruè loquendi ac scribendi Latinè facultas oratione tam solutâ quàm ligatâ, suo, ut aiunt, Marte, & ad unguem inflectendi Græcorum nominum verborumque paradigmata; Hic admissionem in Collegium jure potest expectare. Quicunque verò destitutus fuerit hac peritiâ Admissionem sibi neutiquam vendicet.

    2. Considerato unusquisque ultimum finem vitæ ac Studiorum, cognitionem nimirum Dei et Jesu Christi, quæ: est vita æterna. Joh. 17. 3.

    3. Cum Deus Sapientisæ sit largitor, privatis precibus Sapientiam ab eo singuli ardentèr petunto. Prov. 2. 2, 3 &c

    4. In Sacris Scripturis legendis bis quotidie unusquisque se exerceto; quo paratus ac peritus sit rationem reddendi suorum profectuum tam in theoreticis philologicis observationibus, quam in spiritualibus practicis documentis quemadmodum tutores requirent pro suo cujusque captu, quum, Aditus verbi illuminat psal. 119. 130.

    5. In publico Sanctorum Cœtu omnes gestus qui Contemptum aut Neglectum præ se ferunt Sacrarum Institutionum studiosè cavento; atque ad Rationem tutoribus reddendam quid profecerint parati sunto; omnibusque legitimis sibi scientiam reponendi medijs utuntor, prout à suo quisque tutore institutus fuerit.

    6. Omnem profanationem Sacrosancti Dei Nominis, Attributorum, Verbi, Institutionum ac temporum Cultus evitanto; Deum autem & ejus veritatem in notitiâ retinere summâ cum Reverentiâ & timore student[o.]

    7. Honore prosequuntor ut parentes ita magistratus, presbyteros, tutor[es] suosque omnes seniores prout Ratio postulat; coram illis tacentes nisi interrogati, nec quicquam contradicentes, eis exhibentes honoris et reverentiæ indicia quæcunque laudabili usu recepta sunt, in curvato nimirum corpore salutantes, aperto capite169 adstantes &c.

    8. Ad Loquendum tardi sunto; Evitent170 non solum juramenta, mendacia, & incertos Rumores, sed et stultiloquium, scurrilitatem futilitatem, lasciviam, omnesque gestus molestos

    9. Nequis Se intrudat vel Rebus alienis immisceat.

    10. Dum hîc egerint tempus studiosè redimunto; tam Communes omni[um] Scholarium horas quam suis prælectionibus destinatas, observando: prælectionibus autem diligenter attendunto nec voce nec gestu molesti. Siquid dubitent sodales suos, aut (nondum exempto scrupulo) tutores modeste consulunto.

    11. Nequis sub quovis prætextu hominum quorum perditi sunt ac discincti more[s,] consuetudine seu familiaritate utitor.

    Neque licebit ulli, nisi potestate171 ab Inspectoribus Collegij factâ, bellicis lustrationibus interesse.

    Nemo in pupillari statu degens nisi concessâ priùs à tutore veniâ e[x] oppido exeat; nec quisquam cujuscunque gradus aut ordinis fuerit forum frequentet, vel diutius in aliquâ oppidi plateâ moretur aut tabern[as] cauponas vel diversoria ad comessandum aut bibendum accedat, nisi ad parentes, curatores, nutricios vel hujusmodi accersitus fuerit.

    12. Nullus Scholaris quicquam quod Sex denarios valeat nullo parentum Curatorum, aut tutorum approbante emito vendito aut commutato. Qu[i] autem secus fecerit à Præside pro delicti ratione multabitur.

    13. Scholares vernaculâ linguâ intra Collegij limites nullo prætextu ut[un]tor, nisi ad orationem ad aut aliud aliquod exercitium publicum a[ng]licè habendum evocati fuerint.

    14. Siquis Scholarium à precibus aut prælectionibus abfuerit nisi necessitate coactus aut tutoris nactus veniam, admonitioni aut aliusmodi pro præsidis prudentia pœnæ, si plus quam semel in Hebdomade peccaveri[t] erit obnoxius.

    15. Scholarium quisque donec primo gradu ornetur, ni sit commensalis, aut172 Nobilis alicuju[s] filius, aut militis primogenitus, suo tantum cognomine vocator.

    16. Nullus Scholaris quâvis de Causâ (nisi præmonstratâ & approbatâ præsid[i] vel tutori suo) à suis studijs statisve exercitijs abesto, exceptâ Horâ Jentaculo, Semihorâ Merendæ, prandio verò sesquihorâ pariter & Cœ[] concessâ.

    17. Siquis Scholarium ullam Dei et hujus Collegij Legem sive animo pe[r]verso, seu ex supinâ negligentiâ violârit, postquam fuerit bis admonit[us] si non adultus virgis coerceatur, sin adultus ad Inspectores Collegij deferendus erit ut publicè in eum pro meritis animadversio fiat; in atrocioribus autem delictis ut adeò gradatim procedatur nemo expectet, nec ut admonitio iterata super eâdem lege necessario fiat.


    18. Quicunque Scholaris, probatione habitâ poterit Sacras utriusque Instrumenti Scripturas de textu originali latinè interpretari & Logicè resolvere, fueritque naturalis & moralis philosophiæ principijs imbutus,173 vitâque ac moribus inculpatus, & publicis quibusvis Comitijs ab Inspectoribus & præside Collegij approbatus, primo suo gradu possit ornari.

    19. Quicunque Scholaris174 scriptam Synopsin vel Compendium Logicæ, Naturalis ac moralis philosophiæ, Arithmeticæ, Geometriæ, & Astronomicæ exhibuerit, fueritque ad theses suas defendendas paratus, nec non originalium ut suprà dictum est Linguarum peritus, quem etiamnum morum integritas ac Studiorum Diligentia cohonestaverint, publicis quibusvis Comitijs probatione factâ, secundi gradus Magisterij nimirum capax erit.



    Certain Orders by the Schollars & officers of the Colledge to bee observed. written 28 March 1650

    The Steward receiving a just & clear account of the Visible stock or Treasury of the Colledge as it is a society either in Visible ꝑvisions or in debts acknowledged or prooved due by the members of the Society shall be bound wth sufficient security quarterly to give an account thereof wthin ten dayes to the Præsident when hee shall require it, together wth the just & necessary disbursements, wch by the Præsidents allowance have been issued out (for necessary ꝑvisions) to the Steward himselfe, Butler, Cook, or any other officers of the house, as also to & for the necessary provisions of fuell, reparations of outworn utensils &c, towards all wch Charges, the steward is to see (besides the stock maintayned) that one third ꝑt bee reserved of all payments to him by the members of the house quarterly made, & the other two parts in sutable ꝑvisions to the Schollars to bee returned as the season & state of the year doth require, & answerably hereto shall deliver in such provisions to the Cook & Butler, or Brewer & Baker, & of them require weekly & Quarterly accounts:

    fforasmuch as the students whose freinds are most careful to discharge their due expences, have sundry times sorely & unjustly suffered by such as neglect to pay their debts; therefore the steward shal not ꝑmit but upon his owne peril, any students to bee above Two pounds indebted, but acquainting the Præsident, wth his leave send them to their freinds, if not above a dayes journey distant If otherwise then shall the steward at the Admission of such Schollars, enforme himself from whom hee shall bee supplied or to whom they shal have recourse in the aforesaid Case of Debt; Neither is the Steward at any time to take any pay that is uselesse, hazardful, or importing detriment to the Colledge, as lean Cattle to feed turning over of Bills to shops &c but at his owne discretion & perill

    Whereas yongue Schollars to the dishonor of God hinderance of their studies & damage of their freinds estate, inconsiderately & intemperately are ready to abuse their liberty of Sizing, besides their Commons; therefore

    The Steward shal in no Case ꝑmit any Students whatever under the degree of Masters of Art, or ffellows to expend or bee provided for themselves or any Townsmen any extraordinary Commons unlesse by the Allowance of the Præident or Two of the fellows whereof their Tutor alwayes to bee one, or in Case of manifest sicknesse præsignifyed also unto the præsident or in case of a licence of Course granted by the Præsident to some persons, whose condition hee seeth justly requiring it

    The Butler & Cook are to look177 unto & in Case detriment befal fully to bee accountable for all the Colledges vessels & utensils great & smal delivered by Inventory unto them & once every Quarter to deliver in unto the Præsident in writing an Inventory thereof, particularly shewing what detriment is befallen the Colledge, in what particular & by what means, whether by wearth in their just usage (wch the Steward is to repair by the Colledge charges) or by any abuse of any person or persons whatever, from whom the Præsident shall see that the Butler & Cook shall have just & full recompence if they bee members of the Society but if Detriment come by any out of the Society then those officers themselves shall bee responsible to the house; because they may not but at their peril communicate any thing that is the Colledges to any wth out

    Item they are to see that the said utensils to their several offices belonging from day to day bee kept clean & sweet & fit for use & they shall at meal times deliver them out as the Publike service of the Hall requireth to the servitor or servitors who shall bee responsible for them until that they return them after meales to the Butteryes or178 Kitchin; but they are not bound to keep or dense any ꝑticular Scholar’s Spoones Cups or such like, but at their owne discretion, at a


    And if any Schollar or Schollars at any time take away or detain any vessel of the Colledges great or smal from the Hal out of the doores from the sight of the Buttery hatch wthout the Butler’s or Servitors knowledge or against their will hee or they shall bee punished threepence but more at the Præsidents discretion if perversnes appear. But if hee or they shall præsume to detain any vessel great or smal, that it bee wanting the next meal, hee shal bee punished the ful Value thereof & in case any shall loose marr, or spoyle any such Vessels, then shal they pay double thereof, & if they conceal it untill by examination it bee found out fourfold the value thereof

    The Butler & Cook shal see that all the Roomes peculiar to their offices, together wth their appurtenances bee daily set & kept in order, clean & sweet from all manner of noysomnes & nastines who or sensiblenes offensivenes; to the Butler belongs the Cellar & butteries & all from thenceforth to the furthest end of the Hall wth the South Porch to the Cook the Kitchin, Larder, the way leader to the Hatch door the Turret & the North Alley unto the walk neither shall the Butler or Cook suffer any Schollar or Schollars whatever except the ffellows, Masters of Art, ffellow Commoners or Officers of the house to come into the Butteryes or Kitchin save wth their Parents or Guardians, or wth some grave & sober strangers, And if any shall præsume to thrust in they shall have threepence on their heads But if præsumptuously & continually they shall so dare to offend, they shall bee lyable to an admonition & to other proceedings of the Colledge Discipline at the Discretion of the Præsident

    The Butler upon every Sixt day of the week at noon is to give an account to every Schollar demanding his weeks sizings in the Buttery & is not bound to stay above half an hour at Bevers in the Buttery after the Tolling of the Bell, Nor above a Quarter of an hour after Thanksgiving in the Hall at Meals, The Cook on the Sixt day at Noon shall give in the weeks expenses of the whole society. wch the Butler shall enter into his Book, according to Custome & shal keep the Bills from Quarter to Quarter and shew them to the Steward at his demand for his satisfaction

    The Butler & Cook may not deliver at meal-times save in Case of Sicknesse or just Causes to the Præsident (if it may bee) præsignifyed & by him allowed, any Commons to any Schollars, save unto the servitor, Nor hee to any save their dues to the Schollars sitting orderly in their places, in the Hall, neither may any Schollar rise from his place or goe out of the Hall at Meal-times before thanksgiving bee ended, unlesse liberty bee given by the179 Præsident if present, or by the Senior fellow or such as for that time possesse their place.

    If any officer of the Colledge whatsoever shall make any secret Contract wth any Scholar or Scholars, either to conceal their disorderly walking or to draw from them any valuable things, as books, wearing apparel Bedding or such like, by any direct, or indirect Course, not before allowed by the Præsident or their Tutor, The said officer or officers shall bee lyable to bee punished at the discretion of the Præsident.

    Whereas much inconvenience falleth out by the Schollars bringing Candle in Coarse into the Hall therefore the Butler henceforth shall receive at the Præfidents or Stewards hands, Twenty shillings in money, ten at the Thirteenth of September, and ten at the Thirteenth of December to ꝑvide Candles for the Hall, for prayer time & supper, wch that it may not bee burthensome it shall bee put proportionably upon every scholar who retayneth his head in the Butteryes.


    Præsentatio Baccalaureorum.180

    Honorandi viri vosque Reverendi Presbyteri præsento vobis hosce Juvenes quos scio tam Doctrinâ quam moribus idoneos esse ad primum in Artibus gradum suscipiendum pro more Academiarum in Angliâ.


    Admitto te ad primum gradum in Artibus scil. ad Respondendum Quæstioni pro more Academiarum in Angliâ.

    tibique tibique trado hunc librum una cum potestate publicè prælegendi (in aliquâ Artium quam profiteris) quotiescunque ad hoc munus evocatus fueris.

    Præsentatio Magistrorum181

    Honorandi Viri vosque Reverendi Præsbiteri Præsento vobis hosce viros, quos scio tam doctrinâ quam moribus esse idoneos ad incipiendum in Artibus pro more Academiarum in Angliâ.

    Admissio Inceptorum

    Admitto te ad secundum gradum in Artibus pro more Academiarum in Angliâ.

    Tibique trado hune librum unà cum potestate publice profitendi ubicunque ad hoc munus publicè evocatus fueris


    Formula publicæ confessionis182

    Ego. S. W. qui a cultu divin in Aulâ Collegij tam matutino quam vespertino toties per aliquot menses abfui (in quâ absentia monitis et alijs in me animadversionum gradibus non obstantibus hactenùs perstiti) nunc culpam meam agnosco, et publicæ agnitionis hoc Testimonio me reum profiteor, et majorem in his exercitijs pietatis diligentiam in posterum (Deo volente) dum hìc egero, polliceor.


    Socijs admittendis183

    1 Præbebis omnimodam debitam reverentiam Honorandis Magistratibus ac Reverendis Presbyteris & præsidi, Collegij184 Inspectoribus.

    2 Religiosè in te suscipies curam dum hîc185 commoraberis observandi singulas salutares Leges, Statuta & privilegia hujus Societatis, quantum in te situm est; atque etiam ut observentur ab ab omnibus hujus Collegij membris in singulo uniuscujusque munere.

    3 Omnes & singulos Studentes qui tutelæ tuæ committuntur, aut in posterum commitendi sunt, ut promoveas in omni tam Divinâ quàm Humanâ Literaturâ, pro suo cujusque captu, atque ut moribus honestè ac inculpatè se gerant, summoperè curabis.

    4 Sedulò prospicies nequid detrimenti Collegium capiat, quantum in te situm est, sivè in ejus sumptibus, sivè in ædificio186, structurâ, ffundis, proventibus, cæterisque omnibus quæ nunc ad Collegium pertinent aut dum hîc egeris pertinere possint.

    Quod etiam ad nos (Collegij Inspectores) spectat, pollicentur se187 pollicemur nos tibi non defuturos esse, quibuscunque tuâ intererit: Imo verò te confirmabimus authoritate ac potestate nostrâ in omnibus tuis legitimis administrationibus, contra quoscunque contumaces:

    Et pro Collegij facultatibus erogabimus tibi Idonea stipendia (i. e. pro modulo nostro188 quae Sufficiant ad victum & amictum & Literaturam tuam promovendam.

    In scholaribus admittendis189

    1. Præbebis omnimodam debitam reverentiam honorandis magistratibus ac Reverendis presbyteris, et presidi Collegij, vnâ cum socijs singulis.

    2. Debitam diligentiam studijs incumbendo adhibebis, studijs inquam linguarum et artium190 liberalium, obsequendo Tutori tuo, et salutaribus, ejus preceptis, quamdiu in statu pupillari versatur fueris in hoc collegio.

    3. Religiosè in te suscipies curam, dum hic commoraberis, observandi singulas salutares leges, statuta et privilegia huius societatis, quantum in te situm est: atque etiam ut observentur ab omnibus hujus Collegij membris in singulo uniuscujusque mun[ere] fideliter curabis.

    4. Sedulò prospicies, nequid detrimenti collegium capiat, quantum in te situm est, sive in ejus sumptibus, sive in ædificio et structurâ, fundis, proventibus fenestris191 cæterisque omnibus, quæ nunc ad Collegium pertinent, aut dum hîc egeris pertinere possunt.

    Quod ad nos, Præsidem et socios scilicèt, spectat, pollicemur nos tibi non defuturos, quibuscunque nostrâ intererit, imò vero in studijs tuis, et pietate192 progressum, quantum in nobis fuerit promouebimus.

    fforasmuch193 as the wearing of long haire after the manner of Ruffians and barbarous Indians, hath begun to invade new England contrary to the rule of Gods word wch sayth it is a shame for a man to wear long hair, as also the Commendable Custome generally of all the Godly of our nation until wthin this few yeares Wee the Magistrates who have subscribed this paper (for the clearing of or owne innocency in this behalfe) doe declare & manifest or dislike & detestation against the wearing of such long haire, as against a thing uncivil and unmanly whereby men doe deforme themselves, and offend sober & modest men, & doe corrupt good manners. Wee doe therefore earnestly entreat all the Elders of this Jurisdiction (as often as they shall see cause) to manifest their zeal against it, in their Publike administrations, and to take Care that the members of their respective Churches bee not defiled therewth, that so such as shall proove obstinate & will not reforme themselves may have god & man to bear witnes against them

    The third Month. 10. day 1649


    Jo: Endicott Govr

    Thomas fflint

    Tho Dudley Deꝑ Dep Govr

    Roᵬ: Bridges

    Rich Bellingham

    Simon Bradstreet

    Richard Saltonstall


    Increase Nowell


    William Hibbins



    desunt plurimæ196

    August ye 1st 71.

    This day at a corporation meeting wee received of ye Treasurer, this coppy of Mr Penoyers Will.

    A Clause of Mr Wiƚƚm Penoyers Will, bearing date 20th May. 1670.

    And for and Concerning my messuage197 in Norfolke let unto Roᵬt Moor at ye yearly rent of ffourty four pound ꝑ annum: My Will is yt out of ye rents & profits thereof Ten pounds ꝑ annum shall be payd for ever to ye Corporation for ye propogation of ye Gospel in New Engld & yt wth ye residue thereof two fellowes & two schollars for ever shall be educated maintained & brought up in ye Colledge called Cambridge Colledge in New England of wch I desire one of ym so often as occasion shall present may be of ye Loyne or Posterity of ye sd Roᵬrt Penoyer if they be capeable of it, & ye other ye Colony of Nox or of late called New-Haven Colony if conveniently may be; & I declare my minde to be yt eight yeares or thereabout is a convenient tyme for education of each scho[lar] respectively, & about yt standing others to be taken into their places, wch neverthelesse as to him I leave to ye Master & Governor of ye sd Colledge.

    This to be performed after ye death of my wife Martha Penoyer

    Octob. 8th 79198

    A clause in ye will of Sr Matthew Holworthy

    Item: I give, and bequeath unto ye Colledg, or University, in, or of Cambridg, in New-England, the summe of one thousand pounds, to bee payd, and made over, to the governours, and directors there of, to bee disposed of, by them, as they shall judg best for ye promoting of learning, and promulgation of ye Gospell in those parts, the same to bee payd, within two199 years, next coming after my decease

    hee dyed in october 78200 and left mr Henly and his lady executors.



    A Clause of Mr Rogers’s Wil202

    And in Case the Chh or203 Town of Rowley doe fail of the Condition of providing themselves of two teaching Elders according to the time prefixed that is within four Years after they have this to Enable them the better & so from time to time within the said Term of four Years after God by His Providence Have made any Change my Wil is that the abovesaid Housing and Lands shal be to the Use of Harvard Colledg at Cambridge in New-England &c.



    Maij 31mo 1650.205

    Whereas through the good hand of God, many wel devo[t]ed ꝑsons have been & daily are mooved & stirred up to give & bestow sundry, [g]ifts, Legacyes, Lands & revenues for the Advancement of all good [L]iterature, Arts, & Sciences in Harvard Colledge in Cambridge [i]n the County of Middlesex, & to the maintainance of the Præsident, & ffellowes, & for all accommodations of buildings, & all other necessary provisions that may conduce to the Education of the English, & Indian Youth of this Country in knowledge & Godlines

    It is therefore Ordered & Enacted by this Court & the Authority thereof, that for the furthering of so good a work & for the purposes aforesaid, ffrom henceforth that the said Colledge in Cambridge in Middlesex in New-England shall bee a Corporation consisting of seaven persons (to wit) a Præsident five fellowes & a Treasurer or Burser, and that Henry Dunster shall bee the first Præsident, Samuel Mather, Samuel Danforth mrs of Art, Jonathan Mitchel, Comfort Starr, and Samuel Eatton Batchelorrs shall bee the five ffellowes, & Thomas Danforth to be present Treasurer; all of them being Inhabitants in the Bay & shall bee the first seaven persons of wch the said Corporation shall consist; And that the said seaven persons or the greater Number of them procuring the presence of the Overseers of the Colledge and by their Counsel & Consent, shall have power & are hereby authorised at any time or times to elect a new Præsident, ffellowes, or Treasurer, so oft & from time to time as any of the said ꝑson or persons shall dye or bee remooved: wch said Præsident & ffellowes for the time being, shall forever hereafter in name & fact bee one body Politick & Corporation in Law to all intents & purposes, & shall have perpetuall succession & shall bee called by the name of Præident & ffellowes of Harvard Colledge, and shall from time to time bee eligible as aforesaid, & by that name they & their successors shall & may purchase & acquire to themselves; or take & receive upon free gift & donation, any lands, Tenements or Hereditament[s] wthin this Jurisdiction of the Masachusets not exceeding the value of five hundred pounds ꝑ Annum, & any goods & summes of money whatsoever to the use & behoofe of the said Præsident & Schollars ffellowes & Schollars of the said Colledge, and also may sue & plead or bee sued & impleaded by the name aforesaid in all Courts & places of Judicature wthin the Jurisdiction aforesaid, & that the said Præsident wth any three of the fellowes, shall have power, & are hereby Authorized when they shall think fitt to make and appoint a Common seal for the use of the said Corporation, And the Præsident or fellowes or the major ꝑt of them from time to time may meet & choose such officers, & servants for the Colledge, & make such allowance to them, and them also to remoove, & after death or remooval to choose such others, & to make from time to time such orders, & By-lawes, for the better ordering & Carryeing on the work of the Colledge, as they shal think fitt, Provided the said Orders bee allowed by the Overseers And also that the Præsident, and ffellowes or Major part of them wth the Treasurer shall have power to make conclusive bargaines, for Lands & Tenements to bee206 purchased by the said Corporation for valuable consideration, And for the better Ordering of the Government of the said Colledge & Corporation bee it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid that the Præsident & three more of the ffellowes, shall & may from time to time, upon due warning or notice given by the Præsident to the rest hold a meeting for the debateing & concluding affayres concerning the Profits & revenues of any Lands & disposing of their goods: Provided that all the said disposings bee according to the will of the Doners; And for direction in all emergent Occasions, Execution of all Orders and By-lawes, & for the procuring of a Generall meeting of all the Overseers & society in great & difficult Cases, And in Case of Non-agreement, in all wch Cases aforesaid the Conclusion shall [be] made by the Major part, the said President having a Casting voyce, the Overseers consenting thereunto: Verte. [60] And that all the aforesaid transactions shall tend to and for the use and Behoof207 of the Præsident, ffellowes, Schollars & officers, of the said Colledge, & for all accommodations of buildings, books, & all other necessary provisions, & furnitures, as may bee for the Advancement & Education of Youth in all manner of go[od] Literature, Arts & Sciences, And further bee it Ordered by thi[s] Court & the Authority thereof, That all the Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, howses, or Revenues wthin this Jurisdiction to the aforesaid Præsident, or Colledge appertaining not exceeding the value of five hundred pounds per Annum̄ shall from henceforth bee freed from all Civil impositions, Taxes & Rates, all Goods to the said Corporation,208 or to any Schollars thereof apꝑtaining, shall bee exempt from all manner of Toll, Customes, excise whatsoever, And that the said Præsident; ffellowes & schollars, together wth the servants & other necessary officers to the said Præsident or Colledge appertaining not exceeding Tenn viz, three to the Præsident & seaven to the Colledge belonging shall bee exempted from all ꝑsonall, Civil offices, military excercises, or services watchings & wardings & such of their Estates not exceeding one hundred pounds a man shall bee freed from all Country Taxes or Rates whatsoever, and no others

    By the Court Edward Rawson Secret̄:

    Verum Exemplar

    Out of the printed lawes in the title Colledge.209

    Wheras through the good hand of God ther is a Colledge founded in Cambridge in the County of middlesex called Harvard Colledge, for incouragement whereof this Court hath givē foure hundred pounds, & also the revenue of ye ferry, betweene Charlestowne & Boston, & that the well ordering & man̄aging of ye said Colledge is of great concernement, [it] is therefore ordered by this Court & the authority thereof, that ye Gouernr & Deputy Gouernr for the time being, & all the magistrates of this jurisdiction together wth the teaching elders of the six next adjoyning townes, viz. Cambridge, watertowne, Charlestowne, Boston, Roxebury, Dorchester & the Præsident of ye said Colledge for the time being shall frō time to time haue full power & authority to make & establish all such orders statuts & constitutions, as they shall see necessary for the instituting, guiding & furthering of the said Colledge, & the severall members therof frō time to time, in piety, morality & learning, as also to dispose, order & man̄age to ye use & behoofe of the said Colledge & members thereof, all gifts, legacys, bequeaths, reven̄ues, lands, & donations, as eyther haue bene, are or shalbee conferred, bestowed, or any ways shall fall or come to the said Colledge. & wheras it may come to passe that many of the magistrates & said Elders may bee absent or otherwise imployed in other waighty affaires, whē the said Colledge may need ther prsent helpe & counsell. It is therefore ordered that ye greater number of magistrates & elders yt shalbee prsent wth ye prsident shall haue power of the whole. Provided that if any constitution, order or orders by them made shalbee found hurtfull to ye said Colledge or ye members therof, or to ye weale publick, thē upō appeale of the ꝑty or ꝑtys grieved, unto ye company of overseers first mentioned they shall repeale the said order or orders (if they see cause) at yr next meeting, or stand accountable therof to ye next generall Court. [1636. 1640. 1642.]210


    The form of exemption for Colledge servants211

    Whereas our much Honoured Magistrates & Deputyes in General Court assembled in ye third month of, ye year oné thousand six hundred & fifty have for ye furtherance of good literature by charter priviledged the officers & servants of Harvard Colledge to the number of Ten from all personal offices, civil & military exercises & services, watchings & wardings & their estates not exceeding a hundred pound a man from all Country rates & taxes whatever

    Wee therefore A B C having chosen our wel approoved neighbour D E to serve its for the space of one whole year in his calling from the date hereof in his calling of F to attend the Colledge work upon a week or ten dayes warning so often as thereunto hee shal bee called doe by vertue of ye priviledges given unto us exempt ye aforesaid D E from all ye aforementioned incumbrances & charges, In witnesse whereof wee have given & hee hath Exe accepted these presents Signed wth our hands.

    At a meeting of the Corporac̄c̄on. June. 10th 1659.212

    Whereas there are great complayntes of the exorbitant practises of Some studts of this Coƚƚ. by their abusive wordes and accōns to the Watch213 of this Towne. The Corporaccōn accounting it their duty by all lawfull meanes to seeke the redress thereof for the future, do hereby declare to all persons whom it may concrne, That the Watch of this Town from time to time, and at all times shall have full powr of inspec̄c̄on into the mannrs & orders of all persons related to the Coƚƚ, whether wth in or wth out the prcincts of the said Coƚƚ. houses & lands, as by law they are impowred to act in cases wherein they within the lim̄itts of their Towne, any law, vsage, or costome to the contrary not withstanding. Provided alwayes we Judge it not convenient, neither do we allow that any the said Watchmen should lay violent hands on any of the studts, being found with in ye prcincts of the Coƚƚ. yard,214 otherwise215 then so as they may secure them vntill they may informe the Presidt or some of the fellowes, neithe[r] shall they in any case break into their Chambers or studjes, without speciall order from Presidt &c or fellowes, or some other supior Authourity, but in all cases as need may require shall seasonably inform either the Presidt or some of the fellowes, who will take care to exam̄ine the matter, for the effectuall healing of all such disorders, Also in case any studen[t] of this Coƚƚ, shalbe found absent from his lodging afte[r] nine of the clock at night, he shalbe responsible for & to all complayntes of disorder in this kind, that by testimony of the Watch, or other, shall appe[ar] to be done by any studt of the Coƚƚ, & shalbe adjudged guelty of the said Crime, vnless he can purge himselfe by suffecient witnesse.




    Henceforth the Steward, ye Butler, & ye Cooke shall in distinct bookes keep an exact account of their respective offices & trustes com̄itted to them, in way of debtor & Creditor, & shall present the same to ye Corporation at the presidents house from time to tyme, ye 6th day come fortnight after ye end of every Quarter, by 9 of ye Clock in ye morning; & yt no person doe fayle to doe his duty, on penalty of being fined 20s to the use of the Colledge; as allso to satisfy all Dam̄age, ye Coƚƚg shall sustaine by such their neglect.

    The steward shall take ye sole care of, & provide219 at ye Currant220 price all necessary & meet provisions, wth utensels, for ye offices both of ye Cooke & Butler, according as ye Colledge occasions, whether ordina[ry] or extraordinary, shall from tyme to time require, & seasonably deliver ye same to ye respective offices.—He shall keep an exact & true account of all such disbursments, & quarterly shall require[e] & receive of ye Butler & Cook an account, of ye perticular Debtors to ye Colledge, & shall present ye same so221 received, together wth his owne, unto the President for his examination, & Approbation; ye wch being passed by ye president, ye steward shall forthwth require ye same of ye severall Debtors, & shall personally stand Engaged to respond, & pay ye same to ye Colledge.

    The steward shall deliver in, to ye Butler, his Bread at 5s ye bushell, allowing to every Bushell 70 Loaves, ye weight of every Loafe being proportionable to ye Current price of wheate, as in ye Country statute, for white-bread; & shall deliver in his Beer, at 2s the Barrell, each Barrell consisting of 16 Beer Gallons: allowing therunto a Peck of Mault.—The steward is from time, to tyme, to pay ye Colledge officers, viz ye Tutors, Cook, Butler, & Bell-ringer, yr respective Dues and Sallaries; & allso, to allow ye Monitors Account.—The steward shall be accountable, & pay unto ye Treasurer Quarterly, wt shall be given in, in ye qrtr Bill, in ye Acctt of study-Rents & glasse-mending. He shall be allowed in his Acctts, 5ƚi qurtrly, for his salary.

    The Butler & Cooke are to Look unto, & in case Detriment befall, fully to be accountable, for all ye Coƚƚ: Vessells, & Vtensells, great & small, delivered by Inventory unto them, & on222 every qrtr to deliver in, unto ye Corporn in writing, an Inventory thereof, perticularly shewing what detriment is befallen ye Coll: & by what meanes whether by Wearth, in yr just usage (wch ye steward is to repaire at ye Coll: charge[,] or by any abuse of any person, & persons whoever, from whome ye Corporn shall se yt ye Butler & Cooke, shall haue just & full recompence, if they be members of ye society: But if Detriment come by any out of ye society, then those Officers ymselves, shall be responsible to ye house, bec: they may not but at their perill, Com̄unicate wt is ye Colledgs to any wthout.

    The Butler and Cook, are to see yt ye sayde Vtensells, to yr severall offices belonging, from day to day, be kept clean and sweet, & fit for use; & they shall at meale-times, deliver them out, as ye publiqȝ service of ye Hall requires to ye Servitor or Servitors, who shall be responsible for them, untill they return ym, after meales, to ye Buttery & Kitchin: But they are not bound, to Keep, or cleanse any perticular schollars spoons, cups, & similia; but at their owne descre[tion] If any schollar or schollars, at any time, take away, or detaine, any Vessell of ye Coll: Great or small, from ye Hall, out of Doores, from ye sight of ye Butter[y] Hatch, wthout the Buttlers or servitors knowledge, or against their will; he or they shall be punished 3đ: but more, at ye Presidents or Fellowes descretion, if perversnesse appeare: but if he, or they, shall presume to detayne any Vessell great or small, yt it be wanting ye next meale, he shall be punish[ed] 12đ—& in Case, any shall loose, marr, or spoyle, any such vessell yn shall they pay ye full value yrof; & as ye matter may be Circumstanced, shall be allso lyable, to wt further punishment ye Corp:n shall Judge meet.

    The Butler, & Cooke, shall see yt all ye Rooms peculiar to their offices, together wth their appurtenances, be set & Kept in order, clean, & sweet, from all manner of noysomeness, & nastinesse, & sensible offensiveness:

    To ye Butler belong ye Cellar, & Buttery, & all from thenceforth, to ye farthest end of ye Hall, wth ye south porch; To ye Cook, ye Kitchin, Larder, y[e] way Leading to his Hatch, ye Turret, & ye north-Ally to ye walke,

    Neither shall ye Butler or Cook, suffer any schollr or Schollrs whoever, Except ye fellowes, Marsters of Art, & Fellow-Com̄oners, or officers of ye house to Come into ye Buttery or Kitchin, saue wth yr parents or Guardians, or wth some grave & sober strangers; & if any shall presume to thrust in, he shall be punished 3đ, but if presumptuously, and continually yy shall so dare to offend, yy shall be lyable to an admonition, & to other proceeding of ye Coll: discipline, as ye Corporatn shall determine.


