Samuel M. Quincy
    Port Hudson, Louisiana, February 9, 1864

    The Preface to the original printing of Quincy’s Reports, Boston, 1865, by the Riverside Press of O. H. Houghton and Company for Little, Brown and Company. The Preface was written during the Civil War “in which the country is still involved.” See Editor’s Foreword, infra.

    ILLUSTRATION 6: Horace Gray Jr. (1828–1902), Justice, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (1864–1873), Chief Justice of Massachusetts (1873–1881), Justice, Supreme Court of the United States (1882–1902). Horace Gray was instrumental in preparing Quincy’s Reports. See Mark G. Sullivan, “Phantom References to Quincy’s Reports in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Reports,” Quincy Papers, vol. 5, Appendix 5, infra. Photograph c. 1884. Courtesy, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States.