December Meeting, 1938

    A STATED Meeting of the Society was held, at the invitation of Mr. Augustus P. Loring, Jr., at No. 2 Gloucester Street, Boston, on Thursday, December 15, 1938, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the President, Kenneth Ballard Murdock, in the chair.

    The records of the Annual Meeting in November were read and approved.

    The Corresponding Secretary reported the death on December 6, 1938, of Harold Robert Shurtleff, a Resident Member.

    Mr. William Alexander Jackson of Cambridge, the Hon.’ Marcus Morton of Boston, Mr. William Greene Roelker of Boston, and Mr. Austin Warren of Boston were elected Resident Members of the Society; and Mr. Fulmer Mood of Berkeley, California, was elected a Corresponding Member.

    The Council recommended for adoption by the Society the following amendment to the By-laws:

    Chapter II, Art. I, amend the fifth sentence by substituting the word fifteen for the word ten, so that the sentence shall read: “The number of Associate Members shall not exceed fifteen.”

    The amendment was unanimously adopted by the Society.

    Mr. George P. Winship read a paper entitled “Facts and Fancies about the Cambridge Press.”161

    Mr. Samuel E. Morison presented by title the following paper:

    The Commonplace Book of Joseph Green


    CHARLES W. Upham, in his Salem Witchcraft (ii. 506), spoke in glowing terms of the ministry of Joseph Green at Salem Village (Danvers, Massachusetts) on the morrow of the witchcraft delusion: “No ministry in the whole history of the New-England churches has had a more difficult task put upon it, and none has more perfectly succeeded in its labors.” Into that distracted community, still festering with hate and fear, this recent college graduate of twenty-two brought youth, courage, and a serene faith that nothing was impossible for the power of divine love.

    Green’s diary from 1700 to his death in 1715, the original of which is in the Essex Institute at Salem, was printed many years ago.162 There has now come to light another precious document of this remarkable young man, his commonplace book, containing an account of his early life, his religious experiences, and some entries for his Danvers ministry not noted in the diary. The leather-bound duodecimo volume, bearing the bookplate of Robert Theodore Gunther, Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, was noted in an English bookseller’s catalogue by our associate, Charles E. Goodspeed, and purchased for the Harvard College Library by another of our associates, William G. Mather of Cleveland. It is here printed for the first time.

    Chronologically, the volume begins on page [124] with Green’s account of his family and early life, an account that gives an intimate view of New England life in that day and generation. He was born in Cambridge on November 24, 1675, eighth son in a family of ten brothers and four sisters. His father was a tailor. Five of his brothers went to sea. John “was killed in a fight with the Turks.” Edward left the tailor’s bench for the sea “and became commander of a brave ship, the Eagle,” won a notable sea fight against the French in King William’s War, but died of consumption before returning home. Benjamin was a privateersman in the same war. Thomas had left the village smithy for deep waters four years before and had not been heard from when Joseph wrote. Nathaniel, also a tailor, likewise followed the call of the sea and met the same fate. Samuel followed his father’s trade and died of consumption. Jonathan became a carpenter and joiner at Cambridge. Percival graduated from Harvard College with the Class of 1680 and became the minister of Wells, Maine, but died of consumption in 1684. Then it was decided to make young Joseph the scholar of the family.

    Joseph was at the time at the Cambridge Grammar School, under its noted master Elijah Corlet. “I was Idle and lazy,” writes Joseph, “and my master was very aged, and altho’ he was excellent at Instructing me, yet he had almost lost his spirit of government, or else I might have gone to the colledge some years before I did.” The death of his father, when Joseph was just ready to enter, seemed to blast his prospects; but a number of gentlemen, including all the surviving classmates of his brother Percival, each agreed to contribute from ten to thirty shillings each year to see him through.

    Joseph entered college in 1691, a bright but frivolous boy, and graduated twentieth in a class of twenty-two, as befitted his humble social station. Early in his freshman year he was taken ill with a fever and promised to “live more seriously and circumspectly” if spared, but he forgot his good resolutions with returning health. “As to my Colledge business I was as negligent as used to be: altho I made a shift to perform my Colledge task yet I studyed little else; but spent much of my time in fowling and in fishing: and in danceing and foolishness. I have forgotten many of the sins of my youth so that I have reason to pray as [in the] 19 Psalm that God would cleanse me from secret faults, but I can call to mind enough to amaze me.” Writing about a year after he graduated, Joseph enumerated his sins and drew a line through them; but one can still read under the erasure that some of them were profanity, Sabbath-breaking, and “I was once a great player at cards.” “I roisterd until I had my first degree,” he continues.

    On graduating, Green was offered a chaplaincy on a merchant vessel but refused it as he felt no inclination toward the sea or religion. Instead he took charge of the Roxbury Latin School, “very much out of order by reason of the Sloathfullness and unfaithfulness of my predecessor.” At Roxbury, reading a book by Cotton Mather on the Lord’s Supper turned Joseph’s mind toward serious matters. In the early part of his commonplace book he records another reason for turning to religion: the aid that it would be in governing unruly schoolboys. “I am forced to be severe and angry sometimes; and I feared least my discourse should harden my boys.” Joseph Green had learned early the way of love, a way in which he walked the rest of his life.

    At this point, chronologically, comes the long series of religious reflections and meditations with which the book opens. Later (page [139]) comes an account of his conversion and joining the church in Roxbury. Following this experience, but earlier in the book (pages [83 ff.]), are several copies of letters which he sent, or intended to send, to his relatives and friends, telling them the good news and proffering pious advice. The master of the Eagle is congratulated on his courageous fight: “The whole country rings with your praise but I pray you not to be lifted up but grow humble and give all diligence to secure your own soul.” One wonders what effect this advice would have produced on the quarter-deck of the Eagle, especially when Captain Green read the list of theological works that his younger brother expected him to purchase in London, but Captain Edward died before the letter could have been received. He left his brother a legacy, with which he procured the library that accompanied his active ministry. Joseph urged his younger brother Benjamin to come home from the West Indies and stay with him at Roxbury, where there was a doctor who could cure “sore heads” (Benjamin probably then had the scurvy). “Furthermore,” writes Joseph, “I will learn you the mariners art & you may go to sea again in some good imploy & I hope you will be better both in soul and body.” So Joseph must have learned enough nautical astronomy at college to teach navigation. “The Letter I sent,” he notes at the end of the copy, “and God prospered it, so that he was thereby perswaded to come home out of a privateer.”

    A few pages further on comes the copy of a letter to his classmate Samuel Vassall, a lawyer at Jamaica. Vassall, the son of a planter, was head of the Class of 1695. In accordance with the social distinction of that day, Joseph Green addresses him as “Honoured Sir,” bemoans his “horrid ingratitude” for not writing sooner to one who had shown him “many kindnesses,” and by way of reparation sends him college news and an informal class report. As the class had not yet taken their master’s degree, they are referred to by the old academic title of “Sir” reserved for bachelors of arts not yet commenced masters. Sir Price is “the same man still”; Sir Saltonstall, Jr., is the college butler; Sir Lindall is a “chirurgeon” and “merchant very solid”; seven others are schoolmasters at various places from New Hampshire to Long Island; Sir Webster is “I know not where.” Evidently “lost members” of Harvard classes are of ancient origin.

    After joining the church at Roxbury, Joseph Green began to preach sermons, the repute of which evidently reached Salem Village (Danvers), for Deacon Putnam invited him, on November 8, 1697, to preach there the following Sabbath. That and another sermon earned him “an invitation from the Inhabitants of Salem village to come and be their minister.” “Mr. Brattle”—his college tutor—“advised me to go thither—and none discouraged me,” writes Green. That none did, and that Green went, is proof of the stern sense of duty of our predecessors; for he was going into a parish impoverished by warfare with the invisible world, and where men’s garments were literally stained with each other’s blood. Green accepted on the condition “that they continue in love; and if once they begin to quarrel and contend; I should look upon myself to be free from any obligation to tarry with them.” He was to get £60 for his first year’s salary, with a promise of £70 a year thereafter, plus a few extras. On this salary he married and raised a large family of children.

    The rest of the manuscript, written at odd times from 1698 to 1713, tells of his final ordination, with some pleasant details of his family life, and is full of ejaculations of praise and gratitude for the improved spiritual state of his congregation. One must look to other sources for a record of the change that this youthful pastor wrought in his dour flock; for his wise reseating of the meetinghouse so that accusers and accused, instead of glaring at each other across the aisle, sat in the same pew; and for the dramatic scene when Ann Putnam, the girl who started the witchcraft frenzy, made humble confession of her sin. Upham writes of Green: “By wise, prudent, but persistent efforts, he gradually repaired every breach, brought his parish out from under reproach, and set them right with each other, with the obligations of justice, and with the spirit of Christianity.”

    Much credit, too, is due the parish, which proved worthy of its young pastor’s character. Indeed, as a recent writer on witchcraft has well said, “the abiding marvel of the whole witchcraft embroglio is that no one act of private vengeance or personal violence followed the collapse of the hysteria. Yet the provocation had been enough to have filled Essex County with undying feuds on the Kentucky model. . . . Human nature was here acting up to standards far in advance of what is commonly known as human nature.”163

    Green was a secular as well as a religious leader. He established the first public school in Danvers, and his house was such a center of frugal hospitality and pleasant social life that in his epitaph he is described as a man memorable “Tum Gravitate Doctrinae Turn Suavitate Morum.” One year he made forty barrels of cider. News arrived during meeting on August 29, 1708, of the Indian attack on Haverhill. Green immediately left his pulpit, hastened to the scene of the massacre, and joined his classmate Price in pursuit of the redskins. He continued without reproach to indulge his love of fowling and fishing, and was accounted quite an expert in decoying wild pigeons. From one day’s shooting he came home with a catamount.

    Joseph Green died suddenly in 1715, two days after his fortieth birthday and shortly after the close of his last sermon. According to the elegy on him by the Reverend Nicholas Noyes, the people crowded about his deathbed in “transports of love and grief,” embracing him and declaring that he must stay with them or they go with him. Noyes compares him to Noah’s dove:

    For like that Blessed Bird, he Still

    Green Olive Leaves brought in his bill.

    He dry’d up Floods of Strife, and he

    Made Brethren dwell in Unitie.164

    As Upham says, “a man who extinguished the fires of passion in that community deserved to be held in lasting honor.” It is fortunate indeed that this permanent record of the youthful saint and hero has survived. It is fortunate, too, that we have another authentic document of love and humanity in a New England parish in a period too often dismissed as uncouth, repressive, and “glacial.”

    [title page]

    Joseph Green

    His Book

    Anno Domi


    roxb: 1696.

    Think of Eternity


    Joseph Green: His Book

    Wt is written in ye 81 following pages, I began in March: 96:166 The reasons why I did it were several.

    1. ye consideration of ye account yt I must give at ye great day for those under me, which was quickend by a sermon of mr Walters.167

    2. my considerations for ye good of souls:

    3. Thereby my heart was kept up more religious all ye week: & many other reasons: but in June, I discoursing with many sober men concerning schl government &c: they feered not to commend such a way: and many other consideration[s] there were which discouraged me: one is bec: I am forced to be severe and angry sometimes; and I feared least my discourse should harden my boys.

    J G:168 [1]

    Some motives to be timely religious or some arguments to persuade young ones to be religious betimes; wth some Instructions in ye principals of ye Christian religion; in usum Discipulorum

    Beg: March: 28. 1696

    J. G.

    To be born in a land of light and to [be] brought up under ye Gospell & to be instructed in ye Christian religion, are some of the greatest blessings that mankind is priviledged with in this world; and although (as I have often told you) yt ye interest of Christ & ye Christian religion runs low & is slighted by ye greatest part of ye world; & perhaps by ye most of ym yt live under ye Gospell nevertheless we should [2] ye rather give all diligence to make our calling & election sure; to work out our own salvation with fearr and trembling;

    And thô there are many in ye world who are asham’d of Christ & of ye Gospell: and of being strictly religious, yet we should remember yt if we are ashamed of Christ now, he will be ashamed of us at ye great day. And althô we may meet with many discouragements from ye wickedness of our own hearts; and from Satans temptations, and bec: a strict religious life is contrary to ye sinfull pleasures of ye world, which are indeed no pleasures at all; yet I advise & intreat and charge you all to be religious betimes; and I shall in the first place lay down some motives & encouragements [3] both from ye danger of living irreligiously, and from ye Good that will follow upon your begining to be religious betimes; and then (by Gods leave & help) I shall proceed to instruct you in ye principals of religion: and because the result of all is to practice what we know, therefore be perswaded to put into practice what you know to be your duty, and give attention to what I shall lay before you: for I do it as expecting to be called to an account by God, what I have done for your souls; therefore I say do you observe & regard as you expect to answer it at ye great day before ye whole world; and remember these yngs to move you to be religious before it be too-late.

    1. Remember that you are mortal creatures, and must not live here alwayes; in a very little time you know not how soon; [4] you must go to your long home whence you must return no more; you must take an everlasting farewel of all things here below; and consider yt this life is little at longest to prepare for all eternity; for we can never be so good as we should be, while in this world.

    2 Consideration. That you have immortal souls within you that must endure to all Eternity; there is not one of you but must endure thrôout eternal ages; the consideration of this should make us in good earnest; we should say when we meet with temptations, yt we are acting for eternity.

    3 Consideration. Remember yt by nature those souls of yours are heirs of hell & eternal destruction; and if you dye in yt natural estate in which we all come into ye world, you will surely have your portion with Devils & dammed spirits forever. [5]

    4 Consideration. The Devil would feign have you to continue in this estate of nature, in which he knows you are miserable; and desires yt you should [be] as he is himself.

    5 Consideration. The only way to get out of your natural estate & to have your souls saved is to be religious & to get into Jesus Christ.

    Be perswaded yn to think much of eternity before it be too-late think also of Death & hell.

    6 Consideration. Let me add: 6. Think seriously with your-selves what ye damned in hell would give for such opportunitys as you enjoy: if you could but discourse with a poor soul that has been in hell but a little while; to hear wt torments it endures for refuseing Christ; surely you would be astonished: And suppose you should; what could such an one say more; but only bid you be religious & love & fear and serve God: and for your encouragement consider a few things. [6]

    1. God the father is willing to accept you; he is truth itself and he has sworn by himself that he delights not in ye death of sinners but had rather yt they should turn & live; and to confirm his willingness he has given his son to fulfill ye whole law & to dye for ye sins of any that will but accept of him for yeir redeemer and saviour.

    2. God ye son, ye Lord Jesus Christ is abundantly willing to save and accept of all even ye greatest sinners; and he hath declared himself willing to accept even of such young ones as you are, and he is ye same yesterday today & forever.

    3. God ye Holy-Ghost is willing to accept of you; he is continually striveing with you and urgeing you every sermon and opportunity to accept of Christ for your prophet preist and king. [7]

    4. The saints and angels are willing to accept of you; for there is joy in heaven at ye conversion of a sinner, Indeed there are none but Devils and mer-men yt are like ym yt mourn at ye conversion & salvation of a sinner.

    5. Consider yt A religious life is truely pleasant, both in itself and in its end: it is ye most pleasant life in ye world; this is as true as ye word of God which is truth itself; for it says yt her ways are wayes of pleasantness and all her paths are peace: Let yn nothing disswade you from being religious.

    6. Remember there is grace enough in ye Lord Jesus Christ to carry you thrô all ye hindrances difficultys & temptations you may meet with in your way.

    7. Remember yt God has visibly owned you in his covenant by your baptisme; thô yt will not save you, but if you are not carefull to perform what your parents promised for you; ye sum of which is yt [8] you love & fear God & serve him by a leading a life truely religious when you come to years of discretion; I say if you do not thus live but dye in your [sins]; your being baptized will add to your account at ye great day and will also add to your torments in hell for ever: and this advice which I have given you will rise up as a witness against you in yt day; & will condemn you: but if on ye contrary you do observe to love & fear & serve God, by praying to live, by reading his word by keeping holy his sabbaths, by honouring your parents, by performing all yt you know to be your duty, and by avoiding all yt you know to be displeasing to God & contrary to his commands: If you lead a holy blameless conversation, you shall not only be enabled by ye spirit of God to serve him & honour him here; but you shall lead lives truely pleasant, and shall at last be brought to live with God forever in another world. [9]

    Apr. 4, 1696.

    The cheif end of man, or yt which man ought cheifly to aim at or desire to seek and endeavour to obtain, is ye Glory of God and ye enjoyment of him forever, And to this end we should refer & direct all our actions, and ye whole course of our lives:

    Now this is done in ye performance of ye dutys of a mans General calling; such as praying reading ye scriptures honouring our parents keeping strictly ye Sabbath and in a continual watch over our thoughts words & actions; or else God is glorifyed by our performing ye dutys of our particular callings; as at present it is my calling to teach & yours to learn; but yet we must not think yt there is or can be any additional Glory given to God; but only ye actual manifestations of his Glory.

