December Meeting, 1959

    A STATED Meeting of the Society was held at its House, No. 87 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, on Thursday, 17 December 1959, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the President, Mr. Richard Mott Gummere, in the chair.

    The records of the Annual Meeting in November were read and approved.

    Messrs. John Peterson Elder, of Boston, Frank Burt Freidel, of Cambridge, Dean Abner Fales, Jr., of Salem, Charles Christopher Laing, of Boston, Charles Edward Stearns, of Medford, and Cornelius Clarkson Vermeule, III, of Cambridge, were elected Resident Members, and Mr. Andrew Oliver, of New York City, was elected a Corresponding Member of the Society.

    Mr. Malcolm Freiberg read a paper entitled: “How to Become a Colonial Governor: Thomas Hutchinson of Massachusetts.”304