Textual Introduction

    Readers seeking a more complete statement of editorial principles should refer to TH Correspondence, volume 1, of the series, but a few brief reminders may be in order here. The letters selected here have been chosen principally for their political content and relevance to the imperial crisis with Great Britain. They represent only a little more than half of Hutchinson’s surviving correspondence. The editors have chosen to publish occasional non-epistolary documents, especially when they bear particularly close relation to the content of the letters.

    Preference has been given to receiver’s copies or duplicates of receiver’s copies where they exist. Where multiple copies exist, they are listed in the source notes. In a few rare instances, where drafts show significant revision, both versions have been printed in their entirety; otherwise, slight variations appear in the endnotes.

    The presentation of the letters follows the following conventions:

    • Datelines: moved to the top of all letters and placed flush right, regardless of placement in manuscript.
    • Capitalization: follows the author’s usage, but the first letter of every sentence begins with a capital.
    • Spelling: follows the author’s usage with an endnote with an alternative if the word is misspelled nearly beyond recognition.
    • Punctuation: follows the author’s usage except dashes and commas used to end sentences are changed into periods; ambiguous cases follow the author’s usage. Dashes within sentences are retained.
    • Abbreviations: expanded, except in the cases listed below:
      • proper names of people, places, organizations
      • titles and honorifics
      • days of the week, months of the year
      • titles of books or publications
      • monetary denominations
    • Abbreviated Text: expanded, with the above noted exceptions.
    • Conjectural Readings: appear in brackets when three or more letters in one word are conjectural with a question mark if the reading is particularly uncertain; an endnote is used for an alternative reading; an endnote is used if there is a reason for the conjecture (tear, blot, tape).
    • Illegible Material: appears in brackets in italic type ([illegible]); an endnote estimating length is included if illegible material is more than a few words; illegible material that has been crossed out is not included unless it is part of a larger legible passage.
    • Editorial Directives: appear in brackets in italics ([blank space in MS], [MS torn]) and are not read as part of the text.
    • Interlineations: incorporated into the text with carets when significant (not to correct spelling or grammar); when the author did not use carets, the material is placed as best possible and indicated with an endnote.
    • Marginalia: treated in the same way as interlineations with an endnote specifying that the material was written in the margin.
    • Cancellations: appear in cancelled type when significant and legible; if a sizable passage is cancelled and illegible, an endnote has been included to indicate such.
    • Variant Readings: only significant variants are included; variants are provided in endnotes with sources.

    Textual devices within the transcriptions are represented as follows:


    conjectural reading or material otherwise obscured


    uncertain conjectural reading or material otherwise obscured


    material supplied by the editors because of a tear, blot, or cut in the MS; specifics are provided in the endnote; note that several bracketed insertions may be addressed in a single endnote.


    editorial direction or description


    substantive interlineation or marginalia


    substantive cancellation

    Each document is followed by a source note, and semicolons separate the sections of each source note. Periods separate the information provided for multiple versions of the same document.

    1. 1. Document Versions. The editors employed the following symbols:




    Author’s copy, most likely made with authorial control, either on a loose sheet of paper or in a letterbook


    Receiver’s copy, the original letter as sent by the author


    Duplicate of the receiver’s copy, sent as a backup in case the original was lost in transit


    Scribal copy, created without authorial control, either on a loose sheet of paper or in a letterbook

    1. 2. Repositories and Manuscript Citations; the following abbreviations are used throughout the volume to represent each archive with relevant manuscript holdings.

    American Philosophical Society

    American Philosophical Society Library, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Beinecke Library

    Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

    Boston Athenæum

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Boston Public Library

    Special Collections, Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts

    Boston University

    Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

    British Library

    London, England

    Clements Library

    William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Columbia University

    Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University, New York

    Connecticut Historical Society

    Hartford, Connecticut

    Dartmouth College

    Rauner Special Collections, Dartmouth College Library, Hanover, New Hampshire

    Haverford College

    Special Collections, Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania

    Historical Society of Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Houghton Library

    Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Huntington Library

    San Marino, California

    Maine Historical Society

    Portland, Maine

    Maryland Historical Society

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Massachusetts Archives

    Office of the Secretary of State, State Archives, Boston, Massachusetts

    Massachusetts Historical Society

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Morristown National Historic Park

    Morristown, New Jersey

    National Archives UK

    National Archives of the United Kingdom (formerly the Public Record Office), Kew, England

    National Library of Scotland

    Manuscript and Archive Collections, Department of Collections and Interpretation, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland

    New-York Historical Society

    Manuscript Department, Library, New-York Historical Society, New York

    New York Public Library

    Manuscripts and Archives Division, New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations, New York

    New York State Library

    Manuscripts and Special Collections, New York State Library, Albany, New York

    Northumberland Archives

    Northumberland, England

    Nova Scotia Archives

    Halifax, Canada

    Parliamentary Archives

    Houses of Parliament, London, England

    Rhode Island Historical Society

    Providence, Rhode Island

    Rhode Island State Archives

    Office of the Secretary of State, State Archives Division, Providence, Rhode Island

    Royal Society

    London, England

    Sheffield Archives

    Sheffield City Council, Libraries Archives and Information, Sheffield, England

    South Carolina Historical Society

    Charleston, South Carolina

    Staffordshire Record Office

    Staffordshire City Council, Stafford, England

    1. 3. Notes on handwriting are provided when written in a hand other than the author’s, either partially or entirely; each of the Hutchinson children when acting as his secretary is cited by name, and the editors designated the others as clerks, none of whom have been more specifically identified; if letters were written in another hand but signed by Hutchinson, that information is included as well; all letters written by Hutchinson in this edition are in Hutchinson’s hand unless otherwise noted.
    2. 4. Any notations on the letters indicating their status (such as “not sent” or “Duplicate”) are provided.
    3. 5. Any physical features of the manuscripts that require additional explanation or description are provided.
    4. 6. Additional information regarding markings indicating the addressees, either on envelopes or attribution lines written in the same hand as the rest of the letter, is provided.
    5. 7. Brief notes to clarify the dates the letters were written are provided; more extensive notes regarding conjectural dates are placed in endnotes.
    6. 8. Endorsements, written in the hands of the recipients, or docketings, written in the hand of someone other than the recipients, are provided.
    7. 9. Markings for postage or information regarding how the letters were conveyed to the recipients are provided.

    Enclosures that have been located are listed at the end of the source note, as are contemporary printings that appeared during Hutchinson’s lifetime in books, journals, and newspapers in New England, with the addition of J. Almon’s London Remembrancer.

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