Part III761


    Some further Acct of passages Relating to the church of Christ in plimouth, from the year 1703. and so on ’till the year 1723.

    In as much as it may be of considerable use to the church of God to have a book of remembrance written of what does occur in their day, and In as much, it hath been the desire and practice of those that been before mee in this church I shall apply my self from time to time to Record such Ecclesiastical transactions, and762 Remarkable providences, as763 may Occur from this Time;

    And here it may not be Improper to Insert a Catalogue, of the Names and Number of communicants or members in this church at this time, viz march 10th 1703. wch take as followeth

    1. The names of the Men.764

    • Ephraim Little. Pastor
    • Thomas Faunce. Ruling Elder
    • George morton. Deacon
    • Nathaniel Wood. Deacon
    • Thomas Clark. Deacon
    • Joseph Bradford
    • John Bradford dismist
    • Jacob Cooke dismist
    • Thomas Cushman dismist
    • Elkanan Cushman. dismist June 7th to ye new society
    • Samuel king senr dyed, Augst
    • Samuel fuller, dismist to ye new society
    • Joseph Howland, dyed January 170¾
    • Caleb Cooke dyed765 of ye small pox febr 13. 172½ 70th year
    • Helkiah Tinkham
    • John Cobb
    • Samuel Dunham senr dead
    • William shertleff dismist to plymton
    • John Morton dyed in March 171⅞ at Middleburrô
    • Samuel King Junr now senr
    • George Bonum senr dyed april 28th 1704 95 years old [2]
    • Samuel Dunham Junr dyed 1717
    • Giles Rickard
    • Eliezer Churchell
    • John Churchell dyed June 13, 1723
    • Nathaniel Morton, dyed July 7th 1709
    • James Warren
    • Ephraim Morton
    • Samll Rider
    • James Clarke Senr
    • John Pratt dismissed to plymton
    • Eliezer Dunham
    • Benoni Lucas, dismissed To plymton


    engraved for the colonial society of massachusetts

    added since Mr Little ordained

    • Eliezer Ring dismissd to plymton July 23, 1707766
    • Samll king Junr
    • Joseph king Junr dismist wth his wife to ye new society Septembr. 5th 1703. since returd to us

    In all 36 men

    • Nathanl Thomas, dismist from Marshfeild to us
    • Isaac Doty
    • Eliezr Rogers
    • James Coles 80 years old. dyed Octobr 4th 1709 in 85th year
    • humphry Turner: removed: & dead
    • Ebenezr Eaton
    • hezekiah Bosworth
    • Richard seirs — removed
    • Abraham Jackson. Senr dead
    • Richard A negroe man
    • John Warshband dismist & made a deacon
    • Benjamin Warren
    • Willm Clark Junr removed to ye Vinyard
    • John faunce ye Elrs Son
    • John foster Deacon
    • John Atwood Deacon
    • Stephen Barnebe
    • Elisha Doten
    • Ephraim Cole
    • Josiah ffinney767
    • Abiel Shertleff
    • Thomas Clarke Deacons son
    • John faunce. Junr
    • Joseph faunce
    • Francis adams
    • John Morton
    • Ignatius Cushing
    • James Cob
    • Thomas harlow
    • Jabez Shurtleff
    • Ebenezr Curtice vid p. 18768 [3]

    The names of the Women that are of the church this 10th of March 1703.

    • Jael Bradford, the wife of Joseph Bradford
    • Mercy Bradford, the wife of John Bradford
    • Lidea Cooke, The wife of Jacob Cooke
    • Abigail Cushman, The wife of Thomas Cushman
    • Elizabeth Howland, The wife of Joseph Howland
    • Joanna Grey The wife of John Grey
    • Sarah Dunham, The wife of Samuel dunham
    • Martha Cob The wife of John Cobb
    • patience Holmes Widdow
    • Sarah Tinkham The wife of Isaac Tinkham
    • patience Nelson, Widdow
    • Mehetabel Doten, the wife of John Doten
    • Mary Wood The wife of Deacon Nathll wood
    • Dorothy Clarke, the wife of Nathll Clarke
    • Mary Rickard, The wife of John Rickard, dead
    • Rebecca Cole, The wife of Ephraim Cole
    • Susannah Shertleff, The wife of Willm Shertleff
    • Remember Jackson, the wife of Abraham Jackson Senr
    • Hannah Jacekson The wife of Eliezer Jackson
    • Hannah Cooper, The wife of Richard Cooper
    • Lidea Barrowe, The wife of Robert Barrowe769
    • Hannah Ring, The wife of Willm Ring
    • Mary Ring, the wife of Eliezer Ring, dismist770
    • Sarah Followell, Widdow
    • Bathshua Dunham, the wife of Eleizer dunham
    • Sarah King The wife of Samll King Junr
    • Margarett Jackson, the wife of Abraham Jackson Junr [4]
    • Mary Carver the wife of John Carver771
    • Repentance Lucas, The wife of Benoni Lucas
    • Mercy King, The wife of Joseph king Junr dismist772
    • Susannah Cole, The wife of John Cole, dismist773
    • Martha Harlowe, The wife of Samll Harlow
    • Mercy Holmes, The wife of Nathll Holmes senr
    • Judith Faunce, The wife of Joseph Faunce
    • Hannah Rickard, Widdow
    • Rebecca Morton, The wife of Eliezer Morton
    • Hannah Rickard The wife of Giles Rickard
    • Mary Jordan, Widdow
    • Jehoshabea Jordan alias Robbins, Widdow774
    • Mary Churchell, the wife of Eliezer Churchell775
    • Rebecca Churchell, the wife of John Churchell
    • Sarah Churchell, The wife of Joseph Churchell
    • Sarah Bartlett The wife of Robert Bartlett
    • Joanna Morton, The wife of Deacon George Morton
    • phebe finney, Widdow, Indeed
    • Jane Faunce The wife of Eldr Thomas Faunce776
    • priscilla Warren, Widdow Indeed; dyed May 15. 1707
    • Hannah Morton The wife of Ephraim Morton
    • Susannah Clarke, The wife of Deacon Thomas Clarke
    • Lidia Rider, The wife of Samll Rider
    • Abigail Clarke, The wife of James Clarke
    • Hannah Bartlett, The wife of Joseph Bartlett senr
    • Mehetabel Briant, The wife of Stephen Briant
    • Hannah ford, Widdow
    • Ruth Tinkham The wife of Helkiah Tinkham [5]
    • Mary pratt, The wife of Benaja pratt
    • Mary perry, The wife of henry perry
    • Jane Cooke The wife of Caleb Cooke
    • Hannah Bradford, The wife of Samll Bradford dismist777
    • Lidia Harlow the wife of Willm Harlow Junr

    Added since Mr Littles ordination

    • Hannah Sturtevant, The wife of John Sturtevt
    • Hannah Bradford, The wife of Elisha Bradford, yn Baptized778
    • Martha Howland, The wife of Nathll Howland, yn Baptized779
    • Joanna Howland, The wife of Thomas Howland, yn Baptized780
    • Mary Warshband, Virgin Since Maryd To Danl pratt dyed Jany 12 1709/10

    In all 67781 women,67

    The whole number of Communicants Just an hundred and three; the Lord add unto his Church such as shall be saved; 103 Communicants.

    Since added.

    • Mary Churchell ye wife of henry Churchell
    • Mary Morton ye wife of John Morton
    • Mary Turner ye wife of humphry Turner
    • Mary782 La barren ye wife of Francis Le barren
    • hannah ye wife of Ephraim Morton ye son of Decon George Morton
    • Sarah holmes ye wife of Elisha holmes, dead
    • Martha Doty ye wife of Isaac Doty
    • Ruhamah Rogers ye wife of Elizr Rogers
    • Mrs Martha Waite dismissed from boston to us
    • Mary palmer maiden dismissed
    • Mary barns the of John Barns
    • hannah Eaton ye wife Ebenr Eaton
    • Rebecca clarke ye wife of John Clarke
    • Bethiah Boswoth ye wife of hezekiah Bosworth
    • Annah Norcutt maiden yn baptized
    • Abigail Cole ye wife of James Cole
    • Alice Bradford maiden: since marryd to Mr Edward mitchell of Bridgwatr
    • Lidia Warshband ye wife of John Washband vid p. 14th783

    [6] Church Records anno 1703.

