These are the only systematically organized lists of Almshouse births and deaths in the eighteenth-century records. The extensive lists of admissions and discharges do note occasional births and deaths in the Almshouse but cannot be used to calculate full statistical frequencies. The best that can be done is to assume that the births recorded in these lists for a single year might indicate a rough estimate of annual births in a steady almshouse population and turnover. The same holds true for the list of deaths. These kinds of data are much more systematically recorded and organized, with much more detail by the second and third decades of the nineteenth-century. These lists are found in Box 9, Registers 1 and 2 of the manuscript records. Please see Notes 2 and 3 below.

Account of Children Born in the Alms House from the Year 1756.1

  [Child’s Name] [Birth Date] Mothers Name  

Nathl. Phillips




Mary Waterman


Susanna McGown




Mary McGown


Joffs a Mulatto




Eliza. Davis


William Harris




Alice Harris


Richard Bill




Mary Dorothy



Saml. Eddy




Joanna Eddy



Kata. Devereux




Kata. Devereux


Rachel Rawson




Rachel Rawson


John Marrow




Ann Marrow


Peter Salter




Susa. Salter


Camp Women

Sarah Saunders




Mary Bodge


John Bensy




Abigl. Bensy


John McDonald




Margt. McDonald


Ann Guy




Bridget Guy


William Gault




Mary Gott


Eliza. Barger




Eliza. Barger


Mary Young




Mary Young


Katha. Stevens




Katha. Stevens


Mary McGown




Mary McGown


Captives from Canaa.

Barbara Jordan




Barbara Jordan


Margt. Thompson




Margt. Thompson


Susanna Cain




Susanna Cain


Rufus Winkley




Sarah Winkley


Mary Bill




Mary Bill


John Manson




Sarah Manson



Mary Davis




Mary Davis


John Watson




Eliza. Lambert


Eliza. Blanch




Mary Blanch


Edward McGown




Mary McGown


Meheta. Lewis




Meheta. Lewis


Jacob Tuckerman




Sarah Freeman

deced. Octo. 10th. 1763. Ӕt. 2 yrs.


Barto. Meloney




Mary York


Ann Lintee




Mary Lintee


Eliza. Mullins




Mary Mullins


Hannah Barry




Mary Young


Sarah Lassley




Ann Lassley


Sarah Elson




Abigl. Elson


Ann Tyrrell




Ann Tyrrell


Sarah Perry




Eliza. Marshall


Willm. Booze




Eleonar Booze

Deceased Septr. 9. 1763.


Eliza. Hammond




Mary Hammond


Hannah Winship




Hannah Burrell



Eliza. Pimm




Rebecca Pimm2


Record of Children born in the Alms house3

1763 Novr. 29

Margaret Forbush brot. to bed with a Son Nam’d [Thomas]4

1764 Janr. 19th.

Margaret Lawrance with a Daughter5 the Father She Sayes his Name is Josiah Parker

1764 June 10

Margarett Cavernex6 with A Son Nam’d George Herrin as the Mother Sayeth

June 24

Sarah Seergraves With A Girl Nam’d Sarah the Father of the Child, his name is Thomas Johnson7 as She Sayes

Sepr. 9th.

Hannah Bomfort of A Son Nam’d Robert

Octor. 22d.

Mehettable Lewis of A Daughter Named Susanna

Octor. 30th.

Alce Mollogen8 of A Daughter Nam’d Margaret

1765 Janr. 6th.

Mary Turner of a Son Named James Rogers

Janr. 21st.

Christian Isbuster of A Daughter

Janr. 28

Elizabeth Clough alias Mortall of a Son9 and Daughter

June 13

Jane Price of a Daughter named Susanna Thomas

July 29

Rebeckah Bradley of a Son named Thomas

1765. Augst. 2d.

Mary Tuttle brot. to bed with a Daughter Mollatto

Decmr. 31

Mary Watt10 brot. to bed with a Daughter Hannah11

Ditto 31

Eliza. Nickolson brot. to bed with a Daughter12 Still born

1766 Janr. 3d.

Lydia Richardson brot. to bed with a Son13

Janr. 7

Thomison Charleton brot. to bed With a Son Named George Sandiman14

Janr. 20

Dorothy Lewis brot. to bed With a Daughter15

March 1st.

Margarett Johnson brot. to bed With a Son Willm. Fitzpatrick

March 28

Mary Waterman brot. to bed With 3 Children 2 boys & 1 Girl

April 1

Eliza. Clough brot. to bed with a Son16

April 24

Christian Isbuster brot. to bed with a Daughter

May 12

Anna Lenox brot. to bed with a Boy

May 21st.

