Chapter XIX


TWO more children were added to Ashley Bowen’s family during the 1790s, the youngest of which was born a few months after Bowen’s sixty-ninth birthday. Four of his children died during the same period—Mary, aged nearly twenty-two; Ambrose, age ten; Daniel, age four; and Nathan, age twenty-six, only sixteen months after his own marriage.

It is interesting to note throughout these years, particularly apparent during the time Bowen had charge of the smallpox smokehouse at the entrance of town, the shift in Marblehead from the old generation to the new. Gone were the great merchant princes of pre-Revolutionary days; in their place were a few who attempted to emulate the ways of the past but whose wealth and prestige in no way approached that of their immediate ancestors. Many familiar names continued, nevertheless, although reduced in circumstances, such as John and Jonathan Glover, Elbridge Gerry, and Azor Orne. Others survived only through namesakes in the younger generations, such as the numerous Robert Hoopers. Still others bore the old Marblehead names but were not the same.

No doubt it was difficult for Ashley Bowen to have survived the glorious days, or what he must have considered as such. No doubt as he became more and more garrulous, more and more reminiscent and vocal of the old days, there must have been many younger men who considered him an old fool, a windbag, an anachronism. Yet with Bowen, as was once written of Samuel Tucker, the Marblehead captain in Washington’s Fleet and later captain of the Continental frigate Boston, “who that can relate such a tale, of their own adventures, and in such a cause, need fear being charged with egotism?”


[October 1790]

Monday, 18 This day I have no business in hand. Son Nathan went to Salem.

19 This day Nathan went to Boston with Captain Knott Martin. Carried 11 boxes of lemons with him.

20 No business in hand.

21 No business in hand.

22 This day great to-do at Captain Jonathan Glover’s as Nell [Eleanor Glover] is mar[ried to Captain Richard Skinner].

23 No business in hand. Wife gone to her brother visit[ing].

24 This day came from Boston my son Nathan. No preaching at St. Michael’s.

Monday, 25 No b[usiness].

26 This day nothing to do.

27 Sailed John Russell [for the West Indies] and John Patten [in the schooner St. Peter for Cadiz] and John Prince [in the schooner Hope for the West Indies].

28 This day no business in hand.

29 Son Nathan shipped [with] R. Dixey.

30 No business in hand.

[November 1790]

Monday, 1 This day my son Nathan sailed with Captain Richard Dixey for West Indies.

2 This day moderate.

3 This day moderate. No M[?].

4 No business in hand.

5 No business in hand.

6 No business in hand.

7 This day wife we [ ].

Monday, 8 This day I went to farm.

9 This day I fixed a boom pendent for Captain Samuel Hooper, Sam Ashton schooner.

10 This day I went to Phillips Point to assist a sloop.302

11 Sailed a schooner of Captain Sam Hooper’s, Sam Ashton, master, on a winter fare. I took the weight of fish at Captain Will Andrews’s for Mr. Watson.

12 This day an airry [?] below.

13 Nothing to do.

14 Did not go to Church.

Monday, 15 This day no business in hand.

16 All hands at Salem Court.

17 Much rain.

18 Fish and culler finished.

19 Much rain.

20 No business in hand.

21 Rain.

Monday, 22 Moderate. I assisted A. Gale.

23 This day nothing to do.

24 I went to Cat Island for cattle.303 No luck. Receive 6/- in cash of[ ]

25 Captain Is[rael] Foster. A Thanksgiving day.

26 I got some fuel.

27 Much snow. I sawed half cord of wood for my Sister Wight.

28 Much snow.

Monday, 29 Moderate. Not cold.

30 Fair weather. I assisted Am[brose] Gale about fish 2 hours. Sailed from Boston His Majesty’s Ship.

[December 1790]

1 This day I have some wood gave me. Helped Gale 1 hour. This day Robert [Graves]304 came from his uncle’s and saith that his grandfather is sick. I sent his mother off to her father’s assistance.

2 This afternoon I began to saw wood for Mrs. Prince.

3 Got all Mrs. Prince wood into the barn.

4 This morning I sawed wood till noon. Then I shelled corn and went to Mill but could not get my grist. Smart cold.

5 This morning I went off to Mill but did not get my grist. This afternoon I went and got it. Note: my wife came home.

Monday, 6 This day employed sawing wood for Mrs. Prince. Employed with Gale 2 hour. Smart cold.

7 This day employed sawing wood and with Gale.

8 This day employed sawing wood and shelling corn and carried it to Mill.

9 This day I assisted Gale 1½ hour. Employed getting home fuel.

10 Finished sawing wood for Mrs. Prince. No dinner this week.

11 Much rain. Mr. Lovis gave me some bullock liver and so I had a dinner.

12 This day much rain. Received 8d of mutton of Will Courtis &c.

Monday, 13 No business.

14 This day no business.

25 Self and wife attend Church at Christmas.

26 No preaching at Church.

27 No business.


[January 1791]

1 This day a smart storm of snow.

2 No preaching at Church.

Monday, 3 Storm.

5 This is old Christmas.

11 This day or evening the body of R. Jackson was found dead.

12 This morning I waited on the Selectmen and got the consent of a coffin for my godson Richard Jackson.

13 This day I attended the funeral of Richard Jackson. Much snow.

14 Cold.

16 This day wife and daughter attended Church.

Monday, 17 This day no business but about dismissing P[arson] Oliver.

22 Note: the 19 I was 63 years old.

23 This day moderate.

Monday, 24 Drawing the Lottery.

25 Moderate.

26 A thaw. Wife gone to Thayer’s.

27 This day wife at Thayer’s.

28 Wife came home. Sailed Captain D[avid?] Stephenson for Carolina.

29 Fine, fair weather for the time.

30 This day no preach [ing] at St. Michael’s.

Monday, 31 Smart cold.

Cows on Neck

[Henry] Roads




Wm Harris


Capt. Wilson


Mr. John Andrews


Henry Hamson

1 note

Solo Stephens

1 X


7 Leases

Great field

Hooper Reynolds



Nathaniel Reynolds



Eben Graves



John Hutson



Josh Prentiss



George Roundey, Jr.



Marston Watson



Samuel Humphreys




Joseph Stone


Philip Hooker


[February 1791]

1 Smart cold.

2 Cold.

3 Cold. Our harbor froze.

4 Cold.

5 Some more moderate.

6 Close weather.

[March 1791]

Monday, 28 This day the Reverend Thomas Fitch Oliver took his discharge from St. Michael’s Church in Marblehead, the Proprietors giving him £30 over and above all his salary which may be due to him at Easter next. So, poor St. Michael’s is to be shut up again. So Mr. Oliver was here at Marblehead from June the 11, 1786 till March the 28, 1791.305

31 The yearly fast. This year Church shut up.


[September 1792]

Monday, 10 This day I agreed with the Selectmen to take charge of the smokehouse near the Widow Gatchell’s with Aaron Tucker Huy as an assistant and smoked it on the first evening and a stranger.306

11 This day fair weather. Smoked Lilly and J. Ballister and wife from Boston.

12 This morning A. Gale went for Boston. This evening came Mr. Joseph Prince from Cambridge, smoked, and Mrs. Paraway and O’Neil from Boston, smoked, Joseph Peach said from Lynn, not smoked. Fair weather.