    Now in all we should be carefull that we never do any thing from which we desire Gods absence; for God takes notice of all things, and all things are perfectly known to him. And if we are thus carefull to glorify God here, we shall enjoy his special protection and love & favour in this world, and shall be admitted to his Glorious presence in heaven and shall fully and immoderately enjoy him forever. [10]

    And indeed it is well worth our while to give all diligence to do this; for God is ye cheif good & ye enjoyment of him is only capable of satisfying our immortal souls; and God in his word hath directed us how we may come to ye enjoyment of himself; and therefore we should be much in reading ye scripture, for yere is no other way given under heaven whereby we may be saved but by ye Lord Jesus Christ; and he is revealed to us only in ye scriptures. And in ye scriptures we have made known unto us what we are to beleive concerning God and our duty to him: and also our duty towards men; And our duty towards our own souls.

    Concerning God we are to beleive yt he is a spirit who is infinite in all perfections, and so is not to be comprehended by us: He is one God in three persons who knows all things perfectly of himself from all eternity: & of him and all things [11] He did by his power create all things out of nothing, and all things were at first very good, and he created man and endowed him with power & facultys to obey his commands; but withall man was mutable (for immutability is proper only to God) and God haveing thus made man after his own Image he then entred into a covenant with him yt if he would obey his commands, he should obtain life for himself, & for his posterity, and if our first parents had stood, we had been happy forever; but they horribly rebelled against God by their eating ye forbidden fruit, and therefore according to Gods covenant they did expose themselves and their posterity after ym (of which posterity we are) to Gods eternal wrath forever.

    And its very just & right that if Adam had stood we should have stood and been happy; so he falling yt we should fall in & with him: for ye covenant was made with him not only for himself alone, but also for all his posterity; and so we being of his seed did fall in & with him [12] and are thereby exposed to all miserys; we are also altogether sinfull, and have (ever since Adams fall) natures in us prone to all yt is evil, & yt are averse to that which is good; & we are naturally heirs to Gods eternal wrath and exposed to all ye miserys imaginable; this is our wretched condition that we are in by nature wch is ye dreadfull consequent of sin.

    But God who knows all things from all eternity before time was, he in his infinite love wisedome & mercy did from everlasting elect some (thô but a few) to life eternal, and he did then enter into a covenant with his blessed son Jesus Christ who willingly engaged to do & to suffer what was to be done and suffered by fallen man who was then uncapable of helping himself out of that lost condition. [13]

    This God did to magnify ye riches of his grace in ye contrivance & in ye accomplishment of ye Redemption of a certain number of fallen children of Adam, who were in Christ Jesus chosen from eternity.

    For man althô he had sinned, and had deprived himself of ye power of performing obedience acceptable to God; yet he stood indebted to God both to make him satisfaction for ye injury done to his law; and also to yeild perfect obedience to it. neither of which was man capable of doing: so yt it was infinite rich & free grace in God to find out any way whereby man might be restored, & it was infinite wisedome in that his own justice is also fully satisfyed. So yt now notwithstanding all if we will but humble ourselves and repent & turn to Jesus Christ we may hope to obtain mercy through him to the Eternal salvation of our souls. [14]

    Apr. 11. 1696.

    God haveing from all eternity elected a certain number of fallen man to eternal life; and haveing entred into a covenant with his son Jesus Christ concerning their salvation; our blessed Lord Jesus Christ did undertake to redeem fallen man; and he it is yt is ye only redeemer of all them that are or ever shall be saved; and whoever trust to or rest on any thing else for salvation shall dye in yeir sins and be lost forever.

    Indeed ye Incarnation of Christ, or his takeing to himself ye nature of man & yet his continueing sinless, is a wonderfull mystery but yet so it was yt he is ye eternal son of God who was from all eternity blessed forever, took upon him our nature, he was born of ye virgin mary, & took to himself a soul and body which is his humane nature; and he is at ye same [15] Time God blessed forever.

    The consideration of this is enough to astonish ye rocks and stones & yet we ye sinfull sons of Adam are careless and unconcerned about our great salvation.

    The angells are astonished & stand and wonder at ye infinite love wisdome and condescention of God ye Father; and they are continually admireing ye condescention & love of God ye son, to poor sinfull rebellious man in dying for him.

    And this great mystery of mans redemption will be matter of wonder to ye holy angells and Glorifyed saints unto all eternity surely then we are worse than mad, if we are not very sollicitous about getting an interest in this great saviour.

    He & he alone is able to save us both from ye guilt & ye dominion of sin, & to bestow upon us eternal salvation and to make us to be perfectly blessed in ye enjoyment of himself to all eternity. [16]

    In Christ Jesus there is grace enough to make us holy & there is mercy enough with God thrô him to forgive even so great sinners as we are.

    Let us then all be perswaded to fly to him for mercy and grace.

    For if we neglect to seek to him we may provoke him to give over calling of us and striveing with us by his spirit, which if he do we shall as surely go to hell as if were there already, but if [we] do go to him and confess our sins and begg of him to convince us of ye evil of sin, & to convert us, he has promised yt he will in no wise cast off any yt come to him; and therefore he will accept of us, and will convert us, and make us more holy, and will make our peace with God for us, and will enable us to serve him while we live and when we dye we shall be received to serve him forever in his heavenly kingdom. [17]

    April. 18. 1696.

    I have heretofore laid down some motives before you to engage you to be religious now in your younger days: and I have endeavoured to instruct you in ye principles of ye Christian religion contained in the Chatechisme; as far as wt offices does Jesus Christ execute &c and I intend to proceed; but because as I have before told you; yt all lys in ye practicing of what we know; therefore I shall lay down a few more motives & Dir[ections] to move you to do yt which is wellpleasing to God. and yn I shall (Deo volente) proceed &c.

    1. Pray to God in secret; wtever you do let not this be neglected. Remember your creatour in ye days of your youth; pray to God that he would pardon your sins for his son Jesus Christ’s sake Pray to Jesus Christ to pardon you he is as able now as he was wn on ye earth: and pray yt he would [18] save you from hell fire, and from eternal misery: I am sure there is none of you yt is willing to have your portion with Devils and damned forever, o then be perswaded to pray in secret.

    2. Read ye scriptures; labour to take delight in reading ye Gospell of Jesus Christ.

    3. Keep holy ye sabbath day do not speak your own words nor think your own thoughts on ye sabbath, but spend ye whole day in reading and praying and other holy dutys.

    4. Give good attention to ye word preached; not only to remember something to tell me; but remember something for your souls and for eternity; remember it is God yt speaks to you by his servants.

    5. Remember Death; think much of death; think how it will be on a death bed, whether then you will not wish yt you had prayed & done yt you know to be our duty. [19]

    6. Think much of ye day of judgement, when every secret thing shall be discovered before ye whole world, all secret sins shall be discovered and shall be punished with eternal burnings; and then also all secret good dutys shall be discovered and shall be rewarded with life eternal.

    7. Think of Eternity: ye greatest thing yt I would ask of you for all my pains, is, yt every day you would think seriously of Eternity. Think of those yt are in hell, yt must abide under all ye paine imaginable to eternity and those yt are in heaven shall live in ye greatest happyness with God forever.

    O then be perswaded to be religious betimes: these are no trifling things, these are for eternity: think then every day when you rise, and say to yourselves, I may dy before night & yn ask seriously, if it shd be so; where will my soul lodge thrô out eternal ages—[20] and say every night wn you go to bed, If I should dy before morning where shall I live forever, should I go down to eternal misery wre there is nothing but weeping and wailing & blaspheming Gods name forever, or should I go to heaven to live with and to love & serve unto all eternity.

    Be awakened then to set about your duty, and secure your own souls by geting an Interest in Jesus Christ: and once more I charge you in ye fear of God to think of these things seriously for know assuredly yt God will call you to a strict account, not only for every sermon, but also for every such opportunity as this, and you be found despisers of Jesus Christ he will give yt sentence [21] Depart ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for ye Devil and his angells: but if ye be found [among] yose yt fear him & serve him he will at that day own you openly before ye whole world, and will say to you: Come ye blessed of my father inherit a kingdome prepared for you, before ye foundation of ye world.

    April. 25. 96: I was sick of ye tooth ake.

    May 2d 1696.

    I come now to shew you yt Jesus Christ ye only redeemer of Gods elect, did while on earth in his state of humiliation; and does also now in heaven perform ye offices of a prophet of a preist & of a king in order to our conversion Justification sanctification and eternal glorification. [22]

    As a prophet Christ reveals to us what God would have us beleive in order to our salvation. And it is Christ alone yt teach us this ye way to everlasting salvation; and this he does by sending his ministers, by his word and by his spirit; hereby, he effectually calls home all his elect, and builds them unto salvation; As a preist Christ continually appears in ye presence of God and presents before him the infinite satisfaction of his perfect obedience in fulfilling ye law and in dying for sinners and he continual plead yt ye benefits of his death may be applyed to beleivers; and indeed if it were not for this intercession of Jesus Christ ye best performances of the best men would be rejected by God.

    And as a king Jesus Christ rules in ye hearts of his elect; his kingly power is exercised in their conversion, and in defending ym from all thei[r] enemys and temptations yt they meet with. [23] And althô there are very few yt did beleive on Christ while he was on ye earth, or do now beleive Christ to be such a prophet preist and king, as he is, (I mean so as to obey him) yet All ye world shall know & be forced to own yt he is God over all blessed forever, in yt day wn they shall call upon ye rocks and unto ye mountains to fall on ym wn Jesus Christ shall be revealed from heaven in flames of fire takeing vengeance on them yt know not God and yt obey not his Gospell. but of this day of Judgement I desire to discourse at large.

    May. 9. 1696.

    Among all ye truths yt are revealed in ye scriptures, there is none yt is more plainly & clearly asserted then this viz: yt there will be a general day of Judgement There will certainly be a day when ye lord Jesus Christ himself will appear with all his holy Angels in the clouds of heaven to judge ye whole world, [24] And all ye dead shall rise out of their graves and appear before him; and then before ye whole world every one shall give an account for all things done here in ye flesh, and Christ himself will give sentence to every one according to what they have done in this life. Indeed when Jesus Christ humbled himself in his first appearance he shewed his power in working miracles, and his knowledge in looking into mens hearts, and he shewed his great wisedome in his Doctrine & his holyness in his exact walk and perfect obedience, and he wonderfully shewed his goodness and mercy In all ye infinite love and kindness he shewed to ye children of men and in all that he did for ym: these excellencys shined at [25] his first appearance, tho it was but darkly as being vailed; and indeed these are abundantly shineing in him now especially his goodness and mercy, for he stands now and entreats sinners to be reconciled to God by him, and he is really willing to save and accept of all yt will forsake their sins and come to him for forgiveness and salvation.

    But at his 2d appearance, yere be no mercy to be obtained for them, who in this life have neglected to get an Interest in him He will then appear as a mercifull saviour to them yt love him & fear him; but to them yt do not keep all his commandments he will appear as an angry judge & his eyes will look as flames of fire, and then poor sinners will call to ye rocks and to ye mountains to fall on them & to hide ym from ye wrath of the lamb but all will be in vain. [26]

    Indeed to set forth ye power and Glory and splendour of Christ’s 2d comeing is beyond ye skill of men or angells; but yet we have something revealed to us in ye scriptures! of ye manner of it.

    1. He shall [have] power in heaven and earth given to him, there will yn be no hideing from him; all things will yn obey him, ye grave shall give up her dead, and he shall then have power over men and Devils, all good men yt have served him faithfully he will receive to eternal Glory; But wicked men and Devils shall be bound in chains under darkness for ever, he will then send wicked men and angels into yt lake of fire and brimstone, which shall burn throout eternal ages.

    2. Christ Jesus will come in great Glory, he will then be cloathed with honour and Glory, and yre shall be ten thousand times ten thousand holy angels waiting on him to do his will. [27]

    Now ye angels are some in heaven and some on earth ministring to Gods servants, but yn they will be all gathered together into one innumerable company, there to attend on our blessed Lord Jesus.

    Then ye sun shall be darkened & ye moon shall vanish, and ye heaven and earth shall flee away before him, & his brightness shall exceed ye brightness of ye sun moon and stars; and Christ shall come with a Glorious and dreadfull noise which will make wicked men and Devils to quake & tremble but it will make ye hearts of good men to leap for Joy.

    Then ye heavens shall roar and there will be terrible thunderings and lightnings, & ye earth shall be in flames of fire, and there shall be such a shout as shall awake ye dead out of yeir graves, And all men shall hear that voice, Arise Ye Dead & come to Judgement, & then ye whole world shall ring & tremble, but especially wicked men and despisers of Christ shall tremble surely this will startle all such and fill ym wth amazement. [28]

    2. the End of Christ’s comeing. & yt will be to judge ye whole world then he will raise ye dead out of yeir graves & ye sea shall give up her dead, and ye saints shall find their own bodys and he will cause those yt are in hell to come out, and they shall all be joined soul and body & so be prepared for ye last judgement.

    Then all nations shall be gathered together, and there will be an innumerable number of saints but 1000 times as many wicked. the righteous shall stand at Christ’s right hand, and ye wicked at his left hand, there will yn be no mistake; those yt are God’s children & servants shall every one be secured forever. and then all nations being there gathered together and ye righteous being filled with unspeakable joy and ye wicked with irrepressible horrour greif and amazement; then ye books shall be opened, [29] and ye Judgement shall be set, Then it shall be openly de[c]lared what every ones name was and in what age & place they lived, and especially all mens actions shall openly be declared to ye whole world. It will then be told what their carriage was to God and towards one another, It will yn be known who prayed in secret and read ye Scriptures & who were obedient to yeir parents, and who were diligent to perform what they found to doe. It will yn be known who loved to pray & read & keep holy the sabbath day, and who made conscience to keep a strict watch over their thoughts words & actions, &c.

    And then all the sinfull actions of men will be made known, It will then be said such an one did never pray, or if he did it was but seldom and he did not take delight in praying and in reading ye scriptures, but it was a burden to them; such were disobedient to parents, and such played on the sabbath day. [30] And It shall be said such a one did not give serious attention to ye word preached, or were careless in family prayer, or in publick worship.

    And then it will be known to ye world who were dishonest intemperate unclean; then all secret sins will be manifested, for Gods eyes are as a flame of fire and he perfectly sees all ye secret abominations which are unknown to men.

    And these things will not only be declared by God himself, but then conscience shall be as a thousand witnesses, and althô men forget many sins which now they commit yet at that day they shall all be remembred, & then a good conscience will be worth ten thousand worlds: For then wicked men shall be judged by the law and shall be con[31]-demned bec: they did not perform perfect obedience to the law neither did they fly to Christ for salvation; but then ye righteous shall be accepted thrô the intercession of Jesus Christ and shall be judged by the Gospell, and Christ Jesus who will then be Judge will acquit them before the whole world and then none shall be able to object any thing against them.

    O then be perswaded before it be too late, even now while ye day of grace lasts to set about it with all Diligence and get your sins pardoned, and while Christ Jesus himself is intreating you to come to God by him. I say now give all diligence to get an Interest in him and in his righteousness and then it shall go well with you in yt day and forever. [32]

    May 16. 1696.

    I desire now to proceed in discourseing more particularly of ye Judgement of ye righteous and of ye wicked, yt so you may be awakened to improve all the advantages you are entrusted withall to get into Christ Jesus and not be found among Devils and damned spirits at ye left hand of Christ at that day; but at his right hand with holy saints and angels.

    The righteous shall be raised up in Glory; those that now are (perhaps) despised in ye world and want many good thing as Lazarus did, shall then in a moment be raised out of their graves with inexpressible pleasure and yn ye holy angels shall meet them and bid them welcome and then saints shall meet one with another and shall every one know one another [33] And then they shall all be caught up to meet the Lord in ye air, then all ye disciples and servants of Christ which never saw him in ye flesh shall meet him with inexpressible delight and rejoyceing. and he will rejoyce to see them and will place ym at his right hand.

    And Christ will take an account of ym, althô I cannot say whether Christ will then mention the sins and infirmitys of his servants yet this I know yt if he does it will only be as so many sins yt are pardoned and so it will tend to ye exaltation of ye Glory of Christ’s blood and to the rejoyceing of his redeemed. But doubtless he will take an account of their graces and vertues, and how they have improved all ye endowments and talents & opportunitys that he has priviledged them withall he will then take an account what they have done for their fellow creatures [34] In order to their eternal salvation; and he will then take an account of all ye Injurys and affronts yt they have met with for his names sake, and all this shall be open before the whole world and every one shall see & hear it, and Christ Jesus himself will then proceed to Give sentence to them and they shall hear yt blessed call, come ye blessed of my father inherit a kingdome prepared for you before the foundation of ye world.