Judith Simmons17 brot. to bed With a Girl

1766 June 5th.

Mary Linte18 brot. to bed With a Boy

June 27

Mary March brot. to bed With a Daughter the Father of the Child She Says his Name is Henry Miller19

Septr. 3d.

Susanna Sloper Brôt to bed with a Daughter The Father of the Child

Do. 4th.

Dorcas Ballard Brôt to Bed with a Son The Father of the Child

Do. 14

Mary Turner Brôt to Bed With a Negrow female Child

Do. 24

Abigail Glover alias Elson Brot. to Bed With a Girl Named Abigail Negrow the Last presented to the Grand Jury

Octor. 10

Nancy Storey brõt to bed with a Negrow Male Child Novr. 4th Went Away from the house

Febr. 10 1767

Eliza. Kelley Alias Hase brot. to bed With a Male Child

April 5

Mary Clark brot. to bed With a Male Child

April 12

Mary Haynes brot. to bed with a Male Child

Ditto 13

Margaret Grainger brot. to bed With a Male Child

Ditto 21

Mary McGraw brot. to bed With a Daughter

Account of Children Born in the Alms House

Septr. 6. 1767.

Christian Isbester Brot. to Bed with a Girl

Octo. 25th.


Goodwin20 Brot to Bed with a Boy

Novr. 27.

Eliza. Skinner Brot to Bed with a Boy

Decr. 3.

Susanna Bodge alias Jarden Brot to Bed with a Girl

Februa. 8 1768.

Martha Clough Brot to Bed with a Girl


Mary Tuttle Brot to Bed with a Boy


Sarah Brown Brot to Bed with a Boy

May 1st.

Rebecca Bradley Brot to Bed with a Boy

June 12th.

Ann Sample Brot to Bed with a Boy



Wharff Brot to Bed with a Girl

Decr. 29.

Eliza. Burges Brot to Bed with a Girl

Janua. 6 1769.

Sarah Dunseutt Brot to Bed with a Girl


Sarah Varney

a Boy



Katha. Sullivan

a Girl


Feby. 12th.

Zerviah Smith

a Boy


April 30th.

Mary Banks

a Girl


Novr. 23d.

Eliza. Burnet

a Girl



Ann Hynes

a Boy


Priscilla Haden Brot to Bed of a Boy Janua. 9th. 1770.

May 12. 1770.

Thomison Charlton

a Boy



Mary Saunders

a Girl


June 6.

Eliza. Harris

a Boy


July 31.

Margarett Jones

a Girl



Mary McCarthy

a Girl


Augt. 20th.

Mary Gooding

a Girl


Nov 13

Mary Walker

a Boy


Decr. 11th.

Mary Whitman

a Boy


April 13. 1771.

Christian Isbester

a Girl


May 27.

Margarett Cunningham

a Boy


June 24.

Abigail Clark

a Girl


July 16

Ann Warren

a Boy


Augt. 2.

Eliza. Thomas

a Girl


Octo. 5.

Mary Banks

a Girl



Sarah Magee (Prov)

a Boy


Novr. 5.

Dorcas Osborn

a Girl


Eliza. Castle Octo. 22d.

a Boy


June 4. 1767.

Mary <Waterman> Banks

Twins 1. Boy 1. Girl

Account of People Deceas’d In the Alms house21


Rebeckah Hall Ӕtat 45 Years Obit March the 25th. 1763

Jeremiah Rhoads Ӕtat 83 Yeares Obit April 5th.

Mary Croxford Ætat 70 Years Obit April 26 abt. 2 clock in morñg

Mary Pilsberry Ætat 62 Years Obit May 8th.

Ann Pool Ӕtat 65th. Years Obit May 19th.

Joseph Milton Ӕtat 4 Years Obit June the 1st.

Arthur Keeves Ӕtat abt. 9 Years Obit June 8th.

Sarah Child Ӕtat 74 Years Obit June 13th.

Ann Droron22 A Child 2 Years & 7 months old Obit June 25th.

Hannah Collis Ӕtat 45 Years Obit July 30th.

Rose A Negrow Woman Ӕtat Abt. 50 Yeares Obit Augst. 3d.

Mary Procter Ӕtat 68 Yeares Obit Augst. 10th.

Robert Ingolls Ӕtat 50 Years Obit Ditto 12th.

Mary Champny A mollatto Child 17 months old Obit Augst. 22d.

