The Law Commonplace

(commenced, 1763)

Transcribed and Annotated by


Volume Editor

J. Donald Monan, S.J. University Professor,

Boston College Law School,

Lester Kissel Visiting Professor,

Harvard Law School

With many thanks for the extraordinary and invaluable assistance of Jane G. Downing and Natalia Fekula, both J.D. Boston College Law School, Class of 1997, who skillfully and patiently prepared the initial transcript; Susannah Tobin, J.D. Harvard Law School, Class of 2004, Kevin Willoughby Cox, Harvard Law School, Class of 2006, and Elizabeth Papp Kamali, Harvard Law School Class of 2007, unparalleled Latin translators and research assistants; Mark Sullivan, reference librarian extraordinaire, and Brendan Farmer, Charles Riordan, Patricia Tarabelsi, and Laurie Tautkas, the simply invaluable Editorial Assistants to the Monan Chair.