    The Butler & Cooke, shall not deliver at meale-tymes, save in case of sickness, or other just & Allowable causes, any Com̄ons to any schollars, saue unto ye servitors, nor they to any, saue their dues, to ye schollars, siting orderly in yr places.

    Neither ye Cook, nor ye Butler, shall put any schollar into, or out of com̄ons, but by order from ye President, or his Tutor.

    The Cook receiving provisions223 from ye steward, at Current price, shall delivr ye same out, to ye schollars, advanceing an halfe penny upon a penny.

    The Cook, for ye faythfull discharge of his office, shall be allowed by Coll: 30ƚi per annum, & his Com̄ons.

    The Butler, receiveing his Beer from ye steward, single beer at 2s, & double at 4s ye Barrell, shall advance 4đ upon ye shilling.

    The Buttler shall take a distinct Acct, of ye com̄ons, of yos schollars, yt are absent from meales, wch shall be reserved for ye Coll.: use.

    The Butler upon every 6th day at noon, shall give an Acct to every schollr, demannding his weeks Sizeings in ye Buttery; & he is not bound, to stay aboue halfe an houre at break-fast in ye Buttery, after ye toleing of ye Bell; nor above a qrtr of an houre after thanksgiving in ye Hall, at meales.

    The Butler shall provide Candles for ye Hall, both for prayer & supper, receiving for yt end frō ye steward, 20s in silver, or ye Value thereof in Candles.

    The Buttler for ye faythfull dischargeing of his office, shall receive from ye Coll: 12ƚi ꝑ annum.

    The schollars of ye house shall take a strict acct of all ye Buildings, Chambers, studyes, & fences, belonging to ye Coll: & shall give an Acct qurtly, to ye Treasurer, wt Dam̄age ye Coll: hath sustained, in any of ye forementioned particulars, & by whome.

    No schollar shall enter into, or leave ye possession of any chamber, or study, untill some one of ye schollars of ye house, have veiwed ye state yrof, wch yy shall represent unto ye Treasurr; and in case, any shall leave a224 study in any chamber, wrin some doe yet remaine, such as remaine, shall stand charged, wth ye care of ye vacant studyes.

    The Bel-Ringers office is, to ring ye bell, (except for meales) to keep ye clock, & to call ye president to prayers; for wch, he shall receive from ye steward, 5ƚi ꝑ Annū.

    At a Meeting of ye Over-seers, at ye Presidents house, March. 27th. 1667.

    These ordrs abovesd, being read over, are confirmed, at ye untill ye Overseers shall see meet, to take ym into farthr consideration;

    as attests,—Thomas Danforth Cƚ:

    June 17. 1667225

    Ordered by ye Corporation yt ye batchellours shall have the forenoon on ye com̄encement day for ye ꝑformance of their work & yt for ye future it shall bee looked upon as their due ordinarily; except there doe appear to the president & fellows any just reason moveing them to226 order it otherwise.


    October, 4th, 1669.

    Ordered by the corporation, that mr Thomas Danforth be desired, & upon his consent engaged, to pay unto the Fellowes ye money due by charlestowne ferry, & to provide wood & other conveniences for them; & alsoe, to give them a bill to mr Richards the Treasurer, of what is due to them of their yearly remainder of their228 sallary, once a year.

    It is alsoe ordered, that three pounds be allowed by ye steward229 to Goodman Taylor, towards ye discharge of ye charges of his sons com̄encement; & yt ys money be repayed, either by ye money coming from ye east-ward (if it be attaineable) or else to be allowed out of mr Webs gifte, abating 15 shillings apeice from ye money aforesaid distributed among four persons.

    It is further ordered, yt ye revenues of mr Webs gift be distributed for ye followeing230 year, as it was ye last yeare; viz: yt yr be allowed, to Sr Shepard four pounds: to Higginson three pounds: to Corlett three pounds: to Adames three pounds: & this money is to be allowed to ym by ye Steward, unlesse some part yrof be abated, as is provided in ye foregoing order.

    Item, it is ordered, yt Sewall be made a scholar of ye house; & succeed Sr Eppes (provided yt he leave ye Colledge for ys winter) in his scholarship.

    Feb: 21, 16 6/7 9/0.

    Ordered by ye Corporation, yt mr John Richards Treasurer, shall pay to Francis Willoughby Esqȝ; for 28 pewter dishes; which weighed; 102ll


    ll s

    3 pottle pots, at 6s a piece, is



    ll s d

    &, one 3 pint pott


    Item, to pay to mr Shrimpton, for sundry ths


    Item, to ye president, toward Sr Taylor com̄encemt

    01–00– 0

    Item, to pay ye Steward, towards Sr Taylors com̄encement

    02– 0– 0

    Item, it is ordered, yt yet last 3 pounds be well repayed to ye Coll: stock, out of ye Eastward money.

    Sept: 27, 1670.

    Ordered by ye Corporation, yt ye revenues of mr Webs gift, be distributed for ye following year, as it was ye last year: except some of ꝑsons soe priviledged, doe become discontinuers.

    Item, yt ye Butler shall231 have four or232 & five pounds given to him, for ye year currant, to encourage him in his work, wch money is to be taken from some of ys sum̄s of moneyes, wch are given to ye Colledge, for ye encouragement of poor scholars. alsoe, yt ye Corporation will speak to Overseers (ye next opportunity yy have,) for ye enlarging of his stipend.233

    August, 1, 1671.

    Ordered by ye Corporation, that mr Richards ye Treasurer, pay unto Taylor ye Butler, five pounds in cash, out of ye Colledge Treasury; wch said money, was formerly promised to ye said Butler, by ye Corporation, for ye faithfull discharge of his place.

    Novem: 15, 1671.

    Ordered by ye Corporation, that mr Webs gift, for ye year currant (viz: from August, 71, to Aug, 72) be distributed as followeth; to Sr Shepard, four pounds; to Sr Higginson, three pounds; to Sr Corlett, three pounds; to Emerson, three pounds: except some of ye persons soe priviledged, doe become discontinuers.

    Febr: 12, 1671.

    Ordered by ye Corporation, That Sr Thatcher & Alcocke continue scholars of ye house; & that Pyke & Allen be substituted in ye other two vacant places.

    Minot served to Novr 15 1674. testified ꝑL H.234

    Item, That Minor be Monitor.

    Item, That ye three pounds of mr Webbs Gift, allowed to Sr Corlett for ye year currant, be given to Hawley; & yt only one Quarters pay be235 allowed to Sr Corlett, by reason of his discontinuance.

    Oct Octobr ye 1st. 1672236

    Ordered by ye Corporation, yt Mr Webs gift, for ye year currant (viz from August 72 to August 7[3] be distributed as followeth; to Mr237 Shepard four pounds; to Sr Higginson three pounds, to Haw[ley] three pounds, & to Em̄erson three pounds, except some of ye persons so priviledged do become discontinuers:

    Janrij 11 ordered mr Sheppard 1 year ¼ & mr Higginsō 3ƚƚ febrij 2d.


    Janrij 25: 1672.

    Mr Danforths accot made up for the year past & the ballante due to him 40ƚi 09s 1d 1 ordered to be pd him by the Treasurer mr Richards v. Accots ffol i. Reliquas vide pagina hujis 49238


    Harvard Colledge in Cambridge Sept. 27, 1670:

    The Presidt & Fellowes being assembled, do order ye Treasurer of ye Colledge to lett out & dimise ye lands lands of ye Colledge belonging to ye Colledge within ye Pequot Country for such terme of years as he shall finde to be for ye best good & improovement of ye lands. Provided where any person or persons have violently intruded & taken possession of any part thereof, not to lease out ye same to ym for more yn seaven yeares at ye most, & in case of theire refusall to take a lease thereof on equall termes, then yt fortwith they do quitt their possessions thereof, & in case of refusall so to do, the Treasurer is ordered fortwth to proceed to a Leguall tryall for clearing ye Colledge Interest, that so theire contin[u]ance in possession may not be further Detriment to ye said Colledge

    Also whereas Capt George Denison is indebted to ye colledge & hath tendred a farme of 300 Acres adjoyning to ye Colledge Lands, the Treas̄.r is ordered to accept his proposall, or in case they cannot agree on equall termes concerning it, then to require ye Colledge dues from him forthwth, yt it may be disposed of for some other improvement for ye Colledge use.

    Also ye Treasurer is ordred fortwth to call in all ye moneyes yt are due to ye Colledge, from any yt are of ye remoter townes, yt so it may be in a readinesse to be disbursed for ye Colledge use, as ye providence of God shall afford opportunity, ffinally ye Presidt Complaining yt he is much damnifyed by ye insufficiency of his fences on ye Colledge Lands. The Treasurer is ordered to procure ye same to be made wth a stone wall, as speedily as may be. i e, all ye out fences agst ye highway) and to pay for ye same out of ye Colledge Treasury.

    Further ye Treasurer is ordered to procure a coppy of ye Will of ye Honrd John Glover deceased so farre as referres to ye Colledge, & further to act therein as ye matter may require.

    Also ye honorable Corporac͞on for ye Indjans haveing ordered their Printing presse, letters. & Vtensils to be delivered to ye Colledge the Treasurer is ordered fortwth to take order for ye receiving thereof, & to dispose of ye same for ye Colledge use & Improvement.

    Septembr 7th 1669240

    Receved by me John Richards Treasurer of Harvard Colledge in Cambridge of Thomas Danford late Treasurer of ye said Society, six fat cattle & two oxen valued at five pounds in currant country pay, & is in liew of ye sheep he ye said Thos Danford received for the Legacy of Capt. Richard Sprague to ye said Colledge. I say received y[e] day & year above written.

    ꝑ me John Richards Treasurer of Colledge.

    Vera Copia ex Originali:


    v. p. 11.241

    Janrij 25 1672242

    Mem̄: at a meeting of the Corporatiō it was notyfyed That Elder Champney of Cambridg has given 40 acres of land to the Colledg lying in Cambridg village wch his son would exchang wt the Colledge, Mr Danforth & ye President to make a view

    Also John Heyward of Charlstown lately bequeathed 20 acres lying between fresh pond and mr Shermans land.

    Also Mr Ezekiell Rogers by will gave part of his library to the library whereof none yet come in. See ye Library-book.

    Also mr Ward of Ipswich gave (after some legacyes paid) the remain of his estate wherof no accot could yet be got. Only there was received by mr Danforth in horses to value of 70ƚƚ and Thomas Hawkins bill worth naught from Elder Pain.

    Mr Glovers gift of 5ƚƚ ꝑ an̄: is due for 3 years past frō his son from ffebruary 10: 1669. This febrij 3: 1672 ordered to the fellowes.

    Mr John Ward of Ipswich gave the remain of his estate.


    Boston June. 3d 1669. Several Bonds obligations &c. received of Mr Thomas Danforth late Treasurer of Harvard Colledge. & are so much now due to ye sd Colledge as followeth.


    ƚƚ sħ đ244

    From Mr Francis Willoughby money. eighty pounds. ten shillings. & in goods & in provisions. one hundred & nineteen pounds ten shillings for wch he is to pay after 8ƚƚ ꝑ Cent. From January. 1668


    From Mr Joseph Jewets Exectors money sixty pounds. & for allowance for it to Apr. 23d. 1669 (beside wt is already payd) eleven pounds, seventeen shillings


    From Mr John Russel now of Hadly to be245 payd in Porke or wheat at currant price wth ye Merchant. Sixty eight pounds. Fifteen shillings 7đ (no interest)


    From Capt. George Denison money twenty pounds. Interest from Sept 16.62246 to Sept 16.68. Eight pounds


    From Tho: Hawkins of Boston. money twenty two pounds. & for Interest to Sept 20th 1668. Six pounds eight shillings


    From Chr. Grant of Watertown ꝑ bill. fourteen pounds provision no Interest


    From Mr Antipas Newman. money, being ballance of account fifty three shillings


    From John Swan in corn thirty two shillings


    From Mr Richard Parker of Boston. wheat ten pounds thirteen & four pence


    From John Barnard in provisions, Eleven pounds ten shillings


    From Henry Green in a cow or wheat. five pounds


    From Joshua Fisher Country pay, seventeen pounds


    From Mr Edwd Ting five pounds


    From Chr: Web. wheat. fourteen pounds. & Interest to octob 26. 68. three pounds six shillings


    From Wm Chamberlain wheate. six pounds sixteen shillings


    From Danƚƚ Shed. wheat fourteen pounds no interest


    In a house lett to Seth Perry of Boston for ten pounds ꝑ annu[m] ½ money & ½ wheat, tyme of paymt to begin March 25th 1670 one year going for fitting house


    In ye Country Treasurers hand wch was one hundred pounds give[n] by my Lady Moulson. fifty pounds by Mr Bridges, & other[s] twelve pounds sixteen shillings 4đ to pay fifteen pounds ꝑ annum


    In Mrs Newgates hands (as Mr Danforth saith, but no bill) being resting due of an Annuity. 1668. four pounds fourteen shillings


    In all, Eight hundred twenty four pounds nineteen shillings & three pence


    More: one Deed of Gift of a parcell of Meadow given by Mr Joh: Coggan to ye Colledge, lying at Rumny Marsh now in occupation of Robt Ingols. & Robt Burgesse both of Lin. Lett at three pounds ꝑ annu[m]


    One Anuity of Mr John Newgates of five pound ꝑ annum247 as ꝑ Deed under hand & seal. Dat. June 11. 1650.


    The ꝑticular papers obligations &c. above I received from sai[d] Mr Danforth on ye day first above mentioned, wch I am to mann[age] improove & disburse for ye Colledge use as occasion is, witness

    my hand. John Richards then

    Treasurer of said Colled[ge]

    This receipt of ye Colledge estate, as is conteined in this writeing, was delivered by me John Richards Treasurer of ye Colledge to Tho Danforth, ye late Treasurer 3d 4m 1669. Before ye Overseers of ye Colledge

    as Attests.

    Richrd Bellingham Govr

    Simon Bradstree[t]

    Samƚƚ: Symonds

    Daniel Gookin

    Vera Copia ex Originali248


    Septembr 7th 1669

    Received of me John Richards Treasurer of Harvard Colledge in Cambridge of Thomas Danforth late Treasurer of ye said Society, six fat cattle, & two oxen valued at thirty & five pounds in currant country pay, & is in liew of ye sheep, he ye sd Tho. Danforth received for ye Legacy of Capt. Richard Sprague to ye sd Colledge I say received ye day & year above written.

    ꝑ me John Richards, Treasurer of ye Colledge

    Vera Copia ex originali.

    in fasciculo No. 1.



    Acts of ye Corporation since251 ye 10th of Decembr252* 1672253

    January ye 25th 1672:

    Mr Danforths account made vp for ye year past & ye ballance Due to him 40ƚƚ: 9: 1đ: 1f ordered to be payed to him by ye Treasurer Mr Richards V Accots fol. 1254

    Febr ye 3d255 1672:

    At a Corporation meeting (all being present) ordered yt Mr Richard Russell be desired to give ye Colledge testimony256 of an 162ƚƚ:16:4đ yt ye Country hath of ye Lady Moulsons gift to ye sd Colledge, vnlesse there be an assurance of ye 15ƚƚ ꝑ annum or some graunt to yt effect:

    Also at ye same tyme ordered yt ye money due to a fellow ꝑ Mr Glovers Will viz. 5ƚƚ ꝑ annum, & testifyed to begin ffeᵬr ye 9th. 1669 be payed vnto ye 10th of this Instant Feᵬr:72: ꝑ Mr Habacuck Glover to Mr Nowels heires, &257 Mr Joseph Brown & Mr Jno Richards, in equall portions, & yt Mr Richards give ym orders to receive it of ye said Mr Habacuck Glover:

    Also ordered yt Mr Brown & Mr Richardson draw vp an Account to ye Overseers of wt they have received of their Salaryes every way, yt so wha[t] is due to ym from ye Colledge may be Satisfyed ym & yt further establishment be made for ye encouragemt of ye Fellowes for future tymes, by ye Honored Overseers as they shall thinke meet:

    *Memo President Hoar was elected

    July 30. and inaugurated 10. Septr


    J. D258

    This memo was made by Treasurer Davis within the present century. His authority must have been259 College Book No. 3. P. 54260—J. Q.—1839.261


    At a Corporation meeting May 27th: 1673

    Mr Thomas Graves being spoken with concerning his coming to be imployed as a fellow of the Colledg: freely declared to the Corporation that he (upon the Consideration of the whole passed) was not free to accept any such imployment.

    Mr Gr: fellow

    Wherupon Mr Daniell Gookin is chosen probationer & is forth-with to take upon him the charg of a classis.

    M Gookin: ff:

    Ordered that Na: Gookin be declared successor unto Mr Jer: Shephard for the enjoying four pounds ꝑ annū of Mr Webbs gift: from the time of mr Shephards leaving it and during the pleasure of the Corporation. v Nor 5

    N. Gookin 4.ƚƚ

    Agreed then with mr Johnson for the font of Long-primeir letters in his hand paid for by the Corporation of the Indians be allowed him for his use for 3 years for 30sh ꝑ an̄: in money paid to the treasurer of the Colledg. And ten Coppyes of every book he shall print to be delivered to the Præsident.

    Septr 15: 1673.

    The Corporation prsented Mr Daniell Gookin for a ffellow of the Colledg for the approbation & establishmt of the Overseers

    Also presented Mr Da: Russell & mr Joseph Taylor.

    Mr Joseph Browns former resignation of his fellowship was taken as valid: & by himself confirmed.

    Also mr Jo Richardson that day resigned his ffellowship.

    Novr 5: 1673.

    Ordered by the Corporation that mr Webbs gift for this present year 1673 be disposed as formerly. viz: to N. Gookin 4ƚƚ. To Emerson 3ƚƚ And262 that Andrewes be the third to begin Novr 16 to August next. Except any of them discontinue And that the Præsident and mr Richards doe desire the overseers of mr Webbs will to assent hereto & if they please to name the fourth person.

    Mar: 10. Gave a note for Gookins [4]ƚƚ to ffebrij 13 febrij 26 to Nov 13:1674:

    Sr Sewall was chosen ffellow.

    And Novr 26 installed in a meeting of the honrd Overseers: also mr Danƚƚ Gookin installed at same time.

    ffebrij 2: 1673.

    The worꝑƚƚ mr Thomas Danforths accot by the quarter bills were this day adjusted & the Colledg found in his debt 13ƚƚ 13sh 11d which by order of the Corporation he was authorized to receive of mr Richards the treasurer.

    Emerson for his refusing to come to the præsident when twice sent ffor was injoyned and warned to make an acknowledgmt in writing on ffryday next. And then also to declame as before by the præsident he had bin injoyned: for going out of town without leave &c.

    March. 1. 1674.

    Ordered by the Corporation that Sr Sewall be from henceforth the keeper of the Colledg-Library

    See P. 21263

    Ordered that mr Cheevers son have the fourth share of mr Webbs gift (Mr Webbs overseers consenting and sd Cheevers continuing at Colledg) till Augst next.


    At the meeting of the Corporation Aprill 15th. 1674.

    In pursuance of the com̄and of the honrd overseers mad[e] the fift of the 10th 1667 It was ordered that the freshmen of the Colledg shall not at264 any time be compelled by any Senior students to goe on errands or doe any servile work for them. And if any shall præsume to send them in times injoyned for study both the sender and the goer shall be punished.

    Ordered that mr Gookin and Sr Sewell fellowes of the Colledg have half a years salary of their proportion forthwith paid them of the Piscataway-gift now in the treasurers hands. According as the honrd overseers have directed the same to be proportioned. Also fifty shillings apeece due in ffebrij last by mr Glovers gift.

    May 4. 1674.

    Ordered by the Corporation of Harvard-Coƚƚ that all undergraduates declaiming in their usuall courses in the hall: shall after their said declamations ended deliver a coppy of eac[h] of them fairly written unto the præsident or senior ffellow then present unlesse they have before shewed it to their tutor for his perusall.

    June 15th 1674

    At the meeting of the Corporation Sr Thacher was chosen the third fellow of the Colledg and after his acceptance signifyed to be presented unto the honrd Overseers for their consent & confirmation.


    Mr Marmaduke Johnsons bargain made May 27. 1673 was ordered to be confirmed by writings drawn And his priviledg of being printer with a servt to the Colledg confirmed to him.

    Decr 11: 1674.


    • ye prsidt
    • Mr Gookin
    • Thacher
    • Mr Richards.265

    Thomas Sargeant having personally, and by a letter applyed himself to the Corporation for the obtaining of his degree of Bachelor of Arts: from which by their sentence he was suspended (the honrd Overseers of the Colledge having consented to the same) the Corporation doth unanimously266 consent.

    Decr 3. 1674

    The Overseers com̄nd to the Presidt & remaining Fs speedily to fill up their No accordg to their Charter that so yir power & priviledge grantd by Genl Court may not be weak’ned or abated in any kind. Old Ovrseers Book f. 62.267

    Cambr. 15. 1. 1674. 5.

    Mr Oakes Mr Shephard Mr I. Mather presented to the Overseers by the Corporation accepted, and Entreated to aceept the Trust fol. 63.268

    ffor the filling up the corporation in its number of seaven. The sd society doth also unanimously choose the Revd Mr Urian Oakes & Mr Thomas Sheppard & mr Increase Mather as ffellowes of the sd Colledg. wch vote the prsident si desired to acquaint them with, & to receive their answer in order to their instalment as customary, at the next meeting of the honrd Overseers.

    Ordered further that from hencforth Mr Daniell Gookin be Library-keeper: And that he enquire of persons formerly [con]cerned for finding out & restoring the book found wanting in the last surveigh ma[de] by the Praesidt: himself & mr Gookin Sewal[l] as in the Library book.

    Ordered that the scholarships and donation of mr Webbs gift of all students that now269 discontinue doe accrue to the Colledg stock from the last quarter day until the Corporation choose them again.


    Ordered that all the utensills of the Colledg belonging to the buttry & the Kitchin (and being inventoryed in this book) doe abide as they are lodged in the Kitchin & Buttrey.

    Only the plate to be brought to the prsidents house and lodged in the Colledg desks or chest there.

    And that mr Gookin & Thacher be desired to ask an acct of the Colledg linnen or ought else in mr Danforths hands, that it may be also inventoryed, in the same book.

    Ordered that the treasurer be desired at the Colledg charg to cause to be measured out the bounds of the Colledg farm near Pacatuck river in the Colony of Conecticut: & to transact with the farmer theron dwelling, as he judgeth may be most for the Colledg benefit.

    The prsident is desired to present the Lawes made Apriƚƚ 15th270 & May 4th 1674 to the honoured Overseers at their next meeting for their confirmation.

    Ordered that till the 25th of March next Mr P. Thacher have liberty to live in Boston provided he be tutor unto the scholars of the Colledg there residing, who shall desire it of him.

    Agreed & ordered that the Præsident shall be reimbursed his expences on & about the laws271 house & lands of the Colledg: or for the Colledg benefit, as he shall give an acct therof unto the treasurer.

    Ordered that the four persons that commenced Masters in the year 1674 they having first paid their detrimts unto the Colledg; shall (on speciall reasons) be rebated forty shillings a peece by the Colledg.

    Decr 21: 1674.

    The corporation (on occasion of Thomas Sargeants going to sea the next week: did meet again: & in pursuance of the grant made him Decr 11th And272 he273 performing all exercises before them, wch are wont to be done in publike. The Præsident did then admit him unto the degree of Bachelor in the Arts. And274


    An Inventory275 of the Colledge utensills belonging to the Kitchin & Butterie. Nov: 18. 1674.

    1 Kitchins Utensils

    • 1 great Iron Pott
    • 1 small Iron Pott
    • 5 Spitts
    • 2 Iron racks
    • 2 Iron trammells
    • 1 Barre of Iron
    • 1 Paire of tongs
    • 1 Iron peale
    • 2 skillets
    • 2 Iron dripping pans
    • 1 Beafe fork
    • 1 Lawne sieve
    • 1 scummer
    • 1 Brasse Ladle
    • 2 paire of pott-hookes
    • 1 clever
    • 1 chopping knife
    • 1 Pestle & mortar
    • 1 Great Iron Scoale Beame
    • 2 paire of Scoales
    • 1 halfe-peck.
    • 1 Great grid-Iron.
    • 1 small Jack to turn spitts.
    • 3 Drie Barrels.
    • 52 Pewter platters.
    • 11 sawcers.
    • 2 pye-plates.
    • 2 frying-pans.
    • 1 paile.
    • 1 prettie big kettle
    • 3 chafing-dishes.
    • 1 Little kettle
    • 1 wooden tray
    • 1 kneading or sifting trougn
    • 7 Barrells
    • 1 paire of slings
    • 1 copper hanging in ye brew-hoose
    • 1 rolling pin
    • 4 wooden pastie-plates
    • 1 Mustard-querne

    2 Butterie Utensills

    • 1 Silver. viz: 3 pounds worth due from mr Pelham Fellow-Communer in the hands of ye steward Mr Thomas Danforth:
      • 2 salt sellars one little one, one great one
      • 1 earthen jugge tipped with silver
      • 1 Bowle
      • 2 Beakers one marked I B ye other hath no mark W.W.
      • 1 Silver Tankard given by Mr Samuell parris seven ƚƚ. ten. s.
      • 3 silver spoons

    2 Pewter

    • 2 2 quart potts both without lidds
    • 1 3 pint pot with ye lead off.
    • 1 pint pott (aliter a size pott with no lidd
    • 6 Bowles two bruised one without a foot
    • 4276 cue-cups very defective.
    • 4 eared cupps all unfitt for service.
    • 2 salt sellars batter’d
    • 9 Juggs—five good.
    • 1 Tankard with ye lead on it
    • 4 Brasse candle sticks
    • 1 flasket
    • 1 Trunk
    • 3 Desks
    • 1 Butterie book
    • 1 Brasse tap
    • 1 old knife veric rustic


    • 2 fellowes table-cloaths
    • 3 tables to putt names on
      • In ye hall
    • 3 brasse candlesticks
    • 1 chaire
    • 6277 forms

    Called over Novemb:17–74278

    These things were called over Aug. 3. 77.

    At a meeting of ye Corporation at Cambridge April. 19th 1675279


    • Mr Oakes, Presidt
    • Mr Dan. Gookin
    • Mr Thomas Shepard
    • Mr Peter Thacher
    • mr Incr. Mather
    • Mr John Richards Treasurer

    The Honored Overseers having by theire order of April 7th. last referred ye matter of providing for entertainmt of Schollars at ye colledge, to ye corporation, with order yt it be suddenly attended. In order hereunto mr Thomas Danforth ye late Steward, is again chosen to ye place of a Steward of ye Colledge; and the President mr Oakes is desired to acquaint him, therewith and request his acceptance yr of, & make provision as ye Colledge occasions may require.

    Wiliam Bordman is likewise chosen Cooke.

    Edward Payson is chosen Butler.

    At a meeting at Cambridge 26. 2. 75.

    Mr Samll Danforth was chosen fellow of ye Colledge, & Mr Oakes desired to present him to the Overseers for their approbatiō

    At a meeting of ye Corporation. Jun. 1. 75.


    • Mr Vrian Oakes Presdt
    • mr Daniel Gookin
    • Mr Thomas Shepard
    • Mr Peter Thacher281

    Ordered that to Aaron Bordman (ye Colledge Smith) be paid by ye Colledge Treasurer twentie shiƚƚ for mending ye clock: & that he be allowed twelve shiƚƚ. ꝑ annum, for his constant tending ye said clock, & keeping it in good Order.

    Item. That Minot, Allin, Cheevers, Danforth be Schollars of ye house for ye year ensuing, & that Allin receeve five pounds due of ye schollarships, & to be presently paid.

    Item That Mr Webb’s gift be distributed (for ye yeare following) in ys manner vizt.—To Nathaniel Gookin four pound, besides three pound due from mr Web’s gift ye last yeare, and this last to be presently paid.

    To Andrews three pound, besides three pound due of ye schollarships, and ys last to be presently paid.

    To Emmerson three pound, besides five pound due of ye schollarships, & ys last to be presently paid.

    To Swetman three pound, besides forty shillings due of ye schollarships, & ys last to be presently paid.

    At a meeting of ye Corporatiō at Cambridge Sept. 2. 75. all being present.

    Ordered by ye Corporatiō

    Imp. That Thomas Cheevers shall be ye monitor

    Item That the monies from Pascataway, now in ye Treasurers hand be paid, beginning wth ye paymt of what is due to mrs Nowell upon ye account of her sons fellowship: & ye remainder vnto ye present fellows.

    At a meeting at Cambridge Decemb. 22. 75.

    Ordered by ye Corporatiō

    Imp. That Wadsworth be schollar of ye House.

    It. That mr Ammi Corlet, chosen fellow by ye Corporatiō, be presented to ye overseers for their consent.

    At a meeting at Cambridge Decemb. 27. ’75

    Mr Daniel Russel chosen to be fellow of ye Colledge and to be presented to ye Overseers for yr acceptance.

    See P. 21282

    At a Meeting of ye Corporatiō at Cambridge 11. 2. 76.

    Ordered that Sr Allen283 be Librarie-Keeper


    At a meeting of ye. Corporation 22. 6. 1676. All ye members thereof being present.


    1 That mr Samuel Angier be invited to accept of ye plac[e] of a probationer, to which he is chosen.

    2 That the Butler ring ye bell at five of ye clock in ye morning, winter & Summer, and at nine of ye clock at night throughout ye yeare, beside his ringing at ye other stated times for prayers & Meales.

    At a Meeting of ye Corporation Octob. 23. 77.


    That Wadsworth bee the Butler of ye Colledge.

    At A meeting of ye Corporation 14. 3. 77.

    • Present
    • Mr Oakes Presidt
    • Shepard
    • Gookin
    • Corlet.

    1: Mr John Rogers of Ipswich chosen then by ye Corporation to bee president of ye Colledge, nemine contradicente

    2 James Alling284 chosen Schollar of ye house.

    3 Three pounds given to Thomas Bernard out of mr Webb’s gift for ye yeare following.

    At a meeting of ye Corporatiō at Cambridge 6. 1. ’78/7: all being present

    Bost Janry 28. 1677

    Recom̄ended by the Overseers to the Corpor, to choose a Fel. in the Room of ye R. mr Shephard deceasd. And one to officiate on the place if they Judge it needf.285

    1. Mr John Sherman Pastour of ye Church at Watertown was chosen to bee a fellow of ye Corporation, all consenting: And ye President was286 desired to present him to the Overseers in order to yr approbatiō.

    2 Ordered, That Goodman Brown shall have for his service in ye Colledge two shillings ꝑ quarter from every schollar particularly, that holds a study in ye Colledge.

    3 That Percivall287 Green shall have three pound of mr Webb’s for ye yeare following

    4 That Samuel Mitchel have six pound of ye schollarships that remaine vacant.

    5 Russel Senr was chosen a schollar of ye house for ye yeare following.

    then calld ovr ye Inventory. p. 53.288

    At a Meeting of ye Corporation at Cambridge Jun. 30 1679.

    Voted, That ye Worshƚƚ Mr Stoughton bee desired & empow[er]ed, to Provide a President for this Colledge, and that ye hon[or]ed Overseers concurring herewth, the Revd Mr Oakes bee i[n]treated to write289 to Mr Stoughton accordingly, in ye name of ye Corporation.

    Voted That Mr Daniel Gookin bee chosen Librarie keeper.

    At A Meeting of ye Corporation in Boston July 3. 1679

    Voted & Agreed by the whole Corporation, That Mr Penoyer’s donation of 34 Pound ꝑ annum money of England, given to two fellows & two Schollars, bee disposed of As followeth viz: from April 1. 1678. to April 1. 1679. 10ƚƚ be given to m[r] Gookin & 10ƚƚ to Mr Foster the Present Fellows, and 7ƚƚ to James Allin & 7ƚƚ‑ to Noadiah Russel, both Schollars of ye colonie of Nox or New haven.

    Voted, That out of what was due from mr Penoyer’s Legacy before April 1. 1678. 10ƚƚ pou shall bee disposed of to mr Corlet when once ye money shall bee received.


    At a Corporation Meeting at Cambridge Oct. 8th 1679


    • Mr Oakes President
    • Mr Gookin
    • Mr Mather
    • Mr Richards

    1. Mr Samuell Andrew was chosen a fellow of Harvard Colledge nemine contradicente.

    2. The Treasurer Mr John Richards was empowred, to take care of the donation of Sr Matthew Holworthy, and to gett it over into the country by exchange or otherwaies, as he shall see meet, as soone as may bee.

    3. Five pounds of Mr Penoya’s gift, that is due from April. 1st to Octobr 1. 1679. was given to mr Isaac Foster.

    4. The Coƚƚ. Laundress is allowed forty shillings ꝑ annum, for washing the Colledge linnen.

    5 Russell Senr was chosen Butler of the Colledge.

    These things were all agreed upon by vote:

    6 Thomas

    6 Thomas

    At a Corporation meeting: 2d. 12mo. 1679. All being present:

    1. Mr Urian Oakes was chosen President of Harvard Colledge by the unanimous consent of the ffellowes of the sayd Colledge, desireing the approbation of the Honoured and Reverend Overseers:

    2. Agreed, That it be left to Mr John Richards Treasurer to treat with the Executors of Mr Joseph Brown deceased about the Legacy by him given to Harvard Colledge, and to receive the same for the best advantage to the Colledge,291 and that the Reverend Mr Increase Mather be intreated to assist the Treasurer in the management of the same

    3. Ordered, that the Treasurer of the Colledge doe pay to Mrs Belshar for wine of her received and expended at the funerall of Mr Ammi Ruhamah Corlett:

    4. Agreed, that sr Barnard and Mitchell be schollars of the house for one whole year, beginning at the time of the vacancy of the schollarships.

