THE Special Meeting called for the purpose of considering the question of changing the name of the Society was held in Mr. Hilton’s office, on Friday, 20 January, 1893, at two o’clock in the afternoon, the President, Dr. Gould, in the chair.

    After long discussion it was unanimously —

    Voted, That the Registrar be a Committee to wait upon the Honorable the Commissioner of Corporations and ask him if the name The Colonial Society of Massachusetts will infringe upon that of any existing Corporation, and to report to the Society at the adjourned meeting on the twenty-fifth instant.

    The Adjourned Special Meeting of the Society was held at Mr. Hilton’s office, on Wednesday, 25 January, 1893, at half-past three o’clock in the afternoon, the President in the chair.

    The Registrar reported that he had conferred with the Commissioner of Corporations, and had been informed by that gentleman that he saw no objection to our use of the name The Colonial Society of Massachusetts; whereupon Mr. Edes offered the following preamble and vote, which were adopted unanimously: —

    Whereas, it has appeared that the name of this Society might create confusion by its resemblance to that of another Society, it is, therefore,

    Voted, That the name of The Massachusetts Society be changed, and that it hereby adopt the name of The Colonial Society of Massachusetts.