The Singing Master’s Assistant Music

Aurora, a Morning Hymn

2. Almighty God commands,

And sol doth streight arise,

With wond’rous force pursues his course

And shoots along the skies.

3. With what amazing speed

He wings his rapid way;

From morn to noon, from noon to night,

And thus concludes the day.

4. Awake my drousy Soul,

Arise and come away;

The pretty Birds in Nature’s words

Proclaim the rising day.

5. In concert sweet they join,

And sing in various ways;

Their little throats are swell’d with notes

And fill’d with Songs of Praise.

6. Arise, my soul, arise,

Shake off this sluggish load;

In morning song, your Accents strong,

Adore your Maker God.



2. Their Golden Cordials cannot ease

Their pained Hearts or aching Heads,

Nor fright nor bribe approaching Death

From glittering Roofs and downy Beds.

3. The ling’ring, the unwilling Soul

The dismal Summons must obey,

And bid a long, a sad Farewel,

To the pale Lump of lifeless Clay.

4. Thence they are huddled to the Grave,

Where Kings and Queens have equal Thrones:

Their Bones without Distinction lie

Amongst the Heap of meaner Bones.


2. With solemn Delight I survey

The Corps when the Spirit is fled,

In Love with the beautiful Clay,

And longing to lie in his Stead.

3. How bless’d is our Brother, bereft

Of all that could burthen his Mind!

How easy the Soul that hath left

This wearisome Body behind!

4. Of Evil incapable thou,

Whose Relicks with Envy I see;

No longer in Misery now,

No longer a Sinner like me.

5. This Earth is affected no more

With Sickness, or shaken with Pain:

The War in the Members is o’er,

And never shall vex him again.

6. No Anger henceforward, or Shame,

Shall redden this innocent Clay;

Extinct is the animal Flame,

And Passion is vanish’d away.

7. This languishing Head is at Rest,

Its Thinking and Acting are o’er;

This quiet immoveable Breast

Is heav’d by Affliction no more:

8. This Heart is no longer the Seat

Of Trouble and torturing Pain;

It ceases to flutter and beat,

It never shall flutter again.

9. The Lids he so seldom could close,

By Sorrow forbidden to sleep,

Seal’d up in eternal Repose,

Have strangely forgotten to weep:

10. The Fountains can yield no Supplies,

These Hollows from Water are free;

The Tears are all wip’d from these Eyes,

And Evil they never shall see.

11. To mourn and to suffer is mine,

While bound in a Prison I breathe,

And still for Deliverance pine,

And press to the Issues of Death:

12. What now with my Tears I bedew,

O might I this Moment become,

My Spirit created anew,

My Flesh he consign’d to the Tomb!


2. God on his thirsty Sion-Hill

Some Mercy-Drops has thrown,

And solemn Oaths have bound his Love

To show’r Salvation down.

3. Why do we then indulge our Fears,

Suspicions and Complaints?

Is he a God, and shall his Grace

Grow weary of his Saints?

4. Can a kind Woman e’er forget

The Infant of her Womb,

And ’mongst a thousand tender Thoughts

Her Suckling have no Room?

5. Yet, saith the Lord, should Nature change,

And Mothers Monsters prove,

Sion still dwells upon the Heart

Of everlasting Love.

6. Deep on the Palms of both my Hands

I have engrav’d her Name;

My Hands shall raise her ruin’d Walls,

And build her broken Frame.


2. Before the mournful Scene began,

He took the Bread, and bless’d and brake:

What Love through all his Actions ran!

What wond’rous Words of Grace he spake!

3. This is my Body broke for Sin,

Receive and eat the living Food:

Then took the Cup, and bless’d the Wine;

’Tis the New Cov’nant in my Blood.

〈 4. For us his Flesh with Nails was torn,

He bore the Scourge, he felt the Thorn:

And Justice pour’d upon his Head

Its heavy Vengeance, in our Stead.

5. For us his vital Blood was spilt,

To buy the Pardon of our Guilt;

When for black Crimes of biggest Size,

He gave his Soul a Sacrifice 〉

6. Do this, he cry’d, ’till Time shall end,

In Mem’ry of your dying Friend;

Meet at my Table and record

The Love of your departed Lord.

〈 7. Jesus, thy Feast we celebrate,

We shew thy Death, we sing thy Name,

’Till thou return, and we shall eat

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. 〉



2. Through Bethlehem City, in Jury it was,

That Joseph and Mary together did pass;

And for to be taxed when thither they came,

Since Caesar Augustus commanded the same.

Then let us be Merry, &c.

3. But Mary’s full Time being come as we find,

She brought forth her First-born to save all Mankind:

The Inn being full, for this heav’nly Guest,

No Place there was found where to lay him to rest.

Then let us be Merry, &c.

4. But Mary, blest Mary, so meek and so mild,

Soon wrapt up in Swadlings this heav’nly Child:

Contented she laid him where Oxen do feed;

The great God of Nature approv’d of the Deed.

Then let us be Merry, &c.

5. To teach us Humility all this was done,

Then learn we from hence haughty Pride for to shun;

A Manger’s his Cradle, who came from above.

The great God of Mercy, of Peace, and of Love.

Then let us be Merry, &c.

6. Then presently after the Shepherds did spy,

Vast numbers of Angels to stand in the Sky;

So merrily talking, so sweet they did sing,

All Glory and Praise to our heav’nly King.

Then let us be Merry, &c.


2. To him, whose wond’rous pow’r

All other gods obey,

Whom earthly kings adore,

This grateful homage pay:

For God, &c.

