VOLUME XXI, now completed, contains the Transactions of the Society at four meetings, from March to December, 1919, in continuation of Volume XX.

    The committee gratefully acknowledges the Society’s indebtedness to several institutions, and to friends and members of this Society, for permission to reproduce documents in their possession, for the gift of plates, or for other courtesies, namely: to Mr. Charles Fitch Bates, Miss Ada Bouvé, Mr. Charles William Jenks, Dr. Charles Lemuel Nichols, the American Antiquarian Society, the Boston Public Library, the Corporation of Harvard College, the Dedham Historical Society, the Harvard College Library, the Library of Congress, the Massachusetts Historical Society, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Archives Department).

    For the Committee of Publication,

    Fred Norris Robinson,


    Boston, 1 March, 1920.