13 This day came from Boston A. Gale, smoked. The evening came from Boston two women, Bowen and Pearce, both smoke, and Phil Hooker from Boston, smoked. Came from Boston Captain Edward Brown, smoked. Ditto Doctor [John] Drury, smoked.

14 This day came from Boston Captain Azor Orne, smoked, and a stranger, smoked. This evening came from Boston Mr. Bowman, Captain W. Dennis, and Mrs. Dennis, all smoked.

15 This day came from Boston Captain John Dixey and Joseph Hinkley, Mr. Candler and stranger, Israel Eaton and son, all smoked. Received 26/- in cash.

16 Came from Boston Joseph Dismore, smoked. Later, much rain.

Monday, 17 Much rain. Wind at NE. Nobody from Boston today.

18 This day fair weather. Came from Boston Philip LeGrow and Dismore and were smoked. Ditto John Lewis, smoked. Ditto Mr. George Clark and Knapp both smoked.

19 This evening came from Boston Captain Eleany [Elkanah?] Watson and Mr. Isaac Collyer, both smoked.

20 This day came from Boston Stephen Blaney, smoked. Came from Boston a stranger, smoked. Ditto come from Boston two strangers, smoked.

21 This morning came from Charlestown Benjamin Butman, smoked, and Captain Joseph Hinkley and Will Stacey from Boston, smoked. This evening came from Boston Joseph Pedrick, smoke.

22 This day at noon came from Boston Mr. Bradstreet and well smoked. Ditto another man from Boston and well smoked. Ditto Philip LeGrow from Boston, smoked. Passed from Cambridge Elbridge Gerry Esq., not smoked. Ditto came from Boston two strangers, smoked. This evening came from Boston a young woman by the name of Green, smoked.

23 This morning at 3 o’clock came from Boston Mr. John Skinner and was well smoked. Come from Boston [ ] Crocker and was shifted from head to foot, and this evening I smoked Mr. Eben Graves and son.

Monday, 24 This day smoked a footman and two gentlemen from Boston. About noon a boy found two handkerchiefs tucked in a wall. I received them at the smokehouse. Smoked Job Davis from Boston and Mr. Candler from Boston.

25 This day at 2 o’clock p.m. came from Boston Colonel Jonathan Glover and wife and two daughters and a black man, all I sap[suppose?] sufficiently smoked and their bundles. Ditto came from Boston Mr. Joseph Sewall and Captain Cowell and were smoked. Ditto came from Boston a girl by the name of Dennis, smoked. Her bundle left to be cleansed.

26 This day came from Boston a man and woman, Richardson, smoked. This evening came from Boston Sam Lee and Mr. Israel Eaton and his wife, all smoked. Note: Mr. Eaton took home Crocker’s clothes and the girl Dennis clothes.

27 This day came from Boston James Bogey, smoked. Ditto came from Boston Captain Sam Trevett, smoked. This evening came from Boston Brooks, smoked. Ditto Call and Jo Pedrick. Both smoked.

28 This evening came from Boston Captain Wells, smoked.

29 This evening came John Skinner from Boston and smoked and Captains Trevett and Cowell, both smoked. At midnight came from Boston a coach-full of men. Some were smoked and some not. A hubbub, and they broke the lock of the gate and went through to town. Sunday morning at 6 o’clock I went to town and complained of the coachman and passengers and found the coach in a barn that Mrs. Warner puts carriages in, and then I called up Mr. Knott Pedrick and next Captain Sam Hooper, then Squire Sewall and then Colonel W[illiam] R[aymond] Lee. Captain Foster unwell. I called Mr. Robert Hooper up, and then I went towards Mr. Sewall’s and Captain Sam Hooper sent me to call Mr. [Marston] Watson, and then I went to Mrs. Warner’s and found the Selectmen all there. I went back and forward the entry, but our Selectmen said nothing to me but heard a man story. What he said I am not able to say, and when the Selectmen came out of Mrs. Warner’s I asked Captain Hooper if I might get my breakfast, and after breakfast I came to the gate again.

[Another account of the episode follows:] Memorandum of Saturday night September the 29 p.m. and 30 a.m., 1792. Late in the evening came from Boston Captain Sam Trevett and R. Cowell and were smoked. Afterwards came a coach. Note: after Trevett and Cowell went in I turned out and let one cob and another cart out and then I turned in again and soon after I heard a carriage on Boston Road. I said to Tucker, “Turn out and see who was coming.” And he said, “A coach and they said from Boston.” And I turned out and said, “Where from?” And they said, “From Boston.” I said, “You must be smoke[d],” and I ordered Tucker to prepare a smoke. And two of the passenger and the coachman came and entered the smoke apartment but would not let me shut the door, and they came out, and I desired them to smoke their hats, which they did, and the coachman smoke his cushions. And then I went to inquire the state of the coach and found two men that had not been set off the coach, and the first man that was smoked I find was named Prince and stood spokesman and said he would go in. I said if I was satisfied they should, but I must have all smoked, and the second two men went into the outer room and came out again and said, “The old fellow hath an Hell! Let us see how he likes it!” And one of them came and took me by the arm and said, “Come and smoke us!” I dreaded the consequence and said if the two men would come out I would smoke them. Tucker was at the gate, but I said, “Keep fast the gate!” and he gave me the key, and one of them said there was no business for a fence [there] and “Break the gate open!” And as Tucker stood by the gate one of them went to him and took him by the arm and hauled him from the gate and forced the lock open and opened the gate. And then I took my hat and sat off for Town and run off around Bubier Plains and the coach overtook me and I turned back and tarried till dawning and then I went to Town and called up all the Selectmen but Captain Foster, and they met at Warner’s.

30 At noon came from Boston John Mikel [Mitchel?], smoked. Ditto came from Boston a sing[le] man in a chaise and smoked. This evening came from an hospital Mr. Graves and Knapp, both smoked. Ditto came from Boston John Malcolm, smoked. Ditto came from Boston a man on horseback, smoked.

[October 1792]

Monday, 1 This day came from Boston two seafaring men, one by the name of James, and both were smoked. This evening came from Boston Mr. Isaac Story and was smoked. Came from Boston J. Wills, and the man that brought him was one Swisher that keeps the smokehouse at Malden Bridge, and I asked him concerning the coach which came out of Boston last Saturday evening—if he had smoke all of them—and he said that some of them were so obstinant that they would not come out of the coach, and he smoked four of the passengers and the coachman.

2 This evening came from Boston John Wills and a boy, both smoked.

3 This day at one o’clock p.m. came from Boston Sam Sewall Esq. and Mr. Henry Gallison and were both smoked. Ditto came from Boston Colonel Marston Watson and Captain Joseph Hinkley. Both smoked. I smoked a man from Roxbury.

4 This day came from Boston P[hilip] LeGrow and was smoked. Ditto T. [or, J] Proctor from Boston, smoked. Ditto a young woman [ ] Rogers from inoculation, smoked. Came from Boston Edmund Bray and two women, all smoked. Ditto came from Boston Sam Mugford and Captain William Coles and Mrs. Atkin and were all smoked.

