Index of First Lines

A Virgin unspotted the Prophet foretold (SMA) 52

Ah! lovely Appearance of Death (SMA) 44

And must this Body die (SMA) 126

Awake, my soul, awake (SMA) 37

Awake my Soul! Awake my eyes (SMA) 69

Bright King of Glory, dreadful God (SMA) 92

By the Rivers of Watertown we set down and wept (SMA) 136

Children of the heav’nly King (SMA) 193

Come let us join our chearful Songs (SMA) 210

Come let us sing unto the Lord (SMA) 50

David, the King, was grieved and moved (SMA) 108

Death! O the awful sound (SMA) 83

Death with his warrant in his hand (SMA) 78

Deep in our hearts let us record (MM) 274

Father of mercies (SMA) 165

From all that dwell below the skies (SMA) 159

Great is the Lord our God (SMA) 256

Happy the man whose tender care (SMA) 213

Hear my Pray’r, O Lord my God (SMA) 118

He’s come. Let ev’ry Knee be bent (SMA) 98

How charmingly sounds (MM) 332

How glorious is our heav’nly King (SMA) 133

How long, O Lord, shall I complain (MM) 294

How short and hasty are our Lives (SMA) 166

How pleasant ’tis to see (SMA) 156

How pleas’d and blest was I (SMA) 154

How vast must their advantage be (SMA) 80

I am the Rose of Sharon (SMA) 216

I heard a great voice (SMA) 175

I love the Lord (SMA) 194

In vain the wealthy Mortals toil (SMA) 42

In vain we lavish out our Lives (SMA) 180

Is any afflicted, let him Pray (SMA) 128

Joy to the world; the Lord is come (MM) 282

Let all the heathen writers join (MM) 320

Let diff’ring nations join (SMA) 172

Let ev’ry mortal Ear attend (MM) 284

Let ev’ry mortal Ear attend (SMA, App.) 264

Let horrid Jargon split the Air (SMA) 263

Let mortal Tongues attempt to sing (SMA) 62

Let sinners take their course (MM) 304

Let the shrill trumpet’s warlike voice (MM) 286

Let tyrants shake their iron rod (SMA) 72

Like Sheep we went astray (MM) 306

Lord, hear the voice of my complaint (SMA) 90

Lord, how secure and blest are they (MM) 292

Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear (SMA) 148

Lord of the worlds above (SMA) 168

Lord, what a feeble piece (MM) 310

Lord, when thou did’st ascend on high (SMA) 227

Majestic God when I descry (SMA) 178

Me thinks I see a Heav’nly host (SMA) 40

Me thinks I see my Saviour dear (MM) 319

Mercy and judgment are my song (MM) 280

Mourn, mourn, ye Saints as if you see (MM) 298

My Beloved! haste away (SMA) 170

My God, how many are my fears (MM) 290

My God, my Life, my Love (SMA) 86

My God, my Life, my Love (MM) 328

My God what inward grief I feel (MM) 324

My Saviour and my King (SMA) 100

My Thoughts on awful Subjects roll (SMA) 152

Not all the Pow’rs on earth (SMA) 182

Not to our names, thou only just and true (SMA) iii

Now shall my inward joy arise (SMA) 46

O All ye nations, praise the Lord (MM) 334

O Praise the Lord with one consent (SMA) 200

O Praise ye the Lord (SMA) 162

Praise ye the Lord; ’tis good to raise (MM) 326

Rejoice, the Lord is King (SMA) 116

Remember, Lord, our mortal state (MM) 314

Return, O God of love, return (MM) 312

Shall Wisdom cry aloud (MM) 272

Shew pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive (MM) 330

Sing to the Lord Jehovah’s name (SMA) 94

Sing ye merrily, Sing ye merrily (SMA) 184

Sleep! downy sleep! come close my eyes (MM) 302

Sleep, downy sleep (MM, App.) 337

Stoop down, my Thoughts, that use to rise (SMA) 57

The God of glory sends his summons forth (SMA) 122

The heav’ns declare thy glory, Lord (MM) 300

The Lord descended from above (SMA) 203

The Lord, how wond’rous are his ways (MM) 288

The States, O Lord, with Songs of Praise (SMA) 244

Thee will I love, O Lord my strength (MM) 316

Think, mighty God, on feeble man (MM) 322

Thou whom my Soul admires above (SMA) 150

Thus far the Lord has led me on (MM) 296

Time! what an empty Vapour ’tis (SMA) 60

To bless thy chosen race (SMA) 64

To God the mighty Lord (SMA) 54

’Twas on that dark, that doleful Night (SMA) 48

Was not the Day (SMA) 231

We love thee, Lord, and we adore (MM) 278

When I my various Blessings see (SMA) 66

When I with pleasing wonder stand (MM) 276

When Jesus wept, a falling tear (SMA) 102

When the fierce North Wind with his airy forces (SMA) 105

When we, our weary’d limbs to rest (SMA) 84

While shepherds watch their flocks by night (SMA) 207

With earnest longings of the mind (SMA) 258

Ye boundless realms of joy (SMA) 114

Ye saints and servants of the Lord (MM) 308

Ye Servants of God (SMA) 88

Ye that delight to serve the Lord (SMA) 75