    The Lords supper Administred, March 7: Aprill 18th June 6th July 18th August 22d october 3d: 6 Times:

    persons baptized

    Benjamin ye Son of Joseph Faunce. April 11th Hannah daughter of John and Mary Carver may 2d Rebecca ye daughter of William & Lidia harlow July 18th Bethiah ye daughter of Benoni & Repentance Lucas July 25th Samuel ye son of Samll King Junr August 8th 1703. Abigail ye daughter of Benaja & mary pratt. September 5th Damaris & John (being twins) ye Children of Jacob Cooke octobr 31st total 8.

    Members admitted

    Mary Churchell ye wife of henry Churchell July.784 4th Mary ye wife of John Morton. & Mary ye wife of humphry Turnr Sept 26. Mary ye wife of francis Le barron october 17. 1703. Total 3.

    In as much as the death of his Saints is pretious in ye Eyes of God, an acct shall be given of the deaths of his people

    Members dyed

    April 9th 1703 dyed Joseph Bartlet Junr One tho’ not In full Communion, yet a child of ye church he lived desired and dyed Lamented; — In ye 38th year of his age,

    Jan 170¾ dyed Capt Joseph howland

    Feb. 20th 170¾ dyed Major William Bradford in the 80th year of his age. he was the son of ye honourable Governour Bradford, and did for many years sustaine the place of Leivtenant Governr of ye Colony of New plimouth and did almost from his Youth serve God and his Generation in both Civill & military posts. he dyed in a good old age and went to his grave in peace

    [7] Transactions 1703

    at a church meeting at the pastors house March 5. 1703. the church called Upon Samll dunham Junr to give Satisfaction for his unjust and false charging of Mary Jordan widdow, with stealing and lying, or In words to that purpose; the church having before heard and considred the case, unanimously Judged he had wronged ye woman, and having taken much paines with this not only privately by the Elders at his house, but in several church meetings; and all to no purpose, and he also persisting in his obstinacy and not offering any thing Thing Satisfactory785 at this meeting It was voted by the church he should ye next sabbath be Laid undr Admonition. wch Sabbath being come he was not well and So it was Omitted till next, when he Appeared and did before the church and Congregation, after Evening worship Confess his Evill, In unjust charging of mary Jordan, acknolidging That he had not sufficient grounds thus to charge her, &c and offered that wch was satisfactory to the church, whereupon he was with a solemn admonition, Restored to the charity and Communion of the church; by their unanious vote Expressed by the holding up of ye hand.

    Aprill 8th was observed and kept by this Town and ye whole province as a day of thanksgiving by her majestyes special Command, upon ye acct of ye great success given in a war agst france and Spaine: — ye Lord Confound his Enemies

    May the 2d after ye Evening worship was ye Cēsure of Excomunication past on John Grey a child of ye Church, he had been sundry times Solemnly admonished by ye Church and all due paines taken with him to Endeavour to reclaim him from his Ill course of life as swearing drunkenness &c of wch he had been been many times Convicted; but all proved of no Effect upon thewch786 ye Eldr by ye vote and with ye Consent of all ye Church did solemly in ye name of ye Lord Jesus Christ reject him and cast him off as an unprofitable branch and declare yt ye Church would have no more to do with him. ye pastor Concluded ye work with a word to ye Assembly built upon ye 17 Deut. 12. 13. and with prayr both for ye man ye it might be for ye destruction of ye flesh that ye Spirit might be saved in ye day of ye Lord Jesus. 1 Cor. 5. 5. and for others yt yy might hear and fear. Amen.

    June787 7th Our brother Elkanan Cushman was dismist to ye Church in ye westerne precinct, being removed thither.

    June 27. Abigail Billington (who was Churchell) was called before ye chh openly for fornication with her new husband Francis Billington before her marriage to him. She Expresst by writing wt was satisfying, and was by ye vote of ye Church Laid undr a solemn admonition uttered by ye Eldr to wch he also added a very seasonable word of advice to ye Young people as also a word to heads of familyes to keep up Family govermt and ye pastor Concluded with prayr

    [8] Transactions 1703

    July 4th Hannah ye wife of Samll Bradford being removed to Duxborô was by ye vote of ye Church dissmissed thither

    September 5th 1703. Joseph king and mercy his wife being Removed to ye upper society were by a vote of ye church dismissed thither.

    It pleased God August 10th & 11th to suffer ye barbarous and treacherous Indians to break forth upon ye people in ye Eastern parts wr in those two dayes were killed and taken at wells saco Casco & other places about 170 persons. upon ye acct of wch and to Implore ye Smile of heaven on our forces sent out against them Septembr 23d was appointed by ye Authority as a day of General fasting and prayer. throout ye province. & attended

    It pleased God to move & Incline a Competent Number of ye Inhabitants of Rochester to be desirous of Joyning in church fellowship, and accordingly Letters were sent to this church to send our Elders & messengers thither to be with ym in yr gathering a church & ordaining of Mr Samuel Arnold (ye son of yt famous mr arnold that God had made such a blesing to ye church of marshfeild) to be yr teacher, ye chh made choice of our brothers John bradford & James Warren to accompany ye Elders to ye solemnity; one of whō (ye other being sicke) did accompany ye Eders thither & ye work was (thô attended wth som disappointmts) Comfortably Issued. october. 13th 1703.

    The church of christ in Middleborô having Laid Levt Jacob Tomson & his wife (who upon Some Scruples & dissatisfaction withdrew frm ye Communion of ye church & desired a dismission to ye Church in ye New Society in plimouth that being nearer to yr dwelling, &c) undr publique Censure for yr788 sd withdrawing & refusing to grant ym sd dismission, he & his wife Sent to this church, to send ye pastor & messengers to Joyn in Councill wch ye Elders ye Elders & messengers of ye Churches of weymouth bridgwater & taunton (whom he had sent to) to be attended octobr 26. 1703. ye Church made Choice of or brother William shertleff & our brother Nathaniel Morton to Go wth ye pastor & Eldr to yt service. It must also be observed yt ye sabbath before ye Councill, was to meet ye Church in Middleboro also sent Letters to us to be wth ym (they Joyning wth Levt tomson789 in Counll) & sent also to ye chhs of Barnstable & sandwitch. ye sd Councill was attended on ye time abovsd & Came to a result yt Levtenant Tompson & his wife should make an acknouledgmt for yr Iregular withdrawing from ye Communion of ye church, and upon yt ye church should give ym a dismission to ye church in ye New society in plimouth wch were both Complyed wth and attended.

    December 25 1703. it pleased God to Visit the pastor with very sore sickness wch was of Long Continuance upon the occasion of wch the church appointed a day of fasting & & prayer wch was attended by ye church & ye most of ye Congregation, it pleased God to hear ye prayers of his people & after 9 weeks Confinement, to restore him again to ye work of ye sanctuary. Lord make it profitable!

    Feb 17 was attended by ys province as a day of humiliation.

    [9] Church Records Anno 1704

    The Lords supper administred. March 19th May 7th June 11th July 30. Octobr 1st Novembr 19th: 6 Times.

    Persons baptized

    Thomas & Elizabeth ye Children of John & susanna Cole, (being twins) baptized march 19. Sarah ye daughter of Decon Clarke march 19. Joseph ye Son of Robert & Sarah Bartlett march 26. Mercy ye daughter of John & Joanna Grey April 2d Deborah ye daughter of Elizr & hannah Jackson April 16th Thomas ye Son of John & margarett pratt may 21st Elizabeth ye daughter of Mehetable doty may 28th Rebecca ye daughter Eliezr & Rebecca morton June 4. Saml & Elkanah ye sons of Ephraim & hannah Morton June 11th Ephraim humphry, Joseph Sarah & Mary ye children of humphry & mary Turner July 23d Samuel ye son of William & susannah shertleff Septer 3d James, francis, & Lazarus ye sons of Mary La-Barron September. 24th 1704. Total. 20.