5 Came from Boston Jacob [ ] and smoked.

6 This day smoked a man on a white horse from Boston. Ditto a man in a sulky from Boston, smoked. Ditto smoke Colonel Glover and one daughter and Prince, all from Boston. This evening came from Boston a chaise with a man and woman and a small boy. I smoked them and their bundle. Ditto came from Boston Joseph Pedrick and smoked. Came from Boston Captain Welds and another man and were smoked, and came from Boston Captain J. Wilson and Trevett and were smoked. Mr. Joseph Sewall was smoked before Trevett as he came from Boston.

7 This day smoked John Maloon from Boston.

Monday, 8 This morning smoked Captain Newcomb and another man from Boston. Ditto Standley and a stranger. Ditto John Wait, Israel Eaton two daughters and son. Ditto James Oliver and Miller. Ditto Cushing and Call. Ditto John Sparhawk and Wyman, the miller.

9 Those smoked are P. LeGrow, [ ] Parsons, Mich Bassett, Mrs. Tuesdel, Captain N. Brown, Colonel Glover and wife and daughter and Prince, coachman, Captain John Dixey, Sol Stephens, Mr. Ebe[nezer] Graves and son, and Knapp.

10 Captain John Selman and Ross, Colonel [William R.] Lee and Captain Hooper, S. Sewall, Mrs. Pearce, Captain Russell and Russell. Smoked a man that said he came from New York but came through Boston. I detained his bundle and smoked it. His shirts are marked I.O.N.I.N 5. And smoked Captain Joseph Hinkley. Mr. John Pynchon would be smoked as he came out of town &c.

11 Smoke Mr. Joseph Dismore. Smoked P. LeGrow, a man on horseback from Boston. Smoked Mrs. Anne Prince and her daughter Hannah from Cambridge, Mr. William Bacon and Mr. S. Gerry. Captain John Russell Junior and wife. This night came from Boston J. Meek and Joseph Pedrick and smoked.

12 Smoked Captain Joseph Wilson and Philip Thrash. This night much rain and wind easterly &c.

13 Smoke old Lilly. Ditto a man from Lynn, name Newhall. Ditto P. LeGrow from Boston. Ditto N. Goldsmith. This evening came from Boston Mr. Loweng [Loring?] and wife and were smoked. Ditto Mr. Joseph Sewall and Captain John Dixey from Boston and Mr. J. Russell, a butcher from [ ].

14 Came from Boston Prentiss and another man smoked. Mr. N. Fosdick from Boston smoked. Came from [ ] Captain Ross, smoked. This evening came from Boston Mr. Joseph Eaton and another man, smoked, and a black man smoked. Came from the hospital Colonel W. R. Lee and son, smoked.

Monday, 15 This day smoked Will Thomas. Much rain.

16 This day smoked P. LeGrow.

17 This morning I smoke a man from Boston. At noon I smoked Mrs. Rimshire from Boston. This evening I smoke Captain Samuel Hooper and son. Ditto Mr. R. Hooper and son. Ditto Mr. James Doak and his wife from Boston. Ditto Mr. Lilly from Boston.

18 This day smoked a man from Boston. This afternoon much rain. Smoke another man from Boston.

19 This morning smoke Mr. Eben Graves from Boston. Ditto Mr. Isaac Collyer from Boston. Ditto Mr. Sam Parsons from Boston. Ditto a young woman from Boston. Ditto Captain Brookhouse and wife from Salem hospital. Smoked Captain John Selman and wife and Mr. Rogers and Captain John Dixey and Mrs. Worm-[stead]. Ditto Mrs. Severy from Boston, smoke. Passed Doctor Drury from Rhode Island, not smoked &c.

20 Came from Boston Captain Azor Orne, smoked, and young Russell Trevett from Salem, smoked. This evening I smoked Nat Goldsmith and Mr. John Trail.

21 This evening I smoked W. Lee, Sam Lee, Captain Willard, Captain John Russell Junior and Senior and their wives, 7 of them.

Monday, 22 This morning I smoked a man from Boston and Wyman, the meal man, came from Brookline Colonel W. R. Lee and was smoked. This evening came from Boston Mrs. Fuller and young Reed and Nurse, Captain Edward Brown, Captain W. Coles, Mr. Robie’s negro. After ten o’clock came from the hospital Captain B. Hooper and wife, Nat Hooper and wife. All those were smoked.

23 This morning I smoked Mr. Lilly from Boston and J. Thrash and another sailors[?] from Charles [town]. This afternoon I smoked P. LeGrow. Smoked Mrs. Trefery from Boston. This evening I smoked Marston Watson Esq., Mingo Devereux, and Captain Samuel Trevett, both from Boston.

24 This day I smoked Captain Joseph Hinkley from Boston and Captain John Rufus from the hospital. This afternoon I smoked Mrs. Brown from Boston. This evening smoked John Lee and his sister and Chance Lee and Colonel Will Bacon from Boston.

25 This morning I smoked two men from Charlestown. At noon smoked two gentlemen from Boston. Ditto smoke Captain Swasey and another gentleman from Boston. This afternoon I smoked Captain Dixey. Smoked Captain John Selman. After bedtime I smoked Mrs. Cloon from Boston.

26 This morning I smoked Wyman, the meal man. At noon smoked George Barker from Boston. The Honorable Azor Orne Esq. and Mrs. Nancy smoked from Boston. Ditto Mr. Joshua Prentiss from Boston. Ditto Mr. John Skinner from Boston, smoked.

27 At 1 o’clock I smoked Woodward[?] Abrahams[?] and W. Colley from Boston. Ditto 3 came Mr. Sam Russell, Colonel Glover two daughters, John Wilds, John Malcolm and another man, Mr. Joseph Sewall and wife, Joseph Hinkley and wife, Marston Bond and lad.

28 This day smoked Dolliber and two young women from Boston. At noon I smoked Marston Watson Esq. and Mr. Woodward Abrahams and son Joseph and a young man. Ditto Mr. Clark from Boston, R.S. wife, and Brown wife.

Monday, 29 This day I smoked Captain William Andrews from Boston, which makes three hundred in all that I have smoked this fifty days.

30 This day I smoked Wyman, the meal man, and a stranger from Boston. At one o’clock p.m. came a fleet of chaises and a coach from Brookline, and I smoked all the passenger, 14 in number, viz. Colonel W. R. Lee and wife and 3 children, Captain Sam Hooper and wife and two children, Mr. Robert Hooper and daughter. This evening I smoked John Lancey and Will Cruff from Boston and Captain John Russell Senior and wife, Captain John Russell Junior, and Mr. Girdler from Brookline, and smoked Captain Joseph Hinkley.

31 This day I smoked Marston Watson Esq. and Captain Samuel Trevett from Boston. Delivered Captain Russell’s clothes smoked. Smoke Lilly, Israel Eaton, Squire Sewall &c.