    Thus I have told you in short how it will fare with the righteous at that day: and I hope yt you will every one of you be of yt number at yt day and surely yt thought of their blessedness is enough to stir you up to a care to secure to yourselves an interest in Christ which alone will make you blessed. [35]

    For then all yt are out of him, shall arise out of their graves and their miserable souls shall come out of hell and they shall be reunited, but o what an unhappy meeting will this be, o what sighs and groans and crys will then be uttered by poor miserable sinners at that their doleful meeting: o how will they be cast down to think yt they are lost forever, and that they must lye in hell soul & body in extremity of pain unto all eternity; and then they shall meet with Devils, which will torment & spit their malice in their faces and will laugh them to scorn bec. they hearkened to them and suffered them to tempt them and lead them to eternal darkness, and then wicked men shall meet with one another, and shall look back upon their former sins with sorrow and shame but then it will be too-late. [36]

    And they shall look forward, and shall see nothing but an angry God and an endless Eternity of misery & their company Devils and damnd spirits forever: and then the wicked yt shall be alive at the second appearance of Christ shall see all this; and it will be a surprizal to them, for there shall not be more warning then now there is but ye world will be careless and unconcerned about it; It may be I shal be teaching & you be learning.

    And suppose yt now you should hear terrible thunderings and see great lightnings and shd see heaven and earth in a flame, and shd hear ye word, Come to Judgement would your heart leap with Joy within you [37] and could you with great comfort look back upon your past lives or could you claim an interest in Christ, or would yr hearts sink within you for sorrow would you not then cry out for mercy and beg of Gods children to take you up with them; but alas then it will be too-late; now you are called to repent & beleive and love God and to make conscience of praying & keeping holy ye sabbath day and to keep a strict watch over your thoughts words and actions; and to make it your business to be religious, and now Christ Jesus is abundantly willing to save you but then all crys and tears will be too-late if now we neglect to get an interest in him; then he will look with an angry countenance on them that have despised him, [38] and they shall be filled with confusion and shame and in the mean while they see the righteous on the right hand of Christ and then yy will be past all hopes of obtaining one smile from Christ or one Jot of mercy unto eternity: but there poor sinners must stand trembling in expectation of their last Judgment: (the particular discription whereof I shall leave until next time) thus I have shewn you wt a blessed estate ye righteous will be in, and wt a miserable condition the wicked will be in at that day; and we shall every one of us stand naked before Christ’s judgement seat, and yerefore it highly concerns us to look to ourselves for unless we get out of our natural estate [39] and get an interest in Jesus Christ we shall be miserable forever. These are no trifling things, but they are of eternal concernment to every one of us, and if we yt have ye Gospell and ye way to heaven made known to us should miscarry, it would have been better for us that we had never been born; o then think much of this day and live every moment as if it were to be ye next and Do not allow yourselves in any sin, for all even the most secret sins shall be laid open before ye whole world & ye least sin deserves eternal wrath; and therefore break off all sin by a speedy & thorô repentance least God cut you of now in your younger days & never give you an opportunity to repent; or least God give over striveing with you and so you be found at ye left hand of Christ at the Great day. [40]

    May 23. 1696.

    At ye day of Judgement ye wicked shall be judged by ye Lord Jesus Christ who will appear in his Glory and power and he will perfectly know all things, and he who is holyness itself will be impartial and righteous and will strictly examine all ye wicked and will be implacably set against them.

    And then if any of you which have ye way to heaven made known to you, be among the wicked your misery will be intollerable: for if so then Gods Goodness and mercy and patience will accuse you: and Gods ministers and your Godly freinds will accuse you and your own consciences will then fly in your faces, and tell you yt you might have been saved and would not.

    And then if you are found despisers of religion and are found to have lived and dyed in ye neglect of secret prayer. [41] Then shall you hear ye doleful and dreadfull sentence, depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for ye Devil and his angells And when once this sentence is passed there will be no recalling of it forever; but away you shall go into everlasting burnings. And let me tell you that every one of us shall hear either yt sentence come ye blessed &c or Go ye cursed &c and we shall live to Eternity either in heaven or in hell, and further remember yt this short life is ye only time yt we have to prepare for a long Eternity And therefore it highly concerns us all to improve this time in serving God yt so we may enjoy him forever; and therefore now be perswaded to repent of sin and Get an interest in Christ. Confess all yr sins to God and forsake ym and God will forgive you.

    And remember yt repentance is [42] absolutely necessary unto eternal salvation, and you may yet repent and return to God, but remember yt is a fruit of God’s wonderfull patience yt you are yet on this side hell: and let this quicken you to set about ys work of saveing yr souls to day while it is called to day. and to quicken you, consider That you must repent: for if you do not repent now while you are in ye world, you will repent to all Eternity and your repentance yn will be too-late If you repent now your sorrow will be mixed with some comfort and your repentings & mournings for sin will be well-pleasing to God.

    And God will have mercy upon you and pardon you, and you shall escape everlasting punishment; and you shall also enjoy true comfort while in this world o yn repent now, It is not too-soon for you while in your natural estate, every moment exposed to Eternal vengeance. [43] And remember yt ye time when your particular Judgement shall be is very nigh, you must all dy and after yt come to Judgement.

    And moreover consider yt if now you defer to repent and to seek God, it is a wonder if ever you do repent. for let me tell you yt you cannot repent when you will; you cannot repent when on a sick bed so easily as some Imagine; and the longer you defer your repentance ye harder it will be to repent. will you then be perswaded to repent or will you go on in your sins and so go down into eternal misery? I hope you will now turn and live forever, and for your direction: Go to God by secret prayer and upon your knees do you confess all your sins with shame and sorrow; do not keep one sin but confess all, and be sure you resolve by the grace of Christ to forsake all sin; for you cannot think yt God will accept of your confessions if they are not [44] with resolutions to forsake sin; you must not think to go to God and to Christ and say I have sinned I pray for pardon in Christ’s blood, and then I will go sin again, no, no God will have you to confess and forsake & then you shall have mercy If you do speedily break off from all sin with full purpose and endeavours never to sin more, and if you live in ye constant practice of all ye dutys yt are required of you then you may go to God freely for an interest in Christ and for eternal salvation and he will accept of you and love you and save you from all misery both here and forever hereafter.

    Thus I have done with the handling this subject of ye day of judgement, and if I shall lay a few [45] Directions which if you observe you may by Gods grace appear at ye right hand of Christ in ye great day.

    1. Dir: forsake all sin and fly unto God by Christ for salvation and Let it be your great care to be holy, keep a strict watch over yourselves and alwayes live as becomes the Gospell.

    2. dir: Be much in secret meditation, go alone and remember yt you have immortal souls and think much of Death and Eternity. think of Judgment and of ye damned in hell and remember yt you are by nature heirs to ye portion of Devils and damned spirits, and consider with yourselves yt you may yet get an Interest in Christ and so secure your souls.

    3. Give serious attention to the word preached: and let this consideration quicken you to yt viz: yt you must give an account for every sermon you hear. [46]

    4. Be much in reading ye bible and good books.

    5. Be much in earnest secret prayer be constant in ye practice of this duty, beg of God to pardon your sins and to change your natures and to guide you to eternal salvation. and

    6. forsake all known sins presently, do not live one hour longer in any one sin: and

    7. avoid all occasions of sin. shun bad company; which is sometimes ye mine of many a soul: and

    8. Do not allow yourselves in Idleness, this is a thing yt Exposes you all manner of temptations; you should never let ye Devil find you Idle; but be diligent, in what ever you find to do. I do not mean yt you should never recreate yourselves but only I would have [47] you to improve your recreation to quicken you to your duty.

    9. Be religious presently, do not put of your repentance ’til to morrow; but to day while ye day of grace lasts give all diligence to secure your souls; for you know not but you may be in hell before to morrow if you defer your repentance:

    10: and Lastly: Resolve never to sin any more; do not allow yourselves in any known sin but resolve to persevere in religious courses; and if you do give over all sin and do in good Earnest set about religion, then ye ways of Godlyness will be pleasant unto [you] and ye longer you walk in them ye more Easy they will be to you. Thus I have laid down yese directions before you, and if not withstanding any of you shall dare to live in any sin and in ye neglect of any duty [48] and shall live and dye in sin; then these words which I have spoken shall rise up in judgment against [you] and yt which I have desired for your good shall be a witness against you and prove to your destruction and Eternal damnation. But I hope yt you will none of you be so foolish as yet to go on in sin; if you are then will be more tolerable for sodom and Gomorrha in yt day then for you; but if now you are so wise as to forsake all sin and to give up your souls to Christ and to accept of him for to rule in your souls, and if you are resolved to love and serve him; then your work is done, and your souls shall be saved; then God and Christ are yours; and if you now chuse Christ [49] then heaven and happyness are yours and you shall be blessed throughout ye days of Eternity.

    May 30. 96.

    I have heretofore showed you how yt all men by nature are heirs to eternal damnation: but because it is not in my power to convince you of it althô it is truth it self. Therefore I exhort you to fly to God and humbly and earnestly ask of him his spirit to shew you ye evil of sin, and to Convince you yt you are by reason of sin exposed to Gods Eternal wrath; and also I do advise you to pray to God yt he would shew ye excellency of Jesus Christ and ye beauty of holyness. And entreat him to convert & turn you, and to make you holy. for let me tell you that if God ye holy Ghost does not undertake to convert you, and to guide you to eternal Glory you will certainly miscarry: therefore it concerns us to be very carefull least [50] we should provoke Gods spirit to depart from us: And the way to have him abide wth us is to entertain its notions and to be religious to day while ye offers of salvation are made known unto us; and Let me once more entreat you to look about you and to prepare for eternity; and least you should be discouraged from being religious now while you are young: I shall shew you ye pleasantness of being religious, and also ye benefits which converted sinners are made partakers of while in this world and also in eternal Glory.

    There are many yngs wch make a religious life pleasant: as

    1. The pardon of all sin; for althô a mans being religious cannot merit ye pardon of sin, yet when a man is throughly religious; when he respects all Gods commands; then he has a good evidence of his pardoned estate. [51]

    For as a man yt allows himself in any known sin, has no true evidence for heaven; so a man yt hates all sin and loves all Gods commands, has good evidences for his pardon and salvation; and this cannot but yeild unspeakable joy and comfort to him, and make a religious life ye most pleasant life in ye world.

    Think of this and consider and ask yourselves whether your lives would not be more pleasant if you were perswaded yt your sins were pardoned; and I am perswaded and know yt your consciences will say that they would: and therefore let this move you to be religious bec: then God will pardon your sins thô not for being religious; yet for his own names sake & for his promise sake.

    2. A religious life is ye most pleasant life bec: such as are religious are ye sons of God, and this makes obedience to Gods commands pleasant bec: [52] those yt obey are his own sons by Jesus Christ.

    It may be you are apt to think yt if you were sons to some king or great man yt then you should live pleasantly: but let me tell you yt there [is] a possibility of becoming ye sons of the King of Glory; and will not this yeild inexpressible pleasure to you to have God ye Creatour of all things to be your father and to smile upon you; and will not this be a comfort & make your life pleasant to you to think and say to yrselves yt in a little while I shall have my soull carryed to eternal Glory; to think yt God and heaven & Christ are mine and I am heir to a kingdome which shall last to eternity this surely will perswade you all to choose to be religious, and to love God and Christ and to live in ye performance of all dutys. [53]

    3. A holy life is ye most pleasant life bec: It is an honourable life. The Lord Jesus Christ himself who was the king of Glory, condescended to live an holy life to set us an example.

    4. Those yt are holy lead ye most pleasant life bec: they enjoy peace of conscience; their consciences do not condemn them as wicked mens consciences do.

    5. Those yt are religious lead ye most pleasant life bec: they are alwayes ready for death: this make a mans life comfortable: A good man is commonly so prepared for death yt he desires to dy; for when a good man dyes as soon as ever his soul is seperated from his body he is by the holy angels conveyed into eternal Glory and shall spend an eternity in singing praises to God: but now a wicked man has no comfort of his life, bec: he is alwayes afraid of death. [54] a wicked man never thinks of death but it affrights him bec: he knows yt when he dyes; ye devils will carry him down to hell and there he must abide under Gods wrath unto all Eternity: and the forethoughts of this makes his life miserable & uncomfortable, & hence it is yt men run into company into ye world or to drinking or playing or any thing in ye world to divert the thoughts of death: yy cannot endure to think on death and Eternity. but now a good man takes delight in thinking on death for then he knows he shall be perfectly freed from sin and from sorrow, and shall be possessed of eternal blessedness.

    6. Another thing which makes religious lives pleasant is the thoughts of ye resurrection and of the day of Judgment. [55]

    A good man knows yt at ye resurrection he shall be acknowledged by God before ye whole world; and shall be made perfectly blessed forever; and this makes his life pleasant; but a wicked man wn he thinks of this he trembles & knows yt when he dyes he goes to hell and at ye resurrection he shall be condemned to eternal vengeance; and this makes his life unpleasant & uncomfortable. All yt a wicked man does is sin; But a righteous man endeavours to serve & please God; and there is not one duty in all ye Christian religion, but the performance of it yeilds true pleasure and comfort to ye sincere Christian that performs it.

    There might be multitudes of reasons given for ye pleasantness of a truely holy life, but this may serve to convince us of it if we will remove prejudice and Let me add one reason more to convince us. & yt is

    7. None ever repented them of their being truely religious. [56] There never was any one man yt was truely & throughly religious, yt ever repented him; and this argues yt religion is pleasant.

    And if all this will not convince you, then look into yr bibles and you shall find Jesus Christ himself saying yt his yoke is easy; and wisedome says yt her ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace, and by wisedome there is meant Christ, (as I think)

    1. hence see ye folly of all those yt lived an irreligious life: yt neglect to pray in secret & to read ye scriptures and yt allow ymselves in any known sin whatsoever: they deprive themselves of ye comfort of their lives and make their lives unpleasant.

    2. hence see the true wisedome of those yt are religious: especially in their younger days. [57] They are truely wise; and I hope there are some among [you] yt do make it your business to be religious; and those of you yt do I do assuredly tell you yt you are truely & certainly wise; and whatever ye world may call you; yet you will be found to be wise when Christ shall come to judge the world: therefore be perswaded to go on for these 2 reasons.

    1. The longer you continue under Christ’s yoke ye easier it will be.

    2. If you do not persevere unto ye end you will loose yr own souls: yerefore be not discouraged. 2. Ezk: Be all perswaded to make it your business to be religious a religious life is ye most pleasant life: and ye sooner you get into a course of serving God ye better it will be; and you are not too-young and yerefore do not delay [58] for consider seriously ys one thing: and yt is

    Consider: you must be converted or damned: go alone and think seriously and say to yourselvs yt I must either turn from all sin, and give myself up to Christ or else I must be damned: and Let not ye Devil perswade you to tarry any longer. be not put of ’til to-morrow for you are not sure of to-morrow:

    Therefore be perswaded to work while ye day lasts: and do not make any objections against taking up Christ’s yoke: for if you do you will endanger your own souls: and what is a man profited if he gain ye whole world and loose his own soul, truly he would be found an infinite looser yt shd gain 10000 worlds & loose his own soul. [59]

    June 6. 1696.

    Before I proceed to answer any objections against being religious, I shall labour to convince you all yt you are while out of Christ under ye condemning power of ye law and so under sentence to eternal misery.

    All men are under ye law until they do come under ye second covenant ye covenant of grace, & willingly give up ymselves to Christ.

    And those yt are under the law are obliged to keep ye whole law strictly: for cursed is every one yt continueth not in all things yt are written in ye book of ye law to do them: and all men by nature are under this law and so under the curse, for they have broken ye law in adam, and they are thereby exposed to eternal vengeance; and they are by no means capable giveing [60] God satisfaction unless by Christ. and therefore it highly concerns us all to get into Christ if it were only to satisfy God for yt first offense of Adam which if it ly upon us will sink us into hell forever.

    But this is not that which I aim at: for their are two other things of ye like nature which lay us under an absolute necessity of geting into Christ.

    1. We have already broken the whole law (2: we are of ourselves unable to keep it for the future).

    We have broken ye whole law already; The sum of ye law is yt we love ye Lord our God with all our heart with all our soul and strength and mind and our neighbours as ourselves.

    And now if we ask ourselves whether we have done this and do it stil: surely our own hearts will condemn us and God is greater yn our consciences and knoweth all things. [61]

    Man by his fall has not only broken Gods law, but has also deprived himself of all power to keep Gods law; of ourselves we have no power to perform any one duty acceptable to God and hence it is yt we are guilty of breaking the whole law of God: and I shall shew this unto [you], by asking whether you have kept every command in particular and I shall leave it with yr own consciences to judge whether you are guilty or not.