3. By his almighty hand

Amazing works are wrought;

The heav’ns by his command

Were to perfection brought.

For God, &c.

4. He spread the ocean round

About the spacious land;

And made the rising ground

Above the waters stand.

For God, &c.

5. Through heav’n he did display

His num’rous hosts of light;

The sun to rule by day,

The moon and stars by night.

For God, &c.

6. He struck the first-born dead

Of Egypt’s stubborn land;

And thence his people led

With his resistless hand.

For God, &c.

7. By him the raging sea,

As if in pieces rent,

Disclos’d a middle way,

Through which his people went.

For God, &c.

8. Where soon he overthrew

Proud Pharaoh and his host,

Who daring to pursue,

Were in the billows lost.

For God, &c.

9. Through desarts vast and wild,

He led the chosen seed;

And famous princes foil’d,

And made great monarchs bleed.

For God, &c.

10. Sihon, whose potent hand

Great Ammon’s sceptre swayed;

And Og, whose stern command

Rich Bashan’s land obey’d.

For God, &c.

11. And of his wond’rous grace

Their lands, whom he destroy’d,

He gave to Isr’el’s race,

To be by them enjoy’d!

For God, &c.

12. He in our depth of woes,

On us with favour thought,

And from our cruel foes

In peace and safety brought.

For God, &c.

13. He does the food supply,

On which all creatures live:

To God who reigns on high

Eternal praises give.

For God will prove &c.



2. The present Moments just appear,

Then slide away in haste,

That we can never say, They’re here;

But only say, They’re past.

3. Our Life is ever on the Wing,

And Death is ever nigh;

The Moment when our Lives begin,

We all begin to die.

4. Yet, Mighty God! our fleeting Days

Thy lasting Favours share,

Yet with the Bounties of thy Grace

Thou load’st the rolling Year.

5. ’Tis Sov’reign Mercy finds us Food,

And we are cloath’d with Love:

While Grace stands pointing out the Road,

That leads our Souls above.

6. His Goodness runs an endless Round;

All Glory to the Lord:

His Mercy never knows a Bound;

And be his Name ador’d.

7. Thus we begin the lasting Song;

And when we close our Eyes,

Let the next Age thy Praise prolong,

’Till Time and Nature dies.


2. Against the Dragon and his Host

The Armies of the Lord prevail:

In vain they rage, in vain they boast,

Their Courage sinks, their Weapons fail.

3. Down to the Earth was Satan thrown,

Down to the Earth his Legions fell;

Then was the Trump of Triumph blown,

And shook the dreadful Deeps of Hell.

4. Now is the Hour of Darkness past,

Christ has assum’d his reigning Pow’r,

Behold the great Accuser cast

Down from the Skies, to rise no more.

5. ’Twas by thy Blood, Immortal Lamb,

Thine Armies trod the Tempter down;

Twas by thy Word and pow’rful Name

They gain’d the Battle and Renown.

6. Rejoice, ye Heav’ns; let ev’ry Star

Shine with new Glories round the Sky:

Saints, while ye sing the heav’nly War,

Raise your Deliv’rer’s Name on high.

New South

2. That so thy wond’rous way

May through the world be known;

While distant lands their tribute pay,

And thy salvation own.

3. Let diff’ring nations join

To celebrate thy fame;

Let all the world, O Lord, combine

To praise thy glorious name.

4. O let them shout and sing,

Dissolv’d in pious mirth;

For thou the righteous Judge and King,

Shalt govern all the earth.

5. Let diff’ring nations join

To celebrate thy fame;

Let all the world, O Lord, combine

To praise thy glorious name.

6. Then shall the teeming ground

A large increase disclose;

And we with plenty shall be crown’d

Which God, our God, bestows.

7. Then God upon our land

Shall constant blessings show’r;

And all the world in awe shall stand

Of his resistless pow’r.


2. Ere, trembling, on the Breast I hung,

He call’d; and I from Nothing sprung:

And thro’ the Perils of each Hour,

He still preserves my Life secure.

3. For me His only Son He sent,

For me the Saviour under-went

The Cross, the Agonies, the Shame;

-- For ever will I bless His Name.

4. And tho’ I Sin and grieve Him still,

His Mercy spares my Soul from Hell,

Those gloomy Regions of Despair,

For Devils to torment me there.

5. If I’ll obey His gentle Voice

His Heav’n He offers to my Choice,

My Tongue His Mercies shall record

And all my Actions praise the LORD.


2. Look up and see th’unwearied Sun,

Already is his Race begun:

The pretty Lark is mounted high,

And sings her Matins in the Skie;

3. Arise my Soul! and thou my voice,

In Songs of Praise early rejoyce!

O Great Creator! Heavenly King!

Thy Praises let me ever sing!

4. Thy Power has made, thy Goodness kept

This fenceless body while I slept,

Yet one day more hast given me

From all the Powers of darkness free.


2. Howe and Burgoyne and Clinton too,

With Prescot and Cornwallis join’d,

Together plot our Overthrow,

In one Infernal league combin’d.

3. When God inspir’d us for the fight,

Their ranks were broke, their lines were forc’d,

Their Ships were Shatter’d in our sight,

Or swiftly driven from our Coast.

4. The Foe comes on with haughty Stride;

Our troops advance with martial noise,

Their Vet’rans flee before our Youth,

And Gen’rals yield to beardless Boys.

5. What grateful Off’ring shall we bring?

What shall we render to the Lord?

Loud Halleluiahs let us Sing,

And praise his name on ev’ry Chord.