    Members admitted

    hannah ye wife of Ephraim Morton ye Son of Deacon George Morton. June 4th Mr Nathƚƚ Thomas dismist from marshfeild chh admittd here July 30th 1704. Sarah ye wife of Elisha holmes septembr 3d 3 in all

    Members dyed

    Aprill 28th 1704 dyed our brothr George Bonham, he lived to a good old age, being about 95 years of age he was a man almost all men Spake well of & is gone to receve his Crown.

    [10] Transactions 1704

    at a Church meeting March 17th 1704. ye pastor moved to ye Church (yt in as much as it was a day of Gods anger, very awfully manifested in Suffering ye french & Indians to do much mischeife in ye Eastern parts many being killed & Captived &c but more Especially relating to our Selves religion Seeming to be undr such decaye790 & ye work of God among us So much at a a stand So few of ye rising Generation, offering ym Selves to God &c) whether they were willing to set apart a day to humble our Selves before God & seek his face upon yse accounts, and also whethr they were willing on ye sd day to Renew a Covenant for reformation? ye Church Generally Seemd free to Comply wth ye motion, but one or two brethren Seemd to Speak discouraging about it whereupon it was thought by ye paster & Eldr most Expedient to referr ye mattr to further Consideration.

    May 18th was attended by this province as day of fasting & prayer, our souldiers being Just going out to port Royal undr ye Conduct of Levt Coll. Benjamin Church.

    July 13. the church kept a day of prayr for Rain being a very dry time togethr with prayrs for our army then abroad.

    at a Chh meeting at ye pastors house Septembr 14th 1704 Jacob Cooke one of ye brethren of ye Church after having taken ye first & 2d Step, of ye rule Laid before ye Chh mattr of offence agst Majr John Bradford, one of ye brth. viz. That ye Sd majr Bradford, had Spoken falsly & Slandrd him In Saying That he ye Sd Cooke had Cutt 10ƚƚ worth of wood off his Land, wn ye Chh came to Considr ye charge, it was not Evident to them whethr ye Sd Bradford had positively chargd him thus, or only had Sd that he beleivd he had Cutt So much, Majr Bradford, made it Evident that Sd Cooke, or his man by his ordr had Cut some Loads of wood upon his Land, but not 10ƚƚ worth, it was also Evident to ye church, (by two positive Evidences) That when ye Sd Cooke in taking ye 2d Step of ye rule, took 2 brethren wth him, to treet wth Sd Bradford about ye mattr of offence, yr was then an Agreemt made between ym wch ye Sd Cooke, on his part had broken & fallen from: upon ye whole ye church came to this Conclusion in ye Case, that Majr Bradford, Should acknoledge his fault, that he had Spoken too Largly in Saying it was 10ƚƚ worth & yt he had prizd it too high, and that Jacob Cooke should acknowledge his fault in not Standing to his Sd Agreemt upon wch Majr Bradford did Comply wth ye churches determination & acknowledge wth was required on his part but Jacob Cooke could not be made Sensible he had broken any Agreemt but was willing (upon ye pastors moving of it to him) to have a Little time of Consideration Wch was Granted. ye meeting was Closed with some very serious Counsell given to ym by ye Eldr — and it must be observed yt ye whole church (ye were yn present) unanimously agrd in yt Opinion of ye Case. Nemine Contradicente

    at a chh meeting Septembr 29th at ye pasters house Jacob Cooke made an acknowledgemt Satisfactory to ye Church for ye Fault abovementiond

    [11] Church Records Anno 1705

    The Lords Supper Adminstred Aprill 8th May 27th July 8th Augst 26th October 7th Novembr 18. 6 Times.

    persons baptized

    Eliezr ye Son of Wm and hannah Ring march 18th Mercy ye daughter of Capt Warren. April 1st — Elizabeth ye daughter of Isaac Doty. Aprill. 1st — Mehetabelle ye daughter of John & Margaret prat May. 27, Elisha, Joseph, Jabesh, Mercy & Elizabeth ye 5 children of Elisha and sarah holmes. May. 27 — Susanah ye daughter of Eliezr & Mary Ring June 3d Nathl ye Son of Nathl & Martha howland, July 8th — Benjamin ye Son of Ephraim & hannah morton Novembr 4th Experience ye daughter ye Thomas & Joannah howland, Janr 13th 170⅚ Content ye 7th daughter of Eliezer & hannah Jackson Janr 13. 170⅚ James ye Son of Ephraim & Rebecca Cole and Thomas, Elizabeth and hannah ye 3 children of Eliezr & Ruhamah Rogers fbr 17. 1705–6. In all. 18.

    Members admitted

    Isaac Doty and Martha his Wife march 18th Ruhamah Rogers ye wife of Eliezr Rogers. Septembr 30th Eliezer Rogers. febr 10th 1705–6. memdu. The first male yt was admid by a Relation in Writing. In all 4.

    Members dyed, and dismissed

    Samuel King Senr Aged upwards of 90. years, dyed. Augst

    [12] Transactions 1705

    Aprill ye 12th was by her majestyes Special Command, observed as day of General thanksgiving thro out this province, upon ye Account of ye Signal Victory Obtained ye last fall, agst ye french & Bavarians791 by her Majestyes forces undr ye Conduct of ye Duke of Marlborough; to wch ordr was added as a Supplemt, ye preservation of our Governour, Joseph Dudley Esqr from Shipwrecke, in a time of Very great danger, and ye Returne of our Army from Norrigswalke, ye Last winter as Mattr of praise. Or paster Taught from ye792 Judges. 1. 2. ye Lord make Queen Ann A Deborah and if it be his Will sell ye french Sisera into ye hands of a Woman. Amen

    July 11th was kept by ye Church and Congregation as a day of fasting & prayr Upon ye Acct of ye drought togethr with other Occasions such as ye Warr & ye decay among us as to ye powr793 of Godliness. &c. text. 1 Joel. 14.

    Octobr ye 18th was a day of General thanksgiving, text. 147 psm 1. & on sd day 3lb 3s was Contributd for daniel pratt, — one of ye New Society his wife being then we believe794 undr ye Doctrs hands in a miserable case. & aftr wards dyed.

    At a chh meeting Novembr 20th it was By ye Elders Representd to ye Church that ye Obliging male persons at yr admission into ye church to make a personal & Oral Relation might be an hindrance to Some Gracious Soules & that it might hindr ye growth of ye Church ye Church Voted, that a Relation given in in writing, publiquely Readd & ye person Standing forth publiquely to Own it Should for ye future be as Satisfactory to ye Church as if deliverd Viva Voce. — at ye Same meeting ye pastr representd to ye church ye great neglect Yt had been in them as to yr Sending yr children to catachising & moved to ym that they would in Convenient time give in to ye pastor ye names of their children Capable of Being Catachised that So Some more Effectual methods might be taken about it — ye motion as acceptable to ym — it was also moved to Consideration whethr it might not be for Gods Glory and a meanes of Reformation and Edification if private meetings were more attendd and in what method it were propr to attend, them. & ye meeting was closed wth prayr By ye Eldr as it was Opened by ye pastr & oh that God would Smile upon all Essayes for Good!

    Janr 24th Was Attendd A day of Genral thanksgiving (for Marlbroughs Victory Last Summr) by her Majestyes Command, ye text 1. Chron. 16. 31. Contribution, for ye Widow patience holmes, her youngest Son George being visited wth a terrible Sore Legg. Shee had but part of it in 25th

    [13] Church Records. Anno. 1706

    Lords Supper Administrd March 17. May. 12. July. 7th Augst 11th Octobr 6th — 5 Times

    persons Baptised

    Abigail ye daughr of Wm and Susannah Shertleff and Elnathan ye Son of Elisha and Sarah holmes March 24th May 5th 1706. I Baptized at Situate Mary ye daughter of Job and mercy Otis. Peter the son of helkiah Tinkham June 2d John William Seth Jonathan hannah Mary & Thankfull ye 7 children of John & mary Barnes & Ebenezr795 & Mercy ye 2 children of Ebenezr & hannah Eaton all baptized August 18. — Nathaniel ye Son of Lt Nathanl Morton Janr 12th. Totall. 14:

    Members Admitted

    Juneinn796 31th797 James Cole being upwards of 80 years of age—humphry Turnr and Mary palmar July. 14th Ebenezr Eaton & hannah his wife & Mary ye wife John barnes — Augst 4th Rebecca Clarke ye wife of John clarke Sept 29th Total. 7.