    5. Thomas Andrew and John Wythe were chosen by the Corporation for Colledge servants, the one to serve in the place of a bricklayer, the other in the place of a plaisterer.

    6. Agreed, That Aaron Bordman be allowed by the Colledge Treasurer twenty shillings per annum, in money, for keeping the Clock of the sayd Colledge in repaire and constantly looking after it, and winding it up:

    At a Corporation meeting: July. 12. 1681.


    • Mr Oakes Pres.
    • [C]apt. Richards Treas
    • Mr
    • Sherman
    • Mather

    Agreed, That Mitchell and Russell Senr be continued scholars of the house.

    Agreed, That Danforth and Walter be chosen scholars of the house, theire scholarships to begin from the Last Commencement:

    Ordered, That out of Mr Webbs gift 6ƚƚ the year following be given to Webb, and 4ƚƚ of the sayd gift unto Tompson:

    Agreed, That the Treasurer of the Colledge be empowred and desired to dispose of the money sent out of England, either by letting it out, or makeing some purchase therewith, as hee shall Judge, will be most conduceing to the advantage of the Colledge.

    At a Meeting of the Corporation, August, 9, 1681.

    1. Mr John Cotton was chosen fellow of the Colledge, All consenting:

    2. Concluded that the Honoured Mr Thomas Danforth be desired to look after the Colledge for the repairing of the ædifice, according as there doth appear need thereof:

    The Vote referring to the choise of Mr John Cotton as a fellow, was presented to and fully approved by the Honoured and Reverend Overseers of the Colledge, being assembled at the same time:

    At a Corporation meeting in Boston Anno. 81

    Reverend Mr Increase Mather was chosen President of Harvard Colledge in Cambridge


    At a Meeting of the Corporation in Boston, Novem. 7. 168[1]


    • Capt: Richards
    • Mr
    • Mather
    • Andrew

    Ordered, that Dudley be chosen a scholar of the House.

    Ordered, that Mr John Cotton be chosen Library Keeper:

    Ordered, that the worshipfull Capt: John Richards, and the Reverend Mr Increase Mather be desired with all expedition to demand and receive of John Scarlett294 the executor of Capt Samuel Scarlett what money is due to the Colledge on the account of a Legacy or annuity from the sayd Capt Scarlett; and if the Executor refuse or neglect to pay it, then to prosecute him in a course of law:

    At a meeting of the Corporation in Boston. Decem. 13. 1681


    • Capt Richards
    • Mr
    • Mather
    • Andrew

    Mr Nehemiah Hubbard296 was chosen a Fellow of the Colledge in Cambridge by the unanimous consent of the Corporation.

    Ordered, that T the Treasurer of the Colledge be desired to cause a Letter of Attorney to be drawn up to impower some one to receive what is due to the Colledge on the account of Mr Penoyer and Mr Dodderidge theire gifts, and that they may give discharges upon the Receipt thereof:

    At a Meeting of the Corporation in Boston, January: 5. 1681


    • Capt: Richards
    • Mr
    • Mather
    • Hobart
    • Andrew

    The Reverend Mr Samuel Torrey Pastor of the Church in Weymouth was chosen President of Harvard Colledge by the unanimous vote of the Corporation.

    Ordered, that Cotton be one of the Scholars of the house.

    Ordered, that Whiteing shall receive three pound of Mr Webbs gift, which is yet to be disposed of:

    At a meeting of the Corporation in Cambridge, March. 27. 1682


    • Capt Richards
    • Mr
    • Mather
    • Hobart
    • Andrew

    Ordered, that what is due to the Colledge from the Revđ mr Seaborn Cotton on the account of detriments or halfe tuition for his son, Mr John Cotton, shall be remitte[d.]

    Ordered, that what remaynes due from Mr Richard Russe[l] before his decease for scholarships, supposed to be abou[t] ten pound, be disposed of to Sr Mitchell:

    Ordered, that what is due to the Colledge, from the Revđ Mr Increase Mather, on the account of detriment[s] or halfe tuition for his son, Mr Cotton Mather, be remitted:

    Whereas great Complaints have been made and proved again[st] webb for his abusive carriages, in requireing some of the freshmen to goe upon his private errands, and in strikein[g] the sayd freshmen; and for his scandalous negligence as to those duties, that by the Laws of the Colledge he is bound to attend, and haveing persisted obstinately in hi[s] evills, notwithstanding means used to reclaime him, and al[so] haveing refused to attend the Corporation, when this day required, he is therefore sentenced, in the first place to be deprived of the pension heretofore allowed him as also to be expelled the Colledge, and in case he sha[ll] presume after 24 houres are past to appear withi[n] the Colledge walls, that then the fellows upon the place doe cause him to be carried before the civill authority:


    At a meeting of the Corporation in Boston: Aprill. 10. 1682.


    • Capt Richards
    • Mr
    • Mather
    • Hobart
    • Andrew

    Whereas the Worshipfƚƚ Capt Richards is Boeing for England he is desired to leave the accounts of the Colledge, and the Papers, which concern the Colledge stock in the hand of the Honrd Thomas Danforth the present Deputy Governour, untill Capt Richards his return from England or untill another Treasurer be chosen.

    Ordered, that the present Resident fellows, viz, Mr Samuel Andrew and Mr John Cotton, shall (upon consideration of their great care and paines) be allowed, each of them 50ƚƚ in money, out of the Colledge revenue, for this present year, ending at the Commencement; that is to say, there shall be added unto what they have already received so much300 as shall make theire salary for this year, for each of them, 50ƚƚ.

    Mr John Rogers was chosen President of Harvard Colledge in Cambridge.

    At a meeting of the Corporation in Boston: May. 4. 82.


    • Capt Richards
    • Mr
    • Mather
    • Hobart
    • Andrew

    The Petition of Joseph Webb formerly expelled the Colledge to the Corporation for his readmission

    To the Most Honoured Corporation:

    Whereas I Joseph Webb late student of Harvard Colledge by my culpable negligence of Colledge duties, and other misdemeanours in abuseing and strikeing some freshmen, have incurred the penalty of expulsion justly imposed upon mee by the Honoured Corporation, according to the laws of the Colledge, therefore Honoured and Reverend, being now made sensible, I doe with greif and sorrow humbly acknowledge those my great offences, and the Justice of your proceedings against mee for them, crave your pardon, and pray that I may be restored unto my former standing in the Colledge, promiseing utmost labour and diligence in my study, and most dutifull observance of all the Colledge laws and orders for the time to come:

    Your most humble suppliant

    Joseph Webb

    Aprill. 26. 1682.

    The Corporation haveing read and considered Webbs confession and Petition above written, doe consent that he shall be readmitted into the Colledge upon his good behaviour; provided this his confession be read, and by Webb publickly acknowledged in the Colledge Hall:

    At a Corporation meeting

    Ordered, by the Cor that the double books in the Colledge Library be prized and sold, and the money improved for the buying other books that are wanting:

    At a Corporation meeting at Cambridge, Jan. 10. 8⅔.

    • Mr Rogers
    • [Pre]sent
    • Mr Hobart
    • Mr
    • Andrew

    Voted, that the worshipfull Capt John Richards Esqr be impowred as an Attourney in behalfe of the Corporation of Harvard Colledge, to call in and receive the monies, which are due as arrears from the gift of Mr William Penoyer or any other, and upon the receipt of the sayd monies to give a full discharge and acquittance:

    Voted, that the worshipfull Samuel Nowell Esqr be Treasurer of Harvard Colledge, still reserving Liberty for the worshipfull Capt Richards to reassume the place at his return:303


    At a Meeting of the Corporation March. 22. 168⅔.304


    • Mr
    • Mather
    • Hobart
    • Andrews

    Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Colledge do, of the next money belonging to ye Colledge, wch shall be by him received, pay to the ffellows upon the place, what yet remains as due to them, by ye vote of the Corporation bearing date April 10. 1682306

    Ordered, That Eliot, Whiting, Mills, Philips, shall have each of them for the next year five pounds per Annum given to them out of the Colledges Revenue. This vote to begin from ye 26th of this instant March.

    An Inventory307 of ye Colledge Utensills belonging to ye Butterie October 26: 1683


    2 Silver wine bowls


    Silver:—Im 2 saltsellers 1 great one, 1 little one


    1 Earthen Jugge tipped wth silver—of this ye 2 wine bowls abo[ve] mentioned were made


    1 Bowle


    2 Beakers one marked I:B. the other W:W.


    1 Silver Tankard mark’d S: P.


    2 Silver Spoones


    1 Goblet given by mr Edward Paige Fellw communr with his name engraven on it.


    1 Goblet given by mr Fr: Wainwright Fellw communr


    1 Goblet given by the reverend Mr Thomas Shepard Senr of Charlestown


    1 Goblet given by Mr Brown ffellow communer


    4 Flagons Good & serviceable


    2 two quart Pots with lids, good,


    2 two quart Pots without lids, & Battered


    1 3 pint Pot without a Lid.


    1 Tankard unfit for service


    2 New Jugges with lids


    4 other Jugges one with a lid ye other without


    4 old Jugges unfit for service


    3 Size Pots two new wth Lids, ye other without.


    4 New Saltsellers


    2 old Battered Salt Sellers


    4 Small cups new


    3 Bowles Battered


    4 cups wth ears unfit for service


    2 cue cups one unfit for service


    4 Brasse Candle-sticks


    Table Linnen

    Imp. 1

    Commencement Linnen 5 Diaper Table cloethes 3 Long on[es] 2 small square ones.


    7 Dozen & 4 Diaper Napkins.


    2 Long Towells; new.


    1 old Towell unfit for service.

    Item 2

    Common Table Linnen


    3 Fellow’s Table cloeths new


    3 Table cloeths new for ye lower Table.


    3 old Table-cloeths Almost wore out.


    1 Table


    4 canns 2 new: 2 old.


    Trenchers 12 Dozen


    Taps 6


    Bear Barrells 4


    3 Tables to put names on. 1 great desk. 1 salt box.


    1 Tap-boarer


    In the Hall


    3 Tables


    6 formes


    1 chair


    3 Desks.


    1 curtain to one of ye North Windowes.


    1 small Buttery Book



    At a meeting of the Corporation in Cambridge Dec. 5. 1683.


    • Mr Rogers President
    • Mr
    • Sherman
    • Mather
    • Hobart
    • Andrew

    Voted, that Walter be chosen Butler.

    Ordered, that the Schollars of the house for ye year ensuing shall be Sr Mitchell, Sr Danforth, Dennison, Saltonstall, Dudley, & Cotton.

    Ordered, that upon consideration of the great paines wch the present ffellows Resident in ye Colledge, viz: Mr Andrew & Mr Cotton have taken, their Allowance for ye year past, beginning at ye Com̄enc[e]ment 1682, shall be forty five pound in money, to each of them; & that what the Income from ye ferry at Charlstown, & Mr Glovers gift dos come short of this Sum̄e, shall be made up out of ye mone[y] received in England by ye Honoured Treasurer of ye Colledge Majr Richards.

    Ordered, that John Palfrey be chosen ye Colledge-Joyner.

    Ordered, that the Butler shall, on ye account of his drawing of Cyder, have eighteen pence ꝑ Barrell allowed him.

    Ordered, yt The Cook be allowed from ye Colledge wt he shall expend annually for Wood-cutting.

    It was voted & agreed unanimously by ye Corporation, yt the President be desired to speak to ye Governr, to entreat yt the Overseers would please to order ye com̄encement for ye future to be on ye first Wednesday in July.

    At a meeting of the Corporation in Cambridge. March. 17. 168¾.


    • Mr Rogers President
    • Mr
    • Sherman
    • Capt Richards
    • Mather
    • Mr Nowel
    • Hobart
    • Andrew

    Voted, that out of Mr Penoyers gift, be given to Chauncy tenn pound: & seven pound ten shillings to Davenpo[rt]

    Voted, that Eliot, Whiting, Mills, & Philips shall have eac[h] of them for ye next year five pounds in money given to them this vote to begin from ye twenty sixth of March 1684.



    Legacy from ye late Mr Penoyer Esqr of ye remainder of a farme in Norfolke formerly let at 44ƚ ꝑ annum, now at 30ƚƚ beside charges to be deducted is. . . . Dr


    To disbursed toward maintenance of Noadiah Russel Scholar belonging to New Haven Collony

    ƚƚ s d



    To disbursed toward maintenance of James Allen Scholar belonging to ye same Colony



    To disbursed towards ye maintenance of Mr Daniel Gookin ffellow of sd Colledge



    To disbursed towards ye maintenance of Mr Isaac ffoster ffellow &c.



    To disbursed towards maintenance of Mr Ammi Ruhamah Corlet ffellow



    To disbursed to Mr Isaac ffoster fellow more



    To disbursed for ye maintenance of Charles Chauncy belonging to N-haven Collony



    To disbursed for ye maintenance of Jno Davenport belonging to N. haven Collony



    To disbursed towards ye maintenance of Mr Samuel Andrew & Mr John Cotton being two of ye ffellows of ye Colledge



    To disbursed towards ye maintenance of Jno Denison Scholar


    Vert. ad ffol. 72313



    At a meeting of ye Overseers, on the Com̄encemt day Cambridge July 1. 84.


    • Simon Bradsreet Govr
    • Mr Jno Eliot
    • Daniel Gookin
    • Esqrs
    • Mr James Allin
    • William Stoughton
    • Mr Samƚ Willard
    • Majr Bulkly
    • Mr Tho. Shepard315
    • Majr Saltonstall
    • Humphry Davy
    • Jno Richards
    • James Russell
    • Wm Johnson
    • Saml Sewal

    Whereas ꝑ a suddain visitation by Sickness the present President is disinabled from officiating in ye work of ye day, in carrying on ye Com̄encement; The Overseers of the Colledge, have nominated, appointed, & ordered the Reverend mr William Hubberd to manage ye same, & do fully impower him to admitt to & conferr upon the Persons316 concerned their degrees belonging to them respectively

    John Richards ꝑ order

    At a meeting of ye Corporation in Cambridge Octo. 1. 84.

    Ordered, that ye Rent of the house belonging to ye Colledge now let to Seth Perry shall for this year, be disposed of for ye encouragemt of ye Rogers’s, in case they shall continue to be in com̄ons.

    Ordered, That ye Schollars of the house for ye next year shall be, Sr Danforth, Dudley,317 Cotton, Rogers Snr Rogers Jnr Mitchell

    At a meeting of ye Corporation of Harvard Colledge July 21. 1684.

    Whether do you consent that ye Reverend Mr Joshua Moodey be chosen President of Harvard Colledge? Voted in ye Affirmative.

    At a meeting of the Corporation in Boston Octo. 16. 1684.

    Ordered, that out of Mr Penoyers money received by & now in ye hands of ye Honourd Majr Richards, eighteen pounds shall be disposed to Mr Andrew, & eighteen to Mr Jno Cotton ye present ffellowes of ye Colledge.

    At a meeting of the Corporation. Octob. 30. 1684.

    Mr Samuel Mitchell was chosen a Probationer, & desired to undertake ye charge of ye class of ye Sophimores untill further order.

    At a meeting of the Corporation of the Colledge in Cambridge. March. 2. 8⅘.

    Ordered, yt tenne pounds shall be given to Davenport, out of Mr Penoyrs gift, & of yt money now in ye hands of ye Hond Majr Richards.

    At a meeting of the Corporation of ye Colledge in Cambridge March. 23. 8⅘.

    Ordered, yt Chauncey be appointed a Waiter at ye ffellowes table, when the present Wayter shall lay down his place.

    Ordered, yt Dasset be appointed a Wayter at the Schollars table, when the present Waiter shall lay down his place.

    Voted, yt Sr Saltonstall be chosen Butler.


    Voted, yt Mr Leveret be chosen a Probationer, & be desired to take ye care of ye class of Sophimores.

    At a meeting of ye Corporation in Cambridge March. 23 168⅘.

    Welches expulsion was voted in these words—

    Whereas Welch has from his own confession before two Wittnesses, bin convicted of Theft, & is under vehement suspicion of guilt in respect of other Acts of stealing, at several times & from several Persons, & is also proved guilty of notorious lying; He is sentenced to be expelled ye Colledge as a Person unworthy to belong to such a Society.318

    At a meeting of the Corporation in Cambridge May. 4. 1685.319

    Whereas Mr Wainright a Fellow Com̄oner belonging to this Society has been proved scandalously guilty of breaking ye 3d, 8th, & 9th Com̄andts of ye moral Law, hee is ordered to make a Publick acknowledgt of his offences in ye Colledge Hall, & there also to be admonished. And except his future conversation shall Testify for him, hee is Judged worthy an expulsion.

    Ordered, yt wt is or shall be320 due to ye Colledge from Mather Junior on account of detriments shall be remitted.

    Ordered, yt out of absent Com̄ons of bread & bear shall be allowed to ye Butler thirty shillings on account of washing ye trenchers

    Ordered, yt Andrew Boardman be appointed ye Colledge Cooke.

    June 11. 1685.321

    At a meeting of the Hond & Revđ Overseers of Harvard Colledge at Boston.

    The Reverend Mr Increase Mather was requested to take special care for ye Government of ye Colledge, & for yt322 end to act as President till a further settlemt be orderly made.

    Exemplar Verum. Tho: Danforth Cl.

    Sept 8. 1685.323 Welch having made a Publick acknowledgement in ye Colledge Hall, (herein hee did confess yt ye Corporation had justly expelled324 him) & promised325 hee would endeavor to approve326 himself as became him for ye future, in case of his Readmission into ye Colledge, Hee was yn Readmitted.


    At a General327 Court held at Boston 27th of May 1685.328

    In answer to a motion made by ye Overseers of ye Colledge this Court doth order, That the hundred pounds part of ye Annual Salary due to ye President; be paid to ye Corporation, for ye encouragement of such as have done ye work, yt appertains to ye Præsident; & discharge of some other Accounts yt have bee[n] made for ye Colledge Benefit—

    By ye Court Edward Rawson


    At a meeting of ye Corporation in Cambridge329 July 2. 1685.

    Whereas the General Court held at Boston May 27. 1685. has ordered yt the hundred pounds pt of ye Annual Salary for the President, be payed to ye Corporation; It is hereby ordered by ye Corporation, yt ye sd 100ƚƚ be disposed of as followeth, viz. tenn pounds to Mr Jno Leveret: & forty pounds to Mr Jno Cotton, ye present ffellows of ye Colledge; & 50ƚƚ to Mr Manning in full discharge of wt is due to him on account of disbursements from ye Colledge.

    At a meeting of ye Corporation in Cambridge Sept 15. 1685.330

    Mr John Leveret & Mr Samuel Mitchell were chosen Fellows of ye Colledge

    Sir Rolfe was chosen a scholar of ye house in ye room of Sr Cotton, & ye rest continued.331

    Voted, yt in answer to ye request of the Present Coo[k] viz Andrew Bordman, the cooks Salary shall be annually forty pounds, excluding Com̄ons.332

    Ordered, yt 10ƚƚ shall be allowed to each of ye three333 Fellows out of yt money now in ye hands of ye honord Major Richards334

    Nov. 25. 85.335 It was then agreed by the President & ffellows—That to the Butlers annual allowance for candles should be added tenn shillings on ye acc[t] of wt is spent in336 his drawing cider.


    April. 12. 1686, It was yn agreed338 yt Davenport senior should have 12ƚƚ allowed him out of yt money of Mr Penoyers now in ye hands of ye honrd Major Richards.

    Ordered, yt ye fence between Colledges land & Mrs Mitchells shall be forthwth sett vp, & yt Mr Cotton be desired to take care to see it done.

    Ordered yt Mr Mr339 Cotton & Mr Leveret shall each of ym be allowed 10ƚƚ out of Mr Penoyers legacy now in ye hands of Major Richards.

    Ordered yt Mr Sam. Mitchell shall have 10ƚƚ allowed him out of Mr dodderedges gift, of the money now in ye hands of Major Richards.

    April. 25. 1686.340 Ordered by ye prsident & Fellows yt wt is due to Colledge frō ye 2 Sir Willams & on ye account of detriments, shall be remitted.

    July 8. 1686: Ordered yt fr ys prsent year Mr Penoyers legacy shall be dispossed of to ye present Tutors Mr Leveret & Mr Brattle, & to Davenport senior, & Jones each of ym six pound.


    March. 8. 168 6/7. Ordered by ye Rector & Tutors, yt Rogers be appointed ye Colledge Butler, Sr Salstonstall laying down his place as Butler.

    April. 22. 1687. Ordered yt Buckingham shall have341 ye Monitors place.342


    Legacy from the Late Wm Penoyer Esqr to Harvard Colledge In New Engƚd. Dr


    ƚi s d

    July 17. 85.

    To Disburst toward Maintainance of Jno Davenport Schollar of New Haven


    Novem. 5

    To Mr Leverett & Mr Mitchel ffellows


    June. 4. 86

    To Jno Davenport above sd



    To Mr Cotton, Leverett & Mitchell fellows


    Octob. 8

    To Jones of New-Haven, Schollar


    May, 23. 87.

    To Mr Leverett & Mr Brattle ffellows 6ƚi each



    To Davenport of New Haven, Schollar





    This344 is a true Acco of what is recd of & Disposition thereof . . Cambridge.


    ꝑ Contra Cr


    ƚi s d


    By Ballc of an Acco Sent March 23. 8⅘

    60– 2–0

    Octobr 17. 85.

    By Recd of Mr Humpr Davy frō Mr Edmd White of London 13l–7s–4d advance at 25 ꝑ C is 16–14–2 wch is rent to March 25o 84


    July. 30. 86.

    By money of Mr Jno Davy by Exchg from sd White—12li–13–4 in Londn advance at 25 ꝑ C is 15–16–8, wch is Rent to March 25o 85



    £ 92–12–10

    the Legacy of the Late Wm Penoyer Esqr


    Augst prim. 1687




    Nomina Graduatorum346

    Having observed, yt ye Names of those Graduated in Harvard College, are not recorded in any of ye College-Books, I thought such an omission ought not to be continued. Therefore I (Benjamin Wadsworth, President) think meet now, Jan. 23. 1733/4. to insert in this College Book, ye following Catalogue of Graduates printed An. Dom. 1733.

    An. Dom. 1642.

    • Benjamin Woodbridge S.T.D.
    • Georgius Downing.
    • Johannes Bulkley. mr
    • Gulielmus Hubbard. mr
    • Samuel Bellingham. mr
    • Johannes Wilson. mr
    • Henricus Saltonstal.
    • Tobias Barnard.
    • Nathanael Bruster. Th. Bac. Dub. Hib.


    • Johannes Jones. mr
    • Samuel Mather. mr. Socius.
    • Samuel Danforth. mr. Socius.
    • Johannes Allen.



    • Johannes Oliver.
    • Jeremias Holland.
    • Gulielmus Ames.
    • Johannes Russel. mr
    • Samuel Stow. mr
    • Jacobus Ward.
    • Robertus Johnson.


    • Johannes Alcock. mr
    • Johannes Brock. mr
    • Georgius Stirk.
    • Nathanael White. mr


    • Jonathan Mitchel. mr Socius.
    • Nathanael Mather. mr.
    • Consolantius Star. mr Socius.
    • Johannes Barden.
    • Abrahamus Walver.
    • Georgius Hadden. mr
    • Gulielmus Mildway. mr



    • Johannes Rogers. mr Præses.
    • Samuel Eaton. mr Socius
    • Urianus Oakes. mr. Socius. Præses.
    • Johannes Collins. mr. Socius.
    • Johannes Bowers.


    • Gulielmus Stoughton mr oxoni[
    • Johannes Glover M.D. Aberdon.
    • Joshua Hobart. mr
    • Jeremias Hobart. mr
    • Edmundus Weld.
    • Samuel Phillips. mr
    • Leonardus Hoar. M.D. Cantab. Præses.
    • Isaacus Allerton.
    • Jonathan Ince. mr


    • Michael Wigglesworth mr. Socius.
    • Marigena Cotton. mr
    • Thomas Dudley. mr. Socius.
    • Johannes Glover. mr
    • Henricus Butler. mr
    • Nathanael Pelham
    • Johannes Davis. mr
    • Isaacus Chauncey. mr
    • Ichabod Chauncey. mr
    • Jonathan Burr. mr


    • Josephus Rowlandson

    1653. Aug. 9.

    • Samuel Willis
    • Johannes Angier. mr
    • Thomas Shepherd. mr. Socius.
    • Samuel Nowel. mr. Soc. Thesau[ra]riu[s]
    • Richard Hubbard. mr
    • Johannes Whiting. mr
    • Samuel Hooker. mr Socius.
    • Johannes Stone. mr Cantabr. Angl
    • Gulielmus Thompson.

    Ad Secundum Gradum admissi fuere. An. 1655.

    Baccalaurei verô Sequentes. 1656. ut moris est.

    1653. Aug. 10

    • Edvardus Rawson
    • Samuel Bradstreet. mr Soci[us].
    • Joshua Long. mr
    • Samuel Whiting. mr
    • Joshua Moodey. mr. Socius
    • Joshua Ambrose. mr. Oxonii
    • Nehemiah Ambrose. mr. Soc[ius]
    • Thomas Crosbey.


    • Philippus Nelson.


    • Gershom Bulkley. mr Sociu[s]
    • Mordecai Matthews


    An. Dom. 1656.

    • Eleazarus Mather.
    • Crescentius Mather. mr Dub. Hib. Socius, Rector. Præses. S.T.D.
    • Robertus Pain. mr
    • Shubael Dummer.
    • Johannes Haynes. mr Cantabr.
    • Johannes Eliot. mr
    • Thomas Greaves. mr. Socius.
    • Johannes Emerson. mr


    • Zecharias Symmes. mr Socius.
    • Zecharias Brigden. mr. Socius.
    • Johannes Cotton. mr
    • Johannes Hale. mr
    • Elisha Cook. mr
    • Johannes Whiting
    • Barnabas Chauncey. mr


    • Josephus Eliot. mr
    • Josephus Haynes.
    • Benjamin Bunker mr
    • Jonas Fordham.
    • Johannes Barsham.
    • Samuel Talcot.
    • Samuel Shepherd. mr Socius.


    • Nathanael Saltonstal
    • Samuel Alcock
    • Abijah Savage
    • Samuel Willard. mr. Socius. V. Præses.
    • Thomas Parish.
    • Samuel Cheever.
    • Ezekiel Rogers
    • Samuel Belcher
    • Jacobus Noyes347
    • Moses Noyes


    • Simon Bradstreet mr.
    • Nathanael Collins. mr
    • Samuel Eliot. mr Socius.
    • Gulielmus Whittingham.
    • Josephus Cook.
    • Samuel Carter.
    • Manasseh Armitage.
    • Petrus Bulkley. mr Socius.


    • Johannes Bellingham. mr
    • Nathanael Chauncey. mr Socius.
    • Elnathan Chauncey. mr
    • Israel Chauncey. mr
    • Compensantius348 Osborn.
    • Daniel Weld.
    • Josephus Cook
    • Josephus Whiting. mr Socius
    • Caleb Watson. mr
    • Johannes Parker.
    • Thomas Johnson.
    • Bezaleel Sherman.


    • Johannes Holyoke.
    • Benjamin Thompson
    • Solomon Stoddard. mr Socius.
    • Moses Fiske. mr
    • Ephraim Savage
    • Thomas Oakes.


    • Samuel Symond.
    • Samuel Cobbet.
    • Johannes Rayner. mr
    • Benjamin Blackman.
    • Thomas Mighil. mr
    • Nathanael Cutler.


    • Alexander Nowel, mr Socius.
    • Josiah Flynt. mr
    • Josephus Pynchon. mr Socius.
    • Samuel Brackenbury. mr
    • Johannes Woodbridge
    • Josephus Estabrooke. mr
    • Samuel Street


    • Benjamin Eliot. mr
    • Josephus Dudley. mr
    • Samuel Bishop.
    • Edwardus Mitchelson
    • Samuel Man.
    • Sperantius Atherton
    • Jabez Fox. mr
    • Caleb Cheeschaumuck. Indus


    • Josephus Brown. mr Socius.
    • Johannes Richardson. mr Socius
    • Daniel Mason.
    • Johannes Filer


    • Johannes Harriman. mr
    • Nathanael Atkinson
    • Johannes Foster
    • Gershom Hobart. mr
    • Japhet Hobart
    • Nehemiah Hobart. mr Socius.
    • Nicolaus Noyes. mr


    • Adamus Winthrop
    • Johannes Cullick
    • Zecharias Whitman
    • Abrahamus Peirson
    • Johannes Prudden.


    • Samuel Epps. mr
    • Daniel Epps.
    • Jeremias Shepherd. mr
    • Daniel Gookin. mr Socius
    • Johannes Bridgham mr
    • Daniel Russel. mr Socius.
    • Josephus Taylor. mr Socius.
    • Jacobus Bayley. mr
    • Josephus Gerrish.
    • Samuel Treat. mr
    • Thomas Wells. mr 1703



    • Nathanael Higginson mr
    • Ammi Ruhamah Corlet. mr
    • Thomas Clark. mr. Socius.
    • Georgius Burrough


    • Isaacus Foster. mr Socius.
    • Samuel Phips. mr
    • Samuel Sewal. mr Socius.
    • Samuel Mather.
    • Samuel Danforth mr
    • Petrus Thacher. mr Socius.
    • Gulielmus Adams. Mr
    • Thomas Weld. mr
    • Johannes Bowles. mr
    • Johannes Norton. mr
    • Edvardus Taylor. mr

    17 1672.


    • Edvardus Pelham.
    • Georgius Alcock
    • Samuel Angier. mr Socius.
    • Johannes Wise. mr


    • Edmundus Davie. M. D. Paduæ.
    • Thomas Sargent.


    • Josephus Hawley.
    • Johannes Pike. mr
    • Jonathan Russel mr
    • Petrus Oliver. mr
    • Samuel Andrew. mr Socius.
    • Jacobus Minot.
    • Timotheus Woodbridge. mr.
    • Daniel Allin. mr
    • Johannes Emerson. mr
    • Nathanael Gookin. mr Socius
    • Thomas Bridge. mr 1706


    • Thomas Shepherd. mr
    • Thomas Brattle. mr. Soc. Thesaurarius
    • Jeremias Cushing


    • Thomas Cheever. mr
    • Johannes Danforth. mr Socius.
    • Edvardus Payson. mr
    • Samuel Sweetman.
    • Josephus Capen. mr
    • Thomas Scottow


    • Johannes Cotton. mr Socius
    • Cottonus Mather. mr. Socius. S.T.D.
    • Glascuæ; S: R. S.
    • Grindallus Rawson. mr
    • Urianus Oakes.


    • Jonathan Danforth. mr
    • Edvardus Oakes. mr
    • Jacobus Alling.349 mr
    • Thomas Barnard. mr


    • Richardus Martyn
    • Johannes Leveret. mr Socius Præses. S.R.S.
    • Jacobus Oliver. mr
    • Gulielmus Brattle mr Socius. S.R.S.
    • Percivallus Green. mr


    • Samuel Mitchel. mr Socius
    • Johannes Cotton. mr
    • Johannes Hastings. mr
    • Noadiah Russel. mr
    • Jacobus Peirpont. mr
    • Johannes Davie.
    • Samuel Russel. mr
    • Gulielmus Denison. mr
    • Josephus Eliot. mr



    • Samuel Danforth. mr
    • Johannes Williams. mr
    • Gulielmus Williams. mr


    • Johannes Denison. mr
    • Johannes Rogers. mr
    • Gurdonus Saltonstall. mr
    • Richardus Winseley.
    • Samuel Miles. mr Oxonii
    • Nehemias Walter. mr Socius.
    • Josephus Webb. mr
    • Edvardus Thompson.
    • Benjamin Rolf. mr


    • Thomas Dudley. mr
    • Warhamus Mather. mr
    • Nathanael Mather. mr
    • Roulandus Cotton. mr
    • Henricus Gibbs. mr Socius
    • Thomas Berry. mr
    • Johannes Whiting mr
    • Edvardus Mills. mr
    • Johannes Eliot.
    • Samuel Shepherd
    • Petrus Ruck
    • Isaacus Greenwood
    • Johannes White. mr. Socius Thesaurarius
    • Jonathan Peirpont. mr Socius


    • Franciscus Wainwright.
    • Benjamin Lynde. mr
    • Daniel Rogers. mr
    • Georgius Phillips. mr
    • Robertus Hale.
    • Carolus Chauncey. mr
    • Nicholaus Morton


    • Johannes Davenport. mr
    • Johannes Clark. mr
    • Nathanael Rogers. mr
    • Jonathan Mitchel. mr
    • Daniel Brewer. mr
    • Timotheus Stevens. mr
    • Nathanael Welsh.
    • Josephus Dasset. mr
    • Henricus Newman. mr
    • Josias Dwight. mr
    • Sethus Shove. mr




    • Jacobus Allen. mr
    • Samuel Moodey. mr
    • Gulielmus Payne. mr
    • Addingtonus Davenport. mr
    • Johannes Haynes.
    • Gulielmus Partrig.350
    • Richardus Whittingham. mr
    • Johannes Emerson. mr
    • Johannes Sparhawk. mr
    • Benjamin Marston.
    • Johannes Eveleth.
    • Benjamin Peirpont. mr
    • Johannes Hancock. mr
    • Thomas Swan. mr


    • Paulus Dudley. mr Socius. S.R.S.
    • Samuel Mather. mr
    • Johannes Willard. mr
    • Daniel Denison
    • Johannes Jones. mr
    • Josephus Whiting. mr
    • Nathanael Clap. mr
    • Josephus Belcher. mr
    • Nathanael Stone. mr
    • Johannes Clark. mr
    • Thomas Buckingham mr
    • Samuel Mensfield. mr
    • Petrus Burr. mr
    • Johannes Selleck.
    • Johannes Newmarsh.351 mr
    • Thomas Greenwood. mr
    • Benjamin Wadsworth. mr. Socius. Præses.
    • Thomas Ruggles. mr
    • Stephanus Mix. mr
    • Edmundus Goffe. mr
    • Nicholaus Lynde.
    • Benjamin Estabrook. mr


    • Johannes Tyng. mr
    • Ebenezer Pemberton. mr Socius
    • Thomas Mackarty. mr
    • Josephus Lord. mr
    • Christophonus Toppan. mr
    • Samuel Emery. mr
    • Thomas Atkinson.
    • Timotheus Edwards. mr


    • Benjamin Colman. mr. Socius. S.T.D. Glascuæ
    • Zecharias Alden
    • Ebenezer White. mr
    • Jacobus Townsend
    • Johannes Mors. mr
    • Caleb Cushing. mr


    • Isaacus Chauncey. mr
    • Stephanus Buckingham
    • Henricus Flynt. mr Socius.
    • Simon Bradstreet. mr
    • Johannes Wade. mr
    • Nathanael Hodson.
    • Penn Townsend
    • Nathanael Williams. mr.
    • Georgius Denison.
    • Johannes Woodward. mr.
    • Josephus Baxter. mr
    • Gulielmus Veazy. mr Oxonii
    • [N]athaniel Hunting. mr
    • [B]enjamin Ruggles. mr
    • [Gulielmus Grosvenor352] mr


    • Adamus Winthrop. mr
    • Johannes Woodbridge.
    • Dudleus Woodbridge.
    • Eliphalet Adams. mr
    • Johannes Savage.
    • Johannes Ballantine. mr
    • Salmon Treat
    • Jabez Fitch. mr Socius.


