A Stated Meeting of the Society was held at the house of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, No. 28 Newbury Street, Boston, on Thursday, January 27, 1927, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the President, Samuel Eliot Morison, in the chair.

    The Records of the last Stated Meeting were read and approved.

    The Honorable Oliver Wendell Holmes of Washington was elected an Honorary Member; Mr. Harold Hitchings Burbank of Cambridge was elected a Resident Member; Mr. Thomas William Lamont of New York and Mr. William Gwinn Mather of Cleveland were elected Corresponding Members; and Sir George Otto Trevelyan of Stratford-on-Avon, England, M. Émile Bourgeois of Paris, France, Mr. Hugh Edward Egerton of Oxford, England, Mr. Charles Howard McIlwain of Cambridge, and Mr. John Henry Edmonds of Boston, were elected Associate Members.

    The following minute on the resignation of the Rev. Dr. Charles Edwards Park as Corresponding Secretary, prepared by Mr. Albert Matthews, was read by the President, and was unanimously adopted:

    The Colonial Society of Massachusetts received with regret the resignation of Charles Edwards Park as Corresponding Secretary. In the thirty-four years of its existence, the Society has been fortunate in having had but three Corresponding Secretaries. Mr. Andrew McFarland Davis served for five years, from 1892 to 1897; Mr. John Noble for twelve years, from 1897 to 1909; and now Dr. Park has rounded out a term of seventeen years. Though his onerous duties as minister of the First Church prevented his frequent attendance at our meetings, yet on the occasions when he was able to be present his comments were always to the point, and he has contributed to our Publications several admirable papers. Nor is it too much to say that his extraordinarily apt characterizations of deceased members made his annual reports to the Society notable events.

    Mr. Samuel E. Morison read a paper on “New England and the Origin of the Columbia River Trade,” which will be printed elsewhere.

    Mr. Tozzer, Mr. Francis R. Hart, and others, discussed this paper.

    Mr. Kenneth B. Murdock read a communication written by Mr. Thomas J. Holmes of Cleveland, Librarian of the William Gwinn Mather Library, on “Samuel Mather of Witney, 1674–1733.”1