    Members Dyed & Dismissed

    March 10th Mrs Wait dismissed from Boston to us. Nov. 12. Sarah Dunham ye wife of Samuel dunliam dyed suddenly

    [14] Transactions (1706)

    May 5th Wee had a Contribution for ye Island of St Christophers Who had been Lately Insulted & Ravaged by ye french. We gathd for them 6ƚƚ 10sh 0d798 ye Contribution was thrô out the province

    Aprill 18. a General fast on wch Contributed for George holms 4ƚƚ 10s 6d

    Octobr 17th a General thanksgiving on wch contributd for Saml King Senr

    Novembr 12. upon ye request of 3 of ye brethren in ye chh of Middleborô (viz. Saml Wood Abiel Wood and John cobb, wth ye advice and concurrence of Sundry Inhabitants of sd Town) this chh made choice of Majr Bradford and Capt Warren to accompany ye pastr and Eldr thithr to Joyn in councell wth ye Elders and Messengers of ye chhs of Bridgwatr Taunton and ye New Society to have their complaints agst mr Tho palmar ye pastor of ye church there relating to Intemperance and Exexsive drinking &c and upon a full hearing ye cases ye councell Judgd it provd that he was a man addicted to drinking &c, and thereupon disapproved of his continuance any Longr in ye exercise of ye Evangelical Minitry there, and advised him to make a peaceable and Ordely Secession yr from & ye Chh accordingly to Dismiss him wth Such expressions of Love and charity as became ye Gospl and to be waiting upon God by earnest Supplication for ye performance of that promise 3 Jer. 15 I will give ym pastors aftr mine own heart. Ld Make all ye pastors of thy flocks Such! Amen.

    Memerdū799 that June 11 1707: Some of ye chh of middleboro togethr wth Mr palmar being dissatisfyed wth wt ye formr councell had done, called a councell of 12 churches viz: Boston, Milton, plymth plymton Sandwich Barnstable harwich Taunton Bridgewater Bristol Reheboth & Rochester when800 Elders and messengers Mett & gave a result Agreable to wt was given by ye former. sd result Signd by 12 pastors and 22 messengers.


    vid p: 5.801 a Continuation of ye Catalogue of Women Added to ye Church

    • Mrs Sarah Little ye Pastors Wife then baptized also
    • abigail Faunce ye Wife of John faunce
    • hannah foster ye wife of John foster
    • Batheshua Nelson Wife of Saml Nelson, 1717. dyed
    • Sarah Atwood ye Wife of John Atwood
    • Hannah Morton the wife of Ebenezr Morton
    • Hannah Doten ye wife of Elisha Doten
    • Mary Eastland ye Wife of John Eastland
    • Elizabeth ye wife of Josiah ffinney
    • Experience ye wife of John holmes Senr — dismist To plymton
    • Mrs Mary Thomas ye wife of Mr N.802 Thomas
    • Lydia Shertleff ye wife of Abial Sherleff
    • Hesf Cushman ye wife of Elkanan Cushman
    • Lydia Cushman ye wife of Job Cushman
    • Rebecca phillips ye wife of Thomas phillips
    • Hannah Curtice ye wife of Francis Curtice
    • Martha ye Wife of Thomas803 Morton
    • Lydia the Wife of John faunce
    • Mary the wife of Thomas Clarke
    • Mercy Wife of Ignatius cushing dyed 1717
    • patience the wife of James cob v (next page)804


    [15] Church Records Anno Domini. 1707

    Lords Suppr Administred March. 16th May 25th July 20th Octbr 5th Novembr 16. 5 Times.

    persons Baptized

    Martha ye Daughr of John & Rebecca Parke & hannah ye Daughtr of Natl & Martha howland. both May 4th 1707 July 6th baptized Delight ye Daughter of Joseph Otis Esqr at Scituate Augst 3d Annah Norcutt upon her admission into ye Church: Susannah ye daughter of Elizr & hannah Jackson Augst 31: Hannah ye Daughf of hezekiah and Bethiah Bosworth Novr 16th Mary ye Daughr of Capt James Warren and Thomas ye Son of Thomas Howland Jany 18th Sarah the daughter of John & Mehetabell doten febr 22. Nathll ye Son of Wm and susannah Shrtleft febr 29: total 10:

    Members Admitted

    Bethiah ye wife of hezekiah Bosworth. and Annah Norcutt. maiden. Augst 3d abigail Cole ye wife of Aged James Cole was admittd in her old Age Septr 28th hezekiah Bosworth Novembr 16th Richard Seirs febr 8th Total 5:

    members dyed. and Dismissed

    May 15th dyed mrs Priscilla Warren Aged abt 74 years, a christian of an eminently exellent Spirit July 24 dyed Remembr Jackson ye wife of Abrahā Jackson senr in ye 70 year of her Age a pious Christian. Elezr Ring and his Wife dismissed to plimton July 23d.

    a Continuation of ye Catalogue805

    • Jedidah Wife of Thomas harlow
    • Mary harlow. Maiden
    • Mary Shurtleff ye wife of Jabez
    • Mary Curtice ye wife of Ebenezr dyed March 1717/8
    • Sarah Bartlett ye wife of Benjamin
    • Elizabeth Torry ye wife of haviland tony
    • Abigail Billington ye wife of francis Billington
    • Joanna harlow ye wife of Wm harlow
    • Mercy spoonr. The Wife of Ebenezr spoonr
    • Elizabeth Phillips — maiden
    • Sarah Nelson — Maiden, since married to Thos spoonr
    • Bethia Barrow ye wife of Robt Barrow vid pag. 19806

    [16] Transactions 1707

    Aprill 16th A General fast or Army being then Embarking for La Accada & nova Scotia undr ye Command of General March.

    May 4th upon ye desire of ye chh in Marshfeild ye chh chose majr Bradford Capt Warren and mr Thomas to Accompany ye Eldrs to ye Ordination of mr James Gardnr to ye pastoral Office there May. 14th

    July 24 A General fast upon ye Acct of ye Port Royal Expedition:

    July 23d Eleizr Ring and Mary807 his wife were dismissd to Plymton

    Septr 24 1707: The pastr Eldrs and Capt Warren and Deacon Clarke upon ye desire of ye North chh of christ in Situate attendd and assisted (wth ye Eldrs and messengers of Sundry Othr churches) at ye Ordination of mr Natl Pitcher to ye pastoral office in that church

    Decr 11. A General thanksgiving On Acct of ye Union of ye 2 british Kingdoms &c. Text, 37 Ezek 22: contribution for Widdow Lydia Barrow — 3£–10s–0d

    febr 6th a church meeting wr in was by ye Pastor proposed to the church ye Setting up private family meetings in ye respective neighborhoods in ye Town808 for prayr and othr Spiritual exercises wch Was Approved and Agreed upon and Oh, thou that hearest Prayer Vouchsafe thy presence! [17]

    The Proposalls of the delegates. Mett at Boston in ye year.809

    Qu. What farther Steps may be taken that Councells may have their due Constitution and Efficicacy in Supporting, preserving and well Ordering the Interests of ye churches in ye Country?

    It was Proposed:

    1. That ye Ministers of ye Country form themselves into Associations that they may meet at proper times to Considr Such things may proprly by before them, Relating to yr own faithfullness towards each Other & ye Common interests of ye churches. & that each of these Associations have a moderatr for a certain time who Shall continue till anothr be chosen, who may call them togethr upon Emergencys

    In these Associations it is Expected that Questions and cases of Importance eithr propoundd by themselves or by Others presented unto them Should be upon due deliberation answered.

    That Advice be taken by the Associated Pastors from Time to Time before they proceed to any Action in yr particular chhs wch may be likely to produce any Imbroylments.

    That ye Associated Pastors do Carefully and Lovingly treat each othr wth yt watchfullness wch may be of universall Advantage.