    • Samuel Vassal.
    • Gualterius Price. mr
    • Richardus Saltonstal. mr
    • Nathanael Saltonstall. mr Socius
    • Johannes Hubbard. mr
    • Simon Willard. mr
    • Habijah Savage. mr
    • Oliver Noyes. mr
    • Thomas Phips. mr
    • Timotheus Lindal. mr
    • Jonathan Law. mr
    • Ezekiel Lewis. mr
    • Thomas Blowers. mr
    • Thomas Little.
    • Ephraim Little. mr
    • Johannes Perkins. mr
    • Jedidias Andrews. mr
    • Josephus Smith.
    • Johannes Robinson. mr
    • Josephus Green. mr
    • Josephus Mors. mr
    • Nicholaus Webster.


    • Georgius Vaughan. mr
    • Roulandus Cotton. mr M.D.
    • Petrus Thacher. mr
    • Dudleus Woodbridge. mr
    • Jonathan Remington. mr Socius.
    • Samuel Whitman. mr
    • Samuel Estabrook.
    • Andreas Gardner. mr
    • Samuel Melyn. mr


    • Elisha Cook. mr
    • Antonius Stoddard. mr
    • Antonius Stoddard. mr
    • Jabez Wakeman
    • Nathanael Collins
    • Samuel Burr. mr
    • Johannes Read. mr
    • Samuel Moodey. mr
    • Richardus Brown
    • Hugo Adams. mr
    • Johannes Swift. mr
    • Johannes Southmayd
    • Josephus Coit.
    • Josephus Parsons. mr



    • Thomas Symmes. mr
    • Josias Cotton. mr
    • Samuel Mather. mr
    • Josias Willard. mr. Socius.
    • Dudleus Bradstreet. mr
    • Petrus Cutler. mr
    • Johannes Fox. mr
    • Nathanael Hubbard. mr
    • Samuel Wolcot. mr
    • Henricus Swan
    • Johannes White. mr
    • Josias Torrey.353 mr
    • Oxenbridge Thacher. mr
    • Richardus Billing. mr


    • Jeremias Dummer. mr. D. Phil. Ult. Bat.
    • Jonathan Belcher. mr
    • Johannes Bulkley. mr
    • Edmundus Quincey. mr
    • Johannes Taylor.
    • Stephanus Hosmer
    • Daniel Greenleaf. mr mr 1726
    • Moses Hale
    • Franciscus Goodhue. mr.
    • Nathanael Eells. Mr. 1743
    • Samuel Niles Mr. 1759
    • Josephus Moss.


    • Johannes Winthrop. mr S.R.S.
    • Simon Bradstreet.
    • Daniel Hooker
    • Johannes Whiting. mr Socius
    • Josephus Gerrish.
    • Jeremias Wise. mr
    • Robertus Breck. mr
    • David Deming. mr
    • Samuel Hunt. mr
    • Johannes Barnard. mr
    • Johannes Prentice. mr
    • Thomas Banister. mr
    • Daniel Dodge.
    • Johannes Holman. mr
    • Johannes Veazie. mr


    • Georgius Curwin. mr
    • Nathanael Oliver. mr
    • Johannes Stoddard. mr
    • Sampson Stoddard. mr
    • Johannes Legg. mr
    • Theophilus Cotton. mr
    • Amesius Angier. mr
    • Thomas Weld. mr
    • Timotheus Cutler. mr S.T.D. Oxonii et Cantab.
    • Nicholaus Fessenden. mr
    • Isaacus Bayley.354
    • Israel Loring. mr
    • Robertus Eliot.
    • Thomas Tufts. mr
    • Nicholaus Sever. mr Socius.
    • Samuel Wiswal. mr
    • Samuel Hinckes355
    • Samuel Woodbridge. mr
    • Ephraim Woodbridge. mr


    • Gulielmus Hutchinson. mr
    • Ebenezer Mountfort. mr
    • Christophorus Christophers.
    • Georgius Jaffery. mr
    • Gulielmus Burnham. mr
    • Sampson Sheaf. mr
    • Peleg Wiswal mr
    • Johannes Odlin. mr
    • Johannes Fiske. mr
    • Johannes Bowles. mr
    • Benjamin Gamblin. mr
    • Samuel Ruggles. mr
    • Johannes Gore. mr


    • Spencer Phips. mr
    • Jacobus Hale. mr
    • Josephus Stevens. mr Socius
    • Andreas Palmes.
    • Thomas Greaves. mr
    • Elijah Danforth. mr
    • Nathanael Gookin. mr
    • Gulielmus Rawson. mr
    • Gulielmus Allen. mr
    • Benjamin Choat. mr
    • Josephus Metcalf. mr
    • Jeremias Easman.
    • Johannes Latimer.
    • Nathanael Pitcher. mr


    • Gulielmus Dudley. mr
    • Johannes Russel. mr
    • Samuel Mighil. mr
    • Ebenezer White.


    • Johannes Wilson. mr
    • Edvardus Holyoke. mr Socius Præses
    • Johannes Patrigg. mr
    • Nathanael Clark. mr
    • Josephus Hiller. mr
    • Gulielmus Williams. mr
    • Gershom Rawlins Mr 1744
    • Johannes Rogers. Mr 1744
    • Josephus Marsh. mr
    • Jonathan Marsh. mr
    • David Parsons. mr


    • Ægidius Dyer. mr
    • Johannes Gibbins. mr
    • Petrus Thacher. mr
    • Daniel Baker. mr
    • Nathanael Fisher. mr
    • Josephus Avery. mr.
    • Johannes Avery. mr356
    • Jared Eliot. mr


    • Josephus Sewal. mr. Socius. S.T.D. Glascuæ
    • Samuel Wigglesworth. mr
    • Franciscus Wainwright. mr
    • Ebenezer Brenton. mr
    • Amesius Cheever. mr
    • Thomas Prince. mr
    • Johannes Otis. mr
    • Timotheus Ruggles. mr
    • Nathanael Sargent. mr
    • Gulielmus Shurtleff mr
    • Joshua Moodey. mr
    • Matthæus Short. mr
    • Stephanus Jaques. mr
    • Joshua Gardner. mr
    • Daniel Lewis. mr
    • Ebenezer Devotion.
    • [Henricus Rust m357]



    • David Jeffries. mr
    • Ebenezer Thayer. mr
    • Josias Oakes. mr
    • Samuel Fiske. mr
    • Johannes Quincey. mr
    • Thomas Robie. mr. Socius.
    • Samuel Phillips. mr
    • Johannes Tufts. mr
    • Eleazer Williams. mr
    • Compensantius Wadsworth. mr
    • Johannes Webb. mr
    • Aaron Porter. mr
    • Richardus Talley.


    • Johannes Wainwright. mr
    • Johannes Barnard. mr
    • Daniel Ringe. mr
    • Johannes Keen.
    • Samuel Greenwood. mr
    • Benjamin Prescot. mr
    • Thomas Hauley.
    • Ebenezer Williams. mr
    • Samuel Brown.
    • Benjamin Shattuck. mr


    • Johannes Denison. mr
    • Edvardus Wigglesworth. mr Socius S.T.P.Holl. S.T.D. Edinb.
    • Petrus Oliver.
    • Johannes Cotton. mr
    • Johannes Woodbridge.
    • Samuel Thompson. mr
    • Gulielmus Little. mr
    • Obadias Ayer. mr
    • Caleb Trowbridge. mr
    • Elisha Callendar. mr
    • Josephus Adams. mr
    • Jacobus Allen. mr
    • Josephus Meacham. mr
    • Samuel Terry. mr
    • Johannes James. mr


    • Gulielmus Sanford. mr
    • Johannes Rogers. mr
    • Crescentius Walter. mr
    • Johannes Wainwright. mr
    • Thomas Cushing. mr
    • Josephus Russel. mr
    • Johannes Chipman. mr
    • Elisha Williams mr
    • Samuel Blake. mr
    • Josephus Dorr. mr
    • Thomas Cheney. mr
    • Timotheus Fales. mr
    • Samuel Andrew. mr


    • Nathanael Appleton. mr Socius. S.T.D.
    • Gulielmus Cooper. mr
    • Richardus Waldron. mr
    • Thomas Berry. mr
    • Franciscus Foxcroft. mr
    • Eleazer Tyng. mr
    • Samuel Phillips. mr
    • Johannes Coit. mr
    • Petrus Barnes.
    • Robartus Stanton. mr
    • Jonathan Cushing. mr
    • Johannes Stedman. mr
    • Petrus Clark. mr
    • Johannes Nutting. mr
    • Edvardus White. mr
    • Nathanael Brown. mr
    • Andreas Gardner mr


    • Hugo Hall. mr
    • Thomas Walter. mr
    • Stephanus Williams. mr
    • Peres Bradford. mr
    • Benjamin Crocker. mr


    • Thomas Foxcroft. mr
    • Jonathan Peirpont. mr
    • Samuel Thaxter. mr
    • Nehemias Hobart. mr
    • Samuel Andrews. mr
    • Samuel Aspinwall. mr
    • Enock Coffin. mr
    • Adam Cushing. mr
    • Job. Cushing. mr
    • Ebenezer Gay. mr. S.T.D.
    • Johannes Brown. mr
    • Josephus Willard Mr 1720


    • Samuel Danforth. mr
    • Samuel Plaisted
    • Samuel Checkley. mr
    • Benjamin Marston. mr
    • Benning358 Wentworth mr
    • Jonathan Dowse.
    • Nathanael Sparhawk. mr
    • Johannes Thomas. mr
    • Calvinus Galpin.
    • Ebenezer Peirpont
    • Johannes Maylem. mr
    • Johannes Gardner. mr
    • Thomas Gray.
    • Samuel Spear. mr
    • Benjamin Webb. mr
    • Johannes Cleverly. mr
    • Benjamin Bass. mr
    • Nathanael Prentice. mr


    • Gulielmus Welsteed. mr Socius
    • Joshua Moodey. mr
    • Ebenezer Gray. Mr 1760
    • Samuel Stow. mr
    • David Crocker. mr
    • Gulielmus Cook. mr
    • Jonathan Townsend. mr
    • Samuel Payson. mr


    • Nathanael Rogers. mr
    • Gulielmus Waldron. mr
    • Johannes Higginson. mr
    • Nathanael Cotton. mr
    • Jacobus Allen. mr
    • Henricus Wise. mr
    • Josephus Belcher. mr
    • Joshua Gee. mr
    • Josephus Emerson. mr
    • Solomon Otis. mr
    • Johannes Greenwood. mr
    • Thomas Paine. mr
    • Nathanael Henchman. mr
    • Henricus Messenger. mr
    • Daniel Perkins. mr
    • Daniel Putnam.
    • Richardus Hazzen. mr
    • Daniel Neal. Mr.359



    • Johannes Eyre. mr
    • Benjamin Lynde. mr
    • Mitchel Sewal. mr
    • Josephus Moodey. mr
    • Theodorus Atkinson. mr
    • Samuel Moodey. mr
    • Edvardus Bridgewater. mr
    • Nathan Prince. mr Socius.
    • Adino Bulfinch. mr
    • Franciscus Cogswell. mr
    • Brocklebank Samuel Coffin. mr
    • Thomas Parker. mr
    • Daniel Witham. mr
    • Benjamin Fessenden. mr
    • Richardus Dana. mr
    • Gulielmus Thompson. mr
    • Timotheus Minot. mr
    • David Turner. mr
    • Cornelius Nye. mr


    • Addingtonus Davenport. mr Oxonii
    • Johannes Usher.
    • Hezekias Gold. mr
    • Thomas Oliver. mr
    • Roulandus Cotton. mr
    • Warhamus Williams. mr
    • Solomon Williams. mr S.T.D. Yal.
    • Johannes Hancock. mr
    • Johannes Green. mr
    • Josephus Bridgham. mr
    • Samuel Sherburn. mr
    • Ebenezer Robie. mr
    • Edvardus Jackson. mr
    • Benjamin Gibson. mr
    • Andreas Boardman. mr
    • Nathan Basset. mr
    • Jacobus Bayley. mr
    • Theophilus Pickering. mr
    • Nathanael Leonard. mr
    • Daniel Holbrook. mr
    • Thomas Fish
    • Josephus Stacey. mr
    • Robertus Ward. mr


    • Rosewell Saltonstal. mr
    • Johannes Angier. mr
    • Howard Wybourn. mr
    • Thomas Smith. mr
    • Josephus Whipple. mr
    • Edmundus Toppan. mr
    • Timotheus360 White. mr
    • Shearjashub Bourn. mr
    • Josephus Parsons. mr
    • Hull Abbot. mr
    • Jacob Eliot. mr
    • Samuel Dexter. mr
    • Petrus Reynolds. mr
    • Sethus Storer. mr
    • Josephus Green. mr
    • Josephus Gooch. mr
    • Richardus Jaques. mr
    • Samuel Jenison. mr
    • Josephus Stimpson. mr
    • Josias Marshall. mr
    • Hezra Carpenter. mr
    • Experience Mayhew. mr
    • Josephus Willard, mr
    • Judah Monis. mr.


    • Foster Hutchinson
    • Johannes Davenport. mr Socius.
    • Josias Winslow.
    • Pascal Nelson. mr
    • Stephanus Pain. mr
    • Nathanael Rogers. mr
    • Carolus Chauncey. mr. S.T.D. Edin.
    • Ebenezer Pemberton. mr S.T.D. Neo. Cœs.
    • Shephardus Fiske.361 mr
    • Stephanus Sewal. mr. Socius.
    • Johannes Wolcot. mr
    • Robertus Hale. mr
    • Noyes Parris. mr
    • Thomas Peirpont. mr
    • Pyam Blowers. mr
    • Isaacus Greenwood. mr. A362 M. et P. P. Holl.
    • Gulielmus Osgood. mr
    • Ebenezer Turrell. mr
    • Simon Davis. mr
    • Samuel Marshal. mr
    • Johannes Taylor. mr
    • Barnabas Taylor. mr
    • Amos Throop. mr
    • Johannes Adams. mr
    • Thomas Hubbard. mr
    • Johannes Lowel. mr
    • Samuel Barret mr
    • Ebenezer Parkman. mr
    • Josephus Champney. mr
    • Nathanael Hancock. mr.
    • Johannes Wyman. mr
    • Nathan Bucknam. mr
    • Gulielmus Rand. mr
    • Oliverus Peabody. mr
    • Jabez Wight mr
    • Josephus Richards.
    • Johannes Wight. mr
    • Benjamin Ruggles. mr
    • Gulielmus Brentnal. mr
    • Peleg Heath. mr


    • Gulielmus Brattle. mr
    • Edmundus Quincey. mr
    • Gulielmus Vaughan. mr
    • Richardus Saltonstall. mr
    • Johannes Chester. mr
    • Richardus Wibird. mr
    • Daniel Oliver. mr
    • Josias Cotton. mr
    • Gulielmus Ellery. mr
    • Bezaleel Toppan. mr
    • Johannes Smith. mr
    • Sylvanus White. mr
    • Nathanael Hunting. mr
    • Josephus Dwight. mr
    • Ebenezer Miller. mr Oxonii.
    • Thomas Lee. mr
    • Johannes Mountfort. mr
    • Josephus Bourn. mr
    • Ebenezer Gee.
    • Edmundus March. mr
    • Sethus Sweetser. mr
    • Matheus Livermore. mr
    • Daniel White.
    • Willard Hall. mr
    • Isaacus Lincoln. mr
    • Thomas Clap. mr
    • Moses Hale. mr
    • Thomas Frink. mr
    • Nathanael Brown
    • Gulielmus Newcomb.
    • Samuel Jefferds. mr
    • 1763 Guilielmus Parker



    • Middlecott Cook. mr
    • Samuel Mather. mr Glascuæ. S.T.D.
    • Johannes Wentworth. mr
    • Byfield Lyde. mr
    • Benjamin Penhallow
    • Samuel Hirst. mr
    • Samuel Willard. mr
    • Josephus Lynde. mr
    • Stephanus Greenleaf. mr
    • Johannes Sparhawk. mr
    • Habijah Savage. mr
    • Johannes Sturges. mr
    • Wenslæus Hobby. mr
    • Ward Clark. mr
    • Jonathan Frie.
    • Pain Winget. mr
    • Johannes Tuck. mr
    • Habijah Weld. mr
    • Thomas Weld. mr
    • Lothrop Lewis. mr
    • Nathanael Glover. mr
    • Josias Convers. mr
    • Thomas Kilby. mr
    • Josephus Belcher. mr
    • Johannes Wadsworth. mr
    • Johannes Gardner. mr
    • Hezras Whitmarsh. mr
    • Josephus Penniman mr
    • Jonathan Mills. mr
    • Isaias Lewis. mr
    • Johannes Sumner. mr
    • Samuel Dunbar mr
    • Johannes Owen. mr
    • Isaacus Abbot. mr
    • Nathanael Morril. mr
    • Johannes Callender. mr
    • Gulielmus Sheaf mr
    • Jacobus Fitsgerald. mr
    • Solomon Lombard. mr
    • Benjamin Dickinson.
    • Andreas Peters. mr
    • Gulielmus Bosson. mr
    • Josias Dennis. mr


    • Adamus Winthrop. mr
    • Andreas Belcher. mr
    • Andreas Oliver. mr
    • Israel Chauncey.
    • Henricus Phillips. mr
    • Johannes Frizell. mr
    • Flynt Dwight.
    • Josephus Baxter. mr
    • Dudlæus Woodbridge mr
    • Thomas Baker. mr
    • Johannes Martyn Mr 1743
    • Benjamin Fitch. mr
    • Zabdiel Boylston. mr
    • Nicholaus Gilman. mr
    • Barnabas Hedge. mr
    • Noah Hobart. mr
    • Jacobus Osgood. mr
    • Jacobus Skinner. mr
    • Gulielmus Balch. mr
    • Marston Cabbot. mr
    • Johannes Cabbot. mr
    • Jonathan Bowman. mr
    • Phillips Payson. mr
    • Ebenezer Holmes. mr
    • Simon Tufts. mr
    • [Samuel Coolidge mr363]
    • Stephanus Coolidge. mr364
    • Samuel Seabury. mr
    • Edvardus Bridge. mr
    • Isaacus Billings. mr
    • Jacobus Stone. mr
    • Zecharias Hicks. mr
    • David Hall. mr S.T.D. Dartmo.
    • Nathanael Davis. mr
    • Gulielmus Jenison. mr
    • Josephus Lewis. mr
    • Samuel Allis. Mr
    • Jonathan Neal. mr
    • Richardus Pierce. mr
    • Josephus Park. mr.
    • Benja Franklin Mr. 1753365


    • Benjamin Brown. mr
    • Johannes Tyng. mr
    • Edvardus Dowse.
    • Daniel Rogers. mr Socius.
    • Daniel Rogers. mr
    • Samuel Rogers mr366
    • Jacobus Cushing. mr
    • Edvardus Hunting. mr
    • Johannes Brown. mr
    • Gulielmus Hobby. mr
    • Christophorus Minot. mr
    • Samuel Sturges. mr
    • Mather Byles. mr S.T.D Aberd.
    • Benjamin Bradstreet. mr
    • Thomas Norton. mr
    • Nicholaus Bowes. mr
    • Edvardus Stacey. mr
    • Thomas Diamond.367
    • Ichabod Wiswall.
    • Gulielmus Smith. mr
    • Josias Smith. mr
    • Thomas Goodwin. mr
    • Jacobus Pike. mr
    • Samuel Freeman.
    • Thomas Clap. mr
    • Ammi Ruhamah Cutter. mr
    • Josephus Lewes.
    • Timotheus Walker. mr
    • Thomas Smith. mr
    • Johannes Williams. mr
    • David Lovel. mr
    • Johannes Warren. mr
    • Jacobus Varney. mr
    • Jacobus Robinson. mr
    • Johannes Hovey. mr
    • Nathanael White. mr
    • Josephus Manning. mr
    • Thomas Gill. mr
    • Jeremias Chubbuck. mr
    • Ebenezer Flegg. mr
    • Jeremias Gridley. mr
    • Nathan Webb. mr
    • Israel Nichols. mr
    • Gregorius Baxter.
    • Christophorus Seargeant. mr


    • Simeon Stoddard. mr
    • Gulielmus Clark. mr
    • Josephus Pynchon. mr
    • Gulielmus Willoughby. mr
    • Richardus Hall. mr
    • Thomas Greaves. mr
    • Henricus Gibbs. mr
    • Isaacus Lothrop. mr
    • Nathan Stone. mr
    • Josephus Lord.
    • Josephus Green. mr


    • Edvardus Jackson. mr
    • Thomas Cheesbrough. mr
    • Thomas Pitts.
    • Jacobus Bridgham. mr
    • Jeremias Condy. mr
    • Thomas Goodridge. mr
    • Eleazer Allen. mr
    • Jonathan Parker. mr
    • Daniel Dwight. mr
    • Jeremias Fisher. mr
    • Jedidias Jewet. mr
    • Johannes Emerson. mr
    • Johannes Marsh.
    • Artherton Wales. mr
    • Jonathan Stedman. mr
    • Thomas Prentice. mr
    • Theodorus Coker. mr
    • Jonathan Hayward. mr
    • Isaacus Richardson. mr
    • Stephanus Huse. mr


    • Samuel Brown. mr
    • Gulielmus Brown. mr
    • Thomas Hutchinson. mr LL D Oxon.
    • Johannes Fitch. mr
    • Eliakim Palmer. mr
    • Benjamin Church. mr
    • Benjamin Colman. mr
    • Belcher Noyes. mr
    • Isaacus Winslow. mr
    • Israel Williams. mr
    • Daniel Brewer. mr
    • Jabez Fox. mr
    • Johannes Prescot. mr
    • Nathan Townsend. mr
    • Johannes Moodey. mr
    • Benjamin Rolf. mr
    • Gulielmus Johnson. mr
    • Johannes Stevens. mr
    • Nathanael Saltonstall. mr
    • Stephanus Parker. mr
    • Samuel Palmer. mr
    • Thomas Brintnall. mr
    • Thomas Jackson. mr
    • Ebenezer Hindsdell. mr
    • Jonathan Miles. mr
    • Belcher Hancock. mr Tut. et Soc.
    • Nathanael Newell. mr.
    • Jonathan Trumble. mr LL.D Yal et Edin.
    • Gulielmus Metcalf. mr
    • Johannes Cookson. mr
    • Solomon Prentice. mr
    • Johannes Blunt. mr
    • Benjamin Kent. mr
    • Ebenezer Wellington. mr
    • Stephanus Harris
    • Joshua Wood.
    • Gulielmus Howlet.


    • Gulielmus Phips. mr
    • Samuel Wentworth. mr
    • Jonathan Belcher. mr Cantab. et Dub.
    • Josias Quincey. mr
    • Nathanael Cushing
    • Ludovicus Vassall.
    • Thomas Wibird. mr
    • Simon Bradstreet. mr
    • Johannes Rogers. mr
    • Johannes Fitch. mr
    • Henricus Sherburne Mr. 1748.
    • Edmund Trowbridge368 Mr
    • Daniel Peirce. mr
    • Grindal Rawson. mr
    • Ebenezer Hancock. mr
    • Josephus Newmarch. mr
    • Nathanael Eells. mr
    • Josephus Marsh. mr
    • Josephus Wise. mr
    • Nathanael Lindall. mr
    • Johannes Lovell. mr
    • Edmundus Bowman. mr
    • Jacobus Chaundler. mr
    • Josephus Fish. mr
    • Johannes Clark. mr
    • Josephus Torrey. mr
    • Johannes Janvrin. mr
    • Thaddeus Mason. mr
    • Ephraim Little. mr
    • Samuel Allen. mr
    • Nathanael Harrington. mr
    • Othniel Campbell. mr
    • Ezekiel Hersy. mr
    • Ephraim Spring. mr. 1732
    • Johannes Seacomb. mr
    • Thomas Lewes.
    • Andreas Croswell.369 mr
    • David Stearns. mr
    • Prince Hawes. mr
    • Josephus Lovett.
    • Stephanus Chase.
    • Johannes Wales. mr


    • Simon Frost. mr
    • Benjamin Walton.
    • Richardus Clarke. mr
    • Henricus Welsteed. mr
    • Nathanael Walter. mr
    • Ward Cotton. mr
    • Johannes Cushing. mr
    • Johannes Loring. mr
    • Gulielmus Williams. mr
    • David Parsons. mr 1733
    • Josephus Lee. mr
    • Ephraim Keith. mr
    • Abiel Howard. mr
    • Job Parker. mr
    • Enoch Freeman. mr
    • Philemon Robbins. mr
    • Samuel Moseley. mr
    • Zecharias Hicks. mr
    • Johannes Shaw. mr
    • Elisæus Eaton. mr
    • Timotheus Brown. mr
    • Amos Main. mr
    • Solomon Page.
    • Samuel Whittlesey. mr



    • Petrus Oliver. mr LL.D. Oxon.
    • Eliakim Hutchinson. mr
    • Carolus Frost. mr
    • Thomas Steel. mr
    • Robertus Breck. mr
    • Sampson Stoddard. mr
    • Johannes Cotton. mr
    • Samuel Parsons. mr
    • Stephanus Emery. mr
    • Stephanus Minot. mr
    • Robertus Eliot Gerrish. mr
    • Petrus Prescot. mr
    • Johannes Barton. mr
    • Josephus Mayhew. mr Tutor et Socius
    • Samuel Porter. mr
    • Samuel Gibson. mr
    • Thomas Tyler. mr
    • Edvardus Pell. mr
    • Caleb Rice. mr
    • Jacobus Penniman. mr
    • Johannes Sprague. mr
    • Jonathan Hastings. mr
    • Gualterus Hastings. mr
    • Josephus Manning mr
    • Gulielmus Royal.
    • Consolantius Carpenter. mr
    • Jacobus Diman. mr
    • Johannes Dennis. mr
    • Josias Edson. mr
    • Jeremias Fogg. mr
    • Thomas West. Mr 1759370
    • Lemuel Trott.
    • Adamus Richardson. mr
    • Jabez Richardson. mr
    • Phineas Hemēway. mr
    • Nathanael Whitaker. mr


    • Chambers Russell. mr
    • Jacobus Pitts. mr
    • Johannes Sparhawk. mr
    • Nathanael Gookin. mr
    • Otis Little. mr
    • Elisæus Odlin. mr
    • Samuel Niles. mr
    • Nathan Mayhew.
    • Samuel Cary. mr
    • Johannes Avery. mr
    • Ephraim Avery. mr
    • Stephanus Sewall. mr
    • Benjamin Woodbridge. mr
    • Josephus Cushing. mr
    • Samuel Stacey. mr
    • Henricus Hale. mr
    • David Goddard. mr
    • Jahakobus Bacon. mr
    • Jacobus Fowle. mr
    • Hezekias Man. mr
    • Supply Clap mr
    • Thomas Marsh. mr Tutor et Socius
    • Jacobus Lewes
    • Gulielmus Skinner. mr
    • Josephus Kent. mr
    • Ebenezer Wyman. mr
    • Edvardus Billing. mr
    • Samuel White. mr
    • Samuel Bacheller. mr
    • Perley Howe
    • Johannes Wood. mr
    • Samuel Kendall. mr
    • Josephus Burbean. mr
    • Josephus Seccomb. mr


    • Johannes Winthrop. mr S.R.S. Math. & Phil. Pr. Hollis. Socius
    • Johannes Vassall. mr
    • Johannes Cutler. mr
    • David Jeffreys. mr
    • Nathanael Hubbard. mr
    • Elijah Williams. Mr 1758
    • Johannes Rogers. mr
    • Thomas Barnard. mr
    • Timotheus Ruggles
    • Jacobus Pemberton. mr
    • Samuel Gardner. mr
    • Johannes Ellery. mr
    • Jacobus Morris.
    • Josephus Gardner. mr
    • Thomas Tufts. mr
    • Mather Withington
    • Josephus Herrick. mr
    • Nicholaus Loring. mr
    • Johannes Fowle. mr
    • Johannes Fairfield Mr
    • Ebenezer Hartshorn Mr 1737
    • Eleazar Hudson. mr
    • Thomas Rand. mr
    • Nathanael Merril. mr
    • Thomas Skinner. mr
    • Sampson Spaulding.371 mr
    • David Cowell. mr
    • Daniel Bliss mr. 1738


    • Gulielmus Lynde
    • Gulielmus Vassell Mr. 1743
    • Samuel Sewall. mr
    • Christophorus Bridge. mr
    • Jahakobus Wendell. mr
    • Nathanael Oliver. mr
    • Johannes Wilson
    • Johannes Swift. mr
    • Edvardus Eells. mr
    • David Gorham. mr
    • Thomas Ward. mr
    • Roulandus Thacher. mr
    • Samuel Gerrish. mr
    • Benjamin Gerrish. mr
    • Ephraim Flint. mr
    • Gulielmus Tyler. mr
    • Ezekiel Cheever. mr
    • Samuel Tyley. mr
    • Petrus Coffin. mr
    • Johannes Noyes. mr
    • Timotheus Symonds. mr
    • Josias Swan. mr
    • Edmundus Freeman. mr


    • Samuel Tobey. mr
    • Josephus Sylvester. mr
    • Josephus Orne. mr
    • Jedidias Adams. mr
    • Sethus Adams.
    • Josephus Cleverly. mr
    • Elias Haven. mr
    • Ebenezer White. mr
    • Benjamin Bowers. mr
    • Enock Parker. mr
    • Jonathan Jackson.
    • Henricus Cary. Mr
    • Thomas Balch. mr
    • Jacobus Scales.
    • Johannes Osgood. mr372
    • July. 5. 1734.
    • Elisæus Hutchinson. Mr
    • Johannes Wainwright.
    • Timotheus Cutler. Mr
    • Johannes Walley. Mr
    • Georgius Ball.
    • Benjamin Gambling Mr
    • Daniel Lewis. Mr
    • Samuel Phillips. Mr
    • Fobes Little. Mr
    • Johannes Hunt. Mr
    • Nathanael Perkins. Mr
    • Nathanael Bethune Mr
    • Ellis Gray. Mr
    • Johannes Stewart. Mr
    • Nathanael Little.
    • Johannes Hunt Mr
    • Gulielmus Gibbs. Mr
    • Aaron Whittemore. Mr
    • Richardus Rand.
    • Edvardus Upham. Mr
    • Josephus Crocker. Mr
    • Moses Hale. Mr
    • Phinehas Stevens. Mr
    • Samuel Nightingale. Mr
    • Parker Mors.
    • Johannes Guild
    • Samuel Holbrook Mr

    July. 4. 1735.

