Condensed Bibliography

Condensed Bibliography

THE following is a condensed listing of the principal published works used in the preparation of the Editor’s Chapter Introductions and of the Biographical Notes in Appendix 3. Wide use has also been made of manuscript material, derived primarily from the archives of the following collections and includes:

Abbot Hall (Marblehead). Town records, Selectmen’s records, bills and correspondence to the Town.

American Antiquarian Society (Worcester). Miscellaneous papers relating to Ashley Bowen and to Marblehead.

Essex County Court House (Salem). Land records, probate records, records of the Inferior Court, and a mid-eighteenth century Notarial record book in the Office of the Clerk of the Courts.

Essex Institute (Salem). Numerous Bowen family papers, John Prince papers, James Gregory Revolutionary War Pension Claims papers, the pre-Revolutionary Custom House letterbook and impost office records for the Port of Salem and Marblehead, and various Marblehead account books.

Library of Congress (Washington, D. C.). The Washington Papers and documents relating to “George Washington’s Navy”.

Marblehead Historical Society (Marblehead). Nathan Bowen’s Justice of the Peace record book, many hundred individual documents relating to Marblehead, letterbooks, account books, logbooks, genealogical records, and scrapbooks.

Massachusetts Historical Society (Boston). Numerous manuscripts relating to events in Marblehead and to specific individuals such as Jeremiah and William Raymond Lee, Robert Hooper, the Gerrys, Thomas Robie, John Barnard, and Thomas Fitch Oliver.

National Archives (Washington, D. C). Revolutionary war pension claims and “memorials” to Congress.

Peabody Museum (Salem). Notarial records of Daniel Moulton of York, Maine, John Griste account books, miscellaneous early Marblehead documents, abstracts of the Naval Office shipping lists for the Port of Salem and Marblehead from 1753 to 1765, and post-war ship registers, enrollments, and licenses.

Public Record Office (London). Captains’ and Masters’ logs, muster books, Salem Custom House correspondence, original Naval Office shipping lists for Salem and Marblehead and for British West Indian ports during the eighteenth century.

State Archives (Boston). Numerous items referring to Marblehead. Many have been published from time to time in the Essex Institute Historical Collections.

* * *

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