[November 1792]

1 Sometime about midnight came to the gate from Boston and requested going through the gate. I struck a light in order to smoke them, but one of them said the business was with one Richard Stephens. I said he could not be in town, and I suppose I was detained nearly half an hour, and they set off for Salem. Some rain. Turned in. Smoked John Vickery and Mr. John Hudson and Mr. Oliver, all from Boston. Much rain.

2 This day fair weather. Smoked Mr. John Prentiss and Mrs. Ruth Blackmer from Boston. Ditto a young man from Boston and John Melzard from Boston. This evening I smoked Captain Richard James and Mr. John Humphreys and another man from Boston and William Lee and his mother from Brookline. This day the body of a man was found that was drownded out of Ballister sloop, by the name of Davis.

3 This day I finished smoking Colonel Lee clothing, cleansed. At noon came to the gate Captain John Roads Russell with his two sons. I sent to Squire Sewall and then came up a Committee and inspected the children and they all went into town. Ditto smoked Mrs. Hooper and Mrs. Wormstead from Cambridge. Smoke P. LeGrow from Boston. About sundown came to the gate Captain John Dixey and wife with four children, and the Committee inspected them and let them pass. This evening I smoked Mr. Trail from Boston and Mr. Nath [aniel] Goldsmith and a young woman, Boston. 4 This day I smoked Mr. Newhall of Lynn.

Monday, 5 At noon I smoked a young man from Boston by the way of Salem. Deliver Mr. R. Hooper clothes and Captain Sam Hooper clothes and Mrs. Wormstead with Captain Hooper’s ditto. Deliver Captain J. R. Russell clothes. Deliver Captain Dixey clothes. This day came from Cambridge Captain John Selman and Captain A. Ross with their two sons and were inspected by the Committee of Safety. This evening our boys made a bonfire in memory of the day.307

6 This day came from Boston Mr. Philip Bessom and a young woman and were smoked. This evening I smoked a gentleman and lady from Boston and another man from Boston.

7 This morning Phil LeGrow was smoked from Boston, and I am discharged from the gate at the entrance of this town and locked the smokehouse and left the gate open.

8 This day I delivered the key of the smokehouse to Mr. Woodward Abrahams, Town Clerk. Note: Aaron Tucker Huy was as many days at the smokehouse at 3/- per day which make [£] 8.17.0.

9 This day much rain. Arrived Captain [Joshua] Orne [in the brig Mary from St. Eustatius].

10 This day the body of Captain Davis was found and buried from Mrs. Clark’s. Note: his head and hands were off. At noon a child of Mrs. Fuller was moved to the pest house with smallpox.

11 This day I attended St. Michael’s all day. The Reverend Mr. [Nathaniel] Fisher preached. Fine and pleasant.

Monday, 12 This day some rain. At noon Samuel Sewall Esq. came to the mansion house of the late Nathan Bowen Esq., dece[ased], and he settled with Edward Bowen about the house I now live in [ ]308

13 This day I received a pattern of an ensign from Mr. Sewall for Captain Willard, viz. 15 yard of crimson bunting and 13 yard of white and 8 of blue, ¾ of linen, ¾ of towcloth, and some thread.

14 This day employ fixing shroud for Captain John R. Russell for schooner. Received four ties from Mr. Joshua Prentiss to overhaul.

15 Employed on Russell shroud. This afternoon as I was at work at Shirley loft came Captain J. Foster and Captain Sam Hooper and Mr. Watson and desired me to take charge of the gate again for a few days, and on Friday the 16 I asked Tucker Huy to come with me but he would not, and I tarried all day by myself but slept at home. The 17 I employed Sam Brown in Tucker’s stead and continued till Tuesday morning, and then I went to town and saw Captain Foster and I asked him if the Selectmen had determined how long I was to stay, and he said for his part he thought I had best quit. And Mr. R. Hooper mind was to quit and Captain Samuel Hooper mind was to quit. Mr. Sewall at Salem. Mr. Watson at Boston. Mr. Knott Pedrick at Boston. Afterwards I saw Mr. S. Brimblecome of the country, and he was for my staying. Captain J. Martin at Newbury. Some time after I came to the smokehouse, Mr. Nathan Martin sent me about a foot of wood, and afterwards I saw Colonel Orne and acquainted him of my proceeding, and he said to obey the Selectmen orders and to quit at nine o’clock at night. The conditions of my agreement are such: to have 6/- per day and to receive 24/-weekly. My first week but 6 days and received 26/- in cash. The next week I receive a Town Order of 24/- and my necessity obliged me to sell it for 18s cash, and the second Town Order I sold for 18/- cash, and the third Town Order I sold for 18, the fourth Town Order I sold to Mr. Joseph Sewall for 16.

16 This day engaged at the gate again. Smoked John Vickery from Boston. Some rain. Deliver an ensign to brig, J. Willard, and a pair of shrouds to Captain Russell.

17 This day I smoked Will Cross and Mike Wormstead from Boston. This evening smoked Hannah Rulter from Salem and Mr. Trail and Mr. Goldsmith.

18 This day smoked a man from Boston, name of Dennis, which had a black silk gown, which I smoked well. Tis said that the smallpox is broke out at Salem much. Note: I have Sam Brown in Tucker Huy’s room. Close weather.

Monday, 19 This day I smoked William Bowen Junior from Boston. This night much wind and rain.

20 This morning I came to town and saw Captain Foster and Colonel Lee and Mr. R. Hooper and Captain Sam Hooper and they four were for my quitting the gate and Sam Sewall Esq., Mr. Watson, and Mr. Knott Pedrick out of town, and Mr. S. Brimblecome said he would have me tarry longer, and Nathan Martin sent me a one feet of wood. Much rain. I saw Colonel Orne and his advice was for me to stay till nine o’clock and then quit. At dark came a woman by the name of Stacey and was smoked, and at nine o’clock I locked the smokehouse up and came home.

21 This day I went to the smokehouse and put N. Martin wood in and brought all my things home, and I delivered the key to Mr. Abrahams. Note: I was five day and Sam Brown was four days this time.

22 Smart cold. About home.

23 This day cold. Close weather.

24 Much rain, inclining for snow, and this night much snow fell.

25 A winter-like snow storm. A very large sea a-going.

Monday, 26 This day moderate. Note: Robert Graves went to Mr. Sam Newhall’s on trial as an apprentice.

27 This day no business in hand.

28 This day no business in hand.

29 This day is what the people call Thanksgiving, but it is a common Thursday [to] me and my family.

30 Captain William Pedrick’s son, [John] Barker, is moved with smallpox.

[December 1792]

1 This day quite moderate. I have no business in hand, but I am in health, and my wife and what family I have at home. Son Nathan absent.

2 This day no preaching at St. Michael’s. Smart cold.

Monday, 3 Some more moderate. News from Captain Broughton at Baltimore.

4 This day moderate. At night, rain. Received my back pay for my services at the smokehouse, £4.19.0, with a discount of one-fifth, 3.19.9 cash of Mr. Henry Leech &c. &c.