Elenor Bowe Ӕtat 29 Years Obit Augst. 25th. 1763

Mary Patterson Ӕtat 72 Years Obit September the 3d.

William Bowe A Child Abt. 5 months Old Obit Septemr. 9th.

Edward McGown Ӕtat 54 Years Obit Septemr. 11th.

Eliza. Scinner Ӕtat 60 Years Obit Sepr. 27th.

Christopher Procter Ӕtat 82 Years Obit Sepr. 28th.

Jacob Tuckerman A Child Abt. 2 Years Old Son of Sarah Freeman Obit October the 10th.

Jane Champion Ӕtat 82 Years Obit Octor. 18th.

Sarah Bumsted Ӕtat 56 Years Obit Octor. 28th.

William Waters Ӕtat 64 Years Obit November 4th.

Susannah Knott Ӕtat 75 Years Obit Novr. the 5th.

Mercy Street Ӕtat 52 Years Obit November the 26th.

George Skinner Ӕtat 90 Years Obit November 27th.

Michel Cavenu Ӕtat 50 Years Obit Decemr. 15th. left at his Dec’d £400 in Cash

Rachel Scrivener Ӕtat 63 Yeares Obit Decemr. 18th.

John Lukas Ӕtat 73 Years Obit Decemr. 20th. 1763

Hannah Winship a Child abt. 6 Months Old (Daughter of Hannah Burrell) Deceas’d December 30th. 1763

Michel Butler Ӕtat 50 Years Obit January the 3d. 1764

John Bennet Ӕtat 80 Years Obit Janr. 10th. 1764 morning

Sarah Ryan Ӕtat 55 Years Obit Janr. 10th. at night

James Bassett a negrow man Alias Burnal Ӕtat 75 Yeares Obit Janr. 18th.

Elizabeth Fadre Ӕtat 40 Years Obit Janr. the 24th.

Wm. Woods A Child Abt. 7 months old Obit Febr. 18th. the mothers Name Abigail Farrier

Samuel Burnal Ӕtat 83 Years Obit Febr. the 26th.

John Warrick Ӕtat 45 Yeares Obit Febr. 26th.

Sarah Moor Ӕtat 83 Years Obit Febr. 28th.

A Child Abt. 6 weeks old Daughter of Margaret Lawrence Obit March the 1st.

Hannah Bass A Child Abt. 2 Yeares Old Obit March the 5th.

Susannah Florance Ӕtat 75 Yeares Obit March 6th. 1764

Abigail Waddle Ӕtat 65 Yeares Obit March the 8th.

Sarah Bailey Ӕtat 84 Yeares Obit Ditto the 8th.

Mary Ozmont Ӕtat 38 Years Obit April 4th. of the Small pox Inoculated23

Eliza. Hammon A Child Abt. 11 Months Old Obit April 5th. of Small Pox Inoculated


Tincom Ӕtat 70 Yeares Obit April 7th.

Mary Bill a Child 4 Years Old Obit April 13th of the Small pox Inoculated 15th. Day of March / had no Effect / had in Natural Way

Ralph Curtis Ӕtat 28 Years Obit April 17th.

Saml. Linty abt. 4 years old Obit April 21 of Small pox in the Natural way In the work house Decd. thear

Mehitable Lewis abt. 3 years Old Obit April 26th. of Small pox In the work house, Not Inoculated

Johannah Marshall Ӕtat 75 Years Obit April 26th.

Mary Fleet Ӕtat 84 Years Obit Ditto 28th.

Ann Street Ӕtat 40 Years Obit April 30th. alias Desain a blind woman / with Small pox in the Natural Way

Judith Cox Ӕtat 60 Yeares Obit April 30th.

Sarah Fessingdon Ӕtat Abt. 50 Yeares, Obit May 5th. with Small pox In the Natural Way

Eliza. Ruddock Ӕtat 22 Yeares Obit May 9th. 1764 Dec’d In the work house—with Small pox Enoculated

Mary Evens Ӕtat 66 Years Obit May 9th.

Freelove Bass 4 Yeares Old Obit May 9th.

Margarett Lawrance Ӕtat 30 Yeares Obit May 10th: With the Small pox In the Natural Way

William Briant Ӕtat 13 Yeares Obit May 19th. of Small Pox in the Natural Way

Hannah Snelling Ӕtat 37 Yeares Obit May 28th. of Small Pox in the Natural Way

Cornelius Campbell Ӕtat 69 Yeares Obit May 30th.