2. God thro’ the world extends his sway;

The regions of eternal day,

But shadows of his glory are.

To him, whose Majesty excels,

Who made the heav’n in which he dwells,

Let no created pow’r compare.

3. Though ’tis beneath his state to view

In highest heav’n what angels do,

Yet he to earth vouchsafes his care:

He takes the needy from his cell,

Advancing him in courts to dwell,

Companion to the greatest there.

4. When childless families despair,

He sends the blessing of an heir,

To rescue their expiring name:

Makes her that barren was to bear,

And joyfully her fruit to rear:

O then extol his matchless fame!


2. Hail King of terrors wellcome death,

Thou’rt pleasing to mine eye,

In spite of thee I shall arise,

Above th’ethereal sky.


2. True love is like the precious oil

Which pour’d on Aaron’s head,

Ran down his beard, and o’er his robes

Its costly moisture shed.

3. ’Tis like refreshing dew, which does

On Hermon’s top distil;

Or like the early drops that fall

On Sion’s fruitful hill.

4. For God to all, whose friendly hearts

With mutual love abound,

Has firmly promis’d length of days

With constant blessings crown’d.



2. Our harps that when with joy we sung,

Were wont their tuneful parts to bear,

With silent strings neglected hung

On willow-trees that wither’d there.

3. Mean while our foes, who all conspir’d

To triumph in our slavish wrongs,

Music and mirth of us requir’d,

“Come sing us one of Sion’s songs.”

4. How shall we tune our voice to sing?

Or touch our harps with skilful hands?

Shall hymns of joy to God our king

Be sung by slaves in foreign lands?

5. O Salem, our once happy seat!

When I of thee forgetful prove,

Let there my trembling hand forget

The speaking strings with art to move!

6. If I to mention thee forbear,

Eternal silence seize my tongue

Or if I sing one chearful air,

’Till thy deliv’rance is my song!

7. Remember, Lord, how Edom’s race,

In thy own city’s fatal day,

Cry’d out, “Her stately walls deface,

And with the ground quite level lay.”

8. Proud Babel’s daughter, doomed to be

Of grief and woe the wretched prey,

Bless’d is the man who shall to thee

The wrongs thou laid’st on us repay.

9. Thrice blest, who with just rage possest,

And deaf to all the parents’ moans,

Shall snatch thy infants from the breast,

And dash their heads against the stones.


2. Thy shining Grace can cheer

This Dungeon where I dwell:

’Tis Paradise when thou art here;

If thou depart, ’tis Hell.

3. The Smilings of thy Face,

How amiable they are!

’Tis Heav’n to rest in thine Embrace,

And no-where else but there.

4. To thee, and thee alone,

The Angels owe their Bliss;

They sit around thy gracious Throne,

And dwell where Jesus is.

5. Not all the Harps above

Can make a heav’nly Place,

If God his Residence remove,

Or but conceal his Face. 〉

6. Nor Earth, nor all the Sky,

Can one Delight afford;

No, not a Drop of real Joy,

Without thy Presence, Lord.

7. Thou art the Sea of Love,

Where all my Pleasures roll;

The Circle where my Passions move,

And Centre of my Soul.

〈 8. To thee my Spirits fly

With infinite Desire;

And yet, how far from thee I lie!

Dear Jesus, raise me Higher. 〉

Hollis Street

2. God ruleth on high,

Almighty to save,

And still he is nigh,

His Presence we have.

The great Congregation

His Triumph shall sing,

Ascribing Salvation

To Jesus our King.

3. Salvation to God,

Who sits on the Throne;

Let all cry aloud,

And honour the Son.

Our Jesu’s Praises

The Angels proclaim,

Fall down on their Faces,

And worship the Lamb.

4. Then let us adore,

And give him his Right,

All Glory and Power,

And Wisdom and Might;

All Honour and Blessing,

With Angels above,

And Thanks never ceasing,

And infinite Love.


2. O! hide me with thy tender care

In some secure retreat,

From sinners that against me rise;

And all their plots defeat.

3. See how, intent to work my harm,

They whet their tongues like swords;

And bend their bows to shoot their darts,

Sharp lies and bitter words.

4. Lurking in private, at the just,

They take their secret aim;

And suddenly at him they shoot,

Quite void of fear and shame.

5. To carry on their ill designs

They mutually agree;

They speak of laying private snares,

And think that none shall see.

6. With utmost diligence and care

Their wicked plots they lay:

The deep designs of all their hearts

Are only to betray.

7. But God, to anger justly mov’d,

His dreadful bow shall bend,

And on his flying arrow’s point

Shall swift destruction send.

8. Those slanders which their mouths did vent

Upon themselves shall fall;

Their crimes disclos’d shall make them be

Despis’d and shunn’d by all.

9. The world shall then God’s pow’r confess,

And nations trembling stand;

Convinc’d, that ’tis the mighty work

Of his avenging hand:

10. Whilst righteous men, by God secur’d,

In him shall gladly trust;

And all the list’ning earth shall hear

Loud triumphs of the just.


〈 2. Thy Pow’r hath form’d, thy Wisdom sways

All Nature with a Sov’reign Word;

And the bright World of Stars obeys

The Will of their superior Lord.

3. Mercy and Truth unite in one,

And smiling sit at thy Right Hand;

Eternal Justice guards thy Throne,

And Vengeance waits thy dread Command. 〉

4. A Thousand Seraphs strong and bright

Stand round the glorious Deity;

But who, amongst the Sons of Light,

Pretends Comparison with thee?

