The Memorial Verses of the Logick System

    Cap. 1 of Terms & Acts of the Intellect [1]

    Terms are as handles fitted to a thing

    usefull as bones that flesh to market bring.

    Logick by its 3 parts dos the Intellect

    to apprehend, compound, discourse, direct.

    Cap. 2 Of Predicables [2]

    A single one or Individuall is what?

    Indefin’d, proper, Suppos’d, pointed at.

    All universalls thus together pack

    In what? Gen: Spec: / what manner, diff: prop: Acc:

    Genus above species below are seen

    and subalternates take their place between.

    Genus and difference do the species make

    property after difference place dos take.

    not only, not all, not always possest

    Are meane. All—only—always is the best.

    Precisive is of what thought layes aside

    negative is of what may be deny’d.

    Abstraction precisive takes property

    All common Accidents I can deny.

    Cap. 3 of Antepredicaments [3]

    The predicaments to know 7 things forewatch,

    3 Definitions, Div’s & Rules, 2 each.

    Equiv’s, & Univ’s, with their Analogates

    Subject and form to make denominates.

    Great Aristotle all created things

    under 2 common heads (sub. Acci:) brings.

    In not as part, or. place, nor can absent,

    that dos inhere and is an Accident.

    Abstract, as Justice; Concrete, is as Just;

    Simple, as man; and complex man is dust.

    What Predicate essentially you do

    of predicate, may of the Subject too.

    under one Genus or a common name,

    Species and Difference they are the Same.

    Cap. 4 of Predicaments. [4]

    A man, tall, wise, that once his friend, did greet;

    buried, in Greece, now, lyes, in winding sheet.

    To Predicaments, 5 things are Requisite,

    Real, univ: univers: whole, finite.

    Cap. 5 of Substance [5]

    Body and spirit are it’s Species1

    But 1st and 2d its Subjecting ways.

    contrary none; nor has degrees at all;

    takes contraries; is said univocall.

    Cap. 6 of Quantity [6]

    Spirits extension dos possess no Space

    but things that are material lfill a place.

    Geometries continualls, Long, broad, Thick,2

    discrete in number for Arithmetick.

    lines common term is point of surface line,

    Surface the parts of body dos combine.

    All numbers under these distinctions fall,

    numbring, numbred; cardinall, ordinall.

    Contrary, or degrees, t’will not admitt,

    It equalls, is potentiall infinite.

    Cap. 7. of Quality [7]

    Naturall power and habit sense escape,

    but sense perceives the patible & Shape.

    Naturall pow’r & Impotens are known

    by their effects, some act or passion.

    Habit’s Infus’d by God Immediately,

    or is acquir’d by humane Industry.

    firm habits many acts (or few strong) cost

    by force is disposition and soon lost.

    All morall habits do the will direct

    but Intellectuall the Intellect.

    the privative of all assent is doubt

    Assents are some with fear & some without.

    Opinion, humane faith give weak assent,

    fals error heresy shism are confident.

    Assur’d of truth is faith divine in heart

    Intelligens, Sapiens, Science, prudens,

    Art. Sap: Science, Speculat. pru: practicall

    Art operates; Intelligence is all.

    Patible quality affects one sense

    Its passion is of little permanence

    form is of animates; shap’d naturall,

    figure of things shap’d Artificiall

    Qualities only have their con & deg:

    by those things are alike (as egg to egg)

    Cap. 8 of Relation. [8]

    To 3 In each Relation have an eye,

    the subject, corrolate, and Reason why.

    three grounds Relations are built upon

    Quantity, Quality, and action.

    Transcendent, predicamentall, Rationall,

    Real; of like, or divers name (there’s all)

    Reciprocall by (est) and are together.

    In nature, knowledge, both made, marr’d if either

    Cap. 9 of Action and passion [9]

    Qualities power, Action formality,

    Immanent in; Transient without doth lie.

    Contraries & degrees, act taketh on,

    by qualities; Inferreth passion.

    Intentional to Action term doth give

    Sensible change is by Transmutative

    Cap 10. of Respective Predicaments. [10]

    Replete, defin’d &c circumscription

    each body hath its where, no 2 have one.

    Eternity, Everlastingness sublime

    of God and Spirits are: of bodies time.

    time has succession, none eternity

    concreate; best is opportunity.

    above, below, are common unto all

    before, behind, Right, left, to Animal.

    habits provided are; by nature, Art.

    for need, or ornament, to whole, or part.

    habits unsuitable become a sin

    are outward signs of what is Log’d within.

    Cap. 11 of Postpredicaments [11]

    Two Simple terms which do each other thwart

    In third, in the Same time, Respect & part

    oppos’d Relation, contrariety,

    privative terms, and contradictory.

    Relate’s contrar’s, affirm’d private’s deny’d

    but contradictories no mean abide.

    before, together, after, 6 set forth,

    time, nature, knowledge, order, cause, &. worth,

    Generat: & corrupt: augment: diminish:

    altering & placeing, motions kinds do finish.

    habit for all positive Accident,

    one kind of quality, last predicament.