    1. have you kept ye first comdt This requires us to know God and to worship and glorify him; and now let me ask you, do you know God as you ought have you acquaintance with him so as to go boldly and humbly to him for pardon and for mercy: and have you glorifyed him as you ought to have done; have you been carefull to please God, and have you been carefull to abstain from sin, or is it not quite contrary. [62]

    2. have you kept ye second commandment? This requires us to receive and observe all such ordinances as God hath appointed: now let me ask you have you alwayes been conscientious to pray to God, & have you been carefull to read ye scriptures as you ought have you kept your baptismal engagement to God: have you been carefull to meditate on ye word read and preached, and have you been carefull to abstain from all sinfull words. These are ordinances which ye Eternal God of heaven commands us in this command, & therefore if we are guilty of ye breaking of this command and are stil out of Christ and are every moment exposed to eternal misery.

    3. have you kept ye 3d command. This requires us to make use of Gods name ordinances word and providences with all reverence; now let me ask every one of you, have [63] you always spoken reverently of Gods name ordinances word &c did you never take Gods name in vain; did you never speak or think slightly of Gods word, did you alwayes esteem Gods words so as to practice what was commanded in it: did you never despise your fellow creatures wch are ye work of Gods hands: surely your consciences condemn you; and I am sure yt if they do not yet God does and will so long as you are out of Christ.

    4. have you kept ye 4th command have you alwayes made conscience to keep holy ye sabbath day; were you alwayes carefull to abstain from speaking your own words & thinking yr own thoughts; were you alwayes carefull to spend ye whole sabbath in reading and praying? or else did you never pray in yr lives? I hope none of you are so desperately wicked as to live wholly prayerless; if you [64] are, I am sure you are every moment in danger of hell fire; there is nothing between you and hell but Gods wonderfull patience: by this you may certainly know yt you are in your natural estate: if you content yourselves to live prayerless, I am sure you are out of Christ: are you thus diligent to keep strictly all days of fasting and thanksgiveing I beleive your consciences will condemn you; and truly if they do not, it is because they are corrupted and misled by satan.

    5. are you carefull to give that honour to your parents which you should? I wish truly that some of you do not allow yourselves in disobedience to your parents, and I take this opportunity to charge you every one in ye fear of God, that you be obedient to your parents. [65]

    If your father or mother bid you do any thing, I charge you to do it if you can without sin; and if they bid you to abstain from any thing yt is evil, be sure you obey ym O, have a care of telling your fathers or mothers yt you wont least God strike you dead in the place: truly if you tell your mothers you will not; or if you do not what they bid you; you do provoke God wonderfully, and you have reason to fear that God will strike you dead in ye place: If your parents bid you do any thing that is lawfull you should go and do it; but if they pray you to do it (as some do) then you should run:—have you not heretofore neglected to obey your parents; if so then you are under the condemning power of the law while out of Christ. [66]

    6. have you kept the 6th command: this forbids all anger without cause: let me then ask you, were you never angry with one another when you should not have been, did you never promise yrselves to be revenged of any when they have done you wrong. truly if you have this an high degree of murder; and were you never guilty of intemperance; if you have then you have broken this command; bec: thereby your own health is impared.

    7. have you kept the 7th commandment; have you done what in you lay to preserve your own and your neighbours chastity in heart speech and behaviour, did you never willingly entertain unclean thoughts of sinfull objects: if so, remember yt every sinfull thought shall [67] be brought into judgment: & truly I wish some of you do not allow yourselves in unclean and unseemly discourse, & unclean actions, which if they should be told before the whole world would make you blush: yerefore have a care of all unchast thoughts words & actions: and be sure you never do any yng which you are ashamed shd be known to ye world.

    8. Did you never break the 8th commt: this requires justice to our neighbours & toward ourselves; now did you never steal any thing from your neighbour, and did you never wrong yourselves: this command requires diligence, and those of you that can content yrselves to live some hours in Idleness are guilty of breaking this command: I do not mean by Idleness lawfull recreation but loytering & lazyness. [68]

    9. were you alwayes carefull to keep ye 9th command. did you never tell a ly, and did you never say any ill of your neighbour without a cause.

    10. did you never covet any yng which you ought not: did you never wish for this or that pleasure or profit or honour to your neighbour’s damage? and were you always contented with your own condition & full of charity toward your neighbour.

    I am perswaded that if you do seriously ask yourselves whether you have not broken these commands, your own consciences will condemn you: and if you are guilty of any the least of those sins, you are exposed to Gods eternal veangeance every moment yt you are out of Christ, thus I have shewn you the necessity of your [69] geting an interest in Jesus Christ. & that for 2 reasons. 1. because ye guilt of adams sin lys on you & there is a necessity of Gods justice being satisfyed; and of ourselves we are utterly unable to render any satisfaction to divine justice: 2: we are guilty of many actual transgressions which we have commited ourselves and therefore if we do not get into Christ we must suffer unto Eternity; because we can never satisfy God for yt wrong which we have done to his majesty in breaking his just & good law: but of this hereafter.

    June 13. 1696.

    I come now to show a 3d reason of ye necessity of your geting an Interest in Jesus Christ: and yt is bec: we cannot keep Gods law: We (in adam) were once capable of keeping Gods law perfectly. [70] When God created our first parents, he gave them an holy and just law: and he gave them also power and facultys to obey this law and so he might justly require obedience from them: and now man has sinned and broken Gods law, and exposed himself to divine vengeance and also deprived himself of power to keep this law; yet this does not at all excuse man from yeilding obedience to ys law. For, it will not satisfy God, when he commands us to obey all his commands perfectly; for us to say we have no power, to do it, this is so far from excuseing our fault that it aggravates our crime and lays us under double guilt, for [he] may justly say to us that he gave us power, and if we have lost it, yet that will not satisfy his justice, but we must either obey, or if not suffer vengeance. [71]

    June 13. 1696. conclusion.

    Haveing shown how yt God created man in an holy & upright estate & gave him power to keep his; but he being mutable did by ye temptation of ye Devil, break Gods holy law and did not only offend God by his commiting that one sin; but also deprived himself of yt power to keep Gods law which at first God endowed him with; and so thereby laid himself and his posterity under an utter inability to keep Gods law; and hence we that are of Adams posterity are not only under the guilt of yt first sin; which is enough to sink us into hell forever, but we haveing no power to keep Gods law, have and do necessarily brake it every day, & yet we are obliged to ye great God our law-giver to make him satisfaction for ye least offence, and of ourselves we can neither satisfy God for the offence done to him, [72] nor yet keep his law for ye future; and hence we are every moment while in our natural estate exposed to the eternal wrath of God.

    All this being plain, and no creature being able to help us; this makes way for ye astonishing free & rich grace of God in Jesus Christ: and truly it [is] enough to fill ye world with admiration, to think yt ye great God of heaven who needs nothing; should send his only well beloved son to live in ye miserable world & to dy a cruel death yt so a company of poor rebellious sinners might be restored into his favour, this is yt which ye angells in heaven wonder at. & it will be matter of wonderment to saints and angels unto all Eternity, and yt which ever causes ye wonderment of ye invisible world is yt [73] poor miserable sinners will not mind this grace of God so as to close with it: and not withstanding ye terms are so easy, yet sinners will not comply with them: the terms on which God would have sinners may be comprized under these 3 heads:

    1. God requires us to beleive on Jesus Christ & to rest on his merits & intercession for salvation: we must give up ourselves to Christ to be saved by him alone, we must reject sin satan & ye world & cleave close to Jesus Christ if we would be saved.

    2. In order unto salvation God requires of us true & unfeigned repentance: this is absolutely necessary to salvation: and there are two things commonly go before this turning from sin unto God in Christ by repentance. [74]

    1. We must see our own misery & lost estate.

    2. We must see & beleive that God thrô Christ is willing to receive us into his favour: and when once we come to see these 2 things, then there needs not many motives to perswade us to repentance: and it is impossible for us to see this unless ye blessed spirit of God discover it unto us: for truly we cannot see our own misery when we will, for it is only ye spirit of God enlightens our dark minds; & shews us the sinfullness of sin; & when God ye spirit undertakes this work, then he also discovers ye mercy of God in Christ, & so perswades the soul to fly to Christ Jesus for salvation.

    When once ye holy-Ghost begins to discover ye sinner to himself then he abhors himself for his sins & is sorry & ashamed that he has dishonoured God: and then he willingly flys unto God upon any terms rather than he will continue [75] in his estate & so perish forever, then he thinks ye terms of salvation easy & will readily resolve & endeavour to lead a life conformable to ye Gospell of Jesus Christ.

    3. The 3d thing required in order to our eternal salvation is universal holyness: If we will be saved, we must beleive in Christ & repent of & forsake all sin, & also labour to be conformed to ye image of Jesus Christ: now this desire of & endeavour after sanctification, shews itself especially in ye use of all these means whereby Christ is wont to sanctify his saints & servants. When once a sinner is convinced of his miserable condition, then he uses all endeavours whereby he may find Christ & his benefits: now these means which are ordinary, are 1. Gods word both written & preached When a sinner is awakened he will fly to Gods word & will be as constant as he can in reading ye word of God: and will give all preparation to hear the word preached. [76] he fears least he has outstood his time, and he gives all diligence to hear, he will not miss one sentence, least God never speak to him more: and if ye minister deliver any thing yt may serve to quicken to awaken to encourage direct or comfort him, then he receives it gladly and presently resolves to practice it. & accordingly he zealously practices what he knows to be his duty notwithstanding the discouragements he meets with from ye Devil & ye scoffs he may meet with from ye world, thus whe[n] ye spirit of God has enlightened a sinner He makes ye word profitable for his furtherance in order to his sanctification.

    2. The sacraments are means by which God uses to convey blesing to repenting sinners; The Eternal King of heaven is pleased to confirm his covenant with an oath & to set to his seal [77] yt he is willing to save sinners, and he has appointed 2 seals to his covenant: baptisme & ye Lords-supper, now one yt is convinced of his lost condition, (if he be one yt has been baptized) he looks back & reflects on his baptisme & remember[s] that he has been baptized into the name of father son & spirit and remembers yt he or his parents for him then gave him up to God to be his & to serve him; & he also remembers yt God did thereby promise to him all ye blessings of the covenant of grace: & he then looks back & sees whether he has not broken covenant with God, and if he finds yt he has then he comes humbly to God for pardon & entreats grace to keep covenant for ye future and one that is truly enlightened endeavours to prepare himself for ye Lords-supper, for he knows yt he [who] would be saved must obey every one of Christ’s commands, & he knows yt Christ has not only commanded this, but it is also of excellent use for to encrease grace in Christians. [78]

    3. Prayer is a means whereby Christ communicates gracious blesings to returning sinners.

    A sinner yt is awakened out of natural security immediately betakes himself to prayer, & truly if men did but see their own misery & the danger they are in every moment while out of Christ, they would not dare to ly down or rise up without praying to God to keep them from sin & from hell fire which is the just reward of every sin unrepented of.


    I shall now speak more fully to this means whereby God conveys blessings on sinners, viz: prayer, and I shall consider it as haveing 3 parts.

    1. confession, an awakened sinner flys to God and confesses all sins in particular & yt with shame & sorrow & resolves never to sin more. [79]

    2. he prays to God for mercy, he has nothing to trust unto but Gods free & infinite mercy by Christ: he confesses yt he has forfeited all mercy & deserves to be cast into hell forever; but he crys out for pardon and for grace to live better for ye time to come, he prays yt he may not be sunk down into hell forever.

    3. he blesses God; thanksgiving to God is his dayly practice: he blesses God yt he is out of hell and he blesses God for Christ Jesus who is ye only way to salvation, and he thanks him for all ye mercy which he enjoys: wn a sinner is once thorôly enlightened by ye spirit of God then (& not before) he sees reason to admire Gods grace & mercy This is yt which puts life into ye praises yt are in heaven, viz: when ye saints look back & think how they were exposed to eternal vengeance; therefore be you now perswaded to look into your own souls & pray to God to discover to you your own misery, & then you will see abundant reason to bless God forever. [80]

    Thus I have glanced over ye whole Catechisme (thô confusedly); which is a thing not usual, yet It may prove beneficial to you if it be not your own fault; If it do prove any benefit to you then it will be a great rejoyceing to me; and as I have before told you, ye result of all is to practice; therefore if you would get any real good by this, then zealously practice what you know live soberly & serve God constantly & give all diligence to work out your own salvation with fear & trembling; for if you do stil resolve to allow yourselves in any sin, yn it will be a discouragement to me, and I shall loose my labour, and if what I have said to you have no impression upon any of you; then shall I have just cause to fear yt God in his judgment has given [81] you up to sin & if so; then you may bid Christ & heaven & happyness farewell forever, & take ye Devil for your companion to eternity & must ly down in everlasting burnings. O fear & tremble least you provoke God to withdraw his spirit from you; and now while you are alive and out of hell forsake all sin & live in ye performance of all duty and upon Christ for salvation; and then you may upon good grounds conclude yt God & Christ and eternal blessedness are yours and you may expect yt God will acquit you from all guilt, and will sanctify you & give you grace to serve him; & will own you in ye great day & will receive you into his favour & say to you before ye whole world Come ye blessed of my fathers Inherit a kingdome prepared for you before ye foundation of the world: amen. [82]

    June 13. 1696.

    I proceed no longer in this course for many reasons: on many accounts.

    Jos: Green. 1696 [83]

    June 24. 96. I haveing lately written several letters; and kept no copys by me, and fearing least wn I have been prescribing to others ye way to salvation, shd myself be a cast-away; I shall endeavour to write ye substance of wn I have written to others; That so wn I read it I may be quickened to live up fully to those rules which I have prescribed to others;

    The begining of may. 96. I wrote to my brother Edward G.169 to ys purpose.

    Loveing Broth:

    I have formerly given you an account of yr business concerning ye Estate of Uncle Fox but least my letters shd miscarry I will repeat again.

    A little before ye time was [84] expired, I went to brother Johnston170 for ye Letter of Attorney (for he never minded it) and I carryed [it] to Mr Remington and he utterly refused to have any yng to do with it unless it were to give another Letter of Attorny under him; and there being none to take, & I being insufficient, ye Estate is forfeited forever: We have an account of your couragious fight; and ye whole county rings with your praise but I pray you not to be li[ft]ed up but grow humble and give all diligence to secure your own soul; for you must live to Eternity & if heaven and Eternity are not worth striveing for then I am sure nothing is;

    Your freinds are all well; but my Father Chamny171 is dead and has left our mother very well and well-provided for; so yt if you are sick I advise you to come home & my mother & mary are in a capacity to nurse you; [85] I write thus to you because I expect these lines will find you very sick; for truly If you doe come home in health I should look upon it as a wonder and as nothing but an answer of prayers which are laid up in heaven for you every day.

    I pray you to take some care of Benjamin, for he is on board of ye man of warr, ye unity, therefore if he be alive I pray you to let your brotherly affection be manifested to him in seeking for his freedome.

    I have sent to you a catalogue of some books which I pray you if you can to help me unto; bec: If you send them they will be a great advantage to me in many respects, (wch I named): I know not how you are circumstanced, but I would not trouble you too much, but if you &c. [86]

    The Catalogue

    Dr Saundersons Sermons

    Dr Stillingsfleets


    origines sacra


    Dr Tillotsons sermons

    Turrettines Divinity

    Dr Scots Christian Life. 3 vollumn

    Dr Towerson upon ye Chrisn Catechisme

    Dr Bates

    Harmony of ye Attr[ibutes]

    final happiness

    4 last things

    Pools annotations: and a Bible

    It may be you may be so circumstanced as to help me to these; but I fear yt you are in a sick case, and therefore I pray yt you would prepare for [87] Eternity: you know yt you have an immortal soul; you know yt you can be saved by none but Christ, you know yt sanctification is necessary unto Eternal salvation; you know yt Gods mercys are infinite. And I pray have a care least your knowledge add to your condemnation; I Intreat you as a loveing brother to give all diligence to make sure of heaven yt so you may spend an everlasting Eternity in Glory which is ye earnest prayer of yr loveing Brother

    Jos. GREEN

    Roxbury: May, 96

    Much more I wrote to him which now I forget. [88]

    The begining of June. 96 I wrote to Broth: Z. H:172

    L: Broth:

    There being in me a sinfull bashfullness and backwardness to perform my duty; I am forced to communicate my mind to you in writeing; and my End in writeing to you is to perswade you to join to ye Church at Cambridge. I pray you to make no objection, because I know G. will take none.

