The editors must begin by thanking Elvernoy (“Albie”) H. Johnson, Massachusetts State Librarian, and Elizabeth (“Beth”) Carroll-Horrocks, Head of Special Collections of the State Library of Massachusetts, for their generous cooperation and for permission to print the Bradford Manuscript, including rare access to the original volume, and for allowing the inclusion of photographs of sample manuscript pages. Ryan J. Woods and D. Brenton Simons, on behalf of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, partnered in the publication project, and provided much-appreciated stipends to each member of the team to support their work and make occasional meetings possible. Robert C. Anderson lent his unmatched expertise to the annotations, supplying detailed information about some Plimoth Colony members along the way. David Lupher translated the Latin passages in the annal for 1642 and helped to gather information about William Brewster as a Latin tutor. Catherine A. Brekus reviewed the entire edited volume and made some helpful suggestions, especially on the introduction. And Donald Friary and John Tyler of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts were patient, prudent, and grave supporters of the project from first to last. Finally, we want to recognize that this project was but one of many undertaken through a consortium called “New England Beginnings,” consisting of dozens of institutions, organizations and individuals across the region, focused in Massachusetts, which coordinated events and publications to observe the 400th anniversary of the founding of Massachusetts, beginning with Plimoth.