    Cap. 12. of Definition & division. [12]

    nominall Definitions notifie,

    by common words, or etymologic

    Reall, essentially Genus, Difference,

    Acc: property, or common Accidents.

    for definition tis Requir’d you bring

    that which is plain, short, equall to the thing

    Divisions nominall do show thereby

    What words equivocall do Signify.

    Reall and perfect parteth universall3

    essentiall (meta: Phys:) and Integrall.

    Imperfect sub: by Acci: Represents

    Acci: by Sub: and Acc: by Accidents.

    If you will make division aright

    the members few, adequate, opposite.

    The 2d part of Logick.

    Cap. 1. of Proposition its definite departs [1]

    In proposition Signes, and parts do lie,

    nouns without time, verbs with time Signify.

    Subject before, predicate the other side,

    of copula expressed & deny’d.

    Cap. 2. of Proposition Species [2]

    A categorick you may Simple call

    if, and, or, either, hypotheticall:

    true, or false, quality the thing affords,

    affirmed or deny’d is of the words.

    All, or no generall, some particular

    Indefin’d no Signe; this, that, Singular.

    What? Cat: of Hyp: / of what kind? true, false, are

    aff: neg: / how much? und: part: Ind: Singular.

    Cap 3d of Proposition & affections. [3]

    false not true cons: true not false Subs: you see

    both subalterns, contradicts neither be. or

    contraries may be false not true, true, false, not false you see

    both subalternate, true & false; contradicts neither be.

    not set before dos contradicts concern,

    after contrar’s, fore & aft, subaltern.

    not all, is some; but all not, is as none.

    not none, is some; but none not, every one.

    not any, none; not some, not all is this.

    not either, neither; neither not, both is.

    envy: will simply turn, but eva’s done,

    by Acci: Case: contraposition.

    A, is aff: E, neg: both universall are

    I, is aff: O, neg: but both particular.

    The 3d part of Logick

    Cap. 1. of Syllogisms. [1]

    Syllog: Induc: Sorites, enthymem

    example (or Similitude) dilemm.

    3 propositions do next matter frame

    of Syllogism: Remote, 3 terms the same

    the mean is both, the premises are one

    minor is Subject of conclusion.

    Sub præ the 1st, twice prae the 2d is,

    twice sub & 3: (mind this you will not miss.

    Bar-bar-ra cæ-la-rent Da-ri-i for-ri-o (are Reduced)

    cæs-a-re cam-es-tres fes-ti-no ba-ro-co / 3d Da-rap-ti

    fe-lap-ton Dis-a-mis Da-ti-si bo-car-do fe-ri-son

    S. Simply turn’d & P. pt. acci: well.

    M. is transpos’d. C. to Impossible (or

    S. will be simply turnd. by Acci: P.

    M. is transpose’d Impossible is C.

    All neg’s, all parts, conclude not by this art

    conclusion always follows weaker part

    Cap. 2. of Secondary Argumentation. [2]

    Clear brevity an enthymem doth love

    always a sequel by a sequel prove.

    In hypothetick what by Sequel’s meant

    the same in enthymem is argument.

    the weakness of Induction is espied

    If there’s an Instance which may be deny’d4

    example from Similitude conclude

    in argument they commonly delude (or

    examples from their likeness do conclude

    but always fail where’s no Similitude.

    by a Sorities arguing in a chain

    first subject dos, last predicate attayne

    but if one link dos hap to slip or fly

    then all the argument is spoil’d thereby.

    Dilemma’s horns do push on either side

    yet truth may safely in the mean abide.

    Cap. 3. of demonstration its Definition [3]

    A demonstration Science doth compleate

    opinion Topick, fallacy deceit

    by difference demonstrate property

    you’ll then the thing & cause attain thereby.

    to demonstration some foreknowledge bring

    that tis in nature, subject, what? name, thing

    foreknow the subject that tis, & both what’s

    affections name, principles name, both that’s

    Gen: Diff: to Sub: Sub: & prop: is direct

    exist: to ess: externall cause is effect

    of all, directly, as it self, those three,

    are stepps by which things necessary be.

    Of demonstration’s truth 5 are the laws,

    necess: Immed: more known, preced: & cause.

    Cap. 4. of demonstration its division. [4]

    In barbara remote efficient lies

    if turn’d, if not, camestres then denyes,

    the next effect its cause doth verify

    That so it is; althô it show not why?

    To prove the [why] of things 4 causes tend

    matter & form, efficient and end.

    Cap. 5. of demonstration’s affections [5]

    Analysis in demonstration brings

    back from the last to the first proof of things

    a thing Indemonstrable you may call

    which has no proof, or what needs none at all.

    Regress 1st by the effect the cause doth show

    and then the effect by the cause why tis so.

    the circle is Impossible in this,

    that’s prov’d by cause, whereof the cause it is.