    That if any Minister be Accused to ye Association

    [18] a Continuation of Male Members added:810

    • Majr Isaac Lothrop
    • Mr haveland Torry
    • Wm Dunham
    • Wm harlow senr
    • Mr Thos howland
    • Mr John Thomas
    • Ebenzr Cobb
    • Thomas Bartlett
    • Mr Nathanl Clarke, dyed, in ye Winter 1717/8
    • John harlow
    • Nathanl holmes
    • Mr John Watson
    • Joseph Churchill Junr
    • Eleazr Churchill
    • Jacob Cooke Junr dismist
    • Charles Little: dismist
    • Saml Totman
    • Nathaniel Thomas
    • Thomas Croade
    • Robert Barrow
    • Isaac King
    • Ephraim Kempton
    • all 3 then baptized
    • Sepr 17 Samuel Kempton
    • 1721 Judah west
    • Richard Cooper


    [18a811] Church Records 1708

    Lords Suppr Administred Aprl 4th May 23d July 18th October 3d Nov. 7th 5 Times.

    persons Baptized

    Silas Seth James John and Mary. ye 5 children of Richard Seirs March 28th. Elizabeth ye daughtr of John and Mary Barns. John ye Son of Elisha and Sarah holmes. Deborah ye daughr of Wm and hannah Ring & a Negro man calld Richard all Baptized Aprill 18th 1708: Margarett ye daughtr of sd Negroe Richard. May 23d: Mary and Martha the two twin daughters of sd Negrô Richard June 27th John ye Son of Mehetabell Briant. July 4th Joseph ye Son of Nathl and Martha Howland Septr 26th Total 14th

    Membrs Admittd

    Abraham Jackson Senr upwards of 80 years of age admitted March 14th — Richard A Negroe man, April 18th 1708. Alice Bradford ye Daughtr of Majr John Bradford July 4th 1708. John Washband and Lydia his Wife Octor 31th. Total 5812

    Members dismissed and Dyed

    Susannah Cole ye Wife of John Cole dismissed to Plymton July 4th

    [19] Transactions 1708

    Aprill 15th A Generl fast in ye Province.

    July 15th A General fast upon ye Acct of ye Worms devouring the fruits of ye Earth: thn let it be remembrd (to ye praise of Gods goodness) that Judgmt was in a great measure removed before ye day of prayr was attendd let God have ye glory.

    Septr 2d A particular fast partly wth respect to ye Drought, and Partly wth respect to our fishery in ye Town being undr a Considerable froū. and it pleased God to Send us a gracious Answer wth respect to both: Deo Gloria

    a Continuation of female Members Addd813

    • Anna ye wife of Eb. Dunham: Then also baptized
    • Elizābeth ye wife of John Cooke
    • Rebecca the Wife of Thomas Wetherell
    • Mary ye Wife of samll Dunham
    • Mary Dunham her Daughr a maiden
    • Widar Mary Osment
    • Mrs hannah Cotton
    • Mercy Cob — ye wife of Ebenezr Cob
    • Abigail Bartlett ye wife of Thomas Bartlett
    • Martha ye wife of John harlow
    • Eleaner ye wife of Nathl holmes
    • Susannah ye wife of Samƚƚ Cornish
    • Lidya the wife of Barnabas Churchill
    • Rebecca Phillips ye Daughr of Mrs osment. a maiden
    • hannah ye wife of Jos. Silvester
    • Desire ye wife of John Churchill 2ds
    • Wibory814 the wife of John Warshband
    • Deborâ the wife of Robt Davis, then baptized
    • persis the wife of Robr Cushman
    • Joanna the wife of Nathl holmes, 3tius
    • Hannah the wife of Eleizr holmes
    • Mary Lathly, Widow — then baptzed also
    • Hannah ye wife of Eleazr churchill
    • Mary the wife of Edward Stephens
    • Mary the wife of francis Adams
    • phebe the wife bf Jacob Cooke Junr
    • Bethiah spoonr Maiden marryed since to John churchill Junr
    • Anne finney the wife of Robert finney
    • Abigail Wethred ye wife of samuel Wethred
    • Bethia Barrow widow
    • patience ye wife of Ebenr holmes Junr vid p. 21815

    [19a816] Church Records 1709

    The Lords Suppr administred Aprill 10th May 29th July 10th Augst 21th Octobr 9th 5 Times:817

    persons baptized

    John818 Ichabod Mercy Elisha Ephraim Barnabas & Jabesh. ye 7 children of John & Lydia Warshband March 27th Hannah ye Daughter of mr Josiah Cotton bome Aprill 3d Baptizd Aprill 10th Ester ye daughter of Daniel & Mary Pratt. July 10th — Abigail Hannah Nathanl & Benjamin ye 4 children of Benjamin Warren; and Ransome ye Son of Eliezr & hannah Jackson baptized all of them July 24th — William ye Son Robert and Sarah Bartlett Septr 11th Ebenezer ye Son of John Warshband Octobr 9th Nathaniel ye Son of Wm Clarke, Junr Born and baptized Octobr 23d 1709. Bethia ye daughter of Humphry turner Jany 22d 1709 Hannah Sarah Mercy Saml John Thomas & Gershom, ye 7 children of John fostr and Sarah ye daughtr of John at Wood819 & hannah ye Daughtr of Saml Nelson all baptized febr 5th 1709–10: in all 27:

    Members Admitted

    Benjamin Warren July 3d: William Clark Junr and Sarah Little the Pastors wife — both admitted and baptized Augst 14th John faunce and abigail his Wife Septr 25th John foster and hannah his Wife and Bathshua Nelson ye Wife of Samuel Nelson Jany 8th John Atwood & Sarah his wife Janr 22d 1709 Total 10:

    Members Dyed

    Mrs hannah Sturtevant March 1st in ye 65th year of her Age the Widow hannah Rickard Aprill 1st in ye 74th year of her Age. Rebecca Churchell ye Wife of John Churchl Aprill 6th in ye year of her Age. all three very Eminent pious usefull Women: Leivtenant Nathaniel Morton July 7th in ye 5 year of his Age a pious usefull man. James Cole Octobr 4th 1709. in ye 85th of his Age: a Very pious Man. Mary Washband alias pratt Janr 12th 1709 a pious person, Giles Rickard Janr 29th in ye year of his Age a Good man he in his Will gave 7th to ye chh to be Laid Out in plate abigail Cole ye widow of James Cole Febr 21st in 77th year of her Age in all 8 dyed that year.

    Members dismissed

    [20] Transactions in ye year 1709

    A General Fast in ye Province March 24th

    July 19th a fast was kept by the Church and Town wth respect to a greivous Drought: Text 4 Amos 7. 8: God was pleased Graciously to answer us On ye 22d & 23d days of ye month in Sending plentifull showers. Deo Glor[ia]

    Septr 15th a General Fast in ye Province partly respecting ye Greivous drought yet Continued: and partly respecting ye froū of heavn in ye delay of ye Intendd Expedition agst Canada &c. by ye fleet not Coming from Brittain.

    Novembr 24th a publique and Generall Thanksgiving. Text 9 Ezra 13 14820 Contribution for Saml Dunham Senr amountd to 2ƚƚ 8s 1d821

    Janr 25th a Fast was kept by Church & Town wth respect to ye hand of of God in Visiting many Among us wth Sickness & Some with death it was ye day On wch Or monthly Lecture fell in Course but turnd into a fast. Text 2 Tim. 3. 5. having Form of Godliness &c.

    [21822] Church Records 1710

    Lords Suppr administred. Aprill 2d June 4th July: 23d Septr 24th 4 Times.

    persons baptized

    Ephraim Cole upon his Admission into chh: March 26. Lydia Ruth Elizabeth Timoty & hannah ye 5 children of Stephen Barnabe & Elisha ye Son of Elisha Doten Aprill 9th Zerviah Joseph & Elizabeth ye 3 children of John & Mary Eastland Aprill 16th — Samuel, Benjamin, & Thomas ye 3 children of John & Experience holmes. June 25th Lydia Sherleff & Hestr Cushman upon yr admission into ye church July 2d 1710. and Elizabeth ye daughtr of Thomas howland and Joanna his wife and Susannah ye daughtr of John & Mehitabell Doten823 ye same day. James Elizabeth Lydia David Hannah & John ye 6 children of Abiel & Lydia Shertleff & James Elkanah Francis Nathanl & Silvanus ye 5 children of Francis & hannah Curtice and John and Samuel ye 2 youngst children of Thomas & Rebecca phillips all being 13. July 9th Elizabeth, Robert, priscilla, phœbe, Josiah John & Joshua ye 7 children of Josiah & Elizabth finney and Maria ye daughtr of Job824 and Lydia Cushman July 16th — Jeremiah ye Son of Jeremiah Jackson of Boston Septr 17th total 39.

