VOLUME XXVII, now completed, contains the Transactions of the Society at seventeen meetings, from January, 1927, to November, 1930, both included, in continuation of Volume XXVI. Pages 1 to 341, inclusive, have been edited by Mr. Kenneth Ballard Murdock, who was until October 1, 1930, Editor of the Society’s Publications. The rest of the volume has been edited by the present Editor of Publications.

    The Committee gratefully acknowledges the Society’s indebtedness to several institutions, and to many friends and members of this Society, for permission to reproduce documents in their possession, for the gift of plates, or for other courtesies, especially: Mr. Samuel C. Clough, Mr. Percival Merritt, Mr. Philip P. Chase, Mr. Harold A. Pitman, the Harvard College Library, and the Massachusetts Historical Society.

    For the Committee of Publication,

    Samuel Eliot Morison,


    Boston, June 1, 1932.