April Meeting, 1952

    A STATED Meeting of the Society was held, at the invitation of the Trustees of the Peabody Museum of Salem,—at East India Marine Hall, Salem, on Thursday, 24 April 1952, at a quarter after eight in the evening, the President, Hon. Robert Walcott in the chair.

    The records of the last Stated Meeting were read and approved.

    Mr. Warren Ortman Ault, of Waban, was elected to Resident Membership; the Reverend Warner Foote Gookin, of Oak Bluffs, Mr. Douglas Edward Leach, of Lewiston, Maine, and Mr. Alexander Orr Vietor, of New Haven, Connecticut, were elected to Non-Resident Membership, and Mr. Carl Purington Rollins, of New Haven, Connecticut, was elected to Corresponding Membership in the Society.

    The chair appointed the following committees in anticipation of the Annual Meeting:

    To nominate candidates for the several offices,—Messrs. Elliott Perkins and Fred Norris Robinson.

    To examine the Treasurer’s accounts,—Messrs. Willard Goodrich Cogswell and Arthur Stanwood Pier.

    To arrange for the Annual Dinner,—Messrs. Samuel Eliot Morison and Walter Muir Whitehill.

    Mr. Marius Barbeau then read a paper entitled: “The Grande Monarque.”

    Mr. David Pingree Wheatland, Curator of the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard University, spoke briefly upon the scientific instruments obtained by Harvard College after the fire of 1764.