6 March, 1902.

    A Stated Meeting of the Council was held on Thursday, 6 March, 1902, at three o’clock in the afternoon.

    Present, Messrs. Henry Winchester Cunningham, Henry Herbert Edes, Frederick Lewis Gay, Albert Matthews, and S. Lothrop Thorndike.

    Mr. S. Lothrop Thorndike occupied the chair.

    The following is an extract from the Records of the Meeting:

    Fisher Avenue,

    Brookline, Massachusetts,

    March 6, 1902.

    To the President and Members of the Council,

    Colonial Society of Massachusetts.

    Dear Sirs, —

    In the Report of the Council read at the Annual Meeting, November, 1894, Mr. Andrew McFarland Davis called attention to the fact that the early Records of Harvard College had not been printed, and that it was not probable that the College would publish them. He pointed out that by doing such a work we could demonstrate the usefulness of our Society. Hoping that you will see fit to carry out his suggestion, and knowing the mass of material there awaiting the student’s digestion, I make this proposition:

    I will pay the cost of transcribing for the printer Volumes I, III, IV, V. I will also give up to $2,000 towards the cost of publishing one volume of our Publications containing the same (or as much as one volume will cover), the size of the edition to be the same as that of our Volume III, and no larger.

    Respectfully yours,

    Fred’k L. Gay.

    Voted, That in gratefully accepting the munificent gift which Mr. Gay has offered to the Society, the Council wishes to place upon its Records all expression of its appreciation of Mr. Gay’s deep and constant and generous interest in the Society and its work, of which he has given in the past so many tangible proofs.

    Voted, That the Corresponding Secretary be requested to apply, on behalf of the Council, to the Corporation of Harvard College for permission to print its early Records in the manner contemplated by the Society.

    Voted, That the publication of the proposed volume of Collections be committed to the hands of a Special Committee of which Mr. Gay shall be the Chairman, the other members to be named at a future meeting of the Council.343