    Members admitted

    Stephen Barnaby, Elisha Doten and Hannah his wife. and hannah Morton ye wife of Ebenzr Morton all March 12 Ephraim Cole and Mary the Wife of John Eastland both March 26 Josiah Finney & Elizabeth his wife & Experience holmes ye wife of John holmes Senr all 3 May 28th Abial Shertleff & Lydia his wife Mrs Mary Thomas ye wife of Mr N Thomas, Hester Cushman ye wife of825 Elkanan Cushman, Lydia Cushman ye wife of Job. Rebecca phillips ye wife of Thomas phillips & Hannah Curtice ye wife of Francis Curtice all 7 July 2d 16. Total

    Membrs Deceased and Dismissed:

    [21a826] Transactions in ye Church 1710

    A General fast March 16th

    March 26. A brothr of ye chh made a publique Confession for going out a whaling. On a General thanksgiving day.

    May ye last in 31827 was attended as a fast (being or Lecture day in Course) upon ye acct of ye general droughth. and Othr frouns of providence: & it pleased God on ye 4 of June following to Send us plentifull raine. Let God have ye Glory of it

    June 15th a General fast thrô ye province On ye Acct of ye drought tho God was So mercifull before ye day to grant a plentifull Raine and a very growing Season wth freqt warm Showers followd it Oh that men would praise ye Lord for his Goodness! aftr wch was a General Thanksgiving in ye province: for Gods great Goodness in hearing our prayers:

    a Continuation of female Membr from p. 19828

    • Anne King Eleazrs wife
    • Thankfull King wife of Isaac
    • Rebecca King Maiden daughtr of Samuel
    • Bethia King the wife of Samuel
    • patience Kempton ye wife of Ephraim
    • Mercy Kempton ye wife of Samuell
    • Bethia West ye wife of Judah
    • Abigail Doten ye wife of Josiah
    • Joanna King
    • Maidens Daughters of Samuel
    • Sarah King
    • Anne palmar Maiden
    • Jane faunce — Maiden
    • Thankfull Barrow ye wife of Elisha Barrow


    [22] Church Records, 1711

    The Lords Suppr admsed Aprell 1st May 20th July 8th

    Persons Baptized

    Joseph the Son of Stephen Barnabe & Nathl the Son of John Barnes May 13. Benjamin the Son of Abiel Shurtleff ye 20th Job the Son of Job Cushman & John the Son of James howland May 27: 1711. Nathaniel the 7th Son of John foster & Mary the daughter Of John Warshband on July 8th 1711.

    Members admitted. Alass! none at all

    Members deceased & dismissed

    Mrs Hannah Bartlett the wife Of Mr Joseph Bartlett March 12th Aged 72. a Godly woman


    [24] Church Records 1712:

    The Lords Suppr administred Aprill. 6th May 25: June 29: August 10th

    persons baptized

    Blany. the Son of Thorns Phillips, March 30th John ye Son Of Mr Josiah Cotton born ye day before and Elizabeth ye daughtr Of Mr Eph Cole both baptized Aprill 6th — Gideon the Son of Ebenezr Eaton: and Marah ye daughter of John Clark deceased borne abt a fortnight after her fathers death both baptized April 13th: Sarah the daughter Of Wm Clarke Junr borne & baptized May 25 Willis the Son of Eleazr Rogers. John the Son of Samuel Nelson and Mercy the daughter of Richard Gundaway a Negro (born ye same day) all 3 baptized June 1st 1712: Samuel the Son of Elisha Doten. July 20: Marah ye Daughter of Mercy Dunham one unlawfully begotten (for wch ye mother was excommunicated at plymton) but again restored & received to Communion baptized Septembr 7th: by ye Way some Scrupled the baptizing of it bee. a bastard, but I think their scruples are groundless & unscriptural, and seems to be a revival830 of yt proverb wch God Sd shd be no more used in Israel, the fathrs have eaten sour Grapes &c: to deny it baptism wd be to punish ye Child for ye Iniquity of ye parent and to punish ye parent after reconciliation wch is unjust & unchristian. Thomas Lydya Lemuel Sarah Nathll Mary ye 6 Children of Thomas & Martha Morton

    persons admitted

    Martha ye Wife of Thomas Morton. [25831]

    [26] Church Records. 1713

    Lords Supper admisred 6 Times.

    persons admitted into church

    Thomas Clarke & his Wife John faunce and his Wife Decr 27. 1713. Joseph faunce febr 8th Francis Adams febr 21: 1713/14


    Mrs Mary Rickard the wife of John Rickard [27832]

    [28] Church Records 1714

    Lords Supper Administred 7 Times.

    baptized. uncertain.

    Members admitted

    Ignatius Cushing and Mercy his Wife. John Morton James Cob & patience his Wife: Thomas harlow & Jedidah his Wife

    Members Dyed

    old Mr Jackson: Sarah the wife of Elisha holmes [29833]

    [30] Church Records. 1715

    Lords Supper Administred April 20th May 24: July 3d Augst 7th

    Persons baptized

    Sarah Bartlett ye wife of Benj & six834 of her children viz. Nathaniel & Jonathan: Joseph, Benjamin, hannah and Sarah: — Joanna, Jemima Thomas & Abner the children of Thomas & Joanna holmes: 11: in all

    persons Admitted

    Mary harlow maiden. Jabez Shurtleff & Mary his Wife. Ebenzr Curtice & Mary his Wife. Sarah ye Wife of Benj. Bartlett: Joannah the wife of Thomas holmes: In all 7

    Members Dyed

    James Warren Esqr in ye 50th year of his Age: In June 1715 An Exeeding loss to ye church Town & County Mrs patience Nelson, Widow: John Cobb aged abt 80: Mr Joseph Bradford July 10th in ye 85th year of his Age Samuell Rider senr July 18th in ye year of his Age: Eleazr churchill senr Mary harlow Maiden: Mary the wife of Eleazr churchill: — in all 8:

    [31] Transactions 1715

    God having been pleased to Visit the Town with much sickness & Many deaths. about 40. dying wthin little more than a year. a day of fasting and prayr was Appointed To be Attendd on ye 7th835 day of June. a few days before wch viz one ye 3d day of June wee had another awfull Instance of Gods displeasure Or Meeting house being struck and Very much rent by a Terrible Clap of thundr Sd day Was Attended and behold a Gracious God So farr heard the Cryes of his people that ye sickness abated and Wee had no death for many Weeks after. oh yt men would praise ye lord for his Goodness!

    August 7th 1715. a Contribution was moved; & made both by the Church & Congregation To defray The Expense of Grave stones sett upon ye grave of that worthy & Usefull servant of God Eldr Thomas Cushman the whole Congregation were very forward in it

    [32] Church Records 1716

    Lords supper Administred Aprill 8th May 13th June 17th July 22d Septembr 2d Octobr 21: Novr 25: 7 Times

    Persons Baptized

    Majr Isaac Lothrop, May 6th Theopilus the son of Mr Josiah Cotton: May 13th Melatiah Isaac & Elizabeth ye 3. children of Majr Lothrop. William & Joanna ye children of William harlow senr Haviland ye son of haviland Torrey, Sarah Dr of Saml Nelson May 20. Sarah, Mercy, Francis, Jemimah & Content ye 5 children of Abigail Billington & John ye son of John faunce Junr: Joanna the Daughter of Thomas howland June 17th Hezekiah ye son of Hezekiah Bozworth & Jabez ye son of Robert Barrow, both July 8th 1716 Mercy spoonr baptized July 15: Patience ye Daughtr of Ebenr Morton Augst 5th Perez ye son of Mr John chipman of sandwich: in his 13th year & Anna Dunham the Wife of Ebenr Dunham upon her admission into ye church. Augst 12th Silas paul & Robert ye 3 sons John & Elizabeth Cooke. in all 25.