    If you are not fit you ought to be fit; and if you are not fit to come to ye Lordstable then you are not fit to dye & so not fit for Eternity and if you shd dy while you are reading this where would your soul lodge throughout eternal ages; I pray you to think of it & prepare for it speedily: and for your direction [89]

    1. forsake all sin; in heart and life.

    2. Live in ye constant performance of every duty: pray constantly in secret, allow yourself a little time every day for secret meditation, think on death judgement & Eternity; keep strictly ye sabbath &c.

    3. after all Rest upon Jesus Christ alone for salvation; thus if you do you may come with a holy boldness to ye Lords-table: and I Intreat you to give all diligence to make your calling & Election sure; and labour to be found among Christ’s sanctifyed ones at ye great day; which yt it may be so is ye constant prayer of your Loveing brother.

    Jos. Green

    Roxb: J[une] 96

    This is ye sum of wt I writ to him. [90]

    The begining of June I wrote to my broth: Jos: H:173

    Lov: Broth.

    I being sensible yt It is a great failing in Christians not to stir up their freinds to ye dutys of Christianity & especially to yt of comeing to ye L: sup: I thought it my duty to tell you my mind plainly, and I pray you to join to ye church at cambridge; and for mat: consider: yt if you lived allowedly in ye neglect of any duty your world was never right with God; and I pray you to make no objections for if heaven & Christ are not worth a striveing for nothing is: and Let me tell you nothing will excuse you in ye great day, if you live in ye neglect of yt duty, and if you say you are not fit then let me tell you yt you ought to be fit; [91] and so you live in a neglect; & if you are fit then you live in a neglect: therefore I pray you to live no longer without that ordinance and for your direction.

    1. forsake all sin &c.

    2. Live in ye constant conscientious discharge of every duty: pray in secret constantly: keep strictly ye sabbath: allow yrself a little time every day for secret seriou[s] meditation, & think often of death judgement Eternity heaven & hell; and consider yt you must live forever, & wt is a man profited if he gain ye whole world & lose his own soul: therefore close with Christ and save your soul & give all diligence to work out yr own salvation with fear & trembling & labour to live so here as that you may live forever in Glory wth [God] yt it may be so is ye earnest prayer of your Loving Broth:

    Jos. GREEN

    Roxb. J[une] 96 [92]

    The begin: of June I wrote to my broth: Jonathan: to ys pur[pose]

    Lovei[ng] Brother

    I have written to all my relations and haveing an opportunity I write to you; but I write very breifly to you bec: I have written very largely to my sisters; my desire in writeing to you is to thank you for all your kindness to me, & to begg an Interest in your prayers yt I may live to serve God in my generation; and to intreat you to make religion your business; and for your direction let me propose a few things which I have found very beneficial.

    1. If you can allow yourself a little time every day for secret, serious meditation; 4 things remember well death Judgement heaven & hell. [93]

    2. Pray in secret constantly do not neglect yt duty one day for a whole world.

    3. Keep a strict watch over your thoughts words and actions.

    4. Keep holy ye sabbath day.

    5. Joine to some church, ye first opportunity.

    6. Read ye scriptures dayly; and yy will afford to you both quickening & comfort &c.

    7. Do nothing rashly, but do all things with advice and consideration.

    8. Be not discouraged but hope in God; & consider you how many prayers in heaven.

    Thus if you do I hope we shall live to see good days on earth or however enjoy eternal blessedness in Glory thrô Jesus Christ wch is ye constant prayer of

    your L: Broth:

    Jos: Green

    Roxb: June. 96 [94]

    June. 96. I wrote to my mother to this purpose.

    Honoured Mother.

    According to your desire I have written to all my relations and have told ym my mind plainly; and I pray you to deliver ye letters unto ym at some time when they are very serious: which I leave to your discretion & prudence:

    I shall not need to write any thing to your self; but only I commend serious meditation to you as a thing of excellent advantage.

    I pray you often to think of heaven & Eternal Glory & of ye Excellencys of Jesus Christ. & I pray you to be often looking ye Estate of yr soul; we cannot too-often examine our-selves, for all yt we have to do is to save our own souls. [95]

    I shall not need to say any thing more but only, ask your forgiveness for all my former disobedience; and ask an interest in your prayers, yt I may live to serve God in my generation for truly this is all yt I desire to live for, and I find in me a cold dead heart to any ying yt is good; and therefore I humbly ask your prayers yt we may all meet in Glory which is ye constant prayer of your dutifull son.

    Jos: GREEN

    Roxb: J[une] 96

    This is some thô not all that I wrote: but the rest has slipt my memory: [96]

    May: 29. I wrote to my sister, B: H:174 to ys purp[ose].

    L: Sisr B:

    My present thoughts concerning you are yt you are under the striveings of Gods spirit: I beleive yt you are under some outward afflictions and these have some influence upon your mind.

    The Reasons of my writeing to you are, 3. 1. I do it as my duty, knowing yt God will call me to an account for my relations next to myself & 2. I do it out of love to yr immortal soul; and 3. because I cannot speak to you by reason of yt sinfull bashfullness which is in my nature: these are the reasons cheifly; but there are many other things which move me to write unto you.

    The End of my writeing to you is to perswade you to be riligious in good earnest, and to look about you for eternity; for is a man profited if he gain ye whole world [97] and lose his own soul: verily you would be an infinite looser: if you shd gain ten thousand worlds and loose your own soul: therefore I pray you to give all diligence to make sure of Christ & so secure your own soul.

    And Give me leave (after I have begged pardon in ye blood of Christ) to lay down a few mottoes & directions.

    1. mot: consir yt you have an immortal soul which must live into Eternity, & therefore it concerns you to prepare for Eternity.

    2. you are (as all men are) by nature an heir to Eternal misery, and if you dye in a state of nature you will be lost forever.

    3. you have been baptized and God has visibly owned you; but if you do not live up to your baptismal engagemnt then your baptism will rise up against you at ye great day.

    4. mercy is to be obtained by Christ, there is mercy enough in Christ for you, his mercy is infinite. [98] and let me tell you yt God and christ and ye holy saints and angells are more willing to receive you into their communion than you are to be received into it.

    5. you have multitudes of holy prayers laid up in heaven for you Let those things awaken you to work out your own salvation with fear & trembling: & For Direct: 1. Think of Eternity think of heaven & hell; think wt ye damned in hell would give for ye opportunitys which you now enjoy.

    4 things remember well Death Judgment heaven & hell, allow yourself a little time every day for serious meditation; go alone think of your past mispent life, think of heaven of hell of ye excellencys of Jesus Christ, and of ye true & unspeakable happyness of ye saints above. [99]

    2. Live in ye constant exercise of secret prayer; do not neglect it one day for a world; be not ashamed to let yr husband or yr family know yt you make conscience of praying in secret dayly: but let your conversation be such as may win many to be Christians; & remember yt if you are ashamed of Christ now, he will be ashamed of you at ye great day; when he will appear in his Glory.

    3. Read ye scriptures every day; and give me leave to set down a few places of Scripture which I pray you to turn unto and read at your leasure. 34. Exod: 6. 7. 1 Chron. 28. 9. 1 Isai. 16. 17. 18. 55 Isai: 6. 7 18 Ezek: c: 36 Ezek: 25. 26. 27. 15 & 16 chapters of Luke. 1 John 1–9: many others [100] these are some yt come to my mind, and I would have you look over ym & think upon ym and also read some part of ye bible every day: and it will afford you many precious promises & quickenings & comforts.

    4. Close with Christ in all his ordinances; be speedy in joining to ye church; do not put it of until tomorrow; least God give over striveing with you; which if he shd do you would as surely go to hell as if you were yere already.

    It may be [you] will object and say you are not fit. for answer.

    1. Then you are not fit to dye, and if you shd dye today where will your soul lodge unto Eternal ages.

    2: your unfitness does not at all excuse your neglect of yt duty it is your duty to prepare spedily for yt ordinance of ye L. Supper.

    3: Let me tell you for your comfort yt never any was [101] so fit, as they would have been but [God] accepts of ym yt are humble & have mean thoughts of ymselves & therefore be not discouraged; If your sins are many & great, God[s] mercy is infinite to returning repentant sinners, if your doubts & fears are many God has appointed this ordinance for ye solution of your doubts and for ye clearing up of his love & favour to your soul: and if you observe these directions you may come with an holy boldness to ye L-table.

    1. forsake all sin; both in heart & in life & strive to mortify your corruptions & begg of God to search you & to help you &c.

    2. presently resolve to live in ye performance of every duty.

    3. after you have done all rest on Christ alone for righteousness and salvation; thus if you do you may come to Christ’s table and ought to come; therefore let no bashfullness hinder you least [he] be ashamed of you at ye great day; and if ye Devil brings any temptations: answer them with this, I am acting for Eternity. [102]

    Thus I have given you my mind plainly; and will assure you yt I do it not only in a religious frame; but upon serious consideration & after many prayers put up to God for [you]; and this may let you know yt I am in good earnest: and now if after all yt I have said you continue in sin & neglect and dye in your sins it will be more tolerable for sodome and Gomorrha in ye day of judgment than for you, & this advice will rise up in judgment against you; but I hope you will now set about ye great work & save your soul: I hope you will not delay (for delays are dangerous) but fly to Christ today while salvation is offered unto you yt you may be safe for ever in Glory which is ye hearty prayer of

    your Lov: Broth:

    Jos: Green [103]

    At ye same time I wrote to my sister mary to ye like effect: and also to my sister Ruth: and also added yt (if wt I have said unto you have no influence upon you, then I shall greatly fear that God has judicially given you up to hardness and blindness & will never strive more with you; but God forbid &c:) with something more.

    Now God grant it may not rise up in Judgment against me to condemn me.

    July 10 1696 I wrote to my mother to ys effect:

    Honoured Mother

    I am sorry yt I have so sorrowfull a subject to write upon, but I pray you neither to despise ye chastening of ye Lord nor faint under yr affliction & ye reason of my writeing is to help you least you faint &c. [104]

    As for ye news it is certain &c. (in my pocket book page ult.) and now I pray remember that it is God ye soveraign Lord of the whole world yt sets & steers the course of providence & he has infinitely wise ends for all yt is brought about; and we shd labour to God wherefore God smites us, & to be sensible of his hand upon us; but this is not yt which I fear will prevail in you; but I fear yt I shall despise Gods chastizements, and yt you will faint under your afflictions: but for yr comfort Consider ye many instances in scripture, of Gods dear children who were under sore afflictions. I shall mention only two, 1. Job was as dear to God as ye apple of his eye when he was bereaved of all his children & all yt he had: 2. Lazarus on ye dunghill was a dear child of God: [105] And there are many more instances which you are as able to turn unto as I: from which we may learn yt God does not afflict willingly &c.

    But more particularly concerning my br: Edwards death.

    I know you are under fears and perplexitys concerning his soul and his eternal well-fare: and I hope ye thoughts of it will make you plain wth & more carefull to speak to ye rest of yr children: but for yr comfort consider.

    1. Gods mercy is infinite, and there is more satisfaction in ye sacrifice of Jesus Christ than in ye eternal damnation of ye whole world; and it would be a sin in us to say yt Ed. sins were too great for God to pardon; & yet keep his justice spotless, we do not know but God might chuse him for an object to magnify his mercy upon: & we know not how it was with him in his last sickness; God might at ye very last give him a sense of his misery; & faith to close savingly with Christ. [106]

    2. Another thing which may add some comfort to you is; yt wn he came to have the command of ye ship he was carefull yt ye sabbath shd be kept holy; and he spent ye time in reading ye scriptures &c. and he was a just dealer, and wn out of this country he was temperate.

    3. he had multitudes of prayers laid up in heaven for him; and God always hears ye prayers of his children, & I beleive my father has many a time prayed for him in particular &c. and althô prayers will not save a man yet we may hope yt in answer to prayers God did give him true repentance & faith in Christ, so as to make sure of eternal Glory, amen.

    These things considered there is some ground for comfort. [107] And now I pray be not discouraged under yr afflictions and pray for me yt I may not despise ye chastening of ye Lord: & I pray take all opportunitys to speak to yr children yt so we may all meet in Glory, which yt it may be so is ye prayer of

    your dutifull son

    Joseph Green

    Roxb: July 10. 96

    Loveing br: Benjamin.

    I have formerly written to you wn you were on board ye Unity, & sent you mony but I fear yt you neither received my L’s nor mony, and I haveing now an opportunity to write to you shall write my mind as plainly as in [sic] can in a few words. [108]

    Capt Ems is come in on ye 12 day of July, but as yet we have no account of my br. E estate but only ye will and mr Scinner is ingenuous but he is loath to tell all ye business between capn Ems & you: & if you know of a bail of goods of E: on board E[ms] I pray you to write me as large an account as you can of wt Ed. had & of ye difference between you & captn Ems. & do not put it of least you shd not get well home.

    In ye next place I pray you & advise you to come home as soon as you can & yt for 3 reasons, 1. Jonathan is about comeing [109] from ye village & geting out of debt & he is very desirous to see you. 2. mother is very desirous yt you would come home. 3. I beleive yt if you come home you may come and board at roxb. with me & here is one yt has cured several of their sore heads, & furthermore I will learn you the mariners art & you may go to sea again in some good imploy & I hope you will be better both in soul and body. I pray you to think seriously of these things & let nothing hinder you from comeing home for I think Jonn is not like to live long &c: yr freinds are all well & remember their love to you espec: mother & Mary who live mighty well together. [110] Thus I have written breifly & I pray you read it deliberately & if you cannot write to me largly I pray you to write to me shortly, & I hope I shall shortly see you & communicate my mind to you.

    Before I conclude give me leave to lay down a few directions for yr imitation:

    1. pray in secret constatly.

    2. shun uncleaness and swearing & intemperance.

    3. read ye bible & meditate on death judgment & eternity & give all diligence now yt so you may dye in peace: 4. things remember well &c. [111]

    4. shun all company unless it be sober & profitable, thus if you do I hope I shall see you in peace at ye great day. no more at present but remain

    your Lov: brother

    Jos. GREEN

    Roxb: July: 28. 96

    Ye Letter I sent, & God prospered it, so yt he was thereby perswaded to come home out of a privateer.175

    To Mr Benjamin Green on board the Redemption: in falmouth in Antego:176 Mr Grayer, commander: Q.D.C. [112]

    To Mrs Barbary Weld in Salem

    Loveing Cousin

    When I call to mind that acquaintance which I once had with yrself I cannot but think myself somewhat unhappy in yt I am not only banished from your company but from so much as hearing of yr Welfare.

    But althô I am so far distant from you, yet I am not forgetfull of you, but am heartily desirous of your welfare both here & hereafter.

    yr freinds are all well &c. As for myself I am not so healthy as I used to be, but yet I hope to give you a visit about 2 months hence.

    I pray remember my respects to my aunt & my love to ye Dr & to all my freinds & to Cousns Kitchins: I am sorry for yr loss [113] I might have written much larger concerning Eternity ye happiness & misery of another world & of ye way yreunto but I did not know wt entertainment it would have and so I forbear & intreat you to commit these and also all ye other scrawls wch you have of mine unto ye flames, and if you will so far condescend as to send me a few lines you will thereby very much oblige him who is a welwisher to your health & wealth both in body and soul.

    Jos. GREEN

    Roxb: Sept: 8. 96

    Bethyah has a brave Girl born Aug: 28. 1696. [114]

    Loveing Brother.177

    I have formerly written to you &c: and I wrote a Letter dated Roxbury. July 28. 96. but least if you shd miss of these Letters I take all opportunitys to write unto you, and I pray you as soon as ever you receive ys letter to write to me again concerning brother Eds things on board Capn Ems and of ye difference between Ems & you.

    And I advise and perswade you to come home very speedily, for brothr Jonathn is not well & you may (I beleive) live at Roxb: with me and have yr head cured & I will learn you ye art and so you may go to sea again; & it is now very healthy here & sickly in ye world. [115]

    yerefore I account it yr great wisdom to come for yese & many other reasons. But above all labour to avoid sin. do not put off conversion, pray in secret read ye scriptures, avoid uncleaness and drunkeness, & bad company labour to be a christian, think of Death judgment Eternity heaven hell; rememr yr baptism and ye vows & promises which you have doubtless made unto God when you were sick and in distress and think of ye many prayers yt are in heaven laid up for you and be carefull yt they do not rise up in judgment against you:

    Mother & mary are well & live very well together, & remember yeir love to you: I think fath: Chauncy dyed before you went: Z. &. Jos Hicks are well & B has a girl. yr freinds are all well & long to see you well come home: which yt you may do in [sic] ye hearty prayer of yr Loveing Brother

    Joseph Green

    Roxb: Sept: 4: 1696 [116]

    To mr Samll Vassall178 in Jamaica

    Honoured Sr

    Wn I consider ye many kindnesses I have received from you, I cannot but condemn myself, for horrid ingratitude in yt I never wrot above once unto you; and yt is so long since yt I have forgotten every word &c:

    But wn I call to mind yr excelling wit, your comprehensive mind, yr great Learning and Knowledge, your argumentative skill, yr solid and discerning judgment, yr affable pleasant and amiable conversation and other your incomparable endowments, then I account myself unhappy in yt I cannot so much as receive one line from you concerning your welfare.