Hannah Rust Ӕtat 53 Yeares Obit May 31st. of Small Pox in the Natural Way

Mary Long Ӕtat 60 Yeares Obit May 31

Dorcas Campbell Ӕtat 97 Years Obit June 22d. 1764

Thomas Eastwick Ӕtat 68 Years Obit June 25th.

Josiah Sneeling Ӕtat 58 Years Obit June 29th.

Frances Salter Ӕtat 45 Years Obit June 29th.

Hannah Roberts Ӕtat 53 Years Obit July 1st.

Josiah Scudder a Child abt. 3 Years Old Obit July 3d.

Hercules Brailsford Ӕtat 81 Years Obit July 15th.

David Tweed Ӕtat 65 Years Obit July the 25th.

Cuber A Negrow Woman Ӕtat 65 Years Obit Augst. 2d.

George Herrin A Child Abt. 7 Weeks Old Obit Augst. 3d. the mother of the Child’s Name is Margarett Cavernex

Issac Peirce Ӕtat 78 Years Obit Augst. 4th.

James Millins Ӕtat 73 Years Obit Augst. 6th.

Jonathan Edmund Ӕtat 73 Years Obit Augst. 24th.

Sarah Elson A Child 2 Years Old Obit September the 1st. 1764

John Belsworthy Ӕtat 36 Years Obit Sepr. the 3d.

Mary Croutch Ӕtat: 63 Years Obit Septr. the 18th.

Francis Utinock A Child 5 months Old Obit Septr. 21st.

John Presberry Ӕtat 60 Years Obit Septr. 22d.

Elizabeth Morgan Ӕtat 64 Years Obit Septr. 28th.

Mehettible Hicks Ætat 82 Years Obit Octobr. 2d.

William Bradley A Child Ætat abt. 13 months Obit Octr. 28th.

Sarah Beetle Ӕtat 63 Years Obit November 12th.

Thomas Milton a Child abt. 2 years Old Obit Novemr. 15th.

Alexander Martin Ӕtat 73 Years Obit Novr. 20th.

Sarah Freeman Ӕtat 60 Years Obit Janr. 9th. 1765

Hannah Hoar Ӕtat 59 Years Obit Janr. 14th.

William Davison Ӕtat 30 Years Obit Febr. 14th.24

An Infant male Child abt. 3 Weekes Old of Eliza. Clough’s Alias Mortals Obit Febr. 16th. 1765

Thomas Slooper A Child Abt. 9 months Old Obit Febr. 27th. the Mother’s Name is Olive Slooper

John Hewit Ӕtat 64 Years Obit March 11th.25

Edward Turpin A Child Abt. 2 Years Old Obit March 20th.

Margarett Hasell Ӕtat 49 Years Obit March 23d.

Hannah Thornton Ӕtat 70 Years Obit April the 7th.

Mathew Wheeland Ӕtat 26 Years Obit April 14th.

Pelatiah Martin A Mollatto Child Abt. 3 Years Old Obit Aprl: 17th.

Robert Boyd A Child Abt. 6 months old Son of Sarah Haden Obit April 21st.

Eliza Addelton Ӕtat 40 Years Obit May the 6th.

Thos. Wharf A Child Abt. 2 Years Old Obit May 9th.

Joseph Simson Ӕtat Abt. 12 Years Obit May 10th. 1765

Mrs. Joanna Delotte Ӕtat 65 Obit May 16th. 1765

George Follin A Child Abt. 3 Years Old Obit June 3d.

Thomas Manson a Child about 4 ½ years old Obit June 4th. a.m.

Hannah Chadwick Ӕtat. 75. Obit June 5th. 1765.

James Rogers a Child 4 months old Obit June 6th. his mother Name is Mary Turner

Susanna Fullerton Ӕtat 27 Years Obit June 14th.

Charles Brooks Abt. 5 Years old Obit June 17th.

Nathaniel Bird Ӕtat 45 Years Obit June 21st.

John Gray Ӕtat 28 Years Obit June 26th.

A Child abt. 8 month’s Old Daughter of Mrs. Lewis Obit July 6th.

Thankfull Spear Ӕtat 70 Years Obit July 9th. am

Mary Berry Ӕtat 32 Years Obit July 12th. p.m.

Eliza. Taylor A Child Abt. 2 Years Old Obit July 15th. am

Thomas Forbus Abt. 20 Months Old Obit Augst. 8th. 1765

Miles Henley Ӕtat 35 Years Obit Augst. 20th. A poor Strainger from the Granades Dec’d abt. 24 hours after brot. to the house

Mary Shaw Alias Freeman Ӕtat 55 Years Obit Augst. 21st.