    Members Admitted

    Majr Isaac Lothrop who was also yn baptized. Mr haviland Torry & his Wife, Wm harlow & his Wife, Wm Dunham & Abigail Billington. all 7. on May 6th: Mr Thomas howland Mr John Thomas, Mercy spoonr Elizabeth phillips & Sarah Nelson all 5 July 15: & Bethia Barrow: Elizabeth Cooke and Anna Dunham Augst 12th Rebecca Wetherell August 26th Mary Dunham ye Wife of Samll Dunham & Mary her Daughr Octobr 7: Ebenr Cob & his wife Widow Osmt & Mrs Cotton Novembr 18:

    Membrs Dyed

    Lydia the Wife of John Warshband septembr 22d

    in all admitted 1716. 22r Members:

    persons baptized 1716

    Rebecca & Thomas ye children of Thos Wetherell & Seth ye son of Ebenr Dunham septr 9th 1716: Edwd the son of Elisha Doten Octobr 21, 1716: Meriah the of Eleazr Rogers. and Thomas the son of Rob. Barrow Novr 25th: Ebenezr Nathaniel hannah Sarah Mercy Nathan John Mary & Elizabeth ye 9 children of Ebener Cob. Decembr 1716 in all 40 baptized

    [32a836]Transactions in ye year 1716

    In the Spring of this year upon a motion made to the Pastor that ye Deacons that yn Were Living at such a Distance it might be Convenient to choose two more, wch the Pastor Complying wth on ye Next sabbath proposed it to ye chh & Appointed the Next837 Wednesday for a church meeting at his house. but wth all told ye church yt he would not have ym choose the Deacons undr a Certain Expectation of his Ordaining them for as To yt Mattr he was not well satisfyed about it. hower the church mett at ye time & place & without any dispute abt the Ordination made Choice of Or Brothr John foster & Our Brother John Atwood to be Deacons, ye Vote was very Unanimous. and being desired by ye Pastor soon after, took yr places in ye Deacons seat but in some short time it was commonly sd the most of ye church were dissatisfyed yt they were not ordained Upon wch a chh meeting was Called wrin the pastor 1. gave ye church an Acct in Writing ye grounds of his scrupling yr Ordination & yn desired to know ye Brethrens mind: who (all that were present being about 23 or 24) declared yr Opinion for yr being ordaind not above 4 or 5. seemd of a Contrary Opinion. upon wch the pastor proposed that ye business not requireing hast it might be left To furthr Consideration. To wch ye chh Concurred & ye meeting was with much peace

    August 19. a child of ye church made a publick Confession in Writing for fornication before his Marriage ye child being borne abt 5. Months aftr Marriage:

    Octobr 14 1716 the sacrament was Appointed to be on yt day but wee were disappointed by a most Violent storm of Wind & Rain not only of ye sacramt but of any Meeting. neithr was yr any in ys County sundry of our fishermen were out coming from Cape Sables who were wonderfully preserved: Oh that men wd praise ye Lord &c

    Novemr 11. the pastor proposed To ye church ye ordination of ye above mentioned 2 deacons John foster & John Atwood (Without ye Imposition of hands) ye Brethren by a full Vote consented. & they were ordaind ye pastor begining wth prayr gave ym a charge & ye Eldr concluded with prayr

    [33] The Church Records. 1717

    Lords Suppr Admsrd May 5th — Augst 4th Septembr 15: Octobr 20. Decr 1: 5 Times.

    Persons baptized

    patience ye Daughr of Ebenr Dunham senr Aprill 7th Job ye son of Ebenzr Cob, & sarah ye Daughtr of Thoms Clarke 3tus both Aprill 14: Mercy the daught of Ignatius Cushing. Aprill 28, Martha ye wife of John harlow Aprill 21st upon her admission To full Communion. Gershom the son of James Cob. May 5th. Mercy, Nathaniel, Joshua, patience Eleanor Joseph Benjamin the 7838 children of N. holmes 2d & his wife; and Lydia the daughter of hannah Curtice all Augst 4th839 Nathaniel James Barnabas Zepheniah Bathua & Joanna ye 6 children of Nath holmes Junr & Barnabas & William ye sons of Barnabas churchill: & Jane the daughtr of John faunce senr all baptized Augst 11. 1717. Joseph ye son of Capt Benj Warren, Sarah ye Daughtr of Eben Curtice & Samuel Abigail Josiah Thomas Joseph Benjm & James ye 7 children of Saml Cornish all Octobr 20, 1717 the 2 Eldest of ym Covenantd for ym selves being adult Joanna ye wife of N. holmes:840

    Members Admitted:

    Thomas Bartlett & abigail his wife both admitted March 24th Mr Nathl Clarke, John harlow & his wife April 21st Nathanl holmes ye son of John holmes deceased & his Eleanr his wife Aprill 28: Mr John Watson susannah Cornish & Lydia churchill July 28, Joseph churchill Junr & Rebecca phillips Septembr 8th hannah Silvester, Deborah Davis desire churchill & Wibory Warshband all 4 Novembr 17. 1717. & persis Cushman Novr 24. 1717 18 in all

    John the Son of John Watson, Baptized in August 1717841


    Abiah the child of Joseph churchill Novr 28. 1717. being thanksgiving day: Mary the daughtr of Jabez Shurtleff Novr 24:

    Members Dyed

    Elizabeth Relict of Capt Joseph howland March 1717 Jane, ye wife of Eldr faunce Augst 8. 1717: in 68th year of her age & Mr N. Clarke, Saml Dunham Hannah Cooper, Lydia Barro842 Mercy King old Mrs Cole, Mercy Cushing Bathshua Nelson Mary Curtice all in ye winter 171⅞ 11 in all: [33a843]

    ***the baptism of ye child mentioned844 in the following page845 being as was there Expressd the first Instance I here would mention breafly ye grounds of ye proceeding:

    1. the child was undeniably a propr subject of Baptism (even agreable To ye Ancient practice in plymth) ye mother being in full Communion:

    2. I nevr could find that baptism (viz. the administration of it) is any where in scripture Limitted To ye sabbath or a public Assembly. & I always had a greatr regard to ye Scripture than the Custome or practice of any Minister or Church.

    (1) I cant find it Limittd To sabbath in ye Scripture.

    (2) nor To a publick Assembly:

    1: not to ye sabbath:

    [34] a Church Records 1718

    Lords Supper Administred March 30, May 25: June 29. July 23: Septr 18. Novr 9th

    Persons Baptized

    Wm ye son of Thomas Wetherl, Richard ye son of Nathl holmes 2ds Aprill 13. and Solomon Joseph Ebenezr hannah Mary Thankfull & Content ye 7 children of Joseph Silvestr Aprill 13. 4 of them viz. Solomon Joseph hannah & Mary upon yr own Actually Covenantig being Adult. at ye same time hannah was propoundd for full Commuı͞o846 Mercy the Daughtr of John Cooke Aprill 17: Robert, Ruth Abigail Thomas Joshua hannah & Jonathan the 7 children of Robrt Cushman: & hannah Eleazr & Lydia the 3 children of Eleazr holmes, all baptized June 1. Mary Lathly Widow, Wm the son of Thomas Clarke 2ds Jonathan the son of Thomas harlow, Hannah ye daughtr of John faunce Junr. Sarah the daughter of Capt Ephrn Morton. all 5 baptized July 6: Mary Rhoda Mercy & John 4 of ye children of Mary Lathly & George ye son of Mr Jno Watson. Eleazr & Josiah ye 2 sons of Eleazer churchill, Lydia ye Daughter of Robt Barrow. all 8 July 13: Ephraim the son of Eleazr holmes baptized on a Saturday at his house it being at ye point of death. & dyed about 6 hours after. being the first Instance of that nature in this town, viz. of any baptized privately. it was done July 19. 1718: pr Ephraim Little.***847 James Lathly. Mary. hannah & Sarah ye 3 children of Ed. stephen[s] all 4 baptized July 20. 1718: Mary Adams & phebe Cooke on yr Admission & Thomas ye son of Thomas Clarke 3tus all Augst 17th in all 40 vide next page848

    Members Admitted

    hannah ye wife of Eleizer holmes May, 11th Eleazr churchill & his wife Mary Stephens and ye Widow Mary Lathly all 4 July 6th Mary ye wife of francis Adams & Jacob Cooke Junr & Phebe his wife Augst 17: Mr Charles Little & Bethia spoonr Novr 2d