    • Gillam Tailer. Mr
    • Samuel Curwin. Mr
    • George Curwin. Mr
    • John Ballantine. Mr
    • Daniel Russel. Mr
    • Ezekiel Lewis. mr
    • William Bowdoin. mr
    • William Foye. Mr
    • John Watson. Mr
    • William Parsons. Mr
    • John Phillips Mr L L.D Dart.
    • Mesheck Wear. Mr
    • Eliakim Willis Mr
    • Samson Sheaf. Mr
    • Anthony Davis. Mr
    • Joseph Lemmon. Mr
    • William Woodberry. Mr
    • John Osborn. Mr
    • Samuel Swift. Mr
    • Aaron Smith. Mr
    • Noah Clap. Mr
    • Richard Patteshal. Mr
    • Samuel Cook. Mr
    • Edward Durant. Mr. 1748
    • William Russel. Mr
    • John Bunker. Mr
    • Josiah Peirce Mr
    • Samuel Chaundler. Mr
    • Solomon Townsend. Mr
    • Josiah Brown. Mr
    • Joseph Snell Mr
    • Aaron Cleaveland. Mr
    • Ivory Hovey Mr
    • Joshua Eaton.
    • Oliver Fletcher. Mr
    • Samuel Hill. Mr
    • Samuel Burnal. Mr
    • Joseph Underwood. Mr

    July. 7. 1736

    • Edward Winsolow. Mr
    • Jonathan Remington
    • George Jaffreys. Mr
    • Francis Hutchinson Mr
    • Norton Quincey. Mr
    • Jeremiah Wheelwright Mr
    • John Phillips. Mr
    • Benjamin Prescot Mr
    • Joshua Tuffts Mr
    • Edward Barnard Mr
    • Edward Archibald. Mr
    • David Jewet. Mr
    • Henry Down
    • Grant Webster Mr
    • Zoheth Smith Mr
    • John Burt Mr
    • Ebenezer Bridge Mr
    • Abner Baylie Mr
    • Anthony Emery
    • Josiah Brown. Mr
    • Enoch Ward. Mr
    • Bellami Bosworth Mr
    • Moses Parsons Mr
    • Pouning Bridgham Mr
    • Samuel Veazy Mr
    • John Porter Mr
    • Daniel Wilkin.373 Mr 1744


    July 6. 1737.374

    • Petrus Oliver Mr
    • Johannes Eliot
    • Petrus Thatcher Mr
    • Josephus Osgood Mr
    • Stephanus Fessenden Mr
    • Edvardus Cheever Mr
    • Jonathan Winchester Mr
    • Samuel Webster Mr S.T.D.
    • Benjamin Parker Mr
    • Andreas Eliot Mr Socius S.TD. Edin.
    • Elias Parkman Mr
    • Andreas Boardman Mr
    • Johannes Sprague Mr M.D.
    • Guilielmus Fessenden Mr 1741
    • Abrahamus Hill Mr
    • Jacobus Halsy
    • Samuel Cobb
    • Ebenezer Gay Mr S.T.D.
    • Josias Lewis Mr
    • Timotheus Harrington Mr
    • Josephus Deming
    • Johannes Bass. Mr
    • Ebenezer Morse Mr
    • Isaacus Morrill Mr
    • Moses Morrill Mr
    • Moses Emerson Mr
    • Abiel Abbot
    • Jonathan Ellis
    • David Bucknam Mr
    • Nathan Haven
    • Thomas Goss Mr
    • Josephus Lunt Mr
    • Aaron Whitney Mr
    • Benjamin Pratt. Mr
    • Samuel Steele Mr. 1743.
    • July. 5. 1738
    • Henricus Sewall Mr
    • Richardus Waldron Mr
    • Oxenbridge Thacher Mr
    • Benjamin White Mr
    • Jonathan Loring Mr
    • Woodbridge Odlin Mr
    • Nathanael Rogers Mr
    • Nathanael Rust
    • Johannes Chipman Mr
    • Samuel Watts Mr 1742
    • Isaacus Otis Mr
    • Guilielmus Downe Mr
    • Andreas Tyler Mr
    • Johannes Checkley Mr
    • Edvardus Eveleth Mr
    • Daniel Staniford Mr
    • Richardus Mower Mr
    • Josias Crocker Mr
    • Benjamin Adams Mr
    • Jonathan Hellyer Mr
    • Jonathan Perkins Mr
    • Elizæus Marsh Mr
    • Jonathan Davis Mr
    • Joshua Prentice Mr
    • Josias Chase Mr
    • Thomas Weld
    • Philippus Curtis Mr
    • Johannes Druce Mr
    • Carolus Gleason Mr
    • Jacobus Holt Mr
    • Stephanus Child Mr
    • David Robinson Mr
    • Edvardus Bates

    July. 4. 1739

    • Woodbury Osborne Mr
    • Johannes Rogers Mr
    • Guilielmus Oliver Mr
    • Samuel Greenwood Mr
    • Edvardus Brattle Oliver Mr
    • Richardus Watts Mr
    • Benjamin Woods Mr
    • Petrus Clarke Mr
    • Elisæus Niles Mr
    • Josephus Buckminster Mr
    • Lemuel Bryant Mr.
    • Richardus Downing
    • Dudlæus Leavitt Mr
    • Job Palmer Mr
    • Nathan Hale Mr
    • Nathaniel Gardner Mr
    • Ebenezer Putnam Mr
    • Richardus Salter Mr S.T.D Yal.
    • Adamus Collson Mr
    • Thaddæus Maccarty Mr
    • Gulielmus Vinal Mr
    • Daniel Emerson Mr
    • Isaacus Parker Mr
    • Daniel Farnam Mr
    • Mathæus Cushing Mr
    • Jonathan Kent Mr
    • Stephanus Frost Mr
    • Nicolaus Hodge Mr
    • Josephus Holt Mr
    • Caleb Swan Mr
    • Nathanael Sumner Mr
    • Solomon Reed Mr.

    Aug. 27. 1740

    • Thomas Prince Mr Prince
    • Benja Stevens Mr S.T.D.
    • Samuel Gay Mr
    • Georgius Bethune Mr


    • Samuel Adams Mr LL.D.
    • Isaacus Hinckley Mr 1747
    • Johannes Gibbins Mr
    • Samuel Downe Mr
    • Samuel White Mr
    • Samuel Orne Mr
    • Johannes Newman Mr
    • Samuel Handley Mr
    • Jonathan Hoar Mr
    • Samuel Hale Mr
    • Eliab Byram
    • Benjamin Willis
    • Nathanael Snell Mr
    • Samuel Langdon Mr S.T.D Abred. Prœses
    • Jacobus Hovey Mr
    • Josephus Davis Mr
    • Amarias Frost Mr
    • Sylvanus Conant Mr
    • Eliphalet Dyar Mr 1744. LL.D. Yal.

    July. 1: 1741:

    • Burnet William Guilielmus.
    • Phips David Mr
    • Mascarene Johannes Mr
    • Edvardus Winslow Mr
    • Johannes Thaxter Mr
    • Johannes Browne Mr
    • Samuel White Mr
    • Jonathan Townsend Mr
    • Josephus Waldo Mr
    • Timotheus Prout Mr
    • [G]ulielmus375 Blair Townsend Mr
    • Grindallus Rawson Mr
    • Isaias Dunster Mr
    • Loring Cushing
    • Thomas Amory Mr
    • Nathan Cheever Mr
    • Josias Torrey Mr
    • Matthæus Bridge Mr
    • Johannes Howland Mr
    • Johannes Tucker Mr S.T.D.
    • Thomas Jones Mr
    • Josephus Roberts Mr
    • Robertus Cutler Mr
    • Johannes Mellen Mr
    • Johannes Willson Mr
    • Eliphalet Dyer Mr.

    1742. July. 7

    • Leverettus Hubbard Mr
    • Johannes Wainwright Mr
    • Johannes Denison Mr
    • Samuel Auchmuty Mr S.T.D. Ox.
    • Georgius Eveleigh Mr
    • Edvardus Bromfield Mr
    • Samuel Pemberton Mr
    • Nathanael Hatch Mr
    • Benjamin Brandon Mr
    • Samuel Breck Mr
    • Jacobus Allen Mr
    • Harperus Hall
    • Andreas Burley Mr
    • Johannes Carnes Mr
    • Benjamin Toppan Mr
    • Josephus Roby Mr
    • Gulielmus Rand Mr
    • Josephus Adams
    • Isaacus Mansfield Mr
    • Stephanus Longfellow Mr
    • Enoch376 Bailey Mr
    • Adamus Bullard Mr
    • Barachias Mason Mr
    • Nathanael Trask Mr
    • Henricus377 Hans Hansen Mr
    • Samuel Fitch Mr 1766 1766

    1743. July. 6.

    • Foster Hutchinson Mr
    • Andreas378 Pepperrell Mr
    • Samuel Cooper Mr Soc. S.T.D. Ed.
    • Gulielmus Pynchon Mr
    • Samuel Checkley Mr
    • Johannes Usher Mr
    • Samuel Thaxter Mr
    • Lothrop Russell
    • Shearjashub Bourne Mr
    • Guilielmus Boume Mr
    • Jacobus Otis Mr
    • Gulielmus Charnock
    • Royall Tyler Mr
    • Samuel Waldo Mr
    • Samuel Fayrweather Mr Oxon et Cant.
    • Cottonus Brown Mr
    • Josephus Emerson Mr
    • Benjamin Webb Mr 1751
    • Gulielmus Lawrence379 Mr
    • Jacobus Pecker Mr
    • Johannes Crocker Mr
    • Johannes Chandler Mr
    • Jahakobus Tuttle Mr
    • Samuel Kneeland
    • Caleb Hitchcock Mr
    • Gad Hitchcock Mr S.T.D.
    • Daniel Shute Mr S.T.D.


    • Elizæus Savel Mr
    • Elizæus Toby
    • Paulus Burbean380 Mr
    • Jabez Porter Mr 1747.
    • Samuel Fitch Mr 1762
    • Eliphalet Williams Mr 1771 S.T.D. Yal.

    1744. Jul. 4.

    • Samuel Welles Mr
    • Antonius Lechmere
    • Johannes Vanhorne
    • Thomas Cushing Mr Soc. LL.D.
    • Thomas Brinley Mr
    • Isaacus Bowles Mr
    • Joshua Gee Mr
    • Jonathan Mayhew Mr S.T.D. Aberd.
    • Simon Tufts Mr
    • Carolus Pierce Mr
    • Johannes Wingate Mr
    • Benjamin White Mr
    • Nathanael Coffin Mr
    • Johannes Lewis Mr
    • Ebenezer Winchester Mr
    • Abramus Williams Mr
    • Nathanael Tucker
    • Edvardus Bass Mr S.T.D. Phila.
    • Josephus Swain Mr
    • Caleb Upham Mr
    • Guilielmus Whitmore Mr
    • Isaacus Osgood Mr
    • Jedidias Forster Mr
    • Petrus Frye Mr
    • Jacobus Humphreys Mr
    • Guilielmus Kneeland
    • Johannes Annable Mr
    • Jahakobus Green
    • Jacobus Welman Mr
    • Nathanael Bourne.
    • Guilielmus-Samuel Johnson Mr. LL.D. Oxon.
    • Richardus Cranch Mr 1780

    1745. Jul. 3.

    • Arnoldus Welles Mr
    • Jacobus Bowdoin Mr
    • Ichabod Blaisted Mr
    • Gulielmus Sever Mr
    • Andreas Higginson
    • Jacobus Warren Mr
    • Oliverus Peabody Mr
    • Josephus Adams Mr
    • Johannes Smith Mr
    • Gulielmus Davis Mr
    • Thomas Downe Mr
    • Johannes Phillips Mr
    • Johannes Wheelwright Mr
    • Josephus Storer Mr
    • Johannes Storer Mr
    • Nathanael Dummer
    • Samuel Wood 1749 Mr
    • Nathanael Ropes Mr
    • Thomas Forster Mr 1751
    • Johannes Adams
    • Samuel Turell Mr
    • Daniel Pond Mr
    • Elizæus Harding Mr
    • Nehemias Porter Mr
    • Thomas-Brand Hollis LL.D. 1787

    July 2. 1746

    • Daniel Foxcroft Mr
    • Edvardus Augustus381 Holyoke Mr
    • Edvardus Cushing Mr
    • Nathanael Gilman Mr
    • Samuel Moody Mr
    • Thomas Bulfinch Mr
    • Josephus Green Mr
    • Benjamin Fessenden
    • Samuel Gardner
    • Benjamin Dearborn Mr
    • Jaeobus Putnam Mr
    • Guilielmus Phips 1750 Mr
    • Ezra Stiles Mr 1754 S.T.D. Edin. LL.D. Neo Cae
    • Daniel Little Mr 1766
    • Robertus Rogerson Mr 1765

    July. 1. 1747

    • Johannes Mico Wendell Mr
    • Franciscus Waldo Mr
    • Petrus Bours Mr
    • Benjamin Ellery Mr
    • Guilielmus Ellery Mr
    • Pitts Hall Mr
    • Josephus Gooch
    • Johannes Erving Mr
    • Antonius Wibird Mr
    • Solomon Williams Mr
    • Johannes Cotton Mr
    • Nathanael Henchman Mr
    • Ebenezer Adams Mr
    • Foxwell-Curtis Cutt
    • Timotheus Minot Mr


    • Gulielmus Davis
    • Thomas Downe
    • Johannes Hurd Mr
    • Ebenezer Storer Mr Thesau.
    • Johannes Fowle Mr
    • Dorby Jonathan Mr
    • Isaacus2 Gardner1 Mr
    • Nyott Doubt
    • Peaslee Collins Mr
    • Johannes-Heard Bartlett
    • Johannes Hurd Mr
    • Edmundus Noyes Mr
    • Josephus Palmer Mr
    • Silas Downer Mr
    • Nathanael Robbins Mr
    • Peaslee Collins
    • Stephanus Badger Mr
    • Aaron Hutchinson Mr382
    • Alexander Cuming Mr 1761
    • Johannes Cuming Mr 1771
    • Benjamin West Mr 1771
    • Granville Sharp LL.D. 1788.
    • Samuel Langdon Mr 1792
    • Johannes Cuming Mr 1771.
    • Alexander Cuming Mr 1761
    • Aaron Hutchinson Mr
    • Benjamin West Mr 1771
    • Jacobus Lloyd M.D. 1790


    • Edvardus Hutchinson. Mr
    • Dudlæus Atkins. Mr
    • Georgius Leonard. Mr
    • Carolus Chauncy. Mr
    • Timotheus Pain. Mr
    • Artemas Ward. Mr
    • Josephus Adams. Mr
    • Jahakobus Cushing. Mr
    • Ward Browne.
    • Gulielmus Cook. Mr
    • Jonathan Sewall. Mr
    • Richardus Perkins. Mr
    • Gulielmus Baldwin. Mr
    • Perez Marsh. Mr
    • Thomas Sanders. Mr
    • Samuel Angier. Mr
    • Josephus Henshaw Mr 1752
    • Samuel Woodward. Mr
    • Josephus Bean. Mr
    • Johannes Rand. Mr
    • Thomas Hibbert. Mr
    • Jacobus Hobbs. Mr
    • Samuel French.
    • Georgius Lesslie Mr
    • Guilielmus Johnson Mr 1753 Oxon & Cant.
    • Jonathan Fitch Mr 1754.
    • Johannes Hotchkiss Mr 1765
    • Naphtali Dagget Mr 1771 S.TP Yal S.T.D. Neo Cœs


    • Guilielmus Whipple
    • Andreas Oliver Mr
    • Edvardus Wigglesworth Mr S.T.D. Tutor. Socius. S.T.P Hollis
    • Nathanael Appleton Mr
    • Benjamin Marston Mr
    • Johannes Sever Mr
    • Johannes Cotton Mr
    • Cottonus Tufts Mr M.D
    • Robertus Treat Pain Mr
    • Johannes Wiswall Mr
    • Joshua Green Mr
    • Samuel Brooks Mr
    • Guilielmus Tidmarsh Mr
    • Gideon Richardson Mr
    • Nathan Tisdale
    • Samuel Haven Mr S.T.D. Edin. & Dart.
    • Josephus Wilson
    • Abijah Thurston
    • Timotheus Pond Mr
    • Ezekiel Dodge Mr
    • Israel Cheever Mr 1753
    • Oliverus Meriam
    • [     ]383
    • Samuel Hopkins Mr
    • David Ripley
    • Gidcon Hawley384 Mr
    • Johannes Hotchkiss Mr 1765
    • Samuel Hopkins Mr 1754
    • David Ripley Mr 1754
    • Gideon Hawley Mr 1763
    • Georgius Washington LL.D 1776
    • Horatius Gates LL.D 1779
    • Benjamin Lincoln Mr 1780


    • Thomas Dudley. Mr
    • Thomas Cheever. Mr
    • Nathanael Cotton Mr
    • Oliverus Prescott Mr M. D.
    • Robertus Gibbs Mr
    • Johannes Wendell Mr
    • Henricus Gardner Mr
    • Nathl Peaslee Seargeant Mr
    • Johannes Sturgis
    • Elitzur Holyoke Mr
    • Samuel Jordan
    • Benjamin Clarke Mr
    • Guilielmus Symmes Mr Tutor
    • Samuel Hill
    • Henricus True Mr
    • Hezekias Coolidge Mr
    • Elizæus Fish Mr
    • Elijah Packard Mr
    • Johannes Ellis Mr


    • Josephus Dudley. Mr
    • Richardus Saltonstall Mr


    • Samuel Epes. Mr
    • Guilielmus Cushing Mr LL.D.
    • Benjamin Greenleaf Mr
    • Johannes Holyoke
    • Nathl-Ray Thomas Mr
    • Josephus Wanton Mr
    • Guilielmus Watson Mr
    • Mather Byles Mr S.T.D. Oxon.
    • Johannes Willard Mr
    • Johannes Russell
    • Guilielmus Williams Mr
    • Johannes Williams
    • Josephus Blaney Mr
    • Benjamin Gridley Mr
    • Guilielmus Parker Mr
    • Stephanus Minot Mr
    • Ægidius-Crouch Kellogg. Mr
    • Johannes White Mr
    • Johannes Feveryear. Mr
    • Josias Stearns. Mr
    • Jonathan Kidder Mr
    • Guilielmus Kneeland Mr Tutor
    • David Mitchel Mr
    • Samuel Whittemore Mr
    • Jonathan Vinal Mr
    • Moses Taft Mr
    • Eli Forbush Mr
    • Georgius Farrar Mr
    • Johannes Munroe Mr
    • Thomas Langrell
    • Johannes Morse Mr
    • Josephus Manning. Mr
    • Alexander McDowell
    • Jonathan Welles Mr 1756
    • Sethus Norton Mr 1756
    • Samuel Macclintoc Mr 1761 S.T.D. N.C.
    • Gulielmus Gordon Mr 1772 S.T.D. N.C.


    • Josephus Gerrish
    • Edmundus Quincy Mr
    • Abel Willard Mr
    • Thomas Mallbone
    • Josephus Cushing Mr
    • Samuel Wigglesworth Mr
    • Georgius Minot
    • Josephus Dorr Mr
    • Aaron Putnam Mr
    • Johannes Miller Mr
    • Thomas Browne Mr
    • Josephus Parsons Mr
    • Dummer Jewit Mr
    • Amos Adams Mr
    • Guilielmus Foster Mr
    • Ammi-Ruhamah Cutter Mr M.D.
    • Samuel Baldwin. Mr
    • Josua Bracket. Mr
    • Ephraimus Langdon Mr
    • David Barnes Mr
    • Jonathan Eames Mr
    • Ebenezer Thompson
    • Jonas Carolus385 Turner Mr
    • Jonas Clarke Mr
    • Azarias Faxon Mr
    • Benjamin Butler Mr
    • Asaphus Rice Mr
    • Josias Bailey Mr
    • Josephus Perry Mr
    • Cornelius Jones Mr 1771
    • Petrus Livius Mr 1767
    • Cœsar Anne de la Luzerne LL.D 1781.
    • Arthur Lee LL.D 1781.


    • Oliverus Wendell Mr Socius
    • Pelhamus Winslow. Mr
    • Jahakobus Quincy. Mr
    • Guilielmus Erving. Mr
    • Thomas Oliver. Mr
    • Petrus-Thatcher Smith. Mr
    • Edvardus-Perkins Sparhawk Mr
    • Josephus Jackson Mr Tutor
    • David Jenner.
    • David Lane. Mr
    • Jacobus Dana Mr S.T.D. Edin.
    • Ebenezer Thayer Mr Tutor
    • Johannes Lowell. Mr
    • Benjamin Kimbell. Mr
    • Jonas Meriam. Mr. 1757.
    • Solomon Park.
    • Elias Smith Mr
    • Nathaniel Potter 1758 Mr
    • Sethus Pomroy Mr 1756


    • Henricus Dwight
    • Samuel Foxroft Mr
    • Samuel Quincy Mr
    • Jonathan Webb Mr
    • Johannes Hancock Mr LL.D. et Col Ins R Thesau
    • Guilielmus Warner Mr
    • Bela Lincoln Mr M.D. Aber.
    • Phillips Payson Mr
    • Benjamin Church Mr
    • Samuel Marshall Mr
    • Daniel Treadwell Mr
    • Nathan Webb Mr
    • Jacobus Allen Mr


    • Nathan Fisk Mr S T.D.
    • Jason Haven Mr
    • Jahakobus Foster Mr
    • Petrus Powers Mr 1758
    • Guilielmus Patten Mr
    • Samuel West Mr S.T.D.
    • Hezra Thayer. Mr
    • Jacobus Greaton Mr 1760
    • Josias Sherman Mr 1758
    • Carolus Stockbridge M.D. 1793


    • Carolus Cushing Mr
    • Henricus Appelton Mr
    • Guilielmus Browne Mr
    • Philippus Livingstone
    • Johannes Wentworth. Mr LL D. Oxon. et Aberd. et Dart.
    • Jonathan Bowman Mr
    • Franciscus Gardner Mr
    • Jahakobus Eliot Mr
    • Josephus Stockbridge Mr
    • David Sewall Mr
    • Tristramus Dalton Mr
    • Thomas Sparhawk Mr
    • Guilielmus Whittemore Mr
    • Johannes Adams Mr LL.D. et Dart.
    • Samuel Dana Mr
    • Willardus Wheeler Mr
    • Stephanus Farrar Mr
    • Samuel Locke Mr S.T.D. Prœses
    • Robie Morrill Mr
    • Nahumus Marshall Mr
    • Moses Hemenway Mr S.T.D.
    • Nathan Kidder
    • Josias Goodhue Mr
    • Jahakobus Bailey Mr
    • Nathaniel Potter Mr 1758
    • Johannes Gardiner Mr Glas. 1791.
    • Josiah Sherman Mr 1758
    • Guilielmus Crawford Mr 1761.
    • Nathanael Rogers Mr 1762


    • Nathanael Lothrop Mr
    • Josephus Trumble Mr
    • Samuel Miller
    • Guilielmus Checkley Mr
    • Johannes Hill.
    • Guilielmus Hill Mr
    • Guilielmus Walter Mr S.T.D. Aberd.
    • Timotheus Walker Mr
    • Jacobus Lovell Mr
    • Henricus Hill Mr
    • Saml Holden Parsons Mr
    • Jonathan Hayward Mr
    • Micajah Sawyer Mr M.D.
    • Bartlet LeBaron Mr
    • Ephraimus Otis. Mr
    • Eleazer Weld Mr 1761
    • Nathan Prentice
    • Abiel Forster Mr
    • Ebenezer Sparhawk Mr
    • Josephus Sluman Mr
    • Jahakobus Emerson Mr
    • Thomas Rice Mr
    • Ezra Thompson Mr
    • Stephanus Shattuck Mr
    • Georgius Daman Mr
    • Chandler Robbins Mr 1760 Edin et Dar
    • Timotheus Danielson Mr 1779.
    • Andreas Rowland Mr 1761
    • Alexander Cuming Mr 1761
    • Timothous Jones Mr 1761
    • Samuel Macclintoc Mr 1761
    • Samuel Stilman Mr 1761


    • Atkinson Theodorus Mr
    • Vassall Johannes Mr
    • Appelton Johannes Mr
    • Georgius Erving Mr 1762 Glas
    • Russell Carolus Mr M.D. Aber.
    • Petrus Livingston Mr 1779
    • Pitts Johannes Mr
    • Chardon Petrus386 Mr
    • Allen Jonathan Mr
    • Gilman Tristram Mr 1761
    • Toppan Thomas
    • Brooks Edvardus Mr
    • Haven Johannes Mr
    • Walker Edvardus Mr
    • Barret Samuel Mr
    • Williams Thomas Mr
    • Pecker Jeremias Mr 1761
    • Fairfield Johannes Mr 1761
    • Phips Thomas Mr
    • Bradbury Theophilus Mr
    • Pike Guilielmus387 Mr
    • Tuttle Samuel Mr 1763
    • Tuttle Sampson Mr 1763
    • Parker Jedidias Mr
    • Holt Nathan Mr
    • Wheeler. Josephus Mr
    • Chandler Robbins Mr
    • Samuel Stillman Mr 1761. S.T.D. Col. Ins. R
    • [     ]
    • Hall Jackson M. D. 1793
    • Timotheus Jones Mr 1761
    • Andreas Rowland Mr 1761
    • Edmundus Fanning Mr 1764
    • Stephanus Sayre Mr 1766
    • Caleb Barnum Mr 1768


    • Johannes Foxcroft. Mr
    • Samuel Danforth. Mr M.D.
    • Thomas Hutchinson Mr
    • Daniel Oliver Mr
    • Thomas Wentworth Mr


    • Daniel Epes. Mr
    • Samuel Moffatt. Mr
    • Leonard Williams Mr
    • Samuel Frink Mr
    • Joshua Wingate Weeks. Mr
    • Johannes Tucke Mr
    • Guilielmus Russell Mr
    • Oakes Shaw Mr
    • Samuel Payson Mr
    • David Wyer Mr
    • Isaacus Foster Mr
    • Aaron Hall Mr
    • Simeon Howard Mr Tutor et Socius S.TD Edin
    • Daniel Noyes Mr
    • Petrus Russell Mr
    • Amos Toppan Mr
    • Gulielmus Perkins Mr
    • Thomas Fessenden Mr
    • Josias Bridge Mr
    • Josephus How Mr
    • Job Whitney
    • Rolandus Green Mr
    • Josephus Pearson Mr
    • Johannes Treadwell Mr
    • Eliab Stone Mr.
    • Samuel Dix Mr.
    • Carolus Gordon Mr 1762
    • Gulielmus Whitwell Mr 1762
    • Zephanias Leonard Mr 1763
    • Gulielmus Tennent Mr 1763
    • Johannes Sullivan Mr 1780 LL.D. Dart.


    • Jonathan Trumble Mr
    • Samuel Allyne Otis Mr
    • Benjamin Pickman Mr
    • Edmundus Dana Mr
    • Samuel Cotton Mr
    • Gulielmus Clarke Mr
    • Abiel Leonard Mr S.T.D. Neo. Cœs.
    • Paine Wingate Mr
    • Thomas Welles White Mr
    • Johannes Avery Mr
    • Paulus Coffin Mr
    • Carolus Coffin Mr
    • Samuel Gardner
    • Daniel Jones Mr
    • Edvardus Church Mr
    • Johannes Gorham388
    • Nathan Davies Mr
    • Johannes Pickering Mr
    • Justinus Ely. Mr
    • Samuel Fisk Mr
    • Lemuel Hedge Mr
    • Micah Lawrence Mr
    • Moses Putnam Mr
    • Nathan Goodale Mr
    • Josephus Warren Mr
    • Benjamin Hobbs
    • Ebenezer Taylor
    • Amos Moody
    • Samuel Kingsbury Mr
    • Johannes Whittier Mr
    • Phineas Whitney Mr
    • Zabdiel Adams Mr
    • Daniel Stimpson Mr
    • Gyles Merrill. Mr
    • Edvardus Russell Mr
    • [     ]389
    • Henricus Marchant
    • Guilielmus Whitwell
    • Nathanael Rogers
    • Joh. Greenough
    • Mat. Meriam
    • Ephraim Hide
    • Carolus Gordon Mr 1762 Abrd.
    • Henricus Marchant Mr 1762 LL.D. Yal.
    • Johannes390 Greenough Mr 1763
    • Ebenezer Grosvenor Mr 1763
    • Ephraimus Hide Mr 1763
    • Johannes Huntington Mr 1763
    • Matthœus Meriam Mr 1765
    • Ebenezer Crafts Mr 1784
    • Josua Toulmin S.T.D. 1794.


    • Thomas Brattle Mr
    • Daniel Leonard Mr
    • Ebenezer Hancock Mr
    • Ludovicus Vassall Mr
    • Johannes Hall Mr
    • Johannes Lowell Mr LL.D. Socius
    • Guilielmus Hooper Mr
    • Elijah Dunbar Mr
    • Johannes Warren Mr
    • Daniel Bliss. Mr
    • Josias Crocker Mr
    • Ebenezer Williams Mr
    • Bunker Gay Mr
    • Nathanael Wells Mr
    • Williams Bradford Mr
    • Johannes Wyeth Mr
    • Guilielmus Baylies Mr
    • Samuel Dean Mr Tutor S.T.D. Col. Ins. R
    • Josias Clark
    • Ephraimus Woolson
    • Jacobus Baker Mr
    • Timotheus Fuller Mr
    • Jonathan Livermore Mr
    • Ebenezer Rice
    • Antipas Steward Mr
    • Henricus Cumings Mr
    • [     ]391
    • Andreas Storrs Mr 1765
    • Matthew Miriam Mr 1765
    • Andreas Stoors Mr 1765
    • Samuel Blair Mr 1767 S.T.D. Phila.
    • Josephus de Valnais LL.D 1779
    • Thomas Jefferson LL.D. 1787 et Col. Yal.
    • Johannes Haygarth M.D. 1794.


    • Stephanus Hooper Mr
    • Elisæus Porter Mr


    • Petrus Oliver Mr
    • Hull Sewall Mr
    • Samuel Sewall Mr
    • Thomas Palmer Mr
    • Edvardus Wigglesworth Mr 1766
    • Archibaldus Campbell Mr
    • Guilielmus Emerson Mr
    • Samuel Williams Mr LL.D. Edin et Y al. Math. et Phil Nat Prof Hol.
    • Johannes Flagg Mr
    • Johannes Cushing Mr 1765
    • Jonathan Jackson Mr
    • Thomas Cary Mr
    • Guilielmus Goddard Mr 1765
    • Samuel West Mr
    • Theophilus Smith Mr 1789
    • Isaacus Rand Mr
    • Johannes Frye Mr 1765
    • Nathanael Ames Mr
    • Moses Badger Mr
    • Christophorus-Bridge Marsh Mr
    • Johannes Marsh Mr Tutor
    • Johannes Bass
    • Johannes Farnum Mr
    • Jonathan Moore Mr
    • Josias Browne Mr
    • Adamus Porter Mr
    • Johannes Pickering Mr LL.D. Dartmo
    • Josephus Bowman Mr
    • Daniel Leeds Mr
    • Thomas Marrett Mr
    • Jahakobus Emery Mr
    • Silas Moody Mr
    • Stephanus Sewall Mr392 Heb. cœtq.393 Ling. Or. Prof. Hancock.
    • Jacobus Prentice Mr.
    • Jonathan Craft
    • Johannes Page Mr
    • Benjamin Caryl. Mr
    • Andreas Storrs Mr 1765
    • Samuel Blair Mr 1767
    • Gulielmus Southmayd Mr 1768
    • Josephus de Valnais LL.D. 1779
    • Johannes Jay LL.D. 1790.