Mary Tuttle A Molatta Child 3 Weeks Old Daughter of Mary Tuttle Obit September 24th. Samuel Young Abt. 5 Years Old Obit Octor. 5th.

Samuel Young Abt. 5 Years Old Obit Octor. 5th.

John Higgins a Child abt. 18 Months old Obit Octr. 9th.

Lawrence Cooper Ӕtat 25 Years Obit Octor. 21st.

John Cowley A Child Abt. 19 Months Obit Octr. 31

Deliverance Bailey Ӕtat 70…Years Obit Novr. 4th.

John Wheeland Ӕtat 43 Years…Obit Novr. 26th.

An Infant of Eliza. Nickolson Still born Decemr. 31st.

Edward Lack Ӕtat 63 Years Obit Janr. 3d. 1766

Elizabeth Sutherland Ӕtat 90 Years Obit January 9th.

Susannah Austin Ӕtat 60 Years Obit Janr. the 9th. 1766

Judith Novman Ӕtat 65 Years Obit Janr. 16th.

Ann Goffe Ӕtat 56 Years Obit January the 25th.

Margarett Ridle Ӕtat 31 Years Obit Janr. 28th.

Katharain Crane Ӕtat 67 Years Obit Febr 11th.

John Domineca Ӕtat 28 Years Obit Ditto 18th.

Robert Lenox Ӕtat 70 Years Obit Ditto 22d. p[o]x

David McLane Ӕtat 52 Years Obit Ditto 23d.

Silvester Smith Ӕtat 56 Years Obit March the 1st.

Thomas Martin Ætat 40 Years Obit March the 12th.

Rebekah Choat Ætat 64 Years Obit Ditto 13th.

Sarah Lish Ӕtat 47 Years Obit Ditto 15th.

Susannah Smith wife of Sylvester Smith Ӕtat 55 Years Obit Ditto 20th.

John Jarvis Ӕtat 70 Years Obit Ditto 21st.

Katharain MacDaniel A Child Abt. 4 Years Old Obit March 22d. 1766

2 Infant Children abt. 10 Days old & 1 Child 13 Days old Dec’d April 7th. & April 10th. The Mother of them Mary Waterman Alias Banks

Elizabeth Brewer Abt. 8 years Old Obit April 16th

Penelope George Ӕtat 84 Years Obit April the 19th.

Deborah Lambert Ӕtat 70 Years Obit May 29

John Rice Ӕtat 82 Years Obit June 16th.

A Young Child abt. 4 Months Old A Daughter of Christian Isbuster Obit Augst. 6th.

Jane McLoud Ӕtat 45 Years Obit Augst. 26

Jane Carter Ӕtat 42 Years Obit Augst. 30th.

Joseph Boucher Ӕtat: 60 Years Obit Septemr. 1st.

Grace Isles Ӕtat: 72 Years Obit Septemr. 4th.

John Brew Ӕtat 74 years Obit Septemr. 8th.

Docter Gasper York Ӕtat 65 Years Obit Septr. the 19th. 1766

An Infant Male Child of Dorcas Ballards fourteen Days Old Deceas’d September 19th. 1766 Mary Poor / Wife of David Poor / Ӕtat 62 Years Obit Sepr. 26

Mary Poor / Wife of David Poor / Ӕtat 62 Years Obit Sepr. 26

Briget Nevel Ӕtat 28 Years Obit Octor. the 8th. Daughter of Mary Poor

Elizabeth Davis Ӕtat 60 Years Obit Octobr. 31st.

Roger Slegg Ӕtat 30 Years Obit Nov. 16th.

Ephraim Coneway A Negrow Man Ӕtat 45 Years Obit Novr. 22d.

Mehitable Lewis Ӕtat 41 Years Obit Novr. 29th.

John Child Ӕtat 78 Years Obit Decemr. the 4th.

Rebeckah Wesson26 Ӕtat 76 Years Obit Ditto the 4th.

Ann Brazier Ӕtat 65 Years Obit Ditto the 5th.

A Molatah Male Child Abt. 2 Month’s Old Obit Ditto the 5th.

Mary Weeb Ӕtat 56 Years Obit Decemr. the 7th.

Ann Johns Ӕtat 45 Years Obit Decemr. the 13th.

Peter A Negrow Man Ӕtat 50 Years Obit Decmr. 18th.

Elizabeth Gray Ӕtat 95 Years Obit Decemr. 30th.