    Members dyed

    Martha howland ye wife of Nathl howland Augst 15 Hannah ye wife of Elisha Bradford ye same month & in ye same house. Widow harlow feb. 11: 1718/9 28. widow Cole dyed [35]

    baptized in ye year 1718

    Zacheus the son of Ebenr Morton Novr 2d

    at a church meeting at my house Octobr 13. 1719. I proposed to ye chh that it would be very convenient for ym to declare their minds Concerning Letters of Dismission in Case a a membr in full Communion removed from one church To anothr aftr some thoughts upon it and Agitation upon the affair it was by a very full vote agreed. that for the future any members of other churches eithr now residing wth us or that hereaftr should come Among as residents should as soon as Conveniently they could obtain Letters of dismission from the respective churches wth wm they had Covenanted and Actually covenant wth ys church wr they Expected a Constant Communion & that if any of our church removed wee should Expect they would do the Like in ye churches To which they went!! and that there should be a Vote of ye church in ys Affair calld for and obtained wn any desired upon such a dismission To Joyn wth us:

    at a church meeting at my house August 16: 1721: the Case of Bethia King wife of samll King came undr our consideration: the Case was this. the woman many months before was propoundd to ye church. some of ye Brethren objected wch putt a demurr upon ye proceeding; many Endeavrs were used (thô to no purpose) to remove the difficultyes. it was therefore thought by ye Eldrs most advisable to have ye Opinion of ye church upon the Matter. and it was fully Agreed and voted. that those brethn who were dissatisfyed should use all possible Endeavrs To obtain satisfaction. but in Case they did not succeed there should be a hearing of ye whole before ye Elders Majr Lothrop Mr John churchill & Deacon Woods: and so ye meeting issued with peace and Comfort.

    [36] Church Records 1719

    Sacramt Administred March 15. Aprill 27:

    Persons Baptized

    Lydia the daughtr of Robert finney & Thomas the son of Robert Davie both March849 15: Ephraim ye son of Nathl holmes. Abigail Wethered upon her admission. Icabod ye son of Joseph churchill: Lydia the Daughr of Wm harlow June 14th Lucy the daugr of Charles Little Octor 11:

    Members Admitted

    Anne the wife of Robt Finney March 1. Abigail wetherhead Aprill 12th

    Members deceased850

    [37] 1721

    Sacrament administred. May 28: June 25th July 30th August 27th septr 24:

    Persons baptized

    Nathaniel ye son of solomon silvestr at his own house. by reason of sickness. July 20th Ephr̄ Elizabeth & Isaac ye children of Bethia barrow. Johns widow. and Ephraim ye son of Capt Morton & Lydia ye daughtr of Thomas harlow all July. 30th William ye son of Ebenezr holmes Junr Augst 13: patience ye Daughtr of John faunce Senr: Isac Mary Lidia Martha and Jonathan ye 5. children of Isaac King septr 3d 1721: Ephraim Kempton Samuel Kempton, Judah west all three septr 17. upon yr admission — Thomas Kempton William and Joanna the children of Ephraim Kempton & Mary Lowis Bathua samƚƚ John Mercy. the 6 children of samuel Kempton all baptized sepr 24 Thomas Kempton being abt 17. years old Covenantd upon his Account: Rebeca ye daughtr of Robert finny at his own house septr 27. Charles & Judah ye Sons of Judah West Octor 1st

    Verte851 total 28

    Members Admitted

    the widow bethia Barrow & patience the wife of Ebenr holmes Junr July 23. and saml Totman in June before. Nathaniel Thomas dismist from Salem Augst 13: Thomas Croad Robt Barrow Isaac King & his wife Anna King Eleazrs wife & rebecca King daughter of samƚƚ all 6 August 20 1721: Bethia King septembr 10th Ephraim Kempton his wife. samuel Kempton & his wife Judah West & his wife. Abigail doten Joanna King and Sarah King all septr 17. 1721:

    Members deceased

    susanah ye wife of deacon Clark in July. Caleb Cooke of ye small pox Aged about 70 years febr 13. 172½

    [38] 1721

    Persons baptized

    Josiah Abigail Experience & patience the four children of Josiah Doten: Octobr 8th 1721: paul ye Son of Elisha Doten Novr 26 Edward ye Son of Edward Stephens Decr 10th 1721: Ebenezr ye son of John Churchill Junr Janr 7. 1721/2: Amaziah son of John harlow. Janr 28:

    persons baptized. 1722

    Samuel the son of Wm Boid. a membr of a church of Christ in ye north of Ireland, June 10. 1722. Edward ye son of Josiah Cotton Esqr June 24.852 1722: Ebenezr ye son Ebenezr holmes Junr June 3d 1722:

    • Benjamin ye son of Hezkiah Bozworth:
    • all 3 July 15 1722
    • Mary the Daughtr of Thomas Wetherell
    • Sarah the daughtr of Samƚƚ Kempton

    Elizabeth ye daughtr of solomon silvestr July 22, 1722 David ye son of Judah West.853 August 12th 1722. Joseph the son of Joseph churchill septembr 9th 1722

    thankfull ye Son of Eleazr holmes

    both Septer 23. 1722

    ye of francis adams

    Sarah the Daughr of Saml Jackson Janr 20. 1722 Amos ye Son of Robt Barrow febr 10. 172⅔

    baptized 1723

    Joseph & Benȷ̄ ye twins of Thomas spoonr in Aprill at his house. both quickly dyed. susannah ye daughter of Thomas Clark at ponds854 May 26. Lydia ye Daughtr of Elisha Barrow855 June 9. 1723 Eunice ye daughter of Ebenr Curtice. Sarah ye daughter of Josiah Doten: & Samuel ye son of Isaac King all 3. July 14th 1723 — James ye Son of James Clarke July 28 Josiah ye son of Josiah Cotton Esqr Augt 4th Lemƚƚ ye son of Barnabas churchill Augst 25: 1723: Lydia daughtr of Elisha Barrow in Aprill 1723: Mary the daughter of Jabez shurtleff and Thomas ye son of Thomas856 Stirmy Septr 15. 1723:

    [39] 172½

    febr 11. on ye Lords day Evening the pastor with ye Concurrence of Eldr faunce publiquely moved To ye church to meet at his house on Teusday following that he might know yr minds in a Matter of considerable Importance, Accordingly on ye Teusday febr 13. the church mett Generally, and Aftr Opening ye meeting by prayr the Pastor made a motion to ye Brethren about making choice of anothr Ruling Eldr to Assist in ye rule & Governmt of the church in wch ye Revd Aged Eldr faunce concurred aftr some Little Agitation whethr it was so Convenient for the brethren to give their Opions then or Leave it to furthr consideration.

    It was Voted by a free & full*** vote, viz: That this church were of Opinion that such an Offier was of Divine Institution and Authority. and they Judgd it might be for Gods Glory & ye Good of this church to have another chosen and that it would be Expedient the church in some convenient time be Calld togethr for that end. & so ye meeting was Closd by prayr

    ***i. e. of all there857 I suppose Excepting one or two thô some brethren were absent. and others came in aftr ye passing ye vote.

    a church fast on ye Acct of drought June 7, 1722 another more private at Jos. Kings June 20 1722:

    Septr 1. 1723. the pastor wth ye Consent of ye Eldr858 propoundd to ye church in publick aftr ye publick Exercise that ye church Again meet togethr That wee might know yr minds about the Eldrship. and septr 13. at 2 in ye Afternoon was Appointed for a church meeting at ye pastors house upon that Affair: on Sd day some of ye church mett but (the Eldr being absent & many of ye church by reason of a storm on that day) it was thought best not to Entr upon ye Affair then

    [40] 1722

    Lords supper Administred. July 22. 1722: Septemr 9th October 7th 1723. Aprill 28th859 June 3d860 June 30th August 4th Septembr 1:

    Membrs admitted

    Richard Cooper. Anne palmar Jane faunce

    Members dyed 1723

    Mrs churchill May 1723. Mary861 howland may 26. 1723: Mr John churchill June 13. 1723. aged abt 67. years.862


    The Reuerand Mr Ephrame Little Pastor of ye Church of Christ in Plimouth Decassed Nouember 24th 1723 being in ye Pasteroll office in this Church for ye Space of 24 years Last Past863