    • Elisæus Hutchinson. Mr
    • Thomas Danforth Mr Tutor et Socius
    • Guilielmus Hutchinson. Mr
    • Daniel Oliver. Mr
    • Isaacus Winslow. Mr
    • Franciscus Dana Mr LL.D.
    • Johannes New. Mr
    • Georgius Gardner. Mr
    • Jeremias Dum̄er. Rogers Mr
    • Jonathan Parker. Mr
    • Benjamin Balch. Mr 1767
    • Johannes Barnard. Mr
    • Nathan Stone. Mr
    • Andreas394 Eliot Mr Biblioth. & Tutor et Socius.
    • Jacobus Messinger.
    • Bezaliel Shaw. Mr
    • Guilielmus Shaw. Mr
    • Johannes Swift. Mr
    • Samuel Webster. Mr
    • Petrus Whitney. Mr
    • Joshua Atherton. Mr
    • Israel Atherton. Mr
    • Jonathan Crane. Mr 1766.
    • Solomon Phelps. Mr 1779.
    • Ephraimus Keith. Mr
    • Elbridge Gerry. Mr
    • Moses Gerrish.
    • Johannes Newman.
    • Matthæus Cuming.
    • Thomas Bridgman. Mr
    • Jeremias Belknap. Mr S.T.D.
    • Johannes Peck. Mr
    • Josephus Domett. Mr
    • Penuel Bowen. Mr
    • Timotheus Alden. Mr
    • Phinehas Adams. Mr
    • Thomas Hill. Mr
    • Georgius Partridge. Mr
    • Josephus Stacey Hastings. Mr
    • Marshall Springer Mr Mr 1766
    • Asa Porter. Mr
    • Peres Fobes Mr 1786 LL.D. Col. Ins. R
    • Johannes Wadsworth. Mr
    • Josias Winship. Mr
    • Ebenezer Champney.
    • Isaacus Hasey. Mr
    • Thomas Allen. Mr
    • Johannes Hottkiss Mr
    • Yalenses
    • Matthæus Meriam Mr
    • Andreas Storrs Mr
    • Robertus Rogerson Mr 1765
    • Jacobus Sullivan Mr 1780
    • Johannes-Coakley Lettsom M.D. 1790 et Edin


    • Josephus Hooper. Mr
    • Jedidias Huntington. Mr
    • Carolus Church Chandler.
    • Josias Quincy. Mr
    • Sampson Stoddard. Mr
    • Joshua Henshaw. Mr
    • Nathanael Noyes. Mr
    • Samuel Angier. Mr
    • Nathan Cushing. Mr
    • Samuel Eaton. Mr
    • Benjamin Balch. Mr 1767
    • Stephanus Scales Mr Tutr.
    • Johannes Jeffries Mr M.D. Aber
    • Jonathan White.
    • Benjamin Dolbeare. Mr
    • Johannes Hunt. Mr
    • Nathanael Fisher. Mr


    • Richardus Cary. Mr
    • Joshua Upham. Mr
    • Jonathan Bliss. M
    • Sampson Salter Blowers. Mr
    • Johannes Cabot. Mr
    • Timotheus Pickering. Mr
    • Ephraimus Ward. Mr
    • Josias Dana. Mr
    • Archelaus Putnam. Mr
    • Tarrant Putnam. Mr
    • Josephus Brown. Mr
    • Samuel Porter. Mr
    • Thomas Gannett. Mr
    • Caleb Gannett Mr Tutor et Socius
    • Samuel Waterman.
    • Samuel Perley. Mr
    • Benjamin Bowen.
    • Johannes Marrett. Mr
    • Nathanael Cooper. Mr 1768
    • Nehemias Parker.
    • Jacobus Parker.
    • Jahakobus Coggin. Mr
    • Daniel Little
    • 1766
    • Samuel Fitch
    • Steven Sayre
    • Johannes Lathrop Mr 1768. Socius S.T.D Edin


    • Franciscus Foxcroft Mr
    • Thomas Dyar
    • Nathaniel Richmond
    • Elizæus Williams Mr
    • Joshua Orne Mr
    • Thomas Abbot Mr
    • Gulielmus Bowman Mr
    • Johannes Banister Mr
    • Samuel Parker Mr S.T.D. Phila.
    • Johannes Scollay. Mr
    • Johannes Cushing. Mr 1769.
    • Johannes Emerson Mr
    • Oakes Angier Mr
    • Johannes Payson Mr
    • Stephanus Chase Mr
    • Samuel Porter Mr 1769
    • Ebenezer Bridge Mr 176
    • Johannes Wilkins
    • Sethus Ames Mr
    • Ebenezer396 Hunt Mr
    • Johannes397 Hunt Mr
    • Benjamin Bourne Mr
    • Shearjashum Boume Mr
    • Thomas Lancaster Mr
    • Thomas Brigden Mr
    • Caleb Strong Mr
    • Abiel Smith Mr 1774
    • Nehemias Ordway Mr
    • Nathanael Paine-Drowne Mr
    • Sewall Goodridge Mr
    • Rufus Welles.
    • Josias Langdon. Mr
    • Alexander-Sears Hill. Mr
    • Gulielmus Aspinwall. Mr
    • Isaacus Winchester. Mr
    • Jonathan Goodhue. Mr
    • Caleb Rice. Mr
    • Benjamin Brigham. Mr
    • Edvardus Barnes.
    • Edvardus Goddard.
    • Timotheus Hilyard. Mr Tutor
    • Daniel Fogg. Mr
    • Daniel Fuller. Mr
    • Jonathan Searle. Mr
    • Ephraimus Briggs. Mr
    • Vexillanius Man.
    • Petrus Livius Mr
    • Samuel Blair de [ ] Mr
    • Josephus Kidder Mr 1768


    • Nathaniel Sparhawk. Mr
    • Robertus Hooper. Mr
    • Andreas Oliver. Mr
    • Johannes Winthrop. Mr
    • Samuel Sherburne. Mr
    • Edvardus Winslow. Mr
    • Vryling Stoddard. Mr
    • Belcher Noyes. Mr
    • Guilielmus Fowle. Mr
    • Johannes Thomas. Mr
    • Henricus Gardner. Mr
    • Samuel Hunt. Mr
    • Samuel Rogers. Mr
    • Edvardus Parsons. Mr
    • Johannes Sprague. Mr
    • Johannes Thompson. Mr
    • Stephanus Hall. Mr Tutor et Socius.
    • Lemuel Williams. Mr 1773.
    • Josephus Willard. Mr S.T.D. Tutor Socius et Prœses LL.D. Yal
    • Johannes White.
    • Ezra Green. Mr
    • Thomas Haven. Mr
    • Moses Parsons. Mr
    • Josephus Taylor. Mr
    • Josephus Orne. Mr
    • Sethus Williams Mr
    • Johannes Stedman.
    • Mr
    • Ebenezer Stedman.
    • Nathanael Ward. Mr Biblioth.
    • Timotheus Langdon. Mr
    • Franciscus Winter. Mr
    • Isaias Joscelyn. Mr
    • Philemon Stacey. Mr
    • Moses Hubbard. Mr
    • Samuel Cutler. Mr 1769
    • Josephus Lee. Mr
    • Caleb Prentice. Mr Biblioth.
    • Jahakobus Rice. Mr
    • Jonathan Searle. Mr
    • Dudlæius Colman. Mr
    • Josias Crocker. Mr


    • Johannes Page. Mr
    • Elijah Browne. Mr 1769.
    • Johannes Eddy. Mr
    • Andreas Fuller. Mr
    • Josephus Bailey. Mr
    • Carolus Curtis.
    • Amos Sawyer. Mr
    • Josephus Willard. Mr
    • Josephus Penniman. Mr 1769
    • Josephus Currier. Mr
    • Nathanael Battle. Mr
    • Benja Shattuck. Mr
    • Silas Biglow Mr
    • Johannes Hotchkiss Mr
    • 1748
    • Matthæus Meriam Mr
    • 1759
    • Andreas Storrs Mr
    • 1760
    • Robertus Rogerson Mr [ ] 1765
    • Johannes Chester Williams Mr 1769
    • Simeon Williams Mr 1769
    • Elijah Fitch Mr 1770
    • Manasses Cutler Mr 1770 LL.D Yal.
    • Johannes Bacon Mr 1771
    • Josephus How Mr 1773
    • Apollos Leonard Mr 1786398
    • Ebenezer Pemberton Mr 1787399


    • Guilielmus Pepperrell. Mr.
    • Nathanael Saltonstall. Mr
    • Guilielmus Pickman. Mr.
    • Rufus400 Chandler Mr.
    • Henricus Gibbs. Mr.
    • Johannes Hunt. Mr.
    • Johannes Watson. Mr.
    • Epee Sargent.
    • Josephus Dowse.
    • Jonathan-Loring Austin Mr.
    • David Cobb. Mr.
    • Oliverus Whipple. Mr. 1770.
    • Ebenezer Potter. Mr.
    • Nicholaus Pike. Mr.
    • Thomas Barnard. Mr. S.T.D. Edin. et Col. Ins R
    • Samuel Morrill. Mr.
    • Thomas Prentice. Mr.
    • Samuel Curtis. Mr.
    • Samuel Savage. Mr 1777.
    • Carolus Jarvis Mr.
    • Benjamin Goodhue Mr.
    • Ebenezer Barnard. Mr.
    • Samuel Barnard. Mr.
    • Benjamin Hammett. Mr.
    • Elisæus Whitney. Mr.
    • Johannes Hill Mr.
    • Petrus Green.
    • Jahakobus Ashton. Mr.
    • Johannes Stevens. Mr.
    • Ebenezer Manning. Mr
    • Jahakobus Biglow. Mr.
    • Guilielmus Hall. Mr.
    • Nathanael Lovejoy Mr 1770
    • Joshua Fisher. Mr.
    • Samuel Hale. Mr
    • Elijah Putnam. Mr 1777
    • Joshua Bowman.
    • Nathanael Bond. Mr.
    • Johannes Prentice Mr
    • Johannes Barrows Mr
    • Johannes Chester Williams Mr Yal.
    • Simeon Williams Mr 1769
    • Nathanael Niles Mr 1772
    • Johannes Chester Mr 1775
    • Loammi Baldwin Mr 1785


    • Thomas Bernard. Mr
    • Adamus Winthrop. Mr
    • Edvardus Oxnard. Mr
    • Lemuel Cushing. Mr
    • Samuel Hancock. Mr
    • Isaacus Mansfield. Mr
    • Josias Moulton. Mr
    • Johannes Rogers. Mr
    • Isaacus Smith. Mr Tutor et Biblioth.
    • Daniel Johnson. Mr
    • Simon Tufts. Mr
    • Gulielmus Mayhew. Mr Biblioth
    • Zephanias Briggs. Mr
    • Elisæus Thayer. Mr
    • Henricus Herrick. Mr
    • Edmundus Freeman. Mr
    • Burrill Devereux. Mr
    • Samuel Willard. Mr
    • Crescentius Sumner. Mr
    • Nicolaus Dudley. Mr
    • Abrahamus Wood. Mr
    • Guilielmus Moore. Mr
    • Gulielmus Turner. Mr 1771
    • Jeremias Shaw. Mr
    • Simeon Chase. Mr
    • Enos Hitchcock. Mr S.T.D Col Ins Rhod
    • Samuel Cheney. Mr
    • Asa Dunbar. Mr
    • Sylvanus Ames. Mr
    • Timotheus Farrar.
    • Josephus Farrar. Mr
    • Nathaniel Kidder. Mr
    • Jonathan Frost. Mr
    • Asarelah Morse. Mr
    • Aaron Bordman. Mr
    • Gulielmus Gamage. Mr
    • Johannes Porter.
    • Amos Cutting. Mr
    • Moses Holt. Mr
    • Gulielmus Kelley
    • Nathaniel Merrill
    • Johannes-Marston Minot
    • Petrus de Sales la Terriere M.B. 1789


    • Rolandus Cushing Mr
    • Gulielmus Paine Mr
    • Nathaniel Chandler. Mr
    • Henricus Sewall.401 Mr


    • Andreas Henshaw. Mr
    • Guilielmus Hunt. Mr
    • David Greene. Mr
    • Ebenezer Sayer. Mr
    • Thomas Leonard.
    • Jonathan Hastings. Mr
    • Kenneth McKenzie
    • Jacobus Diman. Mr
    • Johannes Wentworth.
    • Jeremias Fogg. Mr
    • Johannes Ballantine. Mr
    • Gad Hitchcock. Mr
    • Benjamin West. Mr
    • Laurentius Sprague. Mr
    • Timotheus Orne. Mr
    • Obadias Parsons. Mr
    • Josephus Thaxter. Mr
    • Guilielmus Fessenden. Mr
    • Samuel Hill.
    • Johannes Coffin Jones. Mr
    • Ephraimus Wales. Mr 1774
    • Lemuel Hayward. Mr
    • Samuel Parker. Mr
    • Isaacus Knowles. Mr
    • Jonathan Smith. Mr
    • Aaron Bascom. Mr
    • David Tenny. Mr
    • Josephus Cum̄ings. Mr
    • Timotheus Upham. Mr
    • Benjamin Hitchborn. Mr
    • Moses Browne. Mr
    • Thomas Emery.
    • Nathaniel Porter. 1772 Mr
    • Daniel Newcomb. Mr
    • Jonathan Gove. Mr
    • Ebenezer Starr.
    • Samuel Nutting. Mr
    • Guilielmus Keous. Mr 1775
    • N. Cooper B A. ann. 1763. Mr Of other Colleges
    • Guilielmus Southmayd. Mr
    • Calebus Barnum Mr
    • Josephu Kidder. Mr &Mr John Lowthrop to be placed in the Catalogue as we may find them graduated in their own Colleges402
    • Johannes Kemp S.T.D. 1792
    • Thomas Randall S.T.D. 1792

    1769. Julii 19.403

    • Petrus Oliver Mr
    • Jacobus Winthrop Mr Biblioth.
    • Johannes Williams Mr
    • Petrus Thacher Mr S.T.D. Edin.
    • Josephus Lee Mr
    • Christophorus Sargeant Mr
    • Nehemias Williams Mr
    • Theophilus Parsons Mr
    • Gulielmus Tudor Mr
    • Johannes Bulkley Mr
    • Nathanael Webster Mr
    • Thomas Kast Mr 1774
    • Petrus Coffin Mr
    • Nathanael Tracy Mr
    • Nathanael Harrington Mr
    • Isaacus Biglow Mr
    • Jonathan Williams Austin Mr
    • Daniel Jones Mr
    • Jonas Dix Mr
    • Georgius Wheten
    • Alexander Scammell Mr
    • Gulielmus Bowers Mr
    • Benjamin Wadsworth Mr
    • Peleg Wadsworth Mr
    • Jacobus Blake
    • Ebenezer Bradish Mr
    • Elias Fisher Mr
    • Benjamin Guild Mr
    • Thomas Moore Mr
    • Jahakobus Jewett Mr
    • Noah Cooke Mr
    • Gulielmus Goodhue Mr
    • Elijah Fletcher Mr
    • Stephanus Peabody Mr
    • Samuel Whiting
    • Benjamin Bradshaw Mr
    • Samuel Coolidge Mr
    • David Jewett
    • Moses Dow Mr 39
    • July 15 1772 Revd Mr Wm Gordon of Roxbury admitted to ye Degree A M
    • Mr Niles A M at Nassau ad eundem
    • Thomas Melville Mr 1773
    • De La Fayette Marchio404 LL.D 1784

    1770. Julii 18405

    • Gulielmus Sanford Hutchinson Mr
    • Gilbertus Saltonstall Mr
    • Gulielmus Winthrop Mr
    • Johannes Winthrop 1774 Mr
    • Paulus Landgon Mr
    • Ward Chipman Mr
    • Jonathan Stearns Mr
    • Amarias Frost Mr
    • Johannes Mellen Mr Tutor
    • Aaron406 Hutchinson Mr
    • Jonathan Newell407 Mr
    • Edvardus Sprague Mr
    • Samuel Adams Mr
    • Samuel Osgood Mr
    • Josephus Hunt Mr
    • Zebulon Butler Mr
    • Jonathan Barns Mr
    • Abner Smith Mr
    • Nathan Goddard Mr
    • Samuel Sheldon Pool Mr
    • Thomas Colman Mr
    • Gulielmus Stearns Mr
    • Benja Chadwick Mr


    • Isaacus Stone Mr
    • Henricus Bright Mr
    • David Townsend Mr
    • Joseph Pope Mr
    • Palsgrave Wellington Mr
    • Hezekias Taylor Mr 1797
    • Jonathan Hicks Mr
    • Owen Warland Mr
    • Jahakobus408 Burnap Mr
    • Aaron Crosby Mr
    • 34: Gulielmus Wetmore Mr
    • Benja West admitted Master for honorary Degree
    • Elijah Fitch M. A.
    • Manasseh Cutler M. A.
    • Johannes Porter Mr 1777
    • Georgius Cabot Mr 1779

    Julii 17. 1771

    • Samll Hirst Sparhawk Mr
    • Jacobus Bowdoin Mr Socius
    • Andreas Bradford Mr
    • Samll Paine Mr
    • Edvardus Kitchen Turner
    • Gulielmus Vassall409 Mr
    • Samuel Phillips Mr LL.D
    • Daniel Murray Mr
    • Daniel Rogers410 Mr
    • Josephus Emerson Mr
    • Johannes Alford Mason Mr
    • David Parsons Mr
    • Gualterius Hastings Mr
    • Jahakobus Bacon Mr
    • Moses Hale Mr
    • Gulielmus Gay Ballentine
    • Gulielmus Vinal
    • David Toppan Mr S.T.D. S.T.P. Hollis
    • Samll Plum̄er Mr
    • Johannes Barnard Swett
    • Johannes White Mr
    • Winthrop Sargent
    • Robertus Roberts
    • Josephus Pearse Palmer Mr
    • Gulielmus Cheever Mr
    • Greenleaf Dole Mr
    • Zedekias Sangar Mr
    • Isaacus Bangs Mr
    • Johannes Tracy Mr
    • Joshua Dodge Mr
    • Johannes Gill
    • Ebenezer411 Putnam
    • Daniel Tyler Mr
    • Josephus Avery Mr
    • Johannes Frothingham Mr
    • Michael412 Joy Mr
    • David Osgood Mr
    • Johannes Warren Mr M.D. Anat. et Chirur. Prof. Hersey
    • Crocker Sampson Mr
    • Samll Nye Mr
    • Gulielmus Scott Mr
    • Samll Prentice Mr 1776
    • Abrahamus Watson Mr
    • Thomas Edwards Mr
    • Perez Morton Mr
    • Jonathan Norwood Mr
    • Melzar-Turner Oakman Mr
    • Israel Keith Mr
    • Nathanael Dickenson Mr
    • Johannes Noyes Mr
    • Gad Stebbings Mr
    • Moses Everett Mr
    • Moses Adams Mr
    • Samuel Wheeler Mr
    • Thomas Little
    • Amos Windship Mr 1790 M.B.
    • Benja Curtis Mr
    • Jonathan French Mr
    • Moses Johnson
    • Jedidias Estabrook
    • Ebenezer413 Allen Mr 1779
    • Gulielmus Scales Mr
    • Benja Hasey414 Mr
    • Revd Nathl Appleton created Doctor in Divinity
    • Revd President Dagget A M S.T.D. 1748 Pres. Coll. Yal.
    • Revd Eliphalet Williams 1743 A M
    • Revd Cornelius Jones A M 52
    • John Cuming Esq; A M honorary
    • Josephus Barker Mr 1782
    • Jeremias Hill Mr 1787
    • David Humphreys Mr 1787


    July 15. 1772

    • Gulielmus Chandler
    • Benja Loring
    • Clemens March Mr
    • Saml Murray
    • Johans Lindll Borland
    • Jonath. Williams
    • Johannes Eliot Mr
    • Saml Cooke Mr
    • Saml Ruddock
    • Georgius Inman
    • Johannes Shaw Mr
    • Johannes Hastings Mr
    • Paulus Whitney Mr 1782
    • Saml Haven Mr
    • Clemens Weeks Mr
    • Josephus Crosby
    • Thos Aston Coffin Mr 1791
    • Phillips White
    • Johannes Sprague Mr
    • Daniel Staniford Mr 1777.
    • Joshua Bayley415 Osgood Mr
    • Miles Whitworth
    • Johannes Simpson
    • Johannes Clarke
    • Joshua Barker Mr 1778
    • Nathaniel416 Ellery
    • Joshua Thomas Mr 1782
    • Johannes Homans
    • Edvardus Hill
    • Saml Smith Mr
    • Thos Burnham Mr
    • Jesse Rice
    • Gulielmus Eustis Mr 1784
    • Thos Saunders
    • Nathan Bond Mr
    • Johannes Sprague to be removd higher
    • Martinus Herrick
    • Gulielmus Fisk
    • Johannes Hills Mr
    • Saml Tenny
    • Josias Badcock Mr
    • Daniel Chaplin Mr
    • Oliverus Wellington417 Lane Mr 1779
    • Beza Hayward Mr
    • Phinehas Bowman
    • Thos Welsh
    • Levi Lincoln Mr 1776
    • Phinehas Wright Mr 1785
    • Johannes Allen 48
    • Johannes Bacon Mr 1772
    • Johannes Parke Mr 1775
    • Johannes Brooks Mr 1787
    • Gulielmus Hull Mr 1787
    • Jonathan Williams Mr 1787
    • Samuel Shaw Mr 1790

    July 21. 1773

    • Nathl Walker Appleton Mr
    • Josua418 Armsby Mr
    • Moses Bernard Mr
    • Jeremias419 Bernard Mr
    • Ebenr Boltwood
    • Guls Bradford
    • Iaacs Bradish Mr 1777.
    • Guls Caldwell Mr 1777
    • Stephs Crosby Mr
    • Nahus Cutler
    • Josua Eaton Mr
    • Saml Fales Mr
    • Thos Farrington Mr
    • Thos Flucker
    • Saml Henshaw Mr
    • Martins Leavitt Mr
    • Johans Low
    • Tilly Mirrick Mr
    • Abner Morgan
    • Danl Parker Mr 1782
    • Warhams Parks


    • Theods Parsons Mr
    • Oliver Peabody Mr
    • Eliphat Pearson Mr Heb. cœt. qe. Ling. Or. Prof. Hancock LL.D. & Col. Yal. et Neo. Cœs.
    • Josua Plumer
    • Thos Prince Mr 1778
    • Benj: Rice
    • Nathan Rice Mr 1778
    • Ebenr Rockwood Mr
    • Manas. Smith Mr
    • Carols Stearns Mr Tutor
    • Jacobus Trecothic Mr
    • Johan Trumbull
    • Abel Whitney Mr 1777.
    • Solomn Willard Mr
    • Robert Williams
    • Samuel Leonard Mr 1781
    • Royal Flint Mr 1786

    Julii420 15to 1774.421

    • Daniel Adams Mr 1778
    • Jonathan Allen Mr
    • Josephus Allen Mr
    • Fisher Ames Mr
    • Edvardus Barnard Mr
    • Franciscus Borland Mr 1785
    • Johannes Bradford Mr
    • Jabes Chickering Mr
    • Johannes Clark Mr
    • Josephus Crocker Mr
    • Isaias Doane Mr
    • Timotheus Dwight Mr
    • Richardus Roswell Eliot Mr Tutor
    • Josephus Emerson Mr
    • Samuel Emery Mr
    • Abel Fisk Mr
    • Gulielmus Fogg Mr
    • Gulielmus Gallison
    • Asahel Goodenow Mr
    • Josephus Hall Mr
    • Josephus Haven Mr
    • Gulielmus Hobart Mr
    • Gulielmus Jennison
    • Samuel Jennison Mr 1782.
    • Robertus Junkins
    • Thomas Loring Mr 1778
    • Benjamin Lovell
    • Nathan Morey
    • Benjamin Muzzey
    • Brinley Silvester Oliver
    • Daniel Parker Mr
    • Benjamin Putnam Mr 1781
    • Jacobus Putnam
    • Johannes Rice Mr
    • Thomas Rindge Rogers Mr
    • Jacobus Sheaffe Mr
    • Josias Smith
    • Moses Taft Mr
    • Johannes Thaxter Mr
    • Nathaniel Thomas
    • Benjamin Thurston Mr
    • Onesiphorus Tileston Mr
    • Timotheus Trumball Mr
    • Johannes Tucker Mr
    • Jahakobus Welsh
    • Laban Wheaton Mr
    • Bela Whipple
    • Thomas Rice Willard
    • [     ]
    • Gulielmus Greenough [ ]
    • Johannes Smith Mr 1780
    • Sethus Reed Mr 1781
    • Dwight Foster Mr 1784
    • Benjamin Waterhouse M.D. et Lugd. Med. Theo. et Prax. Prof. Hers.
    • Gulielmus Greenough Mr 1779
    • Cornelius Waters Mr 1788
    • Alexander Hamilton LL.D. 1792
    • Sethus Reed Mr 1781
    • Dwight Foster Mr 1784
    • Johannes Smith Mr 1780422

    Octoris 2do 1775.

    • Henricus Adams Mr 1778
    • Jahakobus Amadon423
    • Georgius Athern Mr424
    • Rufus Badcock Mr425
    • Ebenezer Battle Mr
    • Daniel Biglow Mr
    • Edvardus Billings Mr
    • Benjamin Bourne 1776. Mr 1778.
    • Franciscus Brinley 1777
    • Samuel Chandler Mr 1781
    • Samuel Dogget
    • Simeon Dunbar Mr
    • Jonathan Eames Mr Tutor
    • Josephus Emerson
    • Samuel Gay Mr 1785
    • Isaacus Hall Mr
    • Benjamin Heywood Mr
    • Petrus Hobart Mr 1779
    • Paulus Litchfield Mr 1779
    • Nathanael Macclintock Mr
    • Isaias Man Mr 1779
    • Jonathan Maynard 1776 Mr 1781
    • Thomas Fitch Oliver Mr
    • Isaacus Osgood Mr
    • Jacobus Otis Mr
    • Nathanael Paine Mr
    • Nathanael Peirce Mr
    • Johannes Poor Mr
    • Edvardus Pulling 1776 Mr 1780
    • Jesse Putnam Mr
    • Edvardus Hutchinson Robbins Mr
    • Daniel Shute Mr
    • Gulielmus Smith Mr
    • Johannes Jones Spooner Mr
    • Thomas Thacher Mr
    • Gulielmus Weeks Mr
    • Thomas Whiting Mr
    • Samuel Whitman
    • Levi Willard
    • Ebenezer Huntington
    • Adoniram Judson Mr 1782
    • Ebenezer Huntington
    • Adoniram Judson Mr 1782
    • Nathanael Adams Mr 1790426

    Augti 14to 1776

    • Johannes Bishop.
    • Johannes Bullard Mr
    • Johannes Child Mr
    • Josua Coit Mr 1784
    • Jude Damon Mr


    • David Daniels Mr
    • Aaron Dexter Mr M.D. Chym. et Mat. Med. Prof. Erving.
    • Ephraimus Drury
    • Josephus Emerson Mr
    • Ebenezer Smith Fowle Mr
    • Christophorus Gore Mr
    • Ephraimus Hall
    • Timotheus Harrington Mr
    • Johannes Haven
    • Gulielmus Heath Mr
    • Ezekiel Henley Mr
    • Aaron Hill Mr 1785
    • Isaacus Hurd Mr
    • Samuel Lee Mr 1787
    • Thomas Leverett Mr
    • Johannes Leverett Mr
    • Jacobus Lovell Mr
    • Jacobus Mann Mr
    • Plinius Merrick Mr
    • Georgius Morey Mr
    • Johannes Prince Mr
    • Johannes Remington Mr
    • Ezra Ripley Mr
    • Johannes Rogers Mr
    • Samuel Sewall Mr
    • Gulielmus Stearns Mr
    • Benjamin Stone Mr
    • Georgius Thacher
    • Dean Tyler
    • Royall Tyler Mr
    • Benjamin Allen427 Upham Allen Mr
    • Jacobus Warren
    • Ebenezer Wight Mr
    • Jonathan Willard Mr 1780
    • Johannes Williams. Mr
    • Samuel Winslow Mr
    • Petrus Woodward Mr
    • Samuel Woodward Mr
    • Samuel Sherburne Dartm:
    • Isaacus Senter M.D. 1793

    Julii 16to 1777.

    • Edvardus Bangs
    • Hodijah Baylies Mr 1781
    • Gulielmus Bently Mr Tutor
    • Petrus Clarke Mr
    • Jahakobus Conant
    • Ebenezer Crosby Mr 1782
    • Samuel Crosby Mr
    • Thomas Dawes Mr 1791
    • Nathan Dodge Mr
    • Johannes Eliot Eaton
    • Josephus Evans
    • Jacobus Freeman Mr
    • Johannes Goddard Mr
    • Gulielmus Greenleaf
    • Nathanael Healey Mr
    • Jahakobus Herrick Mr 1788
    • Samuel Hitchcock
    • Jonathan Homer Mr
    • Josephus Hooper
    • Ebenezer Hubbard Mr 1782
    • Josephus Kilburne Mr
    • Daniel Kilham Mr 1785
    • Rufus King Mr
    • Benjamin Lincoln Mr
    • Thomas Noyes Mr
    • Dudley Odlin Mr
    • Seth Payson Mr
    • Johannes Penhallow
    • Daniel Noyes Poor Mr
    • Huntington Porter Mr
    • Jonathan Porter Mr
    • Eliphalet Porter. Mr
    • Noah Rice Mr
    • Benjamin Rolfe Mr
    • Samuel Shuttlesworth Mr
    • Ephraim Smith
    • Aaron Smith Mr
    • Georgius Sparhawk Mr
    • Gulielmus Traill
    • Cotton Tufts Mr
    • Sylvanus Wildes
    • Johannes Chandler Williams
    • Daniel Foster Mr 1785
    • Gulielmus Little Mr 1786

    Julii 15to 1778.

    • Petrus Adams Mr
    • Rufus Green Amory Mr
    • Aaron Bancroft Mr
    • Josephus Blaney
    • Carolus Church
    • Nathan Dane
    • Thomas Dwight Mr
    • Brown Emerson Mr
    • Jonathan Fay Mr
    • Jonathan Freeman Mr
    • Henricus Gallison
    • Henricus Goodwin Mr
    • Eleazar James Mr Tutor
    • Josephus Jones Mr
    • True Kimball Mr
    • Martinus Kinsley Mr
    • Cornelius Lynde Mr
    • Georgius Richards Minot Mr
    • Elisæus Parmele Mr
    • Phillips Payson Mr
    • Asa Piper Mr
    • Reuben Puffer
    • Henricus Pynchon Mr
    • Ezekiel Savage Mr
    • Gulielmus Sever Mr
    • Gulielmus Spooner Mr
    • Ezra Stiles
    • Job Sumner Mr 1785
    • Jacobus Thomas Mr
    • Jesse Tucker
    • Nathanael Weare
    • Zephanias Willis Mr
    • [     ] 1779
    • Horatio Gates Exercit: [L]igat: Imp: Hon: gratia LL D
    • Monr Josephus de Valnais Regis Christ. Consul Hon gr LL D
    • Benjamin Chaplin 1779
    • Edmundus Foster Mr 1784
    • Josias Reed Mr 1785
    • Asa Spalding Mr 1791
    • Josias Bartlett M.B. 1791
    • Elijah Brigham Mr 1794428

    Julii 21mo 1779.

    • Isaacus Babson Mr
    • Sylvanus Bourn Mr
    • Andreas Bowers Mr 1788
    • Samuel Chandler


    • Abijas Cheever Mr 1785
    • Samuel Cobb
    • Oliver Everett Mr.
    • Elisæus Fish Mr
    • Nathanael Fadre Fosdick
    • Daniel Friend Mr
    • Jacobus Gordon
    • Gulielmus Gordon
    • Johannes Hale Mr Tutor
    • Jonas Hartwell Mr
    • Nathanael Appleton Haven Mr 1783
    • Johannes Hosley
    • Benjamin Mason Mr
    • Josephus Palmer
    • Nathanael Parker
    • Thomas Perkins
    • Thomas Roby Mr
    • Carolus Storer Mr
    • Barnardus Tucker
    • Nathan Tyler
    • Enoch Whipple Mr 1783
    • Levi Whitman Mr
    • Robertus Gates
    • Moses Sweat Mr 1790

    Julii 19no 1780

    • David Leonard Barnes Mr
    • Johannes Barrett Mr
    • Nathanael Bethume Mr
    • Parkman Bradshaw
    • Gulielmus Brooks Mr 1784
    • Jacobus Brown Mr
    • Johannes Crane
    • Gulielmus Croswell Mr 1786
    • Philippus Draper
    • Ephraimus Eliot Mr
    • Abel Flint
    • Aaron Hastings
    • Jacobus Hughes Mr
    • Daniel Jenckes
    • Jahakobus Kimball
    • Nehemias Mason
    • Elias Parkman
    • Sylvanus Plympton
    • Josephus Prince
    • Isaacus Reed Mr 1784
    • Thomas Walley Russell Mr
    • Daniel Sargeant
    • Gulielmus Symmes Mr
    • Jesse Thomas
    • Jacobus True
    • Fortescue Vernon
    • Arnold Welles Mr
    • Jahakobus White
    • Samuel Williams Mr 1785
    • Thomas Lindall Winthrop Mr
    • Oliver Lewis 1781
    • Thomas Chester Mr 1784
    • Johannes Robinson Mr 1789
    • Gulielmus Woodbridge Mr 1789429
    • Johannes Smith Mr et Linguarum Profr Collegii Dartmuthensis Et Honoris gratia
    • Benjamin Lincoln Armr
    • Exercitus Amer: Ligatæ im peratores
    • Johannes Sullivan Armr
    • Jacobus Sullivan Curiæ Mass supreme Ju[s]t[i]cia[rius]
    • Richardus Cranch Armiger
    • Oliver Lewis A B 1781 Yal 1780

    Julii 18vo430 1781431

    • Dudley Atkins Mr
    • Johannes Bartlett Mr
    • Isaacus Bayley Mr
    • Carolus Bulfinch Mr
    • Johannes Davis Mr
    • Samuel Dexter Mr
    • Elisæus Doane Mr
    • Petrus French Mr
    • Benjamin-Stacey Glover
    • Isaias-Lewis Green Mr
    • Josephus Hall Mr
    • Georgius-Holmes Hall
    • Johannes Haskins Mr
    • Abiel Heywood Mr
    • Bezaleel Howard Mr Tutor
    • Daniel Hubbard
    • Samuel Orne Mr
    • Elijah Paine Mr
    • Danforth Phipps
    • Appleton Prentiss Mr
    • Nathan Read Mr Tutor
    • Nathanael Ruggles Mr
    • Johannes Saunders Mr
    • Jacobus Sever Mr
    • Edvardus Sohier Mr
    • Timotheus Swan Mr
    • Dudley-Atkins Tyng Mr
    • Edvardus Wendell Mr
    • Oliver-Lewis
    • Samuel Hinckley Mr 1785
    • Johannes Williams Mr 1785

    Julii 17mo 1782

    • Artemas Baker
    • Samuel Balch Mr
    • Josephus Bartlett Mr 1786
    • Benjamin Bartlett
    • Samuel Bass Mr


    • Abrahamus Biglow
    • Jonathan Bird Mr
    • Ebenezer Bowman Mr
    • Nathanael Bridge
    • Theophilus Capen Mr
    • Richardus Codman Mr
    • Johannes Dawson
    • Josephus Estabrook Mr
    • Daniel Gould Mr
    • Edvardus Gray Mr
    • Sethus Hastings Mr
    • Moses Haven
    • Reuben Hayes
    • Timotheus-Lindall Jennison Mr Tutor
    • Samuel Kendal Mr
    • Benjamin Parker
    • Samuel Payson Mr
    • Gulielmus-Dandridge Peck Mr
    • Samuel Quincy Mr
    • Gulielmus Reed Mr
    • Jonathan Remington
    • Johannes-Jeremias Van Rensselaer
    • Stephanus Van Ransselaer
    • Chandler Robbins Mr
    • Nathanael Rogers Mr 1792
    • Larkin Thorndike
    • Jedidias Tucker Mr
    • Carolus Warren
    • Johannes Welles Mr
    • Henricus Wight Mr
    • Magistri Yalenses ad oundem gradum admissi
    • Josephus Barker Mr AB 1771
    • Adoniram Judson Mr AB 1775
    • Thomas B[ ]
    • Ebenezer Crosby Mr

    Julii 16to 1783

    • Asa Andrews Mr 1788432
    • Gulielmus Atkinson Mr
    • Josephus Barrell Mr
    • Jeremias-Smith Boies Mr
    • Gulielmus Brown Mr
    • Thomas Crafts Mr
    • Johannes Dashwood Mr
    • Ichabod Draper
    • Johannes Ewins
    • Georgius Fairservice
    • Barnabas Hedge Mr
    • Gulielmus Jackson Mr
    • Samuel-Cooper Johonnot Mr
    • Culiclmus King Mr
    • Tobias Lear
    • Daniel Leeds Mr
    • Alphæus Moore Mr 1791
    • Harrison-Gray Otis Mr
    • Asa Packard Mr
    • Oliver Prescott Mr
    • Gulielmus Prescott Mr
    • Johannes Rowe Mr
    • Philippus Spencer
    • Ambrosius Spencer
    • Georgius Storer Mr
    • Eleazar Taft
    • Josephus Taft
    • Horatius Townsend Mr
    • Ebenezer Tucker Mr
    • Artemas Ward Mr
    • Ebenezer-Hinsdale Williams Mr
    • Johannes Foster Mr 1787
    • Abiel Holmes Mr 1792

    Julii 21mo A D 1784

    • Johannes Abbot Mr Tutor
    • Samuel Abbot
    • Gulielmus Amory Mr
    • Jacobus Anderson
    • Thomas Babbitt Mr
    • Gustavus Baylies
    • Caleb Blake
    • Jonathan Burr Mr Tutor
    • Ezra Conant


    • Gulielmus Dorr Mr
    • Nathan Frazier Mr
    • Moses Gill Mr
    • Cadwallader Gray
    • Thomas-Russell Greaves Mr
    • Benjamin Green Mr
    • Josua Green Mr
    • Gulielmus Greene
    • Thomas Greenleaf
    • Samuel Griffin
    • Lemuel Hedge
    • Jonathan-Cooper Hill
    • Nathanael Hobart
    • Zecharias Howard
    • Silas Lee Mr
    • Ezekiel Little Mr
    • Henricus Mellen
    • Prentiss Mellen
    • Johannes Merrick Mr
    • Josua Paine Mr
    • Fredericus Parker
    • Benjamin Parker Mr
    • Thomas Payson Mr
    • Benjamin Pickman Mr
    • Jesse Remington
    • Nathanael-Johnson Robbins Mr
    • Thomas Greaves Russell Mr
    • Ebenezer Seaver Mr
    • Georgius Stacey Mr
    • Gulielmus Stedman Mr
    • Moses Warren Mr 1788
    • Samuel Webber Mr Tutor Math. et Phil. Nat. Prof. Hol.
    • Job Wight
    • Josephus Willard Mr
    • Thomas Williams Mr
    • Timotheus Williams Mr
    • Nathan Smith M.B. 1790.
    • Thomas Holt Mr 1793.

