Publications of The Colonial Society of Massachusetts

    volume lxvii

    Committee of Publication

    linda smith rhoads, chair

    frederick d. ballou

    malcolm freiberg

    harley peirce holden

    conrad edick wright

    Editor of Publications

    john w. tyler

    aristotelian and cartesian logic at harvard

    Charles Morton’s A Logick System


    William Brattle’s Compendium of Logick

    edited and introduced by

    Rick Kennedy

    published by the colonial society of massachusetts and distributed by the university press of virginia boston, 1995

    Copyright 1995 The Colonial Society of Massachusetts

    isbn 0–9620737–2–5

    Printed from the Income of the Sarah Louise Edes Fund


    To those who know that thinking is an art

    and the study of an art a technology,

    that logic is the technology of living well.