5 This day no business in hand.

6 This day no business in hand.

7 This day nothing remarkable.

8 This day paid Mr. Sam Stone two dollars cash, but he let me have a side of lamb 3/- again.

9 I did not attend St. Michael’s as Captain John Webber abused me much the last evening at Putnam’s shop, Mr. John Griste and Mr. Topham pres[ent]. Webber abused me on Edward Bowen’s account. So it stands at present.

Monday, 10 This day no business in hand.

11 This day no employment.

12 This day no employment.

13 This day I helped Rich Prince at the fort where he makes his fish. 3 hours at 4. Fair weather.

14 This day some snow. No business in hand. I hear by Captain Nathan Martin that my daughter Hannah is got a great cold. Note: Captain Martin carried Hannah winter clothes to her when he went to Boston last Monday. Captain Calley in a ship from Boston for Newbury lay here from Sunday last, wind bound &c.

15 This day no emp[loyment].

16 This day I stood for a child of Francis Dolliber. His name is John. Thomas Porter stood with me and Mrs. LeGross.

Monday, 17 Smart cold.

18 Ditto. Came in Captain N. Broughton [Jr.] schooner from Baltimore.

19 Captain Broughton gone to Boston.

20 Smart cold.

21 Ditto.

22 More moderate.

23 Went to Church all day.

Monday, 24 Much rain. Captain John Melvil and Edes gave me 3/- to get a turkey, and I bought a goose.

25 [Christmas].

26 Smart cold.

2 7 Cold. This night died a child of Thomas Laskey.

29 This day cold.

30 This day nothing remarkable. I did not attend Church.

Monday, 31 Moderate for this winter. Thus ends the year 1792.


[January 1793]

1 This day very smart cold.

2 This evening my son Nathan came from Boston.

4 Winter.

5 Winter.

6 Ditto.

Monday, 7 This day Sally Martin, wife of Nathan Bowen Martin, was delivered of a daughter.

8 Son Nathan gone to Boston.

9 Much rain. This evening Abigail, the wife of William Pousland, was delivered of a daughter.

10 Moderate. This evening my son Nathan came from Boston by way of Chelsea.

11 This morning Robert Graves sat off with Mr. Joseph Fiske for Derry.

12 Fair weather. Died Mrs. Webber, wife of Captain John Webber of this town.

13 This day cold.

Monday, 14 Moderate, ditto.

15 Cold.

19 This day I arrived to my 65 year of my age in as good state of health as so poor a man may be in at this present time.

20 This evening my son Nathan was married to Lydia Pritchard of this town. Married by Mr. Ebenezer Hubbard.

[February 1793]

1 This day [ ].

3 Mr. Harris unwell. No preaching at St. Michael’s.

Monday, 4 Close weather.

5 This morning I heard from Robert Graves at Derry that he lives with one Daniel Miltemore of Derry, not with Joseph Fiske as he went from home with.

19 This day great talk of war with England and the nation [al] assembly of France.

20 Close weather.

21 Ditto. Close weather. Note: we had a dinner, the first for 30 day. William Wooldredge hoisted his flag for the first Banker, a blue with a white cross, and James Laskey hoisted his flag, an English Union in the center of blue.

22 This is George Washington’s birthday. Sailed William Wooldredge and James Laskey for the Banks. Wooldredge belonged to Mr. John Andrews and Laskey to Samuel Horton. GREAT DOINGS at Salem.

23 Wind SW.

24 This day Low sailed. War begins.

Monday, 25 The Gates of Hell are set open.

[March 1793]

Monday, 11 I was a bearer to the remains of Ebenezer Dixon.

15 Employ 16 on Mr. Stacey’s rigging by the day.

17 This is St. Patrick Day, which is seventeen year since the British left Boston.

As you mean to set sail

For the Land of Delight

And in Wedlock’s soft hammock

To swing every night

If you hope that your

Voyage successful shall prove

Fill your sails with affection

Your cabin with love.

Fill your sails with affection &c. Chorus

Let your heart like the mainmast

Be ever up-right

And the Union you boast like

Our tackle be tight

Of the shoals of indifference be

Sure to keep clear

And the quicksands of jealousy

Never come near.


And the quicksands &c.

If husbands e’er hope to live peaceable lives

They must reckon themselves give

The helm to their Wives

For the evener we go Boys the better

We sail

And on ship-board the helm is

Still ruled by the tail.


And on ship-board the helm &c.

Then list to your pilot my Boys

And be wise

If my precepts you

Scorn and my maxims despise

A brace of proud antlers

Your brows may adorn

And a hundred to one but you’ll

Double Cape Horn

31 This day came to see us our son Jacob Graves.

[April 1793]

11 This day is a Fast.

12 No business in hand.

13 No business in hand.

14 This morning my daughter Hannah set off for Boston. At noon came from Lynn Jacob Graves and Isaiah Ramsdell and returned at evening for Lynn. This morning arrived Captain John Prince [in the schooner Betsey] from the West Indies [St. Martins].

Monday, 15 This day no business in hand.

16 Employed on board Captain Prince a day. Arrived Captain John Griste [in the schooner Hannah] from Bilbao. My daughter Mary chors [?].

17 This day employed about my garden fence with Mr. N. Bowen.

18 Employed some in digging garden. Note: Jacob Graves set off for Norton [by] way of Danvers &c.

19 This day no business in hand.

20 Employed on Captain Foster’s shrouds for Captain John Griste schooner.

21 I attend Church.

Monday, 22 This day employed on Captain Foster’s shrouds.

23 Employed on Captain Foster’s shrouds.

24 Employed on Captain Foster’s shrouds.

25 This day deliver 4 pair of shrouds to Captain Griste and two pair of old shrouds.

26 This day received a pattern of a small ensign from Captain Foster for Captain Griste. Arrived Will Russell [in the schooner John and Miriam] from Guadaloupe.

27 The last evening arrived Captain [John] Bailey [in the schooner Industry] from West Indies [Martinique] and this morning arrived Captain Robert Hooper [in the brigantine Polly] from Bilbao and Captain David Stephenson [in the schooner Industry] from Cadiz. This afternoon arrived Captain Nick Bartlett [in the brigantine Hannah] from Bilbao and Richard Skinner from England. Received a crown from Captain Foster, which makes two crowns which I have received.

28 This day I did not attend Church.

Monday, 29 This day no business.

30 This day employed by Captain Sam Hooper, John Prince ¾

[May 1793]

1 Employed by Captain S. Hooper a day.

2 Employed by Captain Hooper ¾.

3 This day employed by Captain S. Hooper for 2 hours.

4 Employ by Captain S. Hooper. Philadelphia May the 4, 1793—Last evening at 9 o’clock arrived here from the Court of ex prince’s at Coblentz Count de Noailles, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from the Prince Regent of France. At a very late hour he waited on the President with whom he was in private conversation until near morning.

5 This day wife attend Church all day but no communion.

Monday, 6 Employ by Captain John Prince.

7 Employ by Captain J. Prince.

8 Employ by Captain J. Prince.

9 This morning at 5 o’clock a.m. I heard 13 guns, I suppose from a ship, and afterwards I heard the report of 11 guns, which I suppose from a Castle. I received and fixed a pair of shrouds for Mr. Robert Hooper, Jo Homan [or Hammond].