5. Yet there is one of human Frame,

Jesus, array’d in Flesh and Blood,

Thinks it no Robbery to claim

A full Equality with God.

6. Their Glory shines with equal Beams;

Their Essence is for ever one,

Tho’ they are known by diffrent Names

The Father God, and God the Son.

7. Then let the Name of Christ our King

With equal Honours be ador’d;

His Praise let ev’ry Angel sing,

And all the Nations own the Lord.



2. No troubled Thoughts molest our Peace,

This Day all Grief retire;

Let ev’ry Fear for ever cease,

And ev’ry Doubt expire.

3. There is no End of the Content,

And Joy the Spirit brings;

Happy the Man to whom ’tis lent!

That Man sees wondrous Things.

4. What greater Gift? What greater Love

Can God on Man bestow?

’Tis half the Angels’ Heav’n above,

And all our Heav’n below.

5. Hail, blessed Spirit! not a Soul

But doth thy Goodness feel;

Thou dost our darling Sins controul,

And fix our wav’ring Zeal.

6. Thou to the Conscience dost conveigh

The Checks, that all must know;

Thy Motions first do shew the Way,

Then give us Strength to go.

7. As Pilots by the Compass steer,

’Til they their Harbour find;

So do thy sacred Breathings here

Guide ev’ry wandring Mind.

8. The Flesh may strive our Course t’impeach,

The World’s rough Billows roar;

But by thy Help we’re sure to reach

The safe eternal Shore.


2. Now make thy glory known;

Gird on thy dreadful sword,

And ride in majesty to spread

The conquests of thy word.

3. Strike thro’ thy stubborn foes,

Or melt their hearts t’obey,

While justice, meekness, grace and truth

Attend thy glorious way.

4. Thy laws, O God, are right;

Thy throne shall ever stand;

And thy victorious gospel proves

A scepter in thy hand.

〈 5. Thy father and thy God

Hath without measure shed

His spirit, like a joyful oil

T’anoint thy sacred head.

6. Behold, at thy right hand

The Gentile church is seen,

Like a fair bride in rich attire,

And Princes guard the Queen. 〉

7. Fair bride, receive his love,

Forget thy father’s house;

Forsake thy gods, thy idol-gods,

And pay thy Lord thy vows.

8. O let thy God and King

Thy sweetest thoughts employ;

Thy children shall his honour sing

In palaces of joy.



2. How the poor Sailors stand amaz’d and tremble!

While the hoarse Thunder, like a bloody Trumpet,

Roars a loud Onset to the gaping Waters

Quick to devour them.

〈 3. Such shall the Noise be, and the wild Disorder,

(If Things Eternal may be like these Earthly)

Such the dire Terror when the great Archangel

Shakes the Creation;

4. Tears the strong Pillars of the Vault of Heaven,

Breaks up old Marble, the Repose of Princes;

See the Graves open, and the Bones arising,

Flames all around ’em!

5. Hark, the shrill Outcries of the guilty Wretches!

Lively bright Horror, and amazing Anguish,

Stare thro’ their Eye-lids, while the living Worm lies

Gnawing within them. 〉

6. Thoughts, like old Vultures, prey upon their Heart-strings,

And the Smart twinges, when the Eye beholds the

Lofty Judge frowning, and a Flood of Vengeance

Rolling afore him.

7. Hopeless Immortals! how they scream and shiver

While Devils push them to the Pit wide-yawning

Hideous and gloomy to receive them headlong

Down to the Centre.

8. Stop here, my Fancy: (all away, ye horrid

Doleful Ideas,) come, arise to JESUS,

How he sits God-like! and the Saints around him

Thron’d, yet adoring!

9. O may I sit there when he comes Triumphant,

Dooming the Nations! then ascend to Glory,

While our Hosannas all along the Passage

Shout the Redeemer.

Anthem: David’s Lamentation

David the King was grieved


2. Heav’n is thine higher court: There stands thy throne,

And thro’ the lower worlds thy will is done:

Our God fram’d all this earth, these heav’ns be spread,

But fools adore the gods their hands have made;

The kneeling croud, with looks devout, behold

Their silver-saviours, and their saints of gold.

〈 3. Vain are those artful shapes of eyes and ears;

The molten image neither sees nor hears:

Their hands are helpless, nor their feet can move,

They have no speech, nor thought, nor pow’r, nor love;

Yet sottish mortals make their long complaints

To their deaf idols, and their moveless saints.

4. The rich have statues well adorn’d with gold;

The poor content with gods of coarser mould,

With tools of iron carve the senseless stock

Lopt from a tree, or broken from a rock:

People and priest drive on the solemn trade,

And trust the gods that saws and hammers made. 〉

5. Be heav’n and earth amaz’d! ’Tis hard to say

Which is more stupid, or their gods or they.

O Isr’el trust the Lord: he hears and sees,

He knows thy sorrows, and restores thy peace:

His worship does a thousand comforts yield,

He is thy help, and he thine heav’nly shield.

6. O Britain, trust the Lord: Thy foes in vain

Attempt thy ruin, and oppose his reign;

Had they prevail’d, darkness had clos’d our days,

And death and silence had forbid his praise:

But we are sav’d, and live: let songs arise,

And Britain bless the God that built the skies.


2. Thou moon that rul’st the night,

And sun that guid’st the day,

Ye glitt’ring stars of light,

To him your homage pay:

His praise declare,

Ye heav’ns above,

And clouds that move

In liquid air.

3. Let them adore the Lord,

And praise his holy name,

By whose almighty word

They all from nothing came:

And all shall last,

From changes free:

His firm decree

Stands ever fast.