George Glinn27 Ӕtat 78 Years Obit Janr. 2d. 1767

Benjamin Phillips Ӕtat 50 Years Obit Janr. 3d.

Benjamin Bodg Ӕtat 65 Years Obit Febr. 7th.

Jane Young Ӕtat 76 Years Obit Febr. the 16th.

William Lee Ӕtat 70 Years Obit March the 29th.

Lawrance Bride Alias Briant Ӕtat 30 years Obit April 15th.

Jean Fifield a negro Woman28 Ӕtat 75 Years Obit Ditto 22d.

James Clark Ӕtat 24 Years Obit May 5th. 1767

Sarah Pibbit Ӕtat 84 Years Obit May 8th.

Jo Bill a Negrow Man Ӕtat 70 Years Obit May 22d. 1767

Mary Chubb29 deceas’d June 3d. 1767. Ӕtat 57. years.

Mary Phips deceas’d June 11th. 1767. Ӕtat 60. years.

A Child of John Banks ætat 3 weeks. deceas’d July 2d. 1767.

Elizabeth Garrick deceasd July 24. 1767. Ӕtat 77 yr.

Isaac Doubt Ӕtat 79 years 8 mos. Obit August 1st. 1767.

a Child of Ann Lenox aged 15 Mos. deceasd August 22d. 1767.

a Child of Mary Turner aged     deceasd Septemr. 10th. 1767.

a Child of Christian Isbester aged 7 days deceasd Septr. 13th. 1767

a Child of Judith Symonds aged     deceasd Septr.

John Miers Ӕtat 45 yrs. deceased October 14. 1767.

James Miller Ӕt. 22. yrs. deceased Novemr. 9th. 1767

Sarah Brown Ӕt. 50 yrs. deceasd Novr. 26. 1767.

Richard Barrett Ӕt. 35. yrs. deceasd Janua. 7th. 1768

Eliza. Glover 47. yrs. deceasd Janua. 10th. 1768

Mary Brown Ӕt. 55. yrs. deceasd Janua. 21. 1768

Amey Coleworthy Ӕtat 78. yrs. deceas’d Februa. 6th. 1768

A Child of Stokes Daughter deceas’d Feby. 15th. 1768.

A Child of Margarett Johnsons deceas’d Februa. 18th. 1768

Mary Ahier deceased March 9th. 1768. Ӕtat 60. years.

Sarah Clark deceased March 20th. 1768. Ӕtat 55. years.

Ann Hobbs deceased March 31st. 1768. Ӕtat 40. years.

Elizabth. George deceased April 18th. 1768 Ӕtat 70. years.

Elizabeth Frothingham deceased June 14th. 1768. Ӕtat 88. years.

Thomas Weller deceased July 1st. 1768 Ӕtat 35. years.

Saml. Roach deceased July 27th. 1768 Ӕtat 30. years

A Child of Abigl. Glovers. Augt. 12th. 1768.

Mary Colman (Prov. Charge) deceased Septemr. 17th. 1768. Ӕtat 53 yrs.

Philip Reiley (Prov. Charge) deceased Septr. 28th. 1768. Ӕtat 22. yrs.

a Child of Christee Isbusters deceased Octo. 29th. 1768. Ӕtat 3. yrs.

Thomas Hopper deceased Novr. 14th. 1768. Ӕtat 21. years

A Negro Child of Cato’s Servant to Govr. Bernard30

Saml. Johnson deceas’d Decemr. 7th. 1768. Ӕtat 30 years.

Peter Brown deceas’d Janua. 5th. 1769 Ӕtat 82. years. (prov. Charge)

Sarah Heath deceas’d Janua. 8th. 1769. Ӕtat 4. years

Katerina Baker deceas’d Janua. 20. 1769. Ӕtat 40. years

John Lovless31 deceas’d Janua. 24. 1769. Ӕtat 9. years

Margarett Webber deceasd Janua. 26. 1769. Ӕtat 84. years.

Moses Larkin (prov. Charge) deceas’d Februa. 27th. 1769. Ӕtat 60 yrs.

Rachel Negro Woman deceased March 17th. 1769. Ӕtat 70. yrs.

Widow32 Simpson deceased April 8th. 1769. Ӕtat 60. yrs.

Widow Hunter deceas’d April 11th. 1769. Ӕtat 40 yrs.

Jacob Smith (Prov. Charge) deceas’d April 2th. 1769. 36. yrs.

Joseph Stanyan deceased June 1st. 1769. Ӕtat 60. years.