    Julii 20mo A D 1785

    • Jacobus Allen
    • Johannes Allyn Mr
    • Josephus-Gardner Andrews
    • Carolus Coffin Mr
    • Thomas Crafts Mr
    • Ebenezer Dawes Mr
    • Samuel Derby Mr
    • Amasa Dingley Mr
    • Samuel Emerson Mr
    • Paulus Fearing
    • Thaddæus Fiske Mr
    • Johannes Fleet Mr M.D. 1795
    • Barzillai Gannett
    • David Gurney Mr
    • Jahakobus433 Haven Mr
    • Nathan Hayward Mr
    • Pelatias Hitchcock
    • Johannes Hubbard
    • Ambrosius Hull
    • Theodorus Lincoln Mr
    • Gulielmus Mackay Mr
    • Moses-Leavitt Neal
    • Amasa Paine Mr
    • Robertus Pierpont 1787
    • Sethus Pratt434
    • Allen Pratt435
    • Ebenezer Putnam Mr
    • Merrick Rice Mr
    • Johannes-Miller Russell Mr
    • Jabez Upham 1786
    • Henricus Ware Mr
    • Kilburn Whitman Mr

    Julii 19no A. D. 1786

    • Johannes Andrews Mr
    • Samuel Andrews
    • Johannes Bartlett
    • Timotheus Biglow Mr
    • Josephus Blake Mr
    • Samuel Borland Mr 1790
    • Nathanael Bowman
    • Alden Bradford Mr Tutor
    • Christophorus-Grant Champlin Mr
    • Daniel Colt
    • Amos Crosby Mr Tutor
    • Gulielmus Cutler
    • Johannes Derby Mr
    • Gulielmus Dodge
    • Josias Dwight Mr
    • Robertus Fowle
    • Elisæus Gardner Mr 1794
    • Samuel Gardner Mr
    • Johannes Gibaut Mr
    • Robertus Gray
    • Jacobus Gray
    • Gulielmus Harris Mr
    • Ebenezer Hill Mr 1790
    • Nathanael Howe Mr
    • Dudley Hubbard Mr 1793
    • Jonathan Leonard
    • Henricus Lincoln Mr
    • Josephus Loring
    • Johannes Lowell Mr
    • Porter Lummus Mr
    • Jahakobus Norton Mr
    • Isaacus Parker Mr
    • David Pearce
    • Thaddæus Pomeroy
    • Jonathan-Edwards Porter Mr 1790


    • Isaacus Rand Mr
    • Johannes Simpkins Mr
    • Jacobus Sullivan
    • Johannes Taylor Mr
    • Josephus Thomas
    • Thomas Thompson Mr Tutor
    • Johannes Tyler
    • Johannes Warland
    • Josephus Warren
    • Tapley Wyeth Mr
    • Gulielmus Pearson M.B. 1789
    • Samuel Sumner Mr 1792

    Julii 18vo A.D. 1787

    • Gulielmus-Lovejoy Abbot Mr
    • Abiel Abbot Mr Tutor
    • Johannes-Quincy Adams Mr
    • Jonathan Amory Mr
    • Samuel Angier
    • Gulielmus-Amherst Barron Mr Tutor 1792
    • Benjamin Beale Mr
    • Jacobus Bridge
    • Josias Burge
    • Johannes Chandler Mr 1794
    • Thomas Chandler
    • Gardner-Leonard Chandler Mr
    • Caleb Child
    • Gulielmus Cranch Mr
    • Josua Cushman 1791
    • Petrus Eaton Mr
    • Oliver Fiske Mr
    • Johannes-Murray Forbes Mr
    • Bossenger Foster Mr
    • Nathanael Freeman Mr
    • Timotheus Fuller
    • Thomas Hammond Mr
    • Thddæus-Mason Harris Mr Bibli
    • Gaulterus Hunnewell Mr
    • Josephus Jackson Mr
    • Asa Johnson Mr
    • Gulielmus-Samuel Judd
    • Samuel Kellogg
    • Ephraimus Kendal Mr
    • Nathanael Laurence Mr
    • Ebenezer Learned Mr
    • Moses Little
    • Jacobus Lloyd Mr
    • Jacobus Lovell
    • Gulielmus Mason Mr
    • Daniel Mayo
    • Samuel Mead Mr
    • Ephraimus Morton
    • Hezekias Packard Mr Tutor
    • Johannes Phelps
    • Nathanael-Shepherd Prentiss
    • Samuel Putnam Mr
    • Isaacus Rand Mr
    • Johannes Sever Mr
    • Solomon Vose Mr 1791
    • Johannes-Jones Waldo
    • Franciscus Welch Mr
    • Leonard White Mr
    • Richardus Whitney Mr 1792
    • Samuel Willard Mr
    • Samuel Williams Mr

    Julii 16to A.D. 1788

    • Benjamin Abbot Mr
    • Solomon Adams Mr
    • Thomas Adams Mr
    • Thomas Bancroft Mr
    • Oliver Barron Mr
    • Stephanus Baxter Mr
    • Josephus Brigham Mr
    • Josephus Cabot Mr
    • Georgius Caryl
    • Edvardus Clarke
    • Oliver Dodge
    • Jacobus Gardner Mr M.B. 1792
    • Adamus Gordon Mr
    • Gulielmus Hill
    • Carolus Jackson
    • Jahakobus Kimball Mr
    • Abner Lincoln Mr
    • Henricus Phelps 1789
    • Johannes Phillips Mr
    • Jacobus Prescott Mr
    • Daniel-Clarke Sanders Mr
    • Gulielmus Sawyer Mr M.B. 1792
    • Amos Tappan
    • Johannes Dexter Treadwell Mr
    • Carolus Turner
    • Nathan Underwood Mr
    • Samuel West Mr
    • Robertus Wier Mr
    • Jacobus-Otis Prentiss M. B. 1791

    Julii 15to A. D. 1789

    • Carolus Adams Mr
    • Ephraimus Allen
    • Thomas Allen Mr
    • Israel Andrew Mr 1794
    • Zacchæus Bartlett
    • Georgius Blake Mr
    • Franciscus Blake Mr
    • Georgius Bradbury Mr
    • Asaphus Churchill


    • Ebenezer Coffin
    • Carolus Cutts Mr 1795
    • Johannes-Danforth Dunbar Mr
    • Gulielmus Emerson Mr
    • Nathanael Fisher
    • Ebenezer Gay Mr
    • Aaron Green Mr
    • Benjamin Haskell Mr M.B. 1793
    • Samuel Haven Mr
    • Samuel Holyoke Mr
    • Hezekias Hooper Mr
    • Thomas-Woodbridge Hooper
    • Johannes Hunt Mr
    • Johannes-Thornton Kirkland Mr Tutor.
    • Johannes Lathrop Mr
    • Levi Lincoln Mr
    • Nahumus Mitchel Mr
    • Cushing Otis Mr 1792
    • Robertus Paine Mr
    • Stephanus Palmer Mr
    • Jacobus-Hervey Pierpont
    • Jonathan Proctor
    • Samuel Shapleigh Mr Bibli.
    • Josias-Crocker Shaw Mr
    • Bezer Snell
    • Gulielmus-Pepperell Sparhawk Mr
    • Ebenezer Starr Mr
    • Phineas Taft
    • Nathanael Thayer Mr Tutor
    • Nehemias Thomas Mr
    • Cotton Tufts
    • Georgius-Baxter Upham
    • Carolus Walker Mr
    • Foster Waterman Mr Tutor
    • Ludovicus Weld
    • Edvardus-Stephanus Wigglesworth
    • Jacobus Wilson Mr

    Julii 21mo A.D. 1790

    • Thomas-Boylston Adams Mr
    • Erasmus Babbit
    • Jonathan Bowman Mr
    • Johannes Callender Mr
    • Samuel Chandler
    • Pitt Clark Mr
    • Samuel-Chandler Crafts Mr
    • Richardus Cutts Mr
    • Josephus Dennie
    • Nahumus Fay Mr M.B. 1793
    • Thomas Gray Mr
    • Jonathan Grout Mr
    • Benjamin Hasey Mr
    • Petrus Holt Mr
    • Johannes-Clarke Howard Mr
    • Gilbertus-Harrison Hubbard Mr
    • Gulielmus Ingalls Mr M.B 1794
    • Daniel Marrett Mr
    • Stephanus Moody
    • Josias Quincy Mr
    • Nathanael Ruggles Mr
    • David Smith Mr
    • Daniel Staniford Mr Tutor
    • Micah Stone Mr Tutor
    • Johannes Sullivan
    • Jacobus Sullivan
    • Georgius Sullivan
    • Johannes Tappan Mr
    • Thomas-Cushing Thacher Mr
    • Thomas Thomas Mr
    • Daniel Tilton
    • Paulus Trapier Mr
    • Abija Tufts Mr
    • Rogerus Vose
    • Samuel Walker
    • Jonathan Ware Mr
    • Josephus Warren
    • Josias Waters Mr
    • Samuel Welles
    • Benjamin Whitwell Mr
    • Franciscus Withers
    • Samuel Wragg
    • Petrus Schuyler Livingston
    • Johannes-Baptista Menard M.B. 1793

    Julii 20mo A.D. 1791

    • Zabdiel-Boylston Adams Mr
    • Thomas Austin Mr
    • Amos Bancroft Mr M.B. 1794
    • Samuel-Procter Bayley Mr
    • Josephus Bixby
    • Ephraimus Briggs Mr
    • Ezekiel-Hersey Derby Mr
    • Abrahamus Redwood Ellery Mr
    • Noah Fearing
    • Johannes Harris Mr
    • Gulielmus Hodge Mr
    • Asa King Mr
    • Nathanael-Cabot Lee Mr
    • Johannes Morse Mr
    • Samuel-Benjamin Morse Mr
    • Moses-Porter Phelps Mr
    • Thomas Pickman Mr
    • Thomas Rice Mr
    • Luther Stearns Mr Tutor
    • Daniel Stone Mr
    • Ichabod Tucker Mr
    • Benjamin Turner Mr
    • Johannes Walton Mr M.B 1794
    • Henricus-Dana Ward Mr
    • Daniel-Wheaton Mr
    • Calvin Whiting Mr
    • Petrus Whitney Mr
    • Samuel Adams M.B. 1794
    • Heber Chase M.B. 1794


    Julii 18vo A. D. 1792

    • Jahakobus Abbot Mr
    • Abiel Abbot Mr
    • Josephus Allen Mr
    • Johannes Appleton Mr
    • Ebenezer Bradish Mr
    • Nathanael Chandler Mr
    • Thomas Danforth
    • Gulielmus Dix Mr M.B. 1795
    • Justinus Ely Mr
    • Jonathan Fisher Mr
    • Johannes Gorham Mr
    • Jacobus Hawley Mr
    • Levi Hedge Mr Tutor
    • Henderson Inches Mr
    • Jedidias Ingalls Mr
    • Johannes Kimball Mr
    • Georgius-Gardner Lee Mr
    • Johannes Locke Mr
    • Gulielmus Mason Mr
    • Fredericus May Mr M.B. 1795
    • Luther Mills Mr
    • Hector Orr
    • Thomas Paine Mr
    • Willard Peele Mr
    • Johannes Pipon Mr
    • Johannes-Snelling Popkin Mr Tutor
    • Phineas Randall Mr
    • Paulus Rolfe Mr
    • Samuel-Phillips Russell Mr
    • Philander Shaw Mr
    • Josephus Sprague Mr
    • Bradstreet Story Mr
    • Gulielmus Sullivan Mr
    • Stephanus Webster Mr
    • Nathan-Plimpton West Mr
    • Johannes Williams Mr
    • Jahakobus Wyeth Mr

    Julii 17mo A.D. 1793

    • Phineas Adams
    • Carolus Angier
    • Gulielmus Ashley
    • Johannes Avery
    • Samuel Brown
    • Johannes-Curtis Chamberlain
    • Carolus Coffin
    • Ward Cotton
    • Carolus Cutler
    • Jonathan Dwight
    • Caleb Ellis
    • Samuel Farrar
    • Samuel Fiske
    • Nathanael-Hill Fletcher
    • Josua Frost
    • Franciscus Gardner
    • Josephus Hilliard
    • Timotheus Hilliard
    • Carolus Jackson
    • Gulielmus Jones
    • Franciscus-Cabot Lowell
    • Johannes-Byles Marshall
    • Gulielmus Muzzy
    • Carolus Paine
    • Daniel Peters
    • Johannes Pierce
    • Josephus Prince
    • Isaacus Story
    • Josephus Stowers
    • Fredericus-Augustus Sumner
    • Samuel Thatcher
    • Elihu Whitcomb
    • Nicolaus-Bowes Whitney
    • Thomas Wigglesworth
    • Josephus Willard
    • Augustus Willard
    • Carolus-Williams Winship

    Julii 16to A.D. 1794

    • David Abbot
    • Oliver Ainsworth
    • Timotheus Alden
    • Georgius-Washington Appleton
    • Carolus-Humphrey Atherton
    • Johannes Atkinson
    • Gulielmus Biglow
    • Jacobus Bowers
    • Thomas Bowman
    • Isaacus Braman
    • Daniel Brooks
    • Lucas Brown
    • Franciscus-Dana Channing
    • Gulielmus Crosby
    • Christophorus Cushing
    • Elijah Dunbar
    • Daniel Emerson
    • Samuel Aldridge Flagg
    • Jahakobus Flint
    • Thomas Geyer
    • Jacobus-Blake Howe
    • Edvardus Jackson
    • David Kendall


    • Josephus McKean
    • Jesse Olds
    • Stephanus Peabody
    • Josephus Perkins
    • Samuel Stearns
    • Hall Tufts

    Julii 15to A.D 1795

    • Thomas Baker
    • Josias Bartlett
    • Andreas Beattie
    • Sethus Bemis
    • Caleb Bradley
    • Nathanael Bradstreet
    • Samuel Bumstead
    • Amos Choate
    • Oliver Crosby
    • Henricus Cumings
    • Theodore Dehon
    • Samuel-Adams Dorr
    • Henricus Gassett
    • Benjamin Gorham
    • Curtis Guild
    • Johannes Heard
    • Ebenezer Hunt
    • Amos Kent
    • Johannes Kittredge
    • Ebenezer Lawrence
    • Thomas Noyes
    • Franciscus-Johonnot Oliver
    • Johannes Phillips
    • Carolus Prentiss
    • Samuel-Jackson Prescott
    • Gulielmus Salisbury
    • Richardus-Cutts Shannon
    • Nathanael Stone
    • Josias Sturges
    • Ebenezer-Coddington Thayer
    • Benjamin Vinton
    • Thomas Wales
    • Georgius-Washington Wallingford
    • Silas Warren
    • Daniel Weston
    • Josua Wingate
    • Timotheus Winn
    • Daniel Woods



    This body of Laws for ye (or relating to) ye Library of Harvard Colledge, was made by ye Corporation of said College, and finally compleated by ye overseers consenting thereto. May. 20. 1736.437

    1 That ye Library-Keeper be chosen for no longer a time Than one year; and on his removal, or a new choice, he shall give up an account of ye state of ye Library to ye Corporation; and the Corporation (or those whom they shall appoint) shall look over ye Library, & see yt ye Books and other things pertaining438 to ye Library, are all in their place & order.

    2 When ye Library Keeper goes out of Town, he shall (wit[h] ye approbation of ye President, & one or more of the Tutors signified under their hand) substitute some faithfull scholar, with whom he shall intrust ye Key of ye Library till his return; who shall be obliged to ye same duty & attendance, as ye Library Keeper himself is when present.

    3 No Book shall be taken out of ye Library, or returned, without ye knowledge & presence of ye Library Keeper or his substitute; ye name of the borrower & restorer, with ye Book itself & time of borrowing and returning, being orderly set down in ye Library Keeper’s Book, by ye Library Keeper or his substitute.

    4 Such persons as are in ye Instruction or Government of ye College, & such Graduates as reside at ye College, or in ye Town of Cambridge (for ye benefit of following their studies) whose names are, or shall be, at their desire inserted in ye College Quarter Bills, and all Senior Sophisters, may borrow Books out of ye Library; and no other person without leave from ye Corporation; unless such Gentlemen of Learning as are setled in ye Town of Cambridge, and have special allowance from ye President & one or more of ye Tutors under their hands, for such Books as they shall desire. And no other things but Books shall be borrowed out of ye Library, except by those in ye Instruction or439 Government of ye College.

    5. No Scholar in ye College, under a Senior Sophister, may borrow a Book out of ye Library: nor shall any borrow or let any Book, or other thing which he hath borrowed, go from under his personal custody.

    6. When ye Senior Sophisters shall be admitted to ye priveledge of borrowing Books out of ye Library, ye President, Professors & Tutors, shall advise them what Books are most proper for their reading

    7. No Scholar shall borrow any Book out of ye Library, oftner than once in three weeks: and the Masters, Bachelours, & Senior Sophisters, shall have in their order, their distinct weeks for borrowing.


    8. No person, except such as440 are concerned in ye Instruction & government of ye College, shall keep any Book belonging to ye Library, longer than three weeks; or borrow more out of ye Library441 than three Books at a time, without leave obtained from ye President & Tutors, signified to ye Library Keeper, by a note under ye President’s hand.

    9. The stated time for borrowing & returning Books, shall be fixed to Fryday; on which day in each week, from eleven a clock till two in ye afternoon (times of vacation, & dinner time in ye College, excepted) the Library Keeper or his substitute shall be obliged to give his attendance in ye Library for yt end; and shall not permit442 any Scholars to enter into ye Library, but shall deliver & receive ye Library Books, asked for, & returned, by ye Scholars, at ye Library door. And if any Scholar shall at such times attempt to enter into ye Library, he shall, upon complaint wch443 made by ye Library Keeper shall make444 to ye President & Tutors, be by them debarred ye priveledge of borrowing Books out of ye Library, and punished by pecuniary mulct, or otherwise, according to ye nature & circumstances of his offence.

    10. If any Scholar abuse, or unseasonably detain any Book borrowed by him, or injure ye Library any other way, Said Scholar, upon complaint which ye Library Keeper shall forthwith make to ye President & Tutors, shall pay double damages, and be debarred from borrowing till he has paid said damages (or has been otherwise punished, at ye discretion of ye President & Tutors) and has obtained new leave from ye President & Tutors to borrow, signified to ye Library Keeper by a note under ye President’s hand. But if any damage be done to ye Library, it’s Books, or other things (unless by unavoidable Providence, or on publick occasions when ye person yt hath done the damage can’t be found) ye Library Keeper shall be charged with it, by ye President & Tutors; and ye sum charged shall be substracted from his salary by order from under ye President’s hand.

    11. If any Scholar steal any Book, raritie, or other thing out of ye Library, he shall be expelled.

    12. To repair damages done by borrowing Books out445 of ye Library, all Borrowers446 (except those in ye Instruction or government of ye College) who holds a study in ye College, as also each senior sephistor, shall pay eight shillings per Annum, to be charged in their respective Quarter Bills: this Law to continue & be in force for ye space of four years & no longer.447 this law should run as follows viz.448

    With respect to ye following Law. vid. Lib. No 4. p. 225.449

    This Law being expired. was Made perpetual by ye Corporation & Overseers Ocr. 7. 1740 [the]rfore the [l]ast line is [h]ere obliterated.450

    12. To repair damages done by borrowin Books out of ye Library, all borrowers, except those who are in ye Instruction or government of ye College, & Gentlemen of learning setled in Cambridge, & others that may have special leave from ye Corporation, shall pay two shillings per Quarter to ye College, which shall be charged in their respective Quarter Bills; and this Law to continue for four years & no longer.

    13. No person shall go into ye Library without ye presence of ye Library Keeper or his Substitute, except those in ye Instruction or government of ye College and they onl[y] [     ]451


    14. No person besides ye Library Keeper, shall be allowed to have a Key to ye Library, excepting ye President who shall have one in his personal custody, to be used only in case of fire, or some other publick necessity.

    15. The Library Keeper shall, at ye charge of ye College, take care yt ye Library be kept in good repair, & yt no damage come to any452 Books or other things in ye Library, by ye weather, or want of convenient shelving &c also he shall keep ye Library duely swept, and ye Books clean, & orderly in their places.

    16 The Library Keeper shall go on to write, (or cause to be fairly written) in ye Library Book, ye names of all ye Books yt shall be brought into ye Library (1) In ye order as they are placed & disposed according to ye affixed Catalogues (2) In one continued Alphabet setting down ye Authors names, & what of their works are in ye Library, & where. (3) The names of ye several donors of ye Books, with ye Books given, & ye times when they were given. The like method he also shall take with respect to Manuscripts, Rarities, or any other things presented to ye Library for ye service of ye College, viz. That ye names of ye donors, ye time of their donations, and a particular account of ye things themselves yt are given be recorded by him in ye Library Book.

    17. If any Book or Books be given to ye Library, they shall be brought into ye Library with ye knowledge & consent of ye President & Resident Fellows of the Corporation, and an exact account thereof both in ye College Book, and in ye classes hanging before ye Library Books, shall be taken, & kept from time to time by ye Library Keeper; and till such accounts be taken, no person whatsoever shall be allowed to detain or borrow any such Book or Books given to ye Library.

    [1]8. The Library Records453 Manuscripts & such Rarities & other things as ye Corporation shall Judge expedient, shall be kept under Lock and Key in one or more convenient Receptacles in ye Library, and ye Key or Keys be kept by ye Library Keeper. But ye College Records (except those of frequent use) shall be kept in a suitable strong Receptacle in ye Library, and ye Key thereof kept by ye President or senior resident454 Fellow.

    These Laws were here entered in this Book. May. 24. 1736. And were published in ye College Hall by ye President after morning prayers. July. 1. 1736.



    This456 body of laws for Harvard College was made by the President & Fellows thereof, and consented to by the Overseers of Said College, Anno Domini 1734.457

    Chapter first About Admission into the College.

    1. Whoever upon Examination by the President, and two at least of the Tutors, Shall be found Able ex tempore to read, construe & parse Tully, Virgil, or Such like common Classical Latin Authors; and to write true Latin in Prose, and to be Skill’d in making Latin verse, or at Least in the rules of Prosodia; and to read, construe & parse ordinary Greek, as in the New Testament, Isocrates or such458 like, and decline the Paradigms, of Greek Nouns, and Verbs; Having withall good Testimony of his past blameless behaviour, shall be Look’d upon as qualified for Admission into Harvard College.

    2. Every Candidate for Admission, Shall procure and keep by him a true coppy of the College Laws, respecting his Duty, & priveledges, Which being Signed, by the President, & major part of the Tutors, Shall be his Admission into the College.

    3. None Shall be Admitted into the College, untill his Parent, Guardian or some other, pay five pound to the Steward, towards defraying his future College charge; and also give Bond to to ye Steward with Security, to his satisfaction, in the sum of fourty pounds, to pay College dues Quarterly as they are charged, in the Severall Quarter bills; vizt The Stewards, the Glaziers, & the Sweepers; Said bills being first Sign’d by ye President, and one at Least of the Tutors, And in case of Death, or removal, before College charges rise to the Sum of five pounds, the Steward Shall return the remainder to him yt gave ye Bond.

    4. None Shall be admitted Fellow Commoner, Unless He459 first pay, one hundred pounds, to the College Treasurer, for ye time being, for the Use of the College; and every Fellow Commoner Shall [183] pay double Tuition money.

    5. Fellow Commoners Shall have the priveledge460 of Dining & supping with the Fellows at their table in the Hall, and Shall be excus’d going on errands, Shall have the title of Master, and Shall have the priveledge of wearing their Hats as Master[s] do;461 but Shall Attend all duties & Exercises with th[e] rest of the Class, and be alike Subject to the Laws & Government of the College, and Shall sit with thei[r] own Class, and in their place in Class, at the worship of God in the Hall, and meeting House.

    6. Every Scholar in the first Quarter Bill made up after his Admission, Shall be charged Six Shillings, to the Use of the College, for Gallery money.462

    Chapter 2d Concerning a Religious Virtuous Life

    1. All Scholars Shall behave themselves blamelessly, leading Sober, righteous, & godly Lives.

    2. The President shall constantly reside at Cambridge, and (unless necessarily hindred) Sha[ll] pray in the Hall463 morning & evening, & read some portion of the Old Testament in the morning, & of the New in the Evening (when there is no Repetition, or Theological exercise) and he Shall expound some portion of Scripture ordinarily once a week, or Oftner If he can conveniently Attend it. And when the President can’t Attend prayers in the Hall, one of the Tutors sha[ll] pray, and also read some portion of Scripture, they taking their turns by course, weekly; and whenever they shall do so for any Considerable time, they Shall be suitably rewarded for their Service.

    3. All persons of what degree soever, residing at the College, and all Undergraduates, whether dwelling in464 ye College or in the Town, Shall constantly & Seasonably attend ye worship of God in the Hall morning & evening.

    4. If an Undergraduate comes tardy to prayer (without reasons allow’d by the President or ye Tutor yt Calls over the weekly Bill) he Shall be fined Two pence, each time, and If he is Absent from prayer, (without reasons as Afores[aid)] [184] he shall be fined four pence a time.

    5. Tardiness at or Absence from, Divinity, & Phylosophical publick Lectures in the Hall, Shall be punished, as tardiness at, or Absence, from prayers in the Hall.

    6. All the Scholars shall at Sunset in the evening preceeding ye Lords day, retire to their Chambers, and not unnecessarily leave them, and all disorders on said evening, Shall be punished as violations of the Sabath are. And every Scholar shall on the Lords day, carefully Apply himself to the duties of Religion, and piety And whosoever Shall profane said day by Unnecessary buisness, or visiting, walking on the common, or in the streets, or Feilds in465 ye Town of Cambridge, or by any sort of diversion before sunset; or that in the evening After the Lords day, shall behave himself disorderly, or any way unbecoming the Season, Shall be fined not exceeding ten Shillings. And If Such scholars shall not reform after being privatly Admonished, he shall be further punished by publick Admonition, degradation, or Expulsion.

    7. If any Scholar shall be Absent from publick worship in the meeting house, on either part of the Lords day, without giving sufficient reason, he shall be fined three Shillings. And If bodyly Infirmity or any other Necessary occasion prevents his Attendance on Said Worship,466 he shall Notifie his Tutor, and in his Absence ye President, or some other Tutor, at the ringing of the first Bell, otherwise his Absence shall be esteemed Groundless. And whoever shall come tardy to ye publick worship, Shall be punished Six pence, or Otherwise at the discretion of ye President or467 one of the Tutors, not Exceeding Two Shillings. Also whoever shall be guilty of vain2 or loose1 behaviour, or of playing or sleeping at the Publick worship, or shall go out of the [185] meeting house before ye Publick worship is ended, shall be punished frome one to five Shillings, as ye circumstances may be, According to the discretion of the President, or one of ye Tutors

    8. Inas much as complaints have been made of disorders in ye meeting house, by Scholars going theither before the ringing of the Second bell; it is therefore ordered, yt no undergraduates Sha[ll] go to ye468 meeting House on the Lords day, before ye ringing of the Second bell. And whoever shall trangress this Law, Shall be punished by the President or one of the Tutors, not exceeding Tw[o] Shillings.

    9. Undergraduates Shall in their course repeate at Least the heads of the forenoon & Afternoo[n] Sermons on the Lords day evenings in ye Hall and Such as are delinquent, Shall be punished by the President, or one of the Tutors, not exceeding three Shillings.

    10. All profane and irreverent469 behaviour, at prayers, or publick Divinity Lectures, in ye Hal[l] shall be punished after the same manner, w[th] Irreverence, at ye Publick worship in the meeti[ng] house; the Divinity Professor to have an equa[l] power with the President or Tutors, of punishing such offenders at his Lecture.

    11. All Scholars Shall shew due respect & honou[r] in speech & behaviour, as to their Natural parents So to Magistrates, Elders, ye President and Fellows of ye corporation, and to all Othe[rs] concern’d in ye Instruction, or Government of ye College, and to all Superiours keeping due silence in their presence, and not disorder[ly] gainsaying them; But Shewing all laudab[le] expressions of Honour & reverence yt are in Us[e] Such as uncovering the head, rising up in their presence, and the Like; and Particularly Undergraduates Shall be uncovered in the College Yard, when any of the overseers, the Presid[ent] [186] or Fellows of the Corporation, or any Others concern’d in the Government, or instruction of the College, are therein; & Bachelors of Art Shall be uncovered when the President is there.

    Chapter 3d concerning Scholastical Exercises.

    1. That the Scholars may furnish themselves, with Usefull Learning, they shall keep in their respective470 Chambers, and diligently follow their Studies, except half an hour at Breakfast, at Dinner from Twelve to Two, and After evening prayers, till nine of the clock. To this End, The Tutors shall frequently visit their Chambers. (especially in their several districts) after Nine a Clock in the Evening, and at Other Studying times, to quicken them to their buisness.

    2. If any Undergraduates are Absent from their chambers, in studying time, or After Nine a Clock in the evening (unless they give Sufficient reason for It) they shall be punished by the President, or any of the Tutors, not exceeding two Shillings.

    3. The Undergraduates shall be brought forward by their respective Tutors, in the knowledge of the three Learned Languages. Vizt Latin, Greek & Hebrew. (excepting as to ye Hebrew, those yt Shall be Obliged to attend the Hebrew Instructor) and Also in the knowledge of Rhetorick,471 Logick, Natural Phylosophy, Geography, Ethicks, Divinity, Metaphysicks, and In the Elements of the Mathematicks. And the Tutors shall take care, to instruct their pupills in such Authors, as the President472 and major part, of the Tutors Shall Agree on; excepting the Ethical & Theological Authors, Shall be such only as shall be Allow’d by the Corporation.