    But althô heretofore I have been negligent in my duty to you, yet I considering your great ingenuity am notwithstanding encouraged to send my nonsensical [117] scrawls unto you, to render 10000nd thanks unto you for all yr kindness & to entreat you to write unto me by some convenient opportunity, & I shall thereby be ye more engaged to do ye like to yrself: I would enlarge upon these things and also in giveing you an account of forreign accademical & personal news, but I want yr quick & witty Invention, good judgment, and skill in writeing, and since you know I am destitute of these I hope you will excuse me; and furthermore I suppose mr Noyes is no way want[in]g unto you concerning such things.

    As for ye things of another world (about which we ought to be mainly busied & concerned) you are better (it may be) instructed yn I am; and so I shall say nothing concerning it, bee. I conclude you are so considerate as not to neglect communion with God by reading ye scriptures by praying in secret &c.

    And considering yr prudence I write nothing concerning ye place you live in, ye company you converse with ye temptations you meet with [118] in your particular calling or any other ways wtsoever. Therefore I conclude intreating you to remember in yr retired thoughts him who is

    your obliged freind & servant

    Joseph Green

    Roxb: Sept: 7. 96

    Your freinds and my relations are all well without any great alteration B: Hicks has a girl born aug: 28. 90. As for myself I keep sch: at Roxb:

    I also put in this in a loose peice of paper:

    Sept. 7. 96. News: no forreign news:

    Accademical news call it.

    The fellow

    mr Leveret representative for Cambridge

    mr Br[attle] likely to be minis: yere179

    Mr Wadsworth ordained to morrow at ye old church at boston.

    Mr Pemberton: Willims Flint Hunting Baxters180 and ye rest are all well &c.

    or Class

    sr vassall Lawyer as I hear by your letter to sr noyes:

    sr price:181 Idem: i.e: ye same man still. [119]

    sr saltonstall senr Idem:182

    sr Junr Idem, buder183

    sr Hubbard sch: mast, at hadly184

    sr W: simon185 Idem:

    sr savage.186 Idem:

    sr Noyes.187 grave &c:

    sr Phyps.188 sch: mast: at perscataqua.

    sr Lyndal:189 Phis chirur: merchan[t] very solid &c.

    sr Law190

    sr Lewis191 sch: mast: Long Island

    sr Blow:192 sch: m: at Cambridge

    sr Little senr.193 Dr or Rr

    sr L. Jun:194 sch: m: at plimoth


    Andrews.196 Idem

    Robinson:197 sch: m: at dorchester

    mors.198 sch: m. at dedham:

    Webster199 I know not where:

    In September 95. my brother Edwd Green as he was sailing into plimouth in ye ship Eagle wth 18 guns & 14 men met with a french privateer with many guns & multitudes of men [120] but they fought until they lost all their riging: and afterward they fought 3 privateers together ye least of which was of twice as much force as ye Eagle but my brother althô he had been sick a long time200

    Sept: 27. 96. Sacram: day. Roxb:

    I am at present horribly burdened wth ye [     ]. In heart especially: I do therefore resolve thrô ye grace of Jesus Christ strengthening me, to be more moderate in my [     ]; which I think I am intemperate in ye use of.

    O my soul give not way to sloth nor to Idleness.

    And I resolve to be more [     ] my conversation; and to keep a more strict watch over my words & my thoughts &c. O Lord let me not return as ye dog to his vomit &c. [121]

    I wrote a letter to Mr Ezekiel Lewis, 18 December: and sent it & another inclosed in it which I wrote almost a year agoe: they were both pretty large, & I have forgotten a great part of ym.

    I wrote a Letter to brother Benjamin Green Dated Jan. I: 96/7: I can not now stay to write ye contents of it.

    Ye substance of it was to urge him to pay his vows to God & to walk wholly with him; to give himself to God forever: and to labour to get his peace made with God; and ye most of it was to encourage him against fears & doubts of Gods willingness to accept of him.

    I pray God to let his spirit accompany my poor endeavours for the good of my relations, amen. [122]

    December. 1696. I wrote a paper for Bethyah: and a book for br: Zachariah Hicks and November. 96. I wrote a paper for Mary Green, which should have been in this book; but I had not time to write ym over again.

    I have written several Letters which are not in ys book: Mar. 4. 97/8. I wrote to Mr Walter and to my mother. [123]

    Roxbury. Nov: 27. 1696

    I have now lived in the world above one & twenty years and have done but very little tending to Gods Glory or ye eternal welfare of my own soul.

    But now I desire to return to God, as a poor prodigal; and to be humbled before God yt I have so long served ye Devil, and the lusts of my own heart.

    And yt I may be humbled for the sinfullness of my life, I shall endeavour to call to mind my former life with all ye considerable passages of it; that so when I look over it I may have my heart filled with shame and sorrow, for ye disorders of my mispent life.

    And If I should dye before I have commited this book to the flames; I give leave to my nearest relation to look over it; but I give a strict charge to ym not to expose it to ye view of any; And it is my will yt this book be viewed by none unless by one person which is nearest related unto me; and now I pray God to help me to write sincerely humbly, & without any ostentation. [124]

    I was born in Cambridge upon the 24 day of November 1675. My father was John Green, who had to his father Percivall Green, who dyed (a good man) when my father was about 4 years old, and to his mother he had Elliner Green who was afterwards marryed to Thomas fox, and lived and dyed a singular Christian; My father was their only son (and he had an only sister who is now wife to John Hall of Medf[ord]) When my father was young he was put out an apprentice to a taylour; and my Grandmother Ellin: Green was continually instructing him and giveing him good counsell so yt he sought God when he was young; & he once sd yt he made conscience of praying in secret alwayes after he was 8 years old: and he lived & dyed a man esteemed sincerely holy by all yt knew him.

    My mother was Ruth Mitchelson, who was ye Eldest daughter of Edwd and Ruth Mitchelson; who were both of ym Eminent for holiness, and lived and dyed esteemed so by all yt ever knew ym. [125]

    My father was admitted to full communion with ye church at Cambridge wn he was about 14 years of age (as I think) and my mother wn about 15 or 16. My father and mother were marryed wn my father was about 21 & my mother about 16. They had 10 sons & 4 daughters which were all alive at one time and went to meeting all together 2 sabbaths, which I can just remember.

    My Eldest brother John Green was a sailor and was marryed in London and had one child and (I think) was killed in a fight with ye turks. My 2d brother Nathanael was a tailor who lived at home, & marryed; but about 4 years agone went to sea & has not been heard of.

    My 3 brother Percivall was a scholar and dyed of a consumption some years after he took his 2d degree.201 my Eldest sister Ruth (who was born next) is now liveing in Cambridge marryed to Z. Hicks.

    My 4 br: Samuel was also a taylour he served his apprentiship with And. boordman he marryed in Cambridge to Eliz: Syll and had a son (Samuel) & daughter (Elizabeth) both now liveing [126] altho he dyed of a consumption about 4 or 5 years ago, and his wife a few months before him of a fever. My 2d sister Elizabeth was marryed to thomas Johnston and had 7 children (all of which are dead save one) and dyed I think soon after my father.

    My 5th brother Edward was a taylour served his appren. with br: Samll but went to sea about 19 or 20 years of age, and became commander of a brave ship ye Eagle and in September 95 made a remarkable miraculous fight, going into England, and got in safe & dyed of a consumption in ye downs on board Capt Emms his ship ye 6 feb: 95/6.

    My 6 br: Thomas was a blacksmith, and went to sea and being in Captn Woodberry bound home was never heard of for 4 years & my 7 br: Jonathan is a carpentr and joiner, who has met with bad success, but now lives pretty comfortably:

    My 3d sister bethyah is marryd to Jos: Hicks and has 2 children. [127] I am ye 8th son: & my next to me is Benjamin 9th brother; who wrote to me from Antigua, 2 or 3 months since and I hope is well.

    My 4th sister Mary who now lives with my mother at Cambridge.

    My 10th brother was Mitchelson who dyed wn about 6 months old.

    Thus I have breifly noted down an account of our family least I shd forget: and now wt reflection can I make but humbly bless God who has in his soveraign good pleasure suffered me to be born of those yt are his covenant servants, so yt If I look as far as I can, yet my predecessours have been those that have been the true fearer[s] of God and doubtless have laid up many prayer[s] in heaven for me in Jesus Christ, which I hope I am ye better for thrô Christ above. And also I would bless God yt our family (thô not great in ye world) yet by his grace have been so far kept from being scandalous, as yt ye greatest sins we are guilty of, I hope may not (as to ye world) hinder me from serveing God in my generation: I would also be carefull not to trust in ye prayers or goodness of my predecessours but renounce all but Christ Jesus his righteous ways. [128] and since I have such great encouragement I would press forward after perfection; and seeing I have ye counsells Examples & prayers of religious predecessours I would labour to be more humble holy heavenly fruitfull yn they were, which I beg of God yt I may be thrô Jesus Christ my redeemer.

    Thus I have got down an account of my originall: but this is not my original for I am of ye seed of Apostate Adam and brought into the world with me ye guilt of that first sin whereby ye blessed Image of God instamped on men was defiled and Lost; and for yt guilt I justly deserve hell forever.

    But further althô my parents were sanctifyed, yet I brought into ye world with me a corrupt nature which is ye fountain of all the wickedness yt ever I was guilty of in my whole life, I was conceived in sin and brought forth in iniquity, and have to this day a fountain of all sin in my heart.

    Insomuch yt I know yt notwithstanding I have been born & brought up under ye covenant yet unless I am born again I can never see ye Kingd. of God. [129] In my Infancy I can remember as soon as I came to use my reason ye corruptions of my own heart began to break forth into sinfull transgressions and my Enmity to God did plainly discover itself:

    In my Infancy (it may be wn I was about 4 or 5 years old at most) my father used to tell me I must be a good boy and must serve God, and used to ask me whether I went alone and prayed to God to bless me & to pardon my sins and save my soul from hell; and I sadly remember how my corrupt heart used to hate such motions; I loathed to hear of such things; this is yt which shd humble me before God.

    My parents were very carefull to instruct me in the principles of religion when I was young, and althô I was a very untoward corrupt child, yet God blesd me with a good memory, and so my parents were urged to make me a scholar &c. I remember my perverse frowardness when I was (I beleive) about 3 years old; I then had ye small pox and I remember how to[u]chy & pevish I was &c: but God spared me and all ye family yt had it. [130]

    When I came to be big enough to go to school I went to ye Dames School, where I was bad enough, but I at length went to mr Corlets202 sch[ool] and he gave my parents encouragement to make me a scholar, and they kept me to sch[ool]: but I was Idle and lazy, and my master was very aged and althô he was excellent at Instructing me, yet he had almost lost his spirit of government, or else I might have gone to ye colledge some years before I did.

    But after I had entred my gramr and had begun to parse lat[in] my master dyed; and I think before that my br. percival dyed, and so it was concluded yt I shd be a scholar; but the death of my mast.r was a gr[eat] stop: but then I went to mr Walter203 at colledge until mr. Hasting204 was setled a school master at camb[ridge], and yn I went to School to him my freinds designeing to make me a schor but my father was low in ye world & began to think yt he shd not be able to make me a sch[olar] and yn mr John Leveret [131] told my father yt he would give me my schooling &c which I think he did until I went to Colledge; but the march before I was admitted to Colledge my father dyed ye 3rd day, 1691: but I stil went to school, and was almost ready to enter the Colledge, althô I was not so fit as I should be; [for Mr Hastings was carefull to make me mind my book, but was no price in instructing;]205 and about half a year before I went to Colledge mr Jon Hancock206 taught me &c: so yt I was admitted into Harvard Colledge in June 1691: and I began to recite to my Tutour Mr. Willim Brattle in July; but before I had recited many times, I think not above 3 or 4 I was taken very sick of a fever, and was senseless some days, and comeing to myself I promised God yt If he would spare me I would live more seriously & circumspectly yn ever before I had done; and God did spare me, and restored me to health and saved me from going down to ye pit; althô I was very week all yt summer, and had so lost ye strength of my memory, and my understanding was so weakened and I had so often missed my recitations yt it was greatly to my damage, and I never did recover yt which I lost in ye latine & greek tongues by that sickness. [132] But my Tutor when he percd it was very favourable to me and required of me to get but a little at ye beg[inn]ing of the recitation &c.

    But I soon forgot my promise of amending my life &c: and I lived in ye neglect of known duty, and in the commission of known sin; I sought happyness in ye enjoyment of ye faiding vanitys & pleasures of this world: And as to my Colledge business I was as negligent as used to be: altho I made a shift to perform my Colledge task yet I studyed little else; but spent much of my time in fowling and in fishing: and in danceing & foolishness. I have forgotten many of ye sins of my youth, so yt I have reason to pray as 19 ps. yt God would cleanse me from secret fau[lts] but I can call to mind enough to amaze me; and I have cause to call my sins to mind with greater sorrow than others, bec: I was not only priviledged with many instructions in my Infancy; but after my father had been dead about half a year; & I had been some months at Colledge, God did Remarkably preserve me from going from Colledge; for my freinds being not able to bring me up to learning: were about to take me away & to put me to something else: but God stirred up the heart of my Freinds to hinder it: [133] And especially my Honoured Tutor Mr William Brattle who drew up two papers to this effect; and He and my mother got ye persons to sign ym. Ita.

    We whose names are underwritten do oblige ourselves by these Presents to pay annually for the term of 4 years next ensuing, begining July the first 1691 to Ruth Green of Camb. Widow ye Respective sums annexed to our names in mony it being for her help & encouragemt in keep[in]g her son Jos. at Colledge & giveing him academick learning. Dated in Cambr. Janu: 19. 1691. Wm Brattle 40 shil: Jon Leveret 20 shil. James Oliver207 20. Henry Deering208 20 per an. Thomas Green209 20. Adam Winthrop210 10. Nehemiah Walter 30. shil per an. We whose Names are underwritten do oblige ourselves to pay to Ruth Green of Camb. Widow the sums annexed to our names in the month June 1691 it being for the defraying of charges which will arise by her son Joseph Green takeing his degree at Colledge; Dated in Camb. Jan 19. 91. Wm Brattle 30 shi. Jon Leveret 20. James Oliver 20. Richd Whitingham211 20. Will. Payne212 20. Edwd Brattle213 20. Benj. Lynde214 40. Jon Richards 40. Thomas Brattle 12. Henry Newman215 12. Hannah Mitchel216 20. B. Wadswo[rth]217 5.

    This was all paid & more too. [134]

    This one would think should have engaged me [in] more than ordinary circumspection; but it did not. But God by his grace wonderfully preserved me from sin: If God had not restrained me, I shd have ran into all manner of sin; but God has pleased to keep me from all gross acts of uncleanness to this day; but [     ] to my own heart: The greatest sins yt ever I was guilty of I shall not mention; althô I hope I shall never forget ym while I live but remember [     ] shame me and to melt my heart with sorrow: In Genll they are [     ] and [     ] and Intemperance and prophaneness & Sabbath breaking and disobedience to parents. And Generally: I once was a great player at Cards; but now I do by Gods Grace loathe ye very thoughts of ym, and recon my gaming to be of my great sins of youth: And my sin in yt respect is ye greater in yt I [     ] Satan after solemn promises made to God & to my father & my Tutor and after [many] warnings and disswasions to ye contrary. [135]

    But why do I wonder at it seeing I was under ye power of my natural corruptions: And In my natural estate I continued. I roistered[?] until I had my first degree; althô I cannot conclude when God began to work saveingly upon my heart: yet I can make some guesses about it, for I hope in his infinite mercy he hath begun a saveing work in my soul: Before I had my degree I was provided for as I mentioned before, and also I was helped to take my degree, but when ye Commencement was past I began to be in some want and especially I wanted a setled imploy: And this put me upon some serious thought of my fitness to doe God service, and did somewhat restrain me & make me a little studious & diligent; and I think made me to live constantly in the practice of secret prayer: which I think I had done before for some months but had broken it of: but I think I did not do much unless it were to make some good resolutions in case of my settlement.