Alice Brew deceased June 5th. 1769. Ӕtat 70 years

Meheta. North deceased June 20th. 1769. Ӕtat 64. years

Mary McLane deceas’d June 23d. 1769. Ӕtat 75. years.

Mary Hennesey deceas’d July 19th. 1769 Ӕtat 55. years.

Luke Ryan deceas’d July 28. 1769. Ӕtat 54. years

Thomas Marston (Prov Charge) deceas’d Augt. 5th. 1769. Ӕt. 75 yrs.

Sarah Howell deceased August 14th. 1769. Ӕtat 92 years

Mary Beal deceased August 24. 1769. Ӕtat 51. years.

William Grigg deceased Augt. 31. 1769. Ӕtat 69. years

Mary Wyatt deceased Septr. 3d. 1769. Ӕtat 50. years.

Eliza. a Child of Caveneaughs decd. Septr. 14. 1769. Ӕtat

Mary Ingersoll deceased Septr. 18. 1769 Ӕtat 23. years

Lydia Williams deceased Septr. 19th. 1769. Ӕtat 18 years

A Child of Lydia Richardsons deceased Septr. 26 1769

Margarett Cahart deceased Octor. 5th. 1769. Ӕtat 60. yrs.

John Burch (prov) deceased Octo. 6. 1769. Ӕtat 50. yrs.

Zerviah Smith (prov.) deceased Octor. 6th. 1769. Ӕtat 37. yrs.

Ruth Treboo deceased Octor. 9th. 1769. Ӕtat 45. yrs.

Ann Warden deceased Octo. 10. 1769. Ӕtat 55 yrs.

A Child of Mary Kinsleys Octo. 11th. 1769. Ӕtat 2. yrs.

A Child of Zerviah Smiths Octo. 13. 1769. Ӕtat 7 Mos.

Tabitha Sergeant deceased Octo. 19. 1769. Ӕtat 63. yrs.

Salome Mann deceased Octo. 19th. 1769. Ӕtat 60. yrs.

Margarett Rogers deceased Octor. 31st. 1769. Ӕtat 50. yrs.

Ann Hynes Child deceased Decr. 3. 1769.

Stephen Rollo deceased Decr. 4th. 1769. Ӕtat 63.

Josiah Watts a Child deceased Decr. 23. 1769. Ætat 2 1/2 yrs.

A Child of John Banks deceased Decr. 24. 1769. Ӕtat 8 Mos.

George Harper (prov. Charge) deceasd Decr. 28th. 1769. Ӕtat 25 yrs.

A Child of Mrs. McGraths deceas’d Janua. 3d. 1770. Ӕt. 3. yrs.

John Sampson deceased Janua. 10th. 1770. Ӕtat 36. years

Hannah Burk deceased Janua. 23d. 1770. Ӕtat 60. yrs.

Nichos Altenton (prov. Charge) deceas’d March 13. 1770. Ӕtat 25. yrs.

John Whittemore deceased March 31st. 1770. Ӕtat 60. years

John Sergeant deceased April 30th. 1770. Ӕtat 73. years

Sarah Blewett deceased May 8th. 1770 Ӕtat 64. years

Mary Greenough deceas’d June 4. 1770 Ӕtat 70. years

William Daniels deceased June 25. 1770. Ӕtat 60. years

Eliza. Harris deceased July 14. 1770. Ӕtat 75. years.

John Smith’s Child deceas’d July 16. 1770. Ӕtat 2. years.

Margarett Davis deceased July 23. 1770. Ӕtat 34. yrs.

Ruth Lee deceased July 23d. 1770. Ӕtat 74. yrs.

Edward Dunn a Child (on prov. Accott.) August 28th. 1770. Ӕtat

a Child of Charlton Tomisons deceasd August 31. 1770. Ӕtat

a Child named Matthews deceas’d Novemr. 11. 1770. prov.

a Child of Eliza. Harriss. deceased Decemr. 2d. 1770.

a Child of Mary Walkers (a Molatto) deceasd Decr. 23d. 1770

Joseph Roberts deceasd Decemr. 29th. 1770. Ӕtat 82. yrs.

Daniel Thompson (prov. Charge) deceas’d Decr. 31st. 1770. Ӕtat 26. yrs.

Margarett Ware deceased 12th. Decr. 1770. Ӕtat 95.

1771 Jan. 8.

Hannah Perraway deceased Ӕtat 55. years.

[Jan.]33 11

Michael Sommers (Prov Charge) deceased Ӕtat 22 years

a Child of Mores (prov. Charge) deceased Jany. 20th.

Jany. 26. 1771.