    4. The Undergraduates shall in their course declaim publickly in the Hall, in one of ye three Learned Languages, and in no other with473 [187] without leave or direction from the President, and immediately give up their Declamations, fairly written, to the President. And he that Neglects this exercise shall be punished by the Preside[nt] or Tutor yt calls over the weekly bill, not exceding five shillings. & Such delinquent Shall within one week after, give into the president, a written Declamation, Subscribed by himself; and if out of Town he shall give in such Declamati[on] within one week after his return, under penalty as Aforesaid.

    5. The Senior Sophisters shall dispute publickly in the Hall, once a week till the tenth of Mar[ch] and the Iunior Sophisters, after the same manner twice a week during yt term, and once a week afterwards.

    6. The Senior Sophisters shall Attend their exercieses with their Tutors, till the tenth day of March; and with the Professors, till the twentieth of Iune.

    7. If any Undergraduates are Absent from, or Slightly perform, their Stated exercises, with their respective tutors, or Hebrew Instructor or shall Absent themselves from the private lectures, of the Professors, they shall be punished by their respective Professors, Tutors, or Instruct[ors] not exceeding five Shillings, and If they do not speedily reform, by such pecuniary Mulcts, they shall be Admonished, degraded, or expell’d according as the Nature and degree of the Offence shall require.

    8. No Scholar that is on Mr Hollis’s foundation, or that receives any other benefit from the College, Shall enjoy the same, any longer than he continue exemplary for sobriety, diligence & good order.

    9. If any Resident Bachelour, Senr or Junr Sophis[ter] shall Neglect, to Analyse, in his course according to the direction of the President, or do this exercise Slightely & carelessly,474 he shall be punish[ed] by the President not exceeding, ten Shillings.


    10 Resident Bachelours, shall dispute in the Hall once a Forghtnight475 (from ye tenth of September to the tenth of March) on such questions as the Presidents shall directs476 to. If any be Absent from such exercises, without leave from the President, he shall be punished by the President not exceeding five shilling; and If a Respondent, from five to ten Shillings, at ye Presidents discretion.

    11. All Resident Graduates, shall Attend ye publick lectures, of the Divinity Professor, and all Resident Bachelours his private lectures.

    Chapter 4th Concerning penal Laws.

    1. If any Undergraduate presume to go out of Town without leave from his Tutor, or in his Absence, of the President, or some other Tutor, he shall be punished not exceeding five Shillings, at the discretion of the President, or one of the Tutors.

    2. Those Scholars, who live with in ten miles of the College, may have leave four days in a Month, to visit their frinds; those who live from ten to fifty miles, may have leave for ye Purpose Aforesaid, once a quarter, not to exceed ten days each time; those who live fifty miles & upwards, may have leave, for the like purpose, twice in a year, not to exceed Twenty one days each time, unless a longer time Should in the Judgment of the President, & their respective Tutors, be thought Necessary. Provided nevertheless, No Undergraduate477 in ordinary cases, shall have leave to be Absent, so as to omitt his declamation, or Analysis, And If shall478 any Transgress the limits set, and Allow’d him, he shall be punished Eight pence per Day, five shillings per week, & thirty Shillings per month. (and If his Absence shall exceed Two months, he shall be degraded; If It exceeds four months he shall be expell’d) unless he gives Satisfactory reasons for such his Absence;479 which Reasons shall be judged of by his Tutor, (If the Absence [189] Dont exceed a week; If It does not exceed a Fortnight, by two or more of the Tutors; and If It doth exceed a Fortnight, then by the President & Tutors.

    3. The vacation begining at commencement shall continue but480 six weeks; at the expiration of which time, the President, Tutors, Professors, & Instructor, shall forthwith set About the buisness of their respective Offices, If any Undergraduates (Senior Sophisters not excepted) Shall Continue Absent from the College, longer than the Said ter[m] he shall be punished for every day, week, and month, as is provided in the preceeding Law.

    4. No Undergraduate Shall Lodge or board out of the College (unless his Parents, Guardian, or Near Relations, are so nigh, that he may Conveniently lodge & board with them) without leave from the President & Tutors; and If he Obtain[s] leave, It shall be at such house,481 as ye Presiden[t] and Tutors Allow of. And If any continue to transgress this Law for one month After Admonition by the President & Tutors, he Shall b[e] expelled.

    5. If any Undergraduate shall suffer any one to lodge at his chamber, who is not a member of the College (his father or482 guardian excepted) without leave from the President, or one of the Tutors, his own Tutor If in Town, he shall be punished not exceeding five Shillings.

    6. If any Scholar shall entertain at his Chamber, or familiarly associate with, any person of a loose or483 ill Charecter, he shall be punished by the President and Tutors or any one of them, not exceeding five shillings; and. If he persist in so doing, he shall be publickly Admonished, degraded or expell’d According to the Aggravation of his Offence.

    7. If any Scholar shall go beyound ye College Yar[d] or fences without Coat, Cloak, or Gown, (unless in his Lawfull diversions) he shall be punished by the President, or one of the Tutors, not exceeding Two Shillings. And If any shall484 Presume to put on or wear [190] Indecent Appareil, he shall be punished According to the Nature and degree485 of the Offence, by the President or one of the Tutors; but If he wears womens Apprell, he shall be liable to publick486 admonition, degradation or Expulsion.487

    8. If any scholar shall unnecessarily frequent Taverns, or shall go into any Tavern or Victualling House in Cambridge to eat or Drink there488 (unless call’d by his Parent or Guardian) without leave from ye President or one of The Tutors; or If any Scholar shall frequent, any house or shop in the Town of Cambridge, After he is forbidden by the President or one of the Tutors, he shall be punished by them, (or any one of them) not exceeding five Shillings; and If he persist in Transgressing any part of this law, he Shall be further punished by Admonition, degradation or expulsion.

    9. If any Scholar shall be convicted of Blasphemy, Fornication, Robbery, Forgery, or of any other very Atrocius crime, he shall be expelled forthwith.

    10. If any Scholar shall profanely swear2 or curse,1 or take Gods name in vain, he shall be fined from five to ten Shillings, by the President489 or one of the Tutors; and if such scholar dont reform he shall be further punished by publick Admonition, Degradation, or Expulsion, as the circumstances may be.

    11. If any Graduate shall play at Cards or Dice, he shall be fined Twenty Shillings: If He Shall Offend Again, he shall make a Publick confession; and If a third time he shall not be Allowed to continue any longer at ye490 College, or be expell’d as the Nature of ye Offence shall require.

    If any Undergraduate shall play at Cards or Dice, he shall be punished by fine, not exceeding ten Shillings, with Admonition; or by degradation, or expulsion According to the Aggravation of the Offence.


    And If any Undergraduate shall play at any game whatsoever, for money, or moneys worth, he shall be punished by the President, or one of the Tutors, not exceeding five Shillings, and If he repeat his Offence, or play for any thing of considerable Value, he shall be further punished by Admonition, Degradation, or Expulsion, According to the Aggravation of the Offence.

    12. If any Undergraduates shall buy, sell, barter or exchange among themselves, Books, Apparell or any Other thing to above one Shilling value, without the leave of the President, their Tutors, Guardians, or Parents; it shall be in the power of the President or their Tutors, to make void suc[h] bargain, and the guilty Shall be punished by fine not exceeding five shillings, or Otherwise According to the Aggravation of ye Crime.

    13. If any Scholar Shall be guilty of Lying, he shall for the first Offence be fined by the President, or o[ne] of the Tutors, not exceeding five shillings; and if he persist therein, he shall make a Publick confessio[n] be degraded or expell’d.

    14. If any Scholar shall be guilty of Stealing, he shall make full restitution, and be liable to pay double damages besides, to the Party injur[ed] and shall be punished by making publick confession, by degradation, or Expulsion according to the degree of the Offence.

    15. If any Scholar shall be guilty of opening by pick lock or false key, or Other Instrument; or of breaking open any Chamber, Study, Cellers, Ches[t,] Desk, or any place under lock & key, or Otherwise491 Secured, he shall make good all damages, and b[e] punished by fine not exceeding Twenty Shillings, and make a publick Confession; or be Degraded or expell’d. And If any Scholar Shall have a pick lock, or false key by him, It Shall be Counted a Misdemeanour, and be492 punished at th[e] [192] discretion of the President and Tutors.

    16. If any Scholars Shall be guilty of drunkeness, he Shall be fined five shillings; or he shall make a publick confession, be degraded, or expelled according to the Aggravations of the Offence.

    17. No person of what degree soever residing in the College, Shall make Use of any Distill’d spirits, or of any such mixt drinks as punch or Flip. in entertaining one another, or strangers, And If any Undergraduate shall transgress this law, he shall be punished for the first Offence by the President or one of the Tutors, If a Bachelour, by the President & Tutors, not exceeding five Shillings; for the Seccond offence not exceeding ten Shillings; for a third Offence, he shall make a publick confession; and for a fourth Offence he shall be degraded or expell’d.

    18. No Undergraduate shall keep by him Brandy, Rum, or any other distill’d Spirituous Liquors;493 Neither494 Shall he Send for any of the Said Liquors,495 without leave from the President or one of the Tutors; and whosoever shall Transgress this Law, shall have the Said Liquor yt is found with him, taken from him and dispos’d of, by the President & Tutors, and he shall be further punished, not exceeding five shillings. And any Scholar yt Shall fetch such spirituous Liquors, without Leave as Aforesaid, Shall be punished in like manner.

    19. Whereas much damage has been sustained by ye Cutting of Lead from496 off the old College, for the future the door leading up to the top of the said College, Shall be always keept Lock’d; and there Shall be two keys to the Lock of Said door, one of them to be left with the President, ye Other with the Butler; and If any Scholar, (except ye Butler) be seen on the top of Said College (without leave from the President, or one of the Tutors) he shall pay not exceeding five Shillings, And If he cuts or takes any [193] Lead from thence, he shall pay not exceeding five Shillings, & repair all Damages. And If any Scholar is found Privy to the transgression of this Law, and does not discover it, he shall pay not exceeding five shillings, as the President and Tutors shall direct.

    20. Whereas there have been at sundry times, great disturbances occasion’d by tumultuous Indecent Noises at the College, for preventing the like, fo[r] the future, it is ordered that if any Scholar or Scholars belonging to the College, Shall be found guilty of making tumultuous or Indecent noises, to the dishonour & disturbance of the College; or to the disturbance of the Town or any of Its Inhabitants; every Scholar so Offending, shall be liable to be fined five Shil[l]ings, and to be publickly Admonished or degra[d]ed for the first Offence; for the Second offence to be fined ten shillings, and to be degraded or expell’d.

    21. If any Scholar or Scholars being thereunto required, shall refuse to give evidence respecting the breach of any College Laws, or Shall falsyfy therein, upon examination before the President or497 tutors; he or they Shall be punished by fine, not exceeding ten Shilling[s] or by Admonition, degradation, or expulsion.

    22. For rendring more effectual the fines that are imposed by the President, Professors, Tutors, or Instructor; It is ordered that they be so particularly specified, as yt the Parents or Guardia[ns] of the delinquents, may know how much and for what, they are punished. And to this End the Butler shall be Obliged, quarterly to prepare & Sign, a list, of each pupills punishmen[t] giving an Account for what they were imposed and Shall lay the Same before the Tutor [194] whose turn it is to make up the quarter bill, and then transmit it to the Steward, who shall Annex it to the Account of charges, which he shall send to such pupils Parent or Guardian: and the Butler and Steward shall be allow’d out of the fines for their Trouble & charge, as shall be agree’d upon by the Corporation.

    23. Notwithstanding the preceeding pecuniary Mulcts, it shall be lawfull for the President, Tutors, or Professors, to punish Undergraduates by Boxing, when they shall Iudge the Nature or498 circumstances of the Offence call for It.

    24. No Scholar (or his Parent, or Guardian in his behalf) Shall exhibit to any Other Authority, than that of the College, a complaint Against any of the Governours or resident members thereof, for any injury cognizable by the Authority of the College, before he has sought for redress to the President and Tutors, and in case of their denying him releif, to the Corporation & overseers; and if any Scholar (or his Parent or Guardian for him) Shall without such Application made, or contrary to the Determination of the Corporation & overseers carry said complaint, to any Other Authority, such Scholar shall forthwith be expelled the College.

    Chapter 5th Concerning the Scholars Commons.

    1. All the Tutors, & Professors, Graduates & Undergraduates, who have Studies in College, Shall constantly be in commons, while Actually residing at College, vacation time499 excepted; and shall Dine and Sup in the Hall; at ye Stated meal times, except waiters (and such whose Parents or Guardians live so nigh that they may Conveniently board with them) and Such Others as the President and Tutors shall in cases of Necessity exempt, Provided always that no Professor, or Tutor, Shall be exempted [195] but by the leave of the Corporation with the consent of the Overseers. And the Tables Shall b[e] covered with clean linnen cloaths, of a Suitab[le] length & breadth twice a week, and furnished with Pewter Plates, the plates500 to be procured at501 ye Charge of the College, and Afterwards to be maintain’d a[t]502 the charge of the503 Scholars, both Graduates and Undergraduates; in such manner as the corporation shall Direct.

    2. No Scholars shall be put in or out of Commons but on Tuesdays or504 frydays, and no Bachelour or Undergraduates, but by a Note from the President, or one of the Tutors, (If an Undergraduate, from his own Tutor If in Town) and when any Bachelours or Undergraduates have been out of Commons, the waiters at their respective tables, Shall on the first Tuesday or Fryday After they become Obliged by the preceeding law to be in commons, put e͞m into commons, Again, by Note after the manne[r] Above directed. And If any Master neglects [to] put himself Into commons, when by the preceeding Law he is Obliged to be in common[s] the waiters on the masters Table, Shall Apply to the President, or one of the Tutors, for a Note to put him into commons and inform him of [it.]

    3. The waiters when the Bell tolls at meal tim[e] shall receive the Plates and Victualls at the Kitchen Hatch, & carry the same to the severall tables for which they are designed. And none shall receive their commons, ou[t] of the Hall, Except in case of Sickness, or som[e] weighty Occasion. And the Senior Tutor, or Other Senior Scholar in the Hall Shall crave505 a blessing, & return thanks. And al[l] the Scholars while at their meals, Shall [sit] in their Places, & behave themselves, decent[ly] & orderly; and whosoever shall be rude or Clamourous at such time, or shall go out o[f] the [196] Hall before thanks be returned, Shall be punished by one of the Tutors, not exceeding five Shillings.

    Chapter 6th About Academical degrees.

    1. No Academical degrees shall be given, but by the Corporation, with the Consent of the Overseers.

    2. Every scholar that on proofe is found able to read the original of the Old and New Testament, into the latin tongue, & to506 resolve them logically; and to be well instructed, in ye principles of the Mathematicks, and Natural and Moral Phylosophy (withall being of a blameless life and conversation) and at any publick507 Act508 shall have the Approbation of ye President and Fellows of the College, with the Consent of the Overseers, may be invested with a first Degree, Vizt Bachelours509 of Arts. Otherwise No Scholar may be Admitted, to a first degree, unless he hath been, at the College three years and ten months, at the least from his Admission, being blameless, and having Attended upon, and performed; all Publick exercises.

    3. What Bachelour soever shall make a Common place, or Synopsis of any of the Arts, or Sciences, and publickly read the same in the College Hall, in the third year after his first Degree; and be ready to defend his Theses, and is skill’d in the Original Tongues, and continueth blameless, Shall After approbation at a publick Act, be capable of a Second Degree, Vizt of Master of Arts, And no Other Degree shall be given, besides the Abovenamed, but in such cases, & upon such conditions, as the Corporation shall Iudge510 fitt, the Overseers consenting thereunto. And every person yt511 has Received any degree, may have a Diploma testifying the same, if he shall desire it, and bring a fair coppy of the established form [197] written on parchment, and other things Necessary therto.

    [4].512 Each Candidate for his first or Second Degree, shall pay Twenty shillings to the President, and Twenty Shillings to the Steward, towards defraying the charge of the commencement dinner; and each candidate for his second degree, shall pay twenty shillings to the Steward for the use of the College.

    5. No person shall receive a first or second degree, unless he exhibits to the President, a Certificate from the Steward, that he has satisfied his college dues, charged in the quarter bills, or Otherwise According to custom, Nor shall any person be admitted to either of the degrees Aforesaid, who hath not paid every other office[r] of the College his just dues, provided such officer make a complaint thereof to the president & Tutors, on or before the fifteenth of Iune.

    6. For the Preventing disorder & extravigances at Commencement, it is ordered yt the commencement for the time to come, be more private than formerly, and that the particular day for the Commencement from time to time, be appointed by the corporation; that the Honourable & Reverend Overseers of the College, be reasonably acqu[a]inted with said day, and be desired to Honour the solemnity with their presence, That the exercises of Commencement be the same, and perform’d in such publick manner as Usual, that the particular day for the Candidates, for their second degree to Appear at College, be lef[t] from year to year, to the determination of the corporation; that a Dinner be provided in ye Hall513 as Usual. And that no commencer shall hav[e] at his Chamber any Plumb cake, plain cake or Pyes, or hot meats of any sort except what is left of ye dinner514 in the Hall; or any Brandy; Rum, or any Distill’d Spirits, or composition made with any of them. And If any of these prohibited Drin[ks] [198] or Provisions shall be found in theChambers or studies, of any of the commencers, or with in any of the dependancies515 thereof,516 such Offender shall be liable to be debar’d his degree. And whosoever after he has taken his degree, shall at that commencement act contrary to any of these prohibitions, and be convicted there of within three months, shall be liable to be denyed his Second degree, If a Bachelour; and if a Master, he shall be liable to be denied a517 Diploma, and all priveledge of ever living at the College; And the Corporation with the Tutors shall visit the Chambers of the commencers, to see that this Law be well Observed.

    Chapter 7th About the Steward, Cook & Butler.

    1. While the same person is Steward and cook he shall procure wholsom & suitable Bread and Beer, and other Provisions for the Scholars and may Advance fifty per Cent, Above the Currant price. And he shall Allow to the College for the Kitchen, Brewhouse, and for ye Use, wear and tear of College Utensills belonging to his office, so much per Annum as the Corporation shall think fitt to Direct.

    2. The price of Bread and Beer, & commons and Siezings at the Kitchen, shall be from time to time stated by the Corporation.

    3. The steward shall at the direction of the Corporation, procure at the Charge of the College, all proper Utensils, for the Butery and Kitchen, from time to time, as there shall be occasion.

    4. The Butler and Cook shall constantly keep the rooms and Utensils, belonging to their several Offices, Sweet and clean fitt for Use. And ye Kitchen Pewter in constant Use shall be Scowred [199] Twice a Quarter;518 and the Butlers drinking vessel[s] once a month, or oftner as the President, &519 Tutors sha[ll] Direct. And said Butler and cook shall Exhibit to them an Inventory of the Utensils belonging to their respective Offices once a Quarter. And in case of Neglect, in any of the Articles of this Law, Said Butler and Cook shall be Subject to a fine, not exceeding twenty shillings, at the Discretion, of the President and Tutors.

    5. The Butler shall take care that all fines imposed by the President, Tutors, Professors, or Instructor, be fairly recorded in a book by him to be kept for yt purpose, and shall quarterly520 deliver, said book to the Tutor that makes up the quarter bill; and such Tutor shall not remit or Abate any fine, without the consent of the President, Professors & Tutors, or major part of them at a meeting duely warned.

    6. The Cook & Butler respectivly shall be accountable for such of the College Utensils as they have in their custody; and shall make good all such detriment or loss, as Shall happen to said Utensils by their Neglect. And Said Butler and Cooke shall observe wt Number & kind of Utensils, the waiters carry to each table in the Hall, and shall im̄ediatly after meals, demand the same of the Senior waiter, at each table then present; and if any Utensil be not forthwith returned, the waiters of that Table shall where it was imployed, Shall (upon complaint made to the President and Tutors) be obliged to pay the value thereof for the Use of the College. And whosoever shall damnifie or Abus[e] any of the College Utensils, or any thing else belonging to the College, shall (upon complain[t] made as Aforesaid ) be obliged to make good such Damage, and be liable to such further punishment as the President & Tutors shall think fitt.


    7. The steward for the time being Shall wit[h] in fourteen days after the expiration of each quarter, draw out the quarter bill, & fill up the column of commons & siezings, and delive[r] the same to the Tutor whose turn it shall b[e] to make up such bill; who shall fill up the Other columns, according to Law or custom, and such adjustments agreeable thereto, as shall be made by the President and Tutors, and then shall present to the President, who with said Tutor, shall sign said bill; and the said Tutor shall enter the Said bill Immediately in the College Book of quarter bills, after which521 he shall deliver it to the steward, who shall demand of each scholar the whole of what he is therein charged with.

    8. Whereas great damage has been sustained by the Scholars not seasonably Paying their College dues; it is ordered, yt if any Scholar shall neglect to pay his quarterly Charges, for the space of three months after the quarter Bill is signed; he shall (upon complaint made by the steward, to the President & Tutors) be dismis’d from the College, and shall not be restored, but with the Approbation, of the Corporation, and upon full satisfaction given for all damages sustained by such Neglects.

    9. The Butler shall wait upon the President at the Hours for prayer in the Hall, for his Orders to ring the Bell; and also upon the Professors for their Lectures, as usual; he shall likewise ring the bell for commons according to custom, and at522 five a clock in ye morning, & at nine at night. And the said Buttler for these and Other Services (to which no particular reward is assign’d) shall be Allow’d Sixteen [201] pounds per Annum, to be paid by the Undergraduates, and charged in their quarter bills.

    10. The Butler shall pay to the College from time to time, for Absent commons, as the Corporation shall Appoint, The Butler shall have liberty to sell Cyder to the Scholars, at such prices as the corporation shall Appoint, He shall Also from time to time as there shall be Occasion, provide candles for the Hall, and shall take care that the Hall & entry adjoining be sweept once a day, and washed at least once a Quarter. And that the Tables and forms be scowred once a week (except in the winter season when they shall be scowred once in three weeks, or so often as the Tutors shall require it) for which he shall have such Allowance as the President and Tutors shall Appoint, to be paid by the undergraduates, & charged in their quart[er] bills.

    Chapter 8th Concerning Miscellaneous Matters.

    1. The Chambers and studies in ye College523 shall be disposed of to the Scholars, Graduates & undergraduates, at ye Discretion of the President and Tutors.

    2. Undergraduates shall dwell, &524 lodge in the Chambers Assign’d to them; and If any Neglect to Observe this Law, they shall be punished by fine, not exceeding five shillings, or by Admonition, Degradation, or expulsion, according to the Aggravation of the Offence.

    3. While a study stands assigned to any graduate, he shall pay rent for it; and If he does not possess and statedly Use it, within two months After it is Assigned to him; or if After he has possesed it, he discontinues three months from statedly Using it, he shall be Liable to Have it taken away by the President & Tutors.525


    4. Every Scholar Graduate & Undergraduate shall find his proportions of furniture, wood and Candles, during the whole time of his having a Study assigned to him, whether526 he be present or Absent.

    5. If any Bachelours or Masters, set an example of Idleness, extravagance,527 Neglect of publick worship, or religious exercises in the Hall, or Allow disorders in their chambers, or Shew contempt to any of the Laws or Governours of the College; and After Admonition by the President and Tutors, do not reform, their chambers shall be taken from them, and they shall not be Allow’d to reside any longer in the College. And the President, or any two or more of the Tutors, are hereby empow’red and Directed to visit the Chambers of the Graduates, or send for them, to come before them for inquiry, examination or Admonition, as Occasion, shall require; and If any Graduate shall deny entrance into his chamber or study, to the President or two of the Tutors, or shall refuse or Neglect to come when sent for, he shall be punished in manner as Aforesaid.

    6. If the President or a Tutor, shall demand entrance into any Undergraduates chamber or Study, and it be denyed him, such Undergraduate Shall be degraded, rusticated, or expell’d And in this case or any other528 wherein the good of the College, is by said President or Tutor thought to require it, the President or Tutor may break open any Chamber or Study door, except the Doors of a Graduate, which shall not be done, but by the President or529 two of ye Tutors.

    7. The President or Tutors may require suitable Assistance from any Scholar or Scholars, for [203] the preservation of the good order of the College and if any one so required shall refuse or Neglect to give his Assistance, It Shall be look’d upon as an high Misdemeanour, and a great contempt of ye Authority of the College, and be punished by Admonition, rustication, degradation or expulsion.530

    8. The Monitors of the Hall Shall be chosen by ye President and Tutors; and their Stipend be Appointed by the Corporation, to be charged upon the Undergraduates in their quarter bills.

    9. To excite Tutors from time to time, to the greate[r] care and fidelity, in their work, those who shall be chosen Tutors, Shall be chosen for the terme of three Years, only; at the Expiration whereof, a New Election shall be made by the Corporation, and Presented to the Overseers for their Acceptance.

    10. The professors Shall constantly reside at in Cambridge Near the College; and the Tutors in the College. And the Corporation shall from time to time, determine what chamber[s] shall be Tutors Chambers, (and also which shall be Professors chambers when residing i[n] College) as they Shall Judge most commodious for them to inspect the Scholars and prevent disorders.

    11. Whereas thrô long Experience, former orders have not been Effectual, for preventing of Damages to the College, by the violence or carelessnes[s] of those (for whose accomidations, great cost and charges have from time to time been Expended, it is Ordered yt when any damage (except by inevitable Providence of God) shall be found done to any Chamber or Study inhabited, the person or persons, to whom said Chamber2 or Study1 belongs, shall make good the same [204] And when any damage is done, to any Other parts of the College, or to any of its Appurtenances, Such as fences, pump, Clock &c ye same shall be made good again by all531 the Undergraduates, and shall be charged in their quarter bills. Provided always If the person or persons that were532 the cause or blameable Occasion of such damage done, be discovered, he or they shall make good full Satisfaction for the same, and Shall be also liable to such punishment by fine or Otherwise, According to the demerit of the fact, as the President and Tutors shall think fitt.

    12. That none belonging to the College, except the President, Fellows, Professors, & Tutors, Shall by threats; or blows compel a Freshman, or any Undergraduate, to any Duty or Obeidience; and if any Undergraduate shall Offend against this Law; he shall be liable to have the Priveledge of sending Freshmen taken from him, by the President and Tutors. or to be degraded or expell’d according to the Aggravation of ye Offence. Neither shall any senior scholars, Graduates, or Undergraduates, send any freshmen on errands in533 studying534 hours, without leave from one of the Tutors, his own Tutor If in Town College If any Bachelour or Undergraduates shall transgress in535 this Matter;536 he shall be punished by the President, or Tutors not exceeding three Shillings for each Offence.

    13. If any undergraduate Refuse537 or neglect538 to come when sent for by the President, a Tutor or Professor; he shall be punished by Admonition, degradation or expulsion according to the Aggravation of the Offence.

    14. If any Scholar Graduate or Undergraduate [205] make resistance to the President or any of the Professors or Tutors; Such Scholar shall be liable to Degradation or expulsion. And if any Scholar offer violence, or any heinous insult, to any of the Governours of the College, he shall be forthwith expelled.

    15. No Undergraduate shall keep a Gun or pistol in the College, or any where in Cambridge; nor shall he go a guning, fishing, or Seating over deep waters, without leave from the President or one of the Tutors, under the penalty of three Shillings. And if any scholar shall fire a Gun or pistol, within the College walls Yard, or near the College; he shall be fined not exceeding ten Shillings; or be admonishe[d] degraded or expelled, according to the Aggravation of the Offence.

    16. If any Scholar shall be convicted of fighting with, striking or wilfully hurting any perso[n] he shall be fined by the President, or one of the Tutors, not exceeding five Shillings, or be Admonished, degraded, or expelled, according to the Aggravation of the Offence.

    17. No Scholar who539 has been expelled the College shall be readmitted by the President, Tutor[s] and Professors, without the consent of the Corporation.

    18. All fines above five shillings (except in ye cases already provided for) and all publick Admonitions, Rustications & degradations, either in the same class or to a Lower class,540 shall be by the President and Tutors; and all expulsions by the President, professors, and Tutors, and in all forementioned, cases, the determination shall be made by the major part of e͞m the President having a Casting vote.

    19. Whereas Scholars may be guilty of disorders [206] or misdemeanours, against which no provision is made by the foregoing Laws; in all Such cases, the541 President with ye Tutors shall inflict such punishment, as they think proper, According to the Nature and degree of the Offence. And in all punishments below expulsion, more than one may be inflicted for the same crime, according to the Aggravations of it.542

    The above Body of Laws were entred in this Book by Bridge, Sophimore. June. 25. 1734. & compar’d with ye original by ye President, June. 26. 1734.

    The above Body of Laws were published in the College Hall, ye Hond & Revnd overseers, & corporation543 being present, (as well as ye members of ye College) on Sept. 24. 1734.

    At a meeting of ye President & Fellows of Harvard College

    at Cambridge. Sept. 30. 1735.

    After some orders for ye paying Mr Monis for printing his Hebrew Gram̄ar it follows

    That ye price of said Hebrew Grammar be fourteen shillings a piece; and yt ye present Sophimores, and ye Freshmen from time to time, shall each of them be furnish’d with one of said Grammars at ye price aforesaid, to be charged to them in their Quarter Bills. That all Freshmen for ye future, shall attend ye Hebrew Instructions at ye begining of ye last Quarter; and yt they and ye other Undergraduates attend said Hebrew Instructions, at such times & so often, as ye Corporation shall determine.

    Mem. ys law was confirm’d by ye Overseers ye same day, they then sitting in ye Library.544




    Mr Pelham chosen Treasurer


    Thomas Danforth


    John Richards



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    A584 copy of Mr Dunsters note given to Mr Scotow

    Thes prsents witnesse that wheras Joshuah Scottow of Bostō marcht hath of his owne free accord procured for the library of Harvard Colle[ge] Henry Stephen his Thesaurus in foure volumes in folio, and bestowe[d] the same theron: it is on this condic͞on, and wth this ꝑmise following, that if ever the said Joshuah during his life shall have occasion to use the said booke or any parcell therof, he shall have free liberty therof, and accesee therto: and if God shall blesee the said Joshuah wth any child or childrē that shal be students of the Greeke tongue, thē the said bookes above specifyed shalbee unto them delivered, in case that they will not otherwise be satisfyed wthout it. In witnesse wherof this prsent writing is signed by me Henry Dunster prsident of the said Colledge abovesaid made at Boston, this twenty eight of the eight month 1649.585

    Henrie Dunster

    Recev̄d of Mr Vryan Oakes prs[     ] ye above Expressed Thesaurus in foure volumes accrding to Condition aboue: upon the demand of my sonn Thomas Scottow I say received pr me this 30th of August

    Josh: Scottow586


    Catalogus librorum ex dono illustriss Equitis Dni Kenelmi Dighbij. ano Dn̄i 1655.587

    • Biblia Sacra cum glossâ ordinaria sex tomis comprehensa.
    • Opera Gregorij Nazianzeni græco-lat. duobus tomis in fol.
    • Justini Martyris opera græcè.
    • Origenis opera.
    • Conciliorū tomi duo in fol.
    • Hermes Trismegistus cū com̄entarijs Rosselij. in fol.
    • Ludovici Blosij opera.
    • Venerab. Bedæ tomi 2.
    • Johan. Damasceni opera Græco-lat
    • Anthonij Possevini bibliotheca.
    • Aluarez. tom. 3us.
    • Rob. Belli tomi588 duo
    • Epitome Annaliū Baconij.
    • Oecumenij589 Opera in tom. 2bus.
    • Harphij590 Theologia mystica. in 4o.
    • Joh. Cassiani Opera. in 8o
    • Cypriani oꝑa in manibus Mri Nortō



    Julj: Johannes Winthropus Armiger Septies592 Nov: Angliæ Gubernator, hos libros contulit.593

    • A French Bible.
    • Bertholomæus de rerū Natura.
    • Catechismus ꝑ Cħtianæ.
    • Calvinj institutio religionis Cħtianæ.
    • Chronologia in Livij594 Historiā.
    • Christianography.
    • Colloquiū Wormaliense institutū.
    • The Com̄on prayer booke.
    • Corwelij com̄ent in Proverbia.
    • Davenalij determinationes Questionū.
    • Edmund Bp of London his doctrin & homilyes.
    • Gregorij Decretalia.
    • Grasserj com̄t in Apocalypsin.
    • Harris his Sermons.
    • Hosee cū Thargo. in Hebr.
    • Jones on Philemon &595 Hebrewes.
    • Jacobj Fabrij oꝑa
    • Juell aḡt Harding. Parliamt.
    • Junius in Genesin.
    • Lexicon græcolatinū
    • Livij Historia in 2 Tomis
    • Ludovicj Homiliæ in Jon̄: Librū
    • Musculus in Matthæū
    • N. Testamt wth Notes.
    • Page on the Lords prayer
    • Pashingij com̄t in Catachesm.
    • Piccolominæus de arte definiendj & discur.
    • Polanj Com̄t in deniclem
    • Polidorj Historia anglicana
    • Randalls Sermons on the Com̄union.
    • Ortus Sanitatis
    • Sibthorpes advisemt to Catholickes in Ireland.
    • Sermones discipulj decemp.
    • Speculū Spiritualiū
    • Suttons Lectures.
    • Taylour on the parable of ye sower.
    • Theatrū terræ sanctæ
    • Whitakerj prælectiones. disputationes.
    • The life of the Virgin Mary.