4. Let earth her tribute pay;

Praise him, ye dreadful whales,

And fish that through the sea

Glide swift with glitt’ring scales:

Fire, hail, and snow,

And misty air,

And winds that where

He bids them blow.

5. By hills and mountains (all

In grateful consort join’d)

By cedars stately tall,

And trees for fruit design’d:

By ev’ry beast,

And creeping thing,

And fowl of wing

His name be blest.

6. Let all of royal birth,

With those of humbler frame,

And judges of the earth,

His matchless praise proclaim.

In this design

Let youths with maids,

And hoary heads

With children join.

7. United zeal be shown,

His wond’rous fame to raise,

Whose glorious name alone

Deserves our endless praise.

Earth’s utmost ends

His pow’r obey:

His glorious sway

The sky transcends.

8. His chosen saints to grace,

He sets them up on high,

And favours Isr’el’s race,

Who still to him are nigh.

O! therefore raise

Your grateful voice,

And still rejoice

The Lord to praise.


2. Jesus the Saviour reigns,

The God of Truth and Love,

When he had purg’d our Stains,

He took his Seat above:

Lift up your Heart, lift up your Voice,

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

3. His Kingdom cannot fail,

He rules o’er Earth and Heaven,

The Keys of Death and Hell

Are to our Jesus given:

Lift up your Heart, lift up your Voice,

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

4. He sits at God’s Right Hand

Till all his Foes submit,

And bow to his Command,

And fall beneath his Feet:

Lift up your Heart, lift up your Voice,

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

5. Rejoice in glorious Hope,

Jesus the Judge shall come,

And take his Servants up

To their eternal Home:

We soon shall hear th’ Arch-Angel’s Voice,

The Trump of God shall sound, Rejoice!


Hear my Pray’r


2. No more shall atheists mock his long delay;

His vengeance sleeps no more: behold the day;

Behold the judge descends; his guards are nigh;

Tempests and fire attend him down the sky.

When God appears, all nature shall adore him,

While sinners tremble, saints rejoice before him.

3. “Heav’n, earth, and hell, draw near; let all things come

To hear my justice and the sinner’s doom;

But gather first my saints; (the judge commands)

Bring them, ye angels, from their distant lands.”

When Christ returns, wake every chearful passion:

And shout, ye saints, he comes for your salvation.

4. “Behold my cov’nant stands for ever good,

Seal’d by th’eternal sacrifice in blood,

And sign’d with all their names; the Greek, the Jew,

That paid the ancient worship or the new:”

There’s no distinction here, join all your voices,

And raise your heads, ye saints, for heav’n rejoices.

5. “Here (saith the Lord) ye angels, spread their thrones,

And near me seat my fav’rites and my sons,

Come, my redeem’d, possess the joys prepar’d

Ere time began, ’tis your divine reward.”

When Christ returns, wake ev’ry chearful passion;

And shout, ye saints, he comes for your salvation.

Pause The First

6. “I am the Saviour, I th’ almighty God,

I am the judge: Ye heav’ns, proclaim abroad

My just eternal sentence, and declare

Those awful truths, that sinners dread to hear.”

When God appears, all nature shall adore him;

While sinners tremble, saints rejoice before him.

7. “Stand forth, thou bold blasphemer, and profane,

Now feel my wrath, nor call my threatnings vain;

Thou hypocrite, once drest in saint’s attire,

I doom the painted hypocrite to fire.”

Judgment proceeds; hell trembles; heav’n rejoices;

Lift up your heads, ye saints, with chearful voices.

8. “Not for the want of goats or bullocks slain

Do I condemn thee; bulls and goats are vain

Without the flames of love: in vain the store

Of brutal off’rings that were mine before.”

Earth is the Lord’s: all nature shall adore him;

While sinners tremble, saints rejoice before him.

9. “If I were hungry, would I ask thee food?

When did I thirst, or drink thy bullocks’ blood?

Mine are the tamer beasts, and savage breed,

Flocks, herds, and fields, and forests where they feed.”

All is the Lord’s: he rules the wide creation;

Gives sinners veng’ance, and the saints salvation.

10. “Can I be flatter’d with thy cringing bows,

Thy solemn chatt’rings and fantastic vows?

Are my eyes charm’d thy vestments to behold,

Glaring in gems and gay in woven gold?”

God is the judge of hearts, no fair disguises

Can screen the guilty when his veng’ance rises.

Pause The Second

11. “Unthinking wretch! How could’st thou hope to please,

A God, a spirit, with such toys as these?

While with my grace and statutes on thy tongue,

Thou lov’st deceit, and dost thy brother wrong.”

Judgment proceeds; hell trembles; heav’n rejoices;

Lift up your heads, ye saints, with chearful voices.

12. “In vain to pious forms thy zeal pretends;

Thieves and adult’rers are thy chosen friends:

While the false flatt’rer at my altar waits,

His harden’d soul divine instruction hates.”

God is the judge of hearts, no fair disguises

Can screen the guilty when his veng’ance rises.

13. “Silent I waited with long-suff’ring love;

But did’st thou hope that I should ne’er reprove?

And cherish such an impious thought within,

That the All-holy would indulge thy sin?”

See, God appears, all nations join t’adore him;

Judgment proceeds, and sinners fall before him.

14. “Behold my terrors now; my thunders roll,

And thy own crimes affright thy guilty soul;

Now like a lion shall my veng’ance tear

Thy bleeding heart, and no deliv’rer near.”

Judgment concludes; hell trembles; heav’n rejoices;

Lift up your heads, ye saints, with chearful voices.