10 This day no business in hand. Delivered a pair of shrouds to Mr. Robert Hooper.

11 This day no business in hand. Arrived Captain John [Roads] Russell [in the schooner Samuel] from West Indies [Guadaloupe]. Sailed Captain Thomas Barker [in the schooner Betsey for the West Indies] for Bi[ ].

12 This day my daughter Patty came. I did not attend Church. Sailed Captain Thomas Elkins [in the schooner Hawk] for Bilbao. My daughter Patty came and return.

Monday, 13 This day Captain Sam Hooper overpaid me two shillings of my former account. This afternoon I went and took the weight of fish for Captain Knott Martin. 47 quintals. My daughter Mary went to Colonel Jonathan Glover’s to live.

14 This day employ by Captain Sam Hooper fixing his topsail gear. Paid him two shillings.

15 Employ by Captain Hooper [a] day. Received 6/- in cash from Captain Hooper. My son Ambrose began at Mrs. Burroughs’s school.

16 Employ 3 hours for Captain Hooper.

17 No business. Received a ensign from Hooper to repair &c.

18 This day no business in hand. This morning arrived my son Nathan, mate of [schooner Industry?], Captain R. Hilton, from New Bern, North Carolina, in 13 days from Ocracoke Bar.

19 This day I attend Church. Some rain.

Monday, 20 No business in hand.

21 This day I fixed a boom pendent from a jibstay for Colonel W[illiam] R. L[ee], N. Quinier. Received therefore [ ].

22 This day received 42 of spun yarn from Mr. Tedder for Colonel Glover. Fixed a tie for sloop, Wiley, master.

24 This day delivered an ensign to Captain Sam Hooper, John Prince. Received pattern of a pendent for Captain Prince.

25 Employed 2 hours by Mr. Watson on salt and employed 3 hours. This day delivered a pendent to Captain Sam Hooper, Captain Prince and [ ].

26 This day I attended Church all day.

Monday, 27 This day my son Ashley hath been absent fifteen years. Employed overhauling shrouds for R. Prince a day. Receive a pair of shrouds from Mr. Will Knight to refix.

28 This day delivered R. P[rince]’s shrouds. Received a coil of 3-yarn spun yarn and some shrouding for Mr. Knight. Received bunting for 3 pendents from Captain Sam Hooper.

29 This day I fixed shrouds for Mr. W. Knight.

30 This morning I delivered 2 pair of shrouds to Mr. Bridgeo for Mr. Knight. Deliver a pendent to Captain Sam Hooper.

31 This day no business. Received 12 shillings full from Mr. Knight. This afternoon my son Nathan moved into the house that Mr. John Wight built, Captain Nathan Bowen Martin landlord.

[June 1793]

1 This day no rigging in hand. Delivered a flag to Captain John Prince and a pendent to Captain Sam Hooper. This afternoon I del[ivered] the 3 pendent to Captain Hooper for his fishermen. Some rain. This night much rain.

2 This day rain. I did not attend Church. The last night I dreamed much.

Monday, 3 Some rain.

4 This morning at sunrise Captain John Prince [in the schooner Betsey?] and Captain Robert Hooper [in the brigantine Polly?] sailed for Bilbao, and a great number of fishermen sailed for the Banks. This afternoon the remains of Joseph Proctor’s widow was buried and John Fronnc [Frank?] wife. This night some rain.

5 This day no business in hand.

6 This day no business in hand. This afternoon the State Marshall come to town and summoned a number of our inhabitants for Boston Court.

7 This day no business in hand.

8 This day I was employed [by] R. Prince about fish 4 hours. Arrived Captain Elias Brown [in the schooner Seaflower] from West Indies [Martinique].

9 All day quite warm.

Monday, 10 This day I received a half cord of wood from Colonel Jonathan Glover.

11 This day no business in hand. Very warm. N[o?] rain.

12 This day warm. No business in hand.

13 This day delivered an ensign to Mr. Joseph Sewall’s store for brig and receive 10 yard of bunting from Mr. Joseph Sewall for Sam Stowers.

14 This day do nothing. Nathan gone to Boston.

15 This day no work but [ ].

16 I attended Church all day. Son Nathan at Boston.

Monday, 17 This day no business in hand. London House of Commons, June the 17, 1793—Debates on the war. Mr. Fox began and again Mr. Wind Sir William Dolben spoke against the motion, the question being loudly called for the House divided. Ayes 47. Nays 187. Majority against the motion.

18 Ditto.

19 Delivered a pendent to Captain John Dixey. Receive yarn for brig, Sewall and company.

20 Do nothing.

21 Ditto. Some rain.

22 This day I fixed a mainsheet strap for Crocker and serve peak tie. Delivered a flag to Mr. S. Stowers.

23 This day I did not attend Church. Somewhat lame in my left leg.

Monday, 24 This day I overhauled mainsheet strap for sloop Nancy. Mr. Bessom 2/6 half day.

25 This day no business.

26 Much rain. No business.

27 Employ on Captain Gillerees half day.

28 This day employed on sloop’s rigging 13 hour.

29 Employed on sloop’s rigging 12.

30 This day [wife] and children attended St. Michael’s. Self did not.

[July 1793]

Monday, 1 This day employed on board Colonel Glover sloop a day. Note: the Church steeple [of St. Michael’s] is took down. This day received a coil of three-yarn spun yarn from Mr. Tedder for Colonel Glover.

2 This day no business in hand.

3 This day employed by Captain Gillerees a day.

4 This is Independent Day. No business in hand. The last evening my son Nathan sailed from Salem before the mast with Captain Jonathan Mason [in the schooner Sally?] for Alexandria.


[January 1795]

3 This day I did not attend St. Michael’s, but I read the Book of Daniel. Close weather. Wife at Mrs. Pousland’s all day and night.

4 Wife at Mrs. Pousland’s.

Monday, 5 Ditto.

6 Ditto.

7 Ditto.

8 Ditto.

9 Ditto.

10 Wife at Mrs. Pousland.

11 No employ.

Monday, 12 Or 1.

13 Or 2.

14 Or 3. This day some snow. This day an [ ] at Salem.

15 Wife at home.

16 This day some rain. Wife sent for from Salem by Mr. Will Gray.

17 Some snow.

18 Some snow.

Monday, 19 Snow.

20 Cold.

21 Ditto.

22 This day cold. My wife came from Salem.

23 Somewhat warm.

24 Cold.

25 Ditto.

Monday, 26 Ditto.

[February 1795]

26 This day I had a fall on the ice and broke two of my ribs and took my bed.

27 At home lame.

28 At home lame.

[March 1795]

Monday, 2 I am fain to reel bad.

3 Ditto.

4 Ditto.

5 Ditto.

6 Ditto.

7 Ditto.

8 Somewhat better.

Monday, 9 I agreed with Colonel Orne to fix him a brig’s rigging for 12£.

10 At home, want ex[ercise?].

11 Ditto.

12 Ditto.

13 Ditto.

14 Ditto.

15 At home.

Monday, 16 I got abroad again.

