February Meeting, 1961

    A STATED Meeting of the Society was held at its House, No. 87 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, on Thursday, 16 February 1961, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the President, Mr. Richard Mott Gummere, in the chair. The Society was happy to welcome a Corresponding Member, Mr. R. A. Skelton of the British Museum, whose landing in New York that morning and passage to Boston had been so fortunately expedited as to permit his arrival in time for the meeting.

    Mr. Allis, for the Corresponding Secretary, reported the receipt of letters from Messrs. John Codman, Henry Seton, and John Daniel Cushing accepting election to Resident Membership, and of one from Mr. James J. Heslin accepting election to Corresponding Membership in the Society.

    Mr. Roger Allan Moore, of Boston, was elected a Resident Member of the Society.

    The President reported the death of Lucius J. Knowles, a Non-Resident Member, that had taken place on 14 January 1961, and that of J. Harold Easterby, Archivist of South Carolina, who was to have been elected a Corresponding Member of the Society at this meeting. Mr. Whitehill spoke of Mr. Easterby’s accomplishments as a historian, as editor of the colonial records of South Carolina, and as the helpful supporter of the edition of the papers of John C. Calhoun that is now appearing.

    The President introduced Mr. Skelton, who expressed his pleasure at attending a meeting of the Society for the first time.

    Mr. Allen Ludwig, of Yale University, read a paper entitled: “The Visual Imagery of Puritanism,” which was illustrated by slides of some of the remarkable photographs that he had taken of New England gravestones.