“Sinners, awake betimes; ye fools, be wise;

Awake before this dreadful morning rise:

Change your vain thoughts, your crooked works amend,

Fly to the Saviour, make the judge your friend.”

Then join the saints, wake ev’ry chearful passion;

When Christ returns, he comes for your salvation.


2. Corruption, Earth, and Worms

Shall but refine this Flesh,

Till my triumphant Spirit comes,

To put it on afresh.

3. God my Redeemer lives,

And often from the Skies

Looks down, and watches all my Dust,

Till he shall bid it rise.

4. Array’d in glorious Grace

Shall these vile Bodies shine,

And ev’ry Shape, and ev’ry Face,

Look heav’nly and divine.

5. These lively Hopes we owe

To Jesus’ dying Love;

We would adore his Grace below,

And sing his Pow’r above.

6. Dear Lord, accept the Praise

Of these our humble Songs,

’Till Tunes of nobler Sound we raise

With our immortal Tongues.


Is any afflicted


2. How great his pow’r is, none can tell,

Nor think how large his grace;

Not men below, nor Saints that dwell

On high before his face.

3. Not Angels that stand round the Lord,

Can search his sacred will;

But they perform his heav’nly word,

And sing his praises still.

4. Then let me join his holy train,

And my first offerings bring;

Th’eternal God will not disdain

To hear an infant sing.

5. My heart resolves, my tongue obeys,

And Angels shall rejoice,

To hear their mighty maker’s praise

Sound from a feeble voice.

Anthem: Lamentation over Boston

By the Rivers of Watertown


2. Thou art a God, before whose sight

The wicked shall not stand;

Sinners shall ne’er be thy delight,

Nor dwell at thy right-hand.

But to thy house will I resort,

To taste thy mercies there;

I will frequent thine holy court,

And worship in thy fear.

3. O may thy spirit guide my feet

In ways of righteousness!

Make ev’ry path of duty straight,

And plain before my face.

My watchful enemies combine

To tempt my feet astray;

They flatter with a base design

To make my soul their prey.

4. Lord, crush the serpent in the dust,

And all his plots destroy;

While those that in thy mercy trust

For ever shout for joy.

The men that love and fear thy name

Shall see their hopes fulfill’d;

The mighty God will compass them

With favour as a shield.


2. Where is the Shadow of that Rock,

That from the Sun defends thy Flock?

Fain would I feed among thy Sheep,

Among them rest, among them sleep.

3. Why should thy Bride appear like one

That turns aside to Paths unknown?

My constant Feet would never rove,

Would never seek another Love.

〈 4. The Footsteps of thy Flock I see;

Thy sweetest Pastures here they be;

A wond’rous Feast thy Love prepares,

Bought with thy Wounds, and Groans, and Tears.

5. His dearest Flesh he makes my Food,

And bids me drink his richest Blood:

Here to these Hills my Soul will come,

Till my Beloved lead me home. 〉


2. Then swift and dreadful she descends

Down to the fiery Coast,

Amongst abominable Fiends,

Herself a frightful Ghost.

There endless Crouds of Sinners lie,

And Darkness makes their Chains;

Tortur’d with keen Despair they cry,

Yet wait for fiercer Pains.

3. Not all their Anguish and their Blood

For their own Guilt atones,

Nor the Compassions of a God

Shall hearken to their Groans.

Amazing Grace, that kept my Breath,

Nor bid my Soul remove,

’Till I had learn’d my Saviour’s Death,

And well insur’d his Love!


2. Zion, thrice happy place,

Adorn’d with wond’rous grace,

And walls of strength embrace thee round:

In thee our tribes appear

To pray, and praise, and hear

The sacred gospel’s joyful sound.

3. There David’s greater Son,

Has fix’d his royal throne,

He sits for grace and judgment there;

He bids the saints be glad,

He makes the sinner sad,

And humble souls rejoice with fear.

4. May peace attend thy gate,

And joy within thee wait

To bless the soul of ev’ry guest;

The man that seeks thy peace,

And wishes thine encrease,

A thousand blessings on him rest!

5. My tongue repeats her vows,

“Peace to this sacred house!”

For there my friends and kindred dwell;

And since my glorious God

Makes thee his blest abode,

My soul shall ever love thee well.

6. May peace attend thy gate,

And joy within thee wait

To bless the soul of ev’ry guest;

The man that seeks thy peace,

And wishes thine encrease,

A thousand blessings on him rest!


2. ’Tis like the ointment shed

On Aaron’s sacred head,

Divinely rich, divinely sweet,

The oil thro’ all the room

Diffus’d a choice perfume,

Ran thro’ his robes, and blest his feet.

3. Like fruitful show’rs of rain

That water all the plain,

Descending from the neighb’ring hills;

Such streams of pleasure roll

Thro’ ev’ry friendly soul,

Where love like heav’nly dew distils.

4. How pleasant ’tis to see

Kindred and friends agree,

Each in their proper station move,

And each fulfil their part

With sympathizing heart,

In all the cares of life and love!



2. Let them his great name

Extol in the dance;

With timbrel and harp

His praises express,

Who always takes pleasure

His saints to advance,

And with his salvation

The humble to bless.

3. With glory adorn’d,

His people shall sing

To God, who their beds

With safety does shield;

Their mouths fill’d with praises

Of him their great King;

Whilst a two-edged sword

Their right hand shall wield.

4. Just vengeance to take

For injuries past;

To punish those lands

For ruin design’d;

With chains, as their captives,

To tie their kings fast,

With fetters of iron

Their nobles to bind.