    I being thus desirous of setling because of want, God provided for me to keep sch[ool] here at Roxbury: But before I came hither, I was very likely to have gone to England; Captn Ems his chaplain; but my freinds could not advice me to it: and so I went not but came to Roxbury to keep school. [136]

    Conversion. And when I came to keep school and to pray constantly to God every day, God soon discovered to me ye formality and rottenness of my heart, so yt I was not a little concerned about an Interest in Jesus Christ: and God helped me to live in the constant Exercise of secret prayer: and I haveing the faithfull and powerfull ministry of Mr Walter, and also seeing the faithfull & powerfull administration of the Lords-supper was yet under greater concern to secure an Interest in Jesus Christ, and to prepare for Eternity.

    And I began to be much affected with Gods goodness to me; and to be somewhat sensible of my lost Estate by nature, and of my own unworthyness to receive so much of common mercys.

    And yt which especially melted my heart was this—wn I came to Roxbury I found ye school very much out of order [by reason of ye sloathfullness & unfaithfulness of my predecessour]218 and ye town were sensible of it as well as I insomuch yt when I came they gave me a great character for a faithfull school-master: and [137] this affected my heart yt God shd so smile upon me, and I was concerned to render praise to God; and was afraid of useing my self to a form of serveing God without ye power of Religion in my soul. And as I was looking over some old books at my Land Lords, I found a paper entitld a preparation for ye Lords table, which I took & read from which I had much encouragement; and I read mr Doolittle &c.219 And as I was at mrs Lambs I saw a book of Mr Cot: Mathers concerning ye Lords supper220 which I borrowed, and read, and I think by Gods assistance it so moved me to come to ye Lords table yt I began to think of closeing wholly with Jesus Christ: one rule which he gave was yt if a person could not conclude ymselves to be unconverted they ought to approach it: and as a mark of sincerity, he gave yt if we were willing to come to ye light we had reason to think yt we were upright. Now I know my life to have been spent in sin; yet I know also [138] that I had made resolutions to turn to God, and I know yt it was my duty to partake in ye L. supper and yt my unfitness was my sin And I hope yt I then experienced ye saving motions of Gods spirit I think in a few weeks time my thoughts were sensibly changed about sin: my affections to it, and ye first thing yt gave me encouragement to hope yt the grace of God was in my heart was yt I loved Gods servants and I thought bec: of their holyness: be sure my affections were turned from my sinfull companions to ye Children of God: And althô I had many sore temptations from ye Devil & my own heart; yet God helped me to resolve to give myself to him, and if I perished to perish at his feet: And I now resolved to go to Mr W[alter] and enquire of him ye way to Zion and desire him to try me; and I had much adoe to perswade myself to it, but God by his spirit did compel me to come into Jesus Christ I hope: [139]

    In december 1695 I went to mr W. in the Evening & as he was telling how the town were pleased with me and abundantly satisfyed in my faithfulness &c: I told him yt I lived in ye neglect of a known duty i.e. ye L. supp. he made answer yt he was glad to hear me concerned about it; but I told him I feared I was unfit; & so after some discourse, I told him I shd despair if it were not for Gods infinite mercy in Christ; and yt I thought if I knew my own heart I desired a sincere conversion & valued it above ye whole world: he yn asked me why I desired it: I told him yt I might lead an holy conversation & do service for God in my generation: and we had considerable other discourse which I now forget: when I came away he asked me whether he shd propound me ye next sabbath; I told him I was almost afraid bec: it was so short a time sence I had allowed myself in sin especially gameing: he advised to read ye 15 Luke of ye returning prodigal; and advised me to observe ye moveing of ye waters and not to sit stil while ye waters were troubled: and God helped me to encrease in my desires after ye ordinance & preparations for it: [140] and ye next Sabbath I was not propounded; but the next to it was sacrament: and ye day before ye sacramt Deacon Williams221 came to see me with a designe to urge me to yt duty: and I asked him whether mr Walter propounded me to their communion and he answered no; for I did not certainly know but he would propound me.

    He told me he would speak to him and a sabbath day after ye sacr: at noon mr Walter asked me and I desired it and he propounded me at night: and yt day 14 after (as I take it) I was admitted to their communion: my Relation Deacon Williams read which was this, altho it was but mean compared with some sence, yet I hope it was every word in sincerity & humility: to ys effect—

    It haveing pleased ye Infinitely mercifull God (notwithstanding all my former sinfulness and unfruitfulness under the many and Great advantages & priviledges yt I have enjoyed) to continue me yet alive in his world, and under the Enjoyment of his word and ordinances faithfully dispensed; And he haveing (as I hope by the Influences of his blessed Spirit) given me in some measure to see the evil of sin so [141] as to abhor my self for it, & fly to God thrô Christ for pardon and salvation; and he haveing (notwithstanding satans temptations and the Corruptions of my own heart) brought me to a hearty desire to close with ye Lord Jesus in all his ordinances, and to wait on him in the ways of his appointment not only for freedom from ye guilt, but also from the dominion and power of sin; and haveing enabled me to desire and resolve (by his grace strengthening me) never to sin any more and haveing Given me an opportunity to close with him in his ordinances; I shall declare as far as I know my deceitfull heart how the case stands between God & my immortal soul, and with wt a frame of heart, I desire and endeavour to come to Christ. I might give a relation of my life as wicked as ever man lived in ye world; but I shall only say yt ye sinful corruptions yt are within me, and ye Enmity agt God wch is in my heart, and my transgressions of Gods Commandments, and my rejecting the offers of life & salvation made to me by Jesus Christ; and sins so Great and so circumstanced, that I shd utterly despair of ever obtaining pardon, if Gods free Grace and Mercy were not infinite; but thence it is yt I have hope; and to ys Infinitely merciful God It is yt I desire to come. And I beleive yt ys God is the Infinite incomprehensible first being, who is infinitely happy in the Enjoyment of himself from all Eternity: and I beleive yt ys God subsists in 3 persons who are equal in power and Glory. [142] I beleive yt ys God did create ye world out of nothing, and create man upright and holy after his own Image; And this man being in upright estate, and haveing power given him to stand, yet being mutable he did horridly rebel against his maker, & we in him, and by his fall he did purchase to himself, and to all his posterity that darkness, and blindness which covers our understandings, and did expose us to Gods Eternal wrath. And that averseness to all yt is good, and yt proness to all yt is evil, wch is in us, is a just judgment of God on all his posterity for yt rebellion of Adam, in which we are all partakers.

    I beleive yt fallen man being thus miserable and no created beeing, being able to pity him or help him, and he himself haveing attracted to himself an utter impotency of doeing any thing whereby he might be restored into the favour of God again and God owing him no pity or mercy, then the Eternal Son of God, ye 2d person in the trinity did freely offer to undergoe the punishment due to man, & to perform what was requisite to be done in order to his salvation; and he did not only undertake this work, (which was too great for any creature to perform,) but he also fully perfected it by obeying ye whole law, and by his sufferings and death did infinitely satisfy divine justice for the sins of those yt beleive on him; I beleive yt there is no other name given whereby we can be saved, either from the guilt or from the dominion and power of sin. And [143] I beleive that this Lord Jesus is fully able and abundantly willing to save all yose who do truly repent of, and turn from all yeir sins unto him, and do rely on him for all life and salvation.

    I beleive yt notwithstanding ye Efficacy of ye death and merits of Christ that yet he never intended to save one sinner with his sins, but ye main end of his Comeing into ye world was to save a certain Number, chosen by God in him from all Eternity, from their sins, i.e. from the power and dominion of sin here, & to fit for, and afterwards to bring ym to his Eternal Glory; there to serve and praise him without sin and sorrow forever. I beleive yt this God hath appointed many dutys to be attended by all those who expect to be saved by him, such as repentance of all sin; wherein he requires a thorô perswasion of the sinfulness of sin, and he requires a greif for and hatred of sin, bec. tis agt the Glory of God, He also requires faith in Jesus Christ whereby we apprehending ys mercy in Christ do heartily rest on him as or prophet to guide and teach us; as our preist to Intercede with God for us, and our king to Reign and rule in our souls to overcome satans temptations & ye lusts of our own hearts; God also requires sincere and willing obedience to all his commands, which things I beleive yt no man is able to perform by his own power and strength.

    I beleive yt a man must have Gods spirit to convince him of his sinfulness and misery, to make him sensible of the Corruptions yt are within him; [144] and to enable him to repent of and mourn for sin, and to rest on ye free grace of God in Christ for pardon & salvation. Fallen man needs Gods spirit to convince him yt God ow[e]s not the least favour to him, and that he would be just if he shd cast him out of his presence forever. and he needs this spirit to humble him under a sense of all this; And thus it has pleased God yt it shd be yt so his free grace might be magnified in the whole of mans salvation. I beleive yt God justifys freely for his son Jesus Christ’s sake all those yt beleive on him, and therein absolves ym from the guilt and condemnation of all yeir sins, and accepts ym as righteous to Eternal life.

    And I beleive God accepts our obedience in Christ althô it be imperfect if it be performed willingly, and if we confess and lament our sins that attend us therein, and if we humbly desire to serve God better and crave acceptance in the blood of Christ and beg of him for more grace and depend on him for strength, and give the praise to him for the least ability to do his will. I beleive yt God for Jesus Christ his sake enables his children to dye unto sin more and more every day, and Enable ym to lead holy conversations, to fight agt sin & satan and the corruptions of ye world and the lusts of their own hearts. [147]222

    In a word I beleive the Scriptures to be the word of the Eternal God, who is truth itself, and yt Jesus Christ who is therein manifested is able to save all those who do thirst after him. I beleive yt God delights not in the death of any sinner, but will frely bestow on all those yt do with shame and sorrow turn from their sins to him an Interest in Jesus Christ & in ye benefits of his death. I beleive yt God is wont peculiarly to bestow these benefits on his children in his ordinances & especially in yt of the Lords supper, and I beleive it the duty of all those who expect to be saved by Christ to seek the enjoyment of this ordinance in some particular church, yt so they may be under the special care and government of Christ in his church & of the officers yereof & may be in the way of Gods blessings, and in the way to have their graces increased. And as for myself I must confess my great sin and folly in liveing so long in the neglect of this Great duty, and I must confess yt God would be just if he shd give me up to a blind mind and a hard heart, and if he shd never have put it into my heart to close with him; And I must confess myself unworthy to have any communion with so holy a God, but yet I beleive and know yt ye [148] Lord Jesus Christ is most worthy, & yerefore I desire to come in his Name, & to be found haveing his righteousness imputed unto me, and yn I know I shall be welcome.

    And althô my fears and doubts are many, and satans temptations and my corruptions are great, yet this I know yt I have an Immortal soul which must continue to Eternity and if God does not freely for Jesus Christ’s sake bestow pardon & mercy on me, I am undone to all Eternity, and since God delights to magnify his mercy in his son I am resolved (by Gods grace) that I will cast myself on ye Lord Jesus Christ and will humbly wait at the throne of his grace in the ways of his appointment for all the mercy yt I need.

    I hope God hath in his Infinite Mercy to me given me to see so much of the sinfulness of sin, as to be humbled for it, and to make me resolve to rest on him for grace and to preserve me from ever falling into sin any more; and I being sensible of my [149] own impotency to preserve myself from sin one moment do desire to come to Christ in this ordinance of ye L. sup. yt so my blind mind may be enlightened, and my heart broken, and my sinfull corruptions may be subdued, and yt I may hate sin, and love God more, & may receive some glimpses of his love and favour, and may have my faith increased, and may be quickened to new and chearful obedience, and may get power agt my sins, and may have my heart raised with everlasting thankfulness to God for his mercy in Jesus Christ unto me—to ys end.

    I beg your prayers for me that God will make me and keep me humble under a sense of my own unworthyness, under a sense of my former folly which is very great and my present sinfull infirmitys and under a sense of all my wants, which none but merciful God can supply & under a sense of my utter impotency to do any service or duty acceptable to him and that he would [150] give me an heart to love him above all the world, and grace to serve him in sincerity and holyness here yt so I may be fitted thrô Christ Jesus to praise him without sin and sorrow forever in another world.

    J. Green

    This being Read: Mr W. propounded to me the terms of the covenant; and I solemnly in the face of ye congregation consented to ym and was admitted in ch. communion. And sence I was taken into ch. I hope I have found great good to my poor soul, and do not in the least repent me, but I have abundant reason to bless God who compel’d me to come in; and I hope God has accepted me a poor returning prodigal. and has I hope made me an Instrument of good to some others, and I hope will yet own me and improve me as an instrument in his hand of doing much [151] service in my generation, and will never leave me nor forsake me.

    I have now been at Roxbury above a year, and I hope I have not been wholly unprofitable to my generation. I now want nothing but a thankfull heart & an heart humbled for my past life; and I desire an heart and an opportunity to serve God; I now renounce the Devil and his service and the lusts of my own heart and Give myself to God father son and holy Ghost to be his forever, and desire to go out of myself, and depend on Jesus Christ alone for pardon & Righteousness and grace, and I pray God to bless me and sanctify me and my freinds and acquaintance and relations and his whole Israel yt we may all live in Glory forever. amen.

    I made an end of writeing, January 1. 1696/7.

    Sence yt I have preached above 30 serm. (or times): thrô Gods gt goodness all to acceptance. [152]

    Novemb: 8. 97. 2 men came from salem village viz: Deacon Putnam & John Putnam: and by vertue of an order from the town (or village) desired me to come, ye next sab: & I promised that I would: 14. Novem. sab: I preached at salem village: and at night there came 20 men, and desired me to come again the next sabb: viz. 21. Nov: & so I did. 22. Nov: I went to salem—I recd an invitation from the Inhabitants of salem village to come & be their minister. 28 Nov: sab: I pr[eached] there, and the whole congregation voted & manifested their desire yt I should come amongst ym I recd an invitation from ye church.

    Dec. 12 I preach, at Roxb:

    Dec: 19 I pr[eached] at salem village: and 20 dec: Mr Brattle223 advised me to go thither—and none discouraged me. 21 dec: There came 4 men from the village representing ye whole and ye 22d dec. I spake to ye fe[o]ffes to provide another school-master: and I promised ym to come 5 Janu. Wednesday (Deo volente)—upon these terms.

    1. That they continue in love; and if once they begin to quarrel and contend; I shd look upon myself to be free from any obligation to tarry with ym.

    2. I was to have free liberty once a month or 2 to leave ym and go to a sacrament. [153]

    3. they were to fulfill their engagemt which was: to give me ye ministry house and land so long as I continued amongst ym: and for my salary the first year 60 pounds—& if I lived after yt 70li in mony, besides strangers mony: and if I shd live to settle & take office, I shd expect something of my own. and th[e]y freely consented to it: and told me they expected to give me something for my own in case of settlemt there.

    28. Dec: I left the school: And seeing all things do so far concur I think it my duty to go: and Inasmuch as my comfort & the good of my people does depend on my haveing the presence & blessing of God & the light of his countenance: therefore I set apart ye 1 Jan. 97/8 to seek the face & favour of God and to remember my past sins and afflict & humble my soul before him, and cry for pardon & eternal life thrô a dear Redeemer.

    And althô I know I can merit nothing—yet I have encouragement from divine promises. seek & ye shall find &c. I have not said to the house of Jacob seek ye my face in vain: 45 Isai: 29. [154]

    1 January. 97/8. I have solemnly renewed my covenant with God; and laid myself under the most strict obligations to be his servant forever: and now I pray yt he will hear me and answer me and give me grace to serve him here, yt I may live with him in heaven forever thrô my dear Redeemer, amen.

    January 4. there came several men from salem village to Roxbury I took my leave of my freinds; and January 5th I came from Roxb. Mr Walter came with me to M. River and Mr Walter & my L. Lord & Mr Lamb. I took my leave of Mr Brattle &c I came comfortably to s. village Mr Nath Saltonstal & Broth Z. hicks.

    Jan 6. Mr Saltonst[all] & br. H. went to haveril—and I settled to my bus[iness]. [155]

    Mar. 16—God has assisted me since I came to salem village so yt my labours have been Generally to the good acceptance of all my hearers.

    But I am so atheistical & formal in my approaches to God, yt I often fear yt either I am not converted—or yt God has forsaken me. But yet I am afraid of charging God foolishly—or of denying wt he has done for me.

    My flesh trembleth for fear of thee and I am afraid of thy judgments.

    I do accordingly fear and tremble least after I have preached to others I myself should be a cast-away.

    O Lord pity me pardon me sanctify quicken comfort and save me & give me more of the knowledge of thyself & of thy son Jesus Christ whom to know is life eternal. [156]

    June 7. 98. I was at church Meeting at Deacon Engersols224 according to ye desire of ye church at salem village.

    And they by a vote Manifested their approbation of my Ministry, and desired me to continue in the work &c.

    And they set apart thorsday the 16 of June to be spent in prayer to God at Dean Putnams house, to seek the presence & direction of God in order to their present proceedings.