    Conversion turns the proving Propositions

    Into affections, perfect Definitions.

    Cap. 6. of Topicks. [6]

    On argument opinion is grounded

    but upon Testimony faith is founded.

    Probable is by all, most, wisest deem’d

    and then these, all, most, or most esteem’d,

    doubtfull & profitable must be all,

    What problem first, after conclusion call.

    The middle term doth prove as argument

    Genus, Definition, property, Accident.

    Maxims & differences whence they are sought,

    afford all arguments that can be brought.

    In execution first efficient

    matter & form; and only in Intent.

    If totall, direct, next cause you have got

    Th’efficient will follow; otherwise twill not.

    formall & virtuall must be within

    efficient, what it gives (cat yields but skin)

    As is the cause such an effect you’l se,

    in Essence if univocall it be.

    under the adjuncts names do subjects fall

    the man who learning hath you learned call.

    from the prevailing part, denominate,

    althô the thing be in Imperfect State.

    Where ere you will suppose a Subject, his

    proper Inseparable adjunct is.

    opposites are but 2 disparates 3

    Divers what only not the same things be.

    The better is the good you do propound

    Its contrary so much the worse is found.

    opposite are made known by one another

    and as for Subject they’l admitt no other.

    two equalls in themselves a 3d thats Just

    Equall with one, equall the other must.

    What ever is but like is not the same

    a hypocrite bares but a Christian’s name

    like will to like; birds that are of a feather

    We usually do find will flock together.

    conjugates hold in concrete & abstract

    not from one act, to habit, pow’r to act.

    In conjugates if one be said to one

    the other’s of the other said anon.

    Good etymons do with the thing agree,

    but not when foolish & unapt they be.

    the whole is greater than the part be sure

    no part the whole’s extension from can endure.

    All parts together set.

    And then the whole {?} you’l surely get.

    Parts for the whole by nature are ordayn’d

    and in the whole is every part sustain’d.

    destroy the genus & you do deface

    the species that under it hath place

    from species you the genus may inferr

    but if from genus, species you err.

    of what the species is affirm’d of that

    the genus also is the predicate.

    that, what’s Defin’d, is Species, gather hence

    because it hath Genus & difference

    to what the definition doth agree

    so that the Definite apply’d may be.

    Two members only do division crave

    if you it philosophicall would have.

    All divine Testimonies from the Lord

    humane from men; both writing is or word.

    certain assent, & universall faith,

    Render to God in all what are he saith.

    as are the men that speak better or worse

    Such is a humane Testimony’s force.

    men not deceiving, nor deceiv’d may tell

    Indubitable’s not Infallible.

    When not from Sense or Reason men depart

    of skilfuller, believe them in their art.

    Ten arguments one Scripture truth outweighs

    one argument 10 humane witnesses.

    from maxims misapply’d disputes arise,

    Resolv’d by the distinctions of the wise.

    Cap. 7. of fallicies. [7]

    Would you know fallacy, how’t comes to pass

    4 terms or double mean it always has.

    Equivocation in the words do frame,

    Amphyboly in sentences the same.

    compounding and dividing foolish art,

    parts what should Joyne & Joynes what it should part.

    like sound and shape of words do trifle it

    only to Impose upon a Slender witt.

    Quibbles in words are more for merriment

    then to deceive with serious Intent.

    A Sophister makes the respondent mute

    by a respective taken absolute.

    mans ignorance is oft Impos’d upon

    by false suppposed contradiction.

    not cause for cause deceives us very much

    When not at all it is; at least not such.

    bad consequence is easily descry’d

    when by conversion you have it tey’d.

    Sometimes small arguments look very big

    When that is beg’d for which men ought to dig.

    all captious questions packing false with true,

    must open’d be, that you its parts may view.

    Equiv: Am: compo: Div: like Sound, & figure of words

    Acci: Respective, Ignor. cause, con: beg: & Inferr.

    Cap. 8. of Method. [8]

    By Sense, observance, & experience

    Adding Induction, Arts arose from hence.

    change not in things divine keep what is old

    In philosophicalls you may be bold.

    doctrinall method universall Things.

    begun, whence to particulars it brings

    In Subject, principles, affections, kinds,

    Synthetick method doth mistruct our minds

    all practicalls in Analytick way,

    first end, then subject, lastby means essay.

    if in good method ought you would express,

    take what is needfull nothing more or less.

    let every part in method well agree

    not one to other contradicting be.

    To subject or to end be sure that all

    and every part be homogeneall

    That always must precede which is most fitt

    to make you understand what follows it.

    When paragraphs are apt, distinct, & clear,

    connexions of the parts will best appear.

    method doth memory with reason match,

    order of things will make the best dispatch.

    one Subject; Generalls before are sent

    Synthetick parts, Subject, prin: Accident.

    one end: less generall first place obtains

    parts analytick are, end, Subject, means.

    Upon the prickly bush of Logick grows

    of other Sciences the fragrant rose.