February Meeting, 1955

    A STATED Meeting of the Society was held at its House, No. 87 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, on Thursday, 24 February 1955, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the President, Hon. Robert Walcott, in the chair. The meeting was opened with prayer by the Reverend Palfrey Perkins. The flowers on the table in the meeting room were the gift of the Society’s neighbor, Miss Evelyn Sears of No. 85 Mount Vernon Street. The attendance of forty-three members, the largest save for the Annual Meeting for many years, reflected the interest felt in the first meeting of the Society to be held on its own premises.

    The records of the last Stated Meeting were read and approved.

    The Corresponding Secretary reported the receipt of letters from Messrs. Bernard Bailyn, of Cambridge, Claude Moore Fuess, of Chestnut Hill, and Llewellyn Howland, of South Dartmouth, accepting election to Resident Membership in the Society.

    Mr. Ebenezer Gay, of Hingham, was elected a Resident Member of the Society.

    Mr. Richard MottGummere read a paper entitled: “Classical Ideas in Colonial America.”235

    The meeting was held in the connecting drawing rooms on the front of the second floor of the house. At its conclusion, punch, doughnuts, and cheese were served in the dining room on the first floor. The pattern thus established has been followed at all subsequent stated meetings.