    And in my own mind I set apart the same to pray to God for all Mercy.

    June 16. ys day my heart was much affected by [157] meditating upon that text 12 eccl: 5. man goeth to his long home &c. I had in the Morning some good frames—but O the wickedness, deceitfulness and vileness of my heart, that is soon out of frame. O Lord pity and help me.

    June 16. 98. I have this day renewed my Covenant with God. And I doe Now renew it in the sight and presence of ye holy and Jealous God.

    O Most Glorious Jehovah who art the God of my fathers, I doe this day with my whole heart, without any known reservation, renounce Satan ye sinfull vanitys of this world, & all my own hearts lusts & Give myself soul and body to be thine forever and ever amen. [158] O holy father of Jesus Christ I doe make choice of thee to be my God & father & portion forever. & humbly offer myself to thine acceptance, and submit myself to thy disposal.

    O holy Jesus Thou Eternal son of God and saviour of the world, I make choice of thee to be my advocate and Intercessour to commend me to the acceptance of God—and to be my saviour and Redeemer to deliver me from Satan sin and wrath.

    O holy spirit who art The Great sanctifyer of thine Elect, [159] I doe this day chuse thee to convince me of my sin and misery, & to awaken me to fly to christ for refuge—and to sanctify comfort quicken & guide me to Glory—humbly Intreating yt thou wilt Now take ye everlasting possession of me for Jesus Christ, altho I am unworthy thou shouldest come into my heart.

    This is the Covenant that I make with God this day—I do promise to be his forever, and Give myself to that God yt made me, & humbly pray that he will be my God & exceeding Great reward. [160] And inasmuch as I am utterly unworthy to enter into covenant with God, I desire this day to renounce my own righteousness and cast myself upon Christ, and Inasmuch as I am of myself Insufficient for a good thought, I implore thy Grace O Dear Redeemer to enable me to keep ys covenant, Thou art my Redeemer my surety, my advocate O be my all—and Let Me Never break this Covenant, but by thy Grace be enabled to keep it to my dying day—[161] that I may yn be admitted into thy kingdome and dwell forever with thee O holy father, Dear Redeemer, and blessed sanctifyer—amen.

    O Lord Thou that knowest my deceitfull heart, search me I pray thee, and see if yere be any wicked way within me, & lead me in ye way Everlasting.

    and O let this covent Now be Confirmed in Heaven, amen, amen. [162]

    When the church at sal[em] village applyed ymselves unto me once & again to take office here—I advisd ym to take the congregation wish—and upon the 31 day of July 98 ye whole congregation did manifest (that they were desirous yt I shd be ordained among ym) by lifting up their hands, and ye vote was Genll if not universal.

    After this the Inhabitants met to subscribe something for my encouragement and the church & some others subscribed almost 30 cord wood, and octob. 9 I gave ym my answer In publick to ys effect—

    Whereas this church & congregation have applyed ymselves unto me desiring me to take charge of this people and now expecting an answer from me. [163] The answer I give to yr Invitation is this—If your love to me does continue and be duly manifested as hitherto It has been, And you do all study to be quiet and maintain peace among yrselves—yn I am willing to continue with you, and in ye fear of God, to Engage in the work of ye ministry among you. and I hope I shall (by the Grace of God helping me,) to my utmost endeavour to promote ye Interest of christ, and Religion here, and I humbly ask your constant humble and earnest prayers to God for me, that I may be faithfull, & successfull all my days.

    On this day, I told ym yt the 13 octob. was appointed by the church for a day of humiliation, & yt I Intended in their Name to ask the assistance of the Neighboring Elders. [164] and thursday 13 oct. Mr Hale and Mr Peirpoint were here and carryed on the work of the day.

    After this the Church Met at our house—and I told ym yt If they left it to ye deacons and to me to appoint the day for ordination they should know the day on the sabbath.

    And then I went down to sal[em] & saw Mr Hale and Mr Noyes &c. & they advised me to let the congregation understand that such a day the church thought convenient for ordination if No one had any thing of weight to object—and so we did—[165] Deacon Ingersol spake something—which he has in writeing—& told the Inhabitants yt ye next day ye Church was to meet at his house & yt they would be thankfull to any of their Neighbors yt would come & joine with ym about carrying on the ordination. and ye Next day I met at Mr Gerrishes and saw Mr Daniel Andrews225—& told him yt If he had anything to say before ordination Now was the time—and at night he came to D. Engersols & desir’d satisfaction from the church about a paper yt was brought into ye counsell &c—& I drew up a confession in their Name—and they desired me to read it publickly the next sabbath—& Mr Andrews said yt shd satisfy him—[166] and upon the sabbath I read it publikely—(see ye confession in a loose paper)—and told ym yt If those yt were offended would now manifest that they were satisfyed, it would be very encourageing to me.

    Whereupon Mr Andrews stood up & after some discourse I desired him to say whether he was satisfyed or not, and he said yt he was satisfyed with ym as a Church—and prayed God to bless ym.

    These things I Note down yt there may be no objection made—either by my own conscience or by others—agt my being called of God to settle in this place. [167]

    And The Letters being sent to ye churches to desire their Elders & Messengers to assist in ordination—I have determined to spend some time ye 8 Nov. in seeking to God for mercy & a blessing—and I haveing overlooked what is written in ys book about the transactions between God, and my own soul—do with all my heart say amen, amen.

    And humbly pray for pardon & grace—& pray yt I may be sensible of the worth of every soul yt I am about to take the charge of, and which I must be accountable for.

    And yt I may be sensible of my own Insufficiency for so great a work & yt I may not engage in it in my own strength, [168] and I pray yt I may depend on the allsufficiency mercy and faithfulness of Christ, and yt I may enjoy his Grace spirit & presence—amen.

    Nov. 8. 98—I haveing set apart this day to seek to God for a blessing upon me & upon this poor village—& upon ye land & upon our Nation, & on Gods whole church—& haveing spent some time in prayer (althô I have been diverted by company comeing in) yet I hope I have had some taste of the Goodness & mercy of God in Jesus Christ, and hope God will be with me in the Great work yt I am about to Engage in,—& hope I shall enter upon it in the fear and in the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ. [169]

    Nov. 10: 98. The Reverend Elders and Messengers of ye church of sal[em] & Beverly, & Whenham, & Redding & Roxbury226 being conven’d at my Land Lord Putnams—I was called in, and Mr Walter gave me a dismission from Roxbury church—and Mr Noyes being Moderator,—I was admitted into the church at salem-village & promised to walk with ym according to ye order of the Gospell.

    And yn The Elders &c desired to see the confession of the church which I had read publickly in the congreg. octob. 31 and I read it to ym & Deacon Putnam acknowledged so much yt ye Elders sd yt Mr Andrews ought to be satisfyed with him and with the church—and althô captn Putnam refused to acknowledge wt they urgd him unto—yet they sd—he was but one—& so his refuseing &c ought not to hinder our proceedings. [170]

    In publick Mr Walter began with prayer, & yn I preached, and yn Mr Hale desired the church to renew their call to me, which they did. and yn he proposed it to the Elders & Messengers of the churches—and yn to the Inhabitants of this village, and yn to the whole assembly that If any had any thing to object—they might speak. and there being no impedi[me]nt he turned to me, & asked my consent to be ordained, & to take the charge of ye church—& I answerd thus, I desire to doe it in the fear and in the strength of God. Then Mr Hale prayed—and gave the charge—Mr Noyes, Mr Gerrish, Mr Walter, & Mr Peirpoint laying on of hands together with mr Hale—[171] yn mr Hale told the church something of their duty—Then Mr Noyes in the Name of the Ministers, gave to me the right hand of fellowship, and In the Name of ye churches he gave to this church, by me the right hand of fellowship. Then Mr Peirpoint concluded with prayer, & we sung 133 ps. & I gave ye blessing.

    O Lord help me to be humble & thankfull, and to fulfill my ministry, that when the Great shepherd shall appear I may receive a crown of Glory yt fadeth not away.

    Mr Hale ordained me a Minister of the Everlasting Gospell—a Pastour of ye church, and a Preacher to ys congregation &c.227 [172]

    March 15. 99. God haveing Inclined the heart of my Dear consort, Eliz. Gerrish, to give her consent to be my wife, as I hope in answer to my poor prayers—and I expecting to be marryed to her tomorrow; I have determined to spend some time ys day, in confesing my sins, and in imploreing pardon yt so I may not enter into the Marriage covent with any old guilt upon my soul,—but may be washed pardond and sanctifyed,—

    and yt God will please to smile upon me in ys affair as hitherto he has done—and yt all the mercys of the covent may be confered upon my dear consort,—and yt we may come together & live together in ye fear of God,—& may be blessings to each other, & to ys village, and may rejoice together here & in heaven forever, amen. [173]

    I hope God will answer my prayers and give returns in much mercy amen.

    March 16. 1699 I was marryed to Eliz. Gerrish a virgin (by ye Reverd Mr Wm Hubbard of Ipswich) at her fathers house in Wenham.

    We lived at Wenham until the 12 day of April 1699—& yn we came home to salem village & began to keep house,—and God has been very bountiful to us ever since.

    On monday Novem. 27. 1699 my Wife was safe Delivered of a Daughter which we named Anna, for the sake of my wifes mother. and God has continued her unto us several months for all which favours I desire to be very thankfull. And desire to Give up myself & my Dear Wife & little one & all yt I have unto yt God who is the Giver & bestower of every Good Gift. And desire to live more to the Glory of God from ys time forward than ever yet I have done, amen feb. 15 1699/1700.228 [174]

    Janua. 11. 1700/1701. my wife was deliver’d of a stil born son, which we buryed in ye burying place Jan. 13. my wife continued ill several months after.

    I desire to acknowledge ye hand of God in all, & quietly to submit unto him, and I think yt I never did once murmur agt God for ys stroke; but have cause to say yt God has punished me far less yn I deserve.

    And I desire to bless God yt he has taken me into yt covent which Includes my seed also—& yt he spared and restored my wife.

    O yt I could walk more humbly circumspectly & thankfully before God all my days.

    Apr. 8. 1701. I went to ye ministers meeting at salem at mr Noys’s mr Chever, & mr Gerrish there,—we began & Ended with prayer. We spent much of ye day in discourseing of Beverly—and bec. I differ from my fathers in ye ministry about beverly,—I shall write ys following account for my future satisfaction or vindication, &c. [175] upon more serious meditation I purpose not to write any thing about ye affairs of Beverly least I shd unavoidably reflect upon my betters.229

    Only I acknowledge ye Goodness of God in giveing ym so comfortable a settlement—which is (for ought I know) to universall satisfaction.

    And abundantly to my satisfaction bec. I account yt it is ye Lords doings and He knows yt I alwayes left it with him as his work to settle a faithfull labourer there. And althô I desire as I have reason to be humbled for my heat of spirit & hot talk in managing ye affair.

    Yet as to ye substance of wt I have said about it I have great peace in it, and I trust ever shall, and yt my heart shall not reproach me (for ye matter) so long as I live.

    I pray yt God will teach us to be more wise & humble for the future, and guide us into all truth & lead us all in very plain paths at all times amen. [176]

    1701. 1702. December 22. about 12 at night my wife was safe Delivered of a son which we named John for ye sake of my father John Green.

    The Lord bless it & own it as one of his children, & let it be born again of ye spirit of God.

    And O yt we might be thankfull & learn to trust God for ye future and live more to his praise for the time to come.

    Decembr 12. 1703/4 [sic]. while ye moon was In ye Eclypse my wife was taken ill, about 4 a clock, & was safe delivered of a son about 9 a clock being sabb. day.—& after noon it was baptized & called Joseph, being my father Gerrishes name as well as my own—& also ye name of my wifes eldest brother who dyed last spring. Hitherto we have had wonderfull experience of the Goodness of God to us O yt God would help us to be thankfull, & to devote ourselves & our children a thankoffering to him who is ye authour of all our mercys—& to trust in Him so long as we live. amen. [177]

    December. I. 1705. My wife was Deliverd of our 5th child: about 11 of ye clock at night The next day being ye sab. it was baptizd & named Edward for ye sake of my Grandfather Mitchelson, & also my Brothr Edwd Green, who dyed about 10 years ago & gave me a legacy wherewith I procured my Lybrary.

    God has been very favourable to us far beyond our expectations—every thing has been turned for us—O yt all might do us good according to yt prom. 8. rom. 28.

    Decem. my wife was very ill but God was pleased to bless ye means used by Dr Hale so as to restore her & raise her up for which I desire to be always thankfull.

    Many a time God has appeared for us in the mount of difficulty, and we may set up our Ebenezer and say hitherto the Lord has helped us. O yt we might obtain Grace to be more carefull to do our duty, and to bring up our children for that Gracious God to whose service they are devoted—and O yt God would betimes put his fear into all their hearts that they may never forsake him. [178]

    In ys winter 1705/6 our son Edwd has been so bad with a cough that we thought several times he had been quite dead. But God has been pleased to pity us in our distress and to spare his life.

    Mar. 1707. our son Edward has been very ill; but God has directed to and blessed means used for his recovery to some measure of health—for which we desire to be thankfull to that God who deals not with us as our sins deserve.

    O that we might by the Goodness of God be led nearer to him in the way of our duty.

    1708. We have this winter lived mostly without any boy or maid because we could not procure any and yet God hath carried us along from day to day with great comfort and when things have seemed to go agt us, we have often seen reason to say that all was for the best.

    May 8. 1708. my wife was Delivered of our 6th child Elizabeth God was very Good to her—ye next day being ye sab. it was baptizd.

    my mother champny was very ill may 9, but God appeared in the mount. [179]

    May 12. 1708. my wife was very ill at night—but God appeared for us & removed her pain & illness.

    And now what shall I render to ye Lord for all his benefits? 1. I desire to be more diligent in my calling and ministerial work. 2. to be more faithfull as to relative dutys. 3. I would more carefully honour ye Lord with my substance. And it is in my thoughts to publish a sermn to encourage liberality—if the Lord will assist me, & in his providence make way for it—and if he does so I shall still be the more indebted to him.

    May 15. 1710. I took a Journey to East-Hampton on Long-Island and brought my mother chamny down with me: I was carryed thrô many difficultys and dangers—& had much experience of ye Goodness of God to me in all my Journy & to my family in my absence.

    Augu: 11. 1710. My wife Delivered of a son William—God appeared in ye mount of difficulty, when ye life of ye child was in danger and very often when we or our children or servant have been ill, our God hath heard our prayers & appeared for us. [180]

    In 1712 I met with Great temptations from some of ye chief of my people contending with me for teaching ym from the 3 Prov: 10 yt Men shd ordinarily honour God with one tenth of yeir Increase or clear gain.

    But I desire to wait upon God for wisdom & grace to doe my Duty & to teach my people theirs.

    Octobr 1712. My wife & some of our children have had very ill fitts, but our God hath pityed & spared us, as he hath often before when Jon & Jos: were sick. O that we could live more unto his praise & Glory.

    1712. Our son Edward hath been very ill: & our Daughtr Eliza: But our God hath had pity upon us &c. [181]

    January 16. 1712/13. This Day We have had wonderfull experience of ye Compassion of God unto us In spareing the life of our son Edward whom we have (as it were) received from the Dead.—He was following his two Brothers & as we suppose fell backward as he was going over a gap in ye wall about 40 poles from ye house, and after some time his Brothers looking behind saw him lyeing upon ye snow, & runing to him found him Dead as they thought & so John stay’d with him & Jose. came in & told us Nedde was dead & we all ran crying, & when I came I perceived life in him but no sense, & so I brought him home, & after he had vomited, & we had put him to bed and he had lain awhile he revived & after his fall it was almost an hour before he could take any thing—O That we & ours may never forget ys Providence! [182] I doe not remember yt I ever was in greater distress than at this time. But I found my heart justifying God as holy & righteous, & crying to him for mercy, & for grace to be more holy & carefull to discharge my Duty—ye sins which In ys distress I cheifly was checked for, & repented of were heart-sins, & neglecting to pray so particularly and earnestly for my children as I should doe.

    O yt I could amend more & more.

    1713. June 30. soon after one a clock in ye morning my wife was Delivered of a son Benjamin—I had so often experienced Gods Goodness that I told my wife I was ashamed to distrust & to be fearfull. God was pleased to overule all circumstances beyond expectation for our comfort. Blessed be his name. [183]

    July 5 being sacrament day, our son Benjamin was baptized after a sermon which I preached from 2 Sam: 23. 50.

    1714. May & June our son Benja was very sick of a fever, and near unto death—& others of our children have been ill—But we have had experience of ye Power & Goodness of our God in spareing & recovering of them, oh yt we could Give Glory to his name.