17 I went abroad.

18 Ditto.

19 Ditto.

20 Ditto.

21 Ditto.

22 This day about home.

24 About home.

25 Receive a coil of shrouding from Mr. Tedder and two stays and two coils of wormline and 1 of 4-yarn spun yarn, 2 ditto of 3, and 2 ditto of 2-yarn spun [yarn].

26 This day I began on Colonel Orne shrouds. Employ Ef [Ephraim] Chambers a day at 4/-.

27 Employed as per last.

28 Ditto.

29 This day I did not attend St. Michael’s.

Monday, 30 Employed on Colonel Orne rigging. Employ Chambers a day. Spliced a cable for Mr. Prentiss.

31 Employ on Colonel Orne rigging. Employ Chambers and fixed a tie for Mr. Prentiss, W. Clark.

[April 1795]

1 Employed on Colonel Orne’s rigging. Employed Chambers. Fixed a strap for forestay for Colonel Glover, Captain Wiley, 6/-.

2 A Fast. No war.

3 Is what is called Good Friday. Much rain. I did not open loft.

4 Employed on Colonel Orne’s rigging. Employed E. Chambers a day.

5 This is Easter Sunday, and I had a dinner which might have been for Friday, but God’s will was so. Wife at Church.

Monday, 6 This day employed Thomas Leworthy a day at 5/-per day. Discharged Ef Chambers.

7 Ditto Leworthy.

8 Leworthy absent. Much rain.

9 Leworthy absent.

10 Employ Leworthy a day.

11 Smart cold. Employ Leworthy ⅔ a day.

Monday, 13 Employ Leworthy a day.

14 Employ Leworthy a day. Arrived Captain J. Prince.

15 Employ Leworthy a day.

16 This day departed this life Captain Azor Orne. Employ Leworthy a day.

17 Employ Leworthy a day.

18 Employ Leworthy a day.

19 I did not attend Church. Edward Bowen Esq. published [to Mrs. Mercy Cross].

Monday, 20 Employ Thomas Leworthy a day. Captain Orne bury.

21 Employ Thomas Leworthy a day. Employed paying blocks with turpentine. This evening I discharged Leworthy and gave him an order on Azor Orne Esq. for three Pound in full.

22 This day employ on Colonel Orne blocks.

23 Employ as per last.

24 Employ as per last. Receive 2 feet of wood from Mr. Joshua Prentiss, on account.

25 Employ as per last. Much rain.

Monday, 27 This day much rain. Jer Lye hung himself. Note: I began from October the 15, 1795 anew which was the day Captain William Pousland [?] arrived from Ocracoke.

28 Employ [on] Colonel Orne rigging.

29 Employ as per last.

30 Ditto.

[May 1795]

1 This day employ on Colonel Orne brig a day.

2 Ditto. Finished all the brig rigging.

[October 1795]

16 This day employed John Ingalls.

17 Employed J. Ingalls a day.

18 Sailed Will Pousland.

Monday, 19 I did not employ Ingalls.

20 This day I went to Salem and received a coil for backst[ay?] and fore sheets and 2 coils of some cordage.

21 This day employed on brig rigging. Employed J. Ingalls from 9 o’clock.

22 Employed J. Ingalls a day.

23 Employed J. Ingalls 4 hours.

24 Ingalls absent.

25 This day no Church opened.

Monday, 26 Self employ on brig, Brooks.

27 Ditto.

28 Employed on Brooks.

29 Ditto.

30 Ditto.

31 Ditto.

[November 1795]

1 This day smart cold.

Monday, 2 Employed on Brooks’s rigging. Edward and Ambrose gone to Salem. This night Ambrose taken sick with vomiting and purg[ing].

3 Ambrose quite sick.

4 Ambrose hath the throat distemper. Employed on Brooks’s rigging.

5 Son Ambrose hath a settled sore throat and three fever, viz. the scarlet purtered nervers [sic].

6 This day employed on Mr. Brooks’s rigging. Son Ambrose very sick. Patty complaining.

7 Ambrose very sick. Patty’s throat sore.

8 This day put in a note at St. Michael’s for a son and a daughter being sick and for a son bound to sea and for a son long absent.

Monday, 9 Son Ambrose quite ill. At 11 o’clock a.m. came to see us the Reverend Mr. [William] Harris. Much rain.

10 Ambrose quite ill. Employed on Mr. Brooks’s rigging. This evening my son Daniel was taken ill.

11 Ambrose quite ill. Daniel ill.

12 Ambrose and Daniel both ill. Wife unwell, but we are fain to take it watch and watch.

13 Ambrose somewhat better. Daniel quite ill.

14 Ambrose better. Dan much iller. Deliver a suit of rigging for a brig to Captain Charles Ballister for the Brooks with blocks and complete.

15 This day Ambrose on the mend. Daniel quite ill. Son Edward came from Salem as they stay wind bound.

Monday, 16 This morning my son Edward sat off for Salem. Son Daniel quite ill. Son Ambrose on the mend. I have no employ on my business. This afternoon I sent a line to the Reverend Mr. Harris on my son Daniel illness. This evening my son Daniel departed this life at a half after eight o’clock p.m.

17 This morning I turned out and I was determined to bury the remains of my son Daniel and completed it by the close of the evening by the assistance of my relations and friends. FINIS Daniel.

18 The last evening my son Edward came from Salem and this morning was so unwell that I declined letting him go to Salem till I had the advice of Doctor [Elisha] Story, and he conclude him not too fit to go to sea, and Robert [Graves] came home sick. I went to Salem to acquaint Mr. Gray. Found Captain [William] Mug[ford] not sailed. So I have three sons sick.

19 This is Thanksgiving for some folks.

20 I went to Salem. Found Mugford gone [in the brigantine Eliza for Bilbao], and I could not find Ned’s chest. At noon I saw Captain Baker of Beverly, and he engaged Ned at 6 dollars per month if I could find his chest, and I found Ned chest, and when I secured it it was so late I could not go to Beverly. Came home.

21 This day I went to Beverly but—Behold—Baker had a boy and I came home again.

22 This day a storm of snow. We did not attend Church.

Monday, 23 Employed on Captain Sam Hooper old shrouds a day.

24 Ditto.

25 Ditto.

26 Ditto.

27 Finished for Captain Hooper, Captain Hawkes, 4 single shrouds, jibstay, and part of a shroud.

28 No employ. Received my pay of Captain Sam Hooper.

29 Advent Sunday. This day I with my wife and son Edward and daughter Martha and her [Ashley’s wife’s] son Robert Graves all attended St. Michael’s in form of mourners for our son Daniel.

Monday, 30 This day no business in hand. Nathan Martin wife sick.

[December 1795]

1 This day no business. Wife sat up with Mrs. Martin.

2 This day no employ. Mrs. Martin very sick.

3 Ditto.

4 Mrs. Martin is crazy. Wife attending.

5 Mrs. Martin quite raving.

6 Mrs. Martin very ill. Doctor [Thomas] Kittredge came from Andover to see her.

Monday, 7 Mrs. Martin somewhat better.

8 This morning came to an anchor Captain Stacey, Hooper, from Lisbon as well. Much rain all day. Evening much wind at ESE.

