VOLUMES XXII and XXIII, now completed, contain the first three volumes of the original records of the First Church in Plymouth. The printing of these volumes has been undertaken in coöperation with the New England Society in the City of New York.

    Of the material here presented, only a portion has hitherto appeared in print. The first of the three original volumes consists of five parts, each separately paged. A considerable portion, but by no means all, of the first part was printed in 1841 by the Rev. Dr. Alexander Young in his Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers; and the second part of the first volume has been printed in the Mayflower Descendant. But the third, fourth, and fifth parts of the first volume, and all of the second and of the third volume, are now published for the first time. It is believed that no more important contribution to the ecclesiastical history of New England has been made than will be found in these volumes.

    For the Introduction, the Society is indebted to one of its members—Mr. Arthur Lord. The Editor is under obligations to Mr. William Bradford Browne and Mr. George Ernest Bowman for genealogical information kindly furnished by them.

    Three sets of photostatic reproductions of the first three original volumes of the Plymouth Church Records have been made: one for this Society; one for the Massachusetts Historical Society; and one for Mr. Arthur Lord, who intends to deposit it in Pilgrim Hall.

    The Committee gratefully acknowledges the Society’s indebtedness to several institutions, and to friends and members of this Society, for permission to reproduce documents in their possession, or for other courtesies, namely: to Mr. Arthur Lord, Mr. Chandler Robbins, the First Church in Plymouth, and the Pilgrim Society.

    For the Committee of Publication,

    Fred Norris Robinson,


    Boston, 1 September, 1920.