James Birmingham deceased (Prov. Charge) Janua. 26th. 1771. Ӕt. 36. yrs.


Lewis Miricks wife deceased January 29th. 1771 Ætat 40

Feby. 15

John Fabree     prov. Charge deceasd Feby. 15th. 1771.

Ætat 50 yrs.


Sarah Hunt

Ætat. 24 years.

March 19

Eunice Feacham

Ætat. 26 years


John McGee     province Charge

Ætat 32. years


Elisha Godfrey     prov

Ætat 26. years


Ann King     prov

Ætat 27. years

April 1

Sarah Mills

Ætat 45 years


Elizabeth Smith (alias Cole)

Ætat 73


Susanna Morris

Ætat 23.


John Trowbridge (Prov Charge)

Ætat 28. years


John Kenney

Ætat 76.


Mary Connel (Prov. Charge)

Ætat 22.


Trance Bryant (Prov. Charge)

Ætat 40. yrs.

May 6.

Eliza. Carnes

Ætat 55 yrs.


Susanna Dix

Ætat 70. yrs.


a Child of Davis Whitman’s


Alice Osgood (Prov)

Ætat 90. yrs.


Eliza. Wharrfe

Ætat 38. yrs.

May 17. 1771.

Robert Williams deceased

Æt. 63. yrs.


A Child brot out of Emmon’s Entry

June 8.

Ann Gorge deceased

Ætat 75 yrs.

July 22.

a Child of Mary Hemenways

Augt. 1

Hannah Anselman (prov. Charge) deceased

Ætat 51. yrs.


a Child of Christian Isbesters


Robert Boies deceased

Ætat 70. yrs.

Septr. 3.

Violet a Negrowoman


Desire Toby a Molatto Woman


a Child named Agnis McAfee on prov. Account


William Rogers (6th. Septr.) Aged 60 years

Sept. 30th.

a Child of Richard Goodings

Octo. 8.

a Child

Octo. 11th.

Eliza. Utinocks34     Prov. Charge

Ætat 35. years

[P]35 17.

Morgan Trouts Child


Mary Odlin

Ætat 95. years


Abigl. Hall

Ætat 52. years

Novr. 1.

Jonas Webber

Ætat 93. years


Isaac Orr deceas’d Octo. 22d. aged 70 years


John Dunn deceased a Child


1 Entered in Admissions Register 1.

2 Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756” continues through 1 May 1768, but the entries duplicate the “Record of Children born in the Alms house” entered in Admissions Register 2. Because Register 2 apparently predates Register 1 the latter’s “Account” is not printed in its entirety. Additions and differences are recorded in notes to the “Record of Children born . . . ,” below.

3 Entered in Admissions Register 2 on three pages following the record of 28 June 1768 admitting John Cunningham to the almshouse and carried twenty pages forward to continue for another three pages.

4 Supplied from Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

5 “Lucretia Lawrence”; “deceased” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

6 “Cavenex” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

7 Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756” records the child’s name as “Thomas Johnson.”

8 “Mulliken” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

9 “John Mortall”; “Boy deces. Feby. 16. 1765” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

10 “Watts” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

11 Register 1, “Account of Children Born … from … 1756” gives the surname of “Ethridge.”

12 Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756” gives the child’s name also as “Eliza. Nicholson.”

13 “John Johnson” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

14 “Sandeman” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

15 “Sarah Lewis” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

16 “John Mortall” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

17 “Symmonds” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

18 “Lintee” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

19 Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756” contains the note: “The reputed Father one Henry Mylerd at Halifax. NB. As ℘ Ltres sent to her it seems likely Mylerd is his proper Sir name & not Miller.”

20 “Gooding” in Register 1, “Account of Children Born…from…1756.”

21 Entered in Admissions Register 2.

22 Register 1, “Anna Paine.”

23 Register 1, Death: “dyed of Small pox April 4 1764 Natl. way}.”

24 Following this entry, in the right bottom corner of the page is the notation “59 in the yeare.”

25 Register 1, Death: “March 10th. 1765.”

26 “Weston” in Register 1.

27 “Glen” in Register 1.

28 Register 1, in an undated entry following that of 2 Dec. 1766: “Jane a Negro of Mrs. Fyfields.”

29 “Stanley” in Register 1.

30 The entry in Register 1 reads “Cato a negro Child”; Death: “Nov. 1768.”

31 “Lovelace” in Register 1.

32 “Dorcas” in Register 1.

33 Supplied from Register 1.

34 “Hudenox” in Register 1.

35 I.e., “Province.”