5. Thus shall they make good,

When they shall destroy,

The dreadful decree

Which God does proclaim:

Such honour and triumph

His saints shall enjoy,

O therefore for ever

Exalt his great name!



2. God from on High invites us Home,

But we march heedless on,

And ever hast’ning to the Tomb,

Stoop downwards as we run.

How we deserve the deepest Hell,

That slight the Joys above!

What Chains of Vengeance should we feel

That break such Cords of Love!


2. The sparrow for her young,

With pleasure seeks a nest,

And wand’ring swallows long

To find their wonted rest.

My spirit faints

With equal zeal,

To rise and dwell

Among thy saints.

3. O happy souls that pray,

Where God appoints to hear!

O happy men that pay

Their constant service there!

They praise thee still;

And happy they

That love the way

To Zion’s hill.

4. They go from strength to strength,

Thro’ this dark vail of tears,

Till each arrives at length,

Till each in heav’n appears.

O glorious seat,

When God our King

Shall thither bring

Our willing feet!


5. To spend one sacred day,

Where God and saints abide,

Affords diviner joy

Than thousand days beside:

Where God resorts,

I love it more

To keep the door

Than shine in courts.

6. God is our sun and shield,

Our light and our defence;

With gifts his hands are fill’d,

We draw our blessings thence:

He shall bestow

On Jacob’s race

Peculiar grace

And glory too.

7. The Lord his people loves;

His hand no good with-holds,

From those his heart approves,

From pure and pious souls.

Thrice happy he,

O God of hosts,

Whose spirit trusts

Alone in thee.


2. Ev’ry Moment seems an Age,

’Till thy Presence shall relieve me,

’Till thy Smiles my Woes assuage,

And thine Absence no more grieve me:

Quickly, &c.

3. Great the Force and Power of Love,

Whence springs all my strong Desires;

I, thy Presence, Lord, to prove,

Burn, consum’d, with inward Fires:

Quickly, &c.

4. Honour, wealth, and Ease I scorn,

Trifles, by the World approv’d;

To superior Joys I’m born,

Cent’ring in my Well-belov’d:

Quickly, &c.

5. O’er the spicy Mountains fly

Hart and Roe, yea Winds out-stripping;

Whilst thou tarry’st, Love, I die,

Sighing, longing, loving, weeping;

Quickly, &c.


2. O let them shout and sing,

Dissolv’d in pious mirth;

For thou the righteous Judge and King,

Shalt govern all the earth.

3. Let diff’ring nations join

To celebrate thy fame;

Let all the world, O Lord, combine

To praise thy glorious name.

4. Then shall the teeming ground

A large increase disclose;

And we with plenty shall be crown’d,

Which God, our God, bestows.

5. Then God upon our land

Shall constant blessings show’r;

And all the world in awe shall stand

Of his resistless pow’r.

Anthem: Funeral Anthem

I heard a great voice



2. Our God will ev’ry Want supply,

And fill our Hearts with Peace;

He gives by Cov’nant and by Oath

The Riches of his Grace.

Come, and he’ll cleanse our spotted Souls,

And wash away our Stains

In the dear Fountain that his Son

Pour’d from his dying Veins.

〈 3. Our Guilt shall vanish all away,

Tho’ black as Hell before;

Our Sins shall sink beneath the Sea,

And shall be found no more.

And least Pollution should o’erspread

Our inward Pow’rs again,

His Spirit shall bedew our Souls

Like purifying Rain. 〉

4. Our Heart, that flinty stubborn Thing,

That Terrors cannot move,

That fears no Threatnings of his Wrath,

Shall be dissolv’d by Love:

Or he can take the Flint away

That would not be refin’d,

And from the Treasures of his Grace

Bestow a softer Mind.

5. There shall his sacred Spirit dwell,

And deep engrave his Law,

And ev’ry Motion of our Souls

To swift Obedience draw.

Thus will He pour Salvation down,

And we shall render Praise;

We the dear People of his Love,

And He our God of Grace.



Sing ye merrily


2. We are trav’ling Home to God,

In the Way the Fathers trod;

They are happy now, and we

Soon their Happiness shall see.

3. O, ye banish’d Seed, be glad!

Christ our Advocate is made;

Us to save, our Flesh assumes,

Brother to our Souls becomes.

4. Shout, ye little Flock, and bless’d,

You on Jesu’s Throne shall rest;

There your Seat is now prepar’d,

There your Kingdom and Reward.

5. Fear not, Brethren, joyful stand

On the Borders of your Land;

Jesus Christ, your Father’s Son,

Bids you undismay’d go on.

6. Lord, obediently we go,

Gladly leaving all below;

Only thou our Leader be,

And we still will follow thee.

Anthem: Gratitude

I love the Lord

New North

2. Praise him all ye that in his house

Attend with constant care;

With those that to his utmost courts

With humble zeal repair.

3. For this our truest int’rest is,

Glad hymns of praise to sing;

And with loud songs to bless his name,

A most delightful thing.

4. For God his own peculiar choice

The sons of Jacob makes;

And Isr’el’s offspring for his own

Most valu’d treasure takes.

5. That God is great, we often have

By glad experience found;

And seen how he with wond’rous pow’r

Above all gods is crown’d.

6. For he with unresisted strength

Performs his sov’reign will;

In heav’n and earth, and wat’ry stores

That earth’s deep caverns fill.

7. He raises vapours from the ground,

Which pois’d in liquid air,

Fall down at last in show’rs through which

His dreadful lightnings glare:

8. He from his store-house brings the winds;

And he with vengeful hand,

The first-born slew of man and beast,

Through Egypt’s mourning land.

