College Customs Anno 1734/5

1 No freshman shall ware his hat in the College yeard except it rains, snows, or hails, or he be on horse back or haith both hands full.

2 No freshman shall ware his hat in his seniors Chamber or in his own if his senior be there.

3 No freshman shall go by his senior, without taking his hat of if it be on.

4 No freshman shall intrude into his seniors Company.

5 No freshman shall Laugh in his seniors face.

6 No fresman shall talk saucily to his senior or speak to him with his hat on.

7 No fresman shall ask his senior an impertinent Question.

8 Fresmen are to take notice that a senior sophister can take a freshman from a sophimore a middle Bachelour from a junior sophister a master from a senior sophister & a fellow from a master.

9 Freshmen are to find the rest of the scholars with bats, balls, and footballs.

10 Freshmen must pay three shillings a peice to the Buttler, to have there names set up in the Buttery. [2]

11 No freshman shall Loiter by the [way] when he is sent of an errand, but shall make hast and give a direct answer when he is asked who he is going [for], no freshman shall use lying or equivocation to escape going of an errand.

12 No freshman shall tell who he is going [for], except he be Asked, nor for what except he be asked by a fellow.

13 No freshman shall go away when he haith been sent of an errand before he be dismissed which may be understood by saying it is well I thank you, you may go or the like.

14 When a freshman knockes at his seniors door he shall tell [his] name if asked who.

15 When any body knockes at a freshmans door he shall not aske who is there, but shall immediately open the door.

16 No freshman shall lean at prayers but shall stand upright.

17 No freshman shall call his classmate by the name of freshmen.

18 No freshman shall call up or down to or from his seniors chamber or his own.

19 No freshman shall call or throw any thing across the college yard. [3]

20 No Freshman shall mingo against the College wall or go into the fellows cuzjohn.554

21 freshmen may ware there hats at dinner and supper except when they go to Receive there commons of bread and bear.

22 Freshmen are so to carry them selves to there seniors in all Respects so as to be in no wise saucy to them and whosoever of the freshmen shall brake any of these Customs shall be severely punished.