Harvard College Library Books Borrowed by Josiah Quincy Jr., 1762‒1763

David R. Whitesell

Source: Harvard University Archives, UA III.50.15.60 VT Library Charging Records 1762–1763

Records of volumes borrowed from the Harvard College Library by Josiah Quincy during his senior year (1762‒1763) appear on fol. 14 verso‒15 recto of this ledger book. Only seniors were permitted to borrow books—on specified days scheduled approximately three weeks apart during term—and to have no more than three volumes on loan at any one time. Borrowing and return dates in brackets are best guesses added by me. The entire section has been crossed out to indicate that all volumes had been returned. A close transcription follows:


loan date author/title entry shelf mark return date

1762 Sept. 10

Pufendorf de Jure Nat. & Gen.


Nov. 13 [1762]

[Sept. 10]

Grotius de Jure Belli & Pacis


Sept. 24 [1762]

[Sept. 10]

Collegium quartum Disput. &c.


[Sept. 24]

Novr. 13 [1762]

Montaign’s Essays


Decr. 4 [1762]

[Nov. 13]

Conferences of ye Virtuosi of France [v. 1]


[Dec. 4]

[Nov. 13]

Clarendon’s Hist. of Rebel. [v. 1]


[Dec. 4]

Decr. 4 [1762]

Cowley’s Works


Feb. 26 [1763]

[Dec. 4]



[Feb. 26]

Feb. 26 [1763]

Harris’s Lexicon v. 1


April 9 [1763]

[Feb. 26]

Cudworth’s Morality


March 19 [1763]

[Feb. 26]

Cornelius in Ecclesiasticum


[Mar. 19]

March 19 [1763]

Montfaucon’s Antiq. v. 1


April 9 [1763]

[Mar. 19]

D[itt]o v. 2


[Apr. 9]

April 9 [763]

Turner’s Syphilus


July 14 [1763]

[Apr. 9]

Aristotelis Opera v. 1


May 7 [1763]

[Apr. 9]

D[itt]o v. 2


[May 7]

May 7 [1763]

Medica statica


July 11 [1763]

[May 7]

The Storehouse of physical Practice


May 28 [1763]

[May] 28 [763]

Duck’s Poems


July 11 [1763]

Following is a list of the works borrowed by Quincy, arranged alphabetically by author, with the exact edition indicated where known. These have been identified by consulting the entries in the printed catalogue of the Harvard College Library (Boston, 1723, and supplements of 1725 and 1735, as reproduced in facsimile in: The Printed Catalogues of the Harvard College Library 1723‒1790. Edited by W. H. Bond & Hugh Amory. Boston: Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 1996); citations were then verified in other bibliographical sources. Only one of the actual copies read by Quincy still survives at Harvard (Grotius); the others burned in the 1764 fire that destroyed much of the library or were deaccessioned/lost in later years (though Harvard has subsequently acquired copies of most of these editions).

15.1.2‒3 Aristotle.

Opera omnia quae extant, Graece & Latine. Lutetiae Parisiorum: Typis Regiis, 1629. 2 vols. (Quincy borrowed both volumes).

23.2.17‒18 Bureau d’adresse et de rencontre (Paris, France).

A general collection of discourses of the virtuosi of France, upon questions of all sorts of philosophy. London: Printed for Thomas Dring and John Starkey, 1664‒1665. 2 vols. (Quincy borrowed vol. 1 only).

14.1.17‒19 Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609‒1674.

The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, begun in the year 1641 … Oxford: Printed at the Theater, 1707. 3 vols., folio (Quincy borrowed vol. 1 only).

23.2.16 Cowley, Abraham, 1618‒1667.

The works of Mr. Abraham Cowley. London. [one of many editions published 1668–1700].

27.6.20 Cudworth, Ralph, 1617‒1688.

A treatise concerning eternal and immutable morality. London: Printed for James and John Knapton, 1731.

28.4.3 Duck, Stephen, 1705‒1756.

Poems on several occasions. London: Printed for the author, 1736.

6.5.12 Grotius, Hugo, 1583‒1645.

Hugonis Grotii De jure belli ac pacis libri tres. Editio nova cum annotatis auctoris … Amstelodami: Apud Joannem Janssonium, 1651. This copy is now at Houghton Library, call number: Int 940.1*

26.1.1‒2 Harris, John, 1667?–1719.

Lexicon technicum: or, an universal English dictionary of arts and sciences. London: Printed for Dan. Brown, Tim. Goodwin, John Walthoe, Tho. Newborough, John Nicholson, Dan. Midwinter, and Francis Coggan, 1708‒1710. 2 vols., vol. 1 possibly 2nd ed. (also 1708) (Quincy borrowed vol. 1 only).

18.6.3 Isocrates.

The Godly aduertisement or good counsell of the famous orator Isocrates, intitled Paraenesis to Demonicus: whereto is annexed Cato in olde Englysh meter. London: By William Coplande, 1558.

5.3.7 Lapide, Cornelius Cornelii a, 1567‒1637.

Ecclesiasticus Iesu Siracidis expositus accurato commentario R.P. Cornelii a Lapide. Lugduni: Ex Officina Landriana, sumptibus Claudii Du-Four et Claudij Gapaillon, 1634.

17.3.20 Montaigne, Michel de, 1533‒1592.

Essayes written in French by Michael Lord of Montaigne. London: Printed by Melch. Bradwood for Edward Blount and William Barret, 1613.

24.1.13‒14 Montfaucon, Bernard de, 1655‒1741.

Antiquity explained, and represented in sculptures. London: Printed by J. Tonson and J. Watts, 1721. 2 vols. (Quincy borrowed both volumes).

20.3.20 Pechey, John, 1655‒1716.

The storehouse of physical practice: beng a general treatise of the causes and signs of all diseases. London: Printed for Henry Bonwicke, 1695.

22.3.1 Pufendorf, Samuel, Freiherr von, 1632‒1694.

Samuelis Pufendorfii De jure naturae et gentium libri octo. Amstelodami: Apud Andream ab Hoogenhuysen, 1688.

3.6.26 Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden.

[Collegium quartum disputatio theologicae in Academia Lugdunum Batavorum.] Rotterdam, 1627. [This work has yet to be positively identified. The 1723 library catalogue provides an approximate title as well as the place and date of publication.]

20.5.22 Santorio, Santorio, 1561‒1636.

Medicina statica: being the aphorisms of Sanctorius. London. [one of 7 editions published between 1676 and 1737].

20.5.26 Turner, Daniel, 1667‒1741.

Siphylis. A practical dissertation on the venereal disease. London. [one of 8 editions published between 1717 and 1739].

David R. Whitesell

Rare Book Cataloger

Houghton Library

Harvard University

12 /31 /2005