9 Fair weather. We hear of a brig’s being on Nahant Beach. Said 10 men are dead; one saved.

10 This day moderate. We are all well in our family. Edward is engaged with Captain [John?] Union in a schooner of Richard Prince. Mrs. Martin layeth her head to the northward as if she was a-coming back again. Wife assisting her.

11 This day fair weather. Sailed Benoice Johnson for Carolina.

12 Received 54 yard bunting from Mr. J. Sewall for Mr. Brooks, viz. 13½ blue, 22½ red, 18 white.

13 This day did not attend St. Michael’s.

Monday, 14 This day no business in hand.

15 Received a pattern of two pair of shrouds from Mr. Tedder’s for Mr. Will Lee and a coil of spun yarn, 13 yards of parceling.

16 Employed on Lee shrouds. Received a pattern of an ensign.

17 Employed on Lee shrouds. Received two pair of shrouds from Mr. Robert Hooper for brig.

18 Employ on Hooper shroud.

19 Smart cold. Employ some on shrouds. Delivered an ensign to Captain John Russell, 18 feet long.

20 This day smart cold. I did not attend St. Michael’s. A good dinner.

Monday, 21 Employed on Mr. Rob Hooper brig shrouds.

22 Employed on brig rigging. Received a forestay to refix for brig. Smart cold.

23 This day finished two pair of shrouds and forestay for brig Polly, Robert Hooper. Cold.

24 Some more moderate. Settled with Mr. Robert Hooper for brig.

25 Christmas. Warm, a thaw. At 2 o’clock a.m. my wife was called to assist Mr. Joseph Prince, he being very sick. Wind easterly. A poor Christmas to me.

26 Wind easterly. Some rain. J[oseph] P[rince] very sick. Wife assisting him.

27 This day fine fair weather. At 2 o’clock departed this life Mr. Joseph Prince. At 10 ditto sailed Captain Stephen Swett in ship Eagle and Captain John Prince. Note: my son Edward a-went with Captain Prince. Captain Sam Trevett sailed at 5 o’clock a.m. and Captain Knott Pedrick sailed at ½ past ten a.m. My wife attending at Prince.

Monday, 28 This day wind WSW all day. This afternoon the remains of Mr. Joseph Prince was buried. Note: the three minister show[?] Note: the bearer were Mr. J. Story, Mr. Eb Hubbard, Mr. William Harris, and three strange ministers, Mr. Story prayed, Mr. [William] Bentley of Salem, Mr. Prince of Salem, and Mr. [James] McKeen of Beverly.

29 Mrs. Pousland sick.

30 Mrs. Pousland very sick. Wife attends her.

31 Mrs. Pousland better. My daughter Lydia somewhat unwell. Knott Martin Junior wife sick.


[January 1796]

1 Oh my GOD, what will this year produce to the friends of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America? This day fair. Charles Martin departed this life at Mr. Clemmons’s.

2 Charles Martin was so offensive that the Selectmen ordered him buried at 1 o’clock without bells or mourners. Wife at Mrs. Pousland’s. William is taken down. This morning after the sun had risen I fell asleep. I thought I was in my home sitting by the fire, and a very large woman stood stooping with her backside towards me so I did not see her face, and I saw on a table a large parcel of mutton, and as I looked to the back side of the room I saw my old frock and tarry apron as I thought he got them I found in the middle of the room a tall stalk of a cob with all the leaves and full of sad[?], and as I reached for my frock I bore again this stool and it fell down and took[?] up the roots and lay the [...] woman present, all the time wife at Mrs. Pousland.

[November 1796]

22 In the night I dreamed I was standing by Doctor Story, I supposed about 11 o’clock, and I thought of dinner and suppose that I had a quarter of lamb at the old mansion house, and I went round the Town House, and I found a fore-quarter of lamb in my hand, and right in the center between T[own] House Captain Gordon. I saw a large hole and Mother Mary Bowen sat on the right hand. Mother Bowen gave me a key of a padlock which she gave me to unlock a cupboard door and there appeared a live mouse, and I brushed it off in the water and then the lock was full of dead mice, and I cleared it out and unlocked the lock and nothing in it, so I took my fore-quarter and came home.


Monday, July 16 Memorandum. Captain William Pedrick landed a man from on board a schooner from the West Indies for Salem. Man’s name unknown, but made no tarry here. Had a chaise of Mr. Bodman and went off for Boston &c.


Sunday morning September the 23, 1804. This morning at 2 o’clock a.m. as I lay sick of a fever, my wife laying by me, I supposed that I was spoke to or beckoned to by a hand to follow it, and I passed Nova Scotia and that part of North America and the Atlantic Sea as far as the Channel of England as far as the South Foreland in England where I supposed that I was landed at. And as I descended to the seashore I saw some men by the shore-side. It seemed the last quarter of the Moon and very heavy clouds, a small dim light of fire &c. I saw two men on my right hand, and as they talked one said, “What must I do, for I cannot let him go! I shall be hanged by 11 o’clock!” As the two men were talking I said to the other men, “Gentlemen! Do you know one Bowen in the British naval service?” which they said that they did and said that he belonged to that ship and showed me a ship, it being thick and dark. I said could I get a-put off to her? I asked what this Bowen was on board, and they said Master and Commander of her, and as I stood one of them said, “That is the man that is now talking with the other.” And directly Mr. Bowen left the other man and came to me and said, “How do you do, Sir?” And I asked him how he could send for me as I was very sick at home. He said, “Sir, you were always good to direct me when I was in distress, and I am in great distress now for I have received a commission from King George the Third to burn, sink, and destroy all French Republicans and more especially that usurper Bonaparte himself,” and one said that that was the man. Now there was a man stood by himself, being well dressed. Bowen said, “If I should let him go I should be hanged by 11 o’clock at the Admiral’s yard arm,” and I said, “Let me see your Commission.” And I took it to the small light and saw that it was according as Mr. Bowen reported. And I asked the men if they would help Mr. Bowen. They said, “Sir, if you are acquainted in the Navy you must know that we must obey our superior officer,” and said that he, the Third Officer, wished to have nothing to do with the said Bonaparte, and they would not assist him, so I supposed it to be a treacherous trick, and in order to save Mr. Bowen’s life, I having the Commission in my hand, I went to this man said to be Bonaparte and took him by the arm and said, “Sir, by virtue of Mr. Bowen’s Commission you are my prisoner!” He shew me a small roll of paper and said it was a number of bills on France, payable on sight, and shew me a purse of guineas, and I said I would have nothing to do with either of them. And I took a handkerchief and pinned his arms and asked the seamen to assist me, but they would not, and I took Bonaparte by his left arm and Lieutenant Bowen on my left hand and we went up the hill. And when we came to Dover Castle they would not receive us, and then we set out for the Tower of London, and the other officers and men followed us at a small distance, and when we arrived at the bridge we saw no more of them and we came over the bridge. We came to the Tower where we got a receipt for Mr. Bonaparte, and we returned to the South Foreland, and I came home the same track as I went, and I found my wife and the body as I left it, and as soon as I come to myself I heard the clock strike 4. My wife said, “You have lain quiet some time!”