9. He dreadful signs and wonders shew’d

Through stubborn Egypt’s coasts,

Nor Pharaoh could his plagues escape,

Nor all his num’rous hosts.

10. ’Twas he that various nations smote,

And mighty kings supress’d;

Sihon and Og, and all besides,

Who Canaan’s land possess’d.

11. Their land upon his chosen race

He firmly did entail;

For which his fame shall always last,

His praise shall never fail.

12. For God shall soon his people’s cause

With pitying eyes survey;

Repent him of his wrath and turn

His kindled rage away.

13. Those idols, whose false worship spread

O’er all the heathen lands,

Are made of silver and of gold,

The work of human hands.

14. They move not their fictitious tongues

Nor see with polish’d eyes;

Their counterfeited ears are deaf,

No breath their mouth supplies.

15. As senseless as themselves are they,

That all their skill apply

To make them, or in dang’rous times

On them for aid rely.

16. Their just returns of thanks to God,

Let grateful Isr’el pay:

Nor let the priests of Aaron’s race

To bless the Lord delay.

17. Their sense of his unbounded love

Let Levi’s house express;

And let all those that fear the Lord,

His name for ever bless.

18. Let all with thanks his wond’rous works

In Sion’s courts proclaim;

Let them in Salem, where he dwells

Exalt his holy name.


2. And like a den most dark he made

His hid and secret place;

With waters black and airy clouds

Encompassed he was.

At his bright presence did thick clouds

In haste away retire;

And in the stead thereof did come

Hail-stones and coals of fire.

3. The fiery darts and thunder-bolts

Disperse them here and there;

And with his frequent lightnings he

Doth put them in great fear.

When thou, O Lord, with great rebuke

Thy anger dost declare,

The springs and the foundations of

The world discover’d are.

4. And from above the Lord sent down

To fetch me from below;

And pluck’d me out of waters great,

That would me overflow:

And me deliver’d from my foes,

That sought me to enthral;

Yea, from such foes as were too strong

For me to deal withal.


2. “Fear not, said he (for mighty dread

Had seiz’d their troubled mind:)

Glad tidings of great joy I bring

To you and all mankind.

3. “To you in David’s town, this day

Is born of David’s line

The Saviour, who is Christ the Lord;

And this shall be the sign;

4. “The heav’nly babe you there shall find

To human view display’d,

All meanly wrapt in swathing bands,

And in a manger laid.”

5. Thus spake the seraph, and forthwith

Appear’d a shining throng

Of angels, praising God, and thus

Address’d their joyful song:

6. “All glory be to God on high;

And to the earth be peace;

Good-will henceforth from heav’n to men

Begin and never cease.”

North Providence

2. Worthy the Lamb that dy’d, they cry,

To be exalted thus:

Worthy the Lamb, our Lips reply,

For he was slain for us.

3. Jesus is worthy to receive

Honour and Power Divine;

And Blessings more than we can give,

Be, Lord, for ever thine.

4. Let all that dwell above the Sky,

And Air, and Earth, and Seas,

Conspire to lift thy Glories high,

And speak thine endless Praise.

5. The whole Creation join in one,

To bless the Sacred Name

Of him that sits upon the Throne,

And to adore the Lamb.


2. The Lord his life with blessings crown’d,

In safety shall prolong;

And disappoint the will of those,

That seek to do him wrong.

3. If he in languishing estate,

Oppress’d with sickness lie;

The Lord will easy make his bed,

And inward strength supply.

4. Secure of this, to thee, my God,

I thus my pray’r address’d;

“Lord, for thy mercy, heal my soul,

Tho’ I have much transgress’d.”

5. My cruel foes, with sland’rous words

Attempt to wound my fame:

“When shall he die (say they) and men

Forget his very name?”

6. Suppose they formal visits make,

’Tis all but empty show:

They gather mischief in their hearts,

And vent it where they go.

7. With private whispers, such as these,

To hurt me they devise:

“A sore disease afflicts him now:

He’s fall’n no more to rise.”

8. My own familiar bosom-friend,

On whom I most rely’d,

Has me, whose daily guest he was,

With open scorn defy’d.

9. But thou my sad and wretched state,

In mercy, Lord, regard;

And raise me up that all their crimes

May meet their just reward.

10. By this I know, thy gracious ear

Is open when I call;

Because thou suffer’st not my foes

To triumph in my fall.

11. Thy tender care secures my life

From danger and disgrace;

And thou vouchsaf’st to set me still

Before thy glorious face.

12. Let therefore Israel’s Lord and God

From age to age be blest;

And all the people’s glad applause

With loud amens express’d.


I am the Rose of Sharon


Anthem: Retrospect

Was not the Day

Anthem: Independence

The States, O Lord


〈 2. These temples of his grace,

How beautiful they stand!

The honours of our native place,

And bulwarks of our land. 〉

3. In Sion God is known,

A refuge in distress;

How bright has his salvation shone

Through all her palaces!

4. When Kings against her join’d,

And saw the Lord was there,

In wild confusion of the mind

They fled with hasty fear.

5. When navies tall and proud

Attempt to spoil our peace,

He sends his tempest roaring loud,

And sinks them in the seas.

6. Oft have our fathers told,

Our Eyes have often seen,

How well our God secures the fold

Where his own sheep have been.

7. In ev’ry new distress

We’ll to his house repair,

We’ll think upon his wond’